My father left my mother when I was quite young. After their divorce, my mother dedicated herself to raising me, her only son. She never dated; she only worked and supported me. After I graduated from high school and began college I worried about her future health. She was in her mid-forties, overweight, and rather lonely. I was living at home while attending school, but knew that I would move out in a few years. What would become of her when I left I knew not. Her whole adult life had been a servile existence to me and breaking that would be difficult.

I decided on a course of action. I would get her to start dating again. Unfortunately, she didn't have any friends to help her find a man. Instead, I convinced her, one long night while we drank too much cheap wine, to open an online dating account and search for older single men with whom she could begin a relationship. She was quite resistant at first.

"Dating is a young person's sport, honey. I can't do that anymore. I wouldn't even know how to act on a date; it's been so long," she argued.

"Mom," I pleaded, "you need to get out of this house. You spend all your time at work or in this house and I think that you are wasting your life. You are still young enough to go out and enjoy yourself. And I don't want you to be one of those parents that dies of depression and boredom after their k**s move out."

"But I'm not attractive. No man could ever find me attractive anymore," she confessed. This was something I had worried about. After my father left she had gained weight and stopped taking such great care of herself. Her hips, tummy, and breasts had grown round and her face had begun to show age. It was a sensitive subject that she never brought up, but I had assumed it was motivating her self-imposed seclusion.

"Mom, you are beautiful," I said. "Your eyes and smile are as lovely as ever, your sense of style is sharp, and your curves are something men are going to crave."

"You mean I'm fat."

"No! You are not fat. You are shapely and in your prime and I think that you'll find many men will want to get to know you." I wasn't lying either. While she was certainly not petite, she carried her weight well, as some women can. Her body seemed proportional and accented by her large fleshy breasts and round bottom.

We kept drinking and arguing for a few more hours until she finally succumbed. When she did I got out the laptop and we built her profile into the night. Over the coming days many men would communicate and proposition her. We would talk about her online activity each day, but each new man that came along she would reject or ignore. Once again, I feared that she was protecting her loneliness, and I pushed her to accept an offer to meet a man for casual drinks one Thursday night.

After dinner on that Thursday my mother went to get ready for her first date in over a decade. I was excited for her. This would be her chance to become something other than just a mother. When she came out of her room I was floored. She was wearing a blue dress that complimented her body shape and showed plenty of cleavage. She was stunning! Her legs were thin and more athletic than one might assume. Her breasts seemed on the verge of falling out of her dress and her hips and ass swayed hypnotically as she walked.

"Wow! Mom! You've never looked so good. He's get no shot; he'll fall for you in a second."

"Thanks, baby," she said, giving me her lovely, motherly smile. She pranced over to me and wrapped her arms around my back. She held me tight and confessed, "I'm so nervous. I hope that I just have some fun tonight."

"Me too, mom," I whispered. I was suddenly frightened. I felt a stirring in my crotch and knew its source. For the first time in my life my mother had given me an erection. Her new dress and her cleavage began the stirrings, but when she held me and I felt her fleshy form in my arms and her big boobs crushed into my chest, my dick went hard. I feared that she would feel it and I tried to angle my crotch away from hers. Finally, after a long pause, she released me. And without much ceremony she kissed me quickly on the mouth, grabbed her purse, and left for her date.

I was stunned after she left. My dick was rock hard and straining to get out of my pants. I was horny, but in a conflicted way. Along with the desire she had raised in me, I also felt a pang of jealousy. Once I felt my body long for my mother's, I simultaneously desired her all to myself and suddenly was angry at myself for encouraging her to go meet some strange guy. I was doubly frustrated. The only thing that I could think to do was sneak into her room and fulfill my new-found fantasy through her possessions. As a curious c***d I had snuck into my parent's room, as most k**s do I suppose. But I hadn't thought of peeking in her draws or going through her laundry in years. Now, however, with my dick rock hard, I needed release and if I couldn't get it from her then I would use her possessions.

In my room I took off all of my clothes and saw myself in the mirror. I was rather good-looking I thought. My frame was thin and athletic and my fully erect penis, which still hadn't subsided since my mother touched me, stood out from my crotch in a glorious display of masculinity.

Still nude, I opened my mother's door and went into her room. I stroked my cock slowly and stared at her dresser. Her underwear! Yes, I would go through her underwear and use it to masturbate. Maybe I would even steal some of it to keep and use as I needed in the future. But then my eyes caught something even more enticing. Her laundry basket! Her dirty underwear! I ran to it and opened the basket. There, on top, was a dirty pair of large panties. I grabbed it and sat down on her bed. Its scent was potent -- a mixture of B.O. and feminine juices. I brought it to my nose to breathe it in more closely, my hand yanking my cock more rapidly now. I did this until I finally felt the cum deep in my balls waken and I came violently, there on my mother's bed, into her dirty underwear. It was the most erotic thing I had ever felt. I was cumming to a fantasy of my mother, to her scent, and among her private possessions.

After I cleaned up I put my mother's panties back into her laundry and took a shower. I felt partially embarrassed by my actions, but the horniness and lust for my mother lingered and outweighed what remorse I felt for invading her space fantasizing about her body. After my shower I sat down to watch a movie in my flannel PJs and wait for her return.

I didn't have to wait long; not one hour after I showered, my mother came through the door. She didn't look at me at first. She seemed angry.

"Mom, what happened?" I asked.

She tried to walk past me, to her room, but I jumped up and wrapped my arms around her to stop her. "Why are you home so early, mom?" I pressed again.

She turned and looked at me. It was obvious that she had been crying. Her eyes were red and her makeup had run down her face.

"He didn't show up," she said in an I-told-you-so tone.

"He never came?"

"I don't know if he did or not. But he never came to me."

"What does that mean?" I asked.

"I mean, what if he came, saw me in person, and left? What if he rejected me?" She suddenly burst into tears. She felt rejected and hurt. I pulled her down to the couch and wrapped her in my arms. She cried into my shoulder, her whole body shaking with her sobs. It was her worst fear realized.

"You don't know that he rejected you," I offered. "Maybe he just couldn't make it; maybe an emergency came up."

"And maybe one didn't! Does it matter? I feel so terrible about myself. Tonight was the worst!"

"I'm sorry, mom," I said, rubbing her back and trying to comfort her by pulling her closer in to me. Once again, I felt her breasts crush into my chest. I looked down at her and could see her cleavage heaving as she wept into my shoulder. My dick stirred again. In a few seconds it was rock hard. I could not deny it now; I was attracted to my mother.

"I feel so used up, so ugly."

"You're not, mom," I tried to comfort her. "I'm sure that he was delayed by something. There's no way that anyone could see you tonight in that dress and reject you. Men should be lining up for a chance to talk to you, buy you a drink, and invite you home with them. Trust me."

"Ha!" she let out between sobs, "those are kind words, but there's no evidence for it. I'm just an old, fat woman."

Suddenly, something in me snapped. I was angry. Angry at her for degrading herself, angry at her date for making her feel like shit, and angry at myself for being unable to comfort her.

"Mom, no!" I said. "You are fucking sexy and I can prove it to you if need be."


I took her hand from my shoulder and lowered it to my crotch. I pressed her open hand down onto my erect dick and even motioned to rub her hand across it for a second.

"Do you feel that?" I asked.

"Baby, no!" She exclaimed, pulling her hand away. "You shouldn't have done that, I..."

I grabbed her hand and pressed it violently back into my crotch again.

"Stop it!" I yelled. "Do you FEEL that?" I asked again.

She nodded slowly. Her hand was stiff and dead on my crotch. She was scared to pull away, knowing that I wouldn't let her, and she was scared to actually touch her son's dick.

"What do you feel?"

"Your...Your penis."

"Wrong!" I said. "That's my cock! When I'm limp it's a penis, but when it's this big and hard, it's a cock. And you are the one that turned my penis into a cock. You in that dress, YOUR ass, YOUR tits. My cock can't stop picturing your body; it wants you, mom. My cock wants you and so would any other man's."

"You're just a horny k**," she said, her hand still deadweight on my cock. You were probably horny thinking about college girls when I came in and interrupted your night.

"Wrong again," I explained. "And again, I have evidence. After I saw you in that dress tonight I couldn't control myself. I did something I've never done before. When you left I was paralyzed with lust for you. I snuck into your room, found a pair of dirty panties, and masturbated into them." Suddenly, while I was talking, I felt something beautiful begin to happen. My mother's sobbing stopped. She was attentively listening to me. And her hand, her hand began to move slightly back and forth across my cock. I felt like she enjoyed hearing my confessions and was beginning to reward me. I continued, "I smelled them, mommy. I fantasized about you wearing them, and imparting your scent into them and I fantasized about you taking them off for me and letting me fuck you. I fucked you in my mind all night, mom."

"Baby," she whispered, still lightly rubbing my cock through my PJs, "you shouldn't tell me those things. I'm your mother. Anyhow, I don't believe you. In some messed up way, you're just trying to cheer me up." She was challenging me. She wanted the proof to satisfy her own ego and she challenged me to provide it.

"You want the evidence? Fine," I said, pushing her off me and standing up. My cock stuck straight out, something I normally would have hid, but didn't need to given the current circumstances. She moaned in annoyance when I pushed her off me. She was settling into the idea of touching my cock, the cock she created, and I had stolen it from her. "Come on. I'll show you the panties and the remnants of my fantasies."

She remained seated. Her eyes were glued to my erect cock, tenting in my flannels. She seemed hypnotized by it.

"Get up," I ordered her, while pulling her to her feet. I made her lead the way into her bedroom. I watched her ass gyrate in her blue dress as she walked. I was going to taste that ass tonight, I told myself. I was going to strip off that blue dress and taste where the scents on my mother's panties came from.

"Go get the panties from the laundry basket," I ordered her when we got into the bedroom. "And bring them to me."

I sat down on her bed and watched her slowly open the basket. She seemed surprised that there was such a pair of panties in there, and even more surprised when she pulled them out only to discover the damp, sticky liquid that saturated them. She brought them over and stood before me.

"Okay, I believe you now," she said.

"Good. And do you believe that you are sexy?"

"No, I don't believe that," she said, slinking down to her knees not a foot away from me.

"Mother, you're holding a pair of cum-stained panties in your hand. Do you realize how GOOD your panties made me feel tonight? The image of you in that dress and the smell of those panties drove me to the greatest extent of ecstasy. I ejaculated because of you! You're fucking gorgeous and you better get used to it." I then reached down into the slit in the front of my PJs and pulled out my still-erect cock. "Look at this, mom. This is for you and you're going to take care of it."

Her eyes went from my cock to my face in a flash. She looked panicked.

"You're going to kiss it, mommy. Kiss it until I can show you how sexy you are."

"I....I can't. That's not right," she said.

"Mom, I'm so turned on by you. You're the most gorgeous woman I've ever seen and my cock needs you to take care of it. I know that you're horny too. You can't stop looking at my cock and I'm sure that between your legs you're wet. Aren't you? Tell me, now!"

My mother nodded her head. Her eyes were back to my cock, a foot from her face. I began to stroke it for her and inch closer to her mouth.

"You're my mother and you've done everything for me my entire life. And I love you for it. Now, open your mouth and use it to pleasure your son's cock. That dress and that body are not going to go to waste tonight."

I touched the tip of my cock to her lips. She didn't retreat, but she didn't yield either. I reached my hand around to the back of her head and stroked her hair. I then grabbed her hair to thrust her face into my crotch aggressively. She had to open her mouth wide to soften the impact and she did. Using my grip on her hair, I then moved her head to and fro, mimicking a blowjob motion until she yielded completely and began sucking my cock on her own.

"Oh God, Mommy!" I moaned. "That feels fucking amazing. I can't believe you're sucking me off."

"Baby," she let out between sucks. ""

"But you want it, mommy. You want your son's cock in your mouth so that you can taste his cum. Tell me you do. I told you how I wanted you. Tell me that you want my cock, mommy"

She pulled her mouth off my dick for a minute and looked up at me. "I'm turned on, baby. But I don't know if that means that I want you. It's just so wrong. We shouldn't be doing this."

"Stop thinking," I said, grabbing the back of her head again, "and just pleasure your little boy." I f***ed her head into my crotch again and her lipstick-clad lips took hold of my prick. She didn't relent or complain again. I kept my hands in place, tangled in her hair, to keep her from pulling away. "Oh, mommy! You're so good at sucking cock. I just knew that you would be. You're going to swallow my cum, aren't you? Tell me you'll swallow it all!" She nodded in agreement and I began to feel the pressure building in my crotch. "I'm cumming, mommy! I'm cumming!" I spurted my jism deep into her throat. She was clearly surprised by the amount I unloaded into her, but I held her face clamped tight to my dick. When I was empty, I released her hair and she pulled away.

"Thank you, mommy, thank you," I said.

"You're welcome sweetie....but this was dreadfully...wrong. What have I become?" Her eyes were downcast and her thoughts meandering through courtrooms, jail cells, and daytime talk shows.

"Look at me!" I demanded. She looked up with concerned eyes. "I love you and I love how you made me feel just now. What have you become? You have become the woman I love before all others. The woman who bore me, raised me, and will satisfy me always."

"You want to do this again?" She asked.

"Absolutely. You should get used to my dick; this is not the last time it's going to be inside of you. Does that excite you?"

"I don't know," she confessed.

"I think it does. I think there's some part of you that is resistant, but the rest of you loves me absolutely, would do anything for me always, and is turned on by my desire for you."


"Well, we'll find out soon enough," I said, kissing her cheek and leaving for my bedroom.

The next morning I woke with a raging hard on. I had dreamt of my mother's body throughout the night, and was ready to possess it. I was naked when I stood up and stretched. I looked at the clock: 7:15. Mom was probably on her way out the door for work; she might even have left. I opened my door and listened. The house was quiet. I walked to the top of the stairs and listened again, hoping to hear her rustling about downstairs. Clink clink. I heard her coffee cup going into the sink. She was about to leave!

I walked down the stairs still naked. My penis was semi-erect from my long night dreaming of my mother's mouth wrapped around it. She came from the kitchen when I reached the bottom of the stairs. She was dressed in her work clothes: tight business suit that hugged her round hips and oversized ass and a white blouse that pretended to be see-through.

"Oh!" she exclaimed, seeing my penis bounce before me as I descended the final stair. "I'm..ah...just leaving. The house is all yours, darling." She moved towards the door, hoping to get out before I said anything or, worse, did anything.

"Wait!" I yelled after her. She had just touched the door knob and stopped cold when she heard my voice. I trailed after her to our front door and came up behind her. She was clearly afraid to turn around; she kept facing the door. I stood immediately behind her, my dick nearly touching her ass. I put my hands on her hips and buried my face into her neck, kissing it wetly. "I need to kiss you goodbye before you leave," I whispered in her ear between kisses. The kisses were not those of a son for his mother and she knew it. She stiffened at my touch, but her body began to slowly relent towards me as I worked her neck with my tongue and lips. When I felt her move one-millionth of an inch back into my embrace, I released her hips. My hands moved across her round belly and then up to her chest. One hand grasped at each boob. Her bra was thick, protecting her nipples from my fingertips. I kneaded and caressed her flesh and continued to suck at her neck. My cock grew hard and my hips thrust it into her bottom.

"ooooh...." My mother let out lowly. She was enjoying her son's hands on her chest and relishing his mouth on her neck. I felt encouraged; I felt like I could fuck her right there against the front door, just tear her business suit to shreds just to access her secret regions. My right hand left her right breast and shot for her crotch. I cupped it and yanked at it like I was trying to lift her by her pussy. "Ah!" she screeched. She quickly pirouetted, facing me. Her mouth attacked mine, her tongue spasming inside my mouth. My hands, still wrapped around her, fell to her luscious ass cheeks. I dug them as deep into her ass crack as her stiff suit would allow. Her mouth devoured mine and she was cooing under her breath now. I wanted her; I needed her. My cock wanted to impale her and I had the absurd thought that if I just pushed hard enough I could burst it through her suit pants crotch and underpants and straight into her cunt. Just as my reason was breaking to the point that I was prepared to try my mom uncoupled her mouth from mine and pushed me back. My hard cock seemed to magnetically reach back for her and she saw it.

"I have to go to work, I have to go to work," she repeated herself. She then slipped out the door and walked quickly to her car.

"Bitch," I said under my breath. She knew that I couldn't follow her in my state. Our neighbors were walking their dog and some k**s were riding bikes already, just in front of our house.

I got some breakfast and sat down on my couch thinking of my next move. She was mine and I had to tell her that. I took out my cell phone and looked at my crotch. I was still naked, as when my mother slipped out the door. My penis was soft now, frustrated and jaded from the morning. I thought about my mother's breasts and how they felt through her heavy-duty bra. I thought about the rugged area of her crescent curve crotch and how I had held it. My dick started to get hard. I kept thinking about my mother's body and what I was going to do with it until it was fully erect. I then snapped a photograph of it with my phone. The picture was perfect. My dick occupied the entire screen. I sent it to my mom. No text, just the photo.

It took my mom a good twenty minutes to respond. She was probably at a loss for words. What does a mother say to a son who has just sent a picture of his cock?

Her words were simple, coy, and noncommittal. "I don't understand what's going on between us," she wrote.

I chuckled to myself. "It's quite simple," I wrote, "this is my cock. It now governs your life. You are its dirty slut. Your job is to pleasure it at all times. Do you understand, slut?"

Once again my mother's texts went silent. After ten minutes I wrote to her again: "I asked, do you understand, slut? That is, do you understand that your body now exists to amuse my hard cock? You made the cock hard, so you must fix it. Do you understand?"

Within a minute I got her text in response. It simply read: "yes."

"Good," I replied.

The day went by slow. I waited in the nude, for my mother to return home. I wanted to ravish her, tear her body apart and replace her innards with my cum. I was hard thinking about it for most of the day, but I refused to masturbate. Masturbation is for suckers, I thought, I would only cum inside a woman's hole from now on.

Finally, I heard my mother's car in the driveway. I went to the front window and peaked out. Just seeing her in the car made my cock wake up again. I was naked and hard and ready for her. She lingered, however. I could see her staring straight ahead into her steering wheel, trying to think through things. She didn't know what was about to happen, but she knew that something would. After a minute or two I lost my patience. I got my phone and sent off a quick text. "Come into the house, slut!" it read. I watched her in the car, paralyzed in thought. Something then seemed to wake her from a dream and she picked up her phone and read the text. She took a deep breath and got out of the car. Her curvy body was more luscious and magnificent than I had remembered. She walked up the path and paused at the door before opening it. I stood to the side, behind the door so that she couldn't see me. She must have thought that she was safe, the room looked empty. Then she closed the door and there I stood, as she had left me in the morning, cock in hand.

"Oh!" she exclaimed, "I didn't know you were there, sweetie."

I said nothing, but moved towards her and wrapped her in my arms. She twisted and tried to pull out of my grasp, leaving her perpendicular to my front and my cock against her hip. My arms were tight around her though, and she couldn't break free.

"BaaaBBBBY, BaabbbbbYYYYYY," she yelled, "we need to talk." I disregarded her words and practically carried her to the nearest piece of furniture in the room. It was the couch, but it could have been anything, it wouldn't have mattered. We were behind the couch and I f***efully turned her so that she was facing the same direction as the couch seat, standing behind it, and bent at the hips over its back. "Darling, no, this isn't how it should be," she begged. I continued to ignore her and wrapped my hands around her waist until I felt her belt buckle. I undid it and unbuttoned her pants. She knew what was happening, but was helpless to stop it. I then yanked her pants down, pulling her panties down with them. My mother was bent over out couch, her naked ass splayed out, her pants around her ankles. I never even stopped to get my first real view of her ass and pussy, however. Instead, I grabbed my cock and f***ed it down below her cascading ass cheeks to between her legs. With my feet and free hand I spread her legs as best I could and searched with my cock's tip for her cunt hole. I felt her pussy lips half envelop my cock, positioned it in what I thought to be the lips' midpoint, and thrust myself up, taking my mother a few inches off the ground along the way. My cock pushed past folds of cunt lip and fat and burst into her pussy. "Ouch!" she yelled. She was not very wet. I could feel a hint of wetness, but her fear or confusion or whatever held her back. "Sweetie, that hurts, that hurts, mommy." I had a hold of her hips and I was thrusting violently. I was like a crazed dog humping his bitch, all reason had left me, my cock needed a hole to fill and I found it.

"You like that, slut?" I asked. "You like my cock inside your pussy?"

"It hurts, baby. Mommy hurts."

"Well, slut, you better get used to it because your cunt's going to be getting fucked regularly from now on. Is that something you'd like, slut?" I continued holding her hips and thrusting into her. And then I began to feel her push back against my thrusts. It was soft at first, but a minute into it, she was fully participating and her cunt had begun to gush its juices all over my cock.

"ugh, ugh, ugh," she grunted as I jacked her from behind. "yes, yes I want that," she finally confessed.

"Yes? My mommy slut does want her little boy's cock inside her all the time?"

"UUUUGGGGHHHH, yyeeeeeeessss!" She let out.

"Good! And where should I cum, mommy?"

"Not inside me!" she let out in a panicked voice, "not inside me, baby, please!"

"Wrong answer!" I said.

I pounded my cock into her as hard as I could to emphasize my point and she let out a moan, "uuuugggghhhhh."

"What's the right answer, slut?" I asked.

"In my pussy! Cum in my pussy, darling. I want you to cum inside me!"

"Oh mommy!" I yelled, "I'm gonna cum inside your cunt! I'm gonna cum! It's cumming! It's cumming!"

My mother's pussy seemed to suck at my penis like it was drinking out of a straw. I pumped and pumped my semen into her cunt for a full minute before I finally felt fulfilled. When I came too I looked down and could see the base of my penis seemingly disappearing into my mother's ass. It was sweaty, large, and round. It was my mother's ass that I had seen a thousand times covered by clothes, but as I pulled my penis out of her pussy, I was hypnotized by her pillowy backside. There was, I noticed, no cellulite on her skin. She was large and had massive deposits of fat, but her skin was tight and clean over that fat. I touched an ass cheek for the first time and watched how just touching it created a seismic effect across her entire backside. I licked my lips and considered falling to my knees to spread her cheeks and lick her forbidden hole, but before I could she leaned forward and rolled over the back of the couch, landing in a reposed position. Her pants were entirely off now. She only had her blouse and socks on and I could see the sparse brown hairs between her legs and the softly swollen flesh below them. I followed her, pulling myself over the back of the couch, in a manner she had derided me for since I was a c***d, and landing softly between her and the couch's back.

"That was amazing, baby," my mother whispered in my ear. "I can't recall the last time I felt so....wanted."

I wrapped my arms around my mother's shoulders and snuggled into her neck. "I'll always want you, mom. I can't help it anymore," I said, kissing her neck softly.

"I don't understand though. How long have you felt this way?"

I kissed deeply at her neck and spoke with her flesh in my mouth: "Really only since yesterday. I got so jealous that you were out on that date."

"And then?" she asked. Her breathing, which had just slowed to normal after rolling onto the couch, began to accelerate again from my mouth on her neck.

"And then..." I kissed.

"Ooohh!" she let out.

"And then I saw you in that dress. And I smelled your pussy in your panties." I clamped my hand over her pussy when I said these words and thrust my middle finger straight into her hole at impact.

"Ah....Aaaaahhhh!" she cooed, her body going stiff at my touch and then softening into my arms again.

"And I couldn't help myself. Some switch inside me flipped on." I could feel my dick hardening now as I rhythmically fingered my mother's cunt. Her pussy was soaking wet, partially from her own excitement and partially from the spunk that I had left in there a few minutes earlier.

"This is so I....oooohhhh...can't explain how wrong this is," she explained.

"And doesn't that excite you even more?" I asked, lifting my head from my neck to look into her face. Her panicked eyes caught mine.

"Yes," she reluctantly confessed, before thrusting her face to mine and kissing me deeply. Her tongue lapped at mine and her hands wrapped around the back of my head and pressed my mouth firmly to hers. I was fully erect now. It had only been a few minutes since I had felt fulfilled and spent, but my loins were aching to unload again. I removed my finger from my mother's crotch and used both my hands to lift myself up and over. I positioned myself directly above my mother, who still strained her neck to continue kissing me, and lowered myself atop her. Her legs were closed on the tight couch and my hard cock was pressed between our belly buttons as we continued to kiss. Finally she broke the kiss and looked into my eyes.

"Are you my slut, mommy?" I asked, innocently, as though I were a little boy.

She grinned and did not hesitate, "yes, baby, I'm your slut."

"Then open your legs and put my cock inside your cunt. Now!" I ordered. She did as I instructed and my dick went into her pussy like it was sliding into a warm pool of water. Then I felt her muscles contract around it and watched her eyes roll back into her head.

"Is that what you wanted, my son? To be inside mommy's wet cunt?" she asked.

"Yes, mommy. That's what your baby boy wanted. And he's going to want it again later, and again in the morning, and again, and again, and again." I was slowly humping my mother's cunt now, feeling around its innards with the tip of my cock.

"Oh, baby. Mommy's not used to having a dick inside her. You might hurt mommy with all that fucking."

"That's the plan, mommy. A slut's cunt should always be in a little pain from her last fucking."

"Oh god, baby! I can't believe you're inside of me! It's so wrong, so wrong. But it feels so goddamn great!"

"Are you going to cum for me, slut?"

"Oh, yeeessss. I'm so close already. Tell me I'm your slut again!"

"You're my naughty, dirty, mommy slut!" I grunted into her ear. "I used to masturbate in my room to internet porn..."

"That sounds so hot, darling. You jerking your own cock. Mommy would have wanted to see that."

"Not anymore, slut. No more jerking off. From now on, when I'm horny, I'm just gonna use my slut for release..."

"Oh, baby, I can't wait for you to use me....AAhhhhh," my mother let out. Her breathing was heavy now as the pressure of an orgasm built inside her body.

"Oh don't worry, slut. I'm going to use you endlessly. Wherever we are and whatever we're doing, if I need release then I'm just going to take it. I'm not going to ask you, I'm not going to be polite about it. I'll pull you into a corner, bend you over, and shove my cock inside of you."

"Yes! Just like that, baby! Use my cunt whenever you need it. Abuse it, baby!"

"I'm going to fucking use it all the time, mommy. It's mine! It's where I came from!"

"YES, darling! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck mommy's cunt with your hard cock! Mommy needs your cock to cum inside her, baby!"

"I'm going to cum inside you, mommy! I'm going to cum, mommy! Do you want it?"

"Yes, BABY!!! YES! Mommy's cumming!" I felt my mother's body convulse below my weight and the walls of her cunt spasm around my cock. I couldn't hold on any longer.

"I'm cumming too, mommy!" I shouted.

"Yes, darling, yes. Shoot your cum inside of mommy's cunt. Yes, yes."

I laid, exhausted, atop my mother's half-naked body, afterwards. "I love your cunt, mommy." I whispered into her ear.

"Hmmm," she purred. "Was I a good slut for you, baby?"

"Yes, mommy. You're a great slut."

98% (91/2)
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14 days ago
GOT ME HARD Thanks for the posting
1 month ago
OMG,SO DAMN AWESOME SEXY,love it sweetie,thank you sweetie
1 year ago
nice one
1 year ago
mind blowing
2 years ago
hot story
2 years ago
Love it!
2 years ago
So Hott!
2 years ago
tribally i wish my mom is that slut..
2 years ago
cocks rock hard... I love mommy
2 years ago
Great story as always.
2 years ago
great story will there be more?
2 years ago
2 years ago
great story
2 years ago
2 years ago
Great've got it down.