The snow was falling more heavily, the blanket thickening by the second. Greg thought they could navigate the side roads to the closest town to secure lodgings, but as the sun began to sink and darkness settled around them his hope began to fade.

"Dad, I'm getting scared," Janice admitted in a steady voice that was quickly losing confidence.

"Don't worry sweetheart, it can't be much further," he assured her in an uncertain tone that was also losing the edge of confidence.


"Hold on, I'm trying to -" he began to respond as his attention was focused on the swirling white fog before them.

"Dad!" Janice screamed.

Greg looked up just in time to see the huge white cloud encompassing them. Unable to see, his response was to hit the brakes, but he found no anticipated resistance in response to the move. He pumped the pedal helplessly as the vehicle kept moving, now out of control. Greg couldn't see and had no idea where to steer.

"Dad!" his only daughter's voice cried out in fear, even as his heart pounded in his chest, mind scrambling to define a course of action to take. "D - a - a - a - a - d!"

His daughter's voice filled the cab as the car careened out of control. There was a sharp bump, throwing their bodies forward against the seatbelts, before the vehicle left the ground and went airborne. Greg briefly wondered where they were headed until they bottomed out, frame shaking and squealing in protest, tossing them both about.

There was nothing to see but white, and hope was their only companion during that frightening time. Several times father and daughter connected with their eyes - sharing the love they felt for one another, and the fear that they would never share it again, at least not in this world. But finally the car settled to a stop and heavy breathing filled the cabin.

"Janice!" he called out, almost hysterically.

"I'm good," she responded, grateful to be in one piece after that frightful journey. "Dad?"

He hesitated a moment to take inventory. "Yeah, I'm okay... I think."

Janice leaned against her dad's right shoulder. "I'm so sorry, it's all my fault!"

Greg gently guided her into his arms for comforting before kissing her forehead. "No, sweetheart, it's not your fault at all."

"I could've gotten plane tickets, but I thought I was brave and now... Oh Dad, I love you so much, missed you all so much."

He smiled despite their grim situation. "Sweetheart, you make us all very proud. This is nothing; it's an inconvenience at best. We'll look back and laugh about this next Christmas. I'll just call triple-a and we'll be back on the road before you know it."

Unable to get a signal, he stepped out of the vehicle and walked up a small nearby hill. Greg floundered a bit there, walking one way or the other, before finally giving up altogether. Janice was watching and couldn't help but grow concerned when he finally returned.

"Dad, what is it?"

"I can't seem to get a signal," he answered in a confused tone. "I'm not sure what's going on."

The driver's door had been inadvertently left ajar, allowing the cold to seep in, along with faint Christmas music.

"Do you hear that?" she asked.

Her question gave him pause to listen, and indeed he did hear soft strains of Christmas music playing. Greg's worrisome frown grew into a hopeful smile.

"I do, sweetheart. There must be a house on the other side of the hill. I'll go check."

Janice's eyes lit up with hope. "I'm coming with you."

"Sure, that'd be just fine."

* * * * *

The snow was deeper than Greg had thought as they made their way up the side of the hill. He periodically pulled the cell from his pocket to check for signal strength, which was lacking. Then they reached the peak.

"Dad, look!" Janice called out, the excitement evident in her voice. "It's a sled!"

She lifted the abandoned toy from the tree trunk it was leaning against and lowered it to the snow.

Greg noticed the severe angle of the hill and grew alarmed. "Jan, no!"

But she lay down on the sled, eased it to the precipice of the steep hill, and emitted a c***d-like sound of glee before descending out of sight. And just as his daughter disappeared, another sled magically appeared in its place, standing against the same tree trunk.

"Dad," his daughter's distant voice could be heard, "live a little!"

"I'm dead already or this is just a dream," Greg decided as he picked up the sled, walked to the edge of a hill that otherwise would have scared him rigid, and positioned himself to sled downward. "Oh, shit!"

The ride was as frightening as it was thrilling. The sled bounced around as it hit inconstancies in the ground, launching clouds of snow particles into Greg's face that quickly melted as he sped along at frightening speeds. He couldn't help but scream and laugh as he embarked on the ride of his life!

As a house loomed close the momentum slowed, stopping the sled just a few feet from the front porch of a log cabin.

"Wasn't that great?" Janice asked, laughing merrily, as she helped him up off the sled.

Greg began wiping the snow off his clothes as the front door of the cabin burst open and he quickly began to apologize. "I'm sorry, I - the sled - my car broke down a ways back, my phone doesn't work here..."

He was greeted by a belly-laugh that shook the snow from the eaves of the house and off the branches of nearby trees. Its intensity caught Greg completely off-guard.

"My house is yours, friend. My name is Roy."

"Roy, thanks," Greg stammered. "I... I just need to make a call..."

More laughter followed, which seemed to roll across the land like thunder and shake the very ground Greg was standing on. The man's sizeable body shook from the vibrations, dressed all in red, Greg realized, save for the full white beard.

"I have gifts to deliver, but the Mrs. will get you settled down for the night," the large, jovial man offered.

"Roy, we've been through the storm, believe me, you don't want to go out there," Greg quickly implored.

The jovial man grinned back. "Please, warm yourselves inside. I need to oversee a few things."

Just as Greg was thinking of running after Roy, the front door of the house opened and a cheerful woman's voice cried out, "Merry Christmas!"

"Merry Christmas!" Janice called back in response as she scampered up three steps and into the waiting arms of a white-haired woman, hugging her tightly.

Greg was immediately embarrassed and tried to reel his only daughter in. "Jan!"

"Relax, our home is yours," the loving older woman spoke, dismissing his concerns. "Come in, sit down, and enjoy some cocoa."

Father and daughter settled down in front of a warm hearth, trying to take in all that had happened. None of it made any sense as far as Greg was concerned as he took the time to become fascinated by the large yellow flames lapping around several large logs. Where were they that there was no signal these days? Linda would be worrying herself sick, he'd promised to call.

"Here you are," the rotund woman announced upon her return, holding two hearty holiday mugs with peppermint sticks sticking out of the frothy contents.

Janice accepted hers with a wide smile of appreciation, and Greg did the same.

"Is there a phone we could use?" he inquired, much to the delight of the woman, who seemed amused by his question.

"You'll be home by morning," she assured him, something he thought to be inconceivable until he saw the twinkling in her eyes.

"Dad, this place is magical!" Janice whispered loud enough so only he could hear as she looked around with c***d-like wonder.

"Where the hell are we?" Greg muttered under his breath as he took a sip of the mint-chocolate drink and was surprised by how thick and flavorful it was. "My God, this is delicious!"

Janice heard her father's remark, took a sip as well, and began laughing out loud. "This is awesome! I never knew cocoa could be so great!"

Greg nodded his agreement and they sipped the contents down, feeling the warming effects of the drink as it filled their empty bellies and soothed all of their worries away. Once the mugs were empty they picked up the peppermint sticks and began sucking on them.

Janice got up and wandered to a window in time to see a sleigh being pulled out of a large barn. Several small people began leading horses - reindeer? - no, must be horses, she decided, and connected them to a long horizontal beam with leather straps of some kind.

"Sweetheart, what is it?" he asked.

She shrugged her shoulders and moved away. "Nothing... he has a sleigh, and Clydesdales or something, like that beer commercial."

"Beer commercial? You're watching beer commercials now?" Greg teased her. "What's next?"

She wasn't amused. "Very funny."

The woman returned a few moments later. "Is there anything else I can get you two?"

"No, but the drink was the best ever!" Greg exclaimed.

"It was awesome, thanks so much," Janice chimed in.

The woman was smiling widely as she collected the mugs, only too happy to see to their comfort. Janice was still sucking on her peppermint stick; Greg had bitten his and eaten it. As she licked up and down, her gaze lowered to her dad's crotch as a quite different hunger surfaced.

"Let me get you settled in the bedroom you'll be using for tonight."

* * * * *

While the fire nicely warmed the living room, the rest of the house was cold. Once in the privacy of their bedroom, Greg and his daughter quickly stripped off their clothes and cuddled closely between the crisp sheets and the thick, heavy down comforter. Janice delighted in the wondrous smells that surrounded them.

"Oh Dad, I love it here!" she excitedly exclaimed.

"Enjoy it for now, but we're not staying," he responded. "But you're right, Roy has a wonderful home."

As they lay on their sides facing one another, a playful smile formed on Janice's face as she reached her hands down between her dad's legs. Greg jumped a bit at first as he felt warm, soft fingers squeezing around his shaft.

"I sure have missed the f****y fitness nights we shared," she admitted, her sweet voice sounding so relieved.

"Have you been with any men since?" he asked in a fatherly tone, trying to inquire without delving too deeply.

Janice giggled in a c***d-like way. "No, silly, I haven't been with anybody else. Maybe that's why I realized I needed to come home after all. I thought I could stick it out... Oh Dad, I'm so sorry for making you come get me. Now we're all apart for Christmas."

His arms moved around her shoulders, pulling his daughter against his chest. "Nobody's alone, baby. Ken and your mom are together, and so are we. That's better than any one of us being all alone, like you would've been."

"You forgive me then?" she sheepishly asked.

"Hey, you, there's nothing to be forgiven for."

Happy, relieved, and reassured, Janice leaned her face forward in the cool darkness, finding her dad's lips. Their mouths embraced in a deep kiss, tongues entwining after so much time apart. They relished the special reunion in a place neither understood, savoring the warmth and love surrounding them on this very special night.

His cock began to stiffen as she affectionately continued stroking him. His arms uncoiled from around her shoulders, hands cupping the perky swells and fondling the soft flesh. Her nipples hardened, anxiously pulsating against his palms.

After touching her breasts his hands explored her whole body, relishing the silky feel of her shapely curves from her shoulders, chest, back, ass, and down to her thighs. They kissed hard as their hands wandered, lost in the strong bond of love they shared, bodies awakening to the excitement of being together once again.

They rolled over, Janice on top of him, under the thick blanket. She slid up and down, capturing his growing cock between her legs, rubbing her pussy along his steadily increasing length. Her wetness was flowing, coating her sex with the lubricating essence they'd be sharing in a brief time of their choosing.

"You feel so good," he whispered, grateful to have this moment with his special daughter.

"You're so hard," she cooed, enjoying the sensation of his cock as it slid up and down along her outer folds.

After enjoying the intimate cuddling, Janice reached her right hand back to steady and support her dad's cock. She shimmed down a little further until she felt the smooth, rounded tip pressing against her labia and worked the head between her lips and into the slit. Moist warmth greeted his arrival in a most welcoming of ways.

His arms hugged her shoulders as his pelvis pivoted upward, angling his cock for penetration. She softly giggled while moving the tip towards her opening, getting it into position to do what they both wanted. When it was there, Greg thrust and felt her entrance widening, the head sinking inside.

She rocked up and down, sliding his hardness in and out, working it deeper and deeper. Her leaking juice bathed his shaft in slippery wetness. They both quietly moaned as the act of love was consummated, him stiff and her soft, sensitized flesh gliding along flesh, filling them with the tingling joy of sexual bliss.

Lips kissed as hands caressed, selflessly adding to the other's pleasure. Their breaths turned heavy. When the heat under the blanket became too much they both kicked at the heavy cover to f***e it away, this time welcoming the cool relief of the wintry night air they'd earlier escaped from.

The excitement slowly built with each f***eful thrust as his throbbing cock filled her loving canal. Greg rolled his daughter to his left and they lay facing one another, their love-play continuing uninterrupted. His mouth lowered to a breast and suckled the hardened nipple, eliciting sharp gasps of joy from the offspring he so cherished. After getting his fill of one, he moved to the other, repeating the teasing.

Janice was completely involved in the act, her hips and pelvis working to maximize their pleasure. But the orgasm she so desperately needed remained on the fringes, not quite coming to fruition, adding to her frustration.

"Dad, I need it harder, I need you pounding into me," she finally voiced her need.

Greg rolled his daughter onto her back as he rolled on top, digging his knees into the mattress for support as he began ramming his cock into her hot, juicy cunt. Squishing and slapping noises ensued, mixing with her hushed groans of delight as once again the joyous sensations began to intensify. The fire of desire filled her loins and caused her nipples and pussy to throb with anticipation.

"Oh yes, yes," she moaned in approval as he slammed his cock into her as fast and as hard as he could.

A few seconds later he felt her body clench tightly and begin wildly writhing beneath his weight. Fresh, hot cum flooded her cunt as the orgasm arrived, sending her body into spasms of pleasure. Greg maintained the brisk fucking as her form shook with frightening intensity. The canal surrounding his cock constricted, multiplying the friction and adding to his delight.

He didn't last much longer, and as her climax was fading, his semen began to rise. Both balls drew up against the base of his cock in the final moments and he started grunting his pleasure. He relished the sensations for as long as they lasted and ejaculated his thick cum into her womb in strong streams that weakened until his cock was spent.

They held one another with his deflating cock remaining inside for as long as it could, then her body rejected his dwindling size. He rolled off of her and they pulled the blanket back over them after their bodies quickly cooled and became chilled.

They cuddled, each wondering what the morning would bring, until sl**p claimed them.

* * * * *

"Dad?" Janice called out, trying to wake him.

"What?" he asked in a groggy voice as he awakened.

"We're home," she announced in a confused tone. "This is my room, my bed."

"How -" he started, but then wondered if he really wanted to know.

"How'd we get here?" she asked the same question he was about to.

"I couldn't find a hotel but I got back to the highway, so I kept driving all night to get us home," he told her, knowing it was a lie. "I carried you in and I fell asl**p beside you."

"You mean the accident, the sled, the cabin - that was all a dream?" she wondered in shocked amazement. "I could've sworn -"

He understood her confusion completely. "The important thing is, we're home."
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