I was home alone last summer for a week, my wife and k**s had gone to her mom and dads for the week. Friday evening I got a call from my s****r in Law asking me if I wanted to come to her and her husbands house for a small party. I was glad to get out of the house for awhile and a free d***k never hurt either.

I got cleaned up and drove the 45 minutes to their house, a nice home in a really nice neighborhood. I knocked and Sarah answered the door, dressed to kill. She gave me a hug and a kiss on the lips, something she had never done before. Sweet, I thought to myself as she put her arm around me and pulled me into the house.

A small party was right, there was one couple there, a black couple. The wife, Cherie, and her husband Lionel. Nice people, well mannered, unlike me, an uncouth white boy. I asked where Ray was at,

"He's around, probably still getting dressed!" Sarah answered. And I saw a slight smile come to her guests faces when she said that.

Sarah and Ray had been married around 12 years, and Ray is a pretty quiet guy, Sarah on the other hand is a fun loving person, loud and a bit bossy, but still a sweet lady.

"You need a drink Dave?"

"Sure, Bourbon and Coke will do just fine!"

Sarah went and fixed me a stiff drink and handing it to me she sat beside me.

"Dave, I have something to ask you, and regardless of your answer I am trusting you to keep this here, in this house, what you hear must never leave these walls. Can I trust you to keep this between us?"

"Well, I guess so Sarah!"

"No, it has to be an honest yes or no, if it's no then I understand."

"Well it sounds pretty serious, so, OK. If that's what you want then sure. It will stay here no matter what it is. I give you my word!"

"OK, Ray and I have been swingers for several years, along with Cherie and Lionel. And we were wondering it you would like to join us tonight. We will never tell Brenda (my wife) of this, if you say yes or no. So would you? Like to join us?"

My mind was going at 150 MPH in a 35 MPH zone, shit I have wanted to fuck Sarah every since I met her, and this black woman Cherie was one hot full bodied lady. But I have been faithful for the 8 years I've been married to Brenda. What a dilemma, "Sure!" I said, so much for over thinking a situation!

A big smile came across all of our faces. Now I was wondering what would happen next, but not for long. Sarah leaned over and french kissed me, I thought what the fuck, and grabbed her tit to let her know I was serious too. After seeing this Lionel said,

"Perhaps we should all get naked now then!"

I was all for that, I had wanted to see Sarah nude forever and Cherie had a fine body herself. I stood up and started taking my clothes off as did everyone else. In only a minute we were all standing there naked as the day we were born. I was right, Sarah had one fucking hot body, her long brown hair hung to her nipples and curled around just under them, her breasts were medium sized with large dark nipples and her waist flared into a wide set of hips that worked right down her long legs.

And Cherie, Mother Fucker she has the finest looking body I've ever seen on a black woman, Large breasts at least a 42DD and her black nipples were as big around as a cigar, sticking out an inch or more. And her wide hips melted into her legs, this woman was made for fucking, and she had the hairiest pussy I ever saw.

Lionel shocked the absolute shot out of me, his dick was at least 9"s long and it was fucking soft and thick as a coke can. How the fuck a woman could ever get even half of that in her I could not comprehend. But would soon see for myself it could and would be done.

I felt kind of insignificant with my 7 ½" dick, fully hard! But it didn't seem to bother the ladies so it didn't bother me, It had served it's purpose well for me during all these years. Sarah didn't wait a second before she got on her knees and tool Lionel's cock in her mouth. She had both hands wrapped around it as she fed it to her hungry mouth. I watched her sucking it as it got hard in her hands and mouth. Amazed that she even got the 4"s in that she did. Cherie cleared her throat and looked at me, I looked over at her.

"Do you like dark meat Dave?"

"I don't know Cherie, I've ever had any!" I smiled at her.

"Well. The buffet is free tonight, eat up!"

And she sat on the edge of the couch, her dark skinned legs opened showing me her pink inner pussy as she held it open with her fingers. I got on my knees and dove in for my first taste of black pussy. I liked it, a lot, the sweet musky smell had me hard before I got my tongue inside her. She put her legs over my shoulders and her hands on my head and shoved my face to her hairy pussy while I stuck my tongue in as far as it would go.

Cherie most definitely loved having her pussy eaten, because it was only a couple of minutes before she stuck her fingers in my hair and was forcing my face deeper in her hot box. Her clit was rubbing my nose when she pushed my face further down and she was wiggling her hips.

"Oh Yeah, eat that black pussy white boy. Fuck yeah, lick it good for me. Oh Fuck yeah!"

I was not needing instructions because I wanted to lick this pussy all night. I felt her legs start to shake as she started to cum on my face, I had never had a woman cum so fast in my life. I put my mouth on her clit when she took her hands and pulled on her nipples, I sucked it in my mouth and pulled it with my lips she cried out she was cumming. And when she came, she came in gushers! Cherie flooded my face when she shot out her creamy cum, I licked all of it up I could and still could not catch it all.

When her body fell back and she relaxed some I took my face out of her thighs and looked at Sarah. Lionel had her on her back, her legs wide open and his huge cock shoving the head in her slit. Sarah's eyes were closed and her red lipped mouth was open wide as she felt the monster pushing past her outer pussy lips.

"Oh God Lionel, Yes baby give me that big fucker. Fuck me Lionel. I want all that cock in me, NOW!"

Lionel slowly pushed more of it in her gash, I watched as inch after inch slid into her. The black cock merging with the white pussy and her pussy clinging to it when he pulled out to give it another shove in. Sarah gasped at every inch and asked for more. What a cock hound, and a fucking sexy one too.

My dick was throbbing while I watched them, it took Lionel a couple of minutes before he started to really fuck her. But when he did, he didn't cut her any slack. I could not believe she could take it all, but she had her legs wrapped around his back pulling him to her with every stroke he made. Sarah's head was rolling side to side and a smile was on her face when he was fully in her slick pussy.

I felt Cherie's hand on my arm, and I looked at her, she had a come fuck me look on her face. As exciting as it was to see Sarah taking that monster black cock, Cherie was even more exciting to me. I lay on the floor and Cherie climbed on me. I watched as she held her pussy open and her hand guiding my cock into her slick slit. A thought crossed my mind, "How in the Fuck can I satisfy this woman after having that huge cock in her?"

I needn't have bothered thinking, because when she sat on my cock, you would swear this was the first time she ever had sex, Cherie had the tightest, hottest, pussy I have ever had. Or at least it sure felt like it now. She started moving her hips in circles rubbing her clit on my crotch, and her fingers went to her clit, pinching and pulling it. I put my hands on those huge tits and squeezed them roughly. Cherie moaned loudly enough that Sarah glanced over and smiled at me while she was fucking her black buck!

I was holding on the Cherie as she fucked me like a woman that hadn't had a cock in her in years, this woman was fucking wild! Lionel was one lucky man, and to think that they didn't mind sharing, Shit! My wife didn't even want to me look at porn on the internet.

I saw Cherie's leg muscles working as she moved her body up and down on mine and her large tits shaking every time she bottomed out on me. I was going to cum soon just from watching her, and that's not to say I wasn't feeling every squeeze she made with her hot pussy. She was not going to be long either, I saw sweat building up on her dark body, causing her to shine in the light. I heard Sarah cry out.

"OH FUCK! Now Lionel, Now! Oh shit yes, fuck me Lionel Oh My God!!! Ahhh, ohhhh, fuck me Lionel, give me that hot black cock, Oh Fuck I'm Cummingggg!"

She had her arms pulling him to her as close as she could get him, and his hips pumped her full of his thick black cock. You could hear her pussy sloshing as he slammed his cock in her harder and harder.

"That's right bitch, take that black cock, You want that big black cock don't cha bitch! You love that big fucker stretching your cunt don't you bitch! Come on bitch, take my cum, take it all baby!"

"Oh God Yes, Give it all to me baby, Fuck me hard baby. Oh Fuck Yeah!"

Hearing that I let Cherie know I was cumming too. She started fucking me harder, Raising her hips high, her pussy was to the end of my cock and then she was slamming back down on me as hard as she could. She was cumming now again.

"Fuck it Dave, give me that hot cum baby. Fill my pussy with it, come on Dave, do it now baby!"

I was, It felt as if my balls had followed the hot stream of cum into her slick pussy I shot so hard. I felt our cum running down my balls as she kept pumping her hot hairy pussy on me. After Cherie had her orgasm, she fell on me, crushing her large black tits on my sweaty chest and kissed me.

"That was great Dave, My God that was great!"

I just lay there gasping, trying to catch my breath and smiling like a school boy getting his first piece of pussy. Well I was, my first piece of black pussy, and if it was all this good, I married the wrong woman! The funny thing is, I had totally forgotten about Ray all this time.

As we all lay on the floor catching our breath and resting, I heard Sarah call to him.

"Ray, You may now come in, and bring the wash cloths!" The tone in her voice was harsh. And I wondered what was going on, until I saw Ray come in with a silver tray with wash cloths on it. My eyes almost popped out of my head when I saw him. He was dressed in a maids outfit, a WOMAN'S outfit! Complete with tits and no panties, but he did have hose on with garter belts!

If Cherie had not kissed me I would have laughed out loud at the sight! And his cock was hard as a rock sticking out under the apron of the outfit. I had always known he was pussy whipped, but never had any idea that he a was such a submissive man. Or that Sarah had him trained to serve her and her guests this way.

Cherie got up and sat on the couch and I followed her sitting beside her. Lionel also sat beside Cherie while Sarah stood by him.

"You may wash us now Ray!" Sarah told him.

I watched in total shock as he went to Lionel and held his sticky cock, covered in Sarah's cum and began to wash it tenderly. When he had finished cleaning it, he gave it a light kiss on the head, then moved to Cherie, and using a clean rag, washed our cum off of her, taking extra care to get what had dripped down the crack of her fine black ass. He then gave her pussy a kiss, Now it was my turn, I wasn't sure if I could do this, not in front of everyone. But what the fuck, he took my cock in his hand and held it up tenderly and washed me off, when he was done he didn't hesitate to kiss my dick too.

Sarah told him, "Very good, you're a very good little cunt aren't you!"

"Yes Mistress, thank you. May I now wash you?"

"Very well, take care to do it well cunt!"

She sat in a chair and he got on his knees and kissed her pussy, I thought he was going to wash her like he did us, but he cleaned her pussy with his tongue. Sucking out Lionel's cum with his mouth. Sarah shoved his face in her sloppy fresh fucked pussy.

"Get it all out, Make sure I am clean, You know I want to be fresh for them don't you Ray!"

"Yes Mistress!"

He did a good job of washing her I have to admit, by the time he had her clean enough to suit her, she had at least two orgasm's.

"Now cunt, go take care of our guests!"

I thought she meant get us drinks or something, but he knew what she meant. He turned on his knees and moved his face to Lionel's cock. He kissed it then took his hand and put it in his mouth. Licking all over it then sucking it down. This was one strange evening, first I come over to a swingers party with my s****r in law fucking a black man and me fucking his wife, Now my b*****r in law was sucking a thick black cock! Once Lionel got hard Lionel took Cherie to the bedroom. Soon after I heard her crying out as he fucked her.

Ray came over to me and looked at me, I looked at Sarah and she shook her head yes. Ray then took my cock and sucked it down, and this boy could suck a cock. I was still in shock watching his head bouncing on my dick, when Sarah came over to me and kissed me. She put her hand on Ray's head and pushed it down on my dick, I felt his throat as my cock f***ed its way past it. Ray never gagged he just sucked it harder as his Mistress f***ed him to deep throat my cock.

She let him suck it a few minutes, then had him stop. She stood up and moving in front of me she sat back on my cock, only waiting for Ray to hold my dick so it went in her pussy. I was thinking how could she even feel me in her after Lionel's cock had just fucked her, but she wasn't as loose as I thought, but you could tell she had just been fucked and fucked hard.

Sarah began to move her hips on me, and Ray was sitting front of her.

"You may now please me cunt!"

And I felt him move between her legs and he began to lick her pussy while I fucked her. Occasionally he would lick my balls to catch any pussy juice that may have dripped down on them. I have to say, it felt pretty good when he did. Sarah was one hot fuck also, she knew what she wanted and how to get it out of a man. I was lucky, she just wanted me to sit there and let them do everything. I can do that!

It wasn't long before Sarah was moaning from Ray licking her clit and my cock sticking in her. Sarah stopped moving suddenly.

"Now cunt, make me cum! And I want it to be good!"

Ray began to lick her pussy, I felt his tongue when he licked from the bottom of my dick to the top of her clit then back again. Sarah had his head in her hands moving him where she wanted his face at. She was breathing harder and I knew she would cum soon, I could feel her pussy pulsating as her orgasm came closer. When she came I heard Ray moan as he gulped up her fluids when they dripped out of her full pussy.

When she had enough she moved off my cock and leaned back to me, I had her tits in my hands playing with her hard nipples and I felt Ray take my cock in his mouth again. He sucked it and played with my hairy balls while his wife sat on my lap encouraging him to do a good job. He did a splendid job bringing me to my orgasm in just a few minutes, swallowing all my cum down his mouth while Sarah twisted around and kissed me.

Sarah got up and took me by the hand leading me to the bedroom where Lionel and Cherie were. Ray followed like a cum d***k puppy with his tray of dirty wash cloths. Sarah got on the bed as Lionel was still giving Cherie a ride for her money, then she took one of Cherie's tits in her mouth and sucked the thick black nipple in her hot mouth. Cherie put her hand on Sarah's head pulling her closer to her breast while Lionel pounded her hot pussy. Cherie was already in the midst of her orgasm and when Lionel shot his thick load in her. Telling her she was the best fuck ever.

I had to agree with him, she had been the best I ever had. When Lionel rolled off Cherie, Sarah got between her legs and began to eat the hairy black cum filled pussy. Ray came over and started sucking Lionel's cock clean again then finished with a fresh washcloth. I was just watching, still in shock at all I had witnessed and participated in this evening. My cock was getting hard as I watched Sarah eat that sexy black pussy. Lionel had a big grin on his face while he watched too, Ray just sat in a chair across the room waiting further instructions from his Mistress.

My dick was hard again so I started to jack off slowly while I watched. Sarah looked up and saw me.

"Do you need some relief Dave?"

"I wouldn't mind some help!"

She looked at Ray, "You know what you need to do cunt, now do it!"

Ray got up and left the room, he came back in a minute and he had some anal lube in his hand.

"Wait a minute Sarah, I didn't mean that kind of help!"

"Come on, we did what you wanted to do, do this for us! Ray needs a good ass fucking don't you Ray!"

"Yes Mistress I do!"

"And Lionel is just to large for Ray's tiny little ass hole!"

I didn't know what to do, I didn't really want to fuck Ray. Shit I had done that when I was a teenager with a friend, experimenting with sex, but this was way different! Ray didn't seem to notice my hesitation or didn't care because he was on knees and smearing the anal lube on his ass hole. Well, what the fuck, he did suck my cock and I let him. Ray put some of the lube on my dick, jacking me off slowly looking at it like it was a thing of beauty, not something that was fixing to fill his ass up.

Then Ray got up on the bed on his hands and knees, the maids uniform still on, his ass showing. Someone had shaved his ass, cock and balls, speaking of his cock I don't ever remember seeing it go soft this evening, nor did I ever see him touch it to keep it hard. Lionel was laying on the bed with his legs wide open, his huge black snake hanging between his legs. Ray crawled between them and inhaled the thick black cock. I looked at Sarah then Cherie then at Lionel, Cherie told me.

"Oh go on, he wants it, and we want to see it. Lionel can't do it. Come on don't be such a fucking prude, It's only sex!"

So I got behind Ray and looked at everyone once more the stuck the head of my hard cock at Ray's puckered asshole I heard Ray moan, I don't know if it was from feeling my dick at his ass or Lionel's cock in his mouth, but I could tell he did indeed want this to happen. I pushed my cock towards his ass and with the anal lube I slid right in his hot and ready asshole.

I heard the girls Ohh and Ahh when they saw my cock slide in to Ray's hot tight asshole. I could not believe how fucking good his ass felt, I'm not gay and I may now be Bi-Sexual, but fuck his ass felt fucking great as it took my cock in it with him not showing any discomfort just another moan. I began to fuck him slowly his ass gripping my cock firmly when I slid it all in.

I never mentioned what Ray looks like, He is a handsome man and at 33 he is still firm not fat, he works out regularly and is fairly well built. He is 5'9"s about 185 pounds. I watched as his back muscles flexed and his ass was firm. Women always stared at him with his blonde hair and deep blue eyes. I had my hands on his hips while I shoved my thick cock in him and Lionel held his head pushing his cock deep in Ray's mouth.

"You know, men always want to see two women having sex together and think that's really sexy, But they don't think that women want to see men together. Shit I think it's fucking hot to watch men fuck or suck each other." Cherie said to Sarah.

"I know, if they only knew then I bet more of them would do it."

I had no comment and Lionel was too busy fucking Rays face to care. I was still amazed that Ray could take as much of that monster Lionel called his dick down his mouth. Ray was holding himself up on one hand and jacking Lionel off with the other, all while moving his ass to get all my cock inside his tight asshole. I still wanted to laugh at the Maids outfit with tits, but didn't care while I held his hips and rammed my hard cock in his tight ass.

I'm not sure if it was the thought of doing something as what is considered taboo by fucking a man in the ass, or the sight of Lionel's huge black cock being swallowed by a white mans mouth, but I started cumming in my b*****r in laws ass hole.

"Fuck yeah, use your ass on my cock Ray, fuck me like the nasty cunt you are!"

His hips were slamming against mine trying to make me cum in him, he wanted to feel me cum in his hot ass, and I wanted to do it. It must have turned Lionel on hearing me tell Ray that, because he had Rays head in his black hands and was forcing most of his cock in Rays eager mouth. I felt my cum leaving my balls in a rush and Rays ass accepting it all and wanting more. After cumming two times in less than two hours tonight I wouldn't have thought Id have much left in me, but I felt his ass get slicker as my hot cum filled his rectum up.

Lionel cried out he was cumming too, and held Rays face down as far as Ray could take it and shot his load while Ray sucked and gulped it down. Ray was moaning like a bitch in heat as he took our cum in both his ready holes. The girls egging us on to fuck the little bitch and make a good whore out of her. Sarah was really into this dominating thing, and it fit her well.

My balls almost hurt from pumping my spunk in his ass, and they drew up close to my body in an effort to get it all out. Rays hot ass hole was clenching on my cock as it had spasms from his own orgasm, no one had touched his cock, he had cum just from feeling my cum hitting his ass and Lionel shooting his in his mouth.

Cherie was fingering her hot black pussy while she watched and Sarah was playing with her nipple lazily, her breathing hot and heavy from the sexy sight of her husband getting what he and she both wanted.

"Oh Yes Ray, that's a good whore, take all that cum bitch! You want that cum don't you bitch!"

Ray just made a "Mppffhhh!" sound as he milked Lionel's cock and balls empty of his thick spunk! I pulled my dick out of his well fucked ass with a plop and looked at his rectum while it spasmed open and closed from his orgasm and wanting my cock to still be inside him.

I lay down beside Cherie and her eyes were on my dick, like it had some magical properties since it had just fucked a man. The anal lube made it shine and she just had to touch it, her warm hand wrapped around my softening cock and softly jerked it off, Sarah was still watching Lionel hold Rays head down on his thick black cock and Rays mouth and hand working to get all the tasty man cum from it.

She had a smile on her face from watching this and I was smiling at the everyone enjoying what was happening. Soon Ray was done and got up went to the bathroom to get clean cloths to clean us like he had been trained to do. I saw my cum running down his leg from his shaved ass when he walked away. He came back after cleaning himself up and washed my cock for me and Cherie's hand since she had the mess on it also. I had a drop of cum on the tip of my dick and Ray licked it off.

He then turned and took care of Lionel, after he was done and we all lay on the bed, Ray went and got us fresh drinks. Sarah had done a good job on this boy, I thought of the difference between Sarah and my wife Brenda, Brenda is shy and quiet where Sarah is loud and fun loving. And dominate I found out tonight. We lay there enjoying our drinks and conversation while Ray sat in his chair, quiet and awaiting further instructions from his Mistress. His dick was hard again, come to think of it I had not seen it soft all night.

"Sarah, I happened to notice that Rays dick is always hard, does this excite him so much the he stays erect?"

"No, I want him hard but don't want him to touch himself. He may receive too much pleasure from that, so I had him get some Viagra and take it. His dick should be hard well into the morning. And if it's not he will be punished! Won't you bitch!"

"Yes Mistress!"

Damn, strange but whatever blows his skirt up I guess. I pulled Sarah over to me and kissed her soft lips, one thing about Sarah and Brenda, they have the softest lips I've ever kissed. Her tongue drove into my mouth and my hand went to her fine ass, giving it a squeeze I pulled her on top of me. She spread her legs over my waist and slid her wet pussy on my dick, her pussy making my cock wet as she moved her wide hips along its length. As soon as I was hard enough she slipped her hand between us and stuck my dick in her hot wet gash.

We started fucking slow and easy with her sitting upright working her hips to get all of my hard cock in her. Cherie not wanting to be left out climbed on top of my face her dark skinned legs opened and I saw her hairy black pussy with the deep pink insides, her juices were flowing as she sat on my face. Her hot pussy covered my face when she pushed down, taking my tongue I stuck it inside her hot box, touching every inch inside her I could with it.

Her hands held my head steady while she moved her ass around and Sarah reached in front of Cherie and grabbed her thick tipped tits, giving each one a firm squeeze. Sarah was fucking me faster now and my hips lunged to hers, crushing her clit on my crotch when the two met. Cherie was not wasting time either as she humped my lips and tongue as she fucked my face with that sweet smelling black cunt! I was lost in a world of lust and desire while they took advantage of my position.

I felt Sarah's hand touching Cherie's clit and her finger slid into her wet pussy between my tongue, this drove Cherie wild and I heard her crying out in her passion.

"Oh fuck yes, finger my pussy Sarah. Eat it Dave, lick my slit Dave, Oh fuck yes!!!!"

Sarah was doing something right for Cherie because it wasn't long before Cherie grabbed my head and pulled me to her crotch, shoving my face as deep as her thighs would let it go as she came in my mouth. I never knew a woman could have so much liquid come from her as Cherie did tonight. Every time she had an orgasm she absolutely flooded everything around her. And twice tonight it happened to be my face, not that I was complaining, she fucking tasted great as I licked every drop I could catch into my hungry mouth, And I was hungry for this beautiful black woman's salty tasting cum.

And Sarah was banging my dick like a jack hammer when she came on me. Cherie had let my face go and was just sliding her wet pussy up and down my face slowly, taking the time to enjoy the after effects of her orgasm. Then She rose up and got off me, she kissed me licking her pussy from my chin and lips, a deep sigh came from her.

"Damn Dave, you really know how to eat pussy. Damn if I wasn't married you would be in trouble!" she winked at me.

I grinned back at her, Shit if Brenda ever heard about this I WOULD be in trouble, if not dead! I looked over at Lionel and he was on his knees sucking Rays cock, Ray had his arms and hands to his side, not being able to do anything but what was expected from him, and not able to assist in anyway for his own pleasure. He could just sit there and accept what ever was dealt him. He never complained though, a good submissive knows better, at least from what I have read on the internet.

When Sarah saw it she fucked me harder and I was soon shooting my load off in her hot pussy, Well I was cumming again, I don't think I had any cum left after having already cum three times tonight. But it felt great anyway. I grabbed Sarah's tits roughly and pulled them to me while she humped on my jerking cock, her nipples hard and sensitive, her hand went to her pussy and I felt her finger as she touched her hot slick clit, helping her have yet another orgasm. This girl was a fuck machine, and would not stop until she had cum again. I pulled her down on me and gave her a small kiss, her hazel eyes sparkled with her smile,

"Thanks!" She said to me softly.

"For what Sarah?"

"For showing up and joining us, I always have wanted to see if you were a good fuck, and you didn't disappoint me. And I thought that was the hottest fucking thing I've ever seen when you fucked Ray, God that made my pussy wet watching it."

"Well to tell the truth, I wasn't sure if I could do it or not. And I have to say, that after I did, I really liked the way his tight ass felt on my cock."

About that time We heard Cherie telling Lionel,

"Yeah baby, suck that white cock, make him cum baby, suck his cum out!"

And Lionel's head was bouncing faster, Ray had his head back and eyes closed as he came in Lionel's face. When he came Lionel swallowed some then let the rest splash on his black face, the thick white globs of cum showing against the dark skin of his face. Cherie got beside Lionel and jacked on Rays dick as it shot a massive load out of it. She covered Rays dick with her hot mouth and sucked what was still spurting out down her throat. Then turned to Lionel and licked and kissed the cum off his face, they kissed each other, swapping Rays thick spunk between their mouths.

When we were finished we all went into the living room while Ray brought us another drink, sitting on the couch all of us still naked and well fucked and sucked.

"We should really be going now." Lionel told us.

"Oh come on, we have all weekend Lionel, don't go!" Sarah asked them.

"No, I have to meet with some clients in the morning and I'm going to be tired enough now." He laughed.

Ray got up and retrieved the clothing they had removed for sex that we all enjoyed so much, and he helped them dress. Still in his maids outfit and his cock still hard. When Lionel and Cherie walked to the door I shook his hand and gave Cherie a kiss goodbye, she stuck her thick hot tnogue down my mouth and grabbed my ass tightly.

"We just have to do this again and soon Dave!" and she passed me their home number telling me to call them anytime I could get away and Lionel shook his head yes. They left and I went back to the living room with Ray and Sarah. I sat down and told them I didn't think I was in any shape to drive home tonight. They offered me the guest room which I accepted readily.

I went in to lay down, thinking of all that had happened to night. I had fucked my sexy s****r in law, her beautiful black friend and her husband. What a fucking night, not the kind I had expected when Sarah called inviting me over to a party. As I lay there thinking about it all, I heard Sarah cry out,

"God yes, fuck me Ray. Oh fuck yes fuck me! God you made me so hot watching you fucking Dave and sucking Lionel's thick black cock baby. Shit baby, fuck me hard Ray fuck me you bastard!"

I grinned at them, they were fucking hard and fast when I fell asl**p minutes later. I woke up the next morning with Sarah sucking my cock, she stopped and with a huge smile on her sexy lips.

"Good Morning sl**py head, and speaking of head!" and her mouth went back to sucking my hard cock. She sucked it a few minutes then in s sultry voice said,

"Fuck me Dave, I want you to fuck me again!"

I got on top of her this time and pulled her legs up to her chest, I ran the head of my dick along her already wet slit and slid it in her hot pussy. Watching as her knees crushed her firm tits against her chest and saw her pussy lips as they held on to my cock when I pulled it back, only to ram it back in her eager pussy. She fucked me with wild abandon as I gave her what she wanted this morning, and I wanted it too.

I don't think Sarah ever got enough sex from what I had witnessed last night and now this morning. Lucky fucking Ray, I though to myself. Now I understood their strange relationship much better. We fucked like rabbits, wanting to have a fast hard fuck for breakfast and we both got what we wanted as I shot my spunk into her moments later and she came with a gushing flood. We kissed and thanked each other for everything then got up and went in to the kitchen for coffee.

Ray was up and dressed in a T-Shirt with jogging shorts on, smiling as he told me

"Good Morning. Dave, you sl**p well? Hehehe, did you get a nice wake up call this morning?"

"Yeah Ray, I slept better than I have in years thanks, and I couldn't ask for a nicer wake up call!"

We all laughed and talked as if nothing had happened the night before or this morning after that. When I was ready to leave they both came over and gave me a hug and a kiss, Ray kissed me on the lips and stuck his tongue in my mouth, I accepted it and kissed him back. What the hell I thought, may as well kiss him, I did fuck him last night!

I turned to leave and Sarah called out to me, "I'll call you next time we are having a party if you want me too!"

I grinned and told her she had better call me! Then got in my car for the drive home. I grinned for days wondering when the next party would be.!

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1 month ago
Story was good until he sucked Ray's dick.
1 year ago
awesome story.
2 years ago
nice fucking hot story got my cock throbbing
2 years ago
Great family-in-law you got!! Would be fun to join you!
2 years ago
brilliant story
2 years ago
great story
2 years ago
Hottest EVER!