Darlene, bring that sweet little pussy over here for an injection from Doctor Mac's two ball compound." I said as I was waving my rock hard cock in the air.

As usual, Jimmy had gone to the office leaving Darlene and I in the huge house by ourselves and I was hornier than hell this morning. I had let him suck me off before he left for work while she watched and now she was walking around bare ass naked after just finishing giving us breakfast.

I got up from the sofa and walked over and put my arms around her. My cock was ready to poke a hole in her back and she leaned her head back over her shoulder and gave me a huge kiss.

"Think you can get me off this morning stud?"

"Think, I know damn well I can." I answered and with that I gently pushed her in front of me over to the back of the easy chair between the dining area and the den. When she came up against it I pushed her over the back throwing her pussy up at me.

I dropped to my knees behind her and let my tongue search out her clit while my mouth was separating her pussy lips. I then began tonguing her clit as I worked a couple of fingers up between her legs and into her crotch ending up buried in her tight little pussy. Between my tongue working its magic and my fingers opening her up she soon had her hips rotating and was ready for some deep penetrating by my cock.

I stood and used one hand to guide my cock to her and the other I kept in the middle of her back to hold her in place. Her moaning started the minute I slipped the head of it in her. I didn't have more than an inch of my long shaft in and she was already starting her noise making. It was a great thing the house was so large and sat on so much land that the neighbors couldn't hear her. I pushed in some more and soon had about five inches buried and I reached down and grabbed the base of my shaft and twirled my cock around with what was in her so far. She loves that and the moaning turned to howling.

"Hush up honey. Just lay there and relax and enjoy." I pleaded as I rammed the rest of my 8½ all the way in. That did it. She threw herself back as she was reaching around and grabbing my thighs to pull me in even deeper.

I then moved my hands so I had one on each of her hips and held her tightly as I began some serious thrusting. I began to move faster than I had ever fucked her before and then I slowed to the point I was almost stopped, as if I was resting, before pounded her hard and fast again.

"Oh God, Mac. That is driving me crazy," as she threw her hips back at me as fast and hard as I was throwing mine at her.

"Mac, Mac, I'm coming. Oh damn, my pussy is going to explode I am coming so hard."

She let out one terrific howl as she had the largest orgasm I had seen her have in a long time.

We stayed like that for a little while as she came down from her orgasmic high and while my cock was still rock hard. I hadn't come yet.

When I slipped out of her she turned to kiss me and dropped one hand down to hold my cock while our lips were locked in a tight kiss.

It was her turn to do the pushing. She pushed me back away from the chair and over to the sofa where she gave me a nudge to have me land on my ass facing her. She knelt on the sofa with her mouth close to my cock and laid her head on my upper thigh while she had a hand tracing every vein in my shaft.

"I can see why my husband likes to have this thing in his mouth. It fills his mouth and then you fill his throat with your juices."

"Can you also see why he likes it up his ass?"

"Oh, that must hurt him a lot. You are huge."

"How do you know I am huge. I thought he was the first and only guy you ever had and I'm the second. Who are you comparing me to?" I asked.

"Are you saying that you thought I never saw any porn flicks. If you are you are sadly mistaken and from what I saw your cock is as big if not bigger than most of what I saw."

"OK I give." I had to reply.

"It did hurt him some when we first started but he quickly became used to it and now loves it. Want to try it in yours?"

"Oh NO, I'll leave that for the two of you although I do love to watch you do it to him."

She continued with, "Mac, does it feel better up his ass or in my pussy?"

"Well honey, his ass is tighter than your pussy but your pussy is warmer and wetter and it is enclosed between the sweetest pair of legs I have seen."

"Oh, you smooth talker. I think you like his ass better than my pussy."

"What would really turn me on would be to be able to chose between your ass and your pussy every time we had sex. I think you would like that too."

"I don't think you will ever have that choice big boy," she said.

I had wondered about that and became determined to open up her ass with my cock before this relationship was over. Hopefully a lot sooner than that but I am a patient guy.

While she was talking and tracing the veins in my cock I leaned over and put a hand on the back of her head and pulled it down ever so slightly. She knew exactly what to do. She let her tongue flick out and tease the head of my cock while her hand was sliding up and down the shaft. She then opened her mouth and let the head in and just plain sucked the head of it as if she was trying to suck all of me through a straw. Jimmy must have taught her that and with the small size of his cock it was a neat trick.

This time I was going to try something different with her. I wanted to have her lay with her head hanging over the edge of the sofa and I was going to kneel in front of her and slip my cock in her mouth so the curve of my cock would match the natural curve of her throat. I was hoping to be able to get it further in her that way. I soon had about five inches buried and felt as if I was touching something deep in her throat ... it felt terrific. I reached out and let my fingers trace her nipples as I was doing this. She doesn't have very big tits but loves to have her nips massaged as she is having sex. It didn't take long before I was filling her throat with my juices and she gulped down every drop.

It was hard for me to decide which of them gave the best blowjobs. I know one thing for sure. I have misjudged a lot of women as potential sex partners in my life. I had been always judging the sexiness of a woman by the size of her tits. Wow, was I ever wrong. Tits make convenient handles but do nothing for the sexiness of the gal. Darlene's tits are almost non existent and she is thinner than a rail but she is pretty and does more to please me sexually than any of the other women I have ever had.

We just lay around afterwards talking about a million things and the relationship the three of us now had. I wondered how upset she was when she first saw her hubby sucking my cock and then taking it up his ass. It didn't seem to bother her at all the same way it didn't seem to bother him to watch me fuck her.

Things went along pretty much the same for the next several months and I found that Darlene loved to have my cock pounding her pussy when I was taking her from up on her hands and knees. It was impossible to tell which of us were thrusting the hardest. Her coming back at me or me driving it into her. Either way, it was terrific for both of us.

"Mac, I have to talk to you about something very serious. Come sit beside me."

I came over to the sofa and she slipped down on the floor between my legs and I thought she was getting ready to give me another blowjob but that wasn't it at all.

"Mac, I have fallen in love with you and I am not sure what to do about it. Oh, I still like Jimmy but not like I do you."

"Darlene, I have the strong feeling you have fallen in love with my cock ... not me. Hell, you hardly know anything about me other than you go a little nuts when I ram my cock into you."

"No, that's not it at all. Oh yes, the sex is wonderful but you and I have had more serious conversations in the short time I have known you than Jim and I have had since we got married. Our marriage seemed like the right thing to do at the time but it has been a huge mistake. Oh, hell, he is very successful in business and I guess I am a millionaire many times over with the money he has made since we've been married but that's not all there is to life."

"Darlene, I would feel horrible if I thought that it was me who split you guys up. You were a happy couple before I came on the scene."

"Mac, that simply isn't true. Keep in mind he was looking for a male partner on- line when he found you. That's hardly the sign of a happy man."

"What else are you suggesting. If you and he split are you thinking that you and I would become an item?"

"Well, to tell the truth ... yes," she mumbled.

"Oh, and are you going to assume the responsibility for his taking it up the ass?" I said with a huge smile.

"Oh shit, I never thought of that. Maybe I can give it to you so well with my pussy you will lose the desire to do that."

She went on with, "And there is one more thing and this is something I am going to have a lot of trouble talking to you about. As you know, my dad died three years ago and my mother hasn't even tried to meet anyone else. She is only forty-two and that is way too young to hang it up and retire from life. I would like to go on a date with you and her and have the three of us end up in bed. I know she would go crazy for your cock."

"Holy shit Darlene. How the hell would that happen?"

"I don't know but I'm damn sure going to think about it. I think if she got reintroduced to sex it would give her something else to look for in life other than playing bridge with the rest of the 'old ladies'."

"Now let me get all of this straight. You are giving serious consideration of splitting with Jim and getting a lot more serious with me and you would like for you and your mom to go out with me with the hopes of the three of us ending up in the sack. Is that about it?"

"That's it exactly." She said proudly.

A month or so later Darlene told me that her mother had invited us over for a pool party at her condo. Jim was going to be out of town at the time so it would just be us. Darlene had told her mom about me living with them so she was anxious to meet me, or so Darlene said.

The condo was huge and the pool was Olympic size. Everyone in the place must have turned out for the party for there were well over a hundred people splashing and eating. Swimming trunks always give me a problem and that is how do I hide my cock without a huge bulge showing. Well, I bought a new pair of trunks that were at least one size too large in the hopes it would do the trick. So far it was working, I didn't see any eyes bugging out. Darlene's mom, Marie, is one very pretty lady with almost the same build as Darlene. I reached over and teased Darlene saying that there wasn't one decent sized tit between the two of them. She gave me a huge punch on the arm and she wasn't k**ding. We hung around for another hour before saying our adieu's to the gang we had ended up with and up we went to Marie's suite. I say suite for that is what it is. It has nine rooms including three bedrooms but not including the three bathrooms. It must be nice to have money.

Marie had set out some wine and cheese for us but I announced I would like to take a shower before partaking of the hors d'oeuvres'. I used the shower off one of the guest bedrooms and when I was coming out to get the clothes I had laid on the bed, Marie came walking down the hall and past the partially open door to the bedroom I was in. There I was, bare ass naked with my cock swinging to and fro with Darlene's mother staring at it.

"Nice piece of equipment," she said with her eyes still glued to it. I'll be she would have shit if I had gotten a hard on right then. She eventually continued on wherever she had been going when had seen me.

She must have mentioned the meeting to Darlene for she was in my room in a flash saying, "Don't get dressed. We can sit around naked snacking and see where it leads. My mom saw your cock and is tongue tied over the size of it."

"No problem honey. Let's go enjoy some of those cheese and crackers I saw on the tray. I'll bet the wine is chilled by now."

She and I went out to the den-like porch where the treats were set up and saw we could sit on the inside of the plate glass doors and enjoy the scenery without every one outside enjoying us. She and I were bare ass naked and her mom came out wearing a very loose and flowing gown type of thing. I don't know why she had it on since it was completely transparent.

"Mom, we agreed we weren't going to put clothes on. C'mon Mac, let's go and get dressed."

"Oh, love don't, I'm sorry I was just a little embarrassed being naked in front of Mac. After all, I don't even know him.' Marie sputtered.

"Let's hope that changes and changes soon." I volunteered.

"Darlene, I think it would be best if you told your mom everything. From the first time we met until right now. It'll make things a lot easier and more sense than what she sees here."

And so she did. About half way through the telling Marie's eyes were bigger than dinner plates when Darlene told about me putting my hard cock up Jimmy's ass. She also showed some amazement when she heard Darlene tell about how she loves to have my hard cock in her. As she was telling all of this she had slid over and was sitting in the floor in front of me with one hand resting on my bare thigh and lightly massaging my cock. Sure enough the ineveitable happened. My cock came to full attention and if Marie's eyes were big before they soon turned humongous.

I never took my eyes off Marie and could see she had turned beet red and was breathing fast and deep. I simply stood and walked over to her chair and stopped with the head of my cock an inch from her mouth. I looked over my shoulder at Darlene and she was smiling big time. I then reached out and pulled Marie's head to me a little more so her lips were just brushing my cock. I looked down as she looked up and we locked eyes as I just nodded 'yes.' and her mouth opened. I let her take a few inches in and then reached down and put my hands under her arms and lifted her to a standing position. I took her hand and led her out of the area and back towards the master bedroom suite. She never made eye contact with Darlene but just stared at the floor as we walked out; too embarrassed to have her daughter see where she was going and for what purpose. I looked at Darlene and gave her a palm facing her sign indicating I didn't want her following us back there. She nodded her understanding. Mom was embarrassed enough never mind having her daughter watching her get laid.

When we got to the bedroom I slid my hands under her wrap and lifted it off of her and let it drop to the floor. As it slipped down from her I cupped her chin in my hand and turned her mouth to me and kissed her deeply. My tongue started in past her lips and her mouth opened and she met my tongue with her won as she was wrapping her arms around my neck. My rock hard cock was almost keeping us apart but I swung it off to the side and out of the way for the moment.

Her breaths were coming even faster than they did out in the other room as I gently laid her back on the bed and dropped down beside her. I lifted her so her head was up on the pillows as I rolled on top of her. She spread her legs to welcome me into her and in I went. I let the head of my cock spread her pussy lips a little and there was little doubt about how aroused she was ... she was soaked. Great, I used her juices to let me slide into her in one long smooth motion. As I was half way in her moans started and she gasped as I went in a little more.

"Oh Mac, I don't think I can take all of you."

"Sure you can honey. Darlene felt the same way and after a few minutes she had all of me buried." I had stopped a minute and brought my lips to hers for another long deep kiss. As I was doing that I slipped a little more in and once again she gasped.

"Mac, you must be all the way in now aren't you?"

"Just a little more honey" as I slipped the final two inches in. I was now buried to the hilt.

"Oh God, that feels wonderful." She murmured as I made the final thrust.

I then began a series of long slow thrusts and soon had her legs up around my upper thighs with her heels dug into my back and her arms wrapped tightly around my neck. She had her lips close to my ears as if she didn't want Darlene to hear her and whispered,

"Fuck me Mac, Oh fuck me like I have never been fucked before."

I stopped my long slow thrusts and started to pound her pussy fast and hard. She was tossing her head from side to side and her hair was flailing away as she did it.

"Oh yes, do me. Do me"

I did her all right. I rammed my cock in and pulled it out only to drive it home again and again and she was going bananas.

"Fuck me Mac, Fuck me."

On one of my downward thrusts I happened to look over to the door to the bedroom and saw Darlene standing there watching us. She caught me looking at her and she gave me a huge smile and a thumbs up. Apparently she approved of the way I was fucking her mother.

I kept pounding away for what seemed like forever but it really wasn't much longer before Marie was tossing herself from side to side and she had dropped her feet to the bed alongside of her and was pushing her ass up at me. It wasn't going to be long now. A few more deep thrusts and that was it. She pulled her mouth to mine to keep the noise down as she let go with one terrific orgasm. Her kiss simply masked her scream.

"Oh God Mac, I'm exploding. My pussy is burning hot. That was unbelievable."

Darlene had come into the room at that point and sat on the bed beside us.

"Mom, I'm glad you enjoyed that. He really is one hell of a good piece of ass isn't he?"

Marie just rolled her eyes as she was still fighting to get her breathing under control.

I reached over behind Darlene's head and pulled it down so it was only an inch away from her mother's pussy and then gave another push and soon had her face soaking up her mom's juices. I leaned over and whispered,

"Lick it the way you like me to like yours"

She looked up at me and nodded. It took Marie a few minutes to realize what was happening and she started to protest and I pushed her back down and put my index finger to my lips to indicate 'quiet'. She lay there and finally slipped her hand over her daughter's head and pulled her even deeper than she was. I still hadn't come so I slipped up on the bed and positioned my cock in front of Marie's mouth and she took to it like a k** to candy. She couldn't get very much of it in her mouth but it wasn't long before I was filling her mouth with my warm white cum. She lapped up ever drop.

The only one who hadn't had an orgasm was Darlene. Now what were we to do about that?

The three of us lay spread all over the king size bed with Marie now more comfortable with having had sex with and in front of her own daughter. She let her fingers trail up and down my shaft saying,

"Darlene, how is that you and I met and married guys with tiny cocks? Your dad's wasn't any longer and thicker than my middle finger and from what you tell me Jim's is the same. Then you met this wonderful hunk of manhood to show us what we had been missing. WOW"

It was my turn to speak up for Darlene.

"Marie, you have noticed that the only one who hadn't had an orgasm here today is Darlene. I think you could help her out there."

"What do you mean Mac? How can I help her?"

I put hand behind her head and pushed her face down into Darlene's crotch and Marie gasped,

"Oh this wouldn't be right."

I said, "Oh you mean it was OK for her to lick up your juices but you can't help her out?" and I pushed her face even closer to the pussy that was so close to her mouth.

"Get that tongue busy Mom," and I gave the back of her head one more push and Darlene's pussy lips spread to take in her mother's face.

She went at it for what seemed like forever and Darlene looked at me over her the back of her mother's head and smiled at me. Watching this was getting me hard again so I rolled over and knelt behind Marie and then in one long straight thrust pushed in right to the hilt. You would have thought she had been shot.

"Oh God, what happened."

"I just stuck my cock in your cunt honey. Get back to eating your k**'s pussy."

Oooooh, she didn't like that at all. I could hear her 'hrmph,' over and over as she put her head back where I wanted it. Once she got back to working on Darlene's' clit I started a fast and furious ramming job. I was going into the hilt and back out fast and my inward thrusts were strong. I was turning myself on looking at Marie's face buried in Darlene's pussy and it wasn't long before I was filling her pussy with cum.

"Marie, you have drained me." I moaned.

It wasn't long before Darlene was throwing her legs up in the air as she was having the first orgasm she ever had with her mother eating her pussy. WOW.

"Gals, let's get cleaned up and go out to the wine and snacks where we are going to have one hell of a huge conversation."

Surprisingly, each of us went off to a bathroom and took our own shower without any co- mingling. We all arrived back to the wine in fifteen minutes or so with Marie wearing a flimsy covering on that bugged the shit out of me.

"OK, enough's enough. Marie, get that damn thing off and sit here like Darlene and I ---bare ass naked. After what we all just went through we have NOTHING to hide from one another. OK?"

"You're right Mac. Sorry," and she stood and slipped it off.

"OK, now let me see if I can put everything into it's proper perspective:

Darlene believes her marriage has come to an end but Jim is unaware of that as of yet. Darlene believes she has fallen in love with me and the one sure thing is that she has fallen in love with my cock.

Jim also has fallen in love with my cock but I think that is a temporary fixation. What he is really in love with is having a guy whose cock he can suck and have fuck his ass. Now, if that is the only obstacle I believe I can solve it. I know several guys who would love to have Jim's lips wrapped around their cock and then fuck his ass royally. That problem is solved.

Next, Marie, Darlene is deeply concerned that ever since your husband died you have let yourself almost dissolve into nothingness. She was dying to get the two of us together and have me introduce you to my cock. That we did and I believe we can all safely say you like it as much as Darlene does. Right? With that we all smiled.

Lastly, if I stop giving Jim access to my cock which of you is going to be the one whose tight ass I fuck or will it be both of you? Now it's time for truth telling Marie. Did you let Darlene's dad or any other guy ever fuck your ass?"

Marie looked at me almost with anger in her eyes.

"Mac, that's enough. Like Darlene, I was a virgin when I got married so don't sit there implying I had sex with anyone other than my husband and yes, he did try it up my rear on one occasion. It hurt too much and he stopped right then."

Darlene jumped in with, "Mac, I told you I had fallen in love with you and I meant it. I'll try to take you up my rear if that's what you want."

And not to be outdone Marie spoke up with, "And if she can't manage it I'll give it a try and Mister, that's about all you could expect from us."

"You are both right now when would you like me to arrange this other guy for Jim? I guess the real question is when are we going to sit down with Jim and tell him about us Darlene?"

Marie stepped in with, "The sooner the better. There is nothing to be gained from waiting but I was just thinking about how the financial arrangements of the divorce would be handled. Darlene, you certainly deserve an equal split of anything you two had accumulated since you were married and the business is going great so you also deserve some of the future earning that can be expected from it."

"Guys, I think that Jim will be more than fair. Let's see."

She called him long distance and found he was coming home the next night. She told him she needed to get together with him about something important and he agreed ... "No problem Darlene. I need to talk to you too."

The next night Darlene asked if I would like to be there and I thought I should in case he went nuts and threatened her. So, after dinner the next night we went into the den and Jim told both of us he had something to talk about to us. We looked at each other wondering what the hell was coming.

"Guys, I don't know quite how to tell you this Darlene but I would like to have a divorce. We all know I am bi sexual with a strong leaning towards gay and I found someone on this trip that has just knocked my socks off. Mac, he isn't built as well as you but he's all right in that department."

Darlene started to say something but I grabbed her hand and squeezed and when she looked at me I nodded NO.

Jim continued, "I hate giving a bunch of money to lawyers so I'll be more than fair in a separation to keep it out of their hands. Darlene you can have half of everything we have saved and invested and I'll get the business appraised and you are entitled to half of that as well. I am thinking of having the fellow move up here and we can get a nice new home that won't have any memories attached to it so you are welcome to this house and all of it's belongings."

It looked as if he had run out of steam and I stepped in with,

" Jim, I know this has come as a surprise to me and I am sure Darlene too but these things do happen and I am pleased you are being so completely fair with her in the divorce. I know of a decent lawyer who can write up the simple papers detailing all you just agreed to and I'll bet he won't charge more than a couple of hundred bucks?"

Jim came back with,

"WOW most lawyers won't even shake your hand for that much. Get him on the phone and let's get this going."

He came over to Darlene and held her saying how sorry he was.

She responded with, "Jim if it is going to make you happy it is the right thing to do. I am just wondering though do you want this lawyer to know about your gay friend or would you rather just keep that between us?"

"Ooops, you're right. Let's just make it that our marriage has run its course and we are separating as the best of friends as we still are."

I called my lawyer friend and told him about the situation and how generous her husband was being. His response as most lawyers would have it, "I smell a rat."

"Fine let there be one. Darlene is more than satisfied so get your pencils out and start writing. I told him you would charge him more than a couple of hundred."

"WHAT? The guy is a multimillionaire and I'm getting a measly few hundred for the work I'' have to do. Make it five hundred and I'll stop bitching."

"Done, I'll get you your five hundred"

I came back into the den and then got the bright idea of.

"Jim, you have been very fair with Darlene but I haven't heard you mention anything about the pain and trauma this will be causing me. If that's the way you feel I'll understand but I thought you cared more ... never mind." And I walked out of the room.

He came running after me.

"Mac, I'm so sorry, I guess I thought of the fair lady first. What can I do for you? Tell me and I'll try and make it happen".

"Well, who is going to take me out on their boat now that you will have another guy?"

"NO problem. The boat is yours."

"Really, Oh Jim you are so great. Now would you like to suck me off for one last time?"

"Would I? Get Darlene in here and she can watch.

And so she did. He took me deeper than he had ever done before and I was giving Darlene a thumbs up as he was doing it. When I was ready to pop my load I pulled down on the back of his head and my cock started to pulse with the load I was shooting in him.

"Oh Mac, I'll never forget you. You were wonderful for me."

"And I feel the same about you Jim. All the best in your new relationship."

The legal things all took care of themselves in a reasonable length of time with my lawyer friend doing his damndest to keep things moving but all in all it didn't really take all that long. It did take a few more bucks to get everything thru the courts than we had anticipated but none of us were too upset with the outcome. Darlene was a free woman who just happened to be a millionaire many times over. And I owned a boat worth at least three-quarters of a million. It will be sold in a flash.

A week later Darlene asked her mom to come over for drinks and dinner. With her new found wealth she was having it catered and it was going to be first class. Darlene had something else in mind to discuss but she didn't want to let the cat out of the bag too soon.

Dinner was great. The wine was superb and Darlene handled the wait staff very well. Marie and I just sat there and watched the matron of the house do her thing. Mom was very proud.

Marie dismissed the wait staff after dinner complimenting them on a job well done. She actually got up and walked back into the kitchen to compliment everyone and then informed them there would be a one hundred dollar tip for each of them cook, and wait staff alike. After this she came back to join us.

"OK guys, enough is enough. I am in deep shit. I love both of you and as you know I'm a new millionaire. Where the fuck do I go from here?"

Marie started only to be stopped by me. " Honey, forget the money if you can for a moment. What do YOU want. Where would you like to be a year from now? Who would you like to have around you at that time? Why don't you let things settle down for a while before you decide?"

"No, that's not what I want. I know exactly what I want. Mac, I want you by my side and Mom I want you to be right there with us"

"Ladies, can I make a simple observation? We have been fucking and sucking for the last two months without any concern about pregnancy. How about if we make if so that whichever of you are pregnant first will control our decision?"

"OK let's more blow jobs Mom," screamed Darlene.

Things went of for several months without a pregnancy in sight. It was time for another meeting.

"Gals it might be me or either of you but so far no babies. I am still waiting to hear which of you are going to let me fuck their ass. It's decision time! "

"Mom. It should be me so let's try it that way." Darlene told her mother.

"OK honey but if it is too bad, yell and I'll be right there."

We all spread out on the kind size maser bad and I grabbed a tube of KY over to the bed.

"Darlene, now let's keep one thing in mind. I am not r****g you. I love you and don't want to cause you any pain beyond what you can stand. Let me know if it gets too bad and I will stop immediately. OK honey?"

I greased up a couple of fingers and used them as her introduction to getting her ass fucked. I slipped first one and then both of them in her and pumped a bit. She seemed to take them without any trouble at all. Marie had her face as near to Darlene's ass as it could possibly get before I positioned my KY greased up cock to her puckered asshole. I put just a little bit of pressure before I got any response from her. She started to moan the second the head of my cock opened up her tight little asshole. I gave another little push and had an inch in her. I felt some fingers digging into my thighs and looked down and saw it was Marie trying to keep me from going too fast.

At this rate it was going to take all night to get my cock buried in her ass. I had to find a faster way.

"Darlene, I am going to ram another few inches in you. At the rate we are going it will take all night to even get the head of my cock in your lovely asshole. OK."

I didn't wait for a response but rammed another few inches in her and heard her scream as if she had been shot. I leaned over and planted a huge kiss on her to shut her up.

Marie was right there and quieted her down. "Shhhh baby, you can do it .. If you can't I will?"

I stopped pushing in and began pulling her back to me to see if that would make it any better. Mom's face was right down close to the action and she looked up at me and nodded 'yes'. I had about five inches in and more was slipping in each time I pulled Darlene back a little. It looked as if this was the way it was going to work.

Sure enough with another few pulls back I was buried to the hilt. Whew, that was a tough entry but now came the fun. I started some slow and easy fucking and soon felt Marie's hand caressing my balls. She was going to help me get off to make it easier on her daughter. It didn't take long before Darlene was saying,

"Mac, I can feel your cock pulsing. Are you ready to come?"

"Oh yes honey and here it is right now."

With that I shot stream after stream deep up her ass as Marie kept gently caressing my balls. It felt terrific; I had forgotten how good tight sphincter muscles felt on my cock. The last time I felt this was when I had it up her husbands' ass.

"Well, that's that over with. I promised I'd do it once; I never promised I'd make a habit out of it." Darlene laughed.

"Awwww, I guess Marie is next." I laughed.

"What the hell do you mean Tiger. I said if Darlene couldn't I would try. She did so I'm off the hook." Marie smirked.

"Yes, but you're the back up. If she can't make you will be right there to take her place." I announced.

"We'll see but damn sure not today." Marie said as she walked out to the kitchen.

Darlene and I showered before returning to the living room and as we were walking back she stopped us and threw her arms around my neck to kiss me and tell me she loved me.

"I love you too babe"

Darlene, I'm going to give your mother a little sex. She watched you go through the ass fucking and I could see her pussy was dripping as she watched it. I'm not suggesting I do it to her right now but maybe I'll give her a little oral. What do you say?"

"I think she would love it and I am happier than hell you take such good care of her. She has been neglected for way too long."

As we entered the living room I sidled over to Marie and slid down beside her. "Hello gorgeous." I purred theatrically seductive.

"OK, what do you want now?" she said with a laugh in her voice.

"I just want to bury my face in your warm love box and give you some pleasure."

That got her blushing big time. Her face was redder than hell and she pushed me away a little.

I stood in front of her and by then my cock was halfway hard and sticking out towards her. I reached down and extended a hand to her and pulled her to her feet and walked her back to the middle bedroom.

"Marie, I want to lick your clit and finger your pussy until you are moaning loud enough for the neighbors down the block to hear you. You are about to have one of the largest orgasms you ever knew."

With that I gently pushed her back and as she touched the bed I let my hand slip between her legs and settle between the lips of her pussy. I used my other hand to part her legs and then I rolled between them. All of a sudden pushed me up saying,

"I feel like such a slut doing this with my own daughter in the other room."

"Marie, we are now one large happy f****y so get those kinds of thoughts out of your head."

"But, we aren't one big f****y. You, while you are a great guy, are just a stud my daughter got tangled up with and who fucks both her and her mother and used to have sex with her husband. That hardly makes for a f****y."

"Guess what honey? You're right," and I stood and grabbed her hand and pulled her out of the bedroom and back to the living area.

Darlene gave us a funny look as we reentered the living room knowing we couldn't be finished with her sex that quickly. Her eyebrows were arched a mile and she stuttered, "What's wrong?"

I replied with. "Honey, your mom and I had a discussion and it was pointed out to me that what we have is not a f****y but two lovely ladies living with a guy with whom they enjoy sex. Oh, I think there are more feelings to it than that but that is the gist of what we discussed. Isn't that about it Marie?"

"Well, it wasn't quite that blunt but yes, that was the core of it."

"I am certain your mom never meant to hurt my feelings but the more I thought of it during the next few minutes the more I realized she was absolutely right and I would like to rectify that problem."

"And how do you plan to do that?" asked Darlene.

"Well, like this," as I slipped to one knee.

"Darlene, would you do me the honor of giving me your hand in marriage. I promise to do all I can to make you a good husband and love and cherish you forever?"

"WHAT, are you asking me to marry you?" Darlene shrieked.

"Well, in so many words ... YES. Will you marry me?"

"YES, YES, YES. I was afraid you would never ask me and I was even thinking of asking you." She continued shrieking.

I turned to Marie and said, "Well Mom, does that solve that problem?"

She roared saying, "It certainly does" and grabbed my hand and led me back to the bedroom. We still had some unfinished business we were about to take care of.

When I dropped between her legs I lowered my face to the area of her knees and began a very light nibbling of the inside of her thighs from her knees up to her crotch. When I got right on the edge of her pussy lips I let my mouth jump over and continued the nibbling down the other leg to her knees. By this time she was squirming and moaning up a storm. I let one hand drift up to her pussy and find her clit and slide the hood back so it was sliding out and ready for some serious attention from my tongue.

I wrapped my lips around the nub of her clit and sucked it as if I had a drinking straw in my mouth. I then let my tongue slide up and down it finally stopping to flick my tongue back and forth over the tip of the nub. While I was doing this I had three fingers folded into a tent like shape and had slipped them into her pussy and was both pumping it and twirling the hand around as I was doing that. She went nuts.

He was throwing her arms from side to side in the bed and tossing her head in the same way and I finally stopped what I was doing with my mouth and fingers and slid up and rammed my now rock hard cock all the way into her. She screamed as if she had put her finger in a light socket as she had an immediate orgasm. Darlene came running into the bedroom but when she saw the throes her mom was going through slipped back out of the room as quietly as she could.

Marie had her lips clamped onto mine and was throwing her hips up at me as hard as I was thrusting into her.

"God, Mac, I wish it were me you were marrying."

"Honey, as long as you don't go spreading your love around town I will have sex with you as often as you would like. I know that Darlene will be pleased to know I am taking care of that part of your needs. But, if I find you are fucking other guys I will stop in a flash. With the prevalence of venereal disease in the country I will not take the chance of contracting it from you and giving it to Darlene. Fair enough?

"Oh yes Mac. I'll never even look at another guy as long as I can share you and your cock with Darlene."

"Good, let's go tell her what we have agreed to." I announced.

When Darlene heard it she flipped. "Oh, I am so happy. Mom, of course you can share Mac. I know he loves us both."

Our wedding went off perfectly and. Darlene surprised me with a pre-marital agreement saying that if we ever split, for whatever reason, we would split everything she had down the middle.

The three of us went to Europe on a honeymoon and had a wonderful time seeing all of the touristy things we had just heard about before and yes, Marie did go through with letting me fuck her ass during the trip. We are still living in the huge house and getting rid of it is one of the things on our to-do list. We see Jim and his friend every now and then and they both look immensely happy.

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