It was almost 2 years ago that I had married off my only daughter Melanie to a nice young man called Jim, who worked in the Petro-Chemical business. I just wished that Jane her mother had been alive to see how radiant she looked.

Mel as I had always called her was now 23 years old, very pretty in my eyes but quite plain in others.

She was a very average quiet k** in all respects, she stood 5 feet 4 inches and weighed 129 lbs., short light brown hair and wore glasses. She wasn't overly endowed in any particular area but she had put on a little weight, which seemed to have all accumulated around her butt.

Her late Mom (Jane) was a bible thumper and got Mel deeply involved in charities and other church activities. Mel had met Jim during one of the church functions and they had dated for more than 3 years before they tied the knot.

She was probably one of the very few girls today that at 21 years old entered marriage as a virgin at least that's what she had told me a few nights before her marriage and I did believe her. During her young life she didn't party and only ever had one boyfriend, Jim, and they were just friends in my mind.

I say this because I would stand in my darkened bedroom and watch out of the window for when she came home and the parting kiss was always far from glamorous and more of a friendly peck. But I guess it must have been enough for them to want to marry each other.

Today Mel had called me and asked if she could stay over for the next two weeks, as Jim would be gone on a training course that would be held in their head office in Calgary.

I told her that I would just love to have her visit as she was welcome anytime, as I hadn't seen her since early February and that was some 5 months ago.

I was excited about having my only daughter visit so I called into work and arranged to have the next two weeks off. I rushed around tidying her old room and putting clean sheets on the bed, then I went off to the grocery store and bought some of her favorite things.

It was just before noon on Monday when she arrived in pouring rain and we stood in the doorway hugging and I got a small peck on the cheek, before I brought in her bags. "Hi Dad, you look great."

"Maybe it's the country air Mel. But come on inside quickly and get that wet coat off or you'll get one of those summer chills." I replied.

"The closer I got to your house Dad, the heavier the rain came down." She said as she tried to smile.

"Well Mel, we really needed this rain but probably not as heavy as this, the fields are bone dry. But we may pay for it later with the humidity." I told her as I took her coat and hung it in the closet.

"I like watching the rain, but not driving in it, especially when it creates those big pools of water on the road and you have no idea how deep it is going to be until you get there."

She said as we reached her old bedroom.

I put down her bags and told her to make herself comfortable and I would make her favorite Tim Hortons coffee blend.

Mel sat down with her coffee, she had changed into a plain gray dress that didn't do much for her figure, and it may have been almost one size too big. She had a small gold necklace around her neck that her Mom and I had bought her many years ago and then just her gold wedding ring on her finger.

That was my Mel still very modest and plain. We made lots of small talk as we looked out of the double patio doors and watched the rain slowing. Ah the weather was always something to talk about I thought.

"So how are you Mel, how's married life treating you?" I asked, as I couldn't think of anything else to say. You sometimes had to really dig deep to continue any sort of dialogue with Mel. I've known us drive 50 miles and only say a few words, she has always been that way, deeply wrapped up in her own private thoughts. Unlike many women she was never very talkative and not just with parents, most of her old school report cards would start with 'a quiet girl etc.' but she wasn't sad according to her teachers and her mother.

"Daddy, I really need to talk to you. I don't have anyone else that I can trust and can confide in, if Mom was here then I'm sure I would be asking her." She said and I thought wow that's a first.

"Well you know I'm here for you dear, tell me what's wrong." I said softly.

"It's my marriage Daddy, it seems to be failing I think. Probably in the bedroom area but I'm not really sure." She said as a tear formed and slowly ran down her cheek.

"Can you explain in a little more detail darling, I'm not exactly sure yet what you mean but look lets sit out on the porch under the canopy where the lounger is still dry." I told her as I took her hand and lightly hugged her, then we sat side by side on the lounger. I thought she would have preferred to be that way instead of face to face. The rain had almost stopped and the only noise was the odd bird cheeping.

"Daddy I wasn't lying when I told you I was a virgin, when I got married. I guess I was also very green when it came to the marriage bedroom. On that first night with the lights off Jim took my virginity, he used a condom and in less than 2 minutes that was that, it was over. Since then its been a 2 minute repeat performance of that first night and about once a week that has slowly stretched out to 2 weeks and now its more like once a month. Is that normal daddy, I'm a little worried?" She told me as I held her hand and slowly stroked it, hoping to give her confidence to talk.

"Do you kiss and hug a lot first that's sometimes called foreplay, before he enters you?" I asked not knowing if she would be embarrassed by my slightly blunt description.

"No, not really." She said as I squeezed her hand gently.

"I'm sorry Mel that we never discussed sex when you lived at home, but I didn't want to embarrass you at the time. I assumed that you knew about these things." I said softly.

"I know Daddy but I wish you had." She replied.

"Does he still use condoms?" I asked and she told me that he usually does and that he buys different kinds even though she started taking the birth control pill almost a year ago.

"How do YOU feel, do you get pleasure from having sexual intercourse with Jim?" I asked.

"No, not really Daddy, sometimes it hurts a little when he f***es his thing in me, but how should I feel?" She asked and I told her that if they only spent 2 minutes doing the act and didn't have any foreplay then its unlikely that she would get any pleasurable feelings.

"Well he fills his condom quickly and then he goes to the bathroom to remove it and that's it, he gets back into bed with his pajamas on again." She said.

"Do you touch his penis, put his condom on him or offer to take it off?" I asked and she looked at me and said, "No! Should I?"

Wow, I thought, it sounded like the blind leading the blind. I found it almost unbelievable that she was so green and I felt ashamed and somewhat disgusted with myself.

"Did you eat lunch, Mel?" I asked as I quickly changed the subject and she said that she hadn't, so I told her that she really needed a good Tim Hortons fix.

"Grab a coat and lets go feed our face at Tim's." I told her which raised a small smile on her face.

We had about a 25-minute drive to get to the closest Tim's so as we drove down the road we chatted about this and that, nothing too heavy until she suddenly asked me a more serious question.

"Did you use condoms Daddy?"

"I've probably only ever used about six in my lifetime, but it's like riding a bike you never forget how to put them on or take them off." I said as I laughed and then realized that it wasn't funny to my daughter.

"Will you buy some and show me how Daddy?" She asked and I was a little shocked but said that I would while we were in town.

"Did you mean how to put them on and take them off, like on a stick or a rod?" I asked.

"Oh, oh well, oh yes, I mean 'err yes I guess I think so." She said quickly and blushed.

"Mel, have you ever touched Jim's penis or any other?" I asked softly.

"No, not really daddy, only to help guide it when he was putting it into me, should I?" She said and I thought that I better stop asking anymore questions, the poor girl had only been here less than a few hours.

"Well right now Mel lets just enjoy our late lunch and then we will talk more when we get back home." I told her and she seemed happy with that.

By the time we got back home the sun was blaring down and the humidity had risen dramatically. I didn't have air conditioning so I opened many of the windows that I had closed when it rained. But there was very little breeze so it was still pretty hot and I was sweating like a pig. The place was like an inferno and I knew it would be even worse upstairs.

"Mel do you have something cooler to wear, you are same as me you're sweating. I'm going to put my shorts on and a thin a sleeveless tee shirt." I told her and Mel said she would look and see what she had. With that we both went upstairs and went our separate ways. Before I came back down I yelled to Mel to look in my walk-in closet as lots of Moms clothes were still in there.

I went down the basement and brought up a fan and set it on a far table and just let it rip on high, until I realized that papers were flying all over so I cut it back to just below medium, but at least I felt cooler.

Mel came into the kitchen wearing a very loose flowing lemon colored skirt that sat just above her knees and a thin white button up blouse, both of which used to belong to her Mom.

"Hey they fit nicely, why don't you take them with you when you go and any other clothes that you fancy." I said as she sat opposite me and I couldn't help but notice her dark colored bra showing plainly thru' the thin material. I remembered like it was yesterday, her Mom wearing that blouse with a thin white bra that pushed up her breasts.

"Dad, can we talk some more, I just need to get this off my mind."

"Sure we can Mel, go ahead please, I'm listening."

"I don't know Dad if its me, or if its Jim. He works overtime most every day during the week and then he has a few things to do and before you know it its bedtime. On the weekends he always finds something to do with Colin his work mate who is single. In the winter it was playing hockey with Colin, then it was curling, in the summer its golf with Colin or whatever." She said and then continued.

"Jim just doesn't seem happy and I guess I don't either Dad. I would be really embarrassed if the marriage didn't work because of me, I guess I should have also got a job. But he is a bit old fashioned that way and tells me that he is the breadwinner and he is responsible for keeping me. So I get up with him on a morning and put up his lunches and then he leaves and I go back to bed for a few hours. When I get up I clean and then read." She told me and I wondered how I was going to explain what I needed to tell Mel.

"Things are much more open today Mel, than even when me and your Mom got married. We gave ourselves to each other, we kissed openly and passionately, and we touched each other and looked at each other's naked bodies. We always had foreplay mainly because it was nice but it also lubricated Mom's vagina to be able to accept me easily without any pain at all. We never used condoms except on rare occasions and we talked about things, personal things to each other. I would fondle her breasts, sometimes licking and sucking them. Your Mom would have orgasms and I would be sad if she didn't, its always easy for the man to have a climax but it sometimes takes much more work to get the woman to orgasm." I told her and hoped that I hadn't gone too far.

"We have kissed daddy but maybe not with such vigor as you speak about, we haven't touched very much, Jim has never really seen me fully naked and he doesn't seem that interested either. I only saw him once by accident, he usually locks the bathroom door. He has touched my breasts but never for long and I am a bit confused about foreplay and what you mean by lubrication. I don't think I have ever had an orgasm but I'm not really sure I guess." She answered.

"Mel, you would know if you had an orgasm, you would tingle all over and feel a great deal of pleasure in your loins. Have you never masturbated Mel? But look don't be afraid to ask anything, also I don't mean to embarrass you with my descriptions." I told her.

"No, I don't have a mans thing so I can't masturbate. Jim has told me that he does and did more when he was a bit younger, but of course I've never seen him do that." She said rather quickly and I wondered if we were moving too fast.

"Mel, women do masturbate. They really get pleasurable results and often have an orgasm." I told her and she seemed shocked.

"It was drilled into me many times when I used to go to church bible study that I should never play with myself. So of course I haven't really, although I did try touching myself when I was younger and was terrified that one of you would walk in and catch me." She told me.

"You need to do that Mel, then you will learn the power of an orgasm and all the other little benefits. You need to be able to masturbate Jim in your hands, that will make him very happy." I told her very softly as she started to cry.

"Oh Daddy, I feel so woefully inadequate, will you teach me everything I need to know please. I have no one else I can turn to or trust." She said as tears ran down her face.

"Yes, I think I will have to Mel." I told her and thought about how to proceed, I had never looked at my daughter from a sexual aspect before.

Chapter 2

"Come and sit on my knee Mel, lets go over a few things first." I said as she sat uneasily until I swung around a little and opened my arm wide then she collapsed into my arm and laid her head on my shoulder.

"Daddy, you won't tell Jim will you?" She asked softly.

"No baby, I won't tell anyone." I answered and she quickly said, "Good, what things do we need to go over daddy."

"I'm going to need to touch you in places that we have always said was inappropriate. Whatever I do it is in an effort to teach you things about yourself. Tonight I want you to sl**p beside me in my bed, so if you want to change your mind then you have several hours to reconsider. Right now I want you to remove your bra and then button up your blouse again, then I will unbutton your blouse and eventually slide my hand inside." I said as she got up and went to the bathroom and removed her bra.

She realized after she had put her blouse back on that it was somewhat see thru' and came back holding her hands across her chest.

"Now, by holding your hands across your chest, you are saying that you are nervous, shy and afraid of showing off your breasts. Would you do the same with Jim?" I asked.

She quickly answered. "Yes."

"A man does like to see a woman's breasts, especially his wife's, but they shouldn't really be on show for just anyone, just her husband. Remove your hands and get used to me being able to see them." She did slowly and then I moved my hand to indicate that she needed to sit back on my lap.

I kissed her on the cheek and told her not to worry it was just I, her Daddy that was looking.

"Kiss me Mel, on the lips." I said as I unbuttoned 3 buttons on her blouse and slowly eased my hand inside. She kissed me very quickly and then moved back so I told her to kiss me again and this time for much longer.

"Open your lips a little then lick them so they are not dry, then kiss me with a slightly open mouth." I told her and she complied as my hand met her breast and cupped it in my palm.

I let my thumb and forefinger roll over and over her nipple until I felt her nipple getting more erect. Her open mouth kiss was getting better and better.

"Now your kiss has improved, watch what I do with my tongue. Now lets try again." I said as she brought her lips to mine and I slowly slid my tongue into her mouth and pressed my lips firmer to hers. I opened another 2 buttons and eased the material back as I caught sight of her full gorgeous breast with a light brown two inch diameter aureole with a darker nipple peering out at me which allowed me to move my hand all over it with ease. They weren't huge and they weren't too small, they were just right.

She wriggled a little on my knee and kissed me with a touch more gusto.

"Keep kissing me Mel, you are doing really good. Your beautiful breast is in my hand, can you feel how your nipple has grown?" I said and she sighed softly then nodded.

We were a little squashed in this chair, it was almost impossible for me to touch her other breast so I told her to stand and then I laid her on the couch. I knelt on the floor by her side and kissed her first before I slid my hand back inside her wide open blouse to take her other breast in my hand.

Her kissing had improved dramatically to the point where it was exciting me but I soldiered on and kissed her much more passionately as I fondled her breasts and tweaked her nipples. Her mouth seemed to be permanently open and her eyes half open as I moved my mouth to her breasts and gently sucked on her dark colored nipples.

"Mmmm." She cried softly as her hands ran thru' my hair and her back arched ever so slightly. I replaced my mouth with my hand and kissed her deeply but her hand was still on my head and eased me back down to her breasts.

I sucked and licked her like I have never sucked a breast before and her bottom started to undulate up and down off the couch. Her breathing was more rapid and her mouth was wide open as she moaned loudly and pressed both of her hands down very firmly on my head indicating that she wanted me to keep going.

She started to cry tears and thru the tears she moaned and cried out "Oooooh, oooooh, oooooh Daddy, what's happening to me."

I quickly put my hand up her skirt and felt her wet panties before I rubbed her pussy mound and found her wet spot, then I found her clit. At least I thought I had found it and if I had it was enormous.

I just sucked like I had never had a breast in my mouth before. She sobbed loudly and shouted out that something was really happening to her body and that maybe she wanted to pee, she thought, but I kept going. It was so easy; her arse was lifting up and down like a yo-yo making my hand movements a snap.

Writing this I can't even do justice to her sounds, those guttural sighs, incomplete words, wails and screams that reached a fever pitch. Not swear words, but some words that do not appear in any dictionary.

I told her to just let it go, to just give in to the high that she was experiencing.

She did and almost looked like she was having an epileptic seizure as I felt her explode like I have never ever felt or seen a woman do before.

Her panty unfortunately acted as a filter but there was still an incredible amount of female juices exuded from her body in just a few brief seconds before she blacked out.

This was way too much for me, without even thinking I stood and pulled down my shorts and jacked off right there and then, within what seemed like seconds I was cummin all over her breasts and belly. It was an incredible sight but I feared that I had gone too far and she would be offended so I quickly walked like a penguin to get a washcloth then lovingly wiped her breasts and belly clean. I was beat, the excitement the fear the adrenaline had almost worn me out.

I pulled up my shorts and closed her blouse but as I closed the 3rd button she awoke with a huge smile, one that she had hidden from me for goodness knows how many years.

"Daddy oh my wonderful Daddy, am I ever glad I came here, wow oh wow, please kiss me again. I feel on top of the world but I also need to rest." She said as I kissed her and then folded a large towel to ease under her soggy bum, before she nodded off into a beautiful sl**p.

I was never expecting these type of results, I had never planned on it going this far at least not so quickly. All I wanted to achieve was for her to not be ashamed of showing her breasts or having them felt. I guess I got much, much more than I bargained for.

Chapter 3

I crept around the kitchen not wanting to disturb her as I prepared a few things for supper and took a few fresh things out of the garden. She looked so peaceful and I wondered how long it would take to dry out the couch, but chances were the aroma would be left for quite a while and that was the side that I laid my head normally when I napped.

I didn't see her awake but I heard her say, "Oh my god, what happened Daddy, did I do that?" as she felt between her legs and on the couch underneath her.

"You had an orgasm my dear, a really big one." I told her with a smile.

"Wow, I never experienced anything like that before Daddy, it affected my whole body, but I must say that it was amazing, simply amazing even mind boggling. It felt amazing as we started kissing and you were holding my breast but then it escalated into something really big. I'm really sorry if I spoilt your couch." She said as I prepared supper.

"I think the couch will live, come and help me with supper sweetie." I said as she came up beside me then kissed me with her open mouth. We hugged for a while and then she broke away to help me with supper.

"I think I better shower, when we are done here." She said and I told her to hold off from showering, as we may be showering together later. I noticed the shocked look on her face change to a soft glow.

"Well Daddy knows best." She said and actually smiled then chuckled. I hadn't seen her so happy in many years.

We had a nice but light supper and decided to sit outside for a while after we had topped up the bird feeders.

"I really liked the kissing and touching part Daddy and of course the first orgasm. I was feeling wet between my legs long before I had my eruption." She told me and I explained that with her getting wet, the lubrication of her juices inside her vagina would make it much nicer for penis entry and it shouldn't hurt her at all, in fact it would make it much more pleasurable.

I told her that she had sensitive breasts and a good form of foreplay for her was to have her breasts rubbed, like I had done.

"So what's the next step Daddy?" She asked and I told her that the next step was for her not to be ashamed of her naked body and to be able to fondle an erect penis.

She sat quietly and never said a word for such a longtime I was beginning to wonder if I had gone too far.

"I don't feel bad about doing that kind of thing with you Daddy, I know you won't hurt me and you will tell me the truth and lead me in the right direction." She said and I knew she had complete faith in me.

We walked around the gardens for a while and as it grew dim outside we went back into the kitchen. Once the dishes had been completed and we tidied around she looked at me and told that she was mentally prepared and was ready if I was. I locked the doors and took 2 small glasses of water upstairs as Mel followed and went into her room.

I took the water to my bedroom and left it on the night table beside my bed. Mel, came into my bedroom with a nightgown, laid it on a chair and then went towards the bathroom, I followed close behind. I eased the door closed and we were both inside, I could tell she was nervous so I started undressing first and was down to my undies just as she started. I put my arms around her and kissed her to calm her nerves then helped her undress down to her panties.

It was like a Mexican standoff, someone had to make a move, so I did.

"This is a good opportunity for a little foreplay if you were both undressing for either a shower or bed. Your breasts are exposed and you are sexy, you are both almost naked. Now it is time to kiss and feel each other." I told her as I put my arms around her.

We kissed slowly to start and then with a little more gusto as my hands felt her breasts, then I let one slide down her back inside her panties and held her bum as I slowly squeezed the cheeks.

I took her hand and placed it down the back of my undershorts on my bum where she kind of mimicked what I was doing.

Then I moved my hand around to the front of her, but still inside her panties. I waited for her to mimic my last move but I had to move her hand around.

I slid my hand down slowly between her legs into her huge bush area and then I kissed her deeply and she responded nicely. I moved her hand over my cock and she was somewhat startled and just held it without doing anything.

She hesitated and hesitated so I slipped my shorts off and eased her panties down then started the shower.

I stepped inside and Mel did too but with her back to me, that was okay I thought she's come a long way already today and I should be very lenient.

I washed her back and shoulders, down her legs to her feet and then her bum. I asked her to lift one leg then I slowly washed between her legs until I felt that she was responding; at that point I had her turn around.

"Wow Daddy, that's big. Much bigger than Jim's." She said as she looked down at my hard dick and I smiled then told her it was her turn to wash my back. She didn't have a problem with that at all but she didn't wash between my legs.

I turned back around and washed her beautiful breasts then her tummy and lastly her very hairy pussy, which I did very slowly until she responded and then I stopped.

There was one big thing left, I took both her hands and put them under my dick and told her to wash my dick and balls carefully, slowly and not to miss a single centimeter while I played with her breasts.

God I was so hard by the time she had finished washing me, that I held the towel up by my dick as if it were a hook. I would have to get some relief soon.

I wrapped a big bath towel around Mel and told her we were going to my bedroom and she followed.

I was already dry and laid my towel down the centre of the bed and motioned for Mel to lay down on the towel.

"Daddy, tell me you are not going to put that big thing inside me are you, I don't think it will fit." She said nervously.

"Yes Mel, all of it and you will like it I'm sure." I told her as I lay by her side and kissed her slowly and then much deeper until she put her arms around me and pulled my head to hers. "Don't hurt me then Daddy." And I told her I wouldn't as I massaged her breasts and nipples. I moved my head down to her breasts and sucked her gorgeous nipples until they stood out like little bullets. "I'm getting some of those feelings again Daddy." She told me.

I licked my way down to her tummy then thru' her huge patch of pubic hair and she gasped when I eased open the hood over her large clit that stood proudly like a mushroom in a patch of dark grass.

My god, I thought it really is a big one compared to her Mom, it was easily three times the size. I moved down the bed and opened her legs wider then lifted each one so her knees were bent. I reached over for a small flat cushion and put it under her bum to raise her slightly. Then I knelt between her legs and feasted on her wet lips, her big clit and inside her vagina until juice was dripping off my chin and her bum was lifting up and down.

Her hands came down and held my head, directing it where to go as she writhed and thrashed around. The hood of her clitoris had peeled fully away leaving an erect clit of about 3/4" across and maybe 3/4" high, almost like the tip of a thumb. A thought sped into my mind that Jim must be a fucking idiot to pass up such a treasure.

"Daddy, daddy, daddy, oh my god, oh gee it's happening again, Daddy. Oooooh Daddy, oooooh, oh, oh, ahh Daddy, don't stop, please don't stop daddy. Please." She cried out loudly.

I licked with total abandon with a hand under each bum cheek as she lifted up and down into my face. She was panting, moaning, sighing and making garbled noises and then her bum rose up like a big fish out of the sea and hovered for a moment before she screamed and then exploded. A hot stream of fluid gushed into my face and dripped off my chin, my eyebrows, and my nose and from anywhere else that it had landed. I lapped at her large clit like a dog taking up water.

She lay still for what seemed like a full minute as she kept saying over and over, things like oh gee, oh, my god, and wow.

"Oh my god. Oh Daddy, I do love you. I'm ready for you Daddy." She said as I looked up and she held out her arms.

I moved up the bed quickly and put her hands on my throbbing hard rod then told her to guide me into her wet love nest. She responded immediately and my cockhead squeezed inside her, I pushed slowly and she spasmed and clenched her vagina around my cock.

"Daddy oh daddy it's coming back again, the feelings are ...oh daddy...oh my daddy what are you doing to me to make me feel this way."

I pulled back a little and then pushed in a few inches and she clamped her vagina muscles around my dick like a vice that was opening and closing in rapid succession.

"Daddy it won't stop, oh my god it's just so nice." She cried as her fingers raked my back.

I pushed steadily and managed a few more inches and then I thrusted in and out slowly.

She had relaxed and then I gave her more, much more, I gave her the whole banana.

She bucked and wobbled and thrusted without being told while she cried and screamed for more.

"Daddy's going to cum inside you very, very soon Baby, so don't stop what you are doing, keep moving your arse until I tell you to stop. Yes baby, keep moving like that, Daddy wants to pump his juices deep inside you. Push; baby push, oh yesss keep going baby, oooooh almost darling. Fuck me a little harder...oooooh now baby girl now, yesss, yesss, can you feel me cummin."

"Oh yes Daddy, me too, me too again, daddy its happening again." She cried and I pushed very deep and laid still for a few moments on top of her, I held her tight and then rolled over. Our lips met with such fire, her mouth was wet and her tongue was all over my mouth as I held her bum cheeks tightly and squeezed them together as I slid her slowly up and down my body to drain every last drop from my throbbing dick.

"Wow, oh wow, Daddy, so many of these orgasms in one day, and just think the only ones I've ever really had in my entire life. Why didn't I come to you earlier, I feel like I've wasted my life and all it took was a real man that knew what he was doing to turn on my switch. Thank you Daddy, thank you from the bottom of my heart."

We stayed in that position until I lost my rigid poker and it slipped out then I rolled us on our sides facing each other and we chatted about life and love. She asked if she could come and live with me if Jim didn't improve and I smiled and told her she was always welcome to visit anytime whether he did or he didn't. But she should make a renewed effort now with the skills she will learn in the next week or so to try to make her marriage work.

"Almost all men like certain things Mel, if you are good at those then you can usually hang onto your man with ease and make him very happy. But we can save some of those things until tomorrow right."

"Oh give me a few hints Daddy, go on." She said eagerly.

"Okay, blowjobs. That's where you suck the mans penis until he spurts his cum juice in your mouth and then you swallow it down like milk."

"Oh, maybe I shouldn't have asked." She said with a giggle.

"Before you go back home, you need to learn that and you also need to shave all that pubic hair off or at least the majority. Then there are different sexual positions for intercourse, doggie style is a favorite for a man because he can go in deep he can also feel and see the girls bare arse and push up against her with ease. You need to take off a few pounds and maybe do a few exercises to reduce the size of your butt, just a little bit. I hope you don't mind me telling you these things." I said to her honestly.

"We have only done the same position every time Daddy. Just like we did today but absolutely nowhere near as nice. Usually I don't have my legs open much and he just pushes it inside whether I'm ready or not, and I have never ever moved my butt like I moved today. But he doesn't kiss me like you did and he is done in 2 minutes and then that's the end until the next time."

"I feel sorry for you Mel, I wish we were a bit closer. But you can always come and stay a few days here and there, that should keep you happier." I told her.

"I loved having your dick inside me daddy and it didn't hurt, you were right I couldn't believe it would fit. But it sure gave me some wonderful unimaginable feelings and touched places that have never been touched before. Will you do it again before I go home?"

"Mel my love, you will get Mr. Dick every night while you are here, plus several orgasms a day at least."

"Oh wow, what a great plan, daddy. When can I use your razor, do you have shaving cream?" Mel asked.

"Do you mean tonight sweetie?"

"Sure why not Daddy, I want to do everything that you want. I really want to please you daddy and I mean that, I think that I've had most of the fun so far, and you have been held back. We have never been this close before and it feels so wonderful."

"Well first I will trim you fairly close with scissors and then it might be better to shave in the bath or shower. I'll stay with you and help. Layback on the towel while I get the scissors." I told her.

After about 10 minutes I figured I had gone as close as I could go, my movements of her pussy lips from side to side and the way I had to hold them back at times had made her very moist again. I guess she had never ever trimmed before and I'm sure they must have shown if she had worn a swimsuit or bikini.

It was awkward for me to help in the bath but she did manage to wade thru' some large areas. When she stood in the shower and bent in different positions it let me get in fairly close using lots of cream without nicking her.

It was time for the final touches as she lay on the bed and I got in really close and shaved both outer lips. Then the embarrassing part when I had her kneel and bend over with her head on a pillow so that I could get the stray ones down her crack. I was never an anus man so it didn't fizz on me. The shaving project was complete so I sent her for a quick wipe around to get rid of the lingering shaving cream, then I applied some body lotion to her entire area and that really made her wet.

We were still both naked and she couldn't help but see what this little operation had done to me in the last 20 minutes. I was leaking a little pre cum already.

"Oh Daddy it's hard again does that mean more sex? Or is this where I have to learn about blowjobs."

"Daddy is going to sit on the edge of the bed and you my lover are going to kneel on the floor in front of me." I ran my finger over the tip and scooped up the pre cum, I looked in her eyes and asked her to open her mouth then I dabbed it on her tongue.

"It's a bit salty Daddy."

"Now lick my dick from the bottom which we call the base, right up to the top which we call the tip, this big helmet on top we call the cockhead and this is very sensitive and loves to be licked and sucked along with this area underneath.

My balls are sensitive and have to be held gently and sucked/licked lightly.

After you have licked everything, then you open your mouth and slowly sink your mouth over it and close your wet lips and then you move up and down as you suck.

If you do a good job it will make me cum and I don't expect you to be able to take it all in your mouth this time, but its something that's precious for you to learn as it gives a man great pleasure if done right.

Cup your hand like this and hold my balls gently, then hold the base with your other hand while you lick, never squeeze because it can really hurt a man."

I watched her closely and she was trying very hard to please me I could tell, but I also wanted to keep her hot so after several minutes, we got up on the bed. I had her get over me in the 69 position and propped up my head up with pillows so I could reach her pussy easily. Pretty soon I had my tongue deep inside her and she was pushing back into my face along with sucking me faster and deeper.

I let my tongue slide between her puffy lips and contact her big erect clit and she moaned right away.

I felt myself getting very excited inside and I knew I was close. Just the sight of her erect clit after the hood had peeled away was very stimulating for me.

"Daddy is close baby, keep going don't stop now. Just keep going, almost, oooooh baby, keep going, suck baby, oooooh my lover yesss, yesss." Suddenly I realized I had cum and she was still sucking, wow, it was so nice and many years since I had experienced that incredible feeling of a woman continuing to suck after I had cum.

"Keep sucking baby, that's fantastic, absolutely wonderful." I said as I renewed my tonguing of her clit with far more vigor than earlier and she pushed back and forth rapidly.

After a few minutes and in a muffled voice because she was still sucking like a wild woman she cried out that she was close too. So I turned up the heat and licked and sucked her pussy as if my life depended on it and moments later a quick splash onto my face told me that she had cum.

I had her turn around quickly and we kissed passionately as we exchanged fluids and darted our tongues in each other's mouths and licked each other's lips and chins. I had my hand between her legs and was still teasing her clit and her wet hole when she orgasmed again.

We held each other tightly and finally we both fell asl**p on top of the bed exhausted and satisfied. During the night I pulled a sheet over us and enjoyed the best nights sl**p in many years.

I awoke first and laid the sheet over her after I had looked long and hard at her beautiful young body. So far she was the best all round lover that I had ever had in my entire life, and my daughter to boot.

We were bl**d and trusted each other in only the way that a father and daughter can, I loved her with all my heart.

My mind jumped ahead as I made the coffee, it was barely 24 hrs since she arrived and I had already taken her to heights that she had never been before. We still had almost 2 weeks and I was already dreading losing her.

I was sat outside working on my second coffee when Mel came out; she kissed me then sat down beside me with a steaming cup of her favorite coffee.

"Good morning Daddy, it looks like the start of another fine day."

"It sure does sweetie its going to be humid again too I think. You look well rested this morning dear."

"Oh daddy, I slept like a baby I was so relaxed. Did I do a good job for you last night?"

"Mel, you were fantastic, I thought you would never stop sucking, you shocked me."

"Thanks Daddy, I just wanted to please you and it didn't taste too bad at all, it was all hot and slippery."

"Well you did please me for sure. I'm giving you an A+ for your total efforts in my sex education class, but that's what good sex is about, pleasing each other."

"Great Daddy, I was used to getting A's in school. Oh by the way I'm starting on a diet today along with an exercise schedule and maybe I can lose a few pounds off my ass." she said as she grinned.

"My goodness sweetie, at the end of these 2 weeks you will be able to have any man you want."

"But Daddy, I've already found him and that's YOU. I just wish I had found out much earlier. Daddy did you ever have any sexual thoughts about me when I was in my teenage years?"

"To be honest baby I didn't ever have any sexual thoughts about you until you arrived yesterday and I realized that I had failed you. I wished that I had become a little involved in your more personal life and prepared you at least with some knowledge. I just assumed that you knew what you needed to know, but it sounds like both of you were very naïve. Kind of like the blind leading the blind. I feel bad that I hadn't visited you and found out much earlier, but there again it may have been too early and you wouldn't have asked for help."

"I don't know Daddy, all I do know is that I'm glad I came here and that I poured out my problems and opened my heart to you. Today I feel so much different, almost like a new woman. I never knew what I was capable of, or how real love felt. I would be willing to spend the rest of my life with you daddy."

"The last thing I want is to break up your marriage Mel, you owe it to yourself now to make a bigger effort to please him and show him that he can be happy with his woman. First of all throw away his condoms, but we'll discuss a few more tips before you go home, about how to turn him on without him even knowing. Its kind of like fishing, you dangle the bait, then strike the hook, then reel him in and he will be like putty in your hands. Talking about a woman's hands, they can be a powerful tool if they are soft and smooth and if she knows how to use them."

"I guess you are right Daddy, it's probably not Jim's fault either if he didn't know any better. Maybe he needs some sex education. I do take the whole idea of marriage seriously so I guess I shouldn't be just throwing it all away. But I'm sure Daddy that he will never be half the lover that you are so I will still want to see you, you know, just to make sure you are pleased too. I'm sure you must have been lonely here all on your own without a woman to look after your needs."

"I have been lonely sweetie, especially without a woman, so all I could do was masturbate occasionally, but I really didn't have much desire to do that. I just couldn't conjure up enough sexy thoughts to spur me into doing it too often."

"Hopefully I will be leaving you with plenty of them Daddy."

"Sweetie, I already have enough from the last 24 hours to keep me going for a year."

"What's for breakfast that's low calorie, Daddy?"

I just smiled and thought of all that was available before I told her "Fruit."

She really did have some fruit before she changed into shorts and a thin tee shirt and took off down the sideroad jogging. About 30 minutes later she was back, sweating profusely with the front of her shirt soaked which displayed her breasts and nipples just beautifully.

"Before you cool down sweetie, I have a motorized treadmill downstairs that I use occasionally, do you want to try it out?" I asked and she nodded.

I plugged it in and started it going then showed her the dials and away she went. Jogging nowhere but covering a lot of ground. The thought hadn't occurred to me but it was much cooler in the basement and slowly her nipples seemed to turn to rock as they protruded beyond what I had seen the previous day.

After a good 15 minutes of watching I decided to go back upstairs, her level of energy was making me tired, but there again she was only 23 years old. I hoped that she could lose about 5lbs or more as I loved to see tight arsed women and the thought of approaching a new improved version of Mel from behind made me tingle.

I went out into the garden and did a few chores before it actually got too warm to work out there. My thoughts were on my daughter and the gardening came second. I was a little taken back that she had said that she wanted to spend her life with me, it would have been very easy I'm sure to manipulate her mind in my favor. But I knew I couldn't live with that, I owed it to her to let her go, to make a renewed effort with her marriage. If it failed then she was always welcome here, but I knew if she didn't try, then it would always be looming over her head.

We were never really close before yesterday and just contacted each other more as a formality, that's probably what many families do and don't even realize that their babies are day by day moving further away from them.

It made me think how blessed close families are in this day and age. But now that we had found each other and I had experienced that unique bond, I would make sure that I kept that close relationship and not only in a sexual way. My thoughts were interrupted as Mel called out from the patio door.

"That's enough for now Daddy, maybe I'll repeat my exercise this evening. Did you shower yet Daddy, wanna wash my sweaty back for me?" She said sweetly and I told her to lead the way.

I had to give a little tug on her tee shirt to break it free of her sweaty body before she removed her shorts and then I realized that she didn't have any panties on. She turned around and asked if I needed help, without waiting for an answer she eased my shorts down and held my dick for a few seconds then knelt on the floor to remove my socks.

Both naked we stepped into the tub and the shower sprayed merrily to one side as it washed down the tiled wall. "We better wash first Daddy, I may smell."

After a while I realized that my household water consumption would rise about tenfold while Mel was staying with me as I took such a long time in washing her complete body and received the same from Mel.

I knew she was intent on making me cum and was slightly disappointed when I told her I would wait until later, after we get out of the shower.

Her eyes were just sparkling and I knew she was wet already with a few mini orgasms as she mouthed the words, "I love you Daddy."

We went to her bedroom and laid a towel on the bed then I spread body lotion all over her entire body and massaged it into her skin until it had all disappeared.

"We need to keep you very desirous and that means having skin as soft and smooth as babies skin." I told her and I could see that she had enjoyed the massage.

I then told her to kneel and face me as I also knelt, and looking into her beautiful serene eyes I could tell that she just wanted to please me in anyway I wanted.

"This small lesson is about inhibitions. It will enable you to be able to masturbate without fear in front of your man. First we will kiss a little then I will play with your breasts as you masturbate yourself while I watch you. This is very stimulating for almost any man to be able to see his lover openly masturbate in front of him. Sometimes its done together as each person does themselves, but in this case I'm going to be helping you as well."

We kissed with open mouths and her wet slick tongue searched all over inside my mouth and got entwined with mine. I held her breasts and stroked her nipples lightly after I had taken her hands and put them over her pussy. She took a quick sharp breath as I tweaked her growing nipples and when she pushed her fingers into her wet vagina. I moved my mouth to her breasts and first licked before I sucked then she rose up a little and threw back her head in an effort to push her chest outwards.

Sweet moans came from her mouth as I sucked gently on each breast and felt her bum cheeks and then I sat back and watched.

Her eyes were barely open and she seemed in a daze as she stroked herself openly in front of me, making me so erect that my dick and balls ached. I longed to push forward and have her but I had other plans. I kissed her again and her mouth was so hot and juicy as her bottom lip trembled, but I kept my hands away from her.

"Oh Daddy, oh wow."

She moved her fingers faster, her mouth was open wide as she sighed loudly then her tongue came out for air and she cried out softly, "DDAADDY I'M GOIN A CUM."

Her mouth closed and she gritted her teeth and uttered sounds then moved spasmodically and cried. "Yesss DADDDY Yesss, I'M CUMMMMIN FOR YOU DADDDY."

I held her close and kissed her very passionately and told her she did a wonderful job.

"Turn around quickly baby and kneel on all fours, Daddy wants you doggie style, Daddy wants to cum inside you."

Within seconds I was inside her and she was pushing back and forth already trying to get all of me inside her. She clamped down hard on my dick for a split second or so and shuddered once, then twice.

"AGAIN DADDY, yesss daddy, oh daddy yesss, keep going." I pushed harder and deeper until my balls slapped against her and I was so close.

"Almost baby girl, almost. Move your arse faster and daddy will cum in you."

She moved her arse back and forth in sync with my thrusts as I watched my juicy cock gliding in and out of her effortlessly.


"Oooooh baby girl, oooooh yesss oh yesss daddy is cummin in baby girls juicy pussy."

She pushed and pushed and pushed and then cried out that she was cummin too.

Little by little we slowed and I massaged her arse cheeks with my hands while I was still deep inside her and just kept giving her an odd little push in and out. After a few moments she said: "Oh Daddy, I really like this doggie style."

I had her slowly lay down on her tummy as I lay down with her so as not to break our connection and then I held her as I rolled us onto our sides.

I held her breasts and kissed her neck and shoulders before I eased her forward slightly to enable me to push a little deeper inside her.

"You did fantastic my love, now just relax." I told her and she quickly cocked her arse backwards and said, "Thank you Daddy." As I held her arse cheek and nodded off for a good 30 or 40 minutes.

I awoke alone with a sheet covering me and looked around but Mel was gone. I went to the bathroom and peed then picked up my shorts and decided against them until I had washed my cock.

Downstairs I viewed a note on the table:

"Daddy I left you for another man. Sorry. Please turn over."

For a split second I was shocked until I turned over the note.

"Tim Hortons was calling out for me in my dreams, after I've done with him I'll be back. Love M."

I laughed out loud and thought it was cute, but I also realized that I was becoming very attached to my girl.

About an hour later Mel was back and smiling as she opened her bag on the table. She had brought me one of those soups in a fresh bread bowl and for her, a salad. For dessert she had brought glazed strawberry tarts filled with custard and for much later, possibly supper, Tim's famous chili.

"Tim was good to me, but you get both tarts dad, I'm on a diet remember. Eat up daddy you have to keep up your strength, I could be feeling horny any minute." She said with a big grin and I told her that if I caught her fooling around with another man called Tim, then I may have to spank her and then we both laughed.

The soup bowl was great and quite filling but the strawberry tart was delicious and I made a real mess of myself until Mel came with a tissue and licked off the sticky crumbs from my face and wiped my tee shirt and fingers.

"I'm going to miss your smiling face darling." I told her.

"Lets not think about that now Daddy, I still have lots of time here with you. Listen why don't we have a walk thru' the fields this afternoon, I know a really neat place."

In my wisdom many, many years ago I had bought a farm of approximately 100 acres and later I had just over 2 acres of land severed off the bottom southerly corner. This is where I had the house built that I live in now. I rented out the remainder of farm along with the old farmhouse and it has produced a nice steady income ever since. I never did walk much of the land.

We walked down the hedgerows, up and over a small hill and then down into an area that wasn't cultivated because of the large rocks protruding from the soil. As we got closer we crossed a small stream thru' a rough small wood lot and then it opened up into a small clearing with a natural pond fed by the stream

"Wow, I have never been back here." I told Mel who was busy watching birds.

"I have, I often came out here Dad with a book during summer and would read for hours and watch the birds and critters. There used to be fish in the pond but the herons would feed on them, maybe a few survived who knows. In early summer the stream flows a little faster as its spring fed. I know that because one time I followed the stream way back. I used to swim in the pond and then lay out on that big flat rock to dry and sun myself.

One time I brought a few girls out here from the bible class, then it rained like crazy and we all got soaked so we stayed out here the whole day until our clothes dried."

"Its beautiful out here, so quiet and natural." I told her as we sat close together and I d****d my arm around her. We sat quietly and were rewarded as we watched a Red Cardinal drink from the edge of the pond and then two cedar waxwings as they playfully fought in a small bush.

"Make love to me here Daddy, just take your time, take all day if you want but just love me, do anything you want to me I'm all yours Daddy. While I let my mind wonder back to when I was about 11 years old and totally innocent with nipples and no breasts and a perfectly smooth hairless pussy, you can even imagine my tiny arse walking away from you as I walk to the pond." Mel said as her memories came flooding back to her, I hugged her closer then kissed her softly.

"Those memories are very special at that age and this place is simply priceless Mel." I told her and kissed her more passionately, as I held and stroked her breasts. She unbuttoned her thin blouse and I cupped her bare flesh then kissed each dark nipple before returning to her mouth.

She cupped my head in her hands and kissed my forehead, my nose and my lips then told me that she loved me so much that she could cry.

We lay back in the grass and pressed our tongues together then licked each other's tongue and her mouth was getting wetter and wetter. Her nipples were incredibly erect so I sucked them lightly and she moaned softly.

She lifted her loose skirt and exposed her bare pussy as she started to openly stroke herself to a mini orgasm. I replaced her hand with mine and masturbated her more firmly then her wet open mouth closed tightly over mine as she breathed thru' her nose and sucked the breath out of mine.

I could feel the vibrations in my mouth as she moaned louder and louder, her back arched and my hand was suddenly wet. I kept stroking between her wet pussy lips, running my fingers from her erect clit and into her vagina as she writhed and thrusted.

Her mouth was still locked over mine and her moans were vibrating thru' me again as she arched her back once more and screamed inaudible sounds in my closed mouth and then slowly they subsided as her mouth came away from mine.

I sucked on her breasts slowly and closed my teeth gently on her nipples then pulled them and she cried out in pleasure. I had 2 fingers deep inside her just sitting quietly waiting to give her another high.

"Daddy, take your pants off and put Mr. Dick inside me please, that what I really want. I want to be as one with you."

I had them off in a jiffy and knelt between her legs as she made a grab for me and rubbed my cockhead up and down her wet lips until she cried out that she was almost ready to cum and to hurry. She pushed into me and sucked up my cockhead then cried out, "Push Daddy, push, quickly."

I thrusted into her just 2 or 3 strokes and she clamped down on my cock and held it in a super grip as she cried out loud, "NOW DADDDY, NOWW, OOOH DADDY."

I pushed deep inside her and she held her hands tightly on my arse and told me to just stay perfectly still, if I could.

"Wow Daddy, awesome, just awesome, we need to make this last. You have a nice arse too. Lets talk about sex for a while daddy, how come I can have so many orgasms."

"I think baby, its because you are so pure and put your heart and soul into making love. You are unique baby, you have a large clitoris that's easily stimulated and because of its size after its stimulated it's easy to contact when having intercourse. But most sexy women have lots more orgasms than the man."

"Do you think I'm sexy daddy?"

"I certainly do my precious baby. You are the best lover I have ever had."

"Better than Mom?"

"Yes, even better than Mom."

"There is no doubt Daddy that you are the best lover that I have ever had. Just push a little bit daddy, you know, every now and then to keep the fire lit. Oh yes, Oh yesss Daddy, the fire is still lit, thank you. You sure know how to turn my crank. How big is Mr. Dick, Daddy?"

"He's over eight inches close to nine inches sweetie."

"Well Jim is about three inches shorter in length and not as thick as yours and he has very little pubic hair either. I think he shaves it off, would you like me to shave you tonight?"

"Mmmm that would be nice Mel."

"No problem Daddy, I'll do anything for you. Should we move a little daddy." She said as she pushed a little and I thrusted slowly into her.

"Ooooohhhh daddy, that's nice, just a little more and then stop." She said as she kissed me and squeezed my bum cheeks.

I pushed deeper inside and then thrusted faster and harder and her eyes lit up because I didn't stop right away, but when she started to moan I stopped.

"Ooooohhhh Daddy, you keep turning over my engine. If you don't stop you may have to carry me back home, dripping and leaking all the way." She told me as she kissed me wildly and whipped her tongue around my mouth. God she was keeping me hard with her antics but it felt so good.

"Daddy, what do you want to do to me tonight?" She asked and then licked my nose.

"Daddy may have to get you to put cream on his bum, because its getting a sunburn." I said and we both laughed.

We talked and talked with a few thrusts and kisses along with sucking her breasts in between and its amazing how long I survived without cummin. But then she just said after a flurry of small thrusts:


I thrusted into her like a wildman and shot my load deep inside her in just several seconds and we kissed so passionately that it brought tears to my eyes.

We lay almost totally silent for several minutes, apart from the few sighs and deep breaths while we hugged tightly.

The walk back was slow and very joyful as we held hands like young lovers and frolicked around without a care in the world. But she had to be careful that she didn't pat Daddy's bum as I really did get burnt buns.

After a quick uneventful shower other than some light touching as Mel had stomach cramps, a few kisses and a touch of lotion on my red bum cheeks, I warmed up the Chili for supper, and then we sat outside talking until it was almost dark.

"I didn't realize that we had such a beautiful, private and quiet little place on our land. I really enjoyed our little outing." I told Mel and she said that if we go again we should take towels and suntan oil.

"It's our secret Garden of Eden, Daddy. Just yours and mine, I always loved it there as a k**. Just think if we had a baby we could take it there."

"Our baby?" I asked, somewhat puzzled.

"Well I just meant, I was kind of daydreaming daddy, if we ever had a baby. Don't worry daddy, I'm on the pill."

"Oh thank goodness Mel. Don't scare me like that." I said as I laughed.

"Come to think about it daddy, my little vacation here is already going to be interrupted by my period, sorry daddy, what a bum time for it to happen."

"Don't worry Mel, that's just part of life, we'll survive I'm sure. There are many other ways of giving pleasure to each other even while you are menstruating. Of course that's if you felt up to it, understandably some women don't."

"Daddy, I'm so used to being left alone mostly during that time, that I never thought about it before, until now. But now we have found each other, I was finding it hard to tell you about my period that kind of started when we were in the shower. I thought you would be very disappointed in me."

"Heck no Mel, I understand sweetheart, don't worry. By the time five days are over I'll be chewing my socks and biting my nails." I said and we both burst out laughing.

It was late and we were on our way upstairs and Mel went to her room, I followed and asked her if she was coming to bed.

"I won't be much use to you tonight Daddy and I don't want to disturb your sl**p. Jim hates it when I'm on my period and sl**ps in another room." She said sadly and I told her not to be so silly and that I could hold her closely and stroke her tummy if it hurt.

"Just make sure you have your panties on, and a nightie if you want, but if you need me to play with lick or suck your breasts then I can do that for you sweetie. But I'll understand if you don't."

"Maybe I could suck you off Daddy, would that help?" She asked and I grinned.

"You bet."

She decided to just wear panties but didn't want to get stimulated too much on the first night of her period. But she did go down on me, wow; she never stopped until I was totally drained.

In a way I was glad that we were having somewhat of a break from our hectic sessions, I realized that I wasn't as young as I thought. Then we snuggled together while I gently held her and drifted off to sl**p.

I knew she was out of bed twice during the night but she told me to go back to sl**p.

Next morning when I awoke I was alone in bed, I slipped on some shorts and hurried downstairs. Mel was sat at the table looking pale and told me that the first day was always the worst for her. I asked what I could do and if she needed anything, she had already prepared a small list so I had a quick wash right away and then drove into town.

When I returned she was laid on the couch, curled up and partially covered with a blanket and napping. I could see the back of her panties and there were stains of her bl**d.

I didn't know whether to wake her or let her sl**p but I knew she had lost some sl**p in the night.

Then after I had settled down from my quick drive into town and back I thought I better wake her, then she could change her pad to the heavy day type and do her thing whatever. Maybe then if she took a pill she would be more comfortable if she wanted to sl**p.

Being a mere man I was lost for words, my poor little girl was hurting and I felt useless, as I didn't know what to do.

Half-dazed she trundled off to the bathroom with the little bag of supplies I had brought. Fifteen minutes later she was back on the couch trying to get back into her previous comfortable fetal position. I sat near her and stroked her shoulders and hair until she nodded off. Then I quietly crept away and had my breakfast.

A few hours later she was stirring and I heard a faint cry. "Daddy."

"Yes my precious, how do you feel now?"

"Just a bit better, what's the chances of a nice cup of that ginger tea you have in the cupboard." She said softly and I noticed how pale she looked.

"No problem sweetheart, coming right up." I told her and by the time it was ready she was asl**p again and I just let it sit on the coffee table.

"Daddy" I heard her calling. "Yes, dear."

"Can you warm up that tea, please. I know I'm a pest."

"No problem sweetie, you are no trouble to me, don't worry."

She sat up and threw the blanket back and stretched out as I gave her the warm cup then I saw that she had changed her panties from much earlier. I asked if she wanted anything to eat and she asked for toast. She came into the kitchen for her toast and sat at the table.

"Oh Daddy, I guess all that extra pussy poking has stirred up my period. It just seems a little heavier than normal, but I'll be okay. If you don't mind me swearing Daddy, I feel well and truly fucked, frazzled, worn out."

"You look worn out and really pale, baby."

"Jim hates the sight of my bl**d, I have to immediately parcel up my soiled pads and panties, then put them out of sight."

"So he's not very understanding then." I said.

"I guess he isn't really. Do you know I've always been this way Daddy, I just never let you see me this way, and I would put on a good front. If I couldn't I would stay in my room and Mom would bring what I needed. Usually the first two days would drive me nuts, so watch out. If I go a little batty bash me on the head and tie me down." She said and grinned a little.

"Point noted, sweetie. Just don't be afraid to ask for anything."

She went to lie down again after her toast and that's about all she did on and off for 3 whole days and I was getting worried. Then on the 4th day she bucked up and after the 5th she was feeling much better, but I did make a mental note to invest in a tampon company, as they must be hugely profitable.

Mel told me that this was one of her heaviest and roughest periods since she was a teenager. In fact she didn't give the all clear until day seven.

Deep down I felt somewhat guilty and figured that somehow I may have contributed to her grief with all the prior sexual activity.

During the days she was unavailable for sex, whenever she could, she either masturbated me or sucked me off without expecting anything in return.

After the "all clear" she was extremely horny and we re-visited our secret Garden of Eden and we almost had Mr. Dick worn out.

It was unbelievable the way she orgasmed so easily and the amount of orgasms she had in those last few days leading up to her eventual departure.

On the last evening before she left early the next morning instead of going out to a restaurant we cooked a fine meal on the BBQ then went to bed early and just held each other and made slow passionate love for hours.

Next morning we had tears before she left but we arranged another date to get together in just four weeks time. This seemed to make her feel much better, but she was still reluctant to leave. However the time came and I stood waving with one hand and brushing away tears with the other.

Almost 6 hours later the phone rang and I hoped that it was Mel, letting me know that she was home and safe.

"Daddy." She said and all I could think was thank goodness it was Mel and she was home safely.

"Yes sweetheart, did you have a nice drive home?"

"Daddy, forget about that, it was fine. I need to talk to you daddy."

"Okay sweetheart, I'm listening."

"Daddy, I love you. Am I welcome to come and live with you again?"

"Of course sweetheart and I love you too, the 4 weeks will pass pretty quick."

"But Daddy this really is different."

"How so my precious."

"Daddy, when I got home there was a message on the answering machine and a written letter on the counter from Jim."

"Oh from Jim, like a love note?"

"Not exactly Daddy, he has left me."

"Oh my god, I'm sorry baby. How can I help?"

"Daddy, I don't know whether to laugh or cry. Let me read it to you, okay."

"Go ahead Mel."

"Daddy here's what it says.":

Dear Melanie,

I have been struggling with my inner feelings now for a long time. This maybe hard for you to take so I will just come out and say it:

I'm gay and I love Colin.

I never meant to hurt you, as you and I have been together from being teenagers. I had feelings for Colin before our marriage and I assumed that they would dissipate afterwards but they didn't, they got stronger and stronger.

I'm sorry but that's the way it is, there was no training course in head office, I feel guilty at lying to you but I needed the time to be sure of my decision.

I know I'm leaving you in a bit of a financial fix so I have borrowed $5,000 from Colin and put it in our account so you can use it as you see fit. I suggest you open up your own personal account and transfer the money. When that's done I will have $800 month deposited in it until we can reach some divorce settlement. I would like to legally end our marriage as soon as possible and I will be very easy to deal with.

I'm so very sorry for hurting you in this way Melanie.

I tried to go through the motions as a husband but it just wasn't fair to you any longer.

I assume that you will want to move to your father's home short term and then relocate in that general area as there may not be anything to keep you in this area any longer.

Either way I will cover the cost of the removal expenses and help you where I can to make things financially viable for you.

I have taken all my clothes and minimal possessions and I leave all the rest to you.

If there is anything that you don't want to take with you, if you plan on moving, then please let me know.

Best wishes to you Melanie


P.S. You can reach me at my work number.

"Mel, how do you feel about all that honey?"

"Daddy, I think you know, if you will have me I'm yours forever."

"Oh Mel, God has answered my prayer."

"Yes Daddy, I'll be back home with you, where I belong tomorrow, okay?"

"Wow, I'm so happy now Mel. We can look after everything from this end."

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10 months ago
Make another one as juicy as the first one... very well written....
10 months ago
HOT story, I will be hotter to bring JIM to the picture and make him suck and take a cock in his ass...
2 years ago
God what an incredible story; so real it's like a 3D movie--just pops right out into your reality.

MinxGirl: The married male species has some inkling of woes of "the cycle"--remmber they are married to the lady.
2 years ago
good story
2 years ago
this is so different from the others. and that bit about her period? so frigging true! guys have no idea what we go through every month. lovely and sweet story.
2 years ago
Sniff sniff....I love a happy horny ending. lmao
2 years ago
This is a classic!!!! Very well done!
2 years ago
nice story