Drifting happily through the living room wondering what I'll cook for dinner tonight as I smile and think of Daddy sitting at his desk in his office at this very moment. Coming up to the stereo and opening the clear glass encasement to flip on the power button and tune to my favorite radio station. Giggling silently as I turn up the volume slightly so I can hear it in the kitchen as I prepare the nights meal in anticipation of Daddy's arrival home. My heart having grown so full these last few weeks as I think back to my first night with him and again the night he had taken me to "The Park". Remembering how foolish I had been to imagine that he didn't want me anymore or would think our love something wrong.

Opening the refrigerator and humming to one of my favorite tunes as I reach inside and pull out the lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, carrots and shredded cheese for our salad. Placing everything on the counter top and reaching up higher in the cabinets for the beautiful porcelain bowl that we always us for our salad. Still humming as I expertly cut the vegetables, my hips swaying in time with the music. Adding them to the bowl and covering it with saran wrap before returning it to the refrigerator to stay cool. Tapping my lip with my finger wondering which dressing Daddy would prefer tonight and thinking it best to stay with the Italian that I make and he seems to love so much. Opening the cabinet again and spotting the glass container for making the dressing I walk over and retrieve the stool from the corner of the kitchen and bring it back to step up on. Still having to stand on my tiptoes I reach up with my hand above my head and my fingers grasp the container.

Smiling as I remember being in this very position last week, reaching for the same container and Daddy walking into the kitchen. At first scolding me for not asking for his help before sliding up next to me and wrapping his arms around my waist. Sighing softly I can hear his voice in my mind at that moment.

"Well Angel maybe this isn't such a bad position for you after all," he says as his arms wrap more tightly around my waist.

"What are you talking about Daddy?"

"Raise your arms higher Love," he says intently.

Obediently lifting my arms. Having learned my lesson much earlier with Daddy I do not question his commands.

"Mmmmm, yes I think this would be a wonderful position for you," he states again.

"Daddy are you teasing me?"

"Me? Tease? I think you know me better than that Angel."

Shaking my head to clear my thoughts, knowing that this day dreaming will get me nowhere but late for finishing dinner I grab the container and step down off the stool. Careful to replace it to the corner that I got it from, knowing how much Daddy hates it when I leave it in the middle of the kitchen. Smiling as I think back as far as I can remember to a time when I was just a toddler and I was dressed in a red, white, and blue sailor girl outfit with matching white stockings with ruffles on the bottom, and black patent shoes. My parents dressed me especially that day for pictures to be taken by the local studio. The memory becoming more clear as I relive the experience of tripping and stumbling in the parking lot outside the studio and skinning my knee, my white stockings stained red. Beginning to cry, not because I had skinned my knee but because I had ruined my outfit and I didn't want Daddy to be angry with me.

Mixing the herbs and spices with the oil and vinegar and shaking the dressing container vigorously as my thoughts continue this pattern. It seems as far back as I can remember I have done everything within my power to make Daddy happy by behaving and doing my chores and keeping up my grades. My own disappointment and guilt being punishment enough when I know that I have failed Daddy in some way. And now with this new found love for one another, the desperation in my heart to please him and show him how special he is to me almost too much to bare at times.

Stepping back over to the refrigerator and opening the door, I spot the two thick slices of Filet Mignon still wrapped in plastic that Daddy brought home the day before. Smiling I set them on the counter before reaching back inside and opening the vegetable bin to retrieve two potatoes. Closing the door and humming again to another song that drifts in from the living room I wrap the potatoes in foil and poke holes in them before putting them into the oven. My bare feet dancing slightly across the kitchen as I reach for different herbs and spices from the rack and lightly cover the steaks before putting them on a plate. Carrying the plate in one hand and the fork in another I drift back through the living room and to the sliding glass door that leads to our deck outside.

Stepping outside and taking a moment to watch the beautiful colors of the sun as it slowly begins to set on the other side of the fence that encloses our backyard. Lightly stepping over to the grill, Daddy's prized possession, giggling as these thoughts invade my mind. Carefully turning on the gas and placing the steaks on the rack I shut the lid and turn the heat down to low to let them cook slowly. Taking another look at the sun setting wishing that Daddy was here with me at this moment to see it himself I'm brought back to the present by the ringing telephone. Running through the open sliding glass door and through the living room I catch the phone on the third ring.


"Angel? Where were you?" Daddy asks.

Smiling to myself as the deep timber of his voice makes my heart flip flop in my chest.

"I was in the back," I respond.

"Your homework is done then?"

"Yes, Daddy. I finished it as soon as I got home and now I'm cooking dinner."

"Ahhh, and what are we having tonight Love?"

"Steak," I reply simply.

"Mmmmm, good choice. Angel do Daddy a favor please. Turn up the heat slightly on the hot tub. I just heard the news and it's going to be a cool night."

"Sure Daddy. Have you had a rough day?" I ask wondering if this is his reasoning for wanting the water warm enough to relax in.

"No Love it's been fine. I thought you and I might share some time together tonight. Would you like that?"

"Yes, Daddy I would."

"Good, I'll be home shortly," he says as I hear the phone click in my ear.

Setting the dirty plate that I carried the steaks on in the sink I quickly go back outside and adjust the temperature on the hot tub. Wondering if I should take the cover off now I decide I will leave it on to ensure that the water gets warm enough before Daddy gets home. Smelling the steaks in the air I step back over to the grill and open the lid, using the fork to flip them one time before closing the lid again. That being done and knowing I have a few minutes before I need to check them again I walk back into the kitchen and set about taking plates and bowls, silverware, glasses and napkins from the kitchen and setting the table.

Giggling as I strategically place each piece of flatware and silverware in it's proper place, remember how I learned all of this at the age of 10 when Mom had sent me to an obedience class for young girls. Thinking back to that time and how stupid I thought it was to be learning how to set a table and which fork to eat with or even how to sit properly in a chair. Being sure to place the cloth napkin on the right side of the plate with the salad fork and dinner fork atop. Setting the knife on the left side of the plate with the salad bowl just above and the dinner glasses above the forks. Stepping back and admiring my work for a moment before going over to the china cabinet and opening the small middle drawer to retrieve the matches for lighting the candles. Striking the match and the smell of sulfur overpowers the smell of the still cooking steaks for just a moment. Carefully lighting the candles and returning the matches to their proper place before going back outside to check on the steaks.

Opening the grill again and seeing we are coming along well, I sniff deeply. Lifting the juicy steak with the fork to check the underside I do not hear the front door open. Deciding to flip them one more time to finish off the last few minutes of grilling, the hair on my arms tingle and begin to lift. Just before turning to look at what has set me off, Daddy's strong arms come around me and his lips are instantly on my neck. Leaning back into his chest and lifting my chin to accept more of his lips on that spot that always makes me tingle.

"I didn't even hear you come in Daddy," I say through soft sighs.

"That was the point Love. I wanted to surprise you," he says through his continued nibbles on my neck.

His hands drift up from where they had come to rest on my waist and slide further to cup my breasts. I know he can feel my nipples hard against his palms, wondering if he knows it is his attention to my neck that causes them to get that way so quickly. Squeezing and kneading my bra-covered breasts through my shirt he moves to the other side of my neck to give it equal attention.

"The steaks smell wonderful Angel. Did you remember to use the lemon pepper that I like?" he asks.

"Of course I did Daddy," I say as my lashes flutter and I push my chest more into his palms.

Leaning my head back against Daddy's chest as he continues his gentle assault of my neck and his fingers find my hardened nipples through the material of my shirt and bra. Tugging them softly and making me arch more I wonder again how it is possible for him to carry on these simple conversations with me at the same time that he drives me wild with his touches and kisses. Disappointment fills me as he steps back from me and his hands leave my breasts and his lips fall from my neck.

"Careful Angel, you wouldn't want Daddy's dinner to burn now would you?" he teases.

Sighing, "No, Daddy."

"I'm going to go change, I'll be down shortly," he says as he turns and walks back into the house.

Following him only for a moment to retrieve a clean plate from the kitchen before stepping back outside on the deck and to the grill. Taking the steaks off the grill and turning the gas off before walking back in the house and shutting the screen door behind me. Stepping up to the dining room table and placing the much larger, thicker, steak on Daddy's plate at the head of the table before placing my steak on my own plate. Taking the empty plate back into the kitchen and setting it in the sink before opening the refrigerator and grabbing the salad bowl and Italian dressing. Returning to the table and setting the salad bowl in the middle and the dressing closer to Daddy's spot. Walking back into the kitchen and reaching inside the drawer for the potholders I can hear Daddy upstairs moving around his bedroom. Covering my hands with the holders and opening the oven I reach inside and grab the two hot foil covered potatoes. Walking quickly back into the dining room and placing the potatoes on our plates.

Hearing the stairs creek I quickly return to the kitchen and set the potholders on the counter before reaching inside the refrigerator and bringing out Daddy's wine and my iced tea. Walking into the dining room at the same time Daddy walks in from the living room. Smiling as I see he has gotten comfortable in his forest green robe and black leather slippers. Blushing as I wonder to myself if he is wearing his trunks under his robe, I let my eyes drop quickly to his crotch to see if I can tell. His eyes settle on mine as he watches me and I'm sure he knows what I'm doing as I quickly look away. Keeping my eyes down and away I hand him the wine bottle and take my seat at the center of the table to the right of his own.

"Everything looks wonderful Angel," he says as he steps behind my chair and kisses my cheek.

"Thank you Daddy," I say as my cheek blushes further beneath his lips.

Opening the wine bottle as I reach for my tea his hand settles on mine to stop me.

"I think you deserve a bit of a treat tonight. Would you like to have some wine with me?"

"Yes Daddy," I say as excitement slowly builds inside of me.

Remembering the last time I drank wine with Daddy at the restaurant before he took me to the Park that I now consider our Park. Not able to look at that same Park in the same way since the night that we shared there.

Pouring my glass full of the dry white wine before filling his own and taking his seat. Leaning in closer to the table and reaching for his fork we begin our dinner through slow and familiar conversations.

"How is your geometry class going Angel? Mr. Raines treating you any better?" he asks.

"Better Daddy, I stay after school everyday to get some extra help from him."

"Very good Angel, I'm glad to see you taking such initiative to keep your grades up."

My heart swelling with pride I take another bite of my steak, savoring the tangy lemon pepper flavor on my tongue.

"Daddy, I have a question to ask you," I say hesitantly.

"Ask Love," he offers.

"Well, um, Greg wants to take me to the movies Friday night, may I go?"

Sitting back in his chair as he ponders his answer while slowly chewing his latest bite of steak. His arms shifting to rest on the arms of his chair as his back straightens.

"Angel I don't think that is a very good idea, and I'm sure if you thought about it long enough you would agree with me," he answers slowly before leaning forward again and taking another bite of food. His eyes leaving mine as if to show me that this conversation has come to an end.

"But Daddy, I've been very good lately and my grades are not slacking at all, why can't I go?" I question again, not taking the hint from him earlier.

Lifting his eyes from his plate, they pierce into my own and I squirm slightly in my seat.

"Angel I know you are not arguing with me," he says as his fork stops midway to his plate.

"No, Daddy I'm not trying to argue with you but I don't understand why I can't go if I've been so good," I say still pushing the issue.

"Well then let me give you a more clear answer as you seem to need one so badly. First, I do not like Greg. He was lucky I have even allowed him to take you to prom or on other dates. Second, you are mine now, and I remind you that you gave yourself completely and willingly to me. I think I have made that very clear to you before, haven't I?" he pauses for me to answer.

"Yes, Daddy you have," I respond as I drop my head slowly in shame.

"And third Angel, if you want to go to a movie then ask me to take you and I just might."

Slowly twirling my fork through the potato as Daddy leans in to take another bite of his own food, I am ashamed for asking Daddy if I could go with Greg.

"Angel stop playing with your food. If you're finished eating take your plate into the kitchen and get started on the dishes," he says with the touch of annoyance in his voice.

Standing up and placing my silverware on my plate I take my dirty dishes into the kitchen, hearing Daddy's deep intake of breath as I walk out of the dining room, I know I have disappointed him. Rinsing the dishes in the sink before placing them in the dishwasher, I wonder how I could have been so stupid as to ask Daddy that question. Not really wanting to go to the movies with Greg but knowing I would see all my other friends at the mall was my true motivation. No matter that, even if I tried to explain it to Daddy now it would only seem like I was making excuses. Sighing softly as I continue to clean up the dishes and around the kitchen I wonder how I will ever get out of the mess I have gotten myself into.

Walking back into the dining room and beginning to clear the table of the condiments and salad bowl while Daddy continues his meal. He watches me closely but I cannot look at him as I set about finishing my task.

"Are you done Daddy?" I ask softly as I see his clean plate.

"Yes, Angel."

Taking his plate and returning quickly to the kitchen to get away from the very presence of him until I can figure out what to say and how to correct this situation. Finishing the dishes and cleaning off the countertop as Daddy steps around the corner and stands there watching me.

"Angel, I'm going to get in the hot tub, join me when you're finished," he says before he turns away.

Stopping quickly and turning back around he continues, "Oh and Angel, no need for a suit tonight," he finishes as he turns and heads outside.

Stepping around the corner for a moment and watching his backside as he steps out on the deck and closes the door behind him. Seeing the stiff straightness of his spine I know that he is tense now that we have had this misunderstanding. Watching him as he steps over to the hot tub and lifts the cover off, the steam rising up quickly into his face before he steps away and sets the cover aside as neatly as he always does. Smiling to myself as I watch Daddy remain as composed as ever even though it seems we have had a falling out. Wondering about the differences in us, whether it is just the difference between male and female, which makes us react so differently to situations. His anger and frustration in me tightly controlled within him while I hid myself away quickly in the kitchen unable to look him in the eye.

Sighing as I finish drying my hands on the towel and watch Daddy step closer to the hot tub and dip his foot inside testing the temperature. The smile that plays across his lips tells me at least that I've done one thing right at the moment. Hoping that this one small thing will in some way help to ease his disappointment in me for asking such a stupid question earlier. My heart beats more quickly as his strong hands come down to the tie on his terry robe and he opens it. Taking one small step forward to get a better look, I watch him shrug his shoulders from his robe and his body is exposed. The last of the days rays glimmer on his bronze skin and glisten over the dark curls on his chest and my question from earlier is answered. My eyes drift down his body and I see his limp cock resting over his hanging sack before he turns and rests his robe on the bench.

My heart fluttering in my chest I turn and run back through the kitchen and around the other side, coming out in the hallway before racing up the stairs to my bedroom. Quickly stripping myself of my shorts and panties, t-shirt and bra, and sliding into my own pink plush terry cloth robe. Walking out of my bedroom with purpose and going to the hall closet I retrieve two towels as I remember that Daddy hadn't brought any down earlier. Walking back down the stairs, feeling a little better about myself I head down the hall and back into the living room and to the sliding glass door. Stopping for a moment I see Daddy relaxed in the tub, his arms up over the sides, his head back and his eyes closed, his jaw set and his lips tight. I wonder what he is thinking?

The light from the sun now so far off in the distance as the darkness settles down over our back yard. Opening the sliding glass door and stepping out onto the deck, Daddy's head comes up and his eyes meet my own.

"Turn the light on Angel," he says before closing his eyes again and resting his head.

Reaching back inside the door and flipping the one light in the corner of the yard that casts a soft yellow glow over the grass and water. Far enough away not to be bothersome yet close enough to give enough light to see into each others eyes, I know this is his favorite light of all our outside ones. Closing the screen door behind me and walking over to the hot tub I place the towels on the bench next to Daddy's robe and my hands come together at the ties of my own. No longer feeling that nervousness and embarrassment that used to come when I was naked in front of Daddy I open my robe and let it slide from my shoulders. Watching him now I see that he has not even opened his eyes and I wonder if he knows that I am undressing. Setting my robe on the bench I return to the tub and slip my foot inside the soothing warm water and coming to rest on the bench inside the tub. Stepping down and adding my second foot to the water, I again notice that Daddy has not opened his eyes. Stepping off the bench and further into the tub, the water coming up to above the tips of my nipples I walk across the tub and sit on the bench opposite of Daddy. Still I wonder because he has not opened his eyes. Sitting back comfortably and enjoying the warm water I too close my eyes and lean my head back.

The water lapping gently against the sides of the tub and my naked body, I love the feeling of it as it surrounds me. The sound of the crickets on the night's air more soothing than I ever expected them to be. Squealing softly as the jets of the tub turn on unexpectedly and water rushes quickly past my thighs. Sitting up and shifting slightly away from the jet nearest me I see Daddy is also up and looking at me.

"I hope you do not think I was too hard on you earlier Angel, but you must understand."

"I know Daddy, it was just a big misunderstanding," I say hoping to explain.

"Misunderstanding? How so?" he questions.

"I just wanted to go to see my friends, it was more than just Greg and I going. But it was his idea to take me," I say quickly.

"That may be so Angel but don't you think you would be misleading Greg by having him come to pick you up? Wouldn't this young man think he was on a date with you? Therefore giving him certain rights?"

I know he is right, I cannot deny what he is saying is true. Lowering my head again, the shame returning.

"Your right Daddy, I didn't even think of it that way," I say through my own guilt.

"Of course you didn't Angel, that is why I am here to remind you. If you want to go to the movies Friday and see your friends, then ask me and you can take the car. I will not allow Greg or any other young man to come and pick you up in the belief that it is a date between the two of you. Is this understood?"

"Yes, Daddy, I understand. I'm sorry, I really didn't think of it this way but you are right," lifting my head to look at his face.

His eyes trapped in shadows cast by the soft yellow light across the yard, he smiles to me.

"Good, now come closer Angel," he commands without a movement save for his lips.

Pushing up off the bench and walking the few steps across the tub I turn to sit beside him when his hands on my hips stop me. Turning me back and pulling me closer, my feet resting against the edge of the bench at the bottom of the tub, my legs between Daddy's strong spread thighs. The rolling water in the tub lapping against my skin as Daddy's fingers tighten along my waist and he looks up into my eyes, licking his lips.

"Stand up taller Love," he says.

Smiling I lift up on my tiptoes and my hard nipples come above the rumbling water. Our eyes leave one another and both look down to them at the same time. I watch as his hands slide up under the water and his palms gently cup beneath my breasts, taking their slight weight and lifting them before his thumbs come up to brush across my wet nipples.

My calves tightening as I hold my weight up on my toes to keep my nipples above the water as I watch his thumbs circle them repeatedly before flicking them with his nails. Biting my lower lip and leaning forward as far as I can with the bench blocking my way my eyes drift up again to meet his.

"You amaze me Angel," he says through his own desire.

"I do Daddy?" I question not believing him.

"Yes, Love you do. You respond to me in all the ways I want and that pleases me yet amazes me at times."

Smiling at his words my weight comes down and my nipples fall below the waters level. Daddy's strong hands and fingers still under my breasts as he lifts me slightly and I come back up onto my toes. His arms sliding and wrapping around me as he leans forward on the bench and his head rests in the cleavage between my breasts and his breath lights on my skin there. My own hands wrapping around his neck and spreading out down along his back as I massage him with my slender fingers. Brushing my skin with his lips before his tongue slides through and he moves over to my right nipple, taking it into his mouth and sucking sweetly. Pulling his head back and taking my nipple with his lips he sucks and tugs expertly. His hands sliding down my back and over the firm round shape of my ass. His fingers squeezing the flesh of my ass as I sway in the water, his mouth moving from my right nipple to my left.

Panting, my right foot lifting from the floor of the tub and coming to rest on the bench beside Daddy's thigh, all as if it has a will of it's own. Daddy's mouth moans around my left nipple as he continues to suck and one hand slips further down past my round ass and closer to my pussy. The rolling water in the tub sliding along my pussy lips as Daddy's roaming hand finds the opening as it comes at me from behind. My nails digging into the skin of his back lightly as my eyes close and I let my head fall back.

"Spread yourself more Angel," he tells me.

Pushing my right foot further away from his thigh, opening myself to his roaming finger and the gentle rush of the water. His other hand still squeezing and kneading my ass. Arching my back, wanting to give to him, wanting him to take from me. My sighs and moans much louder then the previous crickets of the night.

"Daddy, touch me please," I beg. Needing to feel his hands more on me.

His teeth pinching into my nipple as his index finger finds the opening of my pussy and slides easily inside. The knuckles of the other finger resting against my puffy pussy lips and adding the gentle pressure to my clit that I love so much. Moaning, my inner muscles gripping tightly against his finger I bend my knee still standing and lower myself to feel more of him. Desperate to feel his finger further inside and his knuckles tighter against my clit and lips. My fingers sliding up his back and through his hair to hold his head to my breast. His teeth and lips urging me to ride his finger as he takes turns between both right and left breast. On a slow upward stroke he add his middle finger to his index that already penetrates my depths.

"Dadddyyyyy, yesssss, that feels so good," I moan as my muscles grip him tighter.

My knee bending and straightening quickly as I ride my Daddy's two fingers. My head thrown back deeply and my back arched forcing my nipples further into Daddy's mouth. My stomach muscles tightening and my fingers gripping in Daddy's hair. Turning and bringing his large thumb up it slides between my slick lips and rests tightly over my hardened and needy clit.

"Oh God Daddy, don't do that," I pant through my moans.

Lifting his head from my breast and looking up at my face, "And why not Love?" he teases me as his thumb begins to circle my clit tightly.

"Because Daddy you'll make me cum," I say breathlessly as I continue to ride his thick fingers.

"Don't you want to cum Angel?"

"Yessss Daddy, yesssssss, I want to cum," I beg.

His hand still kneading and squeezing my ass cheek slides closer to my crack. My own body still working as I fuck myself on his fingers and his thumb attacks my swollen clit. The index finger of his other hand slides between the crack of my ass and over my rosebud opening. Circling the wrinkled muscle with the one finger as he looks up into my face and watches me.

"Then cum Love, cum for Daddy."

Grasping his shoulders in my small hands and riding his fingers with wild abandon, my small breasts slapping softly against his face and the stiff stubble the day has brought.

"Oh God Daddy, oh God yesssssssssss," I gasp.

Just as my orgasm begins his index finger slides between the tight wrinkled muscle of my rosebud. The strength of his arm pushing it past my tightness and it slips further inside just as my pussy clenches and gushes against his fingers.

"Uuuuuuuuummmm, Dadddyyyyyyyyy, uuuuuhhhhhhmmmmmm," I moan lost.

"That's it Angel, cum, cum hard Love,"

Tensing, my leg holding straight and steady and his index finger holds still deep in my ass. Slowing the motions of this thumb on my clit before finally stopping and pulling away from my throbbing bud.

"Mmmmmmmm, Dadddyyyyy, what are you doing to me?" I whisper through the waves of sensations that flood me. Holding his shoulders now more for balance then anything else I lean forward and rest myself against his chest.

"You mean this Angel?" he asks as his finger slides the length of my inner ass before pushing back in further.

Leaning my head further back and tightening my muscles around his finger, he slips his two fingers from my pussy and brings them to his mouth.

"Yes Daddy, that," I say as I tighten my muscles tighter to stop his finger.

Sucking his wet fingers into his mouth his eyebrow raises as he looks at me questioning my tightened ass. Taking my fingers from his mouth and his free hand resting on my hip he looks at me intently.

"Relax Angel, trust me it will feel better if you relax and stay calm," he assures me.

"But Daddy, that's my ass," I say as I blush deeply.

"I know what it is Angel and if you remember correctly I told you there are many things that you can and will do to bring us both pleasure."

"I remember Daddy," I say as I take a deep breath and relax my tight muscle.

"Very good Love, now just feel Daddy's finger," he says as his finger starts to slide the length of me again.

The gentle pressure not painful but different from anything I've ever felt. Holding steady and still as I concentrate on my breaths and Daddy moves closer to me off of the bench. Without removing his finger from my ass he takes my hand in his free one and helps me to step up onto the bench. His hand leaving mine and sliding down between my thighs to push them apart and f***e me to move my feet further apart. Looking up into my eyes as his mouth closes in on my pussy and his tongue slides between my wet pussy lips. My hands reaching behind me and gripping the soft marble edges of the deep blue hot tub. His finger slides faster and with more purpose as his lips close over my clit and he sucks me harder into his mouth.

"Daddyyyyy, that feels good, don't stop Daddy," I say on a moan as I close my eyes.

A second finger joins the first as he pushes back inside of me slowly. My tight muscle stretching slightly and the slight sting making my knees tremble.

"Oh Daddy," I whimper softly.

"Relax Angel," he commands as his lips return to my pussy.

Lapping the insides of each swollen lip and dipping the tip of his tongue into my opening before sliding back up the length of my slit again and circling my clit quickly. Flicking it over and over as I forget his fingers and my muscle stretches and they slide easily in and out.

"It feels good now doesn't it Love?" he questions.

"Yessssss, Daddy it does," I say breathless as he continues to work my body.

His fingers slowly slide from my ass and he looks up into my eyes.

"Turn around Angel," he says without question.

Turning around and facing away from him, he slides me along the bench until I am directly in front of one of the turning jets. The water pushes forward against my pussy and f***es my lips open as the warm water slams against my clit. His hands on my back he pushes me forward and my waist bends over the side of the tub as I'm pushed even closer to the jet. His hands slide down my back and along my waist before coming to rest on the cheeks of my ass. Gently he kneads my cheeks as he pushes me against the jet and the water rolls through the lips of my pussy in a controlled f***e. His fingers open the cheeks of my ass and I know that I am exposed to him again.

"Remember to relax Angel," he says as I feel him move forward and the warmth of his cock rests between my cheeks.

"I remember Daddy," I say breathless as I feel the length of his hard water wet cock slide between my cheeks.

Squirming slightly as the water works my pussy and I sway my hips back and forth to feel more of it.

"That's it Baby, just feel the water and relax," he says as his hand comes down from my cheek and grips his cock.

Bringing his thick head up to my tight rosebud he rests it there gently as he watches my body work myself against the water. My fingers still holding on to the edges of the tub as the top half of my body rests flatly against the wet deck on the other side.

"Take a breath Angel," he says as he pushes forward slightly.

Taking a deep breath I can feel him pushing as the pressure of my muscle fights to keep from giving him entrance. Grunting, my fingers tightening harder on the rim of the tub and my knuckles turn white. Lifting my head quickly as I tighten my muscle to stop Daddy.

"Please Daddy, it's too big," I say as I look over my shoulder.

Pushing me back down to lay forward again his hands come to rest on my hips.

"No, Angel it's not too big. Just relax Love and feel the water. Close your eyes Baby," he says in a gently controlled voice.

Closing my eyes and relaxing my body again, my fingers loosening slightly on the rim of the tub I feel his hands tighten and his fingers dig into my waist.

"That's it Angel, now take a deep breath," he commands.

Obediently taking the breath he commands just as he thrusts forward quickly and his engorged head gains entrance into my ass.


"It's okay Angel, it's okay," he says breathless as he slides his thick cock the length of me and stretches my ass around him.

Leaning forward and resting his head on my back I can hear his own pants. The burning stretch of my muscles throbbing through me I feel like I'm being split in two.


His breath hot on my back as he holds himself steady and whispers softly to me.

"Angel, listen to Daddy. Calm down and listen to Daddy," he says soothingly. "Just relax and breath Love. I promise the pain will go away in a moment."

Tears streaming down my cheeks as I gasp for breath and my breasts are pushed harder against the deck. Slowly my heart beats calm and my muscles relax as I again feel the continuous roll of the rushing water against my clit.

"Yes, Angel, that's a good girl," Daddy says as he lifts off my back and stands straight again behind me.

Slowly his cock slides the length of me and pushes forward just as slowly again. Daddy expertly letting my ass get used to the length and width of him. Each forward push sends me slightly closer to the jet in front of me. Daddy's hands moving back to my waist again and holding me steady as he rocks back and forth, in and out of me.

"God Angel your so tight," he says through grunts of desire and pleasure.

His balls slapping the bottom of my pussy as his strokes move faster and quicker. His hands leaving my waist and traveling up my back to grip my shoulders. Holding me tightly, his fingers digging into my skin as he pulls me back onto his cock harder as he pushes forward.

"That's it Angel, give Daddy your ass," he groans.

The sensations of the water on my throbbing clit and his balls slapping the bottom of my pussy making me push with him for more. Shocked that something so painful just a few minutes before now so pleasurable. Releasing my hands from the tub and lifting them up over my head, opening my body to him more.

"Daddyy, oh Daddyyy, I, can't, believe, it, Daddy, it feels good," I stutter through my pants and moans.

"Yes Angel, feel it, feel Daddy's cock," he groans as he fucks me harder.

His thrusts so powerful he pushes my body forward as he controls how far away I get with his strong hands on my shoulders. Pulling me back hard onto him as I whimper and moan into the night air.

"Tell me Angel," he commands.

"What Daddy? Tell you what?" I ask. Unable to control my moans of excitement and pleasure now.

"Tell Daddy how much you want him to fuck your ass," he commands.

"Oh Daddy please," I beg him. Embarrassment flooding me from having to say the words.

His hands leaving my shoulders and tangling in my hair, he lifts my head up and fucks me harder. Forcing his cock deeper into the depths of my ass and his hands tug my hair tightly.

"Say it Angel!" he commands through his groans.

"Yes, Daddy, yesssssss. I want you to fuck my ass, please Daddy pleaseeeee," I beg.

"Oh God that's it Angel," he says as his muscles tighten.

Thrusting forward quickly and my pussy f***ed against the jet as the water slams my clit directly and I scream.


"Yessssss Baby, cum with Daddy."


My screams drowning out his grunts as his throbbing cock releases his hot seed deep in my ass. Our twitches and quivers matching each other as I feel him throb and squirt again and again inside of me. My head dropping back down as his grip in my hair releases and I gasp wildly. Daddy rests his shaking body against mine and his head lays flat on my back. Our chest rising and falling together through our pants as he whispers.

"Now do you understand why you are mine, and why no one will be picking you up for any dates?" he questions.

Nodding, "Yes, Daddy I understand."

"Good Angel."

The sounds of the crickets return to my ears as my breaths slowly returns to normal. Daddy lifting up and he withdraws his increasingly limp cock from my ass before pulling me into his lap and resting with him on the bench. My head on his chest as his arm supports behind me as his free hand comes up to cup my chin and lift my lips to his own. His kiss so sweet against my lips as he parts them and his tongue slips inside to find my own and dance with me. Sighing softly I relax more against his chest and let the warm water sooth my body and sore muscles.

"Are you uncomfortable Love?" he asks as he breaks our sweet kiss.

"No Daddy, I'm fine," I reply only slightly lying.

"I think we should get you inside and into bed. Can you walk Love?" he says through a smile.

"Yes Daddy, I can walk."

Slipping from his lap and standing up in the tub my knees are weak but I hold my balance. Daddy coming off the bench gives me his hand to help me from the water as I step up onto the bench and out onto the deck. Reaching for a towel and wrapping my wet body in it as goose bumps form quickly on my skin. Watching Daddy as he dries himself with the towel I brought for him before both of us slip into our robes.

"Good thinking on the towels Angel," he comments as he kisses me softly on the cheek.

Taking my hand in his he leads me along the deck and into the living room through the sliding glass door. Not releasing my hand from his I follow him down the hall and up the stairs to my bedroom. Standing me before my bed, he draws back the covers and pulls my robe from my shoulders. Letting it fall to the floor I turn away from him and slip beneath the covers as he pulls them up to my shoulders. Leaning down deeply he kisses my lips again softly and surely before turning to leave. Pausing in the doorway, his finger on the light switch he flips the overhead light off and my lashes flutter closed.

"I love you Angel," he says as the door closes behind him and darkness envelopes me.

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