Will listened to the gravel crunching under the wheels of the Jeep as he and his mother, Felicia pulled up in front of the cabin.

It was finally happening, he thought to himself. Months of planning had gone into the plan and now he was ready to put it into motion.

"Well, we made it," his mother said, shutting off the engine.

"Yeah, seemed like it took forever to get up here this time," he returned, reaching for the door handle.

"Oh, you were just antsy to get up here," she laughed, pushing open her door. "You always complain about how long it takes to get up here. It's only noon you know."

"Aw, I don't either," he chirped back at her, watching her slide out of the car.

He felt another spark of excitement fire off inside his cock as he admired the swell of her perfectly rounded ass when she stood up. He couldn't explain his sudden and inexplicable obsessive attraction to his mother. But he knew that it had begun about six months ago when he had accidentally seen her naked. He hadn't planned it, but he had gone down to her room to ask her something not knowing that she had just finished showering. As he had started to step into her room, he heard her shower door slide open and through the open bathroom door, he had seen her step out of her shower.
"Oh, my God," he gasped and frantically began to hump his cock in and out of her hot, clinging cunt.

"Oh, God, oh, God, oh, God," he cursed as his hips flew back and forth at a furious pace. "I'm fucking her, I'm fucking her, I'm fucking her. I'm fucking my mother!"

His mother's whole body was rocking back and forth by the battering attack. Her giant tits were swashing back and forth so wildly they were slapping up against the bottom of her chin and the bed was squawking so loud, Will thought it might collapse at any second. But he couldn't stop. Not until he filled the wondrous void inside her with his rich, seed-filled essence.

But the sheer travesty of what he was doing quickly overcame him and became too much for him to control.

Seconds later he felt his balls explode as his cock began to jerk and jump inside the hot, clutching wetness of her cunt. The monster spurted out a massive gusher of cum that drenched the inside of her tight pussy and filled it with a massive load of hot sticky cum.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck," he muttered, hammering his cock in and out of her furiously as it disgorged creamy gush after creamy gush of his virulent semen into the already cum-filled chamber.

Finally, after what seemed like hours, his peter stopped spurting out cum.

Will couldn't move. He was paralyzed from the waist down and his balls ached from the effort they had just expended pumping out the massive load of cum into his mother's overflowing pussy. He had never felt anything like it. It was more than fucking awesome. It had been pure ecstasy. Better than even he had thought it would be. It was too good to be true, he told himself. And this was only the beginning. He was going to fuck her all weekend. And then, if everything went the way he planned, he would have her to fuck anytime he wanted for the rest of his life...

There was only one catch to his fiendish plan. For it to work, he knew he would have to have an accomplice to play the part of the bad guy. Someone to make her think that he was being f***ed to have sex with her. But that would entail sharing her with his co-conspirator. He hated that in one way, but if his sinister plan worked and he had her as his lover after it was all over, it would be worth the pain and suffering he would endure this weekend. But on the other hand, in a funny, sick way, he was looking forward to watching her get fucked by another guy. He couldn't explain it, but the idea that he would be seeing his mother get fucked by someone else was perversely exciting to him.

For the bad guy, he had picked his friend, Charlie to play the part. His mother had never met him so she couldn't catch onto their evil game by recognizing his voice.

The whole thing had started back a couple of months ago. He and Charlie were always horny and talking about sex. Then one day they had been talking about what a hoot it would be to fuck an older woman when Charlie had mentioned how hot he thought Will's mother, Felicia was. It was then that Will had come up with the idea of how he could satisfy the deviant cravings he lustily felt for his mother. He knew that he was a vile, evil boy, but the possibility of an endless supply of pussy, no matter how infinitesimal it was, drove him over the edge. Besides, even if she didn't succumb to his plan, he would still get to fuck his mother a few times.

And another facet of the enlistment of Charlie into his evil plan was the fact that Charlie had concocted a similar plan to seduce his mother, Donna, too. And Will would play the bad guy in that scenario, so, not only would Will get to fuck his own mother, he would get to fuck Charlie's mother in the process. Two fun-filled weekends of fucking was just too much to pass up.

At last, the feeling returned to his legs and he could move again. Slowly, he pulled back and eased his still half-hard peter out of the cum-drenched socket between his mother's long, shapely legs. As he did, he watched a trickle of his thick, foamy cum dribble out from between the cream-covered lips of his mother's cunt.

Leaning down, he slipped off his socks. Quickly pulling his tee shirt over his head, he picked up all his clothes and carried them down to his bedroom where he dropped them onto his bed. He wouldn't be needing clothes or his bed for that matter, he grinned to himself as he padded back down to his mother's bedroom with his big, heavy dick flopping about down between his legs.

He saw that his mother still hadn't moved. Glancing down at his watch and saw that it was only twelve forty-five. It had only been thirty minutes since he had given his mother the dose of knock-out juice and Rodney had said that it would last for two to three hours, so he had at least an hour and maybe two before she would wake up.

He had told Charlie to show up around one-thirty, so he still had forty-five minutes alone with his mother before Charlie would be there.

Still fascinated with his mother's beautiful body, he felt himself getting hard again as he set to work.

Opening his bag, he first pulled out a blind fold and carefully put it on his mother making sure that she wouldn't be able to see anything that was going on.

Then, he pulled out several sections of soft, cotton rope. Tossing one of the longer ones over by the door, he dropped three more of them onto the bed. Taking the one he still held, he gently lifted one of his mother's hands up and secured it to the headboard of the bed. He quickly did the same with her other hand and then he reached back into the bag and pulled out a frilly, black garter belt and a pair of black fish-net hose. He knew that he could just leave her naked, but somehow, the fact that she would be dressed so provocatively made it all just so much more perverse. It would almost be as if she had dressed for the part.

Wrapping the garter belt around her belly, he pushed her over onto her side and hooked the clasp. Letting her roll back onto her back, he quickly set about pulling each stocking up her long, lovely legs and then secured them to the long, black straps of elastic that dangled down from the frilly garter belt.

Once this was done, staring down at her fleshy cunt, he pulled her legs apart and tied them to the footboard of the bed.

"There," he said, standing up and looking down to admire his lovely creation.

He just stood there for several moments staring down at his mother's beauty displayed in such a vulgar and obscene way. Feeling a tug of remorse, he turned and walked back into the living room. Picking up his glass of wine, he quickly downed it and then returned back to the bedroom where his mother lay sl**ping.

Standing by the bed watching the even rise and fall of her magnificent breasts, he glanced down at his watch and saw that it was only five minutes after one.

Then he looked down at his big, ripe cock.

"Still time for another piece of pussy, big boy," he cackled crazily. "Are you game?"

Then he scrunched the muscles around the base of his cock and watched it twitch up and down as if concurring with its master's vulgar suggestion.

"Well, let's go then," he giggled, crawling onto the bed and up between his mother's outstretched legs.

As he stood on his hands and knees above her, he looked down at his giant cock as it evilly danced and twitched above the fleshy rift peeking out of the furry patch of soft, brown curls.

A shiver of perverse excitement coursed down his spine as he reached down and guided the bloated head of his cock down to the drooling pit. Then he leisurely fitted the swollen monster down between the fat, fleshy lips of his mother's cunt just as he had done before. But this time he slowly eased his hips forward and let the tapered harpoon of rock-hard cock-meat lazily slither down into the tightness of her hot cunt.

"God," he grunted as the walls of her tight cunt closed down around his invading peter. "How can anything feel so fucking good?"

Slowly, inch by inch, he fed the malignancy down into the accommodating sheath of velvet softness until it was completely enveloped by the clinging warmth of her cunt.

Stopping for a moment to savor the wondrous feelings welling up from his cock, he just held it inside her, but suddenly found himself wondering about Charlie fucking his mother. How big is he, he asked himself? He had never seen Charlie's cock. Would it be bigger than his? Would it be so big it would hurt her? Would his mother like Charlie's cock better than his?

Well, that's just the price you have to pay, he told himself as he began to leisurely work his hips back and forth slowly working his big cock in and out his mother's hot pussy.

The bed shook and quivered beneath them as his mother's colossal tits sloshed up and down in rhythm with the pace of his fucking. He couldn't take his eyes off the wondrous mountains of soft, pink flesh as they flounced back and forth under him. Then gradually, he picked up the pace, driving his big cock in and out of her tight cunt faster and faster.

It was all he had dreamed it would be and more, he thought to himself. And what would it be like when she was awake? Would she respond to the fucking? Would she be able to have an orgasm? Would she give in and fuck them back? He could hardly wait to fuck her when she was back among the living, he groaned to himself, picking up the pace another notch. Just the thought excited him and he realized that he was already about to erupt inside of her for the second time.

Huffing and puffing like a madman, he was slamming his cock down into her tight, hot hole with abandon. The bed was now groaning loudly and rocking back and forth wildly in pace with his furious attack on his mother's pussy.

"OH FUCK," he finally growled out, driving his cock down into her clinging cunt as hard and deep as he could.

Then he felt his balls burst as his cock jerked and sent a spume of hot, creamy cum down into the fiery depths of his mother's womb.

"COMING! COMING IN YOUR HOT CUNT! I'M COMING IN YOUR HOT, FUCKING CUNT!" he screamed at her as he held his spewing peter down inside her cum-filled cunt as deep as he could.

"GONNA MAKE YOU FUCKING PREGNANT!" he bellowed as he continued his tirade and his cock kept on squirting out its virulent load of semen into her pussy.

Finally, after emptying his big, dangling balls into his mother's hot snatch for a second time in less than an hour, Will lifted his hips and pulled his deflating penis out of the overflowing hole. Then, with a groan, he rolled off her and sat on the edge of the bed. She was still out and not moving other than the regular rise and fall of her massive breasts.

Well, I've done it, he loathsomely thought to himself. I've really done it. I've already fucked her twice and we've only been here an hour and a half. And now it's time for Charlie to show up. With that, he shoved himself up to his feet, picked up the rope on the floor and slowly trudged out into the living room.

One last thing, he told himself pulling a chair into the center of the room and dropping the rope into it. There, now we're ready.

Smiling to himself, he helped himself to another glass of wine and sat sipping on it as he waited for Charlie.

He only had to wait a few minutes before he heard Charlie's car pull up in front of the cabin. Well, he's here, he told himself.

Here goes nothing, he said to himself getting up and strolling over to the front door of the cabin. Opening the door open a crack, he peeked out and sure enough, Charlie was just getting out of the car. Through the crack, he watched Charlie hurry across the yard and up the steps.

As Charlie stepped up to the door, Will threw open the door.

"Jeez, man," Charlie snorted and laughed when he saw that Will was as naked as a jaybird. "It looks like everything went according to plan.

"Yeah, man," Will grinned letting Charlie step inside and then closing the door behind him.

"And looks like you've already dipped your old John Thomas into the honey pot," he snickered, looking down at Will's limp, dangling cock.

"Twice, Dude," Will bragged, taking another sip on his wine.

"Awesome. Fucking awesome," Charlie laughed. "Uh, where's she at?"

"Down there in the bedroom," Will said, pointing to the bedroom where his mother lay sl**ping. "She's been out for about an hour and fifteen minutes, so we've got at least forty-five minutes before she wakes up and we start playacting. Maybe more. Want to see her?"

"Fucking A," Charlie beamed, turning and starting for the bedroom with Will trailing along behind him.

The scene that greeted Charlie when he stepped into the bedroom stopped him dead in his tracks.

"Holy fucking Jesus," he groaned, gawking down at Felicia as she lay spread-eagled on the bed. "Damn, Will, your mom is fucking beatumous. Man, I knew she was pretty, but I didn't know that she was this fucking beautiful. Does she always dress like that?"

"Yeah, man, she is fucking beautiful, isn't she?" Will said, feeling perversely proud of his mother's stunning beauty.

"And you've already fucked her twice," Charlie said, stepping over to the bed. "So how was it?"

"Awesome, man. Just fucking awesome. Even better than I thought and she ain't even fucking awake, yet," Will beamed egotistically. "You want to do her?"

"What do you fucking think, Dude," Charlie grinned from ear to ear as he reached down and appreciatively ran his fingers along her leg.

"Well," Will said, pausing to take another sip of his wine, "she's all yours for a while. You go ahead and do her while I watch. Then you can watch me do her again."

"That sounds like a hoot," Charlie laughed dropping his hands down to his pants and quickly unsnapping them. "You're sure you don't mind me fucking your mom."

"This is the way we planned it," Will said, feeling a strange mix of jealously, envy and excitement. "And besides I get to do your old lady too, don't I?"

"Damned straight," Charlie grinned shucking his pants down his muscular legs.

Will could see by the bulge in Charlie's shorts that he was pretty well endowed and he was well on his way to having a full-blown erection. He watched on anxiously as Charlie slipped his tee shirt up over his head and quickly reached down and jerked his shorts down, letting his big, nearly fully erect peter spring into view.

"Uh, how big is yours?" Will asked, staring down at the other boy's still hardening penis.

"Uh, about, uh, seven and a half inches," Charlie said proudly, kicking his shoes and socks off and then stepping out of the pile of discarded clothes. "How big is yours, uh, when, when it's hard?"

"Eight inches," Will smiled arrogantly.

"Boy, our Moms are in for a real treat, aren't they?" Charlie chortled.

"Indeed they are," Will giggled. "Indeed they are."

"You're sure it's okay for me to do it to her?" Charlie asked one last time.

"Are you going to wait all day?" Will smirked. "She's gonna be awake in a little bit, so you'd better get going."

"Okay, man, you're the boss," Charlie said winking at Will.

Will watched on with mixed feelings as his friend crawled onto the bed and up between his Mother, Felicia's outstretched legs. He could see that the other boy's big cock was now fully erect and ready as it jutted out in front of him, hard and stiff. Watching on jealously, he watched Charlie balance on his knees and one hand as he took hold of his big cock and moved it down until its big, purple head was on the entrance to the wet, gaping hole between Felicia's long, shapely legs. As he looked on, Will felt another pang of jealousy. Maybe this wasn't such a great idea after all, he thought to himself as he watched Charlie's ass slowly dip down driving his thick, hard penis down into his Felicia's pussy.

"Holy fuck, man," Charlie groaned out as his cock slid deeper and deeper down into the fleshy opening, "she's so fucking hot."

"Yeah, man, she is hot," Will whined, feeling a spark of excitement tickle through his cock as it began to swell and grow once again.

As he stood leering at the other boy who was fucking his mother, he felt a strange sense of loathing and excitement at the same time. But he couldn't tear his eyes away from Charlie's cock as it continued to slither down into his mother's cunt.

"And she's so fucking tight," Charlie blathered out as his big, dangling balls finally bumped up against Felicia's ass.

He's got his whole cock in her now. He's got all seven and a half inches stuck in her. He's buried ball deep inside my mother's pussy.

Just then, he saw Charlie's butt begin to move up and down. It rose and fell ever so slowly at first, as Will watched Charlie's big dick sliding in and out of the oozing hole between his mother's long legs.

What kind of son was he, he asked himself? What kind of son would let another boy fuck his mother he sickly wondered as Charlie's ass began to rise and fall a little faster? He could tell Charlie was really getting into it as he was already huffing and puffing while he fucked her. Then, taking a step to the side, he saw that Charlie was roughly squeezing and kneading his mother's mammoth tits as he fucked her.

Oh, fucking God," Charlie wheezed as his hips kicked up another notch, pumping his cock in and out of her faster and faster, "what gorgeous fucking tits."

Will felt his cock growing heavier and heavier as he watched his mother getting fucked. He had never felt such emotion. Jealousy, envy, spite, bitterness, excitement all washed over him at the same time, filling his head with confusion and anger.

Why had he done this, he asked himself as he watched Charlie defile his mother? Now over the sound of Charlie's panting, he could hear the sick, loud slapping of his groin crashing into his mother's wet, juice and cum-coated underbelly as the boy humped his big cock into her. How could he have ever let another boy fuck his mother? His Mother. His beautiful, sweet Mother. He was letting another boy fuck her. He was the most vile creature on the face of the earth, but still he did nothing to stop it as he watched on with perverse excitement.

"Oh, fuck, oh, fuck, man," Charlie panted out, his hips slashing back and forth crazily as his big, cum-drenched prick flew in and out of her pussy at a furious pace. "Gonna come, gonna come, come in, come in, her, her pussy, her pussy."

Then several seconds later, Will heard Charlie grunt out loud and slam his cock down into her pussy as deep as it would go.

"COMING! COMING! COMING IN HER FUCKING CUNT!" he groaned loudly as he ground his groin down into her and held his cock buried as deep inside her pussy as he could.

Will angrily watched Charlie's muscular ass clench and relax over and over again, knowing that every time it clenched it was spewing out another spurt of cum into his Felicia's already cum-drenched trench. Again and again, Charlie grunted and hunched forward, until it seemed to Will that Charlie had been coming for hours. Finally, Will saw the contractions rippling through the other boy's ass began to weaken and wane until they stopped altogether.

Then he saw Charlie collapse down onto his mother and lay there gasping for breath.

"Awesome. Fucking fantastic," Charlie groaned at last as he pushed himself up off her.

Feeling a sense of revulsion, guilt and shame, Will watched the other boy's slowly deflating penis come slithering out of his mother's oozing cunt trailing a creamy thread of cum that obscenely joined them together.

"That was the best fucking piece of pussy I've ever had," Charlie wheezed rolling off her and sitting on the edge of the bed as he looked over at Will.

"Hey, man, watch it, that's my mom you're talking about," Will snorted.

"Yeah, man, best ever," he laughed, apparently not catching the sarcasm in Will's voice as he looked down at Will's fully erect penis that was now jutting straight up in the air. "It looks like you did, too and that's a real nice piece of change you have there, Dude."

Having been so engrossed in the defiling of his mother by Charlie, Will had forgotten all about his own peter. Now glancing down at it, he saw that it was once again ripe and ready as it stood with its big head proudly waving in the air.

"You wanta have another go at her before she wakes up?" Charlie grinned at him.

"Yeah," Will grunted, but turning to walk out of the room, "but we need to go over the game plan one more time before she wakes up."

"Man, this is going to be one more wild weekend," Charlie chortled, getting up and following Will back into the living room with his cock limply hanging down between his legs...

"WILL! WILL! WILL, WHERE ARE YOU?" Will heard his mother shout from the bedroom. "WHAT'S HAPPENING?"

He could hear the terror in her voice and it grated on him that he was putting her through this.

"She's awake," he said loudly, looking over at Charlie.

Sickly, he saw that Charlie's cock was once again hard and ready.

Silently forming the word 'go', he pointed to the bedroom.

"I can hear her fuck-head," Charlie growled, grinning at Will. "You just sit there while I go introduce her to old Cecil here."

"You son of a bitch," Will grumbled loudly, half play-acting and half meaning it.

"Well, I may be," Charlie cackled, "but since I have the gun, I guess I'm the boss."

"Don't you hurt her," Will complained, "or I'll kick your fucking ass."

"Yeah, just as soon as you get untied," Charlie cackled again as he started for the bedroom door.

"Well, hello, sweet lady," Charlie drawled as he walked into the room. "Old Cecil here and I've been waiting to make your acquaintance. Bout time you finally woke up."

"Who? Who are you? What do you want? Where is Will?" she blurted out cringing and trying to draw back away from the voice, but finding it was impossible because of the ropes tied around her wrists and ankles. "Why am I tied up?"

Will walked over and stood in the doorway watching his one-time friend, Charlie stroll over to the bed.

"Well, well. So many questions," Charlie crazily laughed. "First, I guess you can say that I'm just a friend of the f****y. And as for what do I want, I guess you'd know if you could see old Cecil. He's all big and hard and raring to meet your little lady. And Will, is that his name, he's tied up in the living room. And finally, I tied you up so you wouldn't get all crazy and try to get away."

"What are you going to do to me?" she fearfully asked.

"I would think that, that was pretty obvious by what I just told you," he giggled. "And there's nothing you can do about it so you might as well just lay back and enjoy it."

"Oh, My God," she whimpered. "Is, is Will okay?"

"Yeah, he's fine," Charlie said, turning and looking over at Will. "In fact, after old Cecil gets through with your little lady, I'm going to bring him in here and let him have a go at her while I watch. Now don't you think that's right neighborly of me?"

"Please don't do this," she pleaded, as another wave of regret washed over Will.

Then Charlie leaned down and pressed the muzzle of the pistol against one of her, bulging nipples. Will saw her flinch as the cold steel touched her skin.

"Just do as I say," he sneered, "and everything will work out just fine."

"Uh, uh, okay," she sniffed, "just don't hurt us."

"That's good," Charlie laughed, "because it would be a sin to ruin such a fine pair of tits."

Then Will watched Charlie pull the gun away from her breast and gently place it down on the nightstand. At the moment he was wishing he hadn't started this sick game. It had been so wild and exciting in the beginning, but now it was getting a little disgusting as he watched Charlie crawl onto the bed with his trussed up mother. What's he doing now, Will wondered as he stood leaning against the doorframe watching Charlie straddle his mother? He sickly watched as Charlie stood on his knees and slowly worked forward, moving up her body until his big, jutting prick head was almost touching her lips.

"I think old Cecil would like a little kiss," he giggled, inching his hips forward until the swollen roundness of his cock head nudged up against her soft, full lips.

Will saw her flinch, trying to escape, but Charlie's hips lurched forward keeping the big, bloated head of his cock pressed against her lips. She was trapped now as she lay shoving her head back against the pillow as hard as she could, but couldn't move away. Her only chance to evade the malignancy was to twist her head to the side. As she did, Will watched the head of Charlie's cock skitter across her cheek, leaving a glistening streak of his pre-fuck juice in its wake.

Will almost lost it as he watched Charlie reach down with both hands and forcibly twist her head back around until Charlie's big, purple cock head was once again resting on her lips.

"Now old Cecil might take offense if you don't give him a little suck," Charlie muttered. "So open up."

"Please, no-UK," she started to say, but the moment her lips opened to speak, Charlie's hips lurched forward driving his bloated cock head into her mouth.

"Remember, you're a dead woman if you try anything cute," he threatened, slowly easing more of his cock into her mouth as he reached over and picked up the gun again, then pressed the nuzzle against her temple. "Just suck on it a little bit and then we can get down to some serious fucking."

Will wanted to throw up, but he held back when he saw his mother's cheeks hollow as she began to suck on Charlie's big, thick cock. Then, pulling the gun away from her temple, Charlie began to pump his cock in and out of her mouth. Even from across the room, Will could head the loud slurping sounds his mother was making as she franticly sucked on Charlie's cock while his hips worked back and forth humping his cock into her mouth.

The anger he had felt before cooled, but it was replaced by a simmering disgust for himself at the pain and suffering he was causing his mother. He should never have done this. He was a vile, despicable creature and would probably rot in hell for it.

Even though he was repulsed by the scene taking place before him, he still found himself drawn to it. Quietly shuffling over to the bed, he looked down with shame and loathing as Charlie pumped his big cock into Felecia's his mother's mouth. The slurping sounds escaping her lips were even louder now that he was closer and he could see Charlie's cock was glistening wetly at least halfway down its thick, vein-covered shaft as it slid in and out of her mouth. Mesmerized by the obscene slurping sounds and the big, spit-coated cock sliding in and out his mother's pretty mouth, he disgustedly felt his own peter begin to stiffen and grow.

At last, after a minute or two, Charlie slowly backed his spit-covered penis back out of her mouth and slowly inched back down her body. Then, one at a time, he lifted his legs and set them down between her legs. Then he scooted his knees back until his big, glistening prick was vulgarly bobbing up and down above Felicia's drooling puss.

Growing more and more disgusted with himself, Will couldn't help but watch as Charlie took hold of his cock and guided its big, bloated head down to Felicia's waiting pussy for a second time. Then with the fingers of his other hand, he spread her fat, engorged cunt-lips and eased the head of his dick into the slippery opening.

"Please. Please don't," she whimpered as his cock began to slither down into the cum-drenched channel of her cunt. "Please. Please be gentle. Don't hurt me."

"Missy," Charlie groaned, shoving all seven and a half inches of his cock down into her tight pussy, "you don't have to worry about me hurting you as slippery as your hot, little cunt is."

Charlie began to work his hips back and forth determinedly, sending his cock sliding in and out of her pussy at slow, easy pace. Without even knowing that he was doing it, Will suddenly realized that his hand was lazily sliding up and down his own cock as he watched his mother getting reamed by his one-time friend.

Felicia lay motionless on the bed, her big tits undulating up and down in rhythm with the hammering her pussy was taking as Will looked on while Charlie fucked his mother.

Then Will thought he saw something that stunned him. He thought he detected the slightest movement of his mother's hips. Watching closely, he saw it again. Then again until finally there was no mistaking it. His mother was humping her pussy up at Charlie every time he drove his cock down into her pussy. He couldn't believe it, his mother was actually fucking herself back at Charlie.

Then he could hear soft mewling sounds coming from her mouth. He could even hear them over the loud panting sound emitting from Charlie as he furiously fucked her.

Will could see that she was straining to move her arms and legs as her pretty butt began to bounce up and down keeping pace with the brutal attack that was being inflicted on her pussy by Charlie's big dick.

His mother was enjoying it. She was loving the fucking her cunt was getting.

"Unh, unh, yes, unh, unh, yes, harder, harder," she whimpered, wiggling and pumping her cunt up around Charlie's cock.

"You, you, like, it, like, it, don't, you, don't, you, cunt," Charlie wheezed out between strokes as he frantically thrust his cock in and out of her tight, clutching cunt.

"Yes, yes, fuck, yes, fuck me hard, make me come," Will heard his mother whine out.

Stunned beyond words that his mother was already succumbing to their sick game, Will couldn't believe what happened next.

"Oh, oh, oh, oh, no, oh, no, oh, cooommminnnggg," she gagged out as her hips began to patter and jump around on the bed.

"Me, me, me, me, tooooooooo," Charlie howled, cramming his cock down into her hot, convulsing pussy as deep as it would go and latching his hands around her flailing tits.

Will's fist was flying up and down his cock as he watched his mother and Charlie groveling in the ecstasy of their orgasms, their bodies crushed together in lewd display of depravity.

They continued to groan and spew out obscene, sick a****l-like sounds as they wallowed in their own gratification while Will watched on with envy and stunned disbelief.

Finally, his mother's ass dropped back to the bed, her chest heaving up and down as she tried to catch her breath. Atop her, Charlie kept his cock shoved down inside her overflowing pussy for the longest time before he slowly backed the wilting monster back out of her trailing a long strand of his thick, gooey semen.

"Oh, God, that was good," Charlie wheezed, rolling off her and flopping onto his back beside her.

"Um-huh," she mumbled. "Why, why don't you take these ropes off me and I'll show you just how good I can be."

"Uh, uh, sorry," he mumbled, fumbling up and sitting on the side of the bed, looking up at Will in askance, "I'm afraid I can't do that."

Will shook his head from side to side negatively and pointed to the living room and then down to his stiff, hard cock, and then stubbed his finger into his chest.

"Besides, I said I was going to let your son have a little while I watched," Charlie smirked, getting to his feet.

"Don't do that," she whined. "That's not right. That's i****t. Don't make us do that. I'll do anything else you want—anything--"

"I know it is," he giggled. "That's what makes it so fucking exciting. And besides, I'll bet you'll like his cock just as much as you liked mine. In fact, his cock is even bigger than mine."

"Please. I'll do anything you want," she complained, "just don't make him do that to me."

"Well, I could probably do anything I wanted to you anyway," he chuckled, "as long as I have the gun. So you don't fret. Just wait here for a minute and I'll go get the love of your life."

"Pig. Bastard," she cursed, struggling to free herself from her restraints.

"Don't be rude," he laughed sarcastically as he padded out of the room quietly followed by Will who closed the door behind them.

"God is she hot," Charlie exclaimed when they were out of earshot of Felicia.

"Yeah, I could see," complained Will, "but don't get too used to it because this weekend is the last time you're going to ever see her."

"Don't get all huffy on me now," Charlie muttered. "Remember this was your idea. I just went along with it. Besides you're going to get to fuck my mother, too."

"Yeah, okay, okay," Will mumbled, walking over to the sink and wetting down a couple of washcloths. "It's just a little disconcerting having to watch my mother getting fucked by another guy. You wait and see how you feel."

"I can imagine," Charlie said seriously. "I've had second thoughts about that, too."

"You can't back out on it now," Will growled. "You fucked my mother. I'm fucking yours."

"Okay, okay, just cool down," Charlie told him. "What are you going to do with the rags?"

"When we get back in there, I want you to 'make' me eat her pussy. I want to make her come with my tongue and then with my dick," Will smiled lecherously, wringing out the cloths and tossing one to Charlie. "Understand?"

"Sure, man," Charlie said, running the rag over his cock to wipe off the gooey mess that coated it. "You're the boss."

"And don't forget it," warned Will, "or I'll just call everything off and send you packing."

"Cool off, man," Charlie griped. "You're the one calling the shots. I'll do whatever you say."

"Okay, let's go," Will leered, reaching down and giving his jutting prick a couple of quick jerks before starting back to the bedroom.

The excitement inside Will was building to a crescendo as they walked across the room. This was the moment he had planned for all along. Although it wasn't going to be his first time with his mother, it was going to be the first time with her knowing that it was him that was fucking her. Anxiously looking down at his cock as it slashed from side to side in front of him, he hoped that he could perform up to his mother's expectations just as Charlie had. He had to show her how much he wanted to please her. Show her how much he loved her.

With trembling fingers, he slowly pushed the door open. His mother was still lying in the bed, her limbs vulgarly spread out to display all of her womanly charms to him. Her beauty still almost took his breath away as he stumbled across the room.

"Mom, I'm sorry, but he's got a gun and he's making me do this," he choked out, hoping there was enough remorse in his voice to convince her of his sincerity.

"I know. I know," she murmured softly, turning her head toward his voice. "Just do as he says so he won't hurt us."

"Okay," he sniffled.

"You is some smart folks," Charlie cackled, playing his part as the bad guy up to the hilt. "Now, uh, uh, Will, isn't it? Why don't you have a little taste of her nice, little pussy pie before you before you cut the pie with your big peter."

"What? You, you want me to, to, to, uh, to eat her?" Will choked out. "I thought you wanted, wanted me to, uh, uh, you know, uh, fuck, uh, uh, make love to her."

"Well, I changed my mind," Charlie grumbled. "Here, clean it up and have a taste of it."

"Sorry, Mom," Will sniveled, crawling up on the bed between her legs and leaning down over her cum-covered snatch.

"It's okay, Honey, just do as he says," she whimpered.

Gently running the wet washcloth over and around her drooling pussy, he wiped off as much of their expended cum as he could, then flipped the washcloth over and made another run over it.

Finally, he tossed the messy cloth onto the floor and lay down on his belly between her pretty legs. With his head above her puss, he looked down at the long ruffles of soft flesh that started up under the mat of soft curls and ended just above her pussy. It was a really long one and jutted up at least a quarter inch high, he thought as he lovingly ran his tongue down it all the way to the end where her clit, also bigger than most jutted out. Well, he couldn't really say that it was bigger than most, because it was the first woman-sized clit he had ever seen. The rest had been girl clits, so it would stand to reason, he told himself that they would probably be smaller.

Then, he ran his finger down to the end of the fleshy ridge and gently peeled it back revealing even more of the jutting ball of his mother's big clit. Easing his tongue out, he flicked the tip of it across the swollen nub. As he did he felt a shiver run through his mother's body at the same time a soft groan escaped her lips.

Seeing her reaction and reveling in the power he now had over her, he peeled the fleshy covering back ever further and began to mercilessly attack the bulging button with the tip of his tongue.

"Oh, oh, oh, oh, ohhhhh," she murmured and began to softly hump her clit up at his flicking tongue.

After a few seconds, Will stopped.

"Don't stop, Honey," Felicia wheezed, "don't stop, now."

Then Will began to circle the jutting nub of her clit with the tip of his tongue. Round and round it went as she chased it by moving her hips around, until at last, he quickly pursed his lips and sucked it between his lips where he began to roughly drag his rough tongue back and forth across it.

"Oh, oh, yes, yes," she hissed and the humping of her hips became more urgent as he eagerly lapped away at her clitoris.

Sucking, lapping, nipping at the swollen nub, he attacked it with a vengeance. As he did, he could feel her whole body growing more and more tense as she mewed out her excitement.

Lapping away at her clit, Will eased a finger down into her cum-filled cunt. Then he eased a second finger into her as she mewed out her appreciation. Pushing a third finger in to her accommodating snatch, he began to finger-fuck her.

Then all at once, he heard her gasp and her body shuddered for a few seconds then went stiff as a board.

"Comimming," she grunted out, shoving her pelvis up into his face as hard as she could.

He could feel the muscles surrounding her pussy contracting and relaxing as the throes of her orgasm washed over her body again and again.

He'd done it. He'd made her come with his mouth. He was ecstatic. He had never felt so proud of anything in his whole life. He had made his mother come with his mouth. How many boys could say that, he deliriously wondered?

Her orgasm seemed to last for several minutes, he thought to himself, but he knew it had only lasted for several seconds as her ass finally dropped back to the bed.

"That, that was wonderful," she sighed, seeming to forget that Charlie was even around.

"I'm glad you liked it," he murmured, looking up over her beautiful breasts to her face.

"Very much," she smiled.

"Okay, you two lovebirds, stop the yapping and get to fucking," Charlie rudely interrupted. "I ain't got all day."

"I'm sorry, Mother," Will lied, slowly getting up on his hands and knees.

"I know, Honey. But do as he says," she whispered.

This is it, he told himself, crawling up between his mother's spread-eagled legs.

Balancing on his knees and one hand, he reached down and took hold of his over-ripened peter and aimed it down at the big, fleshy opening of his mother's drooling pussy. Then, as tenderly as he could, he fitted the bulbous, purple head of his big cock down between the fat, meaty lips of his mother's cunt.

"Sorry," he muttered as he moved his hips forward, sliding his cock down into the hot, sucking core of her vagina.

Then as he pushed it in deeper and deeper, he felt the walls of her cunt clamp down around his invading peter.

Oh, God, he feverishly thought, she milking my cock with her cunt. She's making her cunt milk my fucking cock. She's not just lying there letting me fuck her. She's making her cunt tighter for me.

Will was ecstatic with joy. He was fucking his mother and she was working her cunt on his cock.

Finally, after a long drawn out descent down into the depths of his mother's tight pussy, Will felt the thick base of his cock touch down onto the corpulent lips of his mother's hot cunt.

"So big," she murmured squeezing her cunt down around his cock again.

"Uh-huh," he grunted, sliding his cock backwards and then beginning to work it in and out of her juicy love-wound.

Then, he felt her humping her pussy back up at him every time he drove it down into her.

He was delirious with joy. He was fucking his mother and she was fucking him back. It was working. His fiendish plan was working. She was enjoying it. He couldn't believe it had been so easy. But as he reveled in the bliss of happiness, a nagging thought sprang into his head. What else could she do? She was tied down and had no other choice.

Still stroking his cock down into her pussy with deep, powerful strokes, he tried to convince himself that she was enjoying it. She could just lie there and take it without moving, couldn't she? But she was humping her pussy up at him and squeezing it down around his cock. She must be enjoying it. She has to be enjoying it, he fumed, pumping his prick into her harder and faster.

"Yes, harder," she whispered, humping herself back at him with even more energy.

Yes, yes, she is enjoying it. She even wants me to fuck her harder. She loves it. She wants my cock, he laughed to himself shifting to a higher gear and furiously pounding his cock into her tight, hot socket.

"Yeah, boy, give it to your mom," Charlie cackled, his eyes glued down on Will's big, juice-coated peter as it slashed in and out of

Felicia's juicy cunt. "Yeah, boy, give it to her good. Make her come like I did."

A spark of anger fired off in Will when he heard mention of the fact that Charlie had made his mother come. It somehow tarnished the majesty of the moment but it didn't deter him from continuing to pump his cock in and out of his mother at a furious pace.

"Oh, oh, oh, Baby, Baby, I can feel it, I can feel it coming," she purred. "Just a little more."

"Yeah, boy, make her come," Charlie urged him, "make her come on your big cock."

He wished Charlie would go and leave them alone. He wanted to be alone with his mother to savor this wondrous occasion. Be alone with her to share the consummation of their i****tuous union. Be alone with her as they began their journey into the joys of their i****tuous couplings.

Will's hips were flashing back and forth at a frantic pace as he fucked his mother. Huffing and puffing, he was determined that he would make her come before he did. He couldn't let Charlie put one over on him. He would never be able to live with himself if he couldn't finish the job like Charlie had.

Straining to constrain the growing urgency that was stirring in his big, flopping balls, he banged her with a vengeance.

"Yes, Baby, yes, almost, just a little more," his mother babbled as he stroked his cock into her as hard and fast as he could.

Felicia's pretty ass was urgently bouncing up and down like a bouncing ball as she humped herself back at him. He could feel her muscles tightening and tensing as she came closer and closer to the moment.

Hurry, hurry, hurry, he silently begged her as the bubbling, boiling caldron of semen inside his balls fought to escape. Come on, Mom, come on, please come, can't last much longer, he silently screamed at her.

Then, just when he knew he couldn't last another second, he felt her jerk and begin to shake and shiver.

"Oh, yessssssssssssccccooommmminnnng," she gurgled out as her cunt collapsed down around his cock and began frantically milking it, contracting and relaxing as each wave of her orgasm undulated through it.

At last, at last, he groveled, letting go and feeling his big cock jerk deep down inside her hot, clutching cunt as it spewed out a massive gush of superheated cum.

"Goddddcoommminnnggggtoooooo," he gagged out, shoving his spewing cock down into her convulsing cunt as deep as it would go.

I'm doing it. I'm doing it, he deliriously thought to himself as he ground himself against her, keeping his spurting monster buried deep inside her as it emptied its virulent load of semen into her. I'm coming in her hot cunt. I'm coming in my mother's cunt. I can't believe it, but I'm really finally doing it, and she's loving every second of it. As good as it had been fucking her while she had been out, this was a hundred times better, he thought as they came together.

They came and came. Now one, their bodies joined together by their genitals, they wallowed in the wicked joy of their own gratification. Nothing could ever be better than this, Will dementedly thought. Fucking his mother was IT. This was the most absolutely awesome thing in the world. But now, now that he had tasted the forbidden fruit, he knew that he could never live without it. Now he was totally addicted to the wicked sensation that fucking her gave him. The feeling of power and love and the total gratification it gave him was overpowering and he wouldn't be able to live without it.

At last, he felt the last wash of pleasure shudder through his cock as the last drop of cum dribbled out of it into his mother's cum-filled cunt. It was over. The consummation of the i****tuous marriage had been carried out and now they were man and wife, mother and son, lovers both.

"That was wonderful," his mother mewed out, relaxing her hold on his rapidly shrinking manhood. "So wonderful."

"Boy, that was some good fucking," Charlie giggled as he watched Will slump down onto his mother. "Some real good fucking. But now it's back to the chair for you, boy cause old Cecil wants another turn."

"Can't you fucking wait for a god damned minute," Will angrily complained giving Charlie a flaming look.

"Yeah, I guess I can wait for one minute," Charlie snorted back, "but hurry up."

Will was growing angrier and angrier. He was tired of sharing his mother with Charlie. And the angrier he became, the more jealous of her he became. He was sick of playing the game. He wanted her all for himself and he wanted Charlie to leave. Just go and leave them alone.

Finally, he rolled off the bed and plodded back into the living room with Charlie, closing the door behind them.

Walking over and pouring him a glass of wine, he turned to Charlie.

"I want to call it off," he said emphatically. "I want you to leave."

"Aw, man," Charlie complained, "you said we were going to stay up here and fuck her all weekend."

"I know, I know," Will conceded, "but I've changed my mind. She's my mother and I'm tired of you fucking her. I want her all to myself. I don't want to share her anymore."

"Damn," Charlie cursed, "that don't hardly seem fair after all I've done for you."

"What the hell," Will fumed. "Look, you got to fuck her twice, and got a little head on top of that. That ought to be enough."

"Well, it ain't," Charlie complained. "But I tell you what. Let me do her one more time and then I'll leave."

"No," Will barked.

"Well, I guess that she'll know that all this was just a sham then," Charlie warned him. "A sham so you could fuck her."

"What? What do you mean?" Will wanted to know.

"Remember when you got through fucking her I told you that you were going back to the chair so old Cecil could have another go at her?" Charlie said, winking at him. "Well, what's she going to think if old Cecil don't show up like he told her he was? Huh?"

"You prick," Will said angrily.

What could he do, he raged? He didn't want Charlie fucking her again, but if he didn't she might get suspicious. He would have to let him do it one more time. One more time, but then he was gone. History.

"All right," he muttered, "one more time but then you're out of here."

"Deal," Charlie leered, grinning and heading for the bedroom.

"And don't take all day," Will warned him.

"I won't. You want to watch," he smirked, reaching for the doorknob.

"Fuck you," Will muttered.

Will watched him open the door and leave it wide open as he pompously walked into the room.

"Well, hello, sweet lady," he heard Charlie say, "did you miss me and Cecil?"

Will heard his mother answer him, but couldn't make out what she said.

"Well, me and old Cecil missed you," Charlie giggled back.

Then Will heard the creak of the bedsprings and assumed it was caused by Charlie crawling up on the bed. There was silence in the room for a few seconds before the nauseous rhythmic squeak of the springs began. And accompanying the squeak of bedsprings was the disgusting slap of their bodies smacking together as Charlie fucked Felicia. Will grew angrier and angrier while he listened to the obscene sounds as he could now hear Charlie huffing and puffing loudly as he pounded his revolting dick into Felicia's cunt.

Totally repulsed by the sounds emanating from the bedroom, he still couldn't stop himself from sneaking over to the door and peeking in.

What he saw sent a jolt of flaming anger through him. But this time the anger was directed more at his mother than at Charlie.

Apparently Charlie had untied his mother's ankles and now as he drove his big cock in and of her pussy, his mother had her legs wrapped around his waist and was roughly kicking him in the ass urging him to fuck her harder. It was all Will could do to keep from storming in and tearing the copulating fuckers apart. He felt like his mother had betrayed him. She was acting like a common slut. Why it wasn't Will she loved. She just loved to fuck. Fuck anything that had a dick. Well, she was getting it now, he fumed watching her feet slash back and forth as Charlie humped his dick into with wild abandon.

"Yeah, yeah, Baby, that's the way, yeah, yeah, fuck, fuck, fuck Mommy hard," he heard her gurgle out.

That was the last straw. He couldn't take any more. Turning away, he walked away with a broken heart. Not only had she been urging Charlie on, she had called him her baby. And told him to fuck 'MOMMY'. FUCK MOMMY HARD.

She was his fucking mother, not Charlie's. Why was she acting like it was him fucking her instead of Charlie? Had they driven her crazy? Had she slipped over the edge?

He didn't know what to do as he stood sipping on his wine and listening to the cacophony of vile sounds emanating from the bedroom. Maybe he would just kill Charlie and dump his body somewhere. But he knew that he couldn't do that. He would just have to live with the shame of what he had caused.

Just then he heard his mother scream out.


Then almost at the same moment, Charlie chimed in with her.


Will felt like he was going to throw up. He suddenly wanted to kill them both. Choke them with his bare hands.

A couple of minutes later, Charlie came strolling out of the bedroom with his clothes in his hand and his big, juice-coated prick dangling down between his legs. He didn't even bother to close the door as he sauntered over to the couch and began pulling his clothes on.

Will stepped over and closed the door and then walked over to where Charlie sat.

"Boy that was a good fuck," Charlie smirked up at him.

Will started to pop him, but changed his mind, knowing that it would serve no purpose and might tip his mother off that the whole thing was just a big ruse so he could get in her panties.

Finally Charlie was dressed and stood up.

"Well, friend, thanks for the memories," he laughed cynically as he walked toward the door. "Good luck with your mom. And if it works out for you - give her another fuck for me."

"You bastard," Will snorted at him, "I'll get even with you. Just wait until I fuck your mother. I'll fuck her so long and hard, she'll think you're just a little boy."

"You wish," Charlie laughed, opening the door and stepping outside.

Walking over to the door, Will watched as Charlie got into his car and drive away then he angrily slammed the door shut.

"Well, the moment of truth," he said out loud, walking over to the chair sitting in the middle of the room.

Picking up the rope that was d****d across it, he wrapped it around his wrist and pulled it as tight as he could and held it there for the better part of a minute. Releasing it, he saw that it had left an angry red mark around his wrist, just as if he had been tied up like his mother. Repeating the process, he did his other wrist and both ankles.

Then, satisfied that his handiwork would convince his mother that he, too, had been tied up, he dropped the rope on the floor and hurried over to the bedroom door.

Taking one last look around, he saw that the sun had just set. The evening was just beginning, he grinned to himself. And he had his mother all to himself.

Taking a deep, shuddering breath, he pushed the door open and stepped into the room.

"Who's there?" he heard his mother ask as he quickly stepped over to the bed.

"It's me, Mother," he said breathlessly. "After the man left, I got loose."

"He's gone?" she said happily. "Thank God."

Maybe she hadn't been so crazy about Charlie's cock after all, he thought, unable to keep from taking a long look at the beauty spread out below him. But when he did, he felt his big cock begin to stir and stiffen.

Tearing his eyes away from her, he reached up and quickly untied the rope that held her wrist to the bed.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you," his mother murmured as her arm dropped down to the bed. "That was very uncomfortable."

Watching her as he stepped around the bed to her other wrist, he saw her jerk the blindfold off and throw it across the room.

"I'll never wear one of those things ever again," she muttered, turning and looking over at him as he struggled with the knot that was holding her wrist bound to the bed.

Her eyes immediately dropped down to his half-hard penis that was fighting to raise its big, purple head. She continued to stare at it with a troubled look on her face as he finally got the knot untied and let her other arm drop to the bed.

"Well, now, now what?" she asked finally looking up to his face as his penis continued to grow and stiffen.

"I don't know. What do you mean?" he dumbly asked feeling himself growing harder and harder as he reached down and covered his cock with his hand.

"Look at us. Look where we've been. Look what we've done. Look what we've done to each other," she mumbled, glancing back down to his crotch. "Look at you. Look at what's happening to you. You're getting aroused. Aroused by me. Me. Your mother. The fact that you can be aroused now, after all that has happened to us today is so confusing..."

Will didn't know what she was alluding to, but she made no effort to cover herself as she lay looking up at him and rubbing her wrists.

"Well, jeez, I'm sorry, Mom, you are a beautiful woman, you know, and, and, after all that we did today," he blushed, "you know, it was exciting. And now, seeing you, you all naked and everything, well, well, it just gets me all hot and stuff."

"Oh, I see," she smiled, "now that you've seen me naked, and, and we did those, those dreadful things, you're horny again. That right?"

"What we did. It was the most awesome thing I've ever done," he blushed bright red. "Didn't you like it? You acted like you did, or was it just an act to fool the guy?"

"No. No, it was no act," she said softly. "Maybe it was a bit of an act with him, to keep him from doing something to us. But with you, I'm afraid it was no act. I don't know how to explain it. I know that I should have been appalled, but after I got over the initial shock of what was happening, something happened and I couldn't stop myself. Even now, I know I should feel some remorse for what we did. But I don't. We had no choice and we did what we had to do."

"What, what do we do now?" he asked her, moving his hand to the side so that his fully erect penis was exposed.

"What do you mean?" she asked glancing down at his fully erect cock and then back up to his face. "What do you think we ought to do?"

"We've already done it once," he lied with a shaky voice, "why can't we do it again? What would it hurt since we've already done it once?"

"You mean you want to make love to me again," she asked frowning, running her eyes back down to his jutting prick.

"Uh, that's, uh, that's kinda obvious, isn't it."

"Well, uh, I suppose that it is, isn't it," she said, looking back up to his face.

"Well?" he asked.

"I, uh, let me think about it," she murmured, sitting up, reaching down and pulling the spread up over her. "Come on, crawl in bed and snuggle up to me while I think about it."

At least there's a chance, he giddily thought as he crawled under the spread and snuggled up to his mother.

Wrapping an arm around her just below her mammoth breasts, he gently pulled her to him as they lay unmoving for several moments. He knew that she could feel his big cock that was showing no signs of wilting as he pressed it up against her thigh.

Feeling the slow, even rise and fall of her chest, he became more and more brave and then slowly moved his hand up onto one of her mountainous breasts. Letting his fingers skim across the satin smooth skin, he determinedly worked his way toward the big, bulging nipple jutting out of its center.

Finally finding it, he began to roll it around between his finger and thumb.

"That's cheating," she whispered. "It's not fair trying to bribe the judge..."

"I'm just giving evidence to the justness of what it could be like," he said, feeling her nipple growing hard, "if we were to become lovers."

"Lovers?" she sputtered. "Lovers? Are you serious? I thought you meant just do it one more time..."

"No. No. I want you. I want you and I to be together like, like, uh, you know. Man and wife."

"Oh! Oh! Really? You mean live together like we were married?" she asked incredulously.

"Why not? We've already done it. So why not just continue on? You don't have a man. And I don't have a woman. Who would know? It could be our secret. I've seen how much you like to do it, and God knows how much I want you. This could answer all our problems without anyone ever knowing."

"You make it sound so simple," she murmured. "Yes, I will admit that I am a bit of a nymphomaniac and I do love to fuck, uh, make love and I know that as a teenage boy you probably have a perpetual hard on, but this, this is so new to me. How long have you wanted to make love to me?"

"Since the day I was born, it seems like," he groveled. "I love you so much and you can never know how much I need you."

"Well, I know that it is terribly wrong," she frowned, but Will felt her fingers tickling down over his belly moving down toward his throbbing penis, "but it would be nice to have a man around the house to take care of things."

"Yes, ma'am, I'll make sure of that," he smiled as he felt her fingers find his cock.

"And I know what a good job you can do," she went on, wrapping her hand around his cock. "So...I guess that I'll hire you for the job."

"You mean it. You really mean it. You and I. You and I forever..." he muttered.

"I guess so," she laughed softly. "You talked me into it."

"Awesome. Fucking awesome," he clamored.

"I think that the first thing on the agenda is payback time," she grinned lecherously, flipping back the cover to expose Will's big, hard cock. "I'm going to return the favor you did for me."

"You mean, uh, what do you mean?" he grinned.

"Seal the deal with a little head," she laughed, sitting up and bending down over his jutting penis.

Will couldn't believe it as he watched his mother hungrily suck his big, thick cock into her mouth. It had gone even better than he could have ever imagined. Now he had her. She was all his. He didn't have to ever share her with anyone else.

He had always known that she was a pretty woman, but seeing her naked, he saw that he had underestimated just how beautiful she was. Although the glimpse of her had been brief and his overactive imagination had probably clouded his perception of her, he thought she was a goddess. A goddess with the most awesome breasts he had ever seen anywhere.

Every since that fleeting glimpse of her naked body, he had been obsessed with seeing her naked, again. He had nearly been caught on several occasions, but Lady Luck seemed to be smiling down on him as he had gotten several brief, but delightful glimpses of his mother in various stages of undress. And as far as he knew, she still didn't suspect a thing.

Then he read the story that had sealed their fate. While cruising the net one night, he had stumbled on the story of a young boy who had fallen in love with his mother's best friend. The boy wanted to fuck her in the worst way, but he was too shy to convey his love to her, so he cooked up a scheme to a***** and seduce her. Crazily, he thought once she knew how much he loved her she would acquiesce and fall in love with him, too. The boy knew the woman loved to hike, so he had professed a sudden passion for hiking. Then, as the f****y owned a cabin in the mountains, the boy had convinced the woman that they should spend the weekend hiking in the mountains. Once they were at the cabin, the boy doped her with a sedative. When she was out, he had blindfolded her, undressed her and tied her up. Then, pretending that some fugitive had k**napped them, he pretended that the fugitive was making him **** her. As the weekend passed, he ****d her over and over again. But each time he ****d her, he became more remorseful and she became more responsive, until in the end, it was she that had become the aggressor and he became her love slave.

This had planted the seed in Will's head. Maybe he could a***** his mother and convince her to become his lover. After all, she didn't have a man to satisfy her needs since his father had divorced her for a younger woman. He hadn't been able to forgive his father until he had hatched up his evil plan. Now he was glad that his father was gone and out of the way. It was just one less thing he had to worry about. But he still never could understand why his father had given up a woman as beautiful and sensual as his mother for young bimbo.

But then again, Will had always been drawn to older women. It had begun for him with his first love, Mrs. Graves, who was his fifth grade teacher. At the time she must have been in her early forties, but there had been something about her that made him dizzy with desire every time he saw her. In fact, he still got the hots for her when he saw her even though she must be in her mid to late fifties. He had heard that her husband had recently passed away and had even thought of making a move on her to see if he could fulfill his c***dhood fantasy.

But then, when he had seen his mother naked, she had replaced Mrs. Graves as the object of his sick, twisted obsession. . . .

"Are you going to sit in the car all day or are you going to help me take the stuff to the cabin?" Will heard his mother complain jerking him back to the present from his daydream.

Blushing, Will turned around to find his mother leaning over looking in his window.

"Uh, yeah, uh, I'm sorry," Will blathered, his eyes immediately darting down to her bosom which was partially exposed as her blouse had billowed open revealing the creamy white slopes of her mammoth breasts.

"What were you so deep in thought about?" she asked him, pulling open his door.

"Nothing," he guiltily mumbled, blushing even brighter.

"It doesn't look like nothing," she laughed, stepping back away from the car. "Your face is bright enough to read by."

"Aw, Mom, stop teasing me," he complained sliding out of the car.

"Okay, I'll stop," she grinned, turning and walking for the cabin, "if you'll bring the rest of the stuff in."

"Deal," he said.

But we'll see who's doing the teasing later, he thought to himself as he watched the sway of her delightful ass underneath the clinging material of her short skirt.

It had been pure torture for Will on the trip to the cabin as his mother's short skirt had ridden up revealing miles and miles of creamy, white thigh for most of the trip. It was all he could do to keep from reaching over and running his fingers over the velvety smoothness.

"Yeah, we'll see who is doing the teasing," he mumbled under his breath. "God, I can't wait."

"Did you say something?" he heard her ask as she stopped at the top of the steps and looked back at him.

"Uh, no, uh, I, uh, I just stumbled."

"Well, be careful and don't hurt yourself," she told him, turning and disappearing inside the cabin.

Will reached up and patted his pocket for what had to be the hundredth time. The precious vials were still there. He could feel them in his shirt pocket, just waiting for him to unleash their power on his mother.

I'm not the one that should be careful, Mother dearest, he laughed to himself.

Gathering up the bags from the Jeep, he slammed the tailgate closed and headed for the cabin. Striding up the steps, he threw open the door and stepped inside.

Just perfect, he told himself as he saw her reaching up into the cupboard where they kept the wine.

"Want a glass of wine?" she asked him, pulling the cork out of a half full bottle of wine.

"Sure," he grinned, setting down the bags and walking over to her.

"We might as well finish this old bottle off before we open a new one," she said, pulling the cork out and sniffing it. "It smells okay."

"Here," she told him, handing him the bottle. "You pour us a glass while I run to the bathroom."

God, could it go any better, he asked himself, taking the bottle from her.

"Okay," he said, watching her turn and start for the bathroom.

As she strolled across the room, he dropped his eyes down to the swell of her magnificent ass as it swished from side to side under her short skirt. Soon it would be his, he sickly thought.

"I'll be right back," she chirped over her shoulder as she disappeared into the bathroom.

"I'll be right here," he grinned to himself.

Picking out two glasses, he quickly filled both glasses with the rose-colored wine. Then hurrying, he dug into his shirt pocket and pulled out one of the tiny glass ampules.

Snapping it open, he dribbled its contents into one of the wineglasses.

"This stuff better work or I'm going to kill Rodney," he muttered, swirling the wine around in the glass.

Sipping on his wine, he smiled and waited for his mother to reappear.

Well, that's the first step, he guiltily thought to himself. But this is your last chance to stop it if you're going to he told himself.

But just then, the bathroom door opened and his mother came padding back out into the living room. Will saw that she had changed out of her heels for her house slippers as she clumped toward him.

"Did everything come out all right?" he snickered staring at her magnificent bosom as it wiggled and jiggled with each step she took.

"William," Felicia snorted, "that's rude."

"Just joking," he laughed.

"What are you staring at?" she asked him as she stepped up in front of her.

"Uh, uh, nothing," he stammered, tearing his eyes away from her breasts.

"Is it okay?" he heard her ask.

"Uh, what, is, uh, is what okay," he blathered out like some kind of dolt caught with his hands in the cookie jar.

"Is the wine okay, Silly? You're acting awfully strange, Will. Is something wrong?" she grinned, picking up her glass and sniffing it.

"Oh, the wine," he nervously laughed, praying that she wouldn't smell or taste the d**gs, "it's fine. Fine like fine wine."

Smiling inanely, he watched her lift the glass up to her soft, pouty lips. Grinning back at him, she slowly tipped the glass and Will watched her take a tentative sip of the ruby colored liquid.

Then, after a moment's hesitation, she tipped the glass up farther and let almost half of the wine trickle into her mouth.

"Tastes a tiny, bit off, but it's still good," she remarked, running her tongue over her lips, "I don't recall it being that good before. But it's been five or six months, hasn't it? Maybe it aged."

"Uh, yeah, something like that," he grinned back at her, taking a sip of his as she finished her glass off.

"How about another glass while I take my bag to my room," she smiled setting the empty glass down in front of him and stepping over to the bags. "I'll be right back."

It couldn't be better, he thought as he watched her lift her overnight bag and tote it through the room. He still couldn't keep his eyes off the perfect roundness of her ass as it twitched from side to side under the clinging material of her short skirt. And now, it would only be a matter of time before he could run his hands over it. Feel the soft, smooth skin under his fingers. A delicious shiver of excitement ran through his body as the second she disappeared he snapped a second ampule and poured half of it into the glass. Rodney said that one would do it, but Will wanted to be sure. Not wanting to waste any of the precious elixir, he stepped over to the panty and hid the half-empty ampule behind some cans. Then, just as he was stepping out of the pantry, his mother came shuffling back into the room.

"Wow," she remarked, "that wine went right to my head. I feel like I'm going to pass out. I'm sorry, but I think I'm going to have to take a little power nap."

"That's what you get for drinking on an empty stomach," he laughed, walking over to where she stood and offered her, her glass of wine.

"Uh, I don't think I'd better have another one," she said, turning and starting toward her bedroom.

"Mom," he said, seeing her stumble. Setting the glasses down on the end table to make sure which one was his so he wouldn't make a mistake and drink the tainted wine, he hurried over to where she was standing.

Reaching out, he wrapped his arm around her waist to steady her.

"Boy, you are zonked," he said as she leaned against him while he guided her toward the bedroom.

"Yes, I am," she mumbled. "I don't know what's wrong. Maybe the wine was bad."

"Uh, maybe it was," Will lied, sensing an opportunity to blame her condition on bad wine instead of d**gs. "I just had a sip and I feel a little funny, too."

Helping her into her bedroom, he stopped by the bed. Then he helped her crawl up onto it where she flopped down onto her back. As she did, Will watched her giant tits slosh and swash about for a moment before they were overcome by gravity and fell still. Wishing he could reach down and grab them, he fought the temptation, knowing that he would soon have that opportunity anyway.

"Is there anything I can do?" he asked her seeing that her eyes were already closed.

"No, just take nap," she sl**pily mumbled.

"Okay, I'll be out in the living room if you need me."

"Kay," she whispered.

Leaving her room, he stepped over to the fireplace, quickly stacked up some logs and started a fire.

"There, that's better," he said, standing up. "Now it's time to see if that stuff really worked.

Walking back into his mother's bedroom, he saw that she was still lying on the bed just as he had left her. Her eyes closed and she appeared to be asl**p. Slipping over to the bed, he leaned down and gently shook her shoulder. There was no visible response from her.

"MOTHER, MOTHER," he said loudly, shaking her shoulder a little harder.

He watched her big breasts heavily swash from side to side under her blouse as he shook her, but there was no effort from her to respond. He was amazed that her big tits could flounce around so, knowing that they were still encased in a brassiere. It was a testament to their size and weight.

She just lay there, eyes closed, totally unresponsive to his voice.

"MOTHER CAN YOU HEAR ME?" he yelled at the top of his voice, roughly shaking her so hard the bed and her whole body shook.

Still nothing. No movement on her part at all. She appeared to be completely out of it.

With an evil, lecherous grin on his lips, he hurried out to his suitcase and threw it open. Jerking out a little bag, he carried it back into her bedroom and pitched it down onto the bed beside his mother. Then he slowly reached down and with trembling fingers began to unbutton his mother's blouse, one button at a time. He could scarcely breathe as he undid each button in turn until her blouse was completely unbuttoned. Breathlessly, he slowly spread the blouse open to reveal the soft, frilly brassiere that held her mammoth breasts. His fingers felt numb as he searched down between the flattened orbs for the catch that held her brassiere fastened. Finally, down between the jiggling mounds of flesh, he found it. With wooden fingers, he fumbled with the catch for a few moments like a boy on his first date and having his first encounter with the intricacies of brassieres. Finally it snapped open and the giant cups of her brassiere flew apart as he incredulously gawked down at her wondrous breasts when they sprang into the open.

"God," he gasped, staring down at them, "so fucking beautiful."

They were beautiful. Big, round, sagging globules of soft, quivering flesh each tipped with a big round circle of darkened flesh and a soft, rubbery nipple. His mother's breasts. This was a moment he had dreamed of so many, many times. If the truth were known, he had never thought this moment would happen.

Lovingly, he ran his hands down over the soft, smooth skin gently cupping the pliant flesh. They were so soft and mushy, he thought to himself as a jolt of excitement tore through his cock. Looking up at her face for any indication of wakefulness, he gently rubbed her big springy nipples between his forefinger and thumb. Still nothing as she lay there unmoving except for the even rise and fall of her magnificent bosom.

Unable to stop himself, he bent over and lovingly sucked one of the big, pink nipples into his mouth. He couldn't believe what a pleasure it was to pluck and pull on the big, puffy pap with his lips. This is heaven, he thought to himself as he toyed first with one and then the other of her big, rubbery nipples.

Finally after a few moments of indulgence, he reluctantly let the spit covered nub slip out of his mouth. Raising up, he let go of her breasts, and busied himself with slipping her blouse and brassiere off and down her arms.

At last, she was naked from the waist up as he stood up to admire his handiwork. Damn, she is so beautiful, he told himself as he ran his up and down her body.

Finally able to tear his eyes away from her gorgeous tits. Wishing that he could have her without doing this to her, he reached up and affectionately ran his fingers through her short, brown hair. But there was no other alternative. None, because NO mother would willingly give herself to her son. It wasn't his fault that she was so fucking beautiful. If she weren't so pretty, none of this would be happening, he told himself. So in his own convoluted way, he told himself that it was her fault. She had driven him to this. She was to blame, not him.

After a few moments of reflection on what he was doing, he gently rolled her over a little to reveal the button and zipper along the side of her skirt. With guilt-sodden fingers, he unbuttoned her skirt and slowly unzipped it.

Hurrying now, he reached down and slipped her slippers off, tossing them onto the floor by the bed. Then, still having difficulty breathing, he took hold of the hem of her skirt and began pulling it down her long, shapely legs. It was difficult at first, but as soon as the skirt slipped out from under her butt, it quickly whispered down her legs revealing her skimpy, black panties. As he stared at the sheer panties, he could make out the outline of her curly patch of pubic hair above her pussy. Hurrying, he jerked her skirt off over her dainty feet.

Pausing for a moment, he realized that only her transparent panties now separated him from his objective. Her black, frilly panties were the only thing keeping him from the treasure that waited for him between her pretty legs. Trying not to pass out from the excitement, he glanced up at her pretty face and saw that her eyes were still closed. Then he curled his trembling fingers under the waistband of her panties and slowly began to ease them down her long legs. As he breathlessly watched, more and more of the soft, brown curls covering her soft underbelly came into view until at last—THERE IT WAS!

HER PUSSY! Jerking her panties the rest of the way off, he tossed them aside and gawked down at the prize he had been seeking for so long.

Anxiously, he put his hands on her legs and gently pushed them apart. As he did, her beautiful, pink pussy, nestled down in its furry nest of curls, began to unfurl and open. Unable to breathe, he dizzily reached down and lovingly fingered the soft, vulnerable cleft of pink flesh.

He couldn't believe it he told himself as spread the meaty lips of her pussy apart to reveal the dark secrecy of her womanhood. Exploring the mysterious opening of her secrecy, he ever so gently eased his finger down into its wet, clinging heat.

This is where I came from he groggily told himself. But, how could a baby come out of anything that is so tiny and fragile, he thought to himself as the wet, sticky canal collapsed down around his finger. It's so small, so wet, so hot, so tight, so beautiful, he told himself as he began to slowly slide his finger in and out of the fleshy cleft.

Look at me. Look at me, he deliriously thought. I'm finger-fucking my mother. What would she think if she knew that I was doing this to her? Would she like it? Would she let me do it to her?

Goddamn it, he groaned to himself. I can't wait. It's just too good to pass up. Pulling his finger out of her pussy, he feverishly unbuckled his pants and let them drop to the floor as he shoved his shorts down around his ankles, letting his rock-hard, eight-inch cock spring into the open. Frantically toeing off his shoes, he stepped out of his pants and shorts, then urgently pushed his mother's legs wider apart and crawled up between them. Balancing on his knees and one hand, he reached down and grabbed hold of his rigid peter. Panting with excitement, he aimed the big, purple head of his cock down at the delicate, little opening between her legs. Hurriedly fitting the evil, tapered cock head down between the fleshy lips of his mother's cunt, he grunted and curled his hips forward driving his cock down into her all the way to the hilt in one powerful thrust.

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just another weekend at the white trash trailer park....................Sweet
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Smoking hot.
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Holy shit! That was hot