I will never forget the first time I watched my father masturbate.

So much has happened in the four years since that night, to us and between us, that I don’t recall the exact date, but I know it was early in the summer between my sophomore and junior years of high school, not long after I turned 16.

I guess I should introduce myself. My name is Kelly and I’m now 20, and a sophomore at a large university in the town where I went to high school. I’ve lived alone with my dad since my mom ran off with some budding rock star when I was 7. I’ve seen my mother intermittently since then, usually at the clinic where she goes periodically to dry out from the booze and d**gs that are her way of life, but she’s never really been a part of my life. Even before they broke up, it was Daddy who was always home for me, not Mom.

What’s a real mystery is how my mom and dad ever hooked up in the first place, although I learned that first night watching my father why she stayed with him. My father, to all appearances, is a shy, self-effacing gentleman with a mind like a steel trap. He’s a full professor of history at the university, and he acts the part with his conservative clothes and deferential demeanor. He’s not a particularly large man, maybe 5-10, 180, and while he’s nice-looking, he’s not somebody most women would notice in a crowd.

Boy, talk about not judging a book by its cover. In private, my father is a warm man of few words, but bold actions. I’ve always thought he was the sexiest man alive. He’s just got a gentle sensuality about him that’s always appealed to me. He has an ironic sense of humor, and a well-buried perverted streak that very, very few people know about.

My mom, on the other hand, is a party girl, always has been and always will be. She was a co-ed and he was a graduate assistant when they met. She was in one of his classes, and for some reason, they hit it off, so she decided to seduce him. When she did that, she discovered that Daddy possesses one of the finest dicks on the face of the earth, a long, fat slab of meat that’s perfectly cut, and he knows how to use it. Why she ever felt the need for another cock is beyond me, but the truth is, my mom’s a hot number that no one man can ever satisfy, not even my well-hung father.

I don’t know if there was ever any real love between Mom and Daddy, but it’s hard not to like my father, so when Mom turned up pregnant with me, she was talked into (her words) marrying him and having his baby. But she was a lost cause as a mother, and my dad quickly assumed both roles.

It really was just the two of us. I never knew my mom’s people – they were all alcoholics with money, my dad says – and Daddy’s folks died a year apart when I was very young. Except for a much older s****r who lives across the country, her husband and their two sons, my dad has no other f****y left. So it’s always been just him and me. We’ve always done everything together, ballgames, plays, symphony concerts, and we’ve always spent a lot of time talking with each other, to the point where we know each other instinctively. One of my dad’s most passionate sidelines is his vegetable garden, and we spend a lot of time working side-by-side and chatting with each other.

I think I inherited the best of both my parents. From my dad, I inherited my intelligence and a shy, loner’s personality. From my mom, I inherited her looks, her slim build, and a deep inner urge toward carnality. I’m average-sized, about 5-6, with straight blonde hair that falls to well past my shoulders. My boobs are fairly small and my hips are narrow, but I do have what everyone says is a very nice butt, not too big and not too bony.

When my mom finally left for good and my dad filed for divorce, he easily won custody and we’ve been a pair ever since. And, for the past two years – since the day I turned 18 – we’ve been lovers. And what lovers! We’ve done just about everything with each other that two people can do together sexually, and no one suspects a thing, because to the outside world, we put on our shy act, and avoid any big displays of affection, although for me, it’s awfully hard. I love my daddy like you wouldn’t believe; he was my rock when I was a k**, he’s been my best friend as I grew older, he was my confidante and savior when I got into trouble a few years ago, and he’s been by far the best fuck I’ve ever had, or ever will have, once we crossed the threshold into a sexual relationship.

To see us, even to know us, you would never know the depths of our relationship, never suspect that a demure, bookish little girl like me could have such a dirty mind and a willful sexual nature, or that my shy, scholarly father could be such a wanton sexual b**st. Behind closed doors, though, our lives are radically different from our public personae.

And it all started that hot night in June four years ago when I started spying on my dad.

I’ve given this a lot of thought, and I’ve decided that it takes a particular – a peculiar – set of circumstances for two intelligent people to gravitate willfully into a consenting i****tuous relationship. In the case of my father and me, it was a potent combination of loneliness, alienation, dependency and physical need that drove us into each other’s arms.

I matured at quite an early age; I reached my current height when I was 12, and I discovered boys about the same time. But it took awhile for boys to discover me, so it was left to my girlfriends and I to teach ourselves the beginnings of sexual awareness. As a consequence, I’ve always considered myself bisexual, and I’ve had a couple of sexual experiences with girls.

Anyway, when I was about 14, I was home alone one day in the summer, just lying around the house, when my curiosity got the better of me. I had often seen my father retire to his study, locking the door behind him, and he’d stay in there for quite awhile. I had wondered what he was up to, and as I grew older, I’d often press my ear to the door to see what I could hear. It wasn’t much, but occasionally I’d hear what appeared to be soft moans coming from the other side of the door. I thought maybe he was in pain of some kind, and finally I worked up the courage to knock on the door one time and ask if anything was wrong. He quickly answered that he was fine, but I’d often see him emerge looking sweaty and disheveled.

So finally, one day I decided to snoop around, being the curious little devil that I am. At first, all I found were history books and papers, but I finally found the key to Daddy’s locked file cabinet and found his stash of porno magazines. To say I was shocked was an understatement. I leafed through a few of them then put them away in what was a mixture of disgust and excitement. I was naïve and thought my father wasn’t like most men, not realizing that he was a male, and a male who needed sexual relief. And, since Mom was gone and he wasn’t dating, I guess he had naturally turned to self-relief.

It was several months before I succumbed to the urge to snoop again. I had told my best friend, Beth, what I had found, and she told me she snuck in and looked at, not only her dad’s magazines, but also those of her older b*****r all the time. A few weeks later, when she had invited me over for a sl**pover, we snuck into her b*****r’s stash, and this time I looked – really looked. And what I saw frankly turned me on – turned my friend on, too – and soon our fingers were doing brisk arpeggios on each other’s clits.

That was my very first sexual experience, when I first learned how to masturbate and reach an orgasm. I found I loved to come. The feelings of pleasure unlocked a door to my sexual psyche that would never again completely be closed. Moreover, I found that looking at porn, especially porn with men involved, got me hotter than a pistol in no time.

So, I began sneaking into my father’s study whenever he was away, and would pull out his books and magazines and frig myself to a frothy orgasm flipping through the pages. I know most women, not to mention girls of the age I was at the time, are not supposed to become aroused by porn. But I’m not most women, and I loved it. Beth and I spent many a sl**pover looking at dirty magazines and masturbating. Sometimes we did ourselves and sometimes we did each other, but we never did take the next step to oral. That would have been a tilt toward lesbianism that we weren’t quite ready to take.

It was a few months after that when my father announced that he had accepted a new position at a university a couple of hundred miles away. At first I was devastated at the prospect of leaving familiar surroundings and all my friends for a strange town. Of course, looking at it rationally, I knew Daddy was right, as always. It was a full professorship, which he had not had previously, and the time was right where I was concerned. Truth is, the neighborhood where we lived had slowly declined over the previous few years; in fact, there had been a couple of break-ins on our street in the previous months, and Daddy was concerned about my safety. And the high school where I went my freshman year was mediocre and getting worse every year.

The new high school I enrolled in was very good, a bit competitive for my tastes, but it was nevertheless a top-quality education. And our new home was just about the coolest place I’d ever seen. It was fairly old and cozy, a cottage almost, and it was set back from a quiet street via a long drive. A row of medium-sized trees screened the front and both sides of the house, and the house backed right onto a thick patch of woods.

I spent my sophomore year becoming acclimated to my new surroundings, but it wasn’t easy. I missed my old friends, and my low-key personality kept me invisible (I thought) for most of the year. So I spent a lot of time alone roaming the woods behind our house, and I quickly discovered that my father’s new office looked out toward the back, toward the woods. The office looked like it had been added after the house was built and was not built with the same kind of windows as the rest of the house, meaning it didn’t have blinds or curtains or anything, just a 2x6-foot window.

I don’t know if Daddy did it on purpose, but he set up his desk and computer right under the window. I would very soon learn to appreciate that decision.

That first year, I was too shy to go out on dates. I did make a few new friends, but I didn’t find anyone who could replace Beth, and Daddy seemed to have gotten rid of his stash of erotic literature, leaving me to my own limited imagination, so I was fairly frustrated as the school year came to an end.

Daddy didn’t venture into his new study for what I now knew were masturbation sessions, or at least he didn’t while I was home. So after school was finished for the year, I took to wandering in the woods, seeking solitude. It was just getting dark one night when I discovered that when Daddy had his desk lamp on, one could see everything that was going on in his study. I was trembling as I crept up to his window and peeked in. Unfortunately, he wasn’t in the room, but I knew then that if I played it right, I’d get an unforgettable show.

You see, as I turned 16, I’d already been having a vague lust for my father. I’d see him walking around the house in various stages of undress, and my heart would flutter and my pussy would start to dampen. I kept seeing Daddy’s face when I would lie in bed at night and masturbate, and the image disturbed me at first. Fathers aren’t supposed to arouse their daughters. But soon the perversion of the idea, of acting so totally beyond the pale of taboo, of acting against type, against the public image, began to appeal to my active imagination. Soon there was no mistaking the fact that I lusted after my father.

It was on a Friday night that things came to a head. I told Daddy I was meeting some friends down at the recreation center a couple of blocks away. Once out of the house, I doubled back around and slipped quietly behind the house. I had worn a pair of fairly baggy shorts and no panties. I wanted easy access to my pussy, which was already drooling with anticipation.

I didn’t have long to wait. As I crouched by a bush behind the house, I saw the light come on in Daddy’s study, and a sexual thrill ran through my body. Daddy was naked! I could see everything, and I could see that his eyes gleamed with a fire that I would come to know intimately. He sat down at the computer and began playing with the keyboard and mouse with one hand, while his other began to softly stroke his semi-hard cock.

My eyes bugged out as I watched. He must have been surfing for porn, because as he clicked through a series of websites, his cock gradually stiffened in his left hand. I could even see the gleam at the tip from what I now know was his pre-cum. As it got bigger, my jaw began to drop. I had seen a few cocks in those magazines I’d looked at, but none of them compared to what my precious father was casually stroking. Almost without thinking, I dropped a hand to my crotch, to the gap in the leg of my shorts and found my pulsing clit. I gasped as I felt the pleasure swirl within me. My eyes, though, were riveted to the window, where Daddy was beginning to stroke himself with more purposeful strokes. Occasionally, he would throw his head back and appear to moan, clicking away at the various images that appeared on his monitor. Suddenly, he stopped, opened his top desk drawer and pulled out a tube of something. He squeezed out a dollop onto his fingers then applied it to his dick, which magically gleamed wetly.

I couldn’t believe how turned on I was. My fingers were a blur in my pussy as I felt a tremendous orgasm begin to swell in my body. I had to bite my lip as the waves of pleasure rolled through me, and I was a trembling mass of quivering flesh. But Daddy wasn’t near finished. He was taking his time, drawing out his pleasure. He would appear to get close to finishing then he would slow down. He did this for the better part of an hour, during which time I resumed masturbating myself. Finally, the heat in my groin was too much, and I felt the biggest orgasm I’d ever yet experienced begin to swell up in my body. And I could sense that Daddy was close, as well. He was making long, hard strokes on his cock and thrusting his hips upward, as if he was penetrating some woman.

Suddenly, he seemed to stiffen and I watched in awe as a huge geyser of milky, white fluid burst out the end of his dick. The first shot actually hit him in the face and the rest cascaded all over his chest and stomach, until he finally milked the last few drops all over his hand. Even as he was exploding all over himself, I was right there with him, and I felt as if I was being turned inside out as I was racked with waves of pleasure. Spots formed in front of my vision as my orgasm worked itself out, and I finally had to slump to the ground as the twitching subsided. Daddy, too, slumped down in his chair then he slowly reached on the floor for a towel and wiped all of his cum from his body. Then he turned off the light, got up from his desk and walked away.

Although I was satiated for the moment, I knew right then that my life, our life, had taken a momentous turn. From that moment on, I knew I would never be satisfied until I had Daddy’s lovely dick joyfully up my pussy.

I would like to say that Daddy took my cherry, but the truth is I was impatient. I knew enough about sex by then that I knew it was something pleasurable, and it was something I wanted to experience. But I couldn’t just waltz into Daddy’s bedroom and throw myself at him, although that’s what I really wanted to do. I did inherit a large amount of common sense from him, and I knew instinctively that even if I did throw myself at him, he wasn’t going to do anything until I was of age. My father was too good, too decent to do something that would get him in huge trouble, something like having sex with his minor c***d.

I spent the rest of the summer sneaking out periodically and watching my father jack off. It was so exciting to watch him in action. He was really good at masturbation, with the ability to hold back his cum for quite a long time as he surfed the Web for porn. I began to notice, too, that Daddy often masturbated in bed. One of my chores around the house was to change the sheets on our beds once a week, and one time I noticed a tube of KY Jelly sitting on the headboard. I also saw that the sheets were often stiff and crusty. At first I didn’t know what it was, but then one time I happened to pick up a towel from under his desk that I knew he’d used to clean himself with after he’d cum, and I figured out what it was. The thought of Daddy lying in bed stroking his cock alone like he was gave me a thrill. But it also filled me with a bit of sadness. Here was a man who obviously had a very high sex drive, who was, at least to my mind, very sexy and quite good-looking, with a very nice cock, and all he could do about it was beat himself off. I knew then, if I hadn’t already, that I would likely have to be the one to take care of his loneliness.

But first, I needed experience, so I thought. So when school started back up, I resolved to break out of my shy mold as much as possible. My first stroke of luck (so I thought) came early in the year when I finally found a replacement for Beth. Her name was Lillie, and she was something of a bohemian. She always wore funky clothes and she kept her hair dyed very dark and cut in a sort of bob. We just sort of fell together in English class that year, and quickly became friends. I could sense from the start that she was a lesbian, but that was OK with me. I figured she would be a good place to start breaking out.

Sure enough, the first time I invited her over to spend the night, we ended up in each other’s arms, and this time I went all the way. I really didn’t expect it, but we were playing some music when she gave me a strange look then abruptly leaned over and kissed me. After my initial surprise, I kissed her back and soon we were fumbling to get out of our pajamas. Lillie had obviously done this before, because she knew exactly how to push all of my buttons. She kissed, licked, sucked and nibbled on my tits, getting me horny as hell, then she ran her tongue down my stomach, pushing me onto my back and spreading my legs as she did. When I felt her tongue on my pussy, I came like a rocket. Lillie ate me out to two more orgasms before I had to push her away from my super-sensitive clit.

Then I turned her around and returned the favor. The tart smell of her arousal was intoxicating, and I enthusiastically sucked her pussy and licked her clit until I felt her tremble in orgasm. Afterward, we crawled up in each other’s arms and fell asl**p.

Through Lillie, I fell into a crowd that liked to party, and I soon developed a taste for alcohol and marijuana. This was the beginning of my rebellious phase and it was the only time in my life when my relationship with my father became strained. Daddy is not a complete teetotaler; he will drink a beer or an occasional glass of wine every once in awhile. But after his experience with my mother, he is very careful about his alcohol consumption.

On the other hand, I quickly discovered that one other thing I inherited from my mom was an inability to know when to quit, and it soon got me in trouble. For one thing, it led to me losing my virginity. It happened on a Friday night late in the year. Our high school football team had won a big playoff game, and an impromptu party broke out at the home of someone whose parents were gone for the weekend. I won’t bore you with the gory details, but suffice to say I got d***k and very high, and when a senior named Bradley started to put the moves on me, I reciprocated. At that point, I was ready to lose my cherry, ready to experience sex with a man. I had flirted around with some of the guys, but I hadn’t taken that final step.

To say it was a disappointment would be an understatement. For one thing, Bradley’s dick was quite small. For another, he wasted little time with foreplay. He simply got me naked, played with my pussy for maybe 30 seconds – just long enough to get me wet – then pushed himself in, thrust in and out madly for about three minutes then spurted his cum up my cunt. Then he pulled out, got dressed and left without even so much as a thank you, leaving me absolutely frustrated.

But soon I was inundated with date requests. Seems good old Brad bragged around school about how he’d fucked me, and I was astonished to find out that I had been quite desired among many of the boys in school, especially the seniors. I guess my shy, low-key nature had been seen as a challenge for them. An ice queen, they’d called me, and Bradley was quite the hero among his crowd for breaking the ice, so to speak. Of course, he asked me out again, but I told him to forget it.

Nevertheless, for the next few months, I was quite the prize, and I was letting the guys fuck me, just for the experience of it. They quickly figured out that if they got me d***k and-or high that I was putty in their hands. I’d let them do anything they wanted to me when I was wasted. Most of the time they’d fuck my pussy, but I also learned how to give a serviceable blowjob. The first time was when I got d***k during my period, and the guy insisted on getting relief. I managed to pull him out of my mouth before he came, but the next time, the guy grabbed the back of my head and f***ed me to swallow his cum. I was furious; it wasn’t that I didn’t like the taste of cum, but rather, it was the lack of control that pissed me off.

With Lillie’s help, I got on the pill, and she also bought condoms for me, since I was too shy to buy them myself. Looking back on it, that period was the most demeaning time of my life, because those guys weren’t interested in me as a person. To them, I was just a piece of meat, and none of them – none of them – ever made me cum. I found myself comparing them to my father, and they all paled in comparison.

My wild phase came to an abrupt, screeching halt one Saturday night in April of my junior year. A guy named Jeff, whom I had dated once before – but not screwed – asked me out and I accepted. First, he got me stoned and we had a couple of beers, then he took me back to his house, where his older b*****r was having a party. I should have been suspicious when I saw I was the only girl there, but I was enjoying the buzz from all the booze we were drinking and the weed we were smoking. Eventually, a couple of other girls showed up, so I didn’t feel like the Lone Ranger, but still there were way more guys than girls.

In fact, I was enjoying the buzz too much. We were mixing our liquor, like the amateurs we were. At one point, Jeff fixed me a boilermaker – whisky and beer – and I downed it pretty quick. Not long after that I started feeling really queasy and the room started to spin. It was at that point that Jeff started fondling me, and I was too d***k to resist. He took me to his bedroom and we started making out, but I wasn’t into it, because I was starting to feel really sick. That didn’t deter Jeff; he methodically pulled my shorts off and started groping my pussy through my panties.

It was at that point that I lost it. I crawled off the bed and threw up everywhere. I managed to get a lot of it in a trashcan, but a good bit ended up on the carpet, and at that Jeff came completely unglued. He called me a bitch and dragged me by the hair and threw me on the bed, ripped my blouse off, sending buttons flying in all directions, then ripped my panties and bra off. I was whimpering for him to stop and when I threw up again, this time on his pillow, he slapped me hard across the face then pulled his dick out of his pants and rammed it up my pussy without so much as the first preliminary.

I was way too d***k and sick to resist, so I just lay there and took it. When he came, I thought it was over, but my nightmare was just beginning. He came back with a bottle of whiskey and made me take a couple of big swigs, which simply had the effect of making me d***ker and sicker. I couldn’t move I was so wasted. But worse was to come. After giving me a couple of more shots from the bottle, Jeff threw open his bedroom door and invited all of his friends to come in and fuck me. I tried to protest, but Jeff slapped me again and told me I was going to fuck all of his friends whether I liked it or not.

I have no idea how many of them fucked me; after about the sixth one, I mercifully passed out. I came to a couple of hours later with Jeff slapping me awake again. He dragged me out of his bed, out of his room and through the house, where what was left of the crowd jeered at my staggering, naked body, which had cum flowing down the inside of my thighs all the way to my knees. Then he literally threw me out of the house, tossing my purse and what was left of my clothes behind me.

Even in my d***ken state, I was able to slide my shorts on and pull my blouse on, although I couldn’t button it, of course. As for my bra and panties, I never saw them again. When I was finally dressed, then buried my face in my arms and cried like a baby. I couldn’t believe I had let myself go like that, or that Jeff and his friends had done me that way. When I finally composed myself a little, I managed to find my purse and my belongings that were strewn all over the lawn. I found my cellphone and called Daddy.

“Daddy?” I whimpered into the phone, then I started sobbing again.

“Kelly, where are you?” he asked. “I’ve been worried sick about you. Do you have any idea what time it is?” He was pissed at first, but when he heard me sobbing, his anger turned to concern. I managed through my sobs to tell him where I was going to be. Then I staggered a couple of blocks to a quiet intersection, sat on the curb and waited for my father – my savior – to pick me up.

Turns out it was almost 2 in the morning, and I had completely blown my curfew. But when Daddy got a look at my condition, his anger boiled over, but not at me. I had rarely seen him angry about anything, but he was righteously pissed off. I had to beg him not to confront Jeff at that moment. All I wanted to do was go home. Daddy wanted to take me to the hospital and do the **** kit, but I told him that it was my fault, that I had gotten d***k willingly and that I’d gotten what I deserved.

That was the lowest moment in my life to date. I felt so miserable; I just wanted to die. Daddy finally acquiesced about going to the hospital, reluctantly, and he took me home. He practically carried me into the house, took me into the bathroom and drew me a bath. Then he gently took my ruined blouse and my soiled shorts and threw them into the trash. Even though I was still d***k, I felt a sexual thrill run through my body as I settled in the bath, knowing my loving father could see me in all my naked glory. He left me to bathe, then when I was done, he came in with a thick towel and a robe, and put me to bed.

When I got up the next day, we had a long talk. I told Daddy everything that had been going on in my life, and I quickly realized that I hadn’t been fooling him. He had suspected that I was drinking, but he’s such a non-confrontational person that he felt a little powerless. Also, he felt like I needed to find out for myself the pitfalls of d***kenness, and he hadn’t realized how far I’d fallen. Too bad the lesson had been so hard. Daddy had tears in his eyes finally when he looked me in the eyes and told me the words that melted my heart.

“Sweetheart, I love you more than anything in this world, and I don’t want to see anything bad come to you,” he said. “You have so much potential, and I don’t want to see you waste it the way your mother did. She could have been anything she wanted to be, but she chose the path of self-destruction. You’re all I have in this world, and if anything were to happen to you, it would kill me. Don’t ever think you can’t come to me with any problem, any question. You can come to me about anything – anything.”

That was a big turning point in our lives. Of course, I had to endure the stares and muffled giggles from Jeff’s friends when I went back to school, but I ignored them with difficulty.

I made a couple of vows after the incident at Jeff’s house. One was that I was through with alcohol and d**gs. Alcohol and d**gs had gotten me gang-****d, and, moreover, I knew that I had no ability to say when. The other was that I was through with boys. I vowed that the next time I had sex with a man, it would be with the one man I loved more than any other, the only one who really cared about me, my loving father, and I would wait as long as necessary until he was ready to take me.

So I crawled back in my shell of loneliness and alienation, at least publicly, and really haven’t come out of it yet. Daddy took me to a ther****t, and he really helped me get some insights into my behavior. Of course, I couldn’t tell the man that part of my problem was that I lusted after my own father. But I realized that while I had put myself in a vulnerable position with Jeff, he had no right to take advantage of me without my full consent. It had been a date ****, and I had let it happen. I vowed that I would never be put in such a position again, and I haven’t, although the cost has been a pretty lame social life.

As that summer approached, I resumed my voyeuristic escapades, watching Daddy. Even though I was staying away from sex with others, even with Lillie, with whom I’d had a falling out, I still had needs that had to be met. That second summer, things were kicked up a notch, however. I don’t know if Daddy took a cue from my brief period of wantonness or from the view of my naked body he’d gotten that awful night, but things seemed to be on a higher level than the previous summer.

For one thing, I started stripping when I went to the woods to watch Daddy masturbate. I got a terrific thrill out of being naked under the stars. I would frig myself to crashing orgasms watching Daddy stroke his magnificent meat, with the warm breeze caressing my naked body.

For another, Daddy started being more of an exhibitionist. Sometimes, he would stand up in front of the computer as he masturbated, and on many occasions, he would look away from the screen and stare straight out the window, as if he was looking right at me.

Then, one night he took things a step further. It was a bit later in the summer, not long before school was to start back up. We were going to town on ourselves, him in his study stroking his hard cock and me outside naked, with my hand buried in my cunt and my thumb rolling around my throbbing clit.

Suddenly, he stopped and leaned over to pull something out of his bottom desk drawer. I was stunned when I saw that it was a long, fat dildo. At first I was confused. What was he going to do with that? But when he took the jelly, spread his legs as wide as he could and smeared a generous amount on his asshole, I knew what was about to happen, and it made me hotter than hell. Sure enough, he pressed, first one finger, then two deep into his ass. He worked his fingers around for several minutes, as my arousal went sky high. Then he lifted his butt up, put the fake cock on the chair, then slowly sat right down on it, pushing it all the way up his ass in one smooth plunge.

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. My father was fucking himself with a dildo! My fingers were a blur as I strummed my clit, and quickly felt a huge orgasm rip through my guts. I gave a sharp cry, in spite of my best effort to stay quiet. Quickly, another orgasm began to build as I watched Daddy ride the big cock in his ass, while he furiously fisted his dick. As turned on as I was, I was still confused. Was Daddy gay? I didn’t think he was, because all of the porn of his that I’d seen had been heterosexual, but he was certainly giving his ass a vigorous workout with the dildo. I could feel my second orgasm rolling and swelling in my groin, this one more intense than the first.

Daddy’s movements got faster and faster, and his hands on his cock became a blur, just like the fingers in my twat. As I felt my orgasm begin to spill over me, Daddy lurched upward and exploded with the biggest cum shot I’d seen yet. The first spurt must have shot at least three feet in the air, landing on his shoulder, and the rest burst out of his cock like a volcano and covered his chest and stomach with his pearly cream. And as we both slowly subsided, I could swear that he stared right at me and licked his lips lasciviously.

My suspicions that he knew I was out there watching were confirmed as fall deepened and the weather turned cold. One chilly Saturday night in November, I slipped out of the house for a walk and went to my customary spot. I was shivering as I watched Daddy put on his show for me, but I did manage to slide a hand into my jeans and give myself a bit of a rub. It wasn’t near the best orgasm of my life, but it had been awhile since I’d relieved myself and I’d been going nuts.

Daddy was waiting for me when I came back in the house. He was sitting on the sofa looking at a football game on the TV. He gave me the oddest look, sort of a stare with a Mona Lisa smile. Then he nearly dropped me dead in my tracks when he casually said, “I know you’ve been watching me masturbate.

I stammered and sputtered something unintelligible, but Daddy waved off my response.

“I’ve known for quite awhile," he said gently. "I know you’ve got a high sex drive. I’m the same way, although I don’t show it to the public. I’ve been so focused on being the best possible father to you that I’ve let my social life go to pot, and now I don’t know if I know how to ask a woman out for a date. So I’ve had to content myself with masturbation.”

I was starting to get hot at the direction this conversation was taking, but better was coming.

“Besides,” he continued softly. “I’ve come to realize that the only woman I really want is sitting right here next to me.”

“Oh Daddy,” I said breathlessly. “I love you so much. You have no idea what you do to me. I’ve wanted you since I was a k**, and after the first time I watched you take care of yourself, I knew you were the man for me. If you’ll let me, I’ll be your lover. I’ll treat you like you deserve to be treated, the way Mom never could. Please, Daddy?” Then I pulled him to me and kissed him deeply. Our tongues lashed at each other as we kissed with mounting passion. At that moment, I thought my dreams were about to come true.

“Not now,” he answered, when we broke our kiss. As I had long suspected, he wasn’t going to fuck me until I was completely of age. I was frustrated to no end, but I could see the wisdom of his argument.

“Baby, I promise that the day you turn 18, I’ll make you into the woman you deserve to be, unlike those clowns who abused you back in April,” he said. “But until then, I’m not going to lay a hand on you."

The next few months were torture on both of us, because we wanted each other so much, but our little mutual masturbation sessions did a lot to make it easier. Of course, those times were fairly infrequent through the coldest months of the year. The little study wasn’t well insulated, so the heater often failed to adequately warm the room the way it did the rest of the house. Nevertheless, I found the anticipation highly stimulating. I knew instinctively that it would be well worth the wait, and so it was.

I was getting ready for my high school graduation as my birthday approached that spring, so my mind was distracted somewhat from my increasing lust. But as the day neared, I found my mind wandering to my father’s cock. I wondered how it would feel, filling me to the brim. During my wild months, I’d never had a cock nearly as big as Daddy’s, and I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to take it.

Daddy, too, seemed increasingly nervous as the big day approached. I noticed that he hardly ever went into his study any more; he told me later that for several weeks beforehand, he was able to keep his hands off his cock, with great difficulty. But he also told me that before that, every time he beat off in bed, it was to images of me. For him to say that made my heart swell. Having this man that I loved so deeply tell me he dreamed about me and fantasized about me gave me a huge thrill.

Finally, the big day arrived. Eighteen! I hardly remember that day at school; I was so distracted by what I was going to experience that day. My senior year had been quite uneventful. Lillie and I had patched things up a little, but we were no longer intimate. I still blamed her for leading me down the path that led to Jeff’s, but I understood, too, my role in my own downfall. Fortunately, Jeff and most of his friends had graduated the previous spring, so I didn’t have to face their leering looks every time I walked the halls of my school.

When I got home, I thought maybe we’d just jump right in bed, but Daddy had other ideas. He wasn’t home from the college yet, but he’d left me a fairly detailed note. He instructed me to bathe thoroughly, to pamper myself, was how he put it. Then I was to go into my bedroom and open the wrapped gifts that I would find on my bed. He said he would be home around 6 p.m. and that we were going out for a celebratory dinner. Then he closed it with the words, “your lover, Daddy.” My heart melted and my pussy lurched when I read his note. Even though we’d seen each other naked and aroused many times over the previous months, my precious father was going through a ritual of seduction with me, and I couldn’t wait.

I did as instructed. I took a nice, long bath and made sure I shaved my legs and armpits carefully. I was so turned on lying in the warm water that I felt the urge to frig myself, but I resisted. I wanted my next orgasm to come when I had Daddy’s cock buried in my cunt. I lay back in the water, which I’d scented with bath oil that had a spring flower aroma. The oil left a slight sheen on my body that gave me a thrill as I dried off from my bath.

Then I padded naked to my bedroom where I found my presents. I opened them one by one. The first was a slinky party dress, a sky-blue backless mini-skirt with thin straps. Inside was another short note from my father instructing me that I was to wear what was on the bed, and only what was on the bed. The next present was a pair of thigh-high stockings, and the other was a beautiful pearl necklace. As I put the necklace on, I had to chuckle, because at that moment a snippet of the ZZ Top classic, “Pearl Necklace,” ran through my mind, especially the line about, “that’s not jewelry she’s talkin’ ‘bout.” I was hoping my sexy father would give me one of those other kind of pearl necklaces at some point.

The dress fit me like a glove, and the satiny material was highly stimulating. I found my high heels then carefully applied my makeup. I am blessed with the kind of complexion that doesn’t need much makeup, and I never wear makeup to school, preferring not to emphasize my looks. But tonight, I did it up right; I mean, I even did my nails, and when I was finished, I looked at myself in the mirror and was impressed by what I saw. Any man would be proud to have me on their arm, but I belonged to Daddy.

Daddy came home about the time I was finished, and he gave a low whistle when he saw me dolled up like I was. My flax-colored hair had been brushed to a silky sheen, and my lips were scarlet. We melted into each other’s arms and kissed long and deep.

“Happy Birthday, baby,” he whispered when we came up for air. “You look wonderful. Are you ready?”

“Daddy, I’ve never been more ready for anything in my entire life,” I answered. I was thrilled at the lustful look my father gave me, and my nipples stiffened in response.

After getting a quick shower, Daddy dressed in his finest suit and off we went. I wrapped a shawl around my bare shoulders to ward off the slight chill in the air. Daddy had made reservations at the finest restaurant in town, and I must say, we turned some heads when we entered. We had a wonderful meal, and a stimulating conversation. Gone was the shy, self-effacing history professor, and gone, too, was the shy, introverted little girl. My father and I engaged in a witty banter, we laughed and played with each other as we sat next to each other.

Sometime during dinner, I felt Daddy’s hand slide up my stocking-clad thigh under the cover of the tablecloth. I eagerly spread my legs as his hand found my naked pussy, which was dripping-wet. I sucked in my breath as a finger rolled my clit around. I was thrilled at the first touch of my daddy’s hand on my sex, and I would have been content to let him go as long as he wanted. But just then our entrees arrived, so he had to quit.

After we’d finished eating, I turned serious. There was a question that I’d always been afraid to ask Daddy, but I felt this was the time to ask.

“Can I ask you a very personal question?” I began. He nodded, so I continued. “Have you had any women since Mom left?”

He looked almost sad as he pondered my question. “A few times when I went out of town for conventions a few years ago, I’d call an e****t service. I was so lonely and so needy that I just felt I had to have some relief, some companionship, and the touch of another person. But once I figured out that it was you that I wanted, I quit doing that.”

“So how long has it been since you’ve had a woman?” I asked softly.

“Four years,” he said. “Four very long years.” God, my heart went out to him. He was so precious and so lonely, that it broke my heart.

“Take me home, Daddy,” I whispered. “Let me be your woman.”

I was in such a lustful daze that I barely remember leaving the restaurant, but I vividly recall getting into Daddy’s car and snuggling up next to him. As soon as we were rolling, my right hand went straight for his nuts, and began to squeeze and knead his rapidly stiffening cock. Daddy’s arm went around my shoulders and we sighed contentedly.

As soon as we got in the house we were all over each other. Our arms entwined around each other and our lips came together like magnets. Our tongues were like daggers, dueling in the dark. Breaking free breathlessly, I felt Daddy’s hands run up the backs of my thighs to my naked butt, which he gripped and squeezed, before continuing upward, bringing my dress up with them. He pulled the dress over my head, tossed it aside then stepped back and shook his head in disbelief.

“You are so beautiful,” he breathed, and I blushed from his gaze. Daddy’s hands immediately gravitated to my tits, rubbing the swelling flesh and lightly pinching my nipples. I shivered in lust from his touch then gasped when he bent over slightly and took my nipples into his mouth. He kissed and licked my tips with a light, easy touch, and I gripped the back of his head in mounting arousal.

Breaking free from my breasts, Daddy stepped back and removed his jacket then his slacks, while I feverishly opened the buttons of his shirt. When he was down to his boxers and his socks, I grabbed the sides of his shorts, knelt in front of him and pulled his underwear to his ankles. Daddy’s dong flipped up as I pulled down his shorts, and as he stepped out of them, I grabbed it with both hands. I cooed as I ran my hands over his hot flesh, feeling the veins bulge out as I began to stroke him. As I watched, a bubble of clear fluid came oozing out of the tip, and I pressed my face to his cock and inhaled his manly aroma.

At long last, I could touch, feel and play with Daddy’s beautiful dick, and I did, running my hands all over his cock and balls. I was gratified to hear a soft moan escape his lips. Almost instinctively, my tongue darted out and flicked the ball of fluid off the end of Daddy’s dick then I opened my mouth and let the head slide between my lips. I sucked and licked just on the head, getting it wet with my saliva, my lipstick and his pre-cum, then I passed the head into my mouth as far as my epiglottis before I started to gag on his size. I had about half of him in my mouth, plenty enough to work my mouth and tongue over. I remembered the way those boys’ cocks had felt, and it was nothing like this. I shuddered with lust as I thought about this wonderful cock in my pussy.

After a few minutes sucking on my father’s cock, he pulled my mouth off and gently eased me off my knees.

“Much more of that and I’ll be giving you a mouthful,” he said. “Which, I wouldn’t mind, but I’ve waited too long for this. That’s where I want this load to go.” And as he did, he gently ran his hand between my legs, and his middle finger rolled around my clit. We kissed hungrily again then sauntered to Daddy’s bedroom.

I giggled as I fell back on his bed, eager for what was about to happen. Daddy sat down and removed his socks, then my necklace, then rolled over next to me. We kissed again then he pulled himself up and moved between my legs, squeezing my tits and pinching my nipples as he did. I stared at the long piece of meat that swung between his legs, and I thought he was going to fuck me right then.

“Fuck me, Daddy,” I whispered excitedly.

“Oh, I will,” he replied. “I will. But first, I’m going to get me a taste of this.” And as he spoke, he plowed two fingers into my pussy, rolled them around real good for a couple of seconds, pulled them out and put them up to his mouth, where he licked and sucked all of my copious juice off. Then he deftly lifted my legs and rolled my stockings off. When he’d tossed them aside, he took my legs and ran his mouth and tongue down the insides of my calves and thighs, finishing with a flourish around my butt cheeks, building up my lust level, while making me wait for gratification. Using his fingers, he pried open my pussy lips then swiped his tongue up my gaping, oozing gash, finishing with a flick of my swollen clit.

I gave a gasping cry as an electric shock of lust sizzled through my groin, and I reached down to grip my father’s head as he began to eat me out with vigorous licks and sucks. I quickly found myself rolling my hips around as my arousal began to soar. Daddy was soooo good, much different from the way Lillie’s lips and tongue had been. Daddy’s tongue was much fatter and broader, his lips were fuller and his moustache felt absolutely divine as it tickled my clit. I felt an explosive orgasm begin to rush through my body, all the waiting and anticipation welling up in my groin as Daddy’s mouth worked at my horny hole, his tongue spearing into my depths.

I tried to hold my orgasm off as long as I could, but when Daddy pulled my legs up and attacked my anus with his tongue and pushed three fingers into my twat, I couldn’t hold it back. I felt a violent shudder pass through my body and I gasped and cried as my orgasm swelled out, along with a huge flow of juice from my pussy.

Even as my climax was flattening into a modest plateau of pleasure, Daddy pulled his face away from my crotch. He had a wet ring around his mouth and a fiery, slightly crazed look in his eyes. I’ve come to thrill at that look, because I know when I see it that, I’m about to get royally fucked. But that first time, I was a little taken aback. He didn’t quite look like my daddy as he pulled himself up on his knees, leaned in between my legs and brought the fat head of his dick to my opening. But I was ready; oh how I was ready!

Despite his obvious frenzy and need, Daddy took his time. I groaned loudly as he pushed the head of his dick between my lips and slowly thrust his way into my tight, wet pussy. When he’d gotten about half of it in, and started reaching territory no live penis had been before, I began to wail as another, stronger, orgasm started to build.

“Oh God! Fuck me, Daddy!” I cried. “Give it to me, Give it all to me!” I was feeling a delirium come over me that I’d never felt before, an abandoning of all inhibition, and a complete loss of control. I wanted to be fucked mercilessly, without restraint, and Daddy obliged. With a push of his hips, Daddy drove the final three inches or so into my twitching cunt, until he was buried to the hilt and I could feel his wiry pubic hair meshing with my light, downy puss.

For long moments, Daddy kept his dick completely still in my pussy, as if letting me adjust to his size. I was panting to the point of hyperventilating from the feeling of having my pussy stuffed so full of Daddy’s huge, throbbing meat. Slowly, ever so slowly, he began to pull back just a little, giving little back-and-forth thrusts, and I began to give little up-and-down motions, eager for the feelings of heightened pleasure. Gradually, we began to pick up steam as Daddy rolled his hips around to thrust his burning cock in a corkscrew motion in my tight cunt.

Bending down, Daddy wrapped his arms around my chest and shoulders and we kissed with the passion of two souls that had been on parallel universes for so long, always together, yet always apart, until now. Now we were one, and it seemed like our minds, our bodies and our souls melded together into a single entity. We seemed to know without thinking or saying what the other needed in that particular second of lovemaking. I reveled in the total surrender of myself to my father and the total acceptance of his capitulation to me.

As our sweat-slick bodies slithered together, I felt Daddy’s nipples brush mine, and another electric bolt of excitement shot through my body. Daddy doesn’t have a lot of hair on his chest, which suits me fine, but what he does have is mostly concentrated around his nipples. The bristly hairs, combined with his rock-hard tips, make for a very effective lovemaking tool, and the stimulation on my sensitive nipples just added to the cauldron of lust that I had become.

My sight seemed to dim with lust and my mind seemed to enter a void, but my ears were acutely attuned to the sounds of our copulation: Daddy’s rhythmic grunts as he thrust back and forth in my steaming box; my pants, gasps and whimpers as I was filled fuller than I’d ever been in my life; the steady squishing of his cock jack-hammering in my dripping cunt; the squeaking of the bed springs as we bounced together in the dance of love. It sounded like a symphony and it sent me soaring toward an explosive orgasm, much more intense than the first.

We tried to draw it out as long as we could, but eventually I began to feel my excitement bubble over, like a pot set to boil, and I could feel Daddy’s dick begin to twitch. We ground our groins together as Daddy’s dick pistoned deep in my pussy.

“Cum with me, Daddy!” I cried. “Make… me… cummmmmmm!” Daddy growled in response and reared up on his knees, pounding furiously in my pussy, while I humped back up with as much power as I could muster. My eyes were screwed shut as I felt my orgasm rush through me like molten lava. With a series of piercing screams, I felt my whole body seem to shimmy and shake as the orgasm roared the length of my spine. At the same time, I felt Daddy’s cock swell then he spewed his hot cream deep in my hungry womb.

“Ahhhhhh! Yeahhhhhhh!” he cried as he spent himself deep in me. I grabbed him by the neck and pulled him to me roughly and we kissed madly, wildly, as our climaxes crashed around us. Daddy must have had a month’s supply or more of cum stored in his balls, because he kept cumming and cumming, firing little cum balls deep in my cunt, long after I had finally subsided in sweaty near-exhaustion.

“Oh Daddy, you were wonderful,” I panted, after he finally withdrew from me and rolled over next to me. We snuggled together, basking in the afterglow of the most incredible sex you could imagine, and even as we lay there, I knew we’d only just begun. Daddy’s cock was still semi-hard and my pussy was still eager for more. Or, more accurately, I was ready to take the next step. I wanted to give myself totally and fully to this man that I loved, no holds – no holes – barred.

“Daddy?” I said as I encircled his cock with my hand and began to jack him lightly. “Can I ask you a favor, a birthday favor?”

“Of course, sweetheart, whatever you want,” he replied.

“Will you fuck my ass?” I said, bringing his hand between my legs, past my gushing cunt, to my puckered asshole. He took the hint and began to run the tip of his middle finger around my anus, which was well-lubed with his cum. I could see Daddy’s eyes sparkle as I continued, “I… I gave away my virginity to a boy who didn’t deserve it. Somebody else was the first to take my mouth. All I have left that’s virgin territory for the man I love is my ass, so I want you to be first to take me back there. I’ve seen the pictures of women getting fucked back there, and I’ve seen how much pleasure it gives you to have your ass filled, and I want to experience that.”

“I don’t know, baby,” he said. “I’m pretty big, and that’s a pretty small hole. But if that’s what you want, I’ll give it a try. However, I don’t want to hurt you, so if you don’t think you can take it, don’t hesitate tell me to stop. You won’t hurt my feelings if you do. Besides, I’ll just fuck your pussy again if you can’t take it in the ass.”

“Well, I’ve been practicing with your toy, and I’m pretty sure I can take you,” I said, getting an arched eyebrow in response. I gave a sexy laugh as I slid down the bed, then crawled between my father’s legs. I gripped his stiffening cock in both hands, and slid them up and down the shaft. I pressed my face to his crotch and nearly swooned from the intoxicating aroma of our union. I took my lips and tongue and began to lick the spicy juice from the shaft of Daddy’s dick, savoring the taste of his semen and my wetness.

When I had him reasonably clean, I opened my mouth and pushed the head of his cock past my lips and I began to suck him to full hardness. I worked more and more of his cock into my mouth until I came up against my gag reflex. I did better this time, taking about two-thirds of Daddy’s cock before I couldn’t get any more in. I was determined to defeat the reflex and take all of him, but right now I just wanted to give him maximum pleasure to get him prepared for what I really wanted.

I worked Daddy’s cock with my mouth, while my fist stroked him around the base. At one point, I pulled my mouth off and ran the gushing tip of his dick over my bullet-like nipples, before pursing my mouth back onto his cock.

Suddenly, Daddy had an idea. “Swing your hips around this way so we can 69,” he said. “That’s what oral sex is really all about.” I swiveled my body around, then Daddy picked me up and planted my crotch right smack on his face. I gasped as Daddy licked and sucked all of his cum from in and around my pussy, then swiped his tongue over my asshole, and began to lick and finger my backside. I groaned heavily as Daddy ate me out, and I went back to work on his cock with a vengeance.

I felt Daddy reach up over to his nightstand, open the drawer and pull something out. It was a tube of jelly, and he squeezed out a liberal amount onto his fingers and began to rub it on my anus. I tensed slightly as his middle finger penetrated my ass, but I willed myself to relax and soon I was grooving on the feeling. Daddy added a second finger, and my arousal really started to spike. I started making slobbering noises as I sucked his rigid cock. When Daddy pressed his thumb past my anus and plowed two fingers into my pussy, I gasped from the intense pleasure that flowed from my crotch, and I knew I was ready. I figured the best way to make it as easy for me as possible was for me to start out on top, so I could regulate how much cock I could take and how fast I took it.

As I pulled myself up and slid my butt down Daddy’s body, Daddy suggested that I get my feet firmly planted on the bed. So I squatted over Daddy’s purple boner, which gleamed in the soft light of the bedside lamp. I grabbed it at the base and held it straight up in the air as I slowly dropped my crotch to the head of his dick. I shivered at the first touch of his cock on my asshole, and squeezed my eyes shut as the pressure on my tiny hole mounted.

Suddenly, almost with a plopping sound, the head of Daddy’s cock pushed past my anal ring, and I screamed at the initial pain. I just held him there, adjusting to his size, while he gave me soft words of encouragement. It didn’t take long before the pain dissolved into the most erotic pleasure I had known in my young life. Slowly, I began to let my ass descend on Daddy’s throbbing, wet tool, and the deeper he went, the better it felt. By the time I felt Daddy’s cock spearing into the deepest depths of my bowels, I was humming with the rumblings of another massive orgasm.

Everything fell away from my consciousness except the rays of lust that pulsed from my well-packed ass, as I began to lift and fall on Daddy’s wonderful dick. Up and down, I rode Daddy like he was some kind of pack mule, undulating like a madwoman as I gave myself over to total lust. I could dimly feel Daddy’s strong hands cupping my butt cheeks, controlling my fucking motion to give ourselves maximum pleasure. Not for the first time, I found myself wondering what my mom could have been thinking when she let this man go. What more could you want from a lover? He was compassionate, sensual, carnal, gentle when it was called for, and rough when that was called for, too. And he was just about perfectly hung. Any more would have been too much; any less would not have been enough.

I was lost in lust as I sinuously rose and fell on Daddy’s throbbing, twitching dick. I could feel every pulse of bl**d through the veins on his shaft, that’s how tightly his dick was packed in my ass. Eventually, my legs began to get sore and I could feel Daddy thrusting up with some urgency. We didn’t even have to say anything; all of a sudden, Daddy pulled me off his cock and pushed me forward. I whined at bottomless void in my ass. Daddy’s cock had felt so good in my ass, it was almost like he was a part of me, so when he pulled it out, I felt like I’d lost something valuable.

But I didn’t have to wait long, only seconds, in fact. Daddy pushed my shoulders down until they were on the bed, with my butt up in the air and my legs spread wide open. Looking over my shoulder, I saw Daddy grimace as he grasped his cock at the base. It looked huge, with an angry purple color. With his other hand, he pulled open my butt cheek and pushed his cock back in to the hilt in my gaping asshole.

Our mutual howls were primal as Daddy began to fuck my ass roughly. My head was thrashing around in delirium as I humped back up with equal f***e, leaving my silky strands stuck to my sweaty body. I rubbed my chest f***efully on the bed, my nipples tingling from the contact with the rough material of the linen sheet. My eyes were clenched shut and my fingers grabbed handfuls of the sheet as Daddy fucked my ass relentlessly.

Our pants, cries and groans filled the bedroom as we hurtled down the mountain in an avalanche of lust. Daddy’s hands gripped my butt cheeks tightly, keeping me in time with his pounding fuck motion. I managed to worm one of my hands under my writhing body to my crotch, and I began to rub the middle finger around my clit, which had bloated to an astonishing size. Our cries reached a crescendo as I felt Daddy’s cock balloon to an impossible depth and girth then explode, filling my rectum with his hot, steaming seed. I thought for a second that Daddy was going to break me in half with his burning spear.

As Daddy’s cum shot up my bowels, I felt a full-body shudder pass through me and a white light exploded in the back of my head as my orgasm roared in great waves of pleasure. For long, long minutes, we just lay there twitching in the electric aftermath of a soul-draining climax.

Finally, I slumped forward onto the bed, and Daddy also slumped forward, his still semi-hard cock slithering out of my ass. I lay there in total bliss. I had been made a woman by the best man I knew, the man I loved, never mind that I had given my virginity to another.

We fell asl**p then, and didn’t wake up until the next morning. At one point during the night, I thought I felt Daddy’s cock work its way into my pussy, and I’m sure he thrust in me a couple of times before he slipped out and we tumbled back to sl**p.

We played hooky the next day, me from school and him from work. After our morning coffee, we took a long shower together, and spent a lot of time washing each other.

As soon as we were dried off, I pushed Daddy back onto the bed and crawled between his legs. His freshly scrubbed cock smelled wonderful, and I inhaled deeply of his aroma. Daddy wanted to pull me up and kiss me, but I told him no, to lay back and let me do something for him.

“I want to suck your cock and eat your cum,” I said huskily. He just nodded woodenly, his features frozen in a mask of lust. He piled up the pillows to elevate his head and get a better view of me in action. All I wanted – all I want even now – was to please Daddy, to treat his cock like the shrine that it is, and this was my very first opportunity to show him how well I could please him.

I started with his balls. I held them in my hands, licking and sucking each one in turn, then I licked up the shaft, adding some lip motion as I slowly covered his throbbing flesh. I lightly jacked him with one hand as I licked up and down on his shaft. After awhile, I pulled my face away slightly and gazed at my prize. Daddy’s cock stood up straight and strong, gorged on the hot bl**d of arousal. As I watched, a dollop of pre-cum oozed out the tip, and I lightly flicked it off with my tongue. When it was replaced by another one and another one and another one, I finally ran my tongue all over the head of his cock then I opened my mouth and pushed the head past my lips.

I worked about half of his length into my mouth, stroking his cock with my hand as I pushed him in. After coming for a deep breath, I plunged back onto Daddy’s cock and worked it deeper into my mouth than before. As I felt my gag reflex begin to kick in, I stopped and took another breath through my nose. I let my mind become an empty void as slowly pushed the fat cock deeper into my throat. I could feel Daddy’s hands cradling my head as pushed his cock past my gullet and into my throat, and I willed myself not to retch at the deep invasion of my throat.

Suddenly, I felt his wiry pubic hair tickling my nose, and I knew I’d done it. I’d taken him all in my mouth! I was so proud of myself, and I quickly followed with a vigorous up-and-down motion on the base of Daddy’s cock, rolling my tongue around his shaft. I could only keep him that deep for a few seconds before I had to pull back. I’d work on that technique again, I remember thinking, but for now I wanted to taste Daddy’s cum, and the best way to do that was a combination of my mouth and hands.

After coming up for air, I grabbed Daddy’s cock at the base with both hands and fed his cock back into my mouth, sucking and licking him with purpose. I made little whore sounds, sloppy noises with grunts and groans that had Daddy moaning in response. I could feel his hips thrusting his cock into my mouth. Soon, I was working a good two-thirds of his cock vigorously in my mouth, and I was pumping the rest with my fists. I looked up at my father with utter devotion and he looked down at me with absolute love. We just stared at each other for long seconds as I worked my mouth on his pulsing monster, until I finally turned my attention back to the task at hand – and mouth.

I could hear Daddy’s moans getting louder and more erratic as his hip motions became more pronounced. I could feel his cock begin to swell in that telltale split-second that I’d already come to know. Even as I prepared myself, I felt Daddy shoot his hot cum down my throat. It tasted so sweet, and I swallowed thirstily to get every drop of his precious juice. I got most of it, but a little bit dribbled out the corners of my mouth before he finally quit shooting. I pulled my mouth off his cock and squeezed, and was rewarded by another couple of big drops of cum that oozed out the tip. I licked these off, then, when he was finally finished, showed him his cum on my tongue, before I rolled it back into my mouth and swallowed it.

As I lay next to my wonderful, sexy father, our bodies pressed together, I knew I had found total contentment and total happiness. Two years have come and gone, and I am still just as devoted to Daddy as I ever was, and, I think he worships the ground I walk on. We have a fairly adventurous sex life together, and the best thing is there is no chance of him getting me pregnant. Turns out way back when Daddy was trying to save his marriage, he had let Mom talk him into getting a vasectomy.

I don’t know where our relationship will go, but there is no doubt in my mind that it will continue indefinitely. We have talked about moving after I graduate from college to a larger, more cosmopolitan area where we can live openly as a couple. I already consider myself Daddy’s wife, not his daughter, and I long for the day when I can express my love for Daddy in a public way.

Until then, however, we’ll put on our public masks of quiet gentility while living lives of utter depravity behind closed doors in our secluded little corner of the world, a place where I can still watch my father masturbate, just like I did on that hot night in June four years ago.

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A wonderful story,and natural.
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as always, a great story! Love to read all the stories you put on here. All of them are so hott
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that was sooo hot, another great story
2 years ago
I had crush on my daddy but nothing happened. He was hunk. My mom love to tell her friends about how daddy fuck her with his 9". I wanted him to fuck me but he was very strict man.
2 years ago
did dad get u pregant