I shivered as the flu tore at my body. My father held me close as I moaned and cried and wished I could just sl**p it off. His body was the only warmth I could feel in a world that had, suddenly, become so very cold and barren. I shivered, pulling my body closer to his nakedness, not caring for a moment what might seem wrong to others, I was for once warm. He held me close that first night, took care of me every time I wanted a sip of water.

I know he was naked, but I do not remember seeing him that way as he made countless trips to the kitchen to get me juice every time I was thirsty. I do remember him sitting there as I tried to sip the sweet liquids, his fingers brushing against my cheeks as he told me everything was going to get better.

The second day I spent staggering back and forth to the bathroom before he took me to see the doctor late in the afternoon. All the doctor told us to do was drink plenty of liquids and stay warm. Warmth was the one thing my body and mind craved more than anything.

The second night I felt even worse, only wanting the clock to move to the time he'd tell me to close my eyes and he'd take his clothes off and slide under the quilts. As soon as his body heat touched my skin I knew I wanted more, and slowly pulled the Tee shirt off as my muscles and joints rebelled at the movements.

"You feel so warm," I whispered, sliding my body towards his.

He seemed very ill-at-ease as my almost naked body cuddled close to him, my tiny boobs pushed hard against his side. As his arm finally slid around me, his fingertips brushing lightly against my flesh, I was able to fall asl**p at last.

"I love you," I moaned out, looking into his dark brown eyes.

"I love you too, k**," he replied, his fingers sliding down to my lower back and gently rubbing a feeling into me that I had never felt before.

The third night I watched him undress. God, what a sight! My first naked man and, to be frank, I was surprised at what a man looked like in the nude. This night I felt a bit better as we lay side-by-side, talking about the joys of the flu. He must have thought about my being naked that day because, as I slipped out of the Tee shirt, followed by my panties, he never even showed any shock. This night we were both totally naked and now it seemed more natural than anything else.

"I like the feel of you," I said as our bodies touched. "I feel so safe like this."

"You shouldn't," he chuckled, messing my hair up with his hand.

"Why not?"

"Well, you have a pretty nice body to be laying here like this. Guess you're lucky you're my daughter."

"Maybe not so lucky," I whispered back, snuggling even closer to him as I drifted off to sl**p, the odd feeling again making me feel closer to him than a daughter .

On the fourth night I almost demanded him to be with me. I loved the feel of his body heat, the faint odor of his cologne. Again he held me close, but this night his hands did a lot more exploring as we talked. I liked the touch of his fingertips as they slid over my butt. I felt wanted and needed as never before in my life.

I felt an itch on my hip and moved to scratch it. As my hand moved down it brushed against his manhood, if that would be the proper name. God! Talk about something not at all unimposing, it was hard, hot and seemed more like a coiled snake, waiting to strike than a part of this gentle man.

By the time I was done with the itching, I wanted to explore more fully what a man was all about, and who better than this man who had kept me warm the last few nights? The palm of my hand ran along the length of it as I moved to lay my arm back on his chest. His body tensed for a moment than relaxed as he accepted the sinful touch of his daughter.

"It's a bit dangerous," he remarked as I laid my cupped hand over his erect shaft.

"Are you turned on?" I asked, knowing that an erection meant something was brewing in the minds of men.

"Ahhh, well, a little, I guess."

"A little?" I chuckled, wrapping my fingers around the firmness. "What would it be like if you were turned on a lot?"

"It's dangerous," he said, but didn't move to stop me.

"So? Who has been here for me the last few days but you? How many people have called to see how I was? Christ, you have taken care of me without any concern. What is dangerous?"

"You know where this could lead."

"Yes. But like you always say, 'One step at a time.'"

My hands roamed back and forth, then, to my giggling amazement, I found his balls. God, they were so funny to play with in the palm of my hand. By the time my hand moved back to his shaft, I could see my father's breathing had changed.

"Like it?" I asked.

"What do you think?" me moaned out in a whisper.

"Teach me?"


"How to please you."

"Well, you're doing a good job as it is."

"I wantta be pleased, too."

"Ahhh, you know, this isn't really a good idea."

"Kinda late, don't you think?"

His hand pushed me onto my back as his last ounce of resolve evaporated. His lips touched my breasts and his tongue lashed out against the now erect nipple. I could only lay there motionless as his lips and tongue played over my left breast, his right hand gently exploring the right mound. I had never thought it would come to this, not even when I had watched him getting undressed, just thought it would go away with the flu, but now there was just one problem: I wanted a lot more!

His hand moved down my right side as goose bumps popped out on my bare skin. Lower, and lower his hand slowly moved, his fingertips constantly reminding me of their passage. I wanted to scream, to shout and to cry all at once, but my heart seemed to be beating from somewhere in my throat, blocking out the passage of any words.

The fingertips ran down the outside of my right thigh then, as I softly moaned, they started back up on the inside, and my legs instinctively opened to allow him complete passage. They brushed against my pubic hair and my whole body shivered as my hand came to rest on the back of his head, pulling him gently deeper into my aching bosom.

Fingers played along my now wet slit. Tauntingly they moved up and down just inside my opening, making me only crave more and more of what we both had so willingly set sail upon. My mind screamed and gasped and seemed to hum as he took his time in creating a new me from the daughter he knew would become more his woman than a snotty-nosed k** after this night.

When his lips left my breasts and started moving downwards, I had no idea what was about to happen. I giggled loudly as his hot tongue played deeply in my belly button. As his lips touched the top of my pubic mound I arched my back and let out an a****l-like groan. From this instant on there was no turning back for either of us. At this moment all that was parent and c***d became a thing of the past as his thoughts blended into mine, and my body reached out for his: the body of a man; not a father.

Nothing in this universe could have prepared me for my first gentle kiss on my pussy. I never thought anyone would kiss anyone there, but as his warm lips and hot breath touched me, I knew this was the one thing I would always want.

His hands slipped under my hips, lifting me up slightly as his tongue slowly entered me. I could feel every movement of his tongue as it explored my wetness. It probed at my virginity then moved up slowly until it was brushing against my swollen clit.

God, what is better then to lie there, gasping and cooing out sigh after sigh as a tongue plays tag with a clit? I never even thought about this act, let alone how gentle, deep and mind probing it was. My body arched into him as my head moved from side to side. Deeper he entered my mind. Faster his tongue now sung over my swollen gland until, with a shriek, my hips started pounding against his face, my words now coming out as hisses and gurgling sounds.

Once wasn't enough, by the time my mind had regained a little control, his tongue had me up and running again. My hands slapped at the bed as my body lost control. I fought letting go this time, but, as waves of pure passion swept over me, I let go to find myself transported into a totally different realm of being. A realm where there was no sin, only pleasure. A realm where, as my mind created the need, his lips and tongue provide but the means for greater needs, each one more passionate than the one before. Pleasures I knew, unfolding as staggeringly bright explosions of lusty light in my mind. Explosion after explosion until, with one gigantic flash, I had my first orgasm.

I lay panting as he spread my legs, lifted my knees up and quickly bent over me on his hands and knees. I felt the head of his cock touch my wet pussy lips then, as he guided himself into me with one hand, I knew I loved this man differently than a few days ago when the flu had laid me low. No longer was he so old. No longer was this man a daddy. Here was someone who shared my passions with a zeal I could not find words for.

I had always thought this first time would be so painful, but, being so turned on, it seemed like the most natural of pains as he f***ed his way through my hymen. The pain was there, a rich, stinging pain that lifted my hips from the bed, then there was nothing but the feeling of him sliding the rest of the way into me.

I have heard some tell how they have just laid there that first time, just laid there not knowing what to do. For me it was nothing like that. As soon as I realized I was now being totally fucked I went crazy. I remember screaming, and laughing, and, at times, crying as he slowly slid in and out of me. This first time, the intense feelings, is the one thing I try to catch again every time he and I make love.

I heard him grunt loudly as he slammed deep into me. His body now seemed to shake with a need he had no control over. Louder and louder he groaned. Faster and faster he thrust into me until, with an a****l-like howl, he opened his mouth, closed his eyes and exhaled softly as I felt his cock swell before he started shooting his semen deep inside me.

For the rest of the night he held me close as I cried, giggled, and laughed without understanding why. His fingers traced lazy patterns over my naked body as he listened to me so intently. And, before I drifted off to sl**p, he again made slow, passionate love to me as I moaned out from both the passions of our sin and the aching of my body.

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