The days are seemingly endless. Donna works 10 hours a day. She goes to school three nights a week. Being a single mother is difficult. She lays in her bed and stares blankly at her ceiling. She wonders if this is how the rest of her life is going to be. Laying in bed alone, letting work and school occupy her life. She is 40 years old and a single mother of one.

Donna is 5'0 with blonde hair and strikingly beautiful blue eyes. She takes care of her body and keeps in shape. Her legs are shapely and her breasts are rather large for a shorter woman. She is very attractive but with her busy schedule, she has never found time for the dating scene.

As she lay in bed, pondering the empty holes in her life, she gets distracted by the sound of her 18 year old daughter, Marissa, and her daughter's boyfriend, John entering the house. They are laughing and joking around. John comes over often. He is 6'2, with dark hair, incredible blue eyes, an almost perfect smile and a very muscular body that he takes good care of. He very innocently flirts with Donna on occasion. She flirts back but all in good fun. Nothing that her daughter would find as threatening to her relationship with him. Donna thinks about him from time to time when she's alone in her room. In her mind, it's only for fantasy purposes anyway so there's no harm in it.

Everything suddenly got quiet. Donna became confused for a second because they were just laughing and being loud only a few moments ago. She heard nothing now. She decided to go the bathroom and wash up for bed. As she opened her bedroom door, she was shocked at the sounds of her daughter moaning in pure pleasure. She glanced at her daughter's room and saw her door was half way open. Donna rolled her eyes and went into the bathroom. Her daughter's moans became louder before Donna could even turn the water on. Curiosity started to take over. She slowly left the bathroom and took careful steps to her daughter's bedroom, which was next to the bathroom. She leaned over and peered through the door opening. Her mouth dropped at what she saw. Marissa and John were in a frenzy. She was on her hands and knees. He was slamming into her from behind. Donna watched in amazement. She leaned a little further over for a better view. Her eyes widened as she saw John's cock penetrating her daughter. It was enormous. It had to be close to a foot long but the width was what was so shocking. This was easily the most well-endowed man Donna had ever seen. She could only stare in amazement, no matter how wrong it was for to do so.

John held Marissa's wrists together, behind her back. He used his other hand to push her head down. Marissa's moans became muffled as she moaned into her pillow. John deeply grunted from time to time as he increased his speed and power in each thrust. His pubic area was thumping against her thighs. He grabbed her hair and pulled her head up. Marissa screamed as her body gave in. She erupted into a massive orgasm. That didn't slow John down at all. He started to thrust harder. Marissa's knees slid outward, spreading her out more. John continued to slam into her, harder and harder and harder with each power thrust. Marissa's moans became longer and more out of breath. "Oh Shit" she screamed as she released into another quaking orgasm. Her body tried to collapse but John had held her up. He released her wrists and her hair. He lifted on of her legs up and he propped one of his legs onto the bed. He locked his hands around her waist and inside her thigh. When Marissa thought he couldn't go any harder or faster, she was proven wrong. He sped up and slammed harder. Marissa's body was limp. He withdrew his cock and rested it on her hip. Loads of his semen shot from his cock and streamed down Marissa's back. She was out of breath and very weak. John retreated from the bed and started toward the door.

Donna snapped out of her trance and hurried back to her bedroom. She closed her door just as John had come out of the room. Donna got under the covers and a million thoughts raced through her mind. She knew no one saw her. But how would she react the next time they all sat down at the table for dinner?

A couple weeks later, Donna came home from work. It was late on Friday and to her suprise, John was sitting at the computer. Marissa was at a party and wouldn't be home until late. He was staying the night so he just hung out at the house. Donna greeted him as normal and hurried upstairs to avoid any awkward moments. She may have just been acting paranoid. He couldn't have known that she was watching. This is the first she's seen of him since that time. She stood by her door, wondering if he was around. She undressed and wrapped a towel around herself. She hurried into the bathroom and turned on the shower. She felt like a little k** who wasn't trying to get caught doing something she wasn't supposed to do.

After a few minutes of hot water running over her body, she began to relax. The images of his gigantic cock kept flashing through her mind. She couldn't get it out of her head. Just another mind fantasy she thought. She finished her shower and returned to her bedroom. She closed her door and unrobed. She laid on the bed and stared at the ceiling again.

This time, something didn't seem right. She felt like she wasn't alone. She sat up and to her surprise, John was standing in the corner of her bedroom. He was naked and hard. Her eyes wandered over his body and connected with his cock, standing at attention. It was a magnificent sight. His body seemed like it was sculpted from marble. He slowly stepped toward the bed. Her breathing became shallow. This couldn't be happening. This isn't allowed to happen. She tried to speak but no words came out. She tried to look away but couldn't. This awesome being was about to climb into bed with her. She tried to shake her head but she seemed frozen in place. He was at the foot of the bed now. Her legs seemed to spread apart beyond her control. His massive cock was ready to invade her.

As she spread her legs, her pussy became instantly wet. It was more wet than she can ever remember. She watched him as he shook his head, almost as if to disagree with her. He used his hands and grabbed the backs of each knee. He pushed her legs back and apart. Her feet were against the pillows next to her head. He mounted her. She was vulnerable and at his mercy. There was no turning back at this point. She was about to partake in something she knows she shouldn't.

His hands ran down her legs to her ankles. He positioned her wrists to be even with her ankles. He pinned them down together, next to her head. She was trapped by his power now. He descended his hips and brushed the tip of his cock against her now completely drenched opening. He pressed downward. His massive head penetrated and she let out a yelp. He began to insert himself into her. She let out a long moan that got louder with every inch he pressed into her. His cock was so thick. She was being stretched out as he continued his seemingly endless first thrust. Her body tightened. Her legs tensed up. His pubic area met her's and he was completely inside her now. She let out a screaming moan. Her body quivered as she erupted into a massive orgasm.

He began to slowly hump her. He only withdrew from her about half way and would slam into her. Her shallow moans met each thrust. She was completely his now. He could do to her what he pleased and she would accept it. He became her master. He leaned back, keeping himself inside her. He released her ankles and wrists. He grabbed her knees and held them together with her legs straight up in the air. He directed her hands to pull her legs back and hold them in place. He gripped her ankles with one hand and pushed them back against her face. He tightened his grip as he began to thrust mercilessly into her. Her moans were muffled by her legs which were pressed hard against her mouth. He grunted viciously as he increased the power and speed in which he pounded into her.

She was in a trance. In complete awe at how massive this cock was that was punishing her pussy. He leaned his body over her again. He gripped her hair with his free hand. He slammed into her harder and harder with each thrust. She couldn't move. He had her pinned. Her entire body shook as she exploded into another powerful orgasm. An orgasm that seemed to last an eternity. He felt her tension and it motivated him to pound into her even harder than before. She couldn't believe the power in which he fucked her. He thrust into her and held it in place. He released her ankles and allowed her legs to spread apart. He leaned down and bit her bottom lip. He held it in his teeth. He reached out and pushed her legs back against the pillows. This time, a little closer to her head. He held them in place with his arms and gripped to hard handfuls of her hair.

He restarted his punishing thrusts, only this time, he jerked her body into each one by her hair. She couldn't move at all. Her body could only do what he wanted it to do. Every few thrusts, he would bite into her lip and then ease up. Sweat dripped into her face from his forehead. His thrusts became less powerful but much faster. She was sensitive but had no choice but to deal with the torturing. Her body trembled. Every moan sounded like a cry. Her legs shook uncontrollably as she released another energy draining orgasm. He completely withdrew from her. He held her legs in place. Her juices squirted out of her. He leaned up and pointed his throbbing cock at her face. He began to shoot streams of semen all over her face. She couldn't believe how much semen he was releasing. Her face was being painted by his seed.

He finally released her legs and got off the bed. He left the room and headed into the bathroom. Her body was drained. She could do nothing but lay there to try and regain her strength. Her pussy was swollen and extremely sensitive. She was going to be sore tomorrow. A million thoughts raced through her mind. She heard him relieve himself in the bathroom. Even that was powerful. She had never been owned by someone like this before. He was 18 and she was 40, yet he completely owned her. She was his and could nothing about it. How will things be next time they see each other? What about Marissa? One thing was for certain. For the first time in a long time, she was sexually satisfied tonight.

Donna sits up and looks at her clock. It's 11am. She lays back down and stares at her ceiling. The thoughts of last night race through her mind. At first, she thought it may have been a dream, but the soreness of her legs and the lack of energy proves that last night really did happen. She began to get frustrated. How was John doing this? It was almost like he had some sort of control over her. It was a powerful f***e that she couldn't resist. She had to figure out a way to stop it. But did she really want to stop it? She had never been so sexually pleased before. What got to her the most was that she was 42 years old and at the mercy of an 18 year old k** who turned out to be some sort of sex god.

She slowly crawled out of bed and headed to the bathroom. She brushed her teeth and ran the shower water. A nice, hot shower was exactly what she needed right now. She let the steamy water run over her body. This shower was very relaxing. She was so drained of energy, she felt like she was going to fall asl**p. As her body swayed back and forth, she began to envision the events of last night.

Donna quickly became aroused. Any thought of John, any sight of John or even the sound of John's voice, had this effect on her. She began to enjoy the feeling of lathering her body with body wash. She ran her softening hands over her breasts. She started to breath heavily. She laid her head back as she gently massaged her relaxed nipples. A low moan escaped through her breath. She took a hand and traced it down her body. She reached down to her pubic hair when she opened her eyes. She had to stop herself. Things were getting out of control. It was time to put an end to this. It was time to tell Marissa about what happened. She knows that she and Marissa would eventually work things out. But if Marissa knew John was cheating on her, she would break up with him and that would be last Donna would have to deal with him. It was a perfect plan.

Donna suddenly had a burst of energy. She quickly rinsed her body off and got out of the shower. Her mind raced with thoughts of how she would tell Marissa. She literally practiced the conversation in her head. She threw on a long night shirt over her naked body and hurried downstairs.

"Marissa?" Donna called as she hurried down the steps.

"She called me last night. She won't be back until tomorrow afternoon." John's voice responded.

Donna jumped as she wasn't expecting to hear John when she went downstairs.

"Why? Where did she go?" Donna asked with a more low-toned voice.

"Jill called and asked her to stay with her for the rest of the weekend." John responded as he focused on the computer.

Donna was clueless as to what do next. Should she say something to John? Should she wait until tomorrow night? What about John? He was here. If she didn't say something, he might attempt to do something again.

"Okay" was all Donna was able to say. She turned and hurried back upstairs to her room.

As she lay in her bed, she began to think of ways to tell John that this had to end. That wouldn't solve her problem. Just thinking about him made her extremely aroused. She still needed him to go away. She still had to tell Marissa about what had transpired over the last two weekends.

Suddenly her door opened. She quickly jumped out of bed as she looked at John standing in her doorway. He was wearing only a pair of boxer briefs. Donna glared at his magnificent body. Her eyes, seemingly with a mind of their own, stared at the incredible bulge in his briefs. He was so large. She couldn't tell if he was aroused. It didn't matter. His size, even when he wasn't aroused, reigned supreme over any other man she's had before. She attempted to collect her thoughts. She f***ed herself not to the admire the being that stood before her. Instead, she had to fight it out and stick with her plan.

"John, we need to talk." She uttered in a shaky voice.

John took a few slow steps toward her. "What about?" He responded very confidently.

"Look. Some things have happened over the last two weeks, and..." She stopped as he watched him take a few more steps toward her.

"And?" he responded with a smile.

Donna watched as he inched closer to her. She backed up a few steps but found herself with her back against her wall.

"And, the fact is, it shouldn't have happened. They were mistakes and before things go any further, I think it's time to put a stop to it." She sighed as she couldn't believe she was actually able to say it.

"Donna" John called softly. "Don't f***e yourself into giving up what you want."

Donna was shocked. Shocked that he would respond like that. She had a hard time focusing on him. He inched closer to her. She lowered her head and stared at the floor. It was her only escape from staring at him.

"It's not what I want. I never wanted it." She responded in a low voice.

John was only inches from her now. She stood, facing the ground, avoiding eye contact with him.

"Donna." He called in an entrancing and seductive voice. He reached his hand and brushed her face with his finger. "You don't want to fight this."

Donna shook her head away from his hand.

"You know you haven't been able to think about anything, other than what I've given you, over the last few weeks." He spoke with his soft and inviting voice, but with a hint of cockiness added.

Donna looked up at him. She stared him in the face. She avoided contact with his bulge and his body. She looked him dead in the eyes.

"You need to leave now." she exclaimed.

John stepped toward her. His bulge brushed the bottom of her stomach. He reached his hand out and ran his thumb over her lips.

"Shhhhh. Don't fight it. You know you're wet right now. You know you want this. You know you can't hide from this."

His hand left her lips and his finger traced down her chin and her neck. He continued to trace his finger down her chest, between her breasts, and down over the front of her shirt.

"Stop it John." she was able to gasp out. Her eyes closed but she caught herself and opened them up again. She tried to fight it. He was making it difficult.

"You don't want me to stop. The pleasure you recieve from me has taken control of you. It controls your mind. It controls your body."

Donna was getting lost for words. Still, she had to be strong.

"We can't anymore. Okay?" She nearly pleaded with him.

"The pleasure is controlled." he continued as he seemed to not hear one word she said. "It's controlled by me. I control the pleasure that controls you. It's inevitable Donna. I made you mine the day you watched me and Marissa."

Donna glanced at him in suprise. How did he know she was watching? She quickly turned her head to look away.

"At that moment, I took control of your mind." He purposely pressed his bulge into her body. "The next night, I took control of your body." He reached his hand out touched her cheek. He turned her to face him.

Donna quivered as she looked at him. She knew she had to fight this off but she was running out of ammo.

He reached both of his hands up and started to unbutton her night shirt. Her mind raced. She screamed for him to stop, in her mind, but she didn't speak a word. Her hands remained at her side. After the first three buttons, John took a tight grip of her shirt and ripped it from her body. The night shirt fell to the ground and Donna stood naked in front of him.

He picked her up. She wrapped her arms around him and he placed her on the bed.

Donna quickly slid up the bed and positioned herself. John laid on top of her. She quickly reached down slid his briefs to his ankles. John slid off the bed and stepped out of them. He grabbed her by the ankles and pulled her toward him. Donna was more aroused now than ever. John pushed her legs back to her head. A position Donna was becoming quite familiar with. He stepped his left leg over her folded body and braced it against her legs, near her ankles, pressing her feet against her face. He kneeled with his other leg to the side of Donna's body. Both of her holes were wide open. Her juices dripped down from her open pussy and trickled down to her ass. He raised a hand and slapped it down firmly across her ass. He raised it again and slapped down again. Moans escaped her as he delivered a long and vicious spanking.

He took 2 fingers and inserted them into her saturated pussy. He fucked her with his fingers. She moaned with each shallow plunge. He quickly probed them in and out. Her orgasm built. Her pussy swelled as she released. Her orgasm jolted through her. Her legs shook and quivered. She moaned loudly. He withdrew his fingers. Her cream coated them. He used his other hand and guided his enormous member into her pussy at a side angle. She gasped as he penetrated her with just his throbbing head. He leaned forward and thrust himself completely into her. His pubic area slamming into the bottom of her ass cheeks. He took his cream-coated fingers and began to massage her vulnerable anus. He pressed his fingers flat against her hole until it gave enough opening. The tip of one finger entered. He worked a second finger along side it until both finger tips violated her ass. He used his other hand to spread her ass a bit more. She let out a piercing scream as he slowly f***ed his fingers all the way into her ass.

She was in shock and agony. Her ass had never been violated like this before. Her ass had never been touched until the night before, with John. Today, it was penetrated like never before. She tried not to think of the pain but it was difficult. John put an end to that.

He slowly withdrew his cock and steadily slid it back inside her. The feeling was phenomenal. He humped her at a slow, smooth pace. His fingers, still buried deep in her ass. She was getting used to it. His humping turned into quicker thrusts. Donna's pussy became incredibly sensitive. She could hardly stand it. John reached his other hand over and used his thumb to massage her clit. He brushed her pussy gently with his thumb. She couldn't take it. Her orgasm built. She bit her lip and let out a scream as she released the most powerful orgasm she's ever had in her life.

John parted his two fingers in her ass, and began to work a third one in. His thrusts increased. He started to pound her pussy ferociously. He slid his third finger inside of her ass. His thumb still slowly and lightly massaging her clit. Donna screamed with every pounding thrust John delivered to her. John quickly pulled his three fingers from her ass, leaving her gaped. He leaned forward and proceeded to pulverize her pussy. He literally raised off the bed and slammed into her. His cock began to tense. He was about to cum.

He withdrew from her pussy and quickly pushed the head of his gigantic member into her ass. Donna screamed as she orgasmed on contact. John held her legs in place and pulled his leg around to mount her normally. With one thrust, he f***ed every thick and massive inch of his cock into her ass. She shut her eyes tight, gasped for breath and shook in pain. She felt like she was about to faint. He erupted, shooting seemingly endless globs of his thick semen into her ass. Her entire body shook. He started furiously rubbing her clit with his thumb. She was so sensitive. She could barely stand it but he had her pinned down. She had no choice but to deal with the sensation. She wanted to cry. He very slowly withdrew his cock from her ass. His semen leaked from her gaping hole. He moved his body up and stuck his cum-covered cock into her mouth. Donna gladly sucked it clean.

John withdrew his cock and slapped it against her face. He smirked as he got out of bed and left the room. Donna lay there, drained and satisfied. She came to terms with the fact that she was his property now. She was his object. His possession. She couldn't do anything about it. She was addicted to him. She could try and fight it more, but he would just take her at his will. Donna needed a way out of this. She has a lot of thinking to do.

Donna stands in front of a mirror. She looks herself over, studying her naked body. She was still very attractive. She had a look of dissatisfaction on her face. She was feeling very lost. How long had it been. Almost a year has passed since the greatest sexual experiences of her life, at the hands of an 18 year old god. A year. A long and unsatisfying year.

Donna had missed John. She had come to terms with the fact that, even though it was wrong, she was going to be the other woman to her daughter's boyfriend. She didn't have a choice. He took her at his leisure and she became powerless against him. She never knew what it was about him. Yes, he was attractive, a great body, impressively endowed, but it was more than just that. She thinks it was the situation that turned her on above all else. He picked such perfect times to take her.

The first time, was a night when her daughter went out, leaving him there. She took a shower and went to bed, only to find him standing in the dark corner and with few words, take full control of her nude body.

He would leave her daughter's bedroom door open just enough for her to see when he was in action. The first time was when she watched him and her own daughter. The first time she laid eyes upon him in a new light. The first time she laid eyes on his near foot long cock pulverizing her daughter. Or the next time she watched, when he was impaling her daughter's friend. In her mind, she knew it was all wrong, but he had a power over her that was only broken when her daughter left him.

Yes, her daughter left him without seeming even the least bit upset. But for Donna, it was the end of something that had breathed new life into her. She had no sex life. Work and sl**p. Work and sl**p. Then John changed that.

She remembered the time he took her in the parking lot of her work during lunch. She often went to her car for lunch, so she could lay her seat back and close her eyes for a little bit. But one day, he came up and took her, on the hood of her car, without speaking a single word. He came up behind her, turned her around, reached under her skirt and tore her panties from her body, and stuffed them into her mouth. All the while, she felt his growing manhood pressing against her. She reached down and released the powerful member. He pressed forward and it slid into her instantly wet opening. With her panties stuffed into her mouth, he held her arms at her side. He spread her legs with his thighs and pounded her ferociously. She didn't know what would happen if she spit the panties out but they muffled what would have been embarrassingly loud screams of pleasure that would echo throughout the parking lot. As her climax built up, he pulled out and f***ed her to her knees. He held her wrists together above her head with one hand, and used his other hand to smack her hard across the face, with his cock. He beat it against one side of her face many times before quickly stroking it and releasing a huge amount of semen onto her face, her shirt, and in her hair. He pulled her to her feet, by her arms, and removed the panties from her mouth. He opened her door, and guided her into her seat. He closed the door behind her like a gentlemen, but then disappeared, like a jerk.

She looked at her clock and didn't have much time, she would have to quickly rub out a orgasm. This proved difficult because every two minutes, co-workers would walk by, look at her, and smile. She even wondered if any of them witnessed what had happened. She also made sure all evidence was gone. Unfortunately, she had to remove her stained shirt and wear just a bra under her suit coat for the rest of the day, and she was working extra hours for overtime too. What a devious thing he had done.

That was all in the past now. Her daughter had left John and against all hope, he stopped coming around for Donna. She fell into a depression for a little bit. Then she entered the online dating scene. She started to become something else. Something she wasn't used to. The first two guys she met, didn't really work out. Then she met an attractive older man, but sex wasn't that great. He was average in size and as much as she hated making determinations like that, she was subconsciously looking for a John replacement. However, she was going through a new phase. She was becoming somewhat of a John herself. She started to be very controlling and demanding to the guys she slept with. None of them, even close to John in endowment, so she was treating them as feeble men. She was getting too wild for some.

She finally met a man named Jack. She would sl**p with Jack more than occasionally. He was a nice size and was good looking. He was somewhat strong in bed as well. But with her new found side, he would need to be stronger, and it didn't seem to be happening. However, they had much in common and would see each other on sort of a steady basis. Maybe she could balance out with this man and finally rid her mind of John forever.

Jack and Donna attended an office party at Jack's work. She was dressed in a very sexy dress that hugged her body tight. The straps fell off her shoulders, adding that extra "mmm" to her look. Jack was dressed in a nice shirt and slacks. This was the first time they would do something this social together. Maybe it was a step forward. However, Jack was a little out of practice with this sort of thing so Donna felt herself alone at times throughout the party. Jack would talk to co-workers and acquaintances at length before finding Donna enjoying the decor and needing a refill of a drink.

Donna looked over and she couldn't believe what she saw in the other room. It was him. John. He was here. At this party. His arm was around the waist of a young, beautiful girl. She was definitely his type, a petite red-head with large breasts and a curvy figure. He liked them short. Easy to dominate, she figured. She turned away. It was definitely the right thing to do. She found Jack, who was involved in a conversation with a man and woman. She tugged his arm.

"I'm going to head home." She told him.

"Okay. Um, wait here for two minutes and we'll leave."

She shook her head. "No Jack. You stay here. I'll catch a cab home. It's not far."

"Wait, Donna. I'm just going..."

"I insist. Please. Just stay." She demanded.

Jack looked confused but agreed. Donna grabbed her coat and headed toward the exit. She took one more glance over to the other room. The little red-head was still there but there was no John. She gave a quick look around to make sure he didn't see her, and she walked out the door.

Now she stands, naked, in front of her mirror. She had just finished a shower. She studied her body. She knew he was going to come by. He had to. There was no other explanation for his being there.

Her house was quiet. Her daughter had moved an hour away. Donna left the bathroom, walking completely naked down the hall way to her daughter's old room. The door was closed. She opened it a crack and stood staring in. She imagined the vision of John with her daughter and the other time with her daughter's friend. She looked over to her bedroom and smiled. She walked into the bedroom and looked around. It was just as she had it furnished, with no John standing in the corner. She laid in her bed, fully naked, and stared up at the dark ceiling. John had to have seen her. He was too cunning. Too a****listic to not have seen her there. Who knows how long he had been there before she noticed him. He could have known she was there for hours. Or maybe he didn't see her. Maybe he had fully moved on this little red-headed girly was his new object. Her eyes became heavy and she dozed off into an unsatisfied sl**p.

Donna woke up with the sun shining in her face. She had slept in. A little too much alcohol, perhaps. She stood up and stretched her arms up. Her nude body shimmering in the beam of sunlight that had sneaked through her blinds. She looked at her bed, disappointed. She was almost ready to cry. She was certain he would come. She started to drift into a daydream of sadness. An alert from her phone indicated she had a text message. She snapped out of it and grabbed it. It was from Jack. He wanted to meet for lunch.

"Perfect" she said to herself. A perfect time to break things off with him. It just wasn't working out. Her mind was always consumed with thoughts of John. How could she fully give herself to a relationship with Jack, when most of the time, she was just wishing it was John she was with. They had fun but she truly had to take a break from the dating scene and remake herself all over. Perhaps Jack would wait. But doubtfully.

She responded 'yes' to his text. She went to the bathroom and washed up. She returned to her room, still nude. She glanced back at the bed and glanced over to the corner where he had once hidden. She looked over to the other corner where he once trapped her and took her, despite her weak protests. She laid on the bed and closed her eyes. More thoughts of John and what she was able to experience with him.

She thought about one of the last times they were together. Her daughter was in the shower, which happened to be right next to Donna's room. John walked in and grabbed her by the wrists. He guided to the hallway, just outside the closed bathroom door. The sound of the running water drowning out the sound of her daughter singing. He put her to her knees just outside the door. He stood in front of her while she glared at the bulge in his mesh shorts. He placed a hand on her head and grabbed a handful of hair. He smirked down at her.

Donna looked over at the bathroom door momentarily and then hastily pushed the mesh shorts aside, freeing his massive member. She lunged for it but he held her head in place by her hair.

"How bad do you want it, Donna?" he spoke in a low but commanding voice.

"So bad", she responded almost in a whisper.

He swayed it in front of her face. The sounds of the shower and her daughter singing, almost fading as she drifted into that other world with John. She looked up at him, mouth opened slightly, giving him a look of sympathy and plea. She wanted to please him. He pressed his hips forward until the tip of his cock brushed her top lip. She lunged again but he pulled back.

"Please?" she begged with a whimper.

He used his other hand to grab a hold of the base of his cock and he smacked it across her face, stunning her. He grazed the tip of his head slightly over her lips in a circular motion. He pulled her up to her feet and roughly ripped her nightgown from her, exposing her fully nudity. A slight coolness hardening her nipples almost instantly. He backed her against the door that separated her from her daughter, who was still singing joyfully in the shower. He brushed his cock against her sex. She bucked her hips forward to try and f***e an insertion but he was way too clever for that. He pulled his hips slightly. She opened her eyes and looked at him with frustration. He smirked at her and released her.

She stood there, nude, waiting for his next move. But to her surprise and disappointment, that move wasn't meant for her. He nudged her to the side and knocked on the door.

"I'm coming in baby" he yelled and opened the door.

Donna, in a panic, covered herself and ran into the bedroom, leaving her nightgown on the floor in the hallway. 'That Bastard' she thought. 'What an asshole'. She heard the door close and she hurried out to grab her nightgown. As she bent down, she heard the moans of her daughter.

Donna snapped out of her daydream. She looked at her clock. "Time for lunch" she said to herself and got dressed in tight jeans and a v-neck sweater. Maybe she wouldn't end things with Jack just yet. She was wet as hell right now and Jack did somewhat ok in bed. Useful anyway. Better than masturbating and thinking of John and then remembering the bad things along with the good. She grabbed her purse and hurried out.

Jack looked pretty good today. She was really worked up as they enjoyed outdoor seating of a small cafe for lunch. Jack was apologizing for ignoring her at the party the last night. Donna was acting sort of pissed but knew she was going to fuck this guys brains out when they were finished. There was built up frustration and come hell or high water, Donna was going to make Jack give it to her good.

Those thoughts quickly disappeared as Jack turned to flag down a waitress, Donna looked right at the face of John, sitting two tables behind them. 'No fucking way' she thought to herself. He signed his check and handed it to his waitress with a smile. He stood up, turned away, and exit the outdoor cafe and headed down the street away from them.

Jack returned to see Donna looking dumbfounded down the street. Jack waved his hand in front of her face.

"Donna? Is everything okay?" he asked politely.

Donna looked back at him, as if being snapped out of a trance.

"Actually Jack, I don't think this is going to work out. I'm sorry." she sounded full of regret. She stood up, dropped $20 on the table and hurried out. Jacked looked on in confusion. He shook his head and finished his lunch with slow, depressed bites.

Donna got into her car. This was a sign. She was convinced. She felt she needed to get home right.

That proved to be more difficult because there was traffic and she seemed to catch every red light. She grew impatient but there was nothing she could do. It took half and hour to get home. He hustled into her house and up to her bedroom. He had to be in there. He just had to be. She got to her room to find it, empty.

She put her arms up in the air. 'This had to be more than a coincidence' she thought. He had to be toying with her. That's when she noticed it. Her daughter's bedroom door was halfway open. Didn't she close it last night before she went to bed? She had a hard time remembering. She had a good amount to drink. She slowly made her way to the door. She peered in. Empty. She opened the door all the way. Everything was just as she left it.

She was driving herself crazy at this pointDonna reached into her refrigerator and grabbed a bottle of wine. She popped it open and drank heavily from it. She placed it on the counter. She sighed in frustration. She picked it up and pulled another long drink from it. She winced at the rush from the quick swallowing of the alcohol. She thought about the last time she saw John.

Donna had just finished putting the last of the dishes away and came out of the kitchen. She had a smile that quickly disappeared as John was following Marissa down the stairs. They had obviously been arguing. Marissa opened the door and held it for John, pointing outside, signalling for him to leave.

"Can we just talk about this. This is ridiculous." he said.

"I don't care, John. I knew about that time with Jill in my room, but for you to meet up with her behind my back?" she attacked.

They were obviously unaware of Donna's presence. She stood back in the dining room and just listened.

"I'm sorry Marissa, I didn't think you would mind since you planned for it to happen the first time." he continued in defense.

"Exactly John. I planned for it. That's what it was all about. Just like the threesome with her later on. But going to meet with her, without me knowing about it? You broke the rules." She continued.

"But Marissa, baby..." He pleaded again.

"No. Don't even start. It's bad enough she was in the area and never even contacted me, but she called you and went ahead and fucked her?"

Donna was hearing way too much of her daughter's personal life. But being this far involved, it didn't matter.

"Get out, John." Marissa demanded one last time.

John dropped his head and exited the house.

Donna leaned against the counter as she nearly cried at the memories of her last time seeing him. She grabbed the bottle again and chugged away. She put it down and looked around the kitchen. She remembered a time that John took her right at the sink. She unbuttoned her jeans and slide them over her hips and down and off. She roughly pulled her panties to the side and began to quickly rub herself.

She thought of all the times he just took her at his will. She began to rub herself even faster. She was already wet from thinking about him before lunch, and even when she anticipated he would be at her home. She leaned back onto the counter. She rubbed herself furiously as she moaned. She jerked her arm back and it knocked over her wine bottle. Wine spilled all over the counter.

Her moans became louder.

"OH JOHN!" she yelled out in ecstasy. "JOHN, WHERE ARE YOU?"

She kept rubbing faster and harder. Her moans became high pitched squeals as she came. She grunted in relief and collapsed on her kitchen floor. She exhaled rapidly as she was out of breath. She took off her sweater and her bra. She needed a shower and her clothes needed to get washed right away as they had wine all over them. The beauty of living alone was, she could masturbate in her kitchen, strip, clean, and all without a worry in the world that anyone would see her.

She took her clothes to the washer and put them in. She was heading upstairs when her phone rang. She picked it up.

"Hi Jack" she said sympathetically.

"I know, I've been going through some issues recently. I've been weird and that's why I broke it off. I need to get somethings with me in order." she continued.

She turned and nearly jumped out of her skin as she looked right into the face of John, who was standing at the bottom of her steps, wearing only a pair of boxer briefs. She blinked hard to make sure she wasn't just imagining things.

He smiled and put a finger to his lips. He walked over and scooped her up into his arms. He walked her over to her couch. She remained on the phone with Jack.

"I know Jack. Listen, something has just come up, I gotta go" she started

John immediately looked at her and shook his head. He pointed to the phone and whispered...

"Stay on the line"

"No Jack. I don't really have to go. I know what I've been putting you through. It's just that. I wish I could tell you..." She suddenly stopped.

John had spread her legs and pulled her hips to the edge of the couch. He traced a finger along her inner thigh.

She was still in disbelief that he was here. He was actually here. It wasn't just her imagination. She was no longer just randomly seeing him around. He was here, and he was going to have her any way he wanted her.

"What? No. What I was going to say was, I...I..."

She struggled to keep talking as John placed his thumbs on either side of her clit and started pushing together.

"I...Oh God." she moaned.

John wiggled his thumbs together so fast, it almost felt like a vibrator.

"No. Jack, don't go. What I wanted....Shit....What I..."

John pushed her legs further apart. He used two fingers and inserted them into her sloppy, wet pussy.

"No. Nothing's going on. I'm fine....Fuck, I'm fine...I'm...I'm really....Oh Fuck..."

John, without hesitation, added two more fingers into her and began to fuck her with his hand.

"I don't know. I...don't know what..."

She dropped the phone.

"Oh my God....Oh my....Ohhhhhhh"

John stopped suddenly. He reached down and picked up the phone. He placed back to her ear.

"John...I mean, Jack...are you still....still there"

John resumed his work to her vagina. His thumb was left out to massage her swelling clit. Donna just stared at John while he did his work, completely oblivious to whatever it was Jack was saying to her.

"Jack, I'm just trying to say that....I have...i..i..issues and sometimes.....ohhhh my"

Donna could feel her juices rushing. Her body jerked as she came so hard she felt like her body was draining of everything. Cum even spurted out of her a little.

"Ohhhhhh....fuck. Oooooooo...ohhhhhhhh"

John smirked. He rarely laughed or smiled. He was all business, all the time, with his women.

He glared at her. She looked at him and almost frowned. He was making her keep the phone conversation going.

"Nothing's happening, Jack. Please....please stop being so paranoid. I didn't....Ohhh."

John slowly pushed her legs up, pressing her knees into her face as he folded her in half. He grabbed the phone from her. He put it on speaker phone. He parted her legs slightly. He directed her hands to hold her legs in place.

"Hello? Donna, are you still there?"

John nodded.

"Yes, Jack. I'm still here."

"What the fuck is going on Donna? You're really starting to weird me out."

"Nothing. Seriously Jack. Nothing's going on. Just...Just..."

Her eyes widened in both pleasure and shock. John had parted the fly of the boxer briefs and released his huge, throbbing member. It was so huge, she nearly went cross-eyed. She gazed at it, hypnotized. She forgot how large and massive his member was.

"Donna? you were saying?"

John gripped her hair with one hand and held the phone at her mouth with the other.

"What I was saying was...Uhhhhhhhhhhhh"

John had slide his massive cock into her, with one motion, all the way til his hips met her ass.

He mouthed to her. "Talk"

"Do you have a stomach ache or something, Donna?"

"Um, yes. A stomach aaaaaaaaaaaache"

John began slamming into her. He stared evilly into her eyes. She wanted to scream and moan so bad, but John made her hold the conversation with her would-be boyfriend.

"Sounds like your having sex" Jack accused.

"No." Donna panted. "Nothing like that"

John increased the speed and power of his deep slamming thrusts, torturing Donna's eager pussy, and her mental state.

"I just...Oh God....I don't..."

"You don't what?" Jack asked in frustration.

"I'm not...."

Donna was panting now, almost like a tired dog. John released her hair and switched hands with the phone. He held the phone to her as he reached his other hand up and spanked hard across your ass.


"Okay, This is ridiculous. I'm not playing these games with you." Jack was getting pissed.

John continued to plow into Donna as he mounted and immobilized her in his usual dominating power position that she was oh so accustomed to with him.

"No John...uh, Jack. No Jack. It's....Oh My God..."

Donna felt the urges rush as she released another body staggering orgasm.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh my. Holy Shiiiiiiiit"

She came. Oh she came. At that moment, John did the impossible and increased his speed and power even more than Donna had thought humanly possible.

John dropped the phone and pressed Donna's feet hard into her face. He pounded her, nearly driving her through her couch. He held both her ankles together with one hand and kept them mashed against her face. He brought his other hand up and spanked down hard and repeatedly onto her one ass cheek.

Donna screamed and moaned. They were slightly muffled but not really. John pulled out. He pushed her feet away from her head and back more so they were back by her ears. He knelt on the couch, on either side of her legs, keeping her pinned with his body.

He used his hand to point his cock directly at her face. He picked up the phone with his other hand and held it close by.

He shot several powerful streams of thick semen into her face. About seven or eight power shots splattered her face, hair, and mouth, before a few more thin streams squirted down onto her chest.

Donna was still moaning. Her body pinned and vulnerable. She had four orgasms, all while keeping Jack on the phone.

As John's erection slowly subsided. His thick semi but laid across Donna's cum soaked face. He held the phone closer to her. She could hear Jack still on the other line.

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that! boy-JOHN is bad!!!! good sh3t to read...
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Another amazing story, thanks.
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Oh wow, what an amazing story.