A fifty-year old farmhouse and barn takes quite a while to thoroughly clean and get ready to put on the market. I'd been working at it for the past two months since my father passed away. He was 73 and died of old age. He outlived my mom by 15 years and had never remarried though I know he had stayed active with the ladies in town. They had bought the small farm shortly after they were married and raised me and my s****r so this was my boyhood home. My s****r, Melissa, is three years older than me. She just celebrated her 48th birthday last month.

I live two hours to the north and Melissa lives 30 minutes west but we agreed that I would do most of the clean-up around the property. She had taken care of dad the past 10 years and getting rid of his stuff would be too hard emotionally. Besides, my job allowed me freedom of schedule so I could stay here a few days at a time as I worked through his belongings. I'd spent the past week boxing stuff in the house and the attic and was nearly finished. All that remained was the basement and it didn't appear there was more than a couple days work.

Late in the afternoon of the first day, I walked down the stairs enjoying a cold beer. I sat it on the bottom step and went to the storage area under the stairs. I pulled a couple large boxes out of the cupboard and looked around the open space. At first, I thought I had emptied it, then I realized there was a door cut into the back wall. Moving my hands along the edge of the cut, I depressed the door and it sprang open an inch. Opening it up, I found a large trunk that was padlocked. I slid the trunk out of its space and into the basement. Curiosity aroused, I bounded upstairs for the spare keys I'd collected throughout the house. Grabbing another beer, I went downstairs with 15 keys on a ring. A few of them obviously wouldn't work and I was left with five choices. The fourth key opened the lock. I slipped it through the latch and with trepidation I opened the lid.

When the lid was open, I was quite confused at what I found. It looked like a box of women's lingerie. I lifted out a couple bras and a couple pairs of panties when I found a small notebook. Lifting it out, I realized there were a few more notebooks stacked below it. Opening the first one, it was labeled '2007 - '. It was obvious they were time sequenced with this being the one dad kept when he died.

I began to read the first page and couldn't believe it. Dad was describing himself wearing a black bra and matching panties. He wrote that they were a new collection and liked the way they fit his body. A couple pages further, I nearly dropped the beer from my hand. There was a polaroid showing dad standing in a beige bra and panty set. As I stared at the picture, I could see the smile on his face and to my shock, a large erection pressing against the beige panties.

I began to flip through the book and found many more pictures stuck between the pages. Most were of dad wearing bras and panties in different poses and colors. But there was the occasional photo of his cock exposed, either hanging free or held in his hand. After the first book, I began to look through all the underwear packed neatly in the trunk. There must have been 20 different matching sets and various unmatched items. There was also three garter belts and quite a few pair of thigh-high stockings. I only found a couple pair of pantyhose stuffed at the bottom. I later learned that dad was not a fan of them.

Going through the rest of the trunk, I found the rest of his notebooks, an old polaroid camera and a newer digital camera. Flipping it on, there was a memory card but no images stored. I had already cleaned his hard drive and had found no images of him dressed like this. I didn't even find any images of porn. i then realized he much have had someone take some of the pictures! I did find something that looked like a remote for the polaroid but couldn't believe he took them all.

Reluctantly I went upstairs to take a pee and get another beer. Returning to the trunk, I pulled up a chair and reached for the oldest notebook. It was dated '1956'. That was two years before he married mom! The writing was brief but he detailed his beginning fascination with female panties and the efforts he made to acquire them - laundromats, clotheslines, stealing from a girlfriend. By 1963, he was referring to 'M' and telling of how she helped him with his fetish. Dad always called mom by 'Mother' but her name was Madeline. I assumed he referred to her, but at this point I just wasn't sure. Melissa was born in 1960 and I was born in 1963 so his fascination grew as he and mom began to raise a f****y.

By 1972, it was obvious that dad was putting panties on nearly every night when he'd get home from work. A few entries detailed having sex with mom. It would usually start with mom putting on sexy lingerie from corsets to teddy's to fishnet stockings while dad would make sure the k**s were in bed for the night. I remember Melissa and I having a 9:30 bed time during the week and always complaining to stay up later. The folks would always tell us we needed our sl**p as we did have to get up early for school. It wasn't a large house but there was a f****y room separating our parents bedroom from our rooms. I smiled to myself at the realization this gave the folks a 'noise buffer' between us and them for anything that went on in their bedroom. Once he had us settled, he would prepare a martini for both he and mother. Upon entering the bedroom, dad would lock the door to prevent unfortunate interruptions.

Mom would usually be at her dressing table applying her make-up or adjusting her lingerie. Without a word being spoken, dad would deliver the martini then get himself undressed. He would casually hang his clothes in the closet and strip to his panties. Mom would have set out his attire for the evening, either a matching bra or a new set entirely. Once dad had put the bra and panties on, he would take a seat in a straight backed chair that was near mom's dressing table. At this point, mom was in charge of the evening.

Dad wrote of many evenings where they would just sit and sip their martinis and carry on conversations like they were at the dinner table, except for them both being in women's underwear. I found many pictures through the years of dad sitting in this straight backed chair. Some evenings, mom would turn to face dad and not be wearing any panties at all. She would instruct him to take his cock out of his panties and stroke himself as she told him how sexy he looked and how sexy she felt when she played with herself. She would tell him how lucky she was to have a man with a nine-inch cock. She would tell him that she shared this one secret with her girlfriends and none of their friends had a cock as large as his. It was a source of obvious pride for both of them.

And some nights, once the foreplay at the dressing table was finished, she would tell dad to take his place on the bed. Almost every time they had intercourse, mom would be on top of dad. He described how attentive her tongue was to his thick cock as she sucked on him. She always left his panties on as she knew this excited him so, but she would pull his cock free and take it in her mouth. She loved to suck on his cock, taking his crown between her lips and sucking him deeply into her mouth. Sometimes before she made him cum and sometimes after, she would mount his long, hard cock and sink her pussy around him. Mom had large breasts. I had many teenage fantasies about them in fact. She would remove her bra, if she were wearing one, and they would hang down in dad's face as she fucked his cock. Dad would mouth her nipples as his cock plunged in and out of her sex. Finally her body would climax on his cock and she would collapse on top of him. They would always awaken during the night and change into pajamas and unlock the bedroom door as if they were like every other f****y in the neighborhood. I had to believe they weren't!

At this point, I had two realizations. The first was that it was deep into the evening and I was starving. The second was that reading about my mom and dad's exploits had given me a raging erection. I wasn't sure what to do about the hard-on but I knew I could find some food upstairs. I ate a quick sandwich and found something a little harder to drink, reaching for the half bottle of Jack Daniel's on the shelf. I took the bottle and soon found myself downstairs with the trunk and my father's memories. I picked up a pair of red bikinis and tried to imagine my dad wearing them. Even after seeing pictures, I still couldn't visualize him. By the time I picked up a notebook dated 1983, my erection had returned. I resisted the urge to stroke myself as I got comfortable on a folding bed I'd unfolded a couple hours earlier.

In 1983, my dad was 48 and my mom was 45. The exact ages of my s****r and my self. I found a few polaroid pictures of my dad's cock fucking my mom. She had a full bush that was so popular back in the day. A look I still love to see on a woman! Mom's face was never in the frame but I could tell by the body that it was her. And I finally got to see those large breasts, even if it was on faded film. My parents had begun experimenting with toys in the past few years. Dad started writing of dildos and vibrators. It began with dad using the toys on mom's body for her sexual satisfaction.

By 1985 and me finally out of the house after college, mom had decided it was time for dad to learn the feel of the dildo. Dad wrote that they had discussed it, but mom had never convinced dad to let her use the dildo on him. That changed one night when he came home from a work party smelling of perfume and whiskey. I absent-mindedly drank down the Jack Daniel's and opened my fly. My cock was as hard as I ever remember feeling it. Dad denied any hanky-panky with his secretary but couldn't explain the perfume on his coat. Mom told dad to fix her martini and to bring it to her in the bedroom. When he went to the closet to put his clothes away, he saw the plain white g-string she had left for him. He picked it up and realized it was hers. He knew it wouldn't fit but he wasn't about to say anything to her. He walked into the bedroom wearing only the g-string. His cock was rock hard and stretched the fabric. The crown was sticking out above the waistband and his balls were hanging out on both sides of the material. He looked silly. He saw the dildo on the dressing table. "I'll make this easy on you. Tell me the truth and might let you get me off before we go to sl**p. Lie to me and I will show you how I use this dildo." Dad wrote that his heart raced as his eyes moved from Mother to the dildo and back to Mother.

"I swear. I didn't do anything. I don't know why that perfume is on my coat!"

Mom reached out and squeezed his balls before he could move. Faster than he had ever seen her move, mom moved him to the bed and pushed him on his face. "If you EVER want to have sex with me again, you will get on your hands and knees and keep your mouth shut!" Dad said he was terrified at her words and quickly complied. He felt her get on the bed behind him. Her hands pulled the thin strip of fabric to the side and he felt her spit on his asshole. Without much warning, she pushed the dildo into his asshole. Her strength pushed three inches into him as his muscles stretched to take it. He cried out in pain as he felt the dildo being pushed into him and pulled nearly out. She was fucking his asshole with the dildo. After what seemed like eternity, he felt her long fingers stroking his cock. The sensation of the dildo in his ass and her hands on his cock were too much and he soon erupted stream after stream of cum onto the sheets underneath him. She pulled the dildo from his asshole and he collapsed on the sheets panting for air.

"I'm sorry Mother. I didn't do anything with my secretary. She was d***k and she did try to kiss me but I did not return her affections. I have you!" Mom looked him in the eyes and knew it was being honest with her but she had done what she had long desired. And she knew he had enjoyed it. Toys would play a larger role in their sex life.

Mom passed away in 1993 from cancer. They had continued to play their sex games until six months before she died. Dad said he put his panties and bras into the trunk and thought he had for the rest of his life. The next notebook was dated '1995' and once again he used the letter 'M' to describe his sexual accomplice. I assumed he continued to use the notation he had used for mom as his way of covering his actions. In reading his notebooks, it was like starting over for him. He was getting more comfortable with whoever was sharing his fantasies. He was 60 years old and describing his actions in wearing panties and bras as if it was brand new to him.

By 1997 with him in his early 60's, he was once again describing his sexual exploits with 'M'. Apparently she would come to visit him and stay the night occasionally but usually she would leave in the night. It was obvious she was younger than him, but she loved to play the games just as well as my mom had. She would buy him ever sexier underwear as stores like Victoria Secret's began to take hold in our culture. He wrote of padded bras and crotchless panties. There were numerous photos of him in crotchless panties and his large cock hanging between his thighs. He would always have a big grin on his face.

Dad wrote at length about his 70th birthday. 'M' had arrived at his house while he was out running errands. She met him at the door with a martini in each hand. She was nude from head to toe with the exception of six-inch black heels. Dad suckled her erect nipples while she held his glass, sipping from hers. Finally she told him to go change into the things she had laid out for him. He returned wearing his 'birthday suit'. It was a lavender bra, panty and garter set. The panties were boyshorts which he had come to enjoy in his later years. She had also provided a pair of falsies that were almost as large as her breasts. His cock was already rigid and he was beaming. She handed him a second martini as she looked him over in the new outfit. She had made pasta and they ate with an eye on one another. It was rare that he saw her totally nude and he was mesmerized by her firm body and tanned skin. Her pussy was shaved exceptionally smooth and her nipples remained erect throughout dinner.

Once dinner was finished, she quickly cleared the table and told dad to remain seated but to close his eyes. When she told him to open them, she was lying spread-eagled on the table before him with a thick, lit candle extended from her pussy. She sang a quick rendition of Happy Birthday and asked him to blow out his candle quickly before the wax melted down it's length. Dad happily obliged and then proceeded to eat his birthday cake. He put his lips to hers and his tongue snaked its way to her clit. He was a master at giving cunnilingus, or so she told him so many times. He used his hands to caress her thighs as he kept his mouth glued to her sex. His tongue danced up and down her slit and he could hear her breathing quicken. When he pressed two fingers against her asshole, she screamed out in pleasure as her orgasm shook her body. He continued to suck and nibble her clit until her thrashing pushed him back in his chair. She sat upright with a dreamy look in her eyes. "Now it's time for me to blow out your birthday candle! Show it to me please!"

Dad stood up and rolled his lavender boyshorts down his thighs. His cock sprung upright against his belly. 'M' slid off the table and crouched on her knees. She looked up at him and playfully blew on his cock head, as if blowing out the candle. Then her lips softly moved around his crown and took his cock in her mouth. Her right hand caressed his balls while her left hand held his cock at the base. Her mouth expanded as she took the entire length of his cock into her mouth and down her throat. She bobbed her head up and down on his cock, letting him fuck her mouth. Her throat and mouth would fill with his cock every time she went to the base of his shaft. She had learned that he didn't last nearly as long as he used to do so she would try to make it as exciting as possible from the very onset. And true to form, she could feel his sack swelling as he shot his stream of cum into her mouth. She swallowed nearly all of it before standing in front of dad and pressing her lips to his. He was surprised when her tongue pushed a sample of his cum into his mouth but he kissed her hard back.

Later that evening, she strapped on their favorite dildo and fucked his asshole until he was begging her to stop. He wanted to cum inside her and knew he could never go three rounds in one night. For a change, he put her on her back and thrust his cock into her soaked pussy. She had been playing with herself throughout the day and night but never let herself get off. Her pussy was very wet and alive as his large cock thrust into her sex and filled her with the first stroke. His hands played with the large breasts he had bought her, the more to remember Mother. He could take no more and she wrapped her thighs around his legs and pulled him into her. Her body shuddered as she felt his cum explode into her pussy. He collapsed on top of her and they panted together in silence. "Happy Birthday".

The last notebook entry was from four months earlier. They had stayed active until a couple months before he died. He knew the end was near and he put his toys away in the closet. I don't know why he didn't just get rid of them, but he left them hidden for me or Melissa to find. It was after two in the morning and I had drank more Jack Daniel's than I cared to think. I was mentally and physically exhausted as I turned out the lights knowing I needed to call Melissa in the morning but not knowing what to say.

I reached her a little after ten as she was leaving a meeting for work. Trying to keep my voice even, I asked if she could stop by dad's house that evening. I told her there were some things I had to show her but couldn't talk about it over the phone. She asked for details but I wouldn't budge. I didn't know how I'd tell her in person so I really couldn't tell her on the phone. She said she'd bring some take-out and be there a little after six.

I put a few of the items in a box along with one of the notebooks and put it on the counter in the kitchen. Melissa arrived with the Chinese take-out a little before six. She gave me a hug and kiss and when I released her, I realized how attractively she was dressed for a day at work. "Is that what you wear everyday to work?" When she gave me an odd look, I continued "You look GREAT, maybe even a bit sexy if a b*****r can say that to his s****r."

Melissa smiled at my comment, "You can say that and Thank You. Yeah, this is a typical day at the office." I later learned she lied about that and had changed prior to getting to the house. Her skirt was mid-thigh and the garter and stockings were not part of the standard attire for work. "Why don't we eat and you can tell me what's so important." I made small talk and we ate quickly. She commented how much work I'd done around the house and how great it looked.

"So how about I pour us a drink and I'll get to it. i know I need one." I poured us both a glass of Scotch and handed one to her. Melissa sat at the kitchen table with her tanned legs crossed at mid-thigh, her skirt riding high up her leg. I leaned against the kitchen counter with my legs crossed at the ankle.

"So Melissa. I'm not sure how to tell you this so I'll just come out with it." Melissa took a drink and I took a longer one and continued, "Dad dressed up in women's underwear all our lives!"

"What? What are you saying Matty?" She swallowed the last of her Scotch and sat the glass on the table. I tilted the bottle and refilled both our glasses. After putting the bottle on the counter, I pulled the box to me and lifted the lid.

"I was almost finished cleaning in the basement when I pulled some boxes out of a storage area under the stairs. I almost missed it, but realized their was a compartment behind them. It's a large trunk that's still downstairs but here's some of the things I found." I reached in and handed her a red bra and panty set. She took them with an incredulous look on her face and I pulled out another set and handed those to her as well. As she looked them over, I pulled out the notebook and opened it up to a page I had marked. Reading aloud, "I pulled the panties onto my body and felt the electricity they created in my senses."

I went on to tell her the highlights of my previous evening, detailing all the notebooks and telling her about all the underwear I found and the pictures in the books. I told her the timeline and that mom had been involved all those years we were growing up. And then I told her that he had found a new friend after mom had died. I couldn't look at her as I talked so I stared at the floor. "All these years Melissa. I can't believe any of this but it's all true."

I could see her eyes lock on to mine, "I know Matty. I'm 'M'". She put the glass to her lips and drank.

I stared at her not comprehending what she had said. Finally, the light shined in my head. "You're 'M'? Oh my God! I don't understand how you could ..." as I trailed off.

"Matty. Listen to me. It all started about a year after mom died and dad became depressed. I finally got him to open to me and tell me the problem. I told him I would like to help him any way I could. And as you read last night, one thing led to another through the years."

"How did you find out Melissa? I can't believe he just came out and told you he like to wear women's lingerie!"

I refilled our glasses with the Scotch dad had left over the sink.

Melissa took a drink and continued, "He couldn't say the words so he just unbuttoned his shirt. Can you imagine my surprise when he pulled open his shirt and he was wearing a bra? I can still remember the white lace he wore that day, even after all these years."

"Just like that? He just showed you he was wearing a bra?"

Melissa put her glass to her lips and poured the rest of the drink down her throat. She blinked as she felt the heat of the drink fill her stomach. She shifted in the chair, uncrossing and crossing her legs, her skirt riding up her thigh. She tapped the glass with her right index finger and I filled her glass for a fourth time.

"Yes. I think it was easier for him than to say it out loud to me. Over the next couple hours he proceeded to tell me he had been dressing for years. I guess you know that since you read his logs." I nodded and she continued. "Madeline (our mom) had grown accustomed to it over the years and began to help him dress and buy things for him. Dad was missing her attentions greatly and this was causing his depression. I told him I would do my best to take mom's place."

I was shaking my head as I listened to Melissa's story. I stood leaning against the counter as she spoke to me. I was amazed that this could have been happening for all my lifetime and I never had a clue. And then to think that Melissa had kept this secret for the past 14 years. "Melissa, this is just amazing to hear."

She smiled and I realized both our glasses were once again empty. I filled my glass then leaned forward and tipped the last of the bottle into her glass. Melissa lifted her glass, "What's amazing Matty? That dad wore women's underwear, that I helped him with his fetish, or that you jacked off last night reading his logs?"

I damned near choked on the Scotch as she asked. Even with the 80 proof Scotch warming my body, I could feel my face flush at her question. "Why do you think I jacked off last night?"

"Because I can see your erection right now!"

I looked down and the bulge in my pants was obvious and I hadn't even realized. Instinctively, I shifted my body but I'd already been caught. Caught by my s****r!

"It's okay Matty. I really do understand after all these years with dad."

Melissa uncrossed her legs and stood. Three feet of linoleum separated us. "Would you like to put on a bra Matty?"

"Melissa! No! I can't believe you asked that!"

Her eyes locked on mine, Melissa unbuttoned her blouse and stood in front of me wearing a black lace bra. Her hands caressed her 38D cupped breasts. "Are you sure?"

I lifted my glass to my lips but it was already empty. I was now very aware of the erection in my jeans. My eyes drifted to Melissa's incredible breasts encased in black lace. She stepped forward and picked up one of the bras that I had laid on the counter at the outset of our conversation. It was a simple light blue bra. It was a start. Melissa pulled my t-shirt over my head. I merely watched her, not able to say a word. That done, she held the bra out and I slipped my arms into it. She moved even closer as she reached around me and hooked the bra. Our faces were inches apart, I could feel her breathing and she could feel mine.

Melissa held her place for seconds before backing away. "Turn around and see for yourself in the window." It was dark outside and my reflection was very clear.

After a few beats, I could see Melissa's hands cupping the bra in the reflection. Her lips were nearly touching my ear, "You need stuffing but you look Hot!" Her body was pressed against my backside, my erection grinding into the counter. Her breath was hot on my skin as her hands slipped under the bra cups and her fingers played with my nipples. I could feel her pelvis grinding into my ass as she pressed harder against me. I felt her teeth nibbling on my ear. By now, her fingers were pinching my nipples turning me on like I'd never before felt.

My cock was throbbing and before I realized, I felt it explode in my pants. "Oh God Melissa!" I could feel my cum splashing against my boxers. A second and third jet of my cum shot from my cock. Melissa held her body against me, not letting me go from this moment. Before she backed away, i could feel my warm cream running down my thighs. "Damn! I'm a mess! Why did you do that?"

"Because you wanted me to do it!" She slipped her hands from the bra and began buttoning her blouse.

"Now that the secret is in the open, let's go have a look at dad's trunk. You might want to bring another bottle though I think we've both had enough!" Melissa was just a bit wobbly on her heels as she walked towards the stairs down to the basement. I made a stop in the bathroom and stripped off my pants and boxers. I dried my cum-covered legs with a towel and pulled my jeans back on, leaving the boxers on the floor. I found a half bottle of Scotch and brought our two glasses filled with ice cubes to the basement.

Melissa was bending over the trunk looking through the undies dad had left behind for us. "I bought most of these things for him. He had definite styles that he enjoyed." She held up a pair of black boyshorts and commented, "I bet you would look very good in these Matty."

"You're crazy Melissa. The bra upstairs was one thing, but this is totally different." I poured Scotch in our glasses and handed one to Melissa.

"For me Matty? I miss seeing a sexy man in shorts like these!" She pulled down the side zipper on her skirt and it slid to the floor. She quickly stepped out of the skirt and stood in her stockings and thong. My eyes dropped to her sex, visible just below the cut of her blouse. The fabric was sheer and could see the outline of her pubes. Melissa sipped her Scotch as she stood there daring me to take the shorts from her.

I blinked first. I took the boyshorts from her hand and walked towards the dark end of the basement without saying a word. I had taken three steps when I felt something hit me in the back. "Those are a matching set. Put them on and I'll snap you." I bent over and picked them up then continued towards the darkened corner. I had thought about this last night, especially when I was jacking off but I really didn't think Melissa would offer or I would suggest it. And now the moment was here.

A couple minutes later, I returned to find her sitting on the folding bed flipping through one of the notebooks. She had removed her blouse and was now in her bra, thong and stockings. I was both terribly aroused and terribly embarrassed as I walked into the low light where she sat. Melissa sat on the edge of the bed to get her first look at me. Surprisingly the shorts fit my body pretty well though my erect cock was pressing firmly against the thin fabric and threatening to burst through the waistband. I thought to hook the bra in front of me then slid it around my chest. It was in place but the cups sagged just a bit. Her smile lit the room. "You look fantastic Matty!" She had rolled up a couple pairs of panties and handed them to me as she stood. "Put these in the cups, they will make you look a little more 'right'."

A couple feet of concrete separated b*****r and s****r, both of us in panties and bra. Melissa reached behind and unhooked her bra and let it slide off her shoulders. Her enhanced breasts were a perfect 38D. They danced in front of me, her skin absent tan lines. Large nipples centered large, dark areolas. "Dad bought these for me. He said mom and large breasts and he missed them when we played. Do you like them Matty?"

I nodded I did, but couldn't say a word. While she had my attention on her breasts, she reached down and rolled the thong off her hips and gravity took them to the floor. My eyes traced down my s****rs body from her breasts, over her firm belly and down to her pussy. Other than the stockings, Melissa stood nude before me as if we were standing in the kitchen. I stepped forward and put my right hand to her left breast. I felt the firmness in my grasp and rubbed my thumb over her hard nipple. Melissa moved her right hand over my cock and began to rub it through the thin fabric. I was already oozing precum and she was now rubbing it the length. I leaned forward and pressed my lips to hers. We kissed for the first time as lovers, not as siblings. Her tongue pressed past my lips and played with mine. Her hand slipped inside the boyshorts and I felt her long fingers on my cock for the first time. "Oh Matty, I think you're even bigger than dad!" I lowered my lips to her left nipple and suckled it as if it were the sweetest thing in the world. Her left hand pushed my head into her breast as I opened my lips to take more of her.

Finally I felt her sliding down my body, her lips kissing down my belly. Once on her knees, she pulled the shorts down and saw my cock for the first time. "It is so beautiful!" She kissed the crown gently. Light kisses made there way around the crown as her left hand slowly, but f***efully, stroked my cock from base to crown. I felt her lick my precum from the tip before opening her lips and taking my cock into her mouth. She slowly, but with purpose, began to slide her mouth up and down the entire length of my cock. I could feel her teeth lightly raking the underside of my cock as she took me to the base. I could feel her breathing through her nose against my skin as she had my cock in her mouth and throat. I found myself trying to caress my chest through the bra as she gave me the best head of my life. She could feel my orgasm rising so she backed off just enough to catch my cum in her mouth. I continued to pump but she stopped it from sliding down her throat. Melissa stood up and pressed her lips hard to mine. I felt her tongue press pass my lips then I tasted my cum as she shoved it into my mouth. I could feel her hand squeezing my cock, letting me know she was in charge of the situation. I stopped resisting and finally swallowed my own cum. As I did, Melissa released my cock. She backed away and raised her Scotch to her lips and took a long drink. I did the same to wash the taste of my cum from my mouth.

We crawled onto the bed and Melissa proceeded to tell me about the years with dad. She told me about sucking and fucking and dressing with the man we called dad when we were young. It was very interesting and arousing to hear the stories and her feelings. More than an hour passed when Melissa turned to me, "Matty? Will you go down on me? I really need to cum!" She smiled when she said it.

I quickly got between her sexy thighs as she adjusted on the bed. I kissed my way up her inner thighs and was soon greeted by her female aroma of lust. I inhaled deeply and the scent filled my senses. My tongue begin to flick around her sex. I could taste her juices as they seeped through her slit. I licked between her lips and felt Melissa arch her back at the touch. I soon found her erect clit with my tongue. It was hard to my touch as my tongue began to flick back and forth across it. Two fingers slipped inside her pussy as I continued to torment her clit with my tongue. I could feel her body catch fire with desire. Melissa was moaning under my touch which only encouraged me to ravish her clit with more intensity. I slipped the fingers from her pussy and pressed them against the rim of her ass. When I did, her body arched sharply forcing her clit upward. Without missing the beat, I shoved my two fingers coated with her juices into her asshole. The sensation pushed Melissa over the edge and she cried out as the orgasm wracked her body. My chin was being coated with her juices. My fingers fucked in and out of her asshole as she thrashed underneath me trying to shake me from one of her pressure points. When I felt her body release a second orgasm, i finally let her relax. I crawled up her body and kissed her passionately, her juices still coating my face.

I awoke a few hours later and saw Melissa gathering up all her clothes. "Sorry Matt. I can't stay. I've got a mid-morning meeting."

"Next time, maybe we can fuck?"

"Next time I'll bring my toys!"

I saw her sexy ass swish as she climbed the stairs and left me to sl**p in my boyshorts and bra.

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