Alex was a reclusive girl. She was never very interested in seeking relationships with those around her. She only had a couple friends who were very close; they could both vouch for her shyness. She was awfully cute, with soft, short, golden brown hair that fell to her jaw line and eased a little on the boyish side.

In fact, her entire being was a bit on the boyish side, but her face was still pretty with large, green eyes and a nice, albeit somewhat awkward smile that she rarely displayed. She had a small nose and a sprinkling of freckles across her cheeks. She was about 5' 10" and lanky, sporting a petite frame. Her pert b cup breasts were somewhat on the small size compared to the other girls at school, but she felt this was a good thing. If they were larger she'd have one more reason for people to look at her, but her tight, toned ass wasn't helping at all. Years of running cross country had honed her body to nothing but muscle that hugged tight to her bones.

She was strong in body and mind, but not strong in will. While she enjoyed being in shape, she disliked the attention it brought her. Thankfully she wouldn't have to put up with it for too much longer, seeing as she was set to graduate college at the end of the year.

Kate was Alex's younger s****r who was just about to graduate high school, being about 4 years younger than her s****r. Kate had bright blonde hair that fell to her shoulders. She was a bit shorter than her s****r, standing at 5' 2", and she was a tad bit stockier, but her breasts were much larger: almost d cups.

Where Alex was pretty and attractive, Kate was riveting and lust inducing. Her face was slender and elegant with a beautiful mouth often stretched in a playful smile. Her icy blue eyes radiated hunger and want, while also showing confidence, and sometimes defiance. Her smooth, silky skin was free from blemishes and her gait was infused with the perfect sway of the hips.

She never, however, dressed skimpily, which went unnoticed by everyone who were instead distracted by her radiated sex appeal. She was the subject of almost every boy's wet dream, but she wasn't slutty... at least not too much...

Alex was still a virgin and she was just fine with staying one, for a little while longer at any rate. She wasn't interested in sex because she wanted to be completely focused on her studies. Biochemical engineering takes quite a bit of studying to excel at.

Though that isn't to say she was completely inexperienced. She had on many occasions masturbated in the safety of her dorm room. Thankfully, she was the only one residing in her room, so she wouldn't have a roommate who would accidentally walk in on her rubbing her pussy before a computer monitor.

Kate was quite experienced in the field of sex. She was a bisexual and had felt both the strong hands of a man and the gentle caress of a woman, sometimes at the same time. She loved sex, but did not often love people. She had never had a boyfriend (or girlfriend) last for a large length of time. This was not for lack of trying, however; she has just never found the right person who could balance the needs of the mind with the needs of the heart.

Kate had joined the LGBT club at her school in freshmen year. She had at first been looking for a place to see the social interactions between the homosexual and bisexual subculture. But as she got more and more curious about her own sexuality, it became a sort of hub for her experiments. She had seduced quite a few members of the group to help her feel pleasure from both ends of the spectrum, and she loved every minute of it.

It was winter vacation and both s****rs were off of school for the next couple weeks. Alex returned home from Minnesota to the obvious sounds of sex resonating from her s****r's room. Their parents were out buying groceries, but had promised they'd be home not long after Alex arrived. The moans and groans of lustful contact were loud and clear, echoing down the halls and stairs to the foyer.

Alex sighed, dropped her keys back into her pocket, and proceeded to walk back through the front door, locking it behind her. She then rang the doorbell and waited for a response. A few agonizing minutes later, Kate arrived at the door, somewhat frazzled and flushed.

It seemed she had quickly thrown on a pair of pajamas. Bright smiles were met as the siblings embraced, but Alex could not help notice her s****r's nipples poking her through the thin fabric of the shirt. She could also recognize the smell of sweet pussy juice rising up to meet her, and she had to fight the urge to look down and see whether or not her s****r's panties showed signs of dampness. She also heard, very slightly, the sound of the back door opening and closing. She sighed again at the crazy love life of her s****r.

This whole encounter, however, was beginning to make her somewhat aroused and she could not fight back the feeling that she wished she could swap places with her s****r at the moment. She didn't often feel these powerful surges of want and lust, but when she did they were enough to make her fantasize about almost anything.

They broke their hug and they exchanged greetings, "Hi! How's school?"

Alex replied, "It's just as exciting as ever, though I'm sure not many people would find growing tissues in a petri dish very exciting."

Kate chuckled at her s****r's modesty. She had been very impressed with her ambition for quite some time and had looked up to her as an idol.

"I didn't wake you up, did I?" asked Alex, trying to sell the idea that she had no idea what her s****r had been doing only moments before. Kate quickly realized her bedraggled appearance was somewhat suspicious for it being noon, but she went along with it, forcing a fake yawn and saying, "Yeah, I wasn't expecting you home so soon, or I would have woken up and at least gotten dressed."

They both giggled nervously before Kate said, "If you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go take a shower and freshen up a bit. Just make yourself at home!" She winked and with a quick dash up the stairs she was out of sight.

Alex slowly made her way into the kitchen, helping herself to an apple from the fridge. She was starving from her long drive. She resolved to wait to unpack her things until her parents returned. She walked into the living room and removed her shoes, neatly standing them next to the couch. She sat down and grabbed the remote, flicking on the television.

Kate sighed as she heard the TV come on and she knew now she could finish in peace. She made her way into the bathroom, stopping along the way to grab her favorite toy: a dual ended strap-on. She turned on the water and as she waited for it to get warm she quickly stripped down. She poised the strap-on head at her pussy and pushed eagerly.

The entire length of the one side slid up with ease as her pussy had been stretched just moments before with her latest male fling. She loved this toy the best because as she moved the shaft in and out of her dripping wet hole, she would pretend she was a guy and was beating off her pretend cock with the other end.

She stepped into the now-hot shower and continued thrusting with her right hand. Her left hand roamed from tweaking her short brown nipples, to flicking her erect clit, to massaging her soft ass cheeks. Eventually, she reached between and began rimming her tight asshole with her index finger. She moaned with ecstasy, loud and confident she would not be heard due to the running water. But a small doubt crept into her mind. What if Alex had heard? What if she came up to see what was going on? What would she do when she saw her s****r, masturbation shamelessly?

Her doubts began to lead to fantasy and she soon realized she envisioned herself fucking her s****r in the ass with her strap-on. Surprised and taken aback by her thoughts, she quickly tried to push the fantasy from her mind and instead began to focus once more on her second hole. It hadn't been getting much action lately, and she loved getting reamed in both holes equally.

She slowly slid her finger into her ass and began twisting her hand. Her climax rose so suddenly it caught her off guard as she began howling from the pleasure. She imagined that if she were a guy, hot jizz would be flying a hundred miles an hour from the end of her cock, sped by the f***e of the orgasm. Her legs felt weak and her body slowly slid to the bottom of the shower. She lifted her left finger and began sucking on it in earnest, tasting her second love pot. She let go of the strap-on and allowed to it slowly slide out of her pussy.

As her afterglow wore off, she shakily stood, turning off the shower. She exited the little stall and grabbed a towel, drying off her large breasts and her soft ass cheeks. After she was all dry, she walked back into her bedroom and dressed in jeans and a long, comfortable shirt. Weekend clothes, as they were, did not accentuate her body, at least, not as much as her school clothes did.

She walked back down the stairs to find her s****r flipping through the channels. She looked extremely bored. Little did she know, Alex was incredibly frustrated. She was left with a need after what she had felt earlier and now that she had no school work to distract her, she desperately needed to get off, but she didn't believe it was prudent to do so with her s****r in the house. So their she was, trying to find something to keep her mind off her growing warmth downstairs.

Kate walked over and sat down next to Alex and asked if she wanted to go to the local burger place to grab a bite. "I'm starving," she said, which was due to the hard fucking she had been receiving earlier. Alex agreed and they both hopped into Kate's car. They drove over to the fast-food restaurant and ate inside. As they ate their food, Kate noticed Alex's growing discomfort.

"What's wrong, s*s?" she asked tentatively, truly concerned for her s****r. The two of them had always been very close, sharing practically everything. However, as they had gotten older, Alex had become more introvert as Kate became more open and revealing. Sometimes when they sat to talk, it was entirely filled by Kate speaking of herself and Alex listening, curious. Any efforts by Kate to get Alex to talk about herself were met by flimsy excuses that she had nothing going on at the moment. However, this time was different. This time, Alex decided to confide her secret in Kate, just like when they were young.

With a heavy sigh and a hushed breath, she whispered to her s****r, "I've been feeling a bit stressed, lately," she braced herself for what she would say next, "I feel a lot of pressure, being 22, to finally lose my virginity-"

Kate let loose a quick squeak of surprise. With wide eyes, she looked around but found she hadn't attracted any unwanted attention with her short outburst. "You're still a virgin?" she whispered in shocked disbelief to her s****r. She knew Alex was shy, but she didn't think that that would have stopped her... She couldn't help think back to the fantasy she had developed earlier. She blushed from the thoughts, but Alex thought she was blushing due to shame of such unabated surprise.

Alex grabbed Kate's hand reassuringly, surprising her. "It's okay, Kate. I'm still a happy person. I just wish..." she cleared her throat bashfully, "I just want to have sex before I finish college." Kate's heart began beating like a bass drum in her ears. "I have to go to the bathroom," she mumbled, releasing her hand from Alex's grasp. She quickly scampered off to the ladies room, leaving her s****r confused and alone.

Kate looked into the mirror, hard, staring at herself. "What are you thinking!?" she quietly thought aloud, "She's your s****r, not just some girl from the club."

"But I want her so fucking BAD!" another voice in her mind shouted. She stood there, churning her thoughts quietly, trying to decide what to do when she realized she had been in there for an awful long time. She gathered herself and decided she would think more about this some other time.

The two s****rs drove home in awkward silence, until Alex said, "Kate? Do you want to talk about-"

"I'll help."


"I'll help you get laid," it was Kate's turn to smile an awkward smile, as she fought to keep her composure. Alex was a bit put off. She hadn't confided in Kate in order to enlist her help; she just felt like it was one little stress her s****r could help her bear. However, Alex knew that when Kate decided to take action, very little could be done to stop her. Little did she know, Kate's goal was to fulfill her own fantasy.

When they arrived home, the two girls noticed that their parents' car was now in the driveway and they were busy unloading the groceries from the trunk. They waved to each other and whatever tense feeling that had fallen over the two quickly dissolved as they helped their parents bring in the groceries.

Their dad's name was Richard and he contributed his dark hair to Alex. He was around 5' 9", but the years had worn on his physique and his muscle tone had long begun to wane. Their mother was named Christine and she had deep red hair, though this is due a little more to dying her greying hair than to genetics.

"So where did you two just come back from?" Their mother asked.

"We were just eating ou-eh, out eating lunch," said Kate, stumbling over her words. She began to feel embarrassed, but no one had noticed her slip up.

That night at dinner, everything returned to normal. It was exactly the same as it was all the other times Alex had returned home from college. They sat about, eating another one of their father's delicious meals (he was a chef at a local high-end restaurant), and talking about themselves. Alex talked about some events that had been happening at her school, but not before being prompted by her mother.

At last, Alex could feel comfortable again. At home, with her f****y, she had no prying eyes, or at least, she thought she didn't. She couldn't help but feel a small nagging feeling, as if she had forgotten something, or she hadn't realized something.

This feeling followed her to bed and after she got dressed in her winter pajamas and settled under the warm covers, she thought about it. She thought about what her s****r had said. How would she help her? How could she? Alex decided she should ask Kate what her plans were, and possibly dissuade her from it... possibly.

She rose from her bed and walked over to her bedroom door. She grabbed the handle and began to open it and found Kate standing right outside with her fist up in preparation of knocking.

"Oh, hey s*s," Alex said, slightly nervous. Kate looked about quickly before slinking her way into the room. Alex shut the door behind her s****r and they both sat down on the bed. They sat in silence for a while before Alex tried to pipe up, saying, "So, about this help-"

"Alex, what gets you hot?" Kate interrupted, looking straight into her s****r's dark eyes.

"What?" Alex stammered, recoiling. She wasn't expecting such a direct question.

"What gender do you like?" Kate insisted. Alex hadn't ever thought about it. She just assumed she liked boys, but hadn't actually shown interest in them. Her mind did begin to wonder what it would be like to be with a girl, but the images she got were... a tad bit confusing. She had seen lesbian porn and even gay porn, but neither had appealed to her as much. Yet, thinking back to the lesbian action, she began to feel a little hot under the collar.

"Uh-I- I don't know." She murmured, unsure of her own feelings at this point.

"So, you might be bi?" Kate asked, accidentally allowing a bit of excitement into her voice.

"I don't think so..." Alex replied, nervous, yet ready to speak of her feelings. Kate had been expecting this.

"What exactly have you done with a guy?" She asked. If she were careful, she could get exactly what she wanted.

"Well, not much," Alex said, "I've tried dating before, but I never get very far before something happens."

"Like what?" her s****r asked, curious.

"Oh, most of the time, they move too fast. They expect me to just want to-" she hesitated a moment, "fuck... after a very short time."

"Wait, so you've never even given a blowjob before?"

Alex simply shook her head, averting her eyes, she felt a bit embarrassed in front of her s****r. Kate let a devilish smirk cross her face for a moment before saying, "There's a way I can help with that." Alex was getting very confused at this point. Kate said, "I'll be right back," and quietly left the room.

Less than a minute had passed before she returned, obviously hiding something behind her back. "Before you try it for the first time, you should get some experience," she said, revealing her double-sided strap-on she had.

"Wha-?" Was all Alex could say at first. She wasn't sure what she had expected her s****r to come back with, but certainly not something quite like this. A multitude of questions shot back and forth through her mind before she settled on one.

"Why are there two..." her question trailed off. Kate quickly took one end of the purple monster into her mouth, rolling her tongue and making loud sucking noises. "What are you doing?" Alex hissed.

Kate took the toy out for a moment to whisper, seductively low, "Teaching." She winked and went back to work. Alex slowly became less shocked and more entranced as the spectacle wore on. Kate really began going at it, bobbing up and down, drawing back and focusing on the head before falling back down the length. She even began to moan for a spell before she paused.

She took the toy out of her mouth and with a leveled gaze said, "Your turn, s*s." Alex, very tentatively, opened her mouth and leaned forward. The entire time her mind was yelling, "why are you doing this?" but and smaller, yet more influential voice was saying, "What have you got to lose?"

She took the head of the strap-on into her mouth, but didn't know what to do after that point. She then began to slide it further into her mouth but Kate stopped her.

"Focus on the head first. That's where guys feel the most. You wanna get him hard first, and then go further down."

Alex backed up a bit and found the tell-tale bulge of the head. She began to use her tongue to swirl around it and before too long she began to pick up a rhythm. She then confidently took more of the fake cock in her mouth, bobbing back and forth like she had seen her s****r do. Kate was impressed. This was supposedly her s****r's first time giving a blowjob, albeit a fake one, and she was doing very well.

She was not only impressed, but terribly turned on as well. Her nipples had grown long and erect, straining against her pajama shirt. She had to fight not to reach up and fondle herself. And then she got an idea.

"Wait a second. I just realized something," Kate said. Alex drew the plastic dick out of her mouth and asked, "What?" She was having such a good time, learning this new experience. She hadn't ever seen a flesh and bl**d penis in person, but with her s****r's help she hoped she would soon.

Kate continued, "This isn't really realistic, me holding it like this. It's not very genuine."

"Well, what do you propose?" Alex asked lustily, thinking Kate would bring in one of her guy friends tomorrow for her to try out. Of course it couldn't be that easy.

"This," Kate answered, taking off her panties. Alex had seen her s****r naked before, but not since they had been little k**s. She realized that Kate had filled out quite nicely, but it was still incredibly awkward to suddenly have your sibling strip right in front of you.

She did, however, feel that strange sensation from earlier, her wanting to be like her s****r. "What are you doing?" she asked, nervous yet curious. Kate had a heavy gaze as she looked over Alex's body. She extended her hand, motioning for the strap-on. Alex handed it to her, getting a general idea of what was to come next"Thank you," Kate said, her voice dripping with sensual pleasure. She grasped the dual-ended dildo and aimed it at her pussy. Anxiety rose heavily inside both of them as Kate slowly thrust the dick into herself.

"So that's why there's two," Alex murmured under her breath.

"There," Kate said, attaching the straps to her legs, "much more authentic. Now it'll feel like you're actually sucking a cock." Kate laid herself out on the bed, her fake penis pointing straight up into the air. Of course, that wasn't the only thing in the air; her pussy juice was quickly coloring the room with her scent.

Alex was hesitant. Her thoughts rampaged against each other:

"What are you doing?!"

"I'm learning what Kate is willing to teach."

"Don't you know this is wrong? You two are s****rs! You shouldn't be doing this!"

"But I've never done this! How can I be sure until I experience it? Besides, I doubt she'd be willing to help me get a real penis if I can't do this one thing."

She wasn't sure what to think, so while her mind was fighting, her body took over, and it knew exactly what it wanted. She leaned over and immediately engulfed the strap-on in her mouth. She began to do what she had been told earlier, per her s****r's approval. Arousal was raking through both of their bodies. Alex practically had her nose in Kate's pussy every time she went down. The smell was intoxicating, and she was beginning to have second doubts about only liking boys.

"Swing your ass over here and let me show you what it's like to get your pussy licked," Kate commanded. She knew she was in control now. Without thinking, Alex complied, planting her crotch right on her s****r's face in a 69 position. Kate slowly pulled back the silk pants Alex had worn to bed and her sopping wet cunt was now in full view. Alex pushed her head down to hide her blushing face, her shame evident in the bl**d coursing through her cheeks.

"Oooh, looks like someone really wants it bad," cooed Kate. She lifted her head to take a lick when Alex said, "Wait!"

Kate stopped, puzzled. "What is it, dearest s****r?" she asked sweetly.

"Why are you doing this?"

"What do you mean?"

"Why can't you just get a boy to do this?"

"This is practice for when I do get a boy to do this for you."

"Yeah, but he can teach me, can't he?"

"Alex, all I want is for you to be happy, okay?" And before Alex could respond, she planted her mouth directly over her cunt and began to lick furiously at the clit. Whatever doubts Alex had been holding quickly vanished as the amazing feeling of sexual pleasure racked her body. She had touched herself a lot before, but it had never been touched by someone else, let alone their tongue!

Alex sighed with ecstasy and almost fell down on her s****r, had she not fought to keep her balance. Her breathing was getting ragged and she knew she wasn't going to last much longer. Kate could feel her s****r approaching an orgasm, and at the very last second she stopped and released the pussy from her mouth.

"Nooooo," Alex moaned. She was so close now, why would she stop? She tried to mash her crotch back down on Kate's face, but she held her up with her arms, saying, "So you do really want this, huh? Trust me, it's going to feel even better in just a minute. Now, get up." Alex begrudgingly got off of Kate and sat down at the end of the bed. Kate sat up and, giggling, said, "I got a bit ahead of myself. First we need to teach you to kiss."

"But we were already doing that other stuff! Why do we have to do something so simple?"

"Alex, you're not gonna get a guy in your bed if you can't even kiss him." Kate crawled over and leaned forward. Alex closed her eyes, wanting to pretend it was a guy, but could help also feel a slight longing for her s****r to make out with her. Kate got within an inch of Alex's face, but then stopped, breathing softly.

After a moment, Alex opened her eyes to see the smiling face of her s****r right in front of her own. "You didn't think I was going to just rush right into it, did you?" Alex sighed with frustration, causing Kate to giggle again. "If you really want to get a guy going, you have to play the seductive one. You have to make him want it so bad, it hurts. Sure, he'd love it if you just do it, but there's nothing like a refreshing glass of water after a march through the desert, if you know what I mean."

Alex nodded, jealous of her s****r's knowledge. "First, you start with just a peck, like this," she puckered her lips and quickly kissed her s****r. "Then you go a little bit longer on the next one," Kate slid forward a little and fully planted her lips onto Alex's mouth.

Then, hardly moving away, she said in a low voice, "And then you test the waters." She resumed the mouth-to-mouth action, but this time she parted her lips, probing her tongue, urging access into the other mouth. Alex was surprised when she felt her s****r's tongue and could taste her own juices, but immediately adapted, allowing the tongue inside. They licked each other for a moment before their tongues retreated back again, like two fighters drawn in for a few quick jabs before jumping back.

Kate drew back once more, a sensual grin spread on her face, "And that's when you go for the kill." She quickly kissed Alex again, jabbing her tongue across the way. Their tongues danced against each other, tasting each other full on. Alex began to moan with this new feeling; it was worth it going back to step one. Kate felt her s****r's insecurities melt away and her inexperience was easily made up for with Kate's intimate wisdom on the subject.

Kate once again broke the kiss and, out of breath, explained, "If you two are in private," she grabbed hold of Alex's silk night-shirt, "he will probably want to suck on your tits." She threw Alex's shirt onto the floor and stuck her mouth to her swollen nipple. Alex had played with her nipples during her masturbation sessions, but just like with her pussy it felt different with someone else taking control.

Kate switched back and forth between the right and left nipples, taking some time to lick around them as well. She eventually tried to take each entire tit in her mouth and then tried to take both nipples into her mouth at once.

Once again, Alex came dangerously close to losing it, but Kate spit the nipples out just in time. By now, Alex was panting like a dog, trying to keep herself from going crazy. "I'll let you have a little break," Kate said, removing her own shirt. By now, Alex didn't care that it was her s****r doing all these things to her, she just really wanted to get off. She didn't care what her s****r did to her at this point, so long as it gave her the biggest cumming of her life. The air was laden with their sex which made the moment all the sweeter as Kate slid over to her s****r and kissed her on the cheek, whispering, "I'll be right back."

As Kate made her way back to her own room she could feel her own juices dripping onto the floor. She could not believe that she had gotten this far with her s****r who, for a majority of her life, had seemed like such a prude! She quietly scampered into her room and began rummaging through her things. As she did so, she thought she could hear the light sounds of sex emanating from her parent's room. Soft moaning, thrusting, and squeaking sounds reverberated through the walls. Kate laughed silently to herself, their parents were going to be too busy to notice what they were up to.

She found what she was looking for and slowly walked back to her sibling's room. She knew she wasn't going to get caught, but the fact that her parents could, at any time, come out of their room and see her with this double-sided strap-on stuck up her cunt was driving her crazy.

When Kate returned, Alex was sitting up against the head board, one knee bent up, her arms lazily d****d over her legs. "What's next, oh sensai?" she asked, low and quiet.

"My, my, you do learn fast. Well, I saved the the best for last. I need you do get onto your tummy and then bring your knees up to your chest and stick your ass in the air."

Alex did as she was told, knowing she was getting into the doggy position. She couldn't believe she was about the get fucked by her own s****r. Kate knelt on the bed and popped open the bottle she had brought back from her room. She poured the lube into her hand and began to rub it up and down the shaft of her dick. She then rubbed the extra onto Alex's tight asshole.

"Whoa, wait, what are you doing?" Alex asked, surprised.

"To tell you the truth, Alex, this is what I wanted all along. I'm glad I could help teach you a few things, but I have to leave the honor of taking your pussy's virginity to some stinky boy. I have something much more fun for the two of us in the mean time, though."

Kate brought the head of the strap-on to her s****r's little brown hole and slowly prodded. Alex was beginning to have second thoughts. She had only watched a a couple porn videos where any anal was involved. Hell, her porn watching habits were pretty tame. She had learned a little about anal sex before, but heard it only felt good if the giver knew what they were doing, and she wasn't sure Kate knew.

"But what if she does?" said that small voice inside her. "What if she does and this happens to be one of the best feelings ever? If you don't like it, you can always move and tell her to stop. She's your s****r, she loves you and she only wants you to feel good."

It wasn't long before Kate had the very tip of the head inside the forbidden hole. She slowly pushed in until an inch was inside, then she pulled back just as slowly. Next, she pushed in another inch, but only pulled back one, leaving some inside. This continued, slowly and sensuously, until the entire length of the toy was inside her ass. By now, Alex was going crazy from the new and intense feelings she was having.

The friction from the strap-on was also sending Kate over the edge. She couldn't believe her fantasy was coming true so soon. She also couldn't believe how much of a slut her s****r actually was and couldn't wait to try her out with some of her other friends.

Kate slowly began to pump back and forth inside her s****r's tight hole, causing her to let small, stifled squeaks of pleasure from her pursed lips. Kate slowly picked up the pace until the dildo was driving faster and faster, in and out. Kate's thighs began smacking against her s****r's cheeks, making such a sexy sound. It was like machine gun fire, she was going so fast; Alex had to bite down to keep herself from screaming from the pleasure. It was so intense that only after a minute of this did she begin to scream, "I'm CUMMING!"

Suddenly, they could hear their parent's door open down the hall. "Oh shit!" Kate said as she pulled out of her s****r. She quickly dove into her closet. Alex flipped over in her bed and pulled up her sheets. A second later, her dad burst in, yelling, "What's wrong? What's all the yelling about?"

"Geez, Dad, can't a girl get a little privacy?" scolded Alex, annoyance flashing across her face. She had to fight desperately not to allow the pleasure of her orgasm (which she was still experiencing) to cross her face.

"Oh, uh..." her dad's face went bright red and he cleared his throat, averting his eyes, "well, um- heh, heh, carry on, then, I guess." He quickly closed the door and whispered, "I'm sorry."

Neither of the sinful s****rs moved until they heard their parent's door close once more. They giggled in unison and Kate slid back into the bed, embracing her s****r. "I fucking love you, s*s," she said.

"I love you, too," Alex replied, "now get back in your own bed, I've got some sl**ping to do." Kate got up and put on a pouty face, trying to act hurt. "Oh, don't you worry, I'll pay you back real soon," Alex said as Kate gathered her pajamas before she left Alex to her joyful slumber (not that Alex would find it very easy to sl**p after that experience).

Once Kate got back to her room, she removed the strap-on from her soaking wet pussy and smelled all along its length, like a cigar in a cartoon. The sweet and sour smell of her horny cunt mixed with the deep, earthy scent of her s****r's ass.

She then licked from one head all the way down to the other and back, lingering on the side which so recently sodomized her s****r. The taste was enough to get her going again, especially as she herself hadn't gotten off from the tussle. She took the anal end of the strap-on, and very carefully aimed it towards her own rectum.

Kate had had anal herself on many an occasion, so she was used to the bulging feeling in her bowels as she pushed the dick in. As she slid the dildo back and forth in her ass, she reached down with her left hand and furiously rubbed her swollen clit. She squeezed it, twisted it, and fantasized it was her s****r using her mouth on it. It didn't take her long before one of the most powerful orgasms she had ever felt ripped its way through her body.

Her vagina squirted clear liquid onto the floor, something that very rarely happened to her. She allowed the strap-on to slide its way out of her anus with a soft, "Pop," and she collapsed, too tired to move.

Once she regained her strength, she slid onto the floor to examine the wet spot she had created. It smelled so terribly sweet she wished she could lick it up, but she didn't enjoy the texture of carpet, so she restrained herself.

She got up and fetched a towel from her closet and dried the stain on the floor. She held the towel up to her face and took one last whiff before throwing it into her hamper. As she settled into bed, she knew the fun with her s****r had only just begun.

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Great story are u going to add more parts fuckin hot.
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