We’d been working very hard, and our work had been successful for us both, so we decided to treat ourselves to a week at a luxurious beach resort, reserving a spectacular suite overlooking a stunning aquamarine bay. The weather was sublime and we were spending much of each day lounging on the coral sand beach or at poolside. From almost the moment of our arrival I had noticed this lovely young lifeguard. He was just the cutest boy, a lanky smooth surfer type with sun-bleached blonde hair, so sexy as he idled at his station above the pool or at the adjoining beach.

Of course I had to immediately point him out to Steve. For many months now Steve and I had often added a young man to our mix. I always loved watching these men eagerly suck Steve’s cock, urging them on, then watching some more as they turned around and surrendered their bottoms to that rigid cock. Of course I made good use of these young men and their cocks as well. And though Steve very much enjoyed having another man offer him his bottom for his use, he also craved surrendering his own bottom for my use. Lately I’d acquired a small collections of dildos and strap-ons and had come to delight in few things more than making good use of Steve’s hot, rugged ass. He, I soon saw, really had a knack for taking it.

But when it came to other men Steve was always the ‘top,’ the one who dished it out, dished out his big, beautiful horny cock, while the other man gladly took it, serving that cock with his mouth or his tight ass. I loved this dominant side of Steve’s, but craved, too, the way he took it so eagerly from me when I strapped one on. And so lately I had begun to fantasize about pushing the boundaries, maybe getting Steve to service another man. Would he do it, I wondered? Would this normally dominant, take-charge cocksman be willing to switch roles?

For a while I kept these fantasies to myself, but one time when Steve was fucking me, his body between my open legs, slamming it inside me with his usual mix of strength and finesse, I reached around and spread open his buttocks, gliding a finger into his crack to caress his anus, as I often did when he fucked me.

“Mmmm, baby,” I whispered in his ear, “Imagine some cute young stud approaching from behind, stiff cock in hand, pressing the tip of that cock against this hot little hole of yours, sliding it inside. Fucking you, baby, fucking you while you fucked me.”

There! I finally said it, finally got it out of my system. I looked into his eyes to gauge his reaction. It was possible he’d graciously recoil from such an outrageous suggestion. But he didn’t. Instead, a sexy grin lit up his face, a sexy little laugh from deep within.

“Sweetheart, by now I think you could talk me into just about anything.”

That’s all I needed to hear, his willingness acknowledged.

“Oh goody! That’s music to my ears,” I whispered as we fucked lovingly, “maybe on our vacation. Maybe down there we’ll find someone.”

And now here was Chris, the gorgeous lifeguard. I had talked to him. He had just turned eighteen and was about to begin his undergraduate education. He was here, lifeguarding at the resort to raise funds for his tuition.

“What about that cute young lifeguard, Chris?” I asked Steve the second night we were there, after we’d both met and talked to Chris. “What if he were game for our kind of play? Think you’d let him to do it to you?”

“Maybe, could be,” Steve said, his sexy smile carrying its usual mystique.

“You know, Steve, I caught him checking you out, casting these little glances your way. Of course he also glances at all the young female lovelies around here. But I have a feeling that our lanky young lifeguard may very well be bi. And did you notice that bulge in his swim trunks? I think he’s packing some serious equipment down there.”

We were naked, just having showered, so now I pressed close as I reached down and slid a hand behind his balls, up into his crack, probing his little hole with a finger tip.

“Ooooh, I’d love to see it. A real cock up this ass.”

The next day a new f****y arrived at the hotel, making quite a splash. They were a stunning middle-aged Danish couple, tall and regal, and their even more stunning adolescent c***dren, a boy and a girl. He was said to be a fabulously wealthy Copenhagen shipbuilder and his wife, now in her forties, had been top fashion model when she was much younger. The two sublimely gorgeous teens certainly matched their impeccably suave parents for pure good looks.

Mom and dad immediately plunged into a lively social whirl with their affluent peers, while the two siblings were left to fend for themselves. One morning they stretched out on towels next to me and Steve and I observed them, noticing a casual intimacy between Inge and Jens. There was something about the easy, almost sensual manner in which they rubbed suntan oil over each other’s skin that would’ve made an observer think they were lovers rather than b*****r and s****r. And then that evening I witnessed something shocking which only confirmed my intuition. I was taking a walk by myself on a secluded path and, turning a corner, I chanced upon the two Danish siblings. They were locked in a passionate kiss, Inge reaching her hand down under the elastic of her b*****r’s trunks, stroking his cock.

I tried, at the last moment, to withdraw so they wouldn’t see I had caught them in such a compromising embrace. But I was too late as the two turned my way, their eyes wide with shock, Inge even blushing. For a long moment they were utterly speechless, as was I.

“Please – please don’t say anything. To our parents, please!” Inge pleaded, having seen Steve and I share drinks with her parents earlier.

She need not have worried. I’m certainly not the sort to tattle tale about someone else’s indiscretions, especially when it is the i****tuous lust of two gorgeous Scandinavian teen siblings, the potential of that lust something about which my feverish mind immediately began to scheme.

“Don’t you worry, you two sexy lovebirds,” I told them with my most endearing smile and a conspiratorial wink.

Inge beamed, relief written all over her lovely face as she took a deep breath and resumed fondling her b*****r’s penis, her hand again active around the bulge which had formed in his trunks.

The next day I found myself alone with Inge on the beach. She confessed to me that she and her b*****r had been lovers for almost a year. She was slightly older, at nineteen, actually ten months older than her b*****r. Mom had decided to have the two of them in quick, efficient succession, after which she could resume her modeling career. Inge, seeing that I was fascinated rather than in the least disapproving, confessed that she and Jens were deeply attracted to each other. They knew it was said to be ‘wrong,’ but they couldn’t help themselves, she claimed, so overwhelmed were they by their youthful ardor for one another. And then, as I probed, she confessed something else. Both she and her b*****r, she told me, were bisexual. Why she had decided to mention this little fact to me I couldn’t be sure, but it definitely was provocative, and very suggestive.

Of course later I shared all this with Steve, telling him we definitely should try to scheme a little party with Chris the lifeguard and the two teen Danish siblings. I could feel how gushingly wet I became down there at the mere thought of such a possibility. And Steve, I sensed by the grin on his face and the bulge in his crotch was becoming similarly aroused.

The following night everyone was at poolside into the late afternoon. The Petersens, Inge and Jens’s parents, had been invited to supper on the yacht of Greek billionaire out in the harbor. The c***dren decided to remain behind; the last thing they felt like doing was hobnobbing with mom and dad’s wealthy industrialist friends.

The sun was close to setting and Steve and I decided to go inside and shower, then return to have drinks at poolside and watch the sunset. Inge and Jens said they would do the same and the four of us met back a half hour later. It was still very warm and so Inge and I had returned in fresh bikinis, the guys in fresh shorts. Chris, we noticed, was still at his lifeguard station. It was getting dark now and my wicked mind was spinning. Now, if ever, was the time to make a move. So I decided to ask the siblings if they’d like to come up to our suite to get away from the hotel crowd and indulge a little more privately. They eagerly agreed.

“Maybe Chris would like to join us?” I said, nodding at the lifeguard.

I asked him and he said, sure, he’d love to come up. He was getting off work any minute and told me he’d join us up in our suite right after he returned to his room to shower and change.

“Oh, no need for that,” I said cajolingly, “come up with us now, you can shower in our suite.”

He liked that idea; his own room was bare and spartan, as was the shower there.

Steve and I and the sibling teens stretched out on our king-sized bed, Steve turning on the TV, while Chris went and showered. Now it was my turn. I had the three gorgeous, sexy teens here in our suite with me and Steve. I had to make everything I could of this delicious, delectable opportunity.

“Watch this,”I said, getting up off the bed and tip-toeing to the bathroom. The shower was running and so I quickly slipped in and picked up Chris’s shorts and took all the towels off the rack. This way, after Chris got out of the shower, dripping wet, he’d not only find no clothes there for him, but there wouldn’t even be a towel with which to cover himself. What would he do, I wondered wickedly? And Steve and the siblings quickly caught on when they saw me return with towels and shorts in hand.

The TV had available an x-rated channel and the teens had eagerly found it with the remote. Now the four of us were watching some hardcore porn, two bimbos sucking on two fat cocks. Just then we heard the shower being turned off.

“Hey, where’s my shorts? And there’s no towels,” we heard him shout from the bathroom as we smiled wickedly at one another.

“You’ll need to come in here to get them,” I yelled back, knowing he’d have to come join us wet and stark naked. And that’s how he appeared a moment later, looking a little flustered, wearing only the red baseball cap which I had left in the bathroom. The first thing we noticed was that Chris’s bottom was as tanned as the rest of him. Obviously the lifeguards were aware of a secluded spot where they could swim and sunbathe in the buff.

All eyes turned to Chris, but what he immediately noticed was what was on the TV.

“Wow, look at that,” he said, as I picked up a big, fluffy bath towel and walked up to him and started to dry him off. He was a little shocked, but he certainly didn’t recoil. Damn, was it all of a sudden a thrill to be drying off the lean, lanky muscled body of this wet and naked teen boy! I felt a twitch in my pussy as I dragged the terry cloth over his hard, smooth body, Steve and the siblings looking on.

“We found ourselves some entertainment,” I said, nodding at the TV.

Now, slowly and sensually, I dragged the towel lower, to his lusciously cute, perfect bottom, drying off those rounded cheeks, working the towel between them too, Chris just standing there, letting me do this, his cock stiffening. I imagine it was the mix of the situation, the way I was toweling him off, the provocative visuals on the TV screen.

The three on the bed couldn’t help but notice his swollen cock and so now Steve reached under his shorts and pulled out his own, fully and strikingly erect. All eyes in the room turned to take in this newly revealed sight. Then Inge reached into her b*****r’s shorts and pulled out Jens’s, already almost as stiff as Steve’s.

“Holy shit!” Aren’t you two b*****r and s****r?” Chris gasped.

“Yes? So what?” Inge said calmly in her cute, accented English, the Danish lilt somehow appealingly sexy.

Chris was stunned by the i****tuous spectacle, but said nothing more.

“I think you need to have yours stroked too,” I purred, dropping the towel now as I wrapped my hand around Chris’s rigid shaft. Steve, meanwhile, was taking good care of his own, slowly and vividly twisting it in his hand. I loved it! Three men, three stiff cocks! And then there was gorgeous Inge. Of course only Chris was yet fully naked.

“Steve, why don’t you help Inge off with her bikini,” I told him as he moved around to unsnap her bikini top, then dragged off her bottom. She, meanwhile, pulled down her b*****r’s swim trunks, then turned to pull down Steve’s. Now everyone in the room was naked except for me, but I quickly remedied that, tossing my bikini aside, then pushing Chris down on the bed to join the others, tumbling down on the bed myself after him. Five naked, aroused bodies, three of them gorgeous teens, sharing one big bed. It all sent a shiver down my spine.

“Hey, baby? Want to watch me suck his hard teen prick?” I said, looking Steve in the eye as I lewdly fisted Chris’s shaft. I knew Steve. My tolerant and generous lover enjoyed having me make good use of other’s men’s equipment as well as his own.

“Sure. Go ahead Jade, show him what a great cocksucker you are,” Steve chuckled.

And that’s just what I did, leaning down to take the teen’s steely cock between my lips, Steve and the Danish s****r and b*****r duo gazing at me with appreciative smiles while I proceeded to demonstrate that what Steve said was the plain truth. I was a great cocksucker and I damned well knew it. And I also had a feeling that there was another great though yet untested cocksucker in the room, Steve. He sure had shown his mettle greedily sucking on my strap ons.

“Come and have a taste, baby,” I said, licking my lips as I gazed right into Steve’s deep brown eyes, mesmerizing him, I knew. This was the moment of truth. With the Danish siblings looking on and Chris’s rigid cock in my hand, I wagged a seductive finger at Steve. My heart was beating with unbearable expectation as Steve came close.

“Suck it, suck it for me, lover,” I whispered huskily as I held the cock in one hand while gently pushing down on Steve’s head with the other. Our eyes locked in loving empathy as Steve opened his lips and took Chris’s cock in his mouth. I think that beating heart of mine skipped another beat as I absorbed the stunning moment. Here was my virile, masculine lover sucking another man’s cock! A teenage boy’s cock!

“Look, Jens,” Inge said to her b*****r, an excited trill to her alluringly accented voice, “Jade, she told me he never before sucked a cock.”

“So beautiful, baby, so, so beautiful!” I whispered into his ear as I watched Steve devour the teen’s rigid shaft. But now I wanted to head in another direction. Now that the ice was broken I wanted to have Chris experience an entirely different side of Steve.

“Let’s see that cute little ass of yours,” I said to Chris, “get up on your knees and stick it out for all of us.”

Obediently, eagerly he assumed the position. And what a sight it was, his smooth, muscled and tanned bottom staring all four of us in the face. Steve was breathing hard gazing at those gorgeous male cheeks, and gazing too into the now exposed crack, eyeing the tight little hole, the prize. And Jens was staring just as intently at the provocative sight, his s****r scrutinizing her b*****r’s excited gaze while stroking his cock, knowing him well, knowing what the sight of a male ass exposed like this did for him.

“I need to have myself a taste of that!” I announced, leaning down, bringing my face between the teen lifeguard’s perfect buttocks, snaking my tongue into the warm, humid crevice, finding the rubbery ridge of his little hole.

“Yes, yes, Jade!” an excited Inge urged, “lick the hole, lick the arsehole!”

I had learned that Inge and her b*****r had been partly schooled in England which explained the ‘arse’ rather than the more familiar ass.

So lick him I did, lapping away at the sphincter as Chris sighed and groaned, craving every lap of my eager, probing tongue. Steve’s face was inches from mine now, watching closely. I had just witnessed him sucking a man’s cock for the very first time, now I wished, desperately desired to see something else.

“You lick him now, baby,” I whispered to Steve, “lick his hot young ass!”

He hesitated a moment, looking at me with that intimate smile of his, no doubt still dazed by all this, by his own surprisingly easy willingness to be guided by me to new acts. And then as I held the teen’s ass wide open, Steve brought his face between the cheeks and pressed his tongue against his anus. My heart skipped yet another beat as I took in the intimate sight. Steve adored licking my ass, and I had watched as he had eagerly licked other female bottoms, but now here he was actually tonguing the freshly showered male ass of this gorgeous young teen boy!

I watched in aroused amazement as he eagerly swiped his tongue all over the anal cleft, stabbing the hole, lapping away at the vividly exposed sphincter. Inge and Jens, too, had come close to watch, Inge still stroking her b*****r’s cock.

“Come over here, Jens,” I said to the b*****r, urging him to kneel so his cock was right at face level, adjacent to where Steve had his face buried between Chris’s cheeks. And now with Steve watching closely as he licked away, I wrapped my lips around the Danish teen’s rigid cock and began to suck it. It was so thrilling, all this, me sucking cock while Steve licked ass, two teen boys being orally serviced at once by us both.

“You suck it now, lover,” I hissed, urging Steve to move his tongue away from Chris’s bottom and take Jens’s cock in his mouth. Which he did. Here was Steve who in just a few minutes had not only sucked his first cock, but his second as well! And while he sucked Jens like this I took over the rimming chores, lapping away at Chris’s bottom once again. A hand between her legs, sexy young Inge was frantically strumming away at her pussy as she watched all the torrid oral couplings.

Suddenly Inge pulled her b*****r away and the two of them got behind Steve, Inge urging Steve to lift his bottom so he was in position. I looked back, keen to see what Inge was up to with her b*****r.

“You lick his arse now, Jens, lick Steve’s arse,” she said, pushing her b*****r’s face between Steve’s cheeks.

“Oh my God! Get your tongue back in there, baby,” I said to Steve, thrilled by this new twist, wanting to watch him lick Chris’s ass again while his own was getting licked by the Danish teen. Inge and I shared a glance, smiling wickedly as we watched the three boys happily engrossed in an orgy of male-male bottom feeding.

The floodgates had opened and I was all pumped up now, intent on spinning this little sex party to new depraved heights. So I reached for our handy jar of lubricant, strategically placed by our bedside, and scooped up a dab as Steve pulled his face away to watch me slap the dab into Chris’s crack. The teen stud hadn’t said a word, merely moaned and sighed, his cock rigid, his ass lifted, ready and eager for anything that came his way.

I slid a stiff finger up Chris’s well-licked and now well-lubed ass,

“Mmmmh, nice and warm and tight, baby, you’re gonna like it,” I said to Steve, looking at him, my eyes blazing with arousal. “Stick one of yours alongside mine.”

We’d done this, Steve and I, fingered men’s bottoms together before Steve proceeded to fuck them. But never before had he first licked the ass he was reaming. Looking back I could see Inge now burrowing her face between Steve’s cheeks, b*****r and s****r taking turns licking his upraised and exposed ass, Inge leaning down to have a taste of her b*****r’s cock as he licked Steve’s ass.

“Can I have that?” Inge asked, reaching a hand out for the lube. I gave it to her and as Steve and I together fingered and stretched Chris’s tight little boy fuckhole, I looked over to watch Inge and Jens do the same to Steve’s, lubing his ass, then fingering it. I watched this spectacle in awed amazement. I’d seen more than one man lick Steve’s rugged male ass, but never had I seen another man lube and finger that ass. I thrilled to the sight, fully knowing what it implied. Especially when I glanced down to see Jens’s young virile cock, shockingly erect and sticking straight up. I knew just where Jens and his s****r soon planned to aim that cock, right at Steve’s lubed and waiting asshole!

“Oh lover, this is all too, too much. I’m so fucking excited watching you boys play.”

“I’m gonna fuck this ass now, baby,” Steve hissed, pulling out his finger, and mine along with his. Steve now shifted position, kneeling behind Chris, taking cock in hand and pressing the tip right up against young Chris’s greased hole. Oh man! I always savored this moment, the magic moment when Steve was about to bury his cock up another man or woman’s ass and fuck him or her. Steve fucked my ass all the time, and I well knew just how sublime it felt to have his thick, steely cock f***e its way up into my muggy rectal depths. Now Chris was about to experience the same joy.

“Drive it in, slam it up his funky young ass!” I urged excitedly as Steve did just that with his smooth, practiced moves, forcing inch after inch of his cock into the teen’s tight, clenching bottom.

“Oh yeah!” Chris groaned, feeling it, saying something for the first time in many minutes. “Yeah, that’s so good! It feels so fucking good!”

I had watched this same spectacle quite a few times, but never before had the other man been quite so youthfully delicious. And never before had Steve’s own ass been readied to take a cock at the same time, to be fucked!

I looked back to see Inge help her b*****r get behind Steve, taking hold of his cock and guiding it between Steve’s cheeks. This was a moment I had been fantasizing about for weeks, the moment when my lover would take a cock, a real cock inside him for the very first time. So I scampered down there, holding Steve’s buttocks wide open as Inge guided Jens’s cock between them.

“Stop moving for a minute, baby, so he can get it inside you,” I told Steve, who now stopped thrusting into Chris’s bottom. I was speechless, in awe, my eyes unblinking as I now watched the teen’s eager, rigid cock f***e open Steve’s anus. And f***e it open is what he had to do, Steve’s tight ass welcoming and resistant at the very same time, the cock now pushing into him, pushing hard into his ass, fucking him!

“I can’t believe I’m really seeing this,” I gasped. And for a long time I thought I never would see it, until I began to fuck Steve with my strap-ons and realized just how much he hungered to take it up the ass. That gave me hope.

Now that Jens had managed to slide his cock deep inside Steve, Steve began to pump away again at Chris’s ass, the three studs picking up the tempo, finding the right rhythm as Steve fucked Chris and Jens fucked Steve.

“That’s it, boys! Up the ass!” I hissed, “go on and fuck each other, fuck the shit out of each other!”

I reveled in it like a circus master – or, in my case, a circus mistress – driving the three of them into a frenzy of cock lust. There they were, the three men, my lithe lover, the two wiry, sleek teens fucking away. Damn, I loved men and their stiff, horny cocks! I watched everything closely now, Jens’s cock visible on the downstroke, glistening from its deep penetration of Steve’s lubed ass, Steve’s asshole tightly clutching the thick tube of cock meat. And then there was Steve’s own even thicker cock forcing open Chris’s teen bottom, eager young Chris happily enduring the invasive rectal assault, greedy for it. I reached down to feel my cunt soaked, dripping. I slid a couple of fingers inside as I looked over at Inge, seeing Jens’s s****r do the same to her pussy, the two of us gleefully smiling as we took in the 3-man fuck show, whipping up a froth in our own pussies as we watched the men screw, watched them rut like three horny hound dogs.

“Nice sight, isn’t it, Inge?” I said as the young Danish teen beauty and I gazed at this stunningly arousing display of cock and ass lust, “almost as pretty as that sunset this evening.”

I knelt down now and pressed my lips to Steve’s ear.

“Oh, sweetheart, you’re making me so happy doing this,” I whispered, “I want you to experience everything I can experience. You know how crazy I become when I suck your thick, beautiful cock, baby? You know just how greedy I am to take it up my tight ass?

Well now you know what all that’s like, you really know!”

“Yes I do,” he said, and I knew he meant it.

“You really like it up the ass, baby, don’t you?” I hissed in his ear.

“I like it when you’re the one who makes it all happen, Jade lover.”

That look on his face, that twisted grimace of eager lust, told me everything, told me the effect the stiff young cock buried up Steve’s ass was having on him. I loved the way Steve’s face always expressed his feelings and his passion and his pleasure. And that raw hungry expression of his told me how deep was the pleasure and the passion he was feeling at this very moment.

“And the show’s just getting started,” I whispered with a wicked grin.

Now I got behind Jens and watched his smooth, muscled buttocks pump forward as he drove it into Steve. Those cheeks were too cutely exposed and vulnerable to resist and so now I brought the flat of my hand down sharply on Jens’s bottom, spanking the teen. He looked back at me with wide eyes, surprised at the onslaught.

Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack!

“Yah! Inge enthused, “spank my b*****r!”

And I somehow imagined that Inge, a year older than Jens, had spanked her baby b*****r more than once.

Now I turned my attention to the other teen sibling, the older s****r, sliding up to Inge on the bed and bringing my hand between her legs, between those sleek, smooth tanned thighs of hers. Her warm pussy was as wet as a sponge. She sighed deeply the moment she felt my caress, her own nimble fingers working their way between my legs. Luxuriating like this, fondling one another, we just lazily watched the men coupled in the heated lust of their three-way ass fuck. I closed my eyes for a moment just to listen to the sound, the sound of fucking, the beautiful thumping sound of a man slamming against another man’s bottom, the sound of a hard cock gliding against tight, lubed anal walls, the unique, beautiful sound of sexual friction.

Then I opened my eyes and decided it was time to move on. My wicked imagination conceived all this, my willfulness brought it about. I had orchestrated this spectacle, and now the carnal symphony would continue.

“Jens? Pull out of Steve; let’s see the damage you’ve done,” I told him as he obediently withdrew his big penis from Steve’s rectal depths. My eyes now as wide as Inge’s, we girls stared at the deliciously obscene sight of Steve’s thoroughly fucked, stretched open anus. Sometimes there’s just nothing quite as provocative as the look of an asshole right after it’s been fucked.

I grabbed hold of Jens’s cock, hot and slick from all that fucking.

“Let me see you lick that ass again now that you fucked it,” I hissed at him.

“Do what she says, Jens,” his s****r cackled lewdly pushing back on his head. Jens didn’t need any convincing, eagerly dragging his tongue along the rim, circling the dilated anal ring, the open gate to Steve’s humid rectal depths, to his man-cunt. He even slid that tongue into the gate, his tongue now probing where his cock had just dug. And while he did this I leaned down and took his cock in my mouth, that cock now hot and steamy from just having pummeled Steve’s ass.

“Ah, look at you, Jade, that is so nasty,” his appreciative s****r said, licking her lips.

“Not too nasty for you, eh Inge?” I purred, handing her b*****r’s penis over to her. She eagerly wrapped her lips around it and began to suck it voraciously.

But now what I really wanted was to have Steve suck on it, to suck the cock that had just fucked his ass.

“Stop licking his ass and get up here and give Steve your cock to suck,” I told Jens.

Still holding on to his hips and fucking the young lifeguard, Steve turned to Jens’s cock, now right up at mouth level and wrapped his lips around the shaft.

“Inge, hold Steve’s ass open for me, will you?” I told her.

I froze as I took in the sublimely arousing sight. There was Steve behind Chris, pumping his cock up the teen’s ass, fucking him furiously, the hard, lubed shaft of his penis visible with each stroke. And as my eyes drifted upwards from that delicious sight there was the gorgeous young Dane’s steely cock in Steve’s mouth. Then, my gaze drifting down again, here was a vivid view of Steve’s well-fucked asshole, glossy with lube, obscenely stretched from the rugged cock-reaming it had just endured. This was a panorama that just about drove me insane with lust!

So insane with lust now that I couldn’t just stare. I needed more; I needed a taste of something, a taste of Steve’s ass! So I got down and pressed my face between his manly cheeks, running my tongue around the rim of his hole, then plunging it inside into his humid depths. To think that only moments ago Jens’s young, virile cock was buried inside where my tongue was now probing!

“You too, Inge,” I said, finally pulling away my tongue as the Danish beauty took over, licking my lover’s ass with the zestful hunger she’d shown from the start tonight.

When she finally pulled away to catch her breath I slid a finger inside and she slid in a second alongside. Then I added another finger, and she did the same, girl-reaming Steve now as he kept up the fucking and the cocksucking both.

I gazed into Inge’s dreamy, liquid blue eyes as we shared the magic of this special rapport, then brought my lips to her full ones, the two of us kissing, our bodies close now, warm, hungry lips opening, hot breath fusing until we were breathless as we reamed away together at Steve’s uplifted ass.

“Enjoying the party?” I purred at her when we finally pulled apart.

“Ah yes. And to think Jens and I almost went with our parents to that idiot billionaire’s yacht. How dreary that would’ve been!”

“You don’t like dreary, do you? You like dirty.”

That pretty face of hers beamed with a wicked smile.

“Yes! Dirty. Very, very dirty!”

“Then let’s get even dirtier, shall we?” I said, turning to Inge’s b*****r.

“Jens? Let Chris suck you now.”

Steve released Jens’s cock and now Jens knelt right in front of Chris’s face and fed that cock of his to him, the lithe, sexy young lifeguard now taking thick, hard cock at both ends, Steve’s still buried in his ass, and Jens’s fucking his mouth.

“Look at them go!” I said as Inge and I looked on, delighted to see this new variation in the way our three boys were coupling.

“Ah yes, I like so much to see boys suck and fuck,” Inge said, that Danish lilt to her voice and her slightly fractured grammar again so delightfully alluring.

It was time to open a new chapter.

“Well you know, the two of us can be ‘boys’ too,” I said to a puzzled Inge.

“You? And I? Boys?”

I walked over to the dresser and opened a drawer. From it I pulled out two of the toys Steve and I had brought with us to help add a little spice to our nights. These two toys were very life-like strap-on dildos. Each rubber cock was supposedly molded from a real penis. One was merely very large, while the other was enormous. The enormous one, nine inches long and as thick as my wrist, was purchased recently and Steve, good sport that he was, quickly came to appreciate its girth and outsized dimensions.

“Oh my God!” Inge gasped when she saw what I held in my two hands.

“This one’s for you,” I said, handing her the smaller of the two, “sorry, but the big baby I get to wear; it’s my special pride and joy.”

She said she’d never used one, so I helped Inge strap it to herself, then strapped on my own. The three guys didn’t stop what they were doing, but they sure were aware of the new wardrobe change in the girl department.

“Check it out guys,” I said, provocatively stroking the ample length of my thick tool, “two more cocks are about to join the party”

Steve knew all about my outrageous lust for such toys, how much I loved to strap a cock to myself and ‘be one of the boys,’ either with him alone, or when we joined others. But Chris and Jens were stunned at the sight of a lovely, sexy woman and a foxy young teen there in front of them, sensually stroking ‘their’ big cocks.

“Okay, fellas, we know how much you love to stick your cocks up each other’s assholes, but it’s time to pull out now and play some new games,” I said, tugging at Steve as, finally, he withdrew his cock from the lifeguard’s bottom, Inge pulling her b*****r away from Chris’s clinging mouth.

Suddenly Steve’s cock was visible, slick and stiffer than ever after nesting in Chris’s humid rectal depths for the last half hour. Now all five of us were facing each other up on the big bed, rigid cocks strikingly on display.

“Jens, I think you need to suck yourself some cock,” I said, pointing a sharp finger at the Danish teen, knowing his own cock had been amply sucked and gotten in plenty of fucking. “I want to see you suck both Steve’s and Chris’s.”

Steve and Chris happened to be next to each other and so I pushed Jens’s face down to Steve’s cock, making him suck that cock, then Chris’s. Jens proved to be not only a willing, but a very eager young cocksucker.

“Now suck mine and your s****r’s,” I told him, which he gladly did.

I followed this up by having each of the others, including myself, get down on their knees, and take turns sucking the cocks of the other four. Then came a variation as each took turns lapping away at the other four bottoms as we held ourselves open for whichever slick tongue took its turn to probe our anal clefts; Steve and Jens each getting to lick the ass of the man he had fucked. And after watching all these boys at work it was a special thrill indeed to see how hungrily, how lustfully beautiful young Inge dug in greedily to have herself a taste of the three male bottoms, then my own. Our little orgy had entered an intensely oral phase as cocks were sucked and assholes rimmed.

Pussies and tits would, however, would be intentionally neglected tonight. A little bit earlier I had taken Inge aside for a moment while the boys were fucking and sucking and told her that we’d have plenty of opportunity to play again over the next few days, but that tonight it would be fun if she and I really did pretend to be ‘two of the boys.’ That meant no pussy, just ass and mouth and cock, real and rubber. Five frenzied ‘studs’ playing their stud games with me leading the way. She loved the idea and confessed that she and her b*****r liked to play ‘pretend’ games like this.

Since ‘studs’ with thick nine inch cocks like mine like to get to use them, I figured it was fuck time again and that now it was my turn to do some fucking. Everyone in the room seemed happy to do my bidding, and I figured I could have a turn with any one of them, but I was in the mood to use the big cannon I had strapped to myself. And the only one here I could be sure would be able to take it was my good old reliable lover, Steve.

“Hey, babe?” I said to Steve in full earshot of the others, “now that Jens ‘broke you in’ with that nice, stiff dick of his, how about we show these three k**s what a sport you are and just how much you crave having your ass really filled and stretched?”

Steve chuckled, as amazed at himself as he was by me. This stud, who always took charge of scenes -- women, men, he made them his -- had given me the go-ahead to open new doors for us both. And once those doors were opened, Steve was always eager to step inside. He had led me through many new doors, and now I was leading him through a few.

“Good idea, Jade. Go ahead and stick that big dick of yours inside me.”

“Oh my God!” Inge gasped pointing to my dildo, “with this big one? In his arse!”

“That’s right, everyone feel like watching?” I said, getting into my performing groove. Steve and I love an audience. Usually it’s been him doing the rounds of my fuckholes with that itchy, horny cock of his. But I’ve put on a show or two of my own, usually for appreciative girls, ripping away at his male fuckhole. There was a time when I wouldn’t have dared fuck Steve in front of another man or ever dreamed of asking him to suck another man’s cock or take a cock up the ass. But since then a lot of ice had been broken, much of it tonight.

“Okay, lover, round two. Time to get up on those knees and elbows again,” I told Steve as he assumed the familiar and always provocative position, Chris and Jens idly leaning back and watching, stroking their cocks, Inge doing the same, strumming her clit.

“And you two boys?” I said, turning to Chris and Jens, “I want to see you two get busy too. So go ahead and guess what my favorite number is?”

They looked dumbfounded for a moment, then Chris smiled knowingly.

“Sixty-nine?” he said.

“You’re a smart boy,” I said, giving his stiff cock a little squeeze, “ so why don’t you and Jens show us how you like to play that number.”

Eagerly they got in position, Jens underneath and Chris above him, wrapping hungry teen lips around stiff teen cocks.

“Don’t they look cute like that?” I said to Inge with a little laugh.

“Yah!” she agreed, fisting her own cock, gazing over as the two young cocksuckers began to go at it. Meanwhile I handed Inge the lube and she knew just what to do, slapping some more between Steve’s cheeks.

Now I got behind Steve, took aim, and with an excited Inge watching closely, discreetly digging a finger under the leather of her dildo strap to her pussy, despite having vowed to ‘ignore’ pussy for the evening (poor girl couldn’t help herself), now I began to work the tip of my massive cock into Steve’s ass. This particular cock of mine was a very big boy indeed and Steve had strained to take it the few times he did. But he had managed. Having had Jens, with his own substantial cock, fuck Steve already had loosened him up but, still, I had to hold on to his hips and push hard, push insistently to f***e the thick cockhead past his clenching anal barrier.

“Your lover’s got herself a big one, huh?” I hissed gruffly as I worked the shaft inside him, inch by thick inch, fucking him now. Inge’s amazed and unblinking eyes, like my own, were glued to the stunning sight like pairs of lasers riveted on the meeting ground of Steve’s now thoroughly violated anal gate and my obscenely thick rubber cock. The two teens, their mouths happily wrapped around each other’s tools, craned their necks to have a look as well.

Steve looked over his shoulder at me, his eyes blazing with lustful desire as I steadily and sensually drove my cock inside him. I had long fantasized about fucking a man up the ass, but never dreamt I’d find a partner for this as perfect as Steve, not some passive fuck toy who merely wanted to be used, but a rugged and often rough lover, an intense fucker himself, who had come to crave receiving what he so often dished out. Of course he had fucked my ass many more times than I had his, but I looked forward to the day when the score would come close to being even. As Steve once put it to me when I began screwing him: ‘it’s so wonderful to fuck and to be fucked in return.’ I never will forget those words of his. Now, here, I again felt like a circus ringmaster with Steve my lion, a virile b**st well-trained by me, the two of us performing for this eager audience of three. As always, he took it like champ, a brave champ, looking back at me with those loving, hungry eyes of his.

“Oh baby, you are getting fucked today, aren’t you?” I panted breathlessly.

“By you, sweetheart, by you and your boy surrogates,” he said.

I smiled.

“What about my girl surrogate over here,” I said, nodding to Inge. “Don’t you think she should have a turn too?”

“I’d love to have Inge fuck me,” he said, staring right at her, giving the gorgeous teen a seductive look.

Now I pulled out of Steve and let Inge take my place, both of us taking note of the shockingly well-fucked appearance of his violated anus. And while Inge took over the fucking chores I knelt by Steve’s face and fed him that big cock of mine. It was the girls doing the fucking now, and the boys sucking cock

But that situation didn’t last very long.

“Let me see that ass of yours, Jade,” Steve said, a new, commanding tone to his voice. So I turned around and immediately he pulled aside the dildo strap and began to dig his tongue into my anal crevice as Inge kept screwing him. Believe me, I love a hot, wet tongue in my crack. But there’s no tongue that does the job quite the way Steve’s does. And with how we were all positioned I was able to lean over and lick Chris’s ass while Jens, below him, kept sucking his cock. There’s something about licking while getting licked that always somehow hits the spot for me.

“Hey, Inge? Pull out of me for a minute, will you?” I heard Steve tell the lusty Danish teen girl fucking his ass. I’m sure she pulled out reluctantly. Now Steve lifted my ass high while on my knees like this, then gave my butt a sharp slap with the flat of his hand to let everyone know what he was up to. Next he worked some lube into the cleft and began to sensually, expertly ream out my hole.

“Oh baby!” I said, turning my head, nearly panting, “do it to me!”

And he did it alright, spreading me open, taking aim, and smoothly driving every rigid inch of his cock right up my ass, all the way in until I could feel his balls slapping against my cheeks. Two boys had already been fucked here tonight; now it was time for some girl ass to be fucked, mine to be fucked.

“Ah yes, do it, do it to her!” Inge urged excitedly, gazing closely.

“She loves it up the ass,” Steve told Inge, “don’t you, Jade?”

“Love it? I fuckin’ crave it!” I barked.

There’s nothing like it, that beautiful violation and deep intimacy which a good, thorough anal fuck provides. Steve knew it, and I knew it. I let him take his sweet time reaming out my rectum, savoring every hard thrust as I gazed at the two teen boyss locked in their oral embrace. There’s something so vibrant and alive about the way Steve’s cock always feels when he f***es it up my ass, not just like I’m getting fucked back there, but also having my innards sensually massaged by that stiff fuck stick of his. And to be able to gaze at two more stiff fuck sticks while he’s doing this to me? Now that was pure joy!

What was next, I asked myself? There was more ass to be fucked here, more cock to be sucked. With five lusty and overheated studs and sluts there were almost limitless variations. My mind spun as I imagined what I’d conjure up as the next act.

“Stick it back inside him, Inge,” I said, turning to her, wanting to have Stave take it while he gave it to me. She gladly obliged, playing the part of the stud now as she rammed it back up Steve’s bottom. I could feel it by the way he pushed into me now and could hear it in his groan.

“Give me your cocks, boys,” I told the two entwined cocksuckers, having them kneel by my face now and taking turns sucking them as Steve kept fucking me. Steve even leaned his face over my shoulder and took Chris’s in his mouth while I sucked Jens. Then I had them turn around and stick their bottoms in my face as I did the rounds licking more boy butt while Steve kept up the fucking.

I was like a stage director moving her characters through a scene while also being one of the characters, the lead character. Now it was time for an entirely new scene so I had everyone disengage. The guys were all caught up in a frenzy of arousal, their three cocks never losing any of their steeliness, rising straight and hard now as they had at the beginning of this orgy. There didn’t seem to be any danger of any ‘slackening’ while I plotted my next move.

“Okay, Chris. Steve opened up that cute little ass of yours. You, now, I think are ready for something a little more substantial,” I said, meaningfully stroking my massive dildo.

“And you two,” I said, turning my gaze to the teen siblings, “You two need to get fucked! Steve? I’ll take care of Chris over here; you take care of Jens and Inge, okay?”

“Sure thing, lover.”

We winked at each other, smiling two sassy smiles, partners in crime, Steve and I.

“Sit on this with your ass, Chris,” I told him, slowly, lewdly fisting my massive nine inch cock. He started to squat over me, facing me, but I told him to turn around with his back to me. I wanted to watch it go in. And that’s what he did, groaning and shuddering, slowly lowering his body and impaling himself as I held open his pretty tanned buttocks, watching the thick dildo penetrate his ass.

Meanwhile Steve had the teen siblings get on elbows and knees right next to each other, both looking over their shoulders at Steve, keen to see what he would do next. And what he did was slap an ample amount of grease between Inge’s cheeks as she reached back to pull the leather dildo strap aside, then her b*****r’s, greasing them up for the kill

“You want my cock up your ass, Inge?”

“Yes, yes! Yes!” she gasped enthusiastically.

“How about you, baby b*****r?” Steve sneered at Jens.

“Yah, my b*****r too,” Inge answered eagerly for her younger sibling.

Steve flashed that sexy, horny gaze of his as he first drove his cock up Jens’s uplifted ass, then up his s****r’s. I loved it! Watching him take his sweet time fucking those two teen assholes while the third teen rode my immense cock with his own.

“Suck Chris’s cock, Jens,” I demanded, seeing that by just stretching his neck a little, Jens could take Chris’s cock in his mouth while he was getting fucked. Steve’s cock was at the moment clenched by a tight boy asshole, with Chris’s enjoying the warmth of an engulfing mouth. Jens needed to reach down with his own hand to tend to his achingly stiff penis while Steve kept pummeling his bottom. Now I thought to myself that Chris, alone of the five of us, had not yet had a chance to fuck anybody.

So, while Steve was driving it into Inge’s sassy young bottom, I wagged a finger at Jens while reaching around to hold Chris’s cock as he rode my big rubber one.

“Hey Jens? Why don’t you sit on this?” I said, reaching around to take hold of Chris’s very stiff prick.

For a moment he looked befuddled, then smiled, getting up off elbows and knees and turning around, squatting, lowering himself as I held Chris’s cock in my hand, aiming the tip right at Jens’s vivid and now well-fucked asshole.

“Oh I love my baby b*****r, he’s just a very, very nasty boy,” Inge cooed teasingly as she watched her b*****r impale himself on Chris’s cock.

“Well if you love your baby b*****r so much, Inge, why don’t you lean over and suck his cock!” Steve hissed at the teen he was fucking, pushing her face down to take Jens in her mouth while he kept riding Chris and Chris kept riding me, two teen boys on top of me, each taking a cock up the ass, one real and one rubber.

Listening to the three of them, Steve and the two teens, I sensed they were close. The question now, and it was a challenging one, was how should they cum? Or how should I let them cum. One thing I knew for sure was that I was definitely going to have Steve take a load. I’d been daydreaming about this for weeks, not just getting to watch Steve suck a cock and get fucked, but to make that cock cum, to see the pearly essence spilling out of the corners of his mouth or dripping out of his open ass. Playing with Steve and other men, I luxuriated in outpourings of semen, and I guessed that Inge did as well, so I decided that today the three boys should receive the final bounty of their male pleasure, each of them a share. Though one lucky boy might get more than his share. And this, then, was my quandary: who was to receive whose, and how?

Well, I quickly decided that Steve should be the lucky boy. Before this day he’d been feeding other men his pearly cum as they sucked his cock, depositing it into their well-fucked assholes. Maybe because so many barriers had been broken today, and broken so thrillingly that now, as a finale, I thought it would be exciting to see Steve take these two hard teen cocks at both ends, and make those two cocks cum, one with his mouth, sucking, and the other with his asshole, clenching and squeezing. Plus, Chris the lifeguard had yet to fuck Steve, so here would be his chance.

“Okay, boys,” I said, giving Jens and Chris a push and having them disengage, “It’s cum time.”

Then I looked over at Steve with a lewd, sassy wink.

“Steve? I know how much you must love burying that cock of yours in Inge’s tight, young ass, but would you be a good boy and pull it out of her now, please?”

He seemed as amused as he was aroused by my vivid orchestrations, pulling his cock out of the Danish beauty’s cute bottom. Here now were all three men waiting for further instructions, their cocks as rigid as they had been at the start of this orgy.

I looked directly at Steve.

“Would you be a good boy and get down there on your elbows and knees, and stick out that rugged ass of yours for us.”

I looked over at Chris.

“And Chris? I know how much you enjoyed having Steve bury his big cock up your ass, and one good turn deserves another. So would you be a good boy too and get behind Steve. Then go ahead and stick that young hard cock of yours up his ass.”

With an impish grin, Chris did exactly that, my heart skipping another beat as I now watched the gorgeous, smooth-skinned teen bury his cock inside Steve in one quick, smooth thrust. Steve groaned as he felt the young, steely penis penetrate his bottom.

“Now Jens?” I said, looking over at the cute Dane, “would you be good enough to kneel by Steve’s face and feed him your cock? I think he could use some nice hard cock to suck while his ass gets fucked.”

“Yes, yes!” Inge moaned excitedly, watching me orchestrate the new couplings.

What a sight! There was my virile, rugged lover on his elbows and knees taking one teen cock in his ass while sucking another. Just a short while ago I didn’t dare imagine I’d actually be witnessing such outrageous couplings. But now here they were unfolding before my very eyes, vividly flamboyant.

There was still one cock in the room which needed tending.

“Inge, I’d like you to get down there,” I said, pointing to Steve’s rigid penis, “and suck Steve’s cock while he sucks your b*****r’s.”

Inge happily scampered over and wrapped her lips around Steve’s shaft.

I, alone, had nothing to do. Nothing to do but watch, that is. And to watch the scorching sight before my eyes was quite a thrill for a confirmed voyeur like me. There’s just something about having a lover willing to try something new, having enough confidence in himself and his persona and his sexuality to dare leap familiar boundaries.

In Steve I had found a kindred spirit, an utterly sexual hedonist who craved pleasing me as much as pleasing himself. If it really turned me on to see him do it, that’s all that it took to trigger his response and his willingness. Of course the first instinct may have been to be startled, but almost instantly that startled reflex was transformed into a daring and yet compliant lust.

That was the way it was when I first proposed working one of my dildos all the way up his ass. A lot of men, suggest that to them and right away it’s, “Oh my God! You’ll think I’m a faggot!” Not Steve. He knew who he was and he was always willing to give it a go. He knew just how much I loved taking it up the ass, so why not his ass too? He knew how much I craved wrapping my lips around a thick cock, so why not his lips around a cock? And I was the same way, my sexuality, my desire ready to be triggered not only by my own lusts and curiosities, but Steve’s as well.

Now here I was staring at Steve as three sleek, horny teens converged on his body.

Assuming that familiar position I myself so deeply craved to assume, there he was with a hot, cute teen boy behind him, driving his big cock up Steve’s ass and another boy in front of him feeding Steve a second cock. And below, snaking beneath him, a gorgeous young Scandinavian girl devouring his own feverishly erect penis.

I knelt and brought my lips to Steve’s ear.

“Oh baby, just look at you!” I panted breathlessly, “A big cock up your ass, a big one in your mouth. You are one lucky man, you know? And now I want to see you make these two boys cum, make them cum, lover! Taste it! Feel it!”

I think Jens must’ve heard my whispers because now I could hear his breathing suddenly deepen, his body begin to quiver. I looked up and saw his eyes were closed, his brows furrowed, the striking expression animating his face that could signal either agony or ecstasy, but which I knew this time was sheer ecstasy. I reached to take hold of the shaft as Steve continued to suck his cock.

“When he cums, baby, don’t swallow it,” I whispered to Steve and at just that moment I began to feel the teen prick throb in my hand and knew he was emptying his semen into Steve’s mouth. I felt so much a part of it, knew that with each throb another jet of cum was being ejaculated between Steve’s lips. A little was now seeping out of the corner of those lips as Steve took the mouthful.

“Inge!” I said to our one female playmate, “Steve just sucked off your b*****r, come up here and see.”

Inge bolted up to have a look, her eyes wide with amazed arousal, Steve still sucking.

“I want you to kiss Steve now, Inge, and share your b*****r’s cum,” I told her as I had Jens pull away, cum now dripping from Steve’s lips as Inge immediately pressed her own lips to Steve’s, sharing her b*****r’s bounty. Greedily, hungrily, lewdly I watched the lusty Danish teen lick her b*****r’s cum out of Steve’s mouth.

“Me too,” I said, bringing my own lips down to kiss Steve’s now, then Inge’s, all three of us now sharing Jens’s cum as he just fell back on the bed, finally spent and exhausted.

All this no doubt was inspiration for Chris who now betrayed the same telltale signs as Jens had moments before, his body twitching, his eyes closed as he drove his cock deep into Steve’s ass. Then, with a series of grunts and spasms, I knew that young Chris was spilling the seeds of his orgasm, spilling them deeply. Inge and I watched excitedly as Chris emptied himself and his pleasure into the hot, humid, clenching bottom.

Calming now, his breaths easier, slower, Chris pulled out his cock.

Crazed with excitement I whipped my face down to Steve’s bottom. And what I gazed at now was Steve’s asshole, dilated and definitely well-fucked!

“Get down here, Chris!” I barked at the teen, pushing his face between Steve’s cheeks, into the heated crevice, up to the wide-open anus.

“Lick it up!” I ordered as Chris now lapped up his own cum as it spilled out of Steve’s ass. Watching the teen lapping away at the ass he had just fucked, sucking up his own cum sent me into a frenzy as I reached under the dildo harness to unabashedly strum my overheated pussy. Fingering myself, I pushed Chris’s face away with my other hand and took his place, now licking Steve’s hot, fucked ass, lapping away at the cum dripping from the open hole.

“Me too, please!” Inge begged and I let her take my place for a few laps of her own, she and I like two frisky kittens lapping up warm cream.

“And you too, Jens,” I said as he joined Chris and his s****r for a taste, after which Jens and Chris fell back on the bed, the two of them exhausted, their cocks softening now.

I looked at Inge and she looked at me, our lewd, knowing smiles signaling the same thought. The two teen boys were probably done for the time being. But there was still one very hard cock in the room, and two very horny women. Before, I had decided on a finale, but now I changed my mind. I felt that today’s spectacle needed one more solid act.

“I think you two boys should go for a night time swim,” I told Jens and Chris as, a little sheepishly now, they left the room.

“And Steve?” I said, turning to my lover and his still ragingly erect cock as I unstrapped and threw aside my dildo, Inge doing the same, “it’s time for some fun with the girls, it’s time for you to satisfy some cunt now!”

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