Every year I went with my wife. Mona, and her s****r, Shelly, up to Lake Stoellen. Mona and I would take along our two k**s. Shelly, divorced, would bring her three – two of whom were the same ages as our two. Shelly's third, Ashley, a girl two years younger, was born a beautiful chestnut brown – not Mom's color, and definitely not Dad's. Shelly had taken one too many liberties, and Ashley never knew her dad, but knew it wasn't the father of her b*****r and s****r.

Combining our k**s with Shelly's k**s always meant chaos, and in recent years, as the c***dren got older, they played more amongst themselves. We enjoyed our own independence as much as they enjoyed their own. On several occasions we suspected there might be something going on between the older cousins. So, for the last few years, there was often giggling and secret looks, often at the youngest, Ashley's expense.

This year was going to be different, because suddenly all four older k**s decided they were grown up and made plans of their own for the summer. That left Mona and me by ourselves and Shelly with 19-year-old Ashley, who was back from her first year in college.

For the first couple days at the lake, we all did things together. We'd go swimming, take walks, cook, eat, then every evening, play cards. Four was a good number. And Ashley seemed to enjoy being the one getting all the attention. Several times, I got the distinct impression she was flirting with me – going out of her way to tell me what a great job I did, how good I looked, how funny I was. I didn't pay much attention until I noticed she did this only when nobody else was around.

I was flattered. She was becoming a beautiful woman. When she was a c***d, I had always liked touching that chocolate skin and telling her how beautiful she was. As she got older, I became a bit more cautious. But now, back from a year of college, she didn't seem to mind me looking at her, watching her giggle, jiggle, and wiggle.

It was the third night there that I began to understand. Ashley and I were on cleanup duty after dinner. The moms decided to go for a walk. In their absence, we enjoyed bumping into one another at the sink, laughing, and having a towel snapping contest. I won with a sharp snap to her thigh, just below those short cut-offs.

"Ow! That hurt," she said, looking at me, her eyes filling with tears.

"Sorry," I said as our eyes met for longer than usual. "Let me see."

Ashley turned to face the counter, bent over, arching her back down, and poked her butt towards me. She looked over her shoulder down her back. My heart quicken as I realized how she was presenting herself to me, like a mare in heat.

"Where did I..." I asked, putting a hand on the taught material holding each of her buttocks.

I bent over and tried to look at her thighs, but she wagged her tail as she looked over one shoulder, then the other, trying to see where I was. Her butt swung right under my nose causing a slight breeze. I took a short sniff. I could smell her.

"Right here," she said, putting her finger on the dark, smooth skin that was her upper left thigh.

"I'm sorry," I said, then leaned forward.

I put my hand on the back of her leg, then slid it to her inside thigh and pressed gently. I closed my eyes and kissed where I'd hit her leg. I lingered, letting her feel my breath, letting me smell her. She was sweet and fresh. And judging by the growing pressure in my pants, she was horny. I slid my hand slowly up until I felt the fringe of her cut-offs brush the back of my hand. I pressed my fingers into her leg. Ashley shifted her weight moved her foot to the side, making more room for my hand.


I jumped when I heard Mona's voice. The front door closed. They were back. I stood up and looked at Ashley. I was terrified. She just smiled, gave me a quick kiss on the lips, and hopped out of the kitchen to greet her mom and aunt.

That night, during our ritual Hearts game, I couldn't bring myself to look at Ashley. I was afraid I would start blushing. But I knew she wanted something more than a feel up the leg.

"A boat," Sherry said. "What do YOU think, John."

I was caught off guard. I hadn't been listening to the woman's prattle. I had been thinking of something else.

"I'm renting a boat tomorrow and that's that!"

"Sure," I said. "Here's that queen you were looking for!"

The next morning, I went with Mona and Shelly to rent a boat. I didn't like boats, or boating, or even being on the water, floating, no way, no how. Mona didn't want to go, either, but when she finally understood I wasn't going, Shelly insisted Mona come along. In the end, Mona didn't want her s****r going out alone.

"Where's Ashley?"

"I think she had something else she wanted to do, today."

"She needs some time away."

I shoved them off as the moms went out for a girl's day on the lake. I waved them goodbye, then headed back to my cabin. I hadn't seen Ashley since breakfast, and was disappointed she had left when she knew we would have some time alone for a change. "You're k**ding, right?" I thought. "An old man like you! Get over it! She probably ran for the hills after that stunt you pulled last night."

When I got to my room, I froze. Ashley was standing in front of the full length mirror in my bedroom. Not standing, more like taking a stance. She was naked. No, almost naked, wearing only bright red lingerie. "God! Red looks good on her," I thought. Without making a sound I let my eyes drift down her back to the strap of her thong above the blossoms that were her hips. "She's gonna have one big butt after having k**s!" I thought. Although her hips were out of proportion for her small torso, they were perfect tops to her long, muscular legs. At five foot eleven, Ashley was a tall girl, and most of that height was in her gams. It was her legs that held my attention.

I remembered when those scrawny spindles used to wrap themselves around my waist, followed by a big hug and kiss every time I saw her. "What I wouldn't do to have that chocolate skin wrapped around my waist now!" I thought. I admired the thick, muscular thighs, knees, and perfect calves. I followed the inside curve, that inverted "V", that ended with her crotch.

I could just make out the red line of her thong climbing out her butt crack. It was like the center line of a runway. I took a step and I wasn't sure if it was me or the floor that sighed. I looked into the mirror at the reflection of her face and saw her looking back.

Neither of us moved. I heard my heart pounding in my ears, and my shallow breathing. I was scared and excited; that magic adrenaline-produced state of awareness. She didn't move, then turned to look at herself in the mirror, as if I wasn't there.

"What ya doin'?" I asked, emboldened to take another step.

"Just trying on some new lingerie I bought for the trip," she answered, without looking my way.

"You got a date?"

"I hope so," she said, her eyes flickering up at me, then back at herself.

Though I couldn't see her hands, I could tell from her elbows that they were climbing her belly. I saw her biceps flex and heard her inhale deeply. She took a step back from the mirror, spreading her feet a little further apart. I could see she was looking at her breasts, deciding if they looked good. Then she leaned forward, arching her back and tilting her hips up, revealing the shiny red patch her thong. "Fuckin' bitch in heat!" I thought to myself. I closed my mouth and carefully sniffed the air for her scent.

"Are you... have you... are you a virgin?" I asked.

She was startled, then turned to look at me in the mirror.

"Not since I was twelve," she said.

"Twelve?" I was surprised.

"Yeah," she said, letting her hands come to rest on her thighs, lightly moving from inside thigh to back of the leg, then back again. "When I was 11 I was masturbating a lot..."

Ashley paused and looked up to see my reaction. When I didn't have a reaction, she looked back at herself and went on. "And Shanille... You know Shanille?"

She stopped talking, but didn't look up, just kept moving her fingers, dipping a little deeper between her legs with each pass.

"Shanille and I watched this movie and she said it felt a lot better than doing it yourself. She said it was easy, said all I had to do was ask a boy to walk me home. Shanille had done it and she said it was better than masturbating."

I knew Shanille. She was an even richer brown than Ashley. They formed an impenetrable wall against all parents. Together, they got into more trouble than all our other k**s combined. Shanille was the leader, always ahead of Ashley. Ashley was competitive, never wanted to be second, and got egged on to do almost everything Shanille told her to do.

Ashley's fingers were hidden now, but judging by the look on her face, they had found what they were looking for.

"When I was twelve, I asked a high-school boy to walk me home. Shanille was right."

"Did you like it?" I asked. I slipped off my river shoes and walked over to Ashley. She didn't move. I stood right behind her.

"Not really. I was young and thought he knew what to do, but he just thought of himself and then left in a hurry. Shanille said the same thing happened to her, that I should keep trying."

Ashley closed her eyes as she enjoyed what her fingers were doing, then went on. "After a few more fumbled failures, I decided I'd wait."

I turned Ashely to face me. My eyes went to her swollen breasts pushing over sheer lace, the nipples only half covered.

"Looks like it's a little small," I said, and lifted my hand to brush her breast, which was exploding out the top of her bra. She turned back to the mirror.

"That's what SHE said!" she giggled.

I wrapped my arms around her, my hands squeezing her breasts, pushing the erection in my trunks against her butt. Ashley closed her eyes and took a deep, satisfied breath.

"Shanille told me college boys knew what to do, but I didn't find any. Shanille said I should try an older man, like an uncle. Shanille said she learned an awful lot from her uncle."

Ashley looked up at my reflection in the mirror.

"You're my only uncle," she said, imploring me with a look that left no room for doubt.

"An old fart like me?" I said as I pinched her nipples hard, making her jump.

I backed up enough to allow my fingers to start from her ears and, barely touching, descend down the sides of her neck on to her shoulders. Then I slid down the side of her back, following her curve into her waist, over the thin strap of her thong, over her hips, down the smooth tight skin of her thighs.

As my fingertips reached her inside thigh, she leaned forward, held her hands out and put them up against the wall.

"Arch your back," I said.

Ashley pushed her butt back. I put my hands at her thighs and let them follow the smooth curve of her hips. I turned my hands thumbs up and let them slide between her legs. I lifted my thumbs, and felt the moisture already saturating the smooth silk. I pressed up, sinking the scrap of cloth between the soft folds of her swollen labia.

She rocked forward, then slowly back again. I left my thumbs rigid, stationary, pressing up into her crotch, letting her control the pressure, the touch points. She rocked back and tilted down and I felt my thumbs disappear into her crotch. She tilted her hips up, and I felt the stiff bulb of her clit pass between my thumbs.

"Oh god...," she blurted.

I leaned back, lifting my hands and pressed myself into her buttocks. I pulled off my t-shirt, then leaned forward and pushed down the swim trunks I was wearing. When I leaned into her again, there was nothing between us, and her skin felt hot and perfect. She pushed back against me until my dick fit neatly in the folds of her butt.

I let my fingertips slide up the center of her back, stopping only to release her bra. I leaned forward and felt her strong legs stiffen, eager to support my weight. I wrapped my hands around her until my fingers passed over her nipples.

"Yesss...," she hissed, and pushed back into me as she bent at the waist to lower her breasts into my hands.

I sc****d the tip of each nipple with my fingernails, causing her to jolt, then I grasped and rolled the tips between my thumb and forefinger. She moaned again, bending down, pressing into me.

I stepped back and pulled her hips towards me.

"Keep your hands on the wall," I instructed.

As I had her put one, then the other foot back, I guided her feet further apart. She ended up propped against the wall, her legs spread wide, not falling by keeping her legs and arms stiff. I knew from experience that she was feeling like she was unable to move without falling.

"Don't move," I said as I got my pocket knife off the nearby dresser. The knife opened with a "click."

"What's that?" she asked, worried.

"Shhhh..." I said.

Before she could do anything, I slipped the blade under her thong strap, making sure she felt the cold steel, and gave a quick yank up with the dull side of the knife. I felt her startle. I turned the blade over and cut the strap. Stuck to her, I peeled the material from between her slippery labia. I felt her relax. Then the odor of her sex filled my nostrils.

I stepped closer and slid my hand between her legs. Without waiting, I yanked my thumb hard into her sopping slit.

"Unnhhh..." she grimaced, turning her head hard to the side, trying to look at me.

Her knees shuddered, almost buckled. I moved my thumb forward and gave her clit a pinch. Her legs stiffened and I pulled my hand back, scr****g hard against the bottom of her slit. She twitched and released another wave of love juice. I was breathing hard, now. I grabbed my dick with one hand, leaned forward, wrapped the other hand around her waist, bent under her and thrust up. I was right on target. My thick member slipped into her.

"Ahhggg...," was all she could manage, a guttural sound from deep in her throat.

I put one hand on her hip and let the other slide down to her clit. I could feel her shaking with the effort to keep herself from falling. I withdrew slowly, then pierced her again with a quick jerk. I felt her legs grow more resolute and her arms pressed her body back to meet me.

With each deep thrust, I flicked her love button with my fingertip. She soon fell into my rhythm of slow withdrawal and quick, f***eful jab. When or movements together were enough for me to feel my ball sack swinging, I moved both my hands to her hips. "Hard... and... fast... makes it... hard... to... last...," I grunted out to her. She was moaning each time I slammed into her and my balls swung and smacked her clit.

When I felt her begin to undulate, her hips rolling like a wave, I withdrew and stepped back. I watched her labia, which was swollen and glistening with her lubricating love juices.

"Like a winking mare," I thought, as she continued rocking.

I enjoyed as each time her back arched, her lips spread, showing her pink interior. She kept pushing back, a little further each time, until she realized I had moved out of reach. She lifted her head and looked back at me, her face showing the stress of her longing. I pressed my knee into the back side of her knee and she buckled to the floor.

"Come here," I said, taking her arm and lifting her to standing. I pulled her over to the bed.

"Lie down. Spread your legs," I growled as I twisted her around and pushed her on her back.

Her confused, pained look confirmed what I had hoped. I had pulled out before she had climaxed. I glared at her, letting anger show. She pulled herself away, crawling backwards, her legs rubbery and uncooperative.

I followed close behind. I let myself imagine I was r****g her, that she had asked ME to take her home when she was a virgin, that day after school when she was twelve. I imagined that she had led me to her bed, and now had second thoughts.

She was getting the picture, too, as she kept moving away, until her head bumped against the wall.

"Uncle John..." she began with a wavering voice, the voice of a scared little girl.

I lurched forward, landing between her legs, trapping her body. I glared at her, watched as tears filled her eyes, then fell on her, like an eagle snatching its prey from the river.

My tongue was in her mouth, my hands easily grasping and pinning her hands to the bed as she tried to push me away. One easy twist of my hip between hers and her legs were wide open. A quick stab and my dick was inside her. She was plenty wet, and I pumped her as fast as I could. I wanted the fear to feed her pleasure, building the tension until she exploded.

Slowly, I felt her responding. First her fingers stopped struggling and started to hold mine. Her mouth and tongue softened and answered my invitation. Then her pelvis started rocking. She was feeling so hot inside I knew it was going to be soon.

I pumped like we only had a few seconds, like her dad was walking up the stairs towards her room. That's when her feet came up and wrapped around my butt, her long legs easily locking around me. She jerked her head to the side and let out a groan as she slammed me into herself, joining my vigor, pressing me deeper inside her.

Her legs froze and tightly clamped my side. Her whole body gave a shiver, followed by quick spasms that pulsed from one end of her body to the other. I thrust forward as hard as I could and I felt her vaginal walls clamp down on my dick.

"UNGHHH!!!" she gurgled as a spasm left her a single muscle mass, cramped in ecstasy. I held myself deep inside her and felt a warm gush wash over my shaft and down my ball sack. I tried to open my legs, hoping the liquid would find it's way to trickle over my anus. We stayed like that, not moving, and I felt the mini-pulses of her love cave sucking on my dick; loving it. It felt good, but I was not yet fully satisfied.

Ashley took a deep breath and she released her grip, then relaxed into the bed. Her breathing became more regular. She let her legs flop down and apart. It was only then that I realized just how strongly she had grasped me with her knees. I took a deep breath. She opened her eyes and turned her face to mine. Her regard softened and without any warning she grabbed my scratchy beard in her hands and pulled our lips together. She was a good kisser, and our tongues played, dancing lightly together to the love that filled us.

We kissed for a long time. I could tell she was floating in the afterglow of her orgasm. When she finally pulled away, gentle as a leaf falling from a tree, a question filled her eyes.

"You're still..."

I smiled as I watched her blush, her face turning a dark cherry chocolate. She looked away, then back, right into my eyes.

"You're still... hard," she said.

The look of concern touched me. I couldn't hide the giant smile that found itself on my face, a smile from the inside, the real me.

"There's still more to learn," I said.

I watched her as my smile turned into a mischievous grin. A question formed on her face and I began kissing her on the cheek, little kisses, barely touching. I went down the side of her face and kissed her on her neck. As she tried to move her head to kiss me back, I said, "No. Just stay still. This is for you." Without any further effort, Ashley lay back. She was ready to accept whatever I had for her, no longer afraid, completely trusting.

I inched my lips down her body, not in any hurry, but conscious that every stop, every delay, urged me on to my destination. Her shoulders, her armpits, the soft sides of her breasts as I climbed to her stiff nipples, each rib bump as a slid my tongue down the center of her chest, the soft fuzz that I knew would thicken as I moved down. My tongue searched the folds of her bellybutton. My hands slid on ahead and crossed the remains of her thong. I reached the flap that had once covered her secret and nuzzled my nose into the still-wet fabric. Her odor urged me on as I let my fingers float over her soft, muscular inner thighs.

I was breathing harder, now, but kept the air flowing through my nostrils, letting the smell of her sex intoxicate me. I was surprised when I came to a thin strip of carefully trimmed pubic hair. I opened my eyes and followed the perfectly sculpted line crossing her clean-shaven mons. I lifted my head and saw Ashley smiling back at me.

"I appreciate the effort," I said, realizing just how well she had prepared for this trip.

I pressed her legs wider as my tongue slid down the coarse thick hair, thick and stiff like my one-week beard, short but not smooth. "I like my women to know they have a man between their legs," I remembered myself saying when a woman asked why I had such a scruffy beard. "It's time to put that beard to work," I thought as my fingers joined my tongue at her entrance.

I let my fingertips gently flow over her lips. I watched at the base of her slit for a sign. I didn't let my fingers rise to her clit. Instead, I pressed the sides of her labia inwards.. I went up and down her opening a couple times. Ashley widened her knees and pushed herself up into me, trying to get more. I did not oblige, but kept up the gentle massage. It didn't take long before I saw a drip form. The shiny liquid slid down her perineum and disappeared into the star-shaped creases of her anus.

I leaned forward, brushing one, then the other thigh with my scratchy chin as I made my way forward with my tongue. When I reached her opening, I lay my tongue flat out against her labia, the tip towards the bottom of her slit. I pressed down, not letting my tongue enter, until my nose landed just above her clit. I wagged the tip of my tongue, letting my prickly mustache sc**** against her gaping cave. I moved my nose from side to side, flopping her hood over her clit.

I heard Ashley taking shorter and shorter breaths, then felt as she clamped her thighs against my ears. As I continued to wiggle my nose and tongue, she closed harder on my head, until I could only breath through the narrow passageway at the corners of my mouth. I shifted my movement to rock up and down, barely able to move in her mounting excitement. My ears were tightly covered by her thighs and I couldn't hear her reaction, but I could taste her slippery anticipation. And each time I swung my nose over her clit, she would twitch, like the tick of a clock pendulum.

I couldn't move my head, so I let the wet lubrication I tasted on my tongue invite me inside her. Licking as deep as I could go, Ashley started rocking her hips. I wiggled to tilt my head until my lips passed over her magic button. I began to gently suckle her while I let my tongue probe ever so carefully under her hood. She bucked with her hips, and I knew she was sensitive and I had to be careful. I felt her fingers on my head, and I let her know that she could guide my tongue by the way she touched my hair. It only took a couple of strokes for us to agree on the signals, and she was letting me know she wanted more.

Barley touching, barley moving, I felt her tension grow. With my tongue at the tip of her clit, Ashley found it hard to move. She struggled to control the anxious movements of her pelvis. For a while, I just lay there as she experimented with moving, then not moving, then moving. Soon I began to sense more urgency in her movements as she rocked harder and harder into my tongue. I responded with a small rocking movement of my own, which she encouraged. When she grabbed her knees and spread them wide at each side of her chest, I heard the urgency in her moaning.

I let loose a flurry of licking, moving my tongue back and forth, hard directly against her clit. I heard her breathing become hoarse and ragged, moaning to the rhythm of her contracting back and abdomen. I licked harder and faster. When she seemed about to blow, sucked on her clit while I my thumb followed her dripping juices, then swirled as it found her anus.

"Oh... my... GOD!!!" she panted.

I felt her muscles spasm and I thrust my thumb into her ass, triggering her orgasm. I opened my lips and sucked. I felt the warm gusher, then tasted it, as I swallowed quickly, hoping to suck down every drop.

As she froze with the contractions, I relaxed the suction of my grip and let my tongue lie flat against her. She had three more spasms, each one triggered by the merest movement, each one loosing a diminishing trickle, that I enjoyed as I let it run past my deeply buried thumb.

Even as her orgasm subsided, she clasped her knees tight to her chest. When I let my thumb fall out of her asshole and lifted my tongue off her, she twitched one last time. She took a minute to catch her breath, then let go of her knees, which fell to either side of me like rubber hose on on a hot August day. Her chest was slick with sweat.

"You... should...," she tried to say. "you... should..." She gasped for more air, took a deep breath, then said all at once, "You should have warned me!"

I smiled and licked the remnants of her juices off my face, stretching my tongue as far as it would go.

"Mmm, time for me..."

Ashley looked down, having forgotten the still-engorged pole between my legs.

"Here, let me," she said, trying to sit up.

"Nope, I like it from behind. Turn over and get on your elbows."

Ashley obeyed like a c***d in a candy store. When she was turned over, I said, "Put your head down. Point your butt in the air."

She did, and then wagged her butt at me as she walked her thighs apart, spreading her, opening herself to me.

"God, you've got beautiful, long legs," I said, looking at her perfect butt rising out of her muscular thighs. I just sat there, staring at this work of art. "I feel like I've got two chocolate cones, dripping with caramel syrup!"

Ashley giggled and wagged her hips slowly back and forth, back and forth. I watched her hole swinging...

My fingers went under her, the tips dipping into her. I leaned forward and blew a stream of air from the base of her slit over her asshole. She rocked a little forward, then back into my hand, which did the trick. I held my fingers at the base of her slit and let them became slippery. I moved closer behind her and pressed my dick into her butt crack.

"It's for me, this time," I said. "Wait for me."

I pulled back, lowered my rod between her legs, and let it press against her. We rolled and rocked as she coated me with her juices. I was pressing hard against her clit and could already feel her growing need.

"Wait for me!" I said, again, more f***efully.

Ashley stopped rocking. I could tell she was upset. I waited for her to tell me.

"I've never... I don't know how," she whispered.

I took a deep breath, exaggerating my disappointment. She didn't move or say anything. I knew what I wanted, and knew now was the time to get it.

"Ok. It's ok. I'll take care of it."

I grabbed my dick and rolled it around to get it extra slippery.

"Hold still," I said, "and try to relax."

I rocked my hips back until I could see my whole length. I looked longingly at Ashley's almost certainly virgin asshole. I positioned the head of my phallus to her little pucker, and pressed.


I pressed harder.

"Relax. Let your muscles relax."

"No... I don't want..." she said, but stopped when I pushed and my head slipped in an inch.

"Oww... that hurts..."

I moved forward, grabbed the front of her hips, and pushed harder. My dick, slippery and hard, sank in another couple inches.

"I don't like it! Stop!"

I stopped pushing, leaving her heavy with my cock inside her, and reached a hand around to her slit. I loved the feel of her wide-open, empty pussy. I stroked the full length of her slit and began my favorite butt fuck exercise: spelling the alphabet with my finger, one slow letter at a time, over her clit... "A... B... C... D..." By the time I got to "I", Ashley was turned on by my finger spelling. "J... K... L... Mmmmm..." I wrote the "M's" over and over as her back arched. I continued my alphabet, slowly pushing my dick into her ass until I was in to the hilt. Ashley squirmed a bit, enhancing my pleasure, but it was clear she was uncomfortable. My fingers continued their magic as I slowly pulled out an inch.

"That..." was all she could say as I crossed one, two, three fingers over her clit hood.

She shuddered, then rocked forward. I let her movements control how much I went in and out of her ass. As she understood that I was letting her be in control, she started to experiment. I felt her ass relax as she let me slide in and out, easier now that she wasn't fighting it. I kept on the spelling lesson. When I reached "X", I repeated it several times: "X.... X... X... X..." Her breath became ragged, she was letting herself buck enough for my dick to move in and out a several inches. But I could tell she was building too fast.

"Shit!" I said, "wait for me!"

But my command was useless. Ashley had begun her final descent. She was rocking her clit hard against my fingers, pumping my dick. If I was going to catch up with her, I would need some help.

I let myself think of another time, another place. I was a soldier, infantry, on a clean-up mission in a dump of a village. It was door-to-door after a shelling barrage had turned homes into piles of rubble. There was cross-fire, lots of cross-fire, and I got separated from my unit. I broke into the nearest standing house, ready to kill whatever I found inside. There was no one, except a woman. She was crying in freight...

While I held my gun to her head, my fingers climbed her legs, looking for any hidden weapon. I was surprised when I felt my fingers sink into the wet, soft skin of her bare crotch...

The fear in her eyes as I take off my pack and press down on top of her. Her crying turning to imploring. My hands quickly undoing my belt, pushing my gear and uniform down. Fear grips me, knowing what I am about to do...

I hesitate, she attacks me with fingernails across my face, clawing. I let my anger consume me.

I pin her, pulling aside her layers of wrapped material, oblivious to the deep scratches she carves into my face. I push in, hard. She is wet and slippery. I slide my full length in easily. She gasps and bucks. I pump her, hating her, hating this war, hating the killing, the pain.

I am hitting into her hard when she screams and comes alive with her own hatred. I see it in her eyes. Now she is r****g me. She wraps her legs around me, her arms head-lock me, and she meets my thrusts with her own. I feel my load building, swelling, then pass the point of no return...

I open my eyes to watch Ashley crash back into me as I hear the bellow of my own mating grunts. I feel Ashley's orgasm through the added pressure of her contracting sphincter. My orgasm washes through me. I slow my thrusts to prolong the feeling. My eyes roll into my head, and with a long-anticipated feeling of release, I pass my seed to her.

And just like that time in the hut in the village in the jungle, my climax overruns my consciousness, and I pass out from the f***e of it.

I awoke to the gentle concern of Ashley as she stroked my forehead. I hear her ask a couple times, "Are you ok?"

"Yeah, I'm ok," I finally said.

She lay her head onto my shoulder, her fingers idly swirling the hair on my chest, until her breathing slowed and her body became limp.

I fell asl**p with her in my arms as I remembered that woman so long ago, and imagined teaching Ashley all she had taught me.

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2 years ago
It would have been nice to credit the author, LaTourEiffel. More of my stories can be found at

Glad you enjoyed the story enough to post it on this web site.

2 years ago
Nice, man. Well described. Felt like I was there, watching.
2 years ago
Nice uncle