It was parents weekend at my daughter's college, and since Rose was just a freshman, my wife and I decided to go up to visit and make sure our little girl was doing well. My wife Lisa wasn't feeling well, but she didn't want me to make the four hour drive alone, so we packed an overnight bag, and hit the road. The school had several events planned for the parents, but my plan was basically to spend time with Rosie and do any shopping she may have to do. The drive went pretty smoothly and we were on her campus looking for the correct dorm by lunch time. When we found it, I told my wife to wait in the car and I'd go get Rose and we'd go get food. Lisa agreed, and I entered the dorm and found her room. I knocked a few times but no one answered and I remembered that noon is still early for the college folk, so I opened her door slowly.

The sun shone in brightly through the window and I saw Rose's body sprawled out on her bed with the covers on the floor. As I checked out the room, I saw her roommate was also asl**p, but for some reason, my eyes darted back to my young daughter's sexy body. She lay there in an oversized shirt that was still almost tight in the chest area because of her huge proportions (which she gets from her mom.). She had on a pair of those tiny guy shorts that barely covered her ass, and for the first time, I was getting turned on by her body. I guess I was always so busy with work at home to notice how hot Rose had become, and I started to feel a mild throbbing in my pants. Her jet black hair was a mess, and her clothes that seemed to be from last night were on the floor, which was very unlike my daughter. Then I noticed in the garbage can there was an empty condom wrapper, and it hit me that my little Rosie must have had a fun night. I wasn't mad because we knew she was sexually active with her old boyfriend at home, but for some reason, I had feelings of jealousy toward whoever the lucky punk was that got to stick his cock in my blossoming young baby.

As I moved in to the room to wake her, she turned slightly and I caught a glimpse of a black forest of pubic hair through her white shorts. Hairy pussies make my dick hard instantly and this was no different. I felt my penis lengthening in my pants and I decided to wait a minute before waking Rose, so she wouldn't see. As I thought about baseball or trees or whatever else I could to make my penis shrink, I saw Rose begin to stir awake, and she looked up at me and smiled that sexy smile that I already missed. For a second I thought she was staring at my crotch but then she leaned up in her bed to hug her old man. Her g****fruit sized tits pressed into my chest as we hugged and I had to pull back slightly after a few seconds of hugging. I told her to get dressed and meet us in the car and we'd get lunch.

While we waited, my wife enjoyed staring at the other students and commenting on how skimpy the girls seem to dress now. I didn't mind because my wife was telling me to look at them, strutting around in tight pants and bra-like tops. As one particular blonde caught my attention, my wife suddenly said:

"Wow, what is this one wearing?"

My wife pointed to a girl about 20 feet away wearing tight short shorts and a sports bra as a top. Her black hair was up in a ponytail, and her fat tits were no match for that bra. As she got closer, my wife shrieked as she realized it was Rose. Rose never dressed like this at home, but I guess she was now free to do as she pleased. I told Lisa not to start in now, and just be nice. She agreed and got out to hug Rose, giving me the chance to give her a good once-over, checking out her sexy ass, and of course giving in to the magnetic power of her tits.

The day went well, but my wife felt sicker and sicker, so later in the evening I dropped her at the hotel and told Rose I would do anything else for her she may need and then I'd head back to the hotel. Rose told me that she was planning on going to the bar with her roommate, and she wanted me to tag along. (probably because she knew I would pay). I've always been a cool dad, letting my u******e daughter have a few drinks in our house as long as she's safe, or letting her boyfriend stay over. I called Lisa and she told me to go, and have fun, so we swung back to the dorms and Rosie just wanted to shower and change while I watched some television with her roommate Erica.

Erica seemed nice; she was from the mid-west and was somewhat plain looking. Her best feature was her legs, which seemed to go on forever in the shorts she wore. Half an hour later Rose came bouncing out of her room, ready to go, and I almost came in my pants. She had on a pair of tight black clubbing pants that outlined her gorgeous ass perfectly, and on top she wore a see through black mesh top with only a bra underneath. Her makeup was all done up, and she looked incredible. Her tits jiggled when she walked, and she grabbed my hand and said lets go.

The bar was packed with hot young college girls and I was losing my mind, not knowing where to turn first. This was a different generation of girls that I was used to. I saw girls licking shots off other girl's stomachs. There was another girl getting grinded into by a guy, and she kept reaching back for his dick and rubbing it through his pants. I wondered what Rose did when daddy wasn't here. The alcohol flowed through the night, and the girls and I were having fun playing a few drinking games and loosening up a bit. I can obviously hold my liquor better than they can, so I clearly saw that Rose and Erica were very touchy feely with each other. A lot of rubbing each other's legs, and even the occasional kiss on the cheek. I found it to be mostly harmless fun, but I was getting very turned on watching them. Erica kept reaching over for the pitcher of beer and "accidentally" touching Rose's chest. Rose would smile and look over at me to see if I noticed. If only she saw under the table, she would be damn sure I noticed. As this went on, with more and more groping, I got harder and harder, and eventually I felt a hand on my own leg. I wasn't sure who it was because we all sat so close, but both girls were giggling and looking at me. I tried to pull back and slide over a bit, or at least I tried to try. I don't care who the girls are, or who you are, if you have 2 hot d***k college sluts reaching for your cock, it's hard to resist.

My dick was a rock, and I got the break I needed when a good song came on and the girls jumped up to dance together. I got to readjust my pants, but it didn't help much because the scene on the floor got me even harder. Erica and Rose were grinding into each other, and gyrating to the tunes. My daughter's ass was swaying, almost asking to be fucked, and it looked like Erica had her hand on Rose's tits. Every other guy in the bar had his eye on this scene, and I finally decided to be the adult and go home. I heard a flurry of boos from the crowd as I grabbed Rose and Erica's hand and headed for the door, but I didn't care, and the girls were either too d***k to notice, or they didn't care either. On the ride back to the dorms, the girls sat in the back together, and when I stopped hearing giggling for a minute or two, I looked up in the rearview to see why. The girls were locked in a hot kiss, tongue and all, and Erica's hands roamed around my daughter's huge chest. Within seconds, the girls worked together to yank off Rosie's top and unhook her bra and her fat tits flopped out. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I tried to yell for them to stop, but my daughter's nipples were too sexy. They were the big silver dollar kind, with big nipples that covered most of her breast. I was also kind of aroused by the fact that they didn't seem to care that I was present. At the next red light, the car next to me, full of horny young boys, gave me big thumbs up when they saw what was going on in the back of my car. By now both girls were all over each other, Rose feeding a fat tit into Erica's mouth.

We arrived at the dorms, and I told Rose I'd walk them to the dorm and head to the hotel to meet mom. It was late by now, so I wanted them to get inside safely. I covered Rosie with my jacket and hurried them inside, and when we got in, she turned to face me and smiled. She told me she was going to take the jacket off, get comfortable, and I should stay. I told her I was leaving and not to take the coat off until I was gone, that it was inappropriate. I turned to the door, but Rose ducked under my arm and turned to face me, blocking the door. She slid off the coat, and her gorgeous set of creamy tits, complete with big fat nipples, stared me in the face. She told me she knows I've been staring at her since the morning, because she saw my hard dick while I watched her sl**p. Before I could muster a response, Rose grabbed my head and pulled it down into her cleavage, forcing me to feel the warmth and the size of her chest. My cock pressed through my shorts, and Rose massaged it, fumbling for the zipper.

"We can't do this, you're my daughter!"

"But dad, don't you want to see what I've learned with your tuition money so far?"

With that, she grabbed my cock out of my pants and knelt down in front of me. She complimented my size, which was about 7.5 inches, and thick, and then slowly began to lick my head with her hot tongue. I stared down at her massive tits while seeing her engulf my dick and it was almost enough to cum right then, but I somehow held off. She started to get into a rhythm of sucking me and I knew she had been sucking some serious dick since I dropped her off here two months earlier.

"Rosie, I muttered. You're sooo good, you're gonna make daddy cum in your mouth in a minute."

I didn't get a response. Instead she sucked harder, now playing with my balls and rubbing a finger in my ass area. This girl was like a pro, in some sick perverted way I was proud. I didn't want to cum yet so I pulled away and led Rose to her bed. She lay down on her back and I helped her slide off her tight pants. I noticed the crotch of the pants reeked of sweet pussy juice and then I looked at my daughter and realized she wore no underwear. That thick black bush was out in the open for me to devour and I wasted no time. I ran my tongue over her inner thighs, which were slick with her girly cream already. The excitement and smell of her pussy was making my dick so stiff as it dangled between us. Rosie's eyes were closed as I ran my tongue up and down her young wet cunt. I buried my face in her cunt hairs, breathing in her aroma, and then I dived my tongue into her hole, twirling it all around inside her. Her moans and tightening grip on the sheets told me she liked it and was going to explode soon. I kept licking and sucking her pussy while she writhed on the bed, until she finally wrapped her legs around my body and grinded my tongue one or two more times before squirting her cream all over my face. She was the sweetest thing I ever tasted, and I lapped it all up.

I looked at Rosie's face, and saw sheer thrill and enjoyment over her cum. I shifted on the bed and aimed my missile for that tight young snatch, not caring who it belonged to. All that mattered to this slightly d***k, horny old man was the slimy wet cunt in front of him. Rosie whispered to wait, and that she was fishing for a condom in her drawer, but after about 30 seconds with no luck, I put my dick at her entrance and began to rub it in her juices.

"No daddy, we need a condom, don't fuck me yet," she moaned to me as her legs stay spread and her pussy oozed.

It was too late for me to care, and I pressed my head into her, and then slowly eased my way up into this tight twat. Rosie screamed out something else about the condom, but in the next moment, my pumping of thick meat into her tight body seemed to clear her mind. I held her hands as I pistoned in and out of her, our suction sounds filling the room. Rosie moaned loudly to fuck her harder and deeper, and I obliged, shifting my angle so I could slide as deep as I could into my daughter. I wanted my cock to come out her mouth, to fuck her deeper than ever before. I started to slow my pace, and we changed our position. I laid on my back and Rosie sat on my cock, not wasting any time in sliding all the way down to my pubes. Her tits swayed in my face and I cupped that sweet ass while we fucked away.

There was no way there was any better feeling than this in the world. Wait, apparently there was. I had forgotten all about Erica until I felt a warm tongue licking my balls and cock as I pumped Rose. Erica had been watching the whole time from her bed, fingering her own pussy and waiting for her turn. When she saw I had no plans to stop fucking Rose, she joined right in. Every few thrusts, Erica would pull my dick out from Rose and suck her juices off of it, then feed my meat back into Rose. The sensations I was feeling were phenomenal. I even decided to make the most of the biggest set of tits flopping in my face and I started to lick away at them. This scene lasted a while longer until Rosie climbed off me and asked if Erica wanted to ride a real man's cock. Erica smiled and peeled off her shirt to reveal perky, but small tits with small nipples. She tugged off her panties and she too had a thick forest of cunt hair. I asked them, don't girls your age shave their pussies? Erica told me she liked the way Rose's looked so she stopped shaving hers too.

Erica shifted around so her butt was facing me and slowly crouched down on my cock. When she was full of dick, she started to rock up and down, loving the feeling of me inside her. Meanwhile, my daughter had gotten comfy on the bed, resting on the pillows and spreading her legs wide for Erica. Erica crawled over and dove right in, lapping away at Rose's crotch like a whore. I figured it was my turn to sit out for a bit but Erica wiggled that hot ass in my direction, inviting my dick to come join the party. I crawled up behind her and caressed her young behind while I let my cock search for her pussy entrance. I found it and rammed my cock hard into her, gripping her butt while I plowed into her. She moaned into my daughter's snatch, both of them on the verge of orgasm. A few thrusts later Erica grinded her ass back into my crotch and squirmed in orgasm as I felt her hot juices running down my legs. At the same time, Rose's sore pussy had had enough attention and she gave her twat a quick fingering and then exploded all over Erica's face. The sight of these young sluts put me over the edge and the both turned to me as I rubbed my dick over their faces and shot the biggest load of my life. The cum kept pouring out of my cock, and the girls licked up as much as they could. As my dick began to shrink, the girls kept their tongues on my cock and my balls, eating up all my cum. I looked at the two coeds glistening with cum, and then must have passed out because next thing I knew, it was morning and I lay in a tangled naked pile with my daughter and her roommate. Sunlight permeated the room, and I heard a taxi door slam outside. Seconds later, my wife Lisa was banging on the door, calling out Rose's and my names. Oh shit, I forgot to call her and tell her I was crashing here!

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Wifey's gonna be PISSED!! Unless she wants to join in!
2 years ago
Great, loved the lesbian surprise. A+