Chapter 1.

People often end up agreeing to a plan for different motives. The key being they agree to the plan.

My name is David. I'm a second year student at the local Community College. I was envious of my High School friends who went away to school, but not too much. My parents pay for my college and in this economy none of us wanted to take big loans out. So, living at home was an agreed to plan.

My s****r Emily lives at home too. She graduated from High School this Spring, and also plans to attend the same Community College. She too agreed with our parents to live at home to avoid college loans, for now. Emily is the smart one of us two. I figure any type of degree is better than a High School diploma. Emily figures to get an advanced degree in something practical; she's a hard worker that way.

It was a hot summer. Evenings we'd taken to hanging out together, either on the back porch (our house had a porch swing and chairs, perfect for a tall glass of ice lemonade) or in my bedroom. Being the older of the two k**s I had the bigger room. Being as it was generally hot, both of us wore as skimpy as possible. I generally just wore my workout shorts. Emily had a pair of skimpy athletic shorts and a variety of summer tops: tanks, bikini bras, and her favorites: ruffled stretch mid-riff bands with spaghetti straps.

Sometime in August with less than a month before school started, Emily was tossing fretfully on my bed. I was trying to read a course book to get a head start for next semester. Studying wasn't my best subject, if you know what I mean. I'd learnt that in order to get through a semester intact I had to get the lay of the land first.

I sighed, putting the textbook down. "What's up Em? You're all wound up, did you have another argument with your best friend?" That was a running joke between us. Emily had friends and classmates but not a best friend. She'd been so busy studying she'd missed the social aspects of high school.

"God, Dave!"

"You mean, 'Dave, God!'" I corrected her gently. Being older than her definitely conferred a godlike status at times.

"Jerk!" Emily sighed and rolled onto her side to look at me. "Mom just dropped the P-bomb on me."

"The P-bomb?"

"Yeah. I've signed up for track this fall. Mom went ahead and made an appointment for me for a physical exam." Emily rubbed her eyes. "First ever female physical," she added a tad bitterly.

"What, is it tomorrow or something?"

"No, even worse. It's the Friday before Labor Day. That's almost three weeks away. It's just ruined the rest of my summer. I'm going to be tied up in knots worrying about it."

"Sounds serious. What's with a female physical that's got you so creeped?" I added, suspecting her answer.

"It's a PHYSICAL, Dave! Some old Doctor is going to put his hands all over me, and poke around ... " she looked down to her shorts "... down there. Arrgh! I can't imagine taking off my clothes for a complete stranger." She flipped back onto her stomach, buried her head into my pillow. She looked genuinely forlorn.

"So you'd take off your clothes for a Doctor you knew, then?" I retorted.

Emily didn't answer. She didn't have to. I knew Emily took things seriously. In this case, her competitive nature would naturally drive her to get the best result from her exam. If she could study for the exam, she would. That insight gave me an idea for a plan.

"So Em, you could practice for the exam. That way when the time comes you'll be ready and you'll do just fine."

She raised her head from my pillow. "What do you mean, practice?"

I had my answer ready. "What is it about the physical that worries you?"

"Everything. I have to get undressed in front of a stranger. He's going to put his hands everywhere. I'm going to get horribly embarrassed. I'll get all tense. When he tries to put ... things ... into me ... down there ... I'll probably scream. Or faint. Or both. It'll be a disaster."

"Here's my idea, Em. Let's treat it like a school project. Every day you can practice with me until you get more comfortable with the whole thing." I moved over to the bed, and stroked her shoulders b*****rly.

Emily remained face down in the pillow. If I left her alone she'd just lie there and not make a decision. So I took the lead. "Lie still, Em. I'm going to pull your shorts down and look at your butt, just to show you that it's no big deal."

She did lay still. Actually, after I hooked my fingers into the waistband of her shorts she lifted her hips slightly so I could pull her shorts down to her knees. Her pale white ass was exposed to me for the first time.

"So, Em, I'm going to put my hands on your ass cheeks, and pull them apart so I can get a good look at your butt. Mmm hmm. Em, did you take a crap today? There's a bunch of cling-ons around your ass hole." I moved her cheeks a little and saw the base of her hairy cunt. "Lots of hair," I informed her, "hard to see anything."

She lifted her hips again as I pulled her shorts back up.

"See -- simple!" I told her, and moved back across the room to my desk chair.

After a few minutes, Emily raised her head from the pillow. "Didn't that gross you out?" she asked.

"Not at all. You have a cute butt, and tell the truth, I didn't see much of your cunt to say whether it was good or bad."

"What exactly do you propose then?" Emily asked me. I could tell already we were entering into our sibling deal mode.

"For the purpose of your getting comfortable with getting a physical, here's what I think we should do. Once a day, you need to undress in front of me. That will help you deal with your modesty. Then, since you're averse to having the Doctor touch you, I suggest you allow me to put my hands on your butt, or on your cunt, so you get used to being touched."

Emily didn't take long to reach her decision. "OK. But a few rules. One, no one ever EVER hears a word about what we're doing. Two, I'm in charge during these 'study halls.' If I change my mind it stops, no argument. And three," Emily took a deep breath, "NO sex. Just because you're going to touch mine doesn't give you any right to expect anything in return."

"Agreed. But I have a request I'd appreciate your consent. I'm going to be taking a bio class next term. My textbook says the ovarian cycle includes temperature variation. I'd like to measure you once or twice a day and graph the result. It'd be a good learning experience for both of us, actually."

"How will you measure my temperature," Emily asked, suspecting my answer.


"Oh. Yup, no big deal. You're going to be looking at me down there anyway." She gave me a long gaze, with a far away look in her eyes I'd not seen before. "When do we start?"

"Tomorrow morning. After your shower. Make sure you're clean."

"Make sure YOUR hands are clean," Emily admonished as she got up from my bed and walked out of my room.

Chapter 2.

I woke up to the noise of the shower, which was just the other side of my bedroom wall. It was 8:30am. Dad left the house around 7:15, and Mom left between 8:15 and 8:25. Emily was eager to start.

I arranged my pillow in the middle of the bed, and got a clean hand towel from the linen cupboard to cover it. I planned to have Emily lay face down on the bed because she'd see less, and would be more relaxed.

The shower stopped. A few minutes later Emily walked into my room, all rosy cheeked from the hot water. Her hair was hidden underneath a towel, and she wore her white cotton bathrobe. "Ready?" she asked.

It didn't seem necessary to answer her. She loosened the belt of her robe, and shrugged her shoulders out of it. Underneath she was wearing a bra and panties.

"You can put the robe over the back of my desk chair, Em."

She turned to put it down, then turned back to face me.

"You realize I'm doing my best to be brave," she told me.

"And I'm doing my best to be calm," I told her. We both had a short, tense laugh.

Emily looked me in the eye. "Here goes nothing." She put her hands up behind her back, and unhooked her bra. She didn't miss my eyes getting big as she pulled the bra away. It was the fist time I'd seen her boobs since I was in the fourth grade.


"Hah! Doctors are not supposed to say that. But thanks!" She tugged her panties down to her knees, and stepped out of them. A luxuriant bush flourished between her thighs. She had a beautiful shape: her breasts a good handful each, a narrow waist, and healthy flare of her hips. A classic slender hour-glass.

"Hands above your head, and turn around slowly. I want to check your alignment," I ad libbed. Emily did as she was told.

"Go lay on the bed, on your stomach. The pillow goes at your hips to lift your butt off the mattress. I'm going to go wash my hands and soap the thermometer."

When I returned to the room, Emily lay quietly on the bed. Her arms were relaxed at her side, and her head was sideways so she saw me come into the room. "I'm so nervous!"

"Me, too. I've never done this before. I'll go slow, tell me if you're uncomfortable."

I got up onto the bed. In order to see her cunt I opened her legs up, and knelt between them. First things first, I put my hands on her ass again and pulled her cheeks apart. "Your butt hole is clean this time. Make sure it's always clean before your checkups, OK?"


I grabbed the top of the back of her legs, my thumbs moving down between her thighs so I could pull her muscles apart. "OK, I see your cunt now. It's pretty hairy."

"Duh, what do you expect, Dave?! I was eighteen last November. My hair came in when I was twelve."

"Do you want me to touch you there between your legs? If you'd rather not we can do it later."

"No, do it now. I don't mind. At least, I think I don't mind. Just touch me all over lightly to start."

Mainly I touched her hair. I slipped one hand up under her belly which was warm, almost hot. I used my palms to rub her thighs and cunt bush lightly.


"OK. If you're going to take my temperature, first try to open my vagina with your fingers."

"Sorry, Em. It's nothing but hair, and it's slippery."

Emily got up on her hands and kness, then lay her chest back down on the bed. Her ass swayed alluringly in front of me. "Better?"

"Better. I can see your cunt lips. Just pull them open, huh?" I fiddled with her skin, which was tight and elastic. It wasn't too hard to get the hang of, as it turned out. "Open. It's pink. I'm going to put the thermometer in."


"Right. Slowly." The thermometer was half buried. The digital chirp beeped less than a minute later.

"All done."

Emily got up off the bed, and put her robe on. Underwear in hand, she turned toward the door. But then she turned back to me. "You know, if you don't mind, I'd like you to try something else. I'm kind of buzzing right now, seems a shame to end the exam so soon." She took the robe back off, and laid back down on the bed, on her back.

Emily adjusted her hips on the center pillow, and opened her legs for me to kneel between her again.

"I'm kind of scared of this, but you've convinced me it doesn't hurt to try. The Doctor is going to put a finger up into me. I want you to try to do that so I can see what it will feel like."

"You want me to put my finger up into your vagina?"


"Will it hurt you?"

"I don't think so. If my vagina is dry, yes. But like I said, I feel kind of buzzy, maybe there'll be some wet down there to help."

It was a natural task, after all. I spread her vagina lips with one hand and rubbed my finger in her crack.

"It's at the bottom of the slit," Emily advised me. "Just press gently, you'll feel the opening.

And yes, Emily had a wet vagina. It was natural to press my finger into her bit by bit, pulling it back out to lube it for the next press in. Emily gave no reason to stop. I found the ball of my hand resting against her cunt, and my index finger bathed in her vaginal glory.

"Just leave it there. I need time to get used to the feeling."

It was as if the world stopped. Eventually Emily had me pull my finger out. She got up, put on her robe, and went into the bathroom. The shower ran for a few minutes, next I heard her go into her own room to get dressed for the day. I came out of my trance to discover that my finger was still in my mouth. Emily's intoxicating musk filled my senses.

Chapter 3.

The next few days went pretty much according to our plan. Emily didn't object to my taking her temperature in the evenings as well. If we were outside on the deck, she'd lie on her side on the porch swing. I'd sit next to her. It was easy to lift up the hem of her gym shorts, pull aside her panties, and now I knew where it was, to slip the thermometer into her vagina. If she was hanging out in my bedroom she would change into her nightgown, a flimsy cotton shift that came down to mid-thigh. She liked to lie on her side facing the door "in case anyone came by" while I lifted the hem from the rear and slid the thermometer between her lips.

I noticed she didn't object if I left the thermometer in after it beeped. "If you're holding it all those tiny little motions feel kind of good," she explained.

For the first few mornings Emily was good about getting up for an early shower. Usually she was in my room disrobing while I was still rubbing the sl**p out of my eyes. For taking her temperature I had her lie over my lap. She didn't know how sexy it was to pull open her butt and slip the thermometer into her cunt crack.

Each day I tried to have her move around more for me, to get comfortable being naked in front of me. My favorite was to have her lie on the bed on her back, knees up and apart, while I took my own sweet time rubbing her legs and belly, and enjoying the view of her sex. I dragged it out as much as I could. Generally Emily would demand I pull her sex open to look at it medically, and then would demand I push a finger into her vagina medically.

She liked me to leave my finger inside her forever, I guess about as long as I let her lie naked before touching her cunt. I began to sense her inner motions, the shifting of her muscles, and every now and then it felt as if she was squeezing my finger as it lay inside her, almost like she was milking it.

Of course, things never go exactly according to plan. It's good to be adaptable when things change. Mom came home from work one day and handed Emily a pamphlet she'd picked up from the Doctor's office. She thought if Emily read it she'd realize the exam was no big deal, and calm down.

It had the opposite effect, in fact. Emily lay on my bed that night on her belly, reading through it. I could tell by the agitation of her legs and feet (kicking in the air, rubbing against each other) that she was not exactly comfortable with what she was seeing.

"Come on, Em. We were cruising. What's in the pamphlet that's got you so riled up now?"

"Ah, David! We've been so naive. There's more to the exam that what we've been practicing."

"So let's add it to our routine, if you want to, that is."

Emily turned towards me with a smile, "You're such a sweet b*****r. If only it were that easy. Some things I don't know how we'd try out, and some things would probably gross us out."

"Try me."

"bl**d test, for one."

"Not fair. You've had them before, and it's not unique to a physical."

"True. Here's the hard one. Besides using his finger in my vagina to feel my internal organs, he uses something called a speculum to open me up for a better view and samples. We don't have a speculum whatever that is, and obviously we don't have any way to take samples of whatever he is going to take."

"We can Google speculum. Maybe we can find something at home, sounds like the thing that would be most helpful is to find something for your vagina that's bigger than my finger."

"Hmm. Maybe. Are you ready for the gross one?"

"Fire away."

"After he puts a finger in my vagina to feel my organs, he puts a finger into my butt to feel my womb. If you did that your finger would come out smelling like shit. Plus, I'm not sure I'd even let you put a finger into my butt. Ah! This is going to be a disaster, I can see it already!"

"Calm down, Em. Let me think." Of course I needed time to come up with a plausible way to stick my finger into her butt. "Well, I guess we could try it right after you've taken a crap. You know, wash your butt in the shower, then maybe it'll be clean."

"Urgg. Disgusting."

"OK, let me think about it some more. Try to find out what a speculum is. Meanwhile, do we stop the study hall or keep going?"

Emily thought about it carefully. "Well, I think we should keep going. Number one, I am feeling a little more comfortable getting undressed. Number two, I'm still not completely comfortable when you put your finger inside me, but it doesn't scare me the way it did the first few times. So yeah practice is good."

Emily came over and lay on my knee. "Take my temperature again?"

Of course I was happy to do it. She stayed over my knee after the thermometer beeped, and asked me to put my finger inside, deep, to see if I could feel her womb. It was hard. When I pressed against it with my finger tip Emily kind of grunted.

Chapter 4.

Emily found a picture of a speculum to show me. It looked like an elongated duck bill. When it was opened up it really spread wide.

"Hard to imagine your tight little vagina taking one of those," I teased her.

Emily almost cried. "I know, I'm so scared. It's going to hurt terribly."

I put my arm around her shoulder. "Now now. Let's find something around the house that we can use to stretch you open a little wider. It may not be the same thing but it'll probably help.

It was Emily who found the green zucchini in the fridge, in the cooler drawer. She had big eyes when she showed it to me. "Do you think I could take that?"

"We can only try. Let's warm it up in the microwave."

"No! The speculum is metal. It's probably cold. I want to try it cold."

I rinsed the zucchini in the sink and followed Emily back to my bedroom. Her gym shorts were tossed in a corner. She was kneeling at the edge of my bed, ass facing me, her elbows resting on the mattress.

"Open me up first with your fingers, and put a finger in all the way like you usually do. I need to get used to having something in there."

The morning's turn of events had got Emily excited. I was familiar enough with her cunt to know when it was dry or moist. With her legs spread and ass up, the first few dew drops were leaking out of her vagina, and slid in a glossy trail down her slit. Too, my finger went in deep on the second easy push.

"Ah," Emily vented. "Now wiggle your finger around. Try to find my womb. Yeah. Don't be afraid, just move it around."

The zucchini was amazingly close in size to my hard cock. For the first time I realized I was fantasizing about putting my cock into my s****r. For obvious reasons I kept that thought to myself. Instead I busied myself rubbing the zucchini tip up and down her slit to get it moist.

"Yeah, that's right," Emily encouraged.

I held her lips open, lined up the zucchini, and began to work it into her tight little hole. To my amazement, it began to slide into her. "Are you ok, s*s?"

"Yeah, is it going in yet?"

"Uh huh, at least an inch already."

"Cool. I mean, it's cool. The cold feels kind of good. You can keep pushing it into me. I'll let you know if it hurts."

By now I'd got into the timeless rhythm of push-pull, each time gaining another fraction of an inch of depth. Emily was cooing on the mattress. "Ah! Yes, ah! David, this doesn't hurt as much as I thought it would. It feels great, actually."

A few more jabs, and my finger tips holding the zucchini stalk were half covered by Emily's vaginal lips.

"Oh, my! David! Can you press it in any further? It doesn't hurt at all."

"Not really. The stalk is kind of rough, I think it would hurt you if I buried it. But I can pull it in and out a few times to help you loosen up and get used to the fit. OK?"

"Dear sweet God! Thank you, David, I love you!"

Then Emily was clutching the zucchini hard with her muscles, and grunting. I saw her arch her back and clutch the bedding with both fists.

"Eerrk! Arrgh!" Emily almost yelled out.

"Are you OK??"

Panting, Emily answered, "Oh, yes, I'm fine. Take it out, please. I've got to lie down for minute." She lay bare-assed on my bed, on her back. Her knees up in the air waved about randomly, and she covered her face with her hands.

"I think I should put a finger inside you to make sure nothing is hurt," I ventured.

"No, no, not yet. Give me a few minutes. Take my temperature instead. I'll hardly feel it."

And so Emily discovered the orgasm, and I had the amazing good fortune to help her along the way.

Chapter 5.

In the shower one morning I suddenly realized how I could get Emily to practice the butt exam. I dried off, and went to her bedroom. She was awake but being lazy in bed.

"I've discovered something you've got to see today."

Emily didn't move other than to rearrange her arms and legs into an inviting sprawl. I recognized it as her "take my temperature" arrangement. She curled around me as I sat on her bed, and wrapped an arm around my waist. "What's so exciting that would make you forget my morning study hall?" she purred.

She didn't say anything else until after I finished examining her vagina. "Will you show me after I take a shower?"

"Call out to me when you're done washing, but don't get out of the shower."

Soon enough I heard her calling out "David, I'm done washing up."

I was standing in the hall naked, too excited to notice my hard on. "Don't freak, I'm getting into the shower with you to show you something."

Emily took one look at my hard cock and laughed. "That's the dumbest line I've ever heard." Anyway, she put her hand out and wrapped her fingers firmly around it. "It's big, isn't it?"

"Hey, Em, remember?? NO sex, you said. Come on, check this out."

With that I pulled the shower head from its holder on the wall, and set the head to a focused pulsate. The shower head was on one of those flexi tubes good for rinsing off after a bath. I turned the water pressure down by half, but let it run on the hot edge of warm.

"First, lift a leg, put it up on the bath edge. Pull your lips open."

Emily let me play the pulsing stream over her outer lips and then let me aim it into her vagina. A warm jet of water shot into her. It was the first time I'd ever heard her gasp and giggle at the same time. In three or four rinses I told her she was clean enough for a any doctor to examine her.

"But, I'm not through yet. I should say, butt." I turned her around and had her bend over.

"This will feel kind of funny, but it's not too bad." I aimed the jet of water at her little rosebud asshole and let it ride there. "Relax. It feels good to let the water in."

Eventually I had given her three decent shots of water. Each time she hopped out of the shower to empty her bowel in the toilet. The last time I rinsed her down. "Now dry off, and to my bedroom for your butt exam."

Emily was nothing if not curious. She was lying naked on my bed, having already arranged the pillow to raise her hips. I smeared a dab of Vaseline on her rosebud and began to rub it in slowly. The whole time I kept talking to her, assuring her she had a pretty little asshole, nice and clean, and there was nothing to worry about. Emily began to talk back to me trying to describe the sensation.

To both our surprise, my finger suddenly slid by her tight muscles. I let her rest then began to push it in further. Here Emily amazed me. She told me to put my other hand on her belly and press inward, so that my inside finger could search for her womb. "That's what the doctor's going to do," she added.

I took my time. Actually I enjoyed having my finger up her butt, and I got a whole new perspective of her sweet cunt opening and closing as I moved my finger around. All good things come to an end. I had been pressing against her womb firmly several times, which made her kind of grunt and pant. She said she was getting cramps, so we'd better stop.

So Emily rolled over onto her back and saw me kneeling next to her stark naked with a gigantic purple hard cock. "Oh David, you're so, so good to me. Come over here next to me, let me do something for you."

She laid me on my back, and knelt by me. Without a word she knelt, boobs a hanging, and bent over to kiss my cock. The next thing I knew she had it in her mouth, her hands stroking it firmly as she sucked on it.

"Jesus, Emily! I'm going to come!"

"You mean, Emily, Jesus, don't you," she replied jokingly. "Anyway, don't worry, I've always wanted to see what it tastes like." I grabbed her boob and felt like I had died and gone to heaven. She was milking me like she'd done it all her life. I guess it's one of those talents that are natural if you let them just happen. But I didn't get too far with that idea as I felt my balls tighten and shot off into her mouth. Emily pulled her hair away from her face and kept sucking until my cock was shiny clean.

"When I said NO sex, I meant, no FUCKING sex," Emily clarified.

Chapter 6.

It was the morning of the Physical Exam. Despite all our practice, Emily realized she was too nervous for one last study hall. When I tried to take her temperature she begged me to not poke her with the damn stick, "It'll make me puke."

Truth be told, the past week had seen wildly active study halls. Added to the twice daily temp check and fingering, Emily had requested I give her boobs a thorough grope. She said vaguely the Doctor would be checking her breasts for lumps so she'd better get used to it. I liked how her nipples got stiff by the time I was done massaging her boobs. Usually her vagina was moist afterwards as well, so I made it a rule to check her breasts first before fingering her in the morning.

She had also let me wash her butt out once more. Emily said it was kind of disgusting to shit out the warm stinky water on the toilet. On the other hand, it did make her feel cleaner and she had to admit she would never have thought that having a finger up her butt would feel so good.

Emily was also more concerned about my well being. By her own choice she'd administered her holy mouth treatment two more times. I never asked. I was grateful to her for that because it always seemed wrong for me to ask my own s****r to do that for me. Still does.

Emily left with Mom at 9:30. She seemed pale. "Wish me luck!" she mouthed as she went out the front door.

Mom dropped her off at home before lunch, on her way back to work.

"Well?" I asked her, once she'd got out of her Doctor visit clothes and back into her casual shorts and halter top.

"Pretty much a bust, except for one or two things."

"Tell me, then."

"First, lying naked on the exam table still felt weird. I don't think any amount of practice with you would make it any better to be naked in front of a stranger. But, at least I didn't freak out about it."

"Well, I'm glad it did some good then," I replied a little dejected, sensing our study halls coming to an end.

"The finger exam was pretty cold. In and out a couple times. He didn't have anywhere near the touch you do, David."

I was starting to feel a little better.

"The speculum was cold too. It felt odd when he opened it up. It made me feel very full. Maybe we can find some bigger things to practice with at home, I think if you're working it for me it would feel much better."

"Then there was the sample. He rubbed something against my cervix which was just annoying, and I don't see any value in practicing that. He did do the butt check as well. Same as the cunt check, David, it was in and out and over before I knew it. Not nearly as careful as how you do it."

"So what did you learn that was new, then?"

"He did a two finger exam that felt kind of interesting. I can't wait to have you try it on me, one finger in my vagina and one finger in my butt, both rubbing around at the same time."


"When he was examining my cunt, he spent a minute or two rubbing my nubbin. My clitoris, he called it. THAT felt really good. We've been missing something. Once you get the hang of that I'm pretty sure you're going to have to gag me or the neighbors will call the cops when I come."

"Oh, and there's this. I want to practice on you." Emily handed me a pamphlet entitled "Your Prostate Exam."

I looked at the picture and turned to tell Emily, "NO way!" Too late. I watched her sexy legs climb the stairs. My bedroom door opened and clicked shut. She was waiting for me.

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