I'm sure you have seen those commercials from Parker b*****rs about keeping the f****y together with a game night. Well that's what we did when the k**s were young. Let me tell you about our little f****y. Kathy and I started early and got it over fast. We had four k**s in six years then we both got fixed. Kathy and I were open to swinging but had never done anything while we were still having k**s. With us both getting fixed the field was now wide open.

We played with another couple a few times and enjoyed it a lot but keeping it hidden from the k**s was too much like living a lie. We decided to put it on hold for a while. If some thing or someone dropped in our laps we wouldn't turn it down but we won't actively pursue it until the k**s were grown and on their own. We had our f****y game night on Saturday night, which was the only real night we would have been able to go out.

Now about our f****y, we have had f****y game night as long as the k**s were able to play games. They really look forward to it and as they got older so did the games. Things took a wild turn when our youngest girl turned 18. Like I said we had four k**s in six years so they are all close in age. They have also been very close as siblings. Our oldest is Tom who just turned 24 and is out of school and working now. Next is Nancy, she is 22 and just getting ready to graduate from college. John came next and is 20 and still in school. The baby is Jill and she just finished high school and will be going to college this fall. She just turned 18.

We are not nudist but are not overly modest either. We never just walked around naked but we never wore clothes going to or from the shower or while getting ready to go out. We all went skinny dipping in the pool a few times together. As the k**s grew up they did the same. When most k**s are curious about what boys and girls look like ours weren't. The boys had their mother and s****rs to look at and the girls had their b*****rs and myself. They all knew that boys and girls were different and how they were different.

It wasn't until they reached their teens and started wondering about sex that they got curious. They were getting more touchy feely. We didn't want to tell them that sex was bad or dirty. We wanted to give them a positive look at sex. We just told them that it was something that wasn't done in public. As we found out, all they got from that was not to do it in front of us. When the playing and teasing got too sexual on game night my wife and I would both tell them, "That's enough of that. This is not the time or place for that." The four of them would get the same grin but they would calm it down.

There were a couple red flags before Jill's 18th birthday. One was the fact that all through high school and even now none of them would miss game night. The second was much less noticeable. I wasn't sure of it until it was confirmed that night. When Tom turned 18 he became more out going and seemed to just ooze sex. Then when Nancy turned 18 the two of them seemed to bond a little too much. When John joined them I chalked it up to just assuming their adulthood leaving Jill behind, but never far behind.

I guess Kathy and I both knew in the back of our minds that the k**s were fooling around with each other but to acknowledge it meant we would have to stop it. The k**s were all doing very well in school. They all got along with no sibling fighting. They didn't drink or use d**gs and always helped each other and around the house. They were the kind of k**s most parents dream about. If it was having such a positive effect on them why stop it.

So back to the game night that changed everything between all of us. Jill's birthday was on a Saturday and for the first time in many years we didn't have game night. We had a big party for Jill with all the f****y and friends. After the party the four k**s went out to celebrate Jill's becoming an adult. This was the next Saturday night. Things were going along normally except since this was the first night that we were "all" adults we broke out the wine. We had finished the third bottle and starting on the fourth one. That may sound like a lot but not with six people. We had played a couple games together and the k**s were getting very touchy and Kathy and I were about to let them know they were getting carried away. Everyone was having a good time and I guess the wine was having an effect on us all so Kathy and I didn't say anything.

What happen next is where I made my big mistake. I simply asked what they wanted to play next. Tom, our oldest, must have been picked as the spokesman. He said, "Since we are now all adults let's play a more adult game."

Not knowing where this was going I asked, "What did you have in mind, Tom?"

Tom looked around at his b*****r and s****rs said, "How about strip poker?"

I shook my head and said, "I don't know son. That can get out of hand very easy."

Tom was feeling bold now with his siblings behind him. He said "What's the big deal. It's not like we haven't all seen each other naked."

All four k**s started pleating, "Come on Dad its no big deal. It will be fun."

I looked at Kathy who was shaking her head with a big smile and said, "I can't believe I'm saying this but the k**s are right we have all seen each other naked so why not?"

I just shook my head knowing I was out numbered and said, "OK, let's play." All the k**s gave a big shout. I think the game was fixed because Kathy and I were the first ones naked. I have seen the girls naked all their life even earlier today getting ready. There was something about watching them slowly take off their clothes in front of everyone that got me very excited. I had never thought about the girls in a sexual way but right now I was hard as a rock and being naked there was no way to hide it.

We were all sitting on the playroom floor. I think after tonight that may have a whole new meaning. Tom sat across from me. His two s****rs sat on either side of him. The girls were down to just their skirts and the way they both were sitting they made sure I could see that they were wearing "only" their skirts. The boys still had their boxers on and seemed to be in the same condition I was. Kathy didn't help my condition when she reached over and patted my cock saying, "It seems you enjoyed this game."

I countered with, "Seems I'm not the only one." Then trying to divert the attention of all five pair of eyes from my solid cock I asked, "So do you have any other games you want to play?"

Tom got a very big smile on his face and replied, "As a mater of fact we do and it looks like you will really enjoy this one."

As if on cue Jill stood up and dropped her skirt. She turned and stood right in front of her oldest b*****r, Tom. I opened my mouth to say it was time to stop but no words came out. Then my already open mouth hit the floor when Tom took Jill's hips and pulled her pussy right into his open mouth.

Since Tom's mouth was busy I heard Nancy take over. I heard her voice but couldn't take my eyes off our oldest son licking our youngest daughters pussy. Nancy voice said, "We know that you know we have all been fooling around with each other for some time now. There has been a lot of petting and stroking and a lot of making out. That was all it was until each of us turned 18. The first time Tom fucked me was on my 18th birthday."

That was enough to pull my attention away from my son and daughter. I turned in the direction of the voice and found my oldest daughter's naked pussy staring me right in the face. I could not look away. It was as if her pussy was doing the talking and I just stared and listened.

She continued, "I was not a virgin when Tom and I first had sex but it was the most beautiful birthday gift I've ever gotten. We have been fucking every chance we get alone but with John and Jill it was still just petting and making out. When John turned 18 we brought him in with us. There is a place in the country we all go when we want to fuck. Jill knew what was going on but we never took her with us, that is until last week. "

"Remember how the four of us rushed out after the party last Saturday? Well it was Jill's first time to go with us. She went down on all three of us and let us all eat her for the first time. John was to be her first fuck but John and Jill both said no. They had something else in mind. Ever since John turned 18 he would only fuck me in the ass and I never knew why until then."

Another voice took over and it was John's. I looked and he was on his knees next to Kathy. His cock was right in her face. Without thinking Kathy licked her lips and his cock was so close when she licked her lips she licked the tip of his cock. John was looking down at his mother and said, "I wanted my first pussy to be you mom."

What happened next took everyone by surprise. In very slow motion Kathy's mouth dropped open. I didn't know if it was from shock or an invitation. John took it as an invitation and just as slowly slid his cock in his mother's mouth. The room was dead still, not a sound; no one was even breathing. Kathy's lips closed around her son's cock and she started sucking him. We all, including me, were finally able to breathe out. I could not believe I was watching my wife suck off our son and was getting even harder if that was possible. A hand took hold of my cock and I could not tear myself away even to see who it was. I just knew it was not me.

John and Kathy were really getting into it and being young and fulfilling his biggest fantasy John didn't last long. When he told Kathy he was going to cum she just kept his cock in her mouth. I knew she would she loves when I cum in her mouth. After John had emptied all he had in her mouth Kathy let his cock go. She was stroking his still hard cock like she was running her fingers through his hair. She looked up at him and finally said, "You've been having sex all this time and never had your cock in a pussy. You poor boy. Sounds like Nancy was more than willing how could you hold out so long?"

John ran his hands in Kathy's hair and said, "It was easy mom. I wanted you to be my first." Then looking over at Nancy said, "It wasn't that bad, Nancy has one fine ass for fucking." This broke whatever tension left and we all laughed. Kathy pulled him to her lap and kissed him deeply. They kissed and petted for a long time with none of us ever taking our eyes off them.

Holding John close Kathy asked, "How about right now?" She fell back pulling John on top of her. His cock fell right at the opening of Kathy's pussy. She put her legs around him and pulled him and he slid right in. She whispered in his ear, "Now that you're in me I guess you know what to do." John started pumping like a wild man and even though he had just cum in her mouth he didn't last long. I guess all this was just too much for him. You could have knocked me over with a feather when Kathy said, "Don't worry baby, we'll get better at this."

I was sitting there in a daze. I just watched my wife give our son a blowjob and then let him fuck her. Now she is saying she wants to do it again, a lot, until they get it right. A voice brought me out of my thoughts. It was Jill's. "John started telling me about what they were doing the day after his birthday. I couldn't wait to turn 18 so I could fuck both my b*****rs. While John and I were making out over the next year that is all we talked about. He told me he would only fuck Nancy in the ass but was looking forward to fucking both our pussys." My head was turned back but now I was looking at both my daughters naked pussys. Having seen them all up close I have to say these three women have the most beautiful pussys. Again I was hearing a voice but only seeing talking pussys. I could not take my eyes away.

Jill had been talking and I only was half hearing her with so much going through my mind. Then she said something that got my attention, "Unlike my s****r I am a virgin and I want you to be my first, daddy." For the first time I looked up into her eyes and she was so beautiful. She held my head in her hands and said, "I hope you can be as open as Mom seems to be." I turned and saw Kathy sitting between Tom and John. They each had one of her tits in their hand and she had a cock in each hand. She just smiled and nodded her head.

I looked back at Jill and what else could I do. I reached up and put my hands on her hips. She was standing over me and I slowly pulled her down. Nancy held my cock up and I lowered my baby girl slowly down on my cock. We took it very slow until I was all the way inside her. We just sat there for a few minutes with my cock deep inside her. We held each other and she whispered in my ear, "Oh, God! I love you Daddy. Thank you."

I kissed her lovingly and said, "Oh no baby girl, thank you." We started moving slowly at first and soon she was bouncing up and down on my cock. I knew I wouldn't last long so it was a good thing she exploded almost from the start. She was counting on me to make it special for her and I hoped I did, it was very special for me.

Jill's orgasm started as soon as we started moving and she was flooding my cock like a waterfall. She was so hot, so wet and so tight that I shot off deep in her pussy without warning. When she felt my first jet hit inside her she went totally stiff. Her eyes got real big and her mouth dropped open. She slammed her pussy down on my cock, locked her mouth to mine and her arms tightly around my neck. She held on for dear life as she rode out the biggest orgasm of her short life while I emptied my cock deep in her pussy.

Only when my cock was totally emptied into her did our bodies relax. Then we became aware of what was going on around us. Nancy was doing an excellent job of cleaning her mother's pussy while Kathy was once again sucking John's cock. Only Tom was missing. Nancy noticed us watching her and gave her mother one last lick and smiled and said, "Hi Daddy. Did you enjoy yourself?"

This caused Kathy to let go of John's cock and John said, "Mom, I was so close." Kathy kissed his cock and told him, "I know dear but there are others that want it as bad as I do." She looked at her two daughters and smiled saying, "Right?"

Just then Tom came back with a fresh bottle of wine. Everyone disengaged from their respective partners. Nancy pulls Jill off my still hard cock and said, "You're not the only one who wants some of that."

Tom refilled all our glasses and raised his to make a toast, "here is to a night of first" then winking at his mother continued, "I know there is one first I'm looking forward to." I think Kathy actually blushed which struck me funny. She had just sucked off her youngest son then let him fuck her. Her daughter ate out her pussy while she sucked John again while watching me fuck our youngest daughter and now she blushes.

The girls sat on either side of me and the boys sat with their mother. As we talked about what had happened and the k**s fill us in on the rest of their activities hands roamed over yet untouched skin. The girl's hands were all over my body as mine were all over theirs. One would stroke my cock (which was still very hard) as the other would play with my balls then they would change. I was playing with both their tits and both of their pussys. Kathy and the boys were doing much the same.

Tom got the ball rolling again when he said, "Now that our younger siblings have had their fantasies, ones that Nancy and I hope to fulfill before the night is over, I think we would all like to see John and Jill's first time together." John was more than ready but Jill being the youngest of the group felt embarrassed about being expected to put on a show for the whole f****y her first time with John.

She quickly turned the tables when she said, "I'm still a mess from me and Daddy. I would want to be clean for John."

Nancy jumped up and said, "I'd be more than happy to take care of that for you."

Jill playing the little girl said, "No, I want Mommy to do it." She walked over and stood right in front of her mother. "It was her husband that got me all messy."

Kathy stammered, "I've never licked a pussy in my life and never had the desire to."

Jill, in her baby girl voice, "Not even for your baby girl?"

Nancy said, "Trust me, if you like Daddy's cum you'll love it coming from Jill's pussy."

Jill took another step forward and was now standing over her mother. Kathy was looking in her eyes then at her dripping pussy. She slowly stuck out her tongue and licked her daughter's pussy. She must have liked what she tasted because she wrapped her arms around Jill's hips and pulled her deep into her mouth. Nancy shouted, "Go Mom!"

Kathy was doing a fine job for her first time. Jill's legs got weak and she had an orgasm almost as big as the one she had with me. Jill was ready to fall and John and Tom had to pull her away from her mothers sucking mouth. Nancy who had moved next to her mother to watch her eat her first pussy said, "I told you, you would like it. I can't wait till you eat mine." Kathy looked at Nancy in shock, then a smile broke out and they kissed deeply.

The boys lay Jill on her back in the center of the room. She was still coming down from the orgasm her mother had just given her. She opened her eyes and saw her b*****r John over her. John kissed her and said, "You don't know how long I've wanted to do this. I love you s*s."

As they kissed Jill reached for John's cock and put it at the opening of her pussy. She broke the kiss and said, "You don't have to wait any longer. Give it to me John."

With that John slid easily all the way into his s****r. They just stayed like that for a while as we all watched. Slowly he started pumping in and out of her. Soon, very soon, their pace picked up and Jill wrapped her legs around her b*****r and pulled him as deep as she could get him into her. They fucked like a****ls until they both exploded and just fell limp.

Jill's eyes fluttered open and as she lay there with her b*****r's cock still in her said, "Oh MY GOD! I hope you all enjoyed that as much as I did. My f****y has to be the best fuckers ever!" John rolled over pulling his cock from Jill and just lay beside her. Jill smiled and said; "Now it's our turn to watch a couple of first, namely Mom and Tom and Dad with Nancy."

Kathy pulled Tom to her saying, "That sounds great to me." They started kissing and petting and stroking each other and I could tell this was going to be a long love making session.

Nancy stroked Jill's hair and said, "Save John's load for me. It's my turn to clean you out and you can clean daddy's cum from me" she turned away and finished "if he wants me." Nancy walked over and stood in front of me with her pussy winking at me. This time I looked her in the eyes when she said, "Do you want me daddy? I'm not as experienced as mom and I'm not a young virgin like Jill."

I pulled her down on my lap just like I did when she was a little girl. I stroked her cheek and kissed her and said, "That's just why I do want you, because you are you."

We kissed deeply and she whispered "I love you daddy."

I raised Nancy off my lap saying, "let Daddy show you how much I love you." She stepped over me and I brought her back down. She reached down and guided my cock deep into her wet waiting pussy.

Once I was fully in her she moaned in my ear, "Oh God, Daddy, it feels better than I ever thought possible."

We just sat there with my cock buried deep in her pussy as we looked around the room. John and Jill were sitting on the floor leaning back against the couch. He had his arm around her fondling her tit and she was lying on his chest stroking his cock. Kathy and her oldest son Tom were slowly making love to each other. Neither was in any hurry and wanted to make the most of it. Nancy and I turned back to look each other in the eyes. She just smiled and threw her arms around me and kissed me very deeply.

I could feel my daughter's pussy muscles milking my cock. Then she started ever so slowly to slide up and down on me. She was fucking me like she was savoring her favorite desert. I looked around the room again. Jill now had John's cock in her mouth and he was fingering her pussy. Their eyes never left the sight of their mother and b*****r fucking not three feet away. Tom and Kathy's pace had picked up as they both headed to a powerful orgasm. Jill saw me looking at her and winked at me. I can't tell you how mind-blowing it was to see my youngest daughter sucking her b*****r's cock and winking at me fucking her s****r. I just about lost in inside Nancy's pussy. Nancy quickened the pace, which brought my attention back to her.

Nancy now had my full attention. We had both gotten to the point we needed to get off. She started bouncing on me like her life depended on getting herself off. Suddenly she stopped in mid stroke and screamed her orgasm then plunged back on my cock. That sent me shooting deep in her pussy and when she felt me cumming her orgasm started all over again. Nancy and I held and kissed each other as we came down from our mutual high.

When we could breathe normally again we looked around the room. Tom and his mother are basking in their own afterglow. Jill is still licking and sucking her b*****r's cock while he continues to finger fuck her. Neither is trying to get the other off just enjoying what they are doing. Nancy and I look back at each other with a big smile and kiss again.

Just then Jill says, "I'm sorry s*s but with John playing with my pussy all this time I don't think there is much left."

Kathy jumps right in with, "Mine is full if you would like some of your b*****rs cum. I know I would love to taste my husband from his other daughter."

Not to be left out Jill said, "I want some of mom too!"

Both girls jumped up and ran to their mother. Jill dove between Kathy's legs on the floor and Nancy got into a 69. Kathy grabbed Nancy's pussy and smashed it into her mouth sucking and licking like wild. Meanwhile my two daughters were fighting with their mouths over their mother's pussy like two starving pups after the same tit. I got up and sat on the floor against the couch. My two sons come over and joined me watching our three women going after each other. I put my arms around them both and say, "Boys, it just doesn't get any better then this."

We watch them for a while and I say to John, "You haven't had Nancy's pussy yet have you?" He is still hard from his s****r sucking him so I nudge him and say, "Why not now while your mother is licking her. I know they both would love it." He hesitates only a moment then gets behind his s****r.

When he rubs his cock up and down her slit Nancy looks back at him and says, "It's about time. Shove it in me."

John teases his s****r by only shoving the head of his cock in a few times. Then he pulls out and drops it down into his mother's mouth. He goes back and forth a few times and Nancy yells at him, "Will you just shove it in and fuck me already!" He lines back up with Nancy's pussy and shoves it all the way in to her driving Nancy's head deep into her mother's pussy.

Nancy starts pushing back and moans, "Yes like that. Finally, I've wanted you in my pussy for so long. Now give it to me good. Fuck me hard and fast. Cum in my pussy so Mom can lick it out!"

Jill crawls out and comes to sit with Tom and I. Tom and I both shove our hands into her pussy and each take one of her tits in our mouth. She has our cocks in her hands and all the time we are playing no ones eyes ever leave the sight before us. John is fucking his s****r without reservation. Mom and daughter are going after each other like there is no tomorrow. Kathy starts her orgasm first humping up into Nancy's mouth then falls limp. Nancy is now free to enjoy the fucking her b*****r is giving her. Enjoy it she does. There was no mistaking Nancy's approaching orgasm. I think the whole block heard her cuming.

"Oh, GOD, Little b*****r I knew you'd be good! Yes,Yes……..Fuck me litter b*****r I'm so close ……Keep it up!! That's it! That's it! OH GOD YESSSSSSSSS!

Then she fell forward right on to Kathy's pussy. That was all John needed. His fingers were clenched into Nancy's hips. His face was all twisted up. He held his cock as deep in his s****r's pussy as he could. The way he was pumping you'd think he was making up for all the times he came in her ass over the last year and a half. He kept pumping and pumping and finally fell back. His cock "popped" out of Nancy's pussy right into the waiting mouth of his mother. Kathy cleaned his cock and when he pulled it from her mouth she went after Nancy's pussy.

"God, no mom. I can't take any more ……………. Please mom ……………..oh please be easy ………..that's it be easy ……………oh yes mom that's good oh yes."

When Kathy felt she had cleaned Nancy completely she rolled her off on to her side. The three of them, Nancy, Kathy and John cuddled up together. Kathy said, "I don't know about you guys but I need some sl**p. She and Nancy snuggled up with John in the middle.

Just before Kathy drifted off into a blissful sl**p Jill asked, "What about these two we can't leave them like this."

Kathy looked over and saw the two very hard cocks in Jill's hands. Kathy smiled and said, "You got them that way you take care of them. After all you are the birthday girl." Then she lay back down to sl**p.

Jill was shocked and said, "You want me to take care of both of them at the same time all by my self? Well, ALRIGHT!"

Jill was so excited. She just swung around on all fours and took my cock right in her mouth. This left her up turned ass and pussy for her b*****r, which he was more than happy to take. I thought fucking her was great but her hot young mouth was doing fantastic things to my cock. She was looking up into my eyes. Her eyes show a bright loving smile. I stroked her cheek and asked her if this was the first cock in her mouth. Her eyes suddenly went sad and she looked away and shook her head no. I asked if her b*****rs taught her how to suck a cock and without looking up nodded yes. I ran my fingers through her hair and told her, "Remind me to thank them for teaching you so well so our first time together could be so fantastic." She looked back up at me and I told her, "This is our first and that's what counts, right?" Her bright smile was back in fact she was beaming and nodded her head yes and went after my cock with renewed vigor.

I looked up and saw my son fucking Jill and my little girl sandwiched between us and it was all I could take. I tried to pull her off my cock telling her I was ready to cum. She took my cock out only long enough to say, "I know Daddy. I want you to cum in my mouth." That was it, as soon as her mouth was back on my cock it went off. Being very new at blowjobs she didn't get it all but drank most of it. That was Tom's trigger and he started filling her sweet young pussy with cream.

I knew my little girl had not cum yet she was so intent on our first blowjob. I felt bad that my son and I had both cum so quickly. It didn't seem to bother Jill in the lest. When Tom finished shooting in her pussy she flipped around and took his soft cock in her mouth sucking life back into it. Her pussy was now over my poor soft cock. Watching her give her b*****r a blowjob was almost as good as getting my first from her. My cock was soon twitching. As my cock got harder I started rubbing in on Jill's pussy lips. When she felt I was ready she dropped her pussy right down on my cock impaling herself completely. This time she started cumming the moment I was fully in her. She rode out her orgasm by rocking back and forth on Tom's cock and mine.

This time Tom went off long before I did. When he tried to pull out she grabbed his ass and held him in her mouth. She was able to keep more of it this time and sucked every drop she could get before Tom fell back pulling his cock from her mouth. Now it was just her and me. She started bouncing up and down on me with great urgency. Soon she was moaning her second orgasm and that did it. I didn't think I had much left but I just kept pumping my own cream into her with her b*****r's.

Jill fell forward into Tom's lap. She gave his cock one last kiss and rolled on her back cradled between Tom's legs and mine. She looked over at the other three deeply sl**ping and said, "Here I have two full loads and no one is awake to clean me out."

I have never in my life eaten what they call a "creampie"; not even one I made myself but this was too delicious to pass up. I said, "No problem baby girl." I dove between her legs and started lapping away at her juicy pussy. It was the most delicious pussy I have ever eaten. Jill was running her fingers through my hair and cooed, "Oh, Daddy. Turn around so I can clean you off too."

We got into a 69 and she took my soft limp cock into her mouth. There was no way she was going to get it hard again but she seemed to enjoy just playing with it. There is so much more room in your mouth with a soft cock than a hard one, and it did feel very good even though it was not leading to anything. I licked out every drop her pussy had to offer and was pleased I could bring her to one last orgasm before we all snuggled up to sl**p.

I woke up around 10:30 the next morning. Jill was lying with her back to me and my cock nicely resting between her legs just below her pussy. I looked over and saw that she was awake and stroking her b*****r's cock. He was still asl**p and she was getting great joy from invading his dream state. You could tell by the smile on his face. As I watched my cock began to grow. When it touched Jill's pussy lips she stopped playing with Tom and just held his cock. She pushed her ass back which was just enough to push the head of my cock into her. As it grew it grew inside her and there were soft moans coming from her.

When she knew I was fully inside her she started rocking her hips back and forth fucking herself on my cock. We had a slow easy wake up fuck. She rolled over and kissed me saying, "Morning Daddy, that's a great way to wake up."

I kissed her back and said, "Anytime my baby girl, anytime." I looked around and it seemed Tom was the only one still sl**ping. Jill and I got up and went into the kitchen. Kathy was fixing breakfast and Nancy was sitting on John's lap, all still naked, as were Jill and I.

I walked up behind Kathy and kissed her neck reaching around to get two hands full of her sweet soft tits. I said, "Morning babe, did you sl**p well?"

Kathy leaned her head back for a kiss and said. "Morning Hon, as a mater of fact I slept great. How about you, did you get a nice wake up fuck too? I did."

I smiled and looked over at Jill and she is kissing both her b*****r then her s****r and playing with what ever she can get her hands on, tits, cock, pussy. "I think we have created a monster"

Kathy looks over at the table and smiles. "So did she take care of both of you last night? I remember saying something to her before I fell asl**p."

I smiled and said, "Yes she took care of both of us…………………at the same time ………….twice."

Kathy just kissed me saying "I'm sure you didn't mind that at all."

I said, "Only the lack of sl**p but the sex was great. Speaking of sl**p, Tom isn't up yet, I mean he is not awake yet.

Kathy looked around and said "Well since Nancy is the only one that hasn't been fucked yet this morning why don't we send her in to wake him up." Turning to Nancy Kathy says, "Nancy, since you were asl**p when John and I "got up" this morning maybe you should go wake your b*****r Tom. I'd hate for him to miss breakfast."

Nancy jumped up and said, "It would be my pleasure."

I smiled and told her, "I'm sure it'll be his pleasure as well."

We got the food to the table just in time. You could see from the look in their eyes that John was ready to put Jill on the table and fuck her brains out. If he didn't she was ready to jump into his lap and fuck his brains out. Kathy put the food down and said, OK, you two break it up. There's plenty of time for that now eat."

Just then Tom walked in as naked as the rest of us. He had this big smile on his face and asked, "Was last night another of my wet dream fantasies or did everyone get as well fucked as I did?"

Kathy gave him a kiss and said, "It was no dream now sit down and eat breakfast. From the way things are going I think you'll need your strength."

Nancy walked in looking very well fucked and smiling. She opened her legs letting everyone see how fresh fucked she was. She cooed, "Anyone want something extra for breakfast?"

I kissed her saying, : "You know desert is for after the meal."

Jill bounced in saying, "Daddy cleaned me out last night since you were all asl**p. I even had his and Tom's full load in me."

Kathy turned to me and said, "Well this is a side of you I haven't seen before. Is it going to keep going? Can I expect some once in a while?"

I gave her a kiss and said, "I think you'll see a lot more of it."

Nancy shook her head and said, "Great, just what we need another mouth to fight with over a nice juicy pussy."

I looked at the k**s and said, "When the boys get a taste of it there'll be even more hungry mouths. So boys I guess we'll just have to see that there is enough to go around."

Tom said, "I'll do my part."

John jumped in, "Count me in I'll do the best I can."

Jill: seemed a little down when she asked, "Daddy, is this the way game night is going to be from now on?"

I held her and said, "I guess so. It would be hard to go back to the way it was. Do you have a problem with last night? I thought you had a really good time."

Jill looked up at me and said, "OH, God Daddy I did. It was the most fantastic time I've had!" She was all but bouncing off the chair.

Confused I asked, "Then what's the problem baby girl?"

Jill seemed embarrassed and said, "I'm going to miss the games we played. We always had so much fun together; not that last night wasn't more fun than any game night. I'm just going to miss it. Do you understand what I mean?"

John joined in saying, "We've had game night since as long as I can remember. I'm going to miss it too." He hugged and kissed his little s****r.

I thought about it and said, "Let's see now. I see two different ways to go here. One would be to have a different game night for sex and for games or we could all pick out or favorite game and come up with adult ways to play it."

They all opted for option number two. We agreed to bring our ideas next Saturday night and each week we would play a different game, but that's another story. Well actually it would be six more stories.

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Family orgy...what a turn on!
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