We live about 3 hours from my wife's f****y and we were
heading there for the weekend and my wife told me that
I would be staying at Mark and Michele's house. The
k**s and she would be staying at her parents.

My wife likes to stay up late playing cards with her
parents and the k**s like playing with their cousins
and I like to hang out with Mark.

Michele is my wife's younger s****r. Their faces make
them look like almost twins but my wife is about 5'4"
and Michele is about 5'9." Michele is very thin and
exercises everyday with small perky boobs that look
nice on her slender body. My wife probably weighs about
the same even though she is much shorter and she
definitely has the boobs Michele did not get.

The evening was going well and we opened a bottle of
wine as the k**s were having fun with their cousins.
About 9pm we got the k**s together in the basement
f****y room in their sl**ping bags and they were asl**p
by 9:30. Mark and I were watching a movie and Michele
left and came back with her silk shorts and a silk top
that showed her hard nipples and gave Mark a kiss and
said she was going to watch TV in their room.

Michele looked hot and Mark took the hint and a few
minutes later said he was going to bed too.

I headed to my room and started reading a book. I was
reading for a while when I heard some noise. Thinking
it was one of my k**s I got up to head to the basement.
When I got in the hallway, I realized it was coming
from Mark and Michele's room. Their door was partially
open and I could see Mark on top of Michele fucking
her. I could hear Michele saying, "Yes, yes, yes, right
there!" Then I heard Mark say, "Fuck, I'm cumming!"

They lay there together for a while kissing and then
Mark got off and fell next to her. Michele flipped
around to the 69 position and took his cock into her
mouth and Mark started licking her cum filled pussy.
This was something my wife and I had never tried. I
also noticed Michele was shaven completely clean,
another thing my wife doesn't do.

Not wanting to get caught I headed back to my room. I
lay there for a while thinking about the sex I just
watched, turned out the light and grabbed my hard-on
and started stroking it. The door opened and Michele
came in wearing just panties and slid into bed with me.
She asked me if I liked what I saw and her hand found
my hard-on. She looked down into my eyes and she said,

"I guess you did." Then she said, "Mark and I would
like to know if you would come into the other room and
have some fun with us. We want to try some things and
we feel you are safe since you had a vasectomy, are you

We got out of the bed and headed into their bedroom.
She told me Mark was in the bathroom waiting until we
got started. She lay down on the bed and I started to
get on top of her and then she pushed me down to eat
her pussy.

This was a bit of a turn on knowing that her husband
had just cum in her. She was dripping wet which was a
combination of her juices and his cum. I did this for a
while sticking my tongue deep inside of her tasting
some of his cum. This was getting her going and then
she said, "Now fuck me, before I cum." I got on top of
her and proceeded to enter her and she said, "Fuck me
hard and fast!"

I did as I was asked and started pounding her as hard
as I could and she screamed, "Yes, I am going to cum,
yes, yes, YEEESS!!" and as she was cumming I filled her
with my load of cum. The excitement really had turned
me on and I think I deposited one of my largest loads

That is when I realized that Mark was video taping the
whole thing. He set the recorder on the dresser so it
faced the bed and came over to join us. I pulled away
from Michele and Mark did not hesitate sticking his
tongue deep into her pussy. Michele pulled me over to
her and took my cum covered cock into her mouth. After
a few seconds she let my cock slip out of her mouth and
I walked over to get the camera and take some close up
shots of Mark licking my cum out of Michele's clean
shaven pussy. Mark brought her to orgasm and then he
slid up and entered her.

Here I was only a couple feet away from them having sex
and recording every bit of it on tape. They went at it
for a while and then they changed positions.

Michele got on all fours and he got behind her and then
she reached for something in the end table and handed
it to Mark and I realized it was a tube of lubricant.
He lubricated his cock and then worked some into her
asshole. Then he put his dick to her asshole and slowly
inserted it until it was buried deep in her bowels. He
started working it in and out and it did not take long
and he pulled out and stroked himself until he came all
over her ass.

She collapsed on the bed with her cum covered ass in
the air and he collapsed next to her. I put the camera
down and proceeded to go over and lick his cum off her

When I was finishing up Michele said she had to get up
and pee. As she was walking to the bathroom she asked
if I wanted to watch. I picked up the camera and
followed her to the bathroom. She kept the toilet seat
up and squatted down some and relieved herself with me
watching and recording.

When we got back to the room Mark was already asl**p.
Michele suggested we go to my room and she would take
care of my hard on. I set the camera on the dresser and
we got into to bed and Michele proceeded to give me a
blow job. When I was about ready to cum she pulled away
and moved her breasts above my cock and jerked me off
until I came mostly on her breasts. She then had me
suck on her boobs while licking up the cum. Michele
left taking the camera with her and I went to sl**p.

I woke up about 8am and the k**s were watching
cartoons. Mark came out of the bedroom dressed and said
he was going to take the k**s out to breakfast and then
was going to drive over and see their grandparents for
a while. I helped him get the k**s dressed and they
headed out. He whispered in my ear, "Michele is in the
bedroom waiting for you and I left a deposit for you to
enjoy," and he smiled and walked out.

I headed into the bedroom and Michele was there with
her ass on a pillow with her legs crossed and she said,

"I thought you weren't coming, hopefully there's some
left for you, most of it dripped down my ass. Don't
forget to turn on the video recorder." Then she
uncrossed her legs and some cum started oozing out. I
got down between her legs and stuck two fingers in
deep, pulled them out and licked them clean.

I put my tongue in as deep as possible into her pussy
and started sucking out what I could. I then took my
wet fingers and slid them into her ass and she said,
"You bad boy, I like bad boys!" Between me eating her
and my fingers in her ass, I was driving her crazy. I
worked her up with my fingers and got her to cum! Then
I had her flip over and stuck my cock in her pussy from

I put my fingers back in her ass and she went wild,
screaming, "Fuck me in the ass! Fuck me in the ass!"
and she handed me the lube to put on my dick and to
work into her ass. Then she pulled my cock out of her
pussy lubed it up and then guided it to her asshole.
She worked it in slowly, she was pretty loose from a
combination of my fingers being in there and the
lubricant and I went in pretty easily.

She was so tight it did not take long for me to feel
the pressure build up inside of me. She could tell I
was getting close and she said, "Don't cum in my ass!"
So right before I was about to cum I pulled out and
sprayed cum all over her back.

We were both pretty spent so she had me wipe up her
back and then she suggested we take a shower together.
We actually took a pretty quick shower together with
quite a bit of touching but nothing more.

I was about to get dressed when Michele indicated that
she had talked with my wife, Karen, and that the all
the k**s were staying over at the grandparents tonight.
Mark and Karen were taking the k**s to a movie and we
were supposed to meet them for dinner around 7. Michele
indicated she was going to go to the gym and before she
left she handed me three tapes labeled 1, 2 and 3 and
said enjoy and she headed out.

I turned on tape 1 and it started with Michele lying on
the bed and then Mark joined her. He starts going down
on her, then he starts to make love to her. What
surprised me was someone picked up the camera during
this and started taking close ups.

Mark came in her and the person taking the video put
the camera down as Mark pulled out of Michele's pussy
and to my surprise my wife walked into the picture and
took him into her mouth. After she was done cleaning up
his cock, Karen grabbed the camera and got some close-
ups of the cum leaking out of Michele's pussy.

Mark then got down to business and started cleaning up
her pussy, starting with licking her ass area to get
what had leaked out. After rimming her clean, he moved
upwards and licked up every drop of their combined
juices! After he was done, Karen walked over and gave
him a kiss tasting the juices all over his face and
then that taped ended.

The 2nd tape was of my wife nude sitting in their bed
then she started talking; "I guess if you are watching
this you have found out about Mark and Michele's kinky
pleasures and their desire to have us participate. The
first tape was from 6 weeks ago when I visited their
house. The k**s were in bed and we were having
Margaritas and the conversation turned to sex and
somehow we got on to each others sex life.

Michele told me how Mark likes to lick his own cum out
of her pussy. This kind of shocked me at first, but
then I asked to hear more. She started describing in
detail and then she asked, "Do you want to watch?" So
that is where the first tape came from. That time I did
not have sex with Mark.

Then 3 weeks ago when I visited I decided to go ahead
and join the sexual adventures. I was not sure how to
tell you or how to get you involved so we decided to
try this weekend. There should be another tape that
shows the 2nd weekend I was there. Hopefully you are
not angry with me and we can all have a lot of fun
together. Give me a call when you are done watching"
And the tape ended.

Things started making a lot more sense. I know when she
came back from both those weekends she was a lot
hornier than usual and she was looking for sex almost
every night. She was more adventurous giving me a BJ
when watching the news in our f****y room and she
actually asked me to fuck her in the ass! One morning
we even had sex in our car after we went running
together. So I guess I should have figured something
was up.

I put the third tape in. It started with my wife
standing by their bed. Mark came over and gave her a
long kiss, I guess to loosen her up, and he started
pulling her shirt off and then started undoing her
pants and helped slide them down. She was in her
panties and bra and then she started taking his shirt
and pants off. They kept kissing and my wife started
rubbing his cock through his underwear as he undid her
bra. She then went to her knees and pulled his
underwear down.

She grabbed his cock and took the head into her mouth
alternating between stroking and taking him in deep. A
technique I am very familiar with.

He was getting ready to cum so he pulled away and had
her lie down on the bed. He slid her panties down and
then went down on her. This really got her going so she
pulled him up and he entered her. This was strange to
see a tape of my wife getting her first new cock in
almost 20 years. Mark was clearly excited about fucking
Karen and it did not take long for him to cum.

Michele then commanded that they get into a 69 position
with Karen on top. Michele got a close-up of Mark's cum
dripping out of Karen's freshly fucked pussy. It was
very strange to see a close up of my wife's pussy with
someone else's cum dripping out of it. Mark let it drip
into his mouth for a while and then he stuck his tongue
deep inside.

Michele put the camera down and walked over to the bed
carrying a dildo. She put the dildo deep into Karen's
very wet pussy and then stuck it in Mark's mouth as if
he was sucking cock. She did this a couple times and
then put it in her mouth once. Then she put it in one
more time and put it up to Karen's asshole and shoved
it all the way in. It was pretty small and lubricated
from the juices and it went in pretty easily. She left
it there and went back and grabbed the camera to get
close-ups. This went on for a few more minutes and then
the tape ended.

I sat there for a few minutes thinking about what I had
just watched and then called my wife. We talked for
quite a while and I told her I was surprised but not
upset in any way. We were both ok with moving forward
with more activities that night and we would see where
things end up. As we were finishing up Michele walked
in and sat on the chair in front of me.

Hearing that the conversation was going well she
started stroking my hard-on and took me into her mouth
as I was still talking on the phone. The conversation
with Karen was finishing up and she said, "Tonight your
date is Michele and my date is Mark, you ok with that?"
As Michele was sucking my cock, I responded, "Sure, I
think I can deal with that" and then we exchanged "love
you" and hung up.

Michele then said, "I don't want to waste that here,
let's go take a shower." We headed to the bathroom and
then before we got in the shower she asked, "Can I
shave you?" I did not say no so she grabbed her
husbands razor and shaving cream, shaved me clean and
then said, "That will surprise your wife tonight."

We got in the shower and she right away grabbed my now
clean shaven cock and she went down onto her knees,
grabbed my cock, started stroking and took me into her
mouth. After a few minutes she released me and then
stood up and gave me a kiss and turned around.

She got up on her tiptoes to help me enter her from
behind. With her being so tall, this was a much easier
position than with my wife. I grabbed her hips and
thrust myself deep inside of her and started pumping
and she said, "I like it rough!"

I held her hips and really thrust as hard and as deep
as possible. She had an orgasm right before I started
to cum deep inside of her. I kept myself in her for a
minute or so and then I pulled out and stuck my finger
in her and then put my cum covered finger in her mouth.
We finished up in the shower got out and dried off.
Michele said she had to do some shopping before we went
to dinner and we got dressed and headed out.

When we got to the bar I noticed their car was parked
in the very back of the parking lot away from anything
else and I mentioned this to Michele.

"There's your car, I think they are still in it."
Michele looked back and said with a smile on her face,
"That little slut, I bet she is giving him a hummer."

"Why would you think that?" I replied.

"I gave him one there last month."

He decided to sneak up on them and to confirm exactly
what was going on. Mark was seated but the seat was
reclined some. As we got closer it was pretty easy to
confirm what was going on. Karen's head was in Mark's
crotch and her skirt was up around her waist and Mark's
hands were in the back of Karen's panties fingering her
I am sure. Mark came in her mouth and then my wife sat
up and they kissed.

They started getting themselves back together and we
quickly headed into the bar and found a U shaped booth.
They came in a few minutes later and Karen came up and
gave me a big kiss and Mark did the same to Michele. I
whispered in her ear,

"That kiss tasted a little like Mark's cum," and she
replied. "Did you see us?" and she seemed to blush a

I looked into her eyes and said, "Don't worry about it;
I just fucked Michele in the shower."

She smiled, "I guess we have to get use to it."

We had dinner and then the music started playing and we
all got up to dance. Mark and Karen sat down after a
couple songs which I am sure disappointed my wife.
Michele said Mark does not like to dance much.

I looked over and saw them taking with a young guy.
Michele indicated it was Jim their former babysitter
who was now 21 or 22 and home from college. Karen and
Jim started dancing and Mark started playing pool with
some guys. Michele told me that she always thought Jim
was hot.

A slow song came on and we sat down for a rest but Jim
and Karen stayed out. Karen was definitely enjoying her
new young friend and based on his hands on her ass, he
was enjoying it too. We ordered another beer and walked
over and talked for a while with Mark playing pool.

Then I noticed Karen was gone. I told them I was going
to get some air and went outside. I noticed right away
someone was in our car. I walked over and found my wife
with Jim. He was sitting in the passenger seat and she
was on top of him rocking back and forth. For the 2nd
time tonight I catch my wife being a slut in the
parking lot. I kept watching them from a distance as
they finished up.

Jim left and my wife stayed in the car to fix herself
up. After Jim went into the bar, I went over to the car
and opened the door. My stunned wife said, "I suppose
you want some also, come on in. Don't worry, I made him
wear a condom."

She had me slide in right where her young stud was a
few minutes before. She undid my pants and climbed on
top of me and slid her panties to the side and thrust
herself down onto me. She started rocking and after
watching her just have sex with another guy, it did not
take long for me to cum in my wife.

We sat for a few minutes holding each other and she
asked, "Are you ok with all of this tonight? Maybe I
took it a little too far with Jim."

I replied, "I'm ok. It was a real turn on watching you
with another guy." We sat there kissed a little and
then headed back inside.

My wife headed to the bathroom to clean up a little. I
headed back to the table. Mark was still playing pool
with a couple guys drinking down the beer pretty
quickly. Jim and Michele were on the dance floor with
his hands now on her ass. I wondered if she knew that
he just got done fucking her s****r.

It was starting to get late and Mark had too much to
drink so we all decided to head out. We put Mark in the
back seat of their car and Michele and I decided to
take that car. Jim offered to drive Karen back and we
all headed out. We put Mark in the extra bedroom and
went back into the f****y room just when Karen and Jim
arrived. We opened some wine and sat around and started

We all knew we were there for sex but no one seemed to
want to be the first to say anything.

Finally Michele blurted out, "If no one else is going
to get this started I guess since I am the host I have

Then she looked at Jim, "Let's go into the bedroom and
get this going." She grabbed him by the hand and pulled
him to the bed room and they started ripping each
others clothes off.

As they were doing this my wife whispered, "Wait until
you see his cock!"

Before too long they were both down to their underwear.
Then Michele pulled his pants down and out sprang such
a monster of a cock it totally surprised Michele. It
had to be at least 2-3 inches longer than Mark or me
and it was not even fully erect yet. Michele grabbed a
hold of it, took as much as she could in her mouth and
started working up and down to get him completely

She then pushed him back onto the bed and pulled off
her panties and then she opened a condom wrapper and
rolled it onto his colossal tool. She mounted him and
took him slowly all the way into her wet pussy. Michele
started riding him and then she motioned to me to come
over to them.

She pleaded with me, "Fuck me in the ass!"

I got the lubricant and started working some into her
ass only inches from Jim's cock in her pussy. As I was
lubing her ass, my wife started lubing up my cock. I
got up onto the bed and slowly started working my cock
into her backdoor.

It was a little bit of a challenge with the three of us
so close, but I was able to get my cock all the way in.
I could feel his cock on the other side of the thin

Michele kept going up and down on his cock and he
yelled out he was going to cum. I could feel his cock
jerking and spurting his cum into the condom.

I started pumping hard into her ass and not long after
I started cumming deep into her ass.

Michele left to clean herself up and Karen lay down and
guided Jim's mouth to her wet pussy.

Jim started digging into her dripping pussy, so I went
to join Michele to clean myself up from being in her

When we came back I was surprised to see my wife on all
fours with Mark in her from behind and Jim's monster
cock in her mouth so I sat down to watch.

While they were going at it Michele came over to me,
knelt down and took me into her mouth. This was
something, me getting a BJ and my wife getting fucked
and sucking on a huge cock. Mark was the first and came
in her pussy. Without any hesitation my wife spun
around and guided Jim's enormous unprotected cock into
her cum soaked pussy and he started pumping in and out
with a passion. As a result he came pretty quickly.

Michele let go of my cock and I took Jim's place where
their cum was dripping out of her pussy. I added my
load and then the biggest shock of the night, Michele
went between Karen's legs and started to suck up the
cum oozing out of her s****rs pussy.

It was quite late and Jim got dressed and left and we
all pretty much collapsed naked together in the bed. In
the morning I fucked Michele and Mark fucked Karen and
then we cleaned up and headed out to pick up the k**s.


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2 years ago
Nice story!
2 years ago
Great story, dont now how you write such great ones!
2 years ago
This was very nice and I enjoyed reading,the only regret is tht I wish I had a sister and a brother in law like tht.
2 years ago
nice hot story
2 years ago
Sounds like the kind of fun weekend I'd enjoy.
2 years ago
Wow!!!! Hot!!!
2 years ago
That's hot and exciting!!