My grandparents died close to each other in early summer. Grandpa passed away first and was followed by Grandma only a few days later. They had never been apart so it was what could be expected. Sad of course but also nice chance to meet many cousins. We had been very close in the old days.

My grandparents were farmers running a small farm in the south of Sweden. It was hardly big enough to give a living especially with modern standards but somehow they managed although they had six c***dren. But I guess that they had to consider twice before buying anything. The c***dren had to help with the living from early age and they all left home in their middle teens.

Three of us cousins had volunteered to go to the farm before the funeral to take care of things and prepare it to be sold. It was sad but we were too many to keep it in the f****y. Some were interested but if they wanted they could buy it at the auction.

I was the first to arrive at the old farm that Friday afternoon in early July. I was early on purpose, I wanted to be alone and remember for a while. I parked and stepped out. The yard was as tidy as I remembered it had always been. I knew that a neighbour had helped them in their old age and obviously had kept on doing it. I felt grateful.

I went up on the porch of the farm house and found the key where it always had been kept in a pot hanging from a peg. In summertime Grandma always had flowers in that pot I remembered. I went inside and opened windows in the kitchen and the room downstairs and the bedroom upstairs. The house was small and now felt much smaller than I remembered it from c***dhood.

I went out again to put my bedroll in the loft. A long time ago when the c***dren were rather small grandpa had cordoned off part of the hay loft to a spacious room. The c***dren had used it as sl**ping quarters from April to October. Later on us cousins used it. Most of us spent some time on the farm each summer. I had been there all summers from the age of five to eighteen and had stayed for most of the summer holiday. My mother divorced when I was very young and had trouble taking care of me. To travel somewhere on vacation was scarce. She took me to the farm in early June and came to visit twice during the summer spending a couple of days each time. Maybe it was more. It was hard to remember. In late August I was brought back home. The loft really felt like home.

There was a faint smell of mild soap. Grandma had always given the floor a thorough scrub at the beginning of June preparing the room for our arrival. She had probably kept on doing that although no k**s were expected. But I guess she hoped that we would come and visit and want to stay for a night or two. It happened, I knew that. I suddenly felt a pang of guilt. It was at least three years since I visited them and then only for a couple of hours.

I went back out again and into the cow shed. I found that Grandpa had kept it very tidy with fresh, white washed walls. The old, worn tools hang neatly on their pegs thoroughly cleaned. There was very little dust. The narrow milk chamber was a little moist and cold as it always had been. The row of big milk-cans sat ready on the rack upside down. Only the cows were missing. It was very quiet which it had never been.

The barn was as clean. All old straw had been removed from the loft and the floor swept. The old equipment was neatly stowed in the narrow space, plough, harrow, sawing machine and so on. A few carriages. I suddenly remembered the feeling of riding on top of a wagon loaded with hay, the soft stickiness and the spicy smell.

Near the front door stood Grandpa's most valued asset, the Ferguson tractor. He was very proud when he at last could afford to buy a used one. The Ferguson was one of the greatest inventions ever for a small farmer with its revolutionary hydraulic system and carried equipment. One man could suddenly do so much more on his own. The sad part was that the horse wasn't needed any more. But he bought the tractor when his horse had become old and had to be put down. The Ferguson was clean with only a thin layer of dust. It looked repainted, in the original grey of course.

I still remembered how proud I had been when Grandpa let me drive the tractor, on the field at first, later on even to and from the farm. I was only twelve the first time. I gladly worked the full day if it involved driving the Ferguson. I had spent so many hours in its swinging seat.

On one side stood his work bench and a rack with his hand tools. I remembered how often he had stood crouched over that bench working on something or mending his equipment. I thought his shadow was still there.

Grandpa had loved his farm and to work on it although there had been so much work that paid poorly. But he and Grandma had managed but it had needed that he worked in the forest and also took temporary jobs in wintertime.

I left the barn and took a walk around the fields. When I was young it had felt like a long way around but now I realized how limited it was. Also the land was well kept. Bushes were cut back from the ditch-sides and branches cleared from the tracks. Again Grandpa's shadow was around the bends.

I walked back and sat on the porch waiting for my eldest cousin Anders and his second wife to arrive. Anders had become a respected layer and had taken on the responsibility to sell the farm and handle the division of the inheritance. Quite a few of the other cousins would come the following day to the funeral. But Elisabeth would also come this evening. I was both thrilled and a bit anxious to see her again. We had been close in those days she being only a year or two older.

They arrived close to each other and we soon found the old relationship from our youth. Anders was like a big b*****r to both Elisabeth and me. Elisabeth hugged me at arrival, a hug that was both long and close. It felt nice and I relaxed.

We had agreed that Anders should bring the food and I the drinks. We were soon busy to get a meal ready. It turned out that both Anders and his wife were good cooks and made a lavish meal. I was lucky to have brought wine that matched. We sat down to eat having a good time and catching up.

While the coffee brewed Anders' wife checked the sl**ping arrangements for the night. She went upstairs and found out that there only was one bedroom with two beds. She was worried when she came back down.

"Oh, that's no problem," Elisabeth told her. "You and Anders take the bedroom. Erik and I will sl**p in the loft."

"The loft? What's that," she asked a bit puzzled.

"Haven't you told her Anders?" Elisabeth asked. "The loft is the sl**ping quarters out in the barn. It will be just fine. I have slept so many nights there so it feels nearly like home even now."

"Are you and Erik going to sl**p together, alone in one room I mean?" She asked sounding prudish.

"But yes of course. We are like s****rs and b*****rs, aren't we," Elisabeth said and winked at me.

That was the beginning of a pleasant evening telling Anders' wife about our summers on the farm and especially about the loft.

"When we were young there never was a problem," Elisabeth told. "But when the oldest reached their lower teens the girls got shy. They complained to Grandma that the boys sneaked at them when changing for the night or dressed in the morning. But Grandma as always solved the problem. She just hung bed sheets on strings dividing the room in two. Boys on one side, girls on the other. It worked just fine."

"Yes, but all the girls weren't concerned. Remember Doris? She liked to be sneaked at I think. I remember seeing her secretly making gaps between the sheets. But I never saw much. A tit now and then was all as I remember it," Anders said laughingly.

"Oh yes, and do you remember when she borrowed Grandpa's searchlight from the barn and put it up on the loft. We made silhouettes against the sheets and had great fun. But when it was bedtime and the boys were pushed to their side of the room she left the searchlight on and she and some of the other girls undressed in front of it. They gave a good show for the boys on the other side of the sheets." Elisabeth told and laughed a bit throatily.

"Yes, I remember," Anders said. "I think she was the oldest in the loft and already well developed so to speak. I can still remember how nicely her boobs bounced though it was only the silhouettes. She liked to show off already then, didn't she? Well, she certainly does now, in her shows I mean."

"Shows! My ass. She's a stripper, that what she is if you ask me. And I bet she has implants," Anders wife said with disgust in her voice.

"Oh no, her shows are really good Burlesques or Vaudevilles I don't know really what to call them. They are humorous, quite funny actually and she sings and dances well. But well, yes, she gets naked all right." I said wanting to defend my cousin. "I have seen all her shows. She's an excellent actor in her form of art," I said and really meant it.

"Yes, I agree and she has the body for it," Elisabeth surprisingly said. "As you said Anders, she was well developed already in her middle teens with a marvellous figure. From what I have seen on the pictures she has developed and now looks even better. And those boobs, lovely aren't they? I wish I had a pair like that." Elisabeth said giggling. "Yes, I believe that she can give a good show being so uninhibited and with that urge to show off."

"Oh, but you don't have to be jealous of her. You look great, both of you," I said, suddenly bold from a few glasses of wine. There was a sudden silence and I thought for a moment that they had taken it badly. But then I saw contented smiles although the light was dim and knew by instinct that they were pleased.

It was true what I had said. Anders wife was very well endowed in the boobs department. So well in fact that I wondered if she had had them improved. She caught my eye and it was like she read my thoughts. Her mouth formed a silent no. And Elisabeth could probably match Doris though it was hard to tell exactly.

"Let me give you an example from her last show," I said. "Do you remember Josephine Baker? That famous singer actress who made a scandal back in the twenties at Folies-Bergère in Paris when she performed dressed in hardly more than a skirt made from artificial bananas? Well, Doris makes a very good number taking up her songs and is of course dressed like her. I don't know for sure how Josephine Baker's fastened her bananas but they were probably stitched on a small panty. At least on her public shows. But Doris has no panty. When she dances it becomes evident that her bananas are fastened only to a golden chain hanging from her waist. They bounce up and down in line with her big boobs. And when she sings she walks around in the audience letting people take a banana now and then. It takes three songs to get down to the last one. It's offered to someone close to the stage and when it's ripped off she climbs up on stage wriggling her naked ass. And guess what. That wasn't the last banana after all which shows when she turns around. Another is put between her thighs as a fig-leaf for modesty but it doesn't come out on the backside. No, it's stuck in her . . . well, you know what and with the hooked end turned upwards loosely fastened to the chain with a thin thread. It gives a both comic and daring effect as she moves around with the banana sticking out from her exuberant bush."

"Oh my goodness, you mean that she has had it stuck into her pussy all the time. It must have been mashed after all that dancing and walking. What a treat," Elisabeth exclaimed obviously worked up by the vision.

"Oh yes it was. And she made crude jokes about the shortcomings of men when she in the end pulled it out flat and soft."

There suddenly was a snorting laughter coming from Anders' wife. She couldn't stop and her laughter was infectious making us all to join.

"But she's still a stripper although maybe a good one," Anders wife finally admitted laughingly. There was much less disapproval now, maybe a slight admiration even.

We went on telling stories remembering each other of our youth.

"You know, I lost my virginity on that loft," Anders suddenly said. We all got quiet expecting him to go on but he remained silent.

"Now, that I really want to hear about. Which of the cousins was it?" his wife said sternly but with mock underneath. "Tell us. I demand to hear it all."

"Oh shit. I should have kept my mouth shut," Anders said reluctantly. "Well, it wasn't one of the cousins although I have to admit that I dreamt about a few. No, it was a grown woman. But that's a long story," he continued sounding a little proud and then got quiet.

"Come on tell us. At least give us a short version. The rest you can tell me later. I will squeeze it out of you," his wife said. It was now obvious that she was both tipsy and horny.

"All right, all right," Anders gave in. "Well it happened on one of those rare occasions when you Eric wasn't around. It was only Gunnar and I staying that week. Grandma had hired Lena to take care of the cattle while she picked berries and made jam and fruit syrup. It was a woman grown up in the neighbourhood but working in town. I guess she was in her late twenties, ordinary looking with a very direct manner. She was put up with us on the loft.

Well, in the morning I found out that she had been sl**ping in the nude which of course was very exciting. So in the evening Gunnar and I tried to sneak on her while she got ready for bed. But we got caught although she was very relaxed about it. She set up a few rules including that sneaking was forbidden. On the other hand we were free to watch her. Oh, I forgot to tell that when she caught us she was stark naked and she still was when she scolded at us standing in front of us hands on hips."

There was a sharp intake of breath from Anders wife which made him to stop. She looked flustered. "No, no don't stop, go on. What a slut," she said.

"Well, she went to bed and left us both confused and horny. She found out that we had jacked off during the night after watching her. She accused us the following evening and we had to admit. Then she did something incredible. She jacked off both of us sitting on a foot-stool stark naked landing our come on her bare boobs."

"Oh that was really sluttish," Anders wife broke in panting hard. "Go on, you still haven't got laid."

"The following day we worked hard and were told to clean up under that outdoor shower behind the barn. Lena, that was her name, shocked us not only by joining us in the shower but also to tell us to soap her up. We were allowed to caress all over her body. It was lovely. She even got an orgasm when I caressed her pussy and Gunnar worked on her boobs. Well, I had no idea about orgasms at that time of course but understood that she liked very much being fondled in certain places. Then she jacked us off. It was just lovely especially as it happened so unexpected.

That evening she made us come again. Only that this time she took it a bit further by using her mouth. She got off herself when I fondled her breasts and pussy while she was sucking Gunnar."

"Oh my goodness. Did she suck you both at the same time? What a tart. She must have become messy with all that come," Anders wife exclaimed sounding shocked but also excited.

"Well, yes, she took turns on us but towards the end she focused on me first using hands and mouth. Then she did Gunnar while I fondled her. No, she didn't get messy, she swallowed it all not spilling a drop," Anders said casually.

"I thought you were going to tell us how you got laid. You are far from that," Elisabeth said a little breathlessly. I noticed that her eyes were shining.

"Oh well, I was coming to that," Anders said. "But all right, let me make a long story short. I will skip how it happened that she made me come between her big boobs and how I creamed between her thighs pressing against her clit while she cried out of pleasure. But let me assure you that both these things were essential for how it happened that I was allowed into her capable pussy. What I want to say is that it wasn't just a short, one time happening but a series of events that led to the final thing. But I don't think that she planned anything. She just did what came natural to her and was guided by her own lust. I now understand that she was a very orgasmic woman." Anders looked at his wife who looked down blushing.

"Well, Lena should leave after milking on the Saturday. I followed her to the loft when she went to change. Gunnar was away helping Grandpa. I openly watched her getting undressed and walk around in the nude as she had allowed us to do. I guess that it was a turn on for her as well. After a while she asked mockingly what I wanted although it was obvious but she wanted to tease. I guess she was as horny as I.

Well, she stopped before me smiling broadly and asked if I wanted to come in her mouth or between her breasts. I was suddenly bold enough to ask if she would take me in between her thighs like the night before. She readily agreed and without fuss took position at the railing where I had stood. I grabbed her hips and pushed in from behind and started to move back and forth along her wet slit. It didn't take her long to come. But then she was very horny and wanted the real thing. She pushed me backwards and spread her legs and then pulled me forward again. The path into her heaven was well lubricated and I slid easily all the way into her. She came twice, the second time just after I did. It was lovely."

"Did she let you do it from behind and standing up? How selfish and sluttish of her. You had deserved more cuddling and sweetness being the first time," his wife broke in sounding more excited and caring than chocked.

"Well, as I said before, I don't think she thought or planned in advance. She just let things happen steered by sheer lust. And I didn't complain. It was heavenly and she looked gorgeous from behind leaning over the railing."

"I have met Lena," I broke in. "She was back more summers helping Grandma. She wasn't shy, slept in the nude and got naked when she changed. I especially remember that she wore no panties under her working clothes."

"Oh, so she took on more of you cousins. Maybe all of you got the first experience between her thighs. It seems that she was very ready to spread them. Sluttish if you ask me," Anders wife snarled.

"Well no, I never got invited I am afraid. Too young perhaps. And I saw no signs that anybody else got to savour her charms. So you were very lucky Anders," I answered. He looked proud.

"Well yes I guess so. I don't know because it was my last summer on the farm. Want to hear the rest," he said trying to catch our attention. "Well, we did it again onla short while after the first time."

"Oh goodness gracious me. Hadn't she got enough? What a sex maniac." The wife exploded but there were much excitement in her voice. "But tell us, what happened."

"Well, Lena shrugged me off her back as soon as she had calmed down. She said she was pleased though before she went to the wash room. I slumped down on my bed utterly happy. When Lena came back she leaned over me and took my limp cock in her mouth. She had done that before. Well, I got hard in her mouth which surprised her and made her happy. She withdrew and asked if I wanted to do it again. Of course I did but she didn't wait for my answer. She went back sucking me to full hardness. Then she mounted me and without any preamble impaled herself on my cock. She did a lot of pleasant things coming twice. Then she put in another gear and rode me strongly until we both came. . . . She said afterwards that she was very pleased with me," Anders said very proudly.

There was a stunned silence.

"Well, she had every reason to be. You made her come very nicely five . . . no, six times in short order and that being your first time. Yes, you had every reason to be proud of yourself." It was Elisabeth who suddenly broke her silence sounding impressed. Anders looked proud.

"Well, it's getting late. Bedtime. Coming Anders?" his wife commanded. "Good night, I hope you will sl**p well on that loft," she added looking at Elisabeth. She smiled sweetly back at her. Anders reluctantly followed when his wife hurried upstairs.

"Well, he has to prove a thing or two tonight, hasn't he," Elisabeth said menacingly and broke into laughter. "Well, she is right. It really is time for bed."

Elisabeth rose and busied herself a couple of minutes by tiding up the kitchen. We heard giggles from upstairs and muffled laughs from Anders wife when the old bed creaked. Elisabeth smiled knowingly at me.

We went out on the porch and stood for a while enjoying the nice night. It was still warm but with chilly streaks.

"You go ahead. I can wait outside until you are tucked in if you want," I said.

"Don't be silly. We are grown up's, aren't we? We have been together in the loft so many times in the past. There is no reason for being shy. Come on, let's go," she said laughingly.

Up on the loft Elisabeth opened her bag and took out bed sheets. Then she hesitated and looked at me.

"I wonder if there still are bed sheets in that closet," she said and walked over to the built in cupboard where grandma always had kept the linen. "Oh yes there are. And they still have that smell of summer and the herbs grandma put in. I will use on of these. It will be lovely."

I helped her make up the bed she had chosen in the girls' part of the room. There was no dividing lining any more but old habits stuck. I remembered that it had been her favourite bed when she had had the chance to choose.

When we were finished Elisabeth looked at me and smiled. I got the meaning and went over to my bed. I busied myself by unpacking my suit to wear on the funeral putting it on a hanger and arrange my bedroll. By the time I was finished I heard Elisabeth walk to the tiny wash room. I got ready for bed myself but kept my shorts on.

Elisabeth came out dressed in bra and panties. She flashed me a smile when she walked over to her bed.

When I had brushed my teeth Elisabeth was tucked in with the bed sheet up to her neck.

"Come and sit over here. Let's talk some more. I don't feel like going to sl**p just yet," Elisabeth said and patted the bed beside her. "Remember all the fun we have had in the past? We were so many cousins in summertime staying in the farm, there were nearly always a bunch to play with.

"Oh yes, and the two of us were here more than most. You were just like the older s****r I never had. Very comforting, you really took care of me."

"Well yes, I took care of you. But not only in the s****rly way," Elisabeth said and giggled softly. "Remember what we did in this room? In this very bed in fact."

"Yes, of course. That's something I will never forget. It was so . . . so unexpected and lovely. You really were kind to me."

"Remember how it all started? We were alone, no other k**s staying just then. You were already in bed breathing heavily. After reading on my bed for a while I went to the wash room feeling that it was safe wearing only panties and bra. After washing I should take my nightie on but discovered that I had forgotten it. I was naked and didn't feel like dressing again. Since you had been asl**p I took my chances to take the few steps to my bed in the nude. But you weren't asl**p, on the contrary. As soon as I came out I felt your stares on me. Well, I walked as fast as I could to my bed feeling embarrassed but also a little excited." Elisabeth said giggling.

"You looked so lovely," I said. "It was the first time I had had a good look of a naked girl. There had been glimpses before of course. Couldn't be avoided when we slept so many in the same room. But I also got the feeling that you didn't dislike being watched."

"No that's true. I got turned on but nothing more happened until the next evening."

"Yes, you really surprised me then. Suddenly you stood by my bed looking down at me. And you asked if I wanted to see you again. Of course I wanted that. Under one condition you said. You wanted to see me as well. That was only fair, you said. And then you pulled the hem of your nightie over your head and stood naked beside me."

"Oh yes, I remember how your eyes became like saucers. They darted all over me. I felt naughty but also thrilled and very excited." Elisabeth smiled lustfully at me.

"And then you leaned over and pulled my bed sheets away. I was already hard. You looked at me for a little while then suddenly tugged at my pyjama bottom wriggling it down until my cock came free and being very hard."

"I felt very bold doing it. It was the first time for me too. I had never before seen a hard cock. My first reaction was that it looked funny." Elisabeth giggled softly. "Then I don't know what came over me. My hand moved on its own and touched your cock. I examined it carefully. When I pulled the foreskin backwards you grunted. I thought that it hurt so I pulled it forward again which made you pant hard. I tried doing it again looking at your face. There was no pain but a pleasured expression so I went on pulling the foreskin back and forth. You panted hard and then suddenly you creamed in my hand."

"It was lovely. I still remember the feeling of your hand jacking my cock for the first time and how you milked all of it out of me. I was in heaven."

"Yes, you really looked like you were. I felt both awkward and relieved not knowing what to do with the handful of come. I think I went to wash it off."

"Yes you did. And then you came back still in the nude but not looking like you cared. You moved so natural giving me a good look."

"Well, I had to come and get my nightie, hadn't I?" Elisabeth said giggling. "And then it happened again. I looked at your flaccid cock not understanding how it could be so small after being so long. I touched it and played with it and almost got scared when it started to grow in my hand. But I was also proud that I could make it hard. I started to jack like before. It took longer but in the end you again creamed in my hand. I was thrilled by my new knowledge and you looked so happy." Elisabeth laughed heartily.

"The next evening I was very anxious hoping that you wanted to do it again but not at all sure that it would happen. You teased me for quite a while but then you let it happen."

"No, I didn't tease you deliberately. I was very unsure what to do. I wanted too but also felt that it wasn't right. But well, I guess that I teased you when I made up my mind and went to the wash room in the nude."

"Yes, and you went back to your bed without saying anything and not even looking at me."

"But then I called you over, didn't I," Elisabeth said smiling broadly.

"Yes you did and when I came you lay naked on your bed. 'Fondle me,' you said and pulled my hand to your breast with closed eyes. And fondle you I did. To the best of my knowledge which of course wasn't much."

"Oh, it felt lovely. Your hands were so eager to explore my body. I loved that you spent so much time fondling my breasts. But when you went down my body I got nervous. Sifting through my bush felt nice but when you tried to go further down I got scared. It felt so good that I was afraid that I shouldn't be able to control myself. I wasn't prepared to let you have your way with me. That's why I pressed my thighs together. But it felt heavenly when you rocked the skin on my mound."

"So it was to put my mind on other things that you grabbed my cock and jacked me off? Not that I minded, I wanted that too. And after fondling you I was very hard."

"Well, maybe it was a way to turn your mind in another direction. But I wanted that too. I liked jacking you. You creamed so nicely all over my body in no time at all." Elisabeth laughed heartily.

"And then you did something incredible. After cleaning up you came back to your bed where I was slumping. You crouched over me and suddenly took my cock in your mouth."

"Oh yes. It was just an impulse, nothing planned. Your cock looked so cute and vulnerable after having been so long and hard so an urge came over me to console it. And taking you in my mouth came naturally. It was nothing I had thought about in advance. I still remember its nice taste. It was still come on it I guess. But then I nearly choked when it started to swell filling my mouth completely. I had to withdraw but I took the head back in again. It felt very nice to suck on it and you seemed to like it as well. You panted hard and grunted. And then suddenly it swelled even more and got real hard. I had no idea what that indicated but I found out moments later when you started to come in my mouth. There were several gushes welling out of your cock and filling my mouth and throat. There was nothing else to do than to try to swallow to avoid being choked. I think I did rather well although some of it spilled out. But it came so sudden."

"It was a tremendous feeling to be sucked by you. I of course had no idea that it could be done that way. It really turned me on."

"Yes, I felt that. You came so hard. But then you got very sl**py. You stumbled to your own bed and fell asl**p instantly." Elisabeth laughed at the memory. "I was a little disappointed though but I wanted to do it again. It was a turn on for me too. So the next evening I called you over to my bed again."

"Oh yes, you did but only after having teased me. You lay on your bed for an eternity in bra and panties before you went to the wash room. But when you eventually went there you were braless and when you came back out completely naked. You were lovely to watch. But then it got heavenly."

"Yes, I wanted to be fondled and had an idea how to reduce the risk. So I jacked you off as soon as you were standing at my bed and then pulled you down to fondle me. And this time I let you fondle my pussy. I wanted to get my clit caressed and you did it quite satisfactory I must say." She giggled. "You made me come and it was much better than when I frigged myself. And I was reassured. You didn't try to **** me although you got hard again although I felt that you wanted to enter me."

"Yes of course. But you told me that was forbidden. And I was satisfied with your promise to suck my cock later on. Which you did heavenly after you had come."

"It was nice to suck you being very content myself. It was a soft turn on. But the next evening I wanted a little more so when I sucked you I placed myself so that you could fondle me at the same time until we both came. It was lovely." She purred and kissed the palm of my hand.

"And then we discovered a safe way to take it a bit further," I said.

"Oh my goodness, yes. It was just by chance," Elisabeth exclaimed." I will never forget that night. It started as usual that you lay on your bed watching me getting undressed. When I returned from the wash room in the nude I lay down on my bed. And then I softly called for you to come over. And you came, naked and ready with your cock jutting in front of you. It had become a lovely habit to calm you down before going to sl**p. Well, not exactly what a s****r is supposed to do, is it?"

Elisabeth laughed happily and took my hand.

"Well, I grabbed you and you came rather quickly in my hand. But I knew that it wasn't enough to calm you for the night. So I took your soft cock in my mouth and sucked it back to hardness. You always were so quick to recover and get ready again. It was so lovely to feel the cock grow in my mouth knowing that it was for me. Then you came, filling my mouth with fresh, spicy seed moaning of pleasure. I savoured it not wasting anything and making sure to get every drop out of you. I kept you in my mouth gently sucking until you were totally limp. Oh, I remember it just as if it was yesterday."

Elisabeth got quiet lost in memories with a happy smile on her face. I wasn't unaffected either. My cock had swelled under her telling.

"I knew that you were totally spent after two rounds and that you wanted to sl**p. I felt very content too but I wanted to cuddle some more. So for the first time I let you sl**p in my bed. It was a very warm night so I decided to skip the nightie. I lay on my side with you close behind me and I pulled your arm around me making sure that you cupped my breast. Then we both fell asl**p."

"Yes, I remember how lovely it was to lie behind your soft body drifting into sl**p. Of course all of it was lovely but the new was to be allowed to stay in your bed," I said.

"I woke up in the middle of the night. Something was poking my ass. I realized that it was your hard cock that had found its way in between my buttocks poking around. I wasn't alarmed though. I knew that boys get erect several times during the night. I was sure that it would go away and it felt good. So I drifted into half sl**p. I guess that I squirmed around a little pressing against you. The next thing I know was a feeling that my ass was penetrated by something. I squirmed and felt my ass being filled some more. I realized that your cock head had slid into me without any resistance. Well, you weren't very big at that time, you were long enough but rather slim. So it was easy to enter my butt hole."

Elisabeth looked at me with a pleased smile.

"Well, I didn't know what to do. My first reaction was to push you out but I realized that it felt good. I pushed my butt backwards to get more into my ass. You woke up and stretched out which made the cock to slide all the way into me. I pulled your arm around me to avoid that you were pushed out. You really got surprised when you realized where your cock was buried." Elisabeth giggled heavily and pulled my hand to her face.

"We started to move slightly trying to find out what to do. It didn't take long until we found a way to make it very pleasant. You grabbed my hips and made sure not to slide out when you moved your cock in my ass. I met your thrust eagerly. It felt heavenly and for the first time I felt an orgasm build up with a cock inside my body. I came in a shuddering orgasm that was far stronger than I had experienced before when you just fondled me. When my orgasm was winding down you started to spurt hot seed deep in my ass. It felt heavenly and my orgasm was prolonged until you finished coming."

She kissed the palm of my hand lost in thoughts. She looked happy.

"Yes, it was heavenly. And you kept me inside your ass for a long time by flexing your sphincter muscle hard around the base of my cock prolonging my hardness."

"Did I? I can't remember that I did it by will. But I was happy that you stayed hard for so long inside me. Well, that wasn't exactly s****rly love, was it?" She laughed happily.

"After that we slept fitfully the rest of the night. In the morning you asked me shyly if it had really happened or if it was a dream. Do you remember? I assured you that the way my butt hole felt it certainly had happened."

"Yes, and I could hardly wait to the evening. It seemed that you never wanted to go to bed." I said. Elisabeth laughed out.

"But grandma asked me if I wasn't feeling well when I said that I should go to bed. It was about an hour earlier than normal. You were hovering outside waiting for me. I deliberately took my time getting ready for bed moving around in different grades of undress. When I came back out from the wash room in the nude you were more than ready with a very hard cock. You exploded more or less instantly when I grabbed it." She laughed but kindly.

"Oh yes, it was very embarrassing. I had dreamt all day about how it would feel to enter your ass being aware of it all the time. I thought I had blown my chances, pun intended," I said, joining her in the laugh.

"But you got hard quickly again when I took your limp cock in my mouth for the second round. And you stayed longer this time, much longer. I had to work hard to make you come."

"Yes, and it was lovely. As I remember it you took me to the brink then calmed us down and you did it several times. No other woman has done it so skilfully to me and you were so young at that time."

"Oh, thank you," Elisabeth said and giggled. "Yes, you are right. I was totally inexperienced. You were my first in everything. I did only what came natural to me. I am happy that you liked it. I love to do it and the men I have sucked afterwards also seem to like it. Not that many though, mind you." She laughed happily.

"Well, I remember it clearly. You came so hard in my mouth and so fast that I had trouble to swallow without spilling," she continued. She looked happily at me and we sat quiet for some time remembering.

"When your cock had left my mouth you just stood by my bed waiting. I saw in your eyes that you wanted to sl**p in my bed again and I wanted it too. But I put on a night dress." She got quiet again. A smile trickled in the corner of her mouth.

"Yes, you did and I was a little disappointed. I was of course happy to be allowed to sl**p with you but I guess I had hoped that you would be naked as the night before. Not that I really expected to be let into your ass again but to feel your naked skin against mine and to hold your naked breast. But of course I climbed in behind you and the nightie was thin so it felt nice anyway."

"Yes, and it turned out that it wasn't in the way. You ended up with your cock deep in my ass."

"Well yes. We fell asl**p but I woke up later in the night. Suddenly I felt that your ass was naked. The nightie must have eased up. I got hard instantly and wriggled around to get my cock in between your buttocks. I was lucky. You wriggled in your sl**p and my cock easily got in position with the head against your ass hole. I pressed forward, lightly at first and then with more f***e when you didn't seem to wake up. When suddenly you wriggled your body the head slid into you. I pushed on when you woke up and pushed back making my cock to slide all the way inside. You cried out asking what I was doing but then seemed to accept the situation. It became a very nice butt fuck."

"You think that was how it happened?" Elisabeth said laughingly. "I will tell you the true story. I staged the whole thing. I soon regretted having put the nightie on. It was so nice to feel your body against mine. So under the first part of the night I eased the nightie out of the way up around my waist. You obviously didn't notice. Then I woke up when you started to poke my ass and wriggled to help you to get into position. I tried to relax my sphincter muscle and wriggled my ass to get you inside. Then I faked waking up but made sure that you were secured deep inside me before I cried out claiming ignorance. Oh, I loved the feeling having my ass filled up. And then we fucked and your warm seed felt fantastic gushing into me. I came so hard."

"Oh, was that what happened? I have always thought that I with some luck managed to get inside your ass before you woke up. But it explains what happened the next evening."

"Yes indeed. I wanted you in me and didn't want to wait until later in the night. So I started to take you in my mouth to take the edge off. Inexperienced as I was I did understand though that you would come quickly if I let you into my ass directly. I think you got a nice blow job to start with that night. Afterwards I let you rest for a little while but you got really interested when I told you that I wanted you in my ass. You fondled me so nicely that I came under your hand. But then you were ready again. I had an idea and told you to stand up beside the bed. I stood on my knees and you probed my ass from behind. When your cook found the target hole I told you to grab my hips and press forward. I used all my will power to relax my ass muscles and after a while your cock head slipped in widening my hole. Then you pushed deeper inside filling up my canal. It became a lovely ass fuck. I came twice, the second time when you deposited your hot seed deep in me. Lovely it was."

"I can only agree. And the best and a real turn on was that it was deliberate from your side. No hiding and no feeling that it happened by accident. No, you wanted it and showed it openly and I felt that you had planned for it knowing exactly how you wanted it. Your body also showed that it liked it, shivering and shuddering when you came screamingly. Do you know that you got quite noisy?"

"Did I? Well, I wasn't aware of it then but I know that I have become quite a screamer. It's lovely when one can be totally uninhibited. If not it's little of a hold back. And my partners usually like it as much as you obviously did."

"Yes, I liked it very much. Made me feel like a good lover. I think that night meant a lot for me later in life. The memory always reassures me that I can satisfy a woman taking the nervousness away."

"Oh, I am so happy for you although that effect wasn't on my mind then. But perhaps that was the s****rly love part. The rest certainly wasn't." Elisabeth giggled heavily.

"That was a magic night, wasn't it?" Elisabeth said after a pause. "I had no inhibitions to let us sl**p together stark naked. You curled up behind me holding me tight with a hand around my breast. In early morning you were ready again. I had been awake and waiting for quite some time when you woke up. It felt like your cock found its way to my ass hole on its own. It was ready to let you in. I think you were inside before you were really awake. We took it slowly at first wanting to feel close to each other but after some time we speeded up. It became fantastic. I had been waiting and came rather quickly when you started to really move in my ass. Then I came again when you figured out how to fondle my clit while fucking my ass canal. My final orgasm was like an earth quake and came when I felt your cock tremble inside me and the warmth of your seed in my intestines. It was just lovely." She got quiet lost in thoughts.

"Oh yes, I agree. I felt like in heaven to wake up like that with my cock already inside. But the sad thing was that it was the last time. Other cousins came that afternoon and we got no chance to be alone any more. But I was dreaming and hoping all the time that we should get another chance and that you should give up and allow me to enter your virgin pussy. But my rational sense told me that you wouldn't. Maybe you were of the opinion that cousins shouldn't do it. When we parted that summer I still hoped though. Maybe next summer I thought. And then there was no next summer. We both got real jobs and didn't stay like that on the farm anymore. c***dhood was definitely gone. I lost hope that I would be allowed to make love to you."

"Yes, it was sad, I felt so too." Elisabeth said quietly and looked intently at me then laughed out. "My mother always says; 'never give up hope' when she changes men which happens every so often." She stopped and looked away.

"You know, we could take it up where we stopped that summer," she said softly. "Both of us are free to do what we want at the moment. That we are cousins don't bother me the least and never has." She stopped and looked at me with an uncertain smile on her face. She slowly pulled back the bed sheets. She was laying nude in the bed. "That is if you still want me. Or were you only polite?" She giggled nervously.

I was speechless. I guess that my mouth fell open when I watched the naked body. She was beautiful. More mature compared to when I last saw her but that definitely was to the better.

"Well, how will it be? Am I still to your liking? I am no virgin anymore and don't have the body of the twenty year old. But I am much more experienced and know that I can take you for a memorable ride." She laughed throatily looking steadily at me.

My hands moved on its own, one to her face and the other to her belly starting to caress her.

"I take that as a yes. I am so happy. You know, I have thought of nothing else since I got summoned to this gathering. That's why I came already today. Come to me, come."

I moved and lay beside her. We hugged and clung to each other. After a while we started to caress each other. The old intimacy came back. We caressed each other all over without any inhibitions. We took turns caressing with one of us lying face down. Elisabeth teased me by caressing my ass hole and suddenly drilled her finger in to the first knuckle making my cock to twitch. She laughed loudly of joy. Suddenly she turned around with her back to me and pulled my hand to her breast.

"Remember? That's how you held me our last night together. It was so lovely then . . . and still is. Your cock pokes me so lovely just as it used to do. If only I had dared to do like this in that time. But it was too risky. You could easily push into me." She lifted her thigh and put my cock along her slit. "Oh my goodness, yes, that feels lovely." She rocked back and forth making my cock to slide along her slit. She pressed her thighs together pushing my cock deeper in her slit and harder against her clit. She moaned of delight. Suddenly a spasm went through her body and she cried out clasping her thighs hard around my cock.

She turned around beamingly and kissed me. Then she rolled on her back in a very indecent position with widely spread thighs.

"Come, come and do what you wanted so much twenty years ago. Come and take me. Come, I am all yours," she called laughing throatily. I hesitated slightly which she immediately noticed. "Don't worry, I am on the pill and we can trust each other. Come and enjoy. I want to feel your seed splash as deep in my pussy as it did in my ass. Now come."

I needed no further encouragement. In no time I was between her open thighs with my cock poking her welcoming opening. She heaved upwards when I pushed down and she laughed out very pleased when I slid deep into her pussy. She held me tight with her hands clasping my buttocks.

"Finally, oh my goodness, finally you are there, finally you are where I have wanted to accommodate you all these years, finally you are deep in my pussy my darling Lars. Fuck me, please fuck me like I have longed for so long," she exclaimed. I felt her pussy tighten around my cock and her hands slid from my buttocks to my hips pushing upwards. I started to move.

It felt heavenly in her pussy. It was smooth like velvet and nicely wet giving just the right friction. She supported me with a skill no woman had done before anticipation my movements and adjusting her own to get the most lovely effect out of each one. And she had been right. There were loud sounds and shrieks coming from deep inside her supporting and acknowledging what we did. I realized that she was riding on the wave of a strong orgasm. That knowledge made me relax and just enjoy her lovely body feeling my own orgasm build up. She cried out loudly when my first shot hit her back wall and kept on crying out as long as my seed gushed into her. When I had emptied it all she put her legs around my waist keeping me deep inside. Her pussy rippled along my cock milking the last drops out of it.

"Heavenly," she whispered. "Oh my goodness, how I have longed for this to happen. I want to keep you in my pussy for ever. It feels so good. You make me so happy. It was the best ever. Stay on top of me. It feels so lovely with your weight on top of me."

She pulled me down to rest not allowing me to take the weight from my upper body away from her. She pushed her breasts up from the sides to be mauled under my chest. It was lovely and I dozed off.

When I woke up she was gone. I lay in her bed not knowing where she was or what to do. But then she came out from the wash room. She looked lovely walking towards me in the nude. She was in the prime of her first mature age with nicely rounded forms. Her hips were wide and her belly nicely rounded. The full breasts were still firm swinging nicely. The triangle bush topping her thighs was dark and rich but well trimmed and brushed to shine. There were long legs with good looking thighs. Suddenly she stopped and turned around slowly showing a real nice round ass. I looked up on her smiling face.

She took the few remaining steps with exaggerated movements rolling her hips. She stopped at the end of the bed looking down at me.

"You are awake? Had a good nap I hope. Now I want to find out if you are as fit and eager as you were in those times," she said laughing throatily.

Without saying anymore she knelt at my side and kissed her way down my body. She took the whole of my limp cock into her mouth and her hand played with my balls. It felt nice and the cock started to swell. I thought that she had to ease it out as it grew and got hard but no, she let it expand deeper in her mouth and down into her throat. I heard her breathe hard through her nose. She did very little sucking just massaged the shaft with hr tongue and the head with her throat. Again she did things I had never before experienced which I told her. Although she was concentration on my cock she lit up and looked pleased.

Suddenly she withdrew from my cock. She sat up smiling broadly and straddled my legs. She looked at me inquiringly for a little while.

"Are you thinking what I think you are thinking?" She suddenly asked casually. "I think that you are thinking about being let into my ass like in the old times? . . . Well, I would prefer not to but if you want it very much I will let you. But you have to beg heavily for it," she said gravely but then she started to giggle. "The pussy is so much better I have found out. You can have a lot of fun in there, much more than in the ass. And besides, your cock isn't slim anymore, on the contrary. It was an asparagus then. It takes a much more experienced butt fucker than me to enjoy this fatty in the ass. In the pussy it's quite another thing. I will love to have it back in there again." She squeezed my cock affectionately.

"Yes, I have to admit that I was thinking about how lovely it was in your ass back then. But I am not going to beg for it when you don't want it. What you just said about the abilities of your pussy made me very curious. Please show me," I said putting my hand over her mound and rocking her firm flesh. It made her giggle heavily.

She sat looking down at me for quite a while. Maybe she was making up her mind how to proceed because suddenly her face broke up in a lustful grin. She raised and eased her body forward until she squatted over my cock. She grabbed it and used the cock head to caress all along her slit. After a while she got motionless and then slowly positioned the cock at her entrance.

Suddenly she cried out and pushed down hard impaling herself on my stiff cock. With a few thrusts she oiled the shaft and then sat down firmly on me making my cock to bottom out in her. She cried out again when it did. A cry of lust and joy.

She sat still while I slowly caressed her body from toes to head. She leaned down and kissed me, a long lingering kiss. Suddenly I felt very light movements of her pussy along my cock. She didn't break the kiss but the movements got stronger and slowly picked up speed. Still leaning down with her tongue playing with mine she raised her buttocks and started to slide up and down my cock very slowly but taking it to the limit. My cock nearly slipped out of her before she pushed down again. She went on like that slowly speeding up and shortening the strokes. Her pussy changed all the time being narrow or slack. It felt heavenly.

I caressed what I could reach of her body, the back and buttocks mostly

Suddenly she broke the kiss and sat up. She started to ride furiously and heavy sounds came from inside her. I moved my hands to her breasts and clit pinching the nipples hard and pressing firmly on her clit. She cried out and her body shook uncontrollable. She lost her pace and sank down on me until her orgasm subsided. The contorted expression on her face was replaced by a content smile.

"Now that was excellent for a starter wasn't it? You like to be in my pussy, don't you? Well, there is more to come, hold on" she said laughing happily.

And then she started to ride again. She changed mode and tempo all the time and varied the pressure and friction from her pussy on my cock. She took me to the brink several times but then slowed down giving me a breather to calm down. I think she got series of small orgasms from her doings. Maybe I helped her as well by caressing her breasts and clit. Her nipples also changed back and forth from protruding and hard to soft in line with her orgasms.

Suddenly I felt that she put in a new gear. I looked up and there was an inward smile on her face. She looked very concentrated. I felt her pussy muscles grip the base of my cock and then she moved her hips in a circular motion making my cock head to whisk around deep inside her pussy. She kept on giving herself a thorough internal rubbing and my cock head a strong treatment. I felt my libido rise quickly.

Elisabeth changed track again. She had moaned lustfully while whisking my cock head around inside her pussy. Now she started to slide up and down my cock panting hard. There were also cries. Her pussy tightened around my cock holding it firmly, at times it was so narrow that she had to f***e herself downward. It felt heavenly and I grabbed her hips for help. But after a few strokes she put my hands back on her breasts and clit. I got the message and concentrated on her three protruding knobs pinching the nipples hard and pressing on the clit with a small circular twist. She cried out and her ride got frantic bouncing up and down on me with short strokes.

She kept on panting and crying out and I felt the familiar tingling in my loins. I heaved my ass up against her bouncing bottom wanting to get as deep inside as possible. When I started to come she cried highly keeping the tune and sat down on me. Her pussy rippled along my cock milking it and strengthening the gushes hitting her pussy walls. The cry was now a high pitch tune that slowly died away after my spurts ended. Her pussy kept on rippling along my cock long after it had milked the last drops out. The pussy again held the base of my cock in a firm grip keeping it deep inside her. There also were slow circular movements to whisk the cock head around. It was like she wanted to have the pussy walls caressed and the come spread all over. But then everything stopped and she sat motionless on top of me.

We looked at each other and a broad content smile spread on her face. She took my face between her hands and leaned down to kiss. She rolled off me and lay at my side. She bubbled of happy laughter.

"Lovely, just lovely. So much more and better than I could have done with my ass. No muscles in there you know. I just love the way your fatty spreads me. . . . Oh, I am feeling so well, so content, so happy. . . . Think about it. After all these years our dreams have come true. And how lovely wasn't it. . . .My mother is right, never give up hope." She giggled heavily and we hugged.

I never used my bedroll. It was never questioned that we should sl**p together. Her breast felt lovely in my hand, bigger and softer than I remembered it. And in the wee hours the inevitable happened. My cock got hard and poked her in the ass. But in her sl**p she just lifted her leg and placed my cock along her slit and closed her thighs around it. I drifted into sl**p again. The urge wasn't pressing and there was plenty of time until morning. She would no doubt welcome me into her velvet heaven when she woke up. And until then my cock was well accommodated.

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1 year ago
That was fucking fantastic bra; ya never cease ta blow my mind and imagination. Yer works' are most defiantly my favorites, that much I'm pretty sure I can guarantee. Hope ya are continuously inspired and driven by our thoughts on yer works'; ta continue on and post even more excellent pieces.
1 year ago
It's is certainly a fucking shame the cousin incetual and sexual love connection was never repeated after that one night! And even worse it happened after twenty years of young fondling and shit-fucking and adolescent foreplay; but the real lovers love of pussy fucking never occured until that one night, several times.

A very nice and sensual cousins love story, it's well written with a very nice theme; also allowed to relive old memories from twenty years prior!