It had never been my intention to move back home after I had moved out to an aunts house at s*******n due to my parents having a vicious divorce. But my aunts place turned out even worse as she had a d***kard for a boyfriend. And she tried using me as her own personal ther****t twenty hours a day...

So I worked my but off and got a place of my own a year later which really wasn't easy at eighteen let me tell you. The economy having gone to shit. Times were hard at the moment, for everyone. Having not graduated from high school yet to much stress and crap grades, and due to a friend I had managed to land a fairly decent job in construction and opted to try for a GED immediately my junior year.

The problem with that was, when money for jobs dried up, there were layoffs. And I was amongst the first to be let go. Unable to afford the rent any longer, I looked at my watch to see it was May 12 at 2AM when my dickhead for a land lord evicted me. For fucks sake he could have at least waited till the sun came up.

I had no choice but to ask my folks if I could come back home to live with one of them until I could find another job and get back onto my feet again. Dad bluntly refused wanting absolutely nothing to due with "That bitch!" or her c***d ever again before slamming the phone down. He was so angry he missed the receiver cradle twice before he disconnected.

I hadn't spoken to mother since the divorce took place. Calling and asking her rewarded me with the other end of the emotional spectrum, she was gushing with excitement. Telling me how much she missed me and loved me and that I should come home asap, it would have been a very long conversation but I ran out of my last quarters for the pay phone.

Looking down at the last f******n cents in my hand. I said out loud. "Mothers birthday is coming up in a bit and what the hell kind of present am I going to buy her with this?"


When I arrived there was three small little problem's. First the down stairs bedroom I had two and a half years ago had undergone the process of being expanded into a very large computer office and entertainment music room. It pissed me off when I first saw it sitting there in the corner with a thick layer of dust covering it, what had happened?.

Oh how Mother had loved playing her cello and singing with the voice of angels at all odd hours day and night when not busy with work, another one of the divorce reasons was despite mothers near masterful talent. It turned out that after a particularly nasty bought of screaming & ranting and the bastard slapping her again she had stopped playing entirely the day I had left home due to the fact Dad could never stand most music and royally hated that cello....

The house itself was a medium two bedroom with a large vaulted ceiling, master bedroom with veranda over looking the entire backyard, lavish upstairs master sauna-shower and jacuzzi tub. The basic downstairs restroom at this point was a mess and wasn't working right, decent sized kitchen with a white marble island range and dinning counter.

The biggest perk being the location, for extra spending cash mother had been a part time realtor before and a little after I was born, saw it and just fell in love with it. It was at the end of a culdesac with a massive yard, lots of trees around and out back and only two other houses near by but no nosy neighbors being about ten minutes outside the city limits. For the time being till something else could be figured out I found myself sl**ping on a heap of blankets in the music room floor. I no longer had the privacy of a closed door. At least I still had a place for my close as the old closet was not in use yet.

Second problem, I hadn't really been aware of until coming back home was handed to me later that night as a two page long fix it list of house and yard repair's. Dad had been one lazy bastard and managed to avoid anything and everything even remotely resembling the word 'work'.

As for me, I may look just like dad but my personality is an identical copy of mothers. I'm a workaholic and was growing seriously restless myself the first three days home.

Unemployment, gives one to much time to think about what's missing. It seemed like a lifetime had passed since I'd even been out on the two unsuccessful date attempts I had tried during high school.

Hooker maybe? I couldn't afford it for one thing, and for another even the idea wasn't safe these days. I'd been too busy working up until recently to even think about dating or meeting anyone decent. God being a virgin totally suck's ass I thought then realized I was being a bit moody myself one particular evening, though the honest to gods truth was, I was simply horny period. A continuous raging hard on since it had happened.

Mom had stayed down in the living room with me a bit longer than usual watching TV. I was desperately waiting for her to go on up to bed so I could stretch out on the couch, put in a very specific x-rated movie I had gone out of my way to borrow from a past work friend that afternoon as the main actress porn star "Dita Von Teese " looked near identical to mother only the actress had small boob's, and then lay there in the semi-darkness and stroke myself off as many times as it took to solve this problem. But the part I was really struggling with, my own mother was overwhelmingly the cause of this hornyness, and that was eating at me too.

The really big third problem being, Mother still looked ridiculous fucking hot at thirty eight years old. Mom still wore her coal black hair down to her ass, and it looked great contrasting with her milky white skin. Not to mention the fact she also had a wicked large set of perky boobs with half inch pale pink nipples. I know because I'd accidentally seen them this very morning. After mowing half the extensive front lawn and raking old leaves up into four big black bags. I had gone upstairs to take a quick shower, saw the bathroom door partially open and assumed it was free.

I walked in just as she was getting out of the jacuzzi standing there with her long curvy right leg perched on a step drying it off with a small towel. Due to her efforts and slow caress's her massive H-cup breasts had been swaying in all the right ways. I glanced down to see her flawless ass and almost creamed myself.

Then she looked up and froze. The awkwardness of the moment, all she could do was stand there, then politely asking me to hand her the large bath towel, which I did. But not before getting a really good eye-full of her as she put her leg back down and stepped forward to take it from my hand. "Son" she said as she glanced downward her eyes going wide with a beautiful grin spreading across her face, She giggled out. "You should probably go change your pants the ones you wearing no long seem to fit properly..."

It took me a really long time to rip my eyes of her chest and body, look up with a bright red face and slowly backed out of the room. Heading down the hall two things suddenly hit me, One was something else id just seen the little pink surgery scar under her belly button from the c-section that birthed me long ago and more importantly her pussy was really, really tiny and well entirely shaved bald..... Just a perfect pink little slit. And the second thing that hit me was the wall I slammed into hard because I couldn't think straight from that point on.

So like I said earlier, mother was deliciously seriously stacked and that had been the image that had been seared into my brain that entire evening when she came down stairs to watch TV with me.

In the evening, we both tended to get 'comfy' as it were, which was no different than it had been years back. For me it consisted of just wearing shorts, jeans and socks around the house, which was never a problem. For mother, it was usually a pair of baggy casual sweat pants and one of dad's over sized dress shirts she had bought him but he never wore. But this particular evening, for whatever reason, she had come downstairs in an eye opening pair of near sheer front black lace thong panties and one of "My t-shirts!" that was stretched by her tits to near ripping totally molded around them revealing the shapely form of her breasts almost not hidden beneath it, her nipples causing small tents poking forward. She was also wearing a pair of my socks...

Trying to keep my eyes focused on the TV and not on her had been a monumental task, especially when I kept feeling my cock harden and had to constantly fight it back down again short of embarrassing myself. "I hope you don't mind my coming down here dressed like this," she'd stated. "But it's definitely your fault that I did" she said somewhat jokingly. It was obvious she knew she was dressed to distraction.

"Oh? And why's that?" I had asked.

"Because its laundry day and you forgot to take your clothes out of the washer," she told me. " So I had to in order to wash mine. And now they're waiting their turn in the dryer," she explained.

"God, sorry Mom!" I said realizing I had forgotten to do that. Doing ones own laundry had always been a rule back then, and I guess it still applied now. Not that I minded doing laundry as I had been doing my own for two plus years now. Then my face went red as I tried to come up with a believable excuse to explain the inordinate amount of used hankies I kept putting in there. It was that very thought which caused me to look over towards the counter table, and sure enough, there were my clothes all neatly folded and ready to be put away. Including an obvious stack of "goo-catchers" as I thought of them.

Mom followed my gaze over towards the stack on the table.

"You know Lance, it's funny, but I don't recall you running around blowing your nose all the time," she said with a really weird grin on her face. "Especially for all the hankies you seem to go through," she added.

I know my face went beet red, I could feel the heat in it, though words failed me. Especially when she sort of changed subjects, without really changing them. "Been a while since you've been out on a date hasn't it? You seeing anyone?" she then asked curiously.

"Ah no, I don't date," I answered feeling flustered. "No sense in it at the moment, couldn't afford to take anyone out now anyway, even if I did know a lady I could go out with. Which I don't.."

She sat in silence thinking about that for a few moments. "Yeah I understand, its really sort of hard being alone," she said just under her breath, but then I sensed she really wasn't talking about me any more.

Then she brightened and smiled looking at me. "So sometimes, we do whatever it is we need to do to get by in the meantime," she then once again reminded me to put my clean clothes away before going to bed, taking the conversation full circle.

"And speaking of which, I think I'll go ahead and go on up now," she told me. As expected, and as she usually did, mom leaned over to give me a kiss goodnight. We had always given quick peck kisses on the lips, so that wasn't so unusual. What was this time, she placed her hand to the right side of my chin in a soft caress and her lips lingered for several seconds longer than usual with lots of pressure. And I even found my eyes closed a bit longer afterwards, almost afraid to open them and see her looking at me. But by then she had already stood up and began to leave the room her gaze fixed on the stack of hankies as she went by them, stopping briefly in the hallway before heading upstairs.

She pointed back at me, "No more naughty free shows for you mister." she said laughingly "I'm moving the painting of the downstairs bathroom and get that plumbing working, moved to the top of the repair list" then she winked at me. "So don't plan on sl**ping in all morning, we've got work to do."

She smiled once again, and then finally climbed up the stairs. I sat there watching her until she was out of sight, admiring the tightness of her firm curvy ass movements trying to see the little black lace thong strip but only just the T was visible at the top, the rest of it completely invisible up her crack leaving that ass pretty much naked, the fullness of her somewhat hidden breasts swaying with each step upwards and away.

I waited just a few minutes then ran for the table my jeans dropping to my ankles before I even grabbed a hanky from the counter with my left hand my right one had my dick in a death grip and immediately used one of them making an impressive mess, then reminded myself to put the rest of my "hankies" away.

Forty minutes later. "Dumb ass," I thought to myself, once again feeling a little embarrassed though thankfully she hadn't come right out and pointed a finger at me for the stack of them. But I also knew, she knew damn well what I'd been using them for. That in fact made me laugh. I took another quick peek up the stairs, saw she had already turned off the lights on her way up to her bedroom. I then muted the sound on the TV just to be cautious, and inserted the Dita Von Teese x-rated movie I'd borrowed. It was in fact a pretty hot one and apparently her only foray into hardcore that I could find. I had finally settled down comfortably on the couch jeans and boxers around my ankles, cock in hand, stroking it again. At one point I thought I had heard something but was starting to really get into the movie so didn't even turn to look up back over the couch, as the lights upstairs where still off.

I went back to enjoying the feel my hand was giving my cock, after a while head tilted back not even watching what was playing on the TV. Letting my dreams run wild, I started imagining mom sitting at her cello naked; eyes closed playing an overly energetic and erotic song her arm and bow flailing wildly causing those perfect massive tit's to sway everywhere nipples erect from the vibrations of the precision instrument pressed directly against her sweetest spot between her legs. It was to much, to fucking hot! I couldn't handle my built up lust anymore "Oh God Mommie, I Love you so much!.." I groaned out loud and started spurting everywhere cumming so strong I over shot the second hankie completely, enjoying a glorious spurt, after which I lay there for a moment just basking in the afterglow when I heard one of the stairs floorboards creak loudly.

My eyes opened wide and I froze, when I slowly and finally turned around to look, but the light was still off and I couldn't see anything. But I also knew having heard it, that it had meant she was just coming down, or had just barely made it back up....

I hurriedly stuffed my still hungry prick back inside my jeans and then turned off the TV. No one came down the stairs however, so then I knew it had to have been mom going back up. It was obvious to me that she had most likely forgotten something and had come back down. No doubt she had then seen me sitting on the couch jerking off and definitely saw her near mirror image on the large HD screen engaged in pussy to pussy action involving a long black double ended dildo and other things with and two another blond women. Mortified, I could only sit there and imagine what all she'd seen, the bright lights from the screen painting me in all my blissful glory like a spot light, me pounding my cock in my hand.

Chaotic thoughts running through my mind. I decided to go upstairs and talk to her, though I wasn't honestly sure what it was I was going to say beyond some lame promise to not watch porn anymore or something. As I wiped up my mess on the couch and got up I heard the same creak in the floorboard as I stepped on it, reaching it. I frozen and moved my foot a couple more times repeating the noise. OH Shit! I thought.

It wasn't located up on the stair case like I initially guessed. It was only about fifteen feet away in the kitchen area. I walked into the main living room again and then looked up the stairs. I couldn't hear anything at first until I'd actually reached the landing.

When I did, it sounded like mom was crying, and I then found myself feeling even worse. I could see a light was still on beneath the door of her bedroom, when I approached it. I knocked lightly, still able to hear her, though even as I rapped on the door lightly twice, the sound I heard and now realized wasn't her crying after all. But it was something else entirely. She was moaning!

I don't know why on earth that I did it, but I cracked open the door ever so slightly and walked in about six feet from her bed and stopped cold. The light on her nightstand was on, the only source of light but it was a bright bulb for reading, making it easy to see her as I stood there, and likewise told me why she hadn't heard my first gentle rap's on the door either.

She had her head literally buried in the pillows, on her knees and one hand smashing the pillows over her to contain her sounds. With her full firm bare ass pointed right at me. And as amazing enough as that was, the fact her other hand was also desperately trying to shove the tip of a long clear four tipped glass crucifix shaped dildo with two blue swirls running through the center into herself, her pussy was just to small for it but finally she succeed and it began sliding in and out of her wet little pink slit.

With every inward thrust of the toy, this was gloriously pushing the bubbly white cream sliding back out of her pussy and it dribbled down her inner thigh. In seconds I felt my prick stiffening all over again. Boldly, as my mind turned to mush, I fished out my rapidly hardening cock and stood there stroking it, taking in the smell of her lustful actions as mom continued to pummel her pink dripping tiny cunt with the toy. The squishy liquefied sounds of her sweet cunt where easy to hear as she knelt there fucking herself silly.

The temptation to walk up behind her, joining her there on the bed, pull out the toy and insert my own cock instead and then filling her with a nice thick load of cum was almost beyond my control. But the fact she was indeed my mother kept me from actually doing so. Her panting increased at that point, her sighs and panting turned to out right loud and deep throated groans and even the thick pillows couldn't contain. Her ass twitching and spasming in the air alerting me to the fact she was rapidly approaching climax as I found I was for the third time in an hour.

When she came, she just didn't stop... Her toes curled and ass trashed around like crazy. Wetness sprayed backwards over her toy and legs. The pillow shifted from her spasms and I could see she had her eyes closed. She was biting a large chunk of her bedding with the pillow over her head but still didn't manage to entirely keep in her partially gagged scream of "I LOVE YOU TO SON!!...."

OMG! was the only thought in my head as I slammed my cock hard filling my left hand with spurting juices. Then I noticed something. That wasn't a hunk of bedding underneath her face and pillow it was the crotch portion of my smelly sweat drenched boxers I had been wearing that afternoon while mowing the lawn. She was using them for a gag, obviously she had swiped them from the laundry at some point.

As I saw her collapse in a heap on those massive squished breasts, I immediately and quietly closed the door, tiptoeing back down the hallway, down the stairs and soon after quietly washed my hand off in the kitchen sink. I just as she had; collapsed into my pile of blankets to pass out.


Despite mothers earlier warning I didn't awaken till noon, but along with that the aroma of a freshly brewed cup of coffee. I opened my eyes, seeing mom sitting on her music chair looking down at me in the music room sipping hers with another sitting on the coffee table waiting for me. I took a few extra moments waiting for my aching but again hard cock to go down some, and then rolled out of bed heading into the bathroom to relieve myself. When I returned, I walked back over to my make shift bed and sat down on the floor looking up at her.

Morning," I said simply reaching for and taking a sip from my cup. "And thanks."

"You're welcome sweetie," she said smiling, without a hint of anything on her face. She said nothing at all about catching me the night before, nor anything else for that matter either, so I was overwhelmingly relieved she hadn't heard or discovered me standing behind her in her bedroom.

"Sorry to wake you up so early, you lazy little boy" she k**ded with a grin. "But it's a vary warm breezy day for airing out the house while we work, and like I said, I wanted to get an early start on the bathroom before it becomes too unbearably stuffy to work in there. Guess we both over slept a bit..."

There was a long silence, her eyes lost in dreamy thoughts. Then she took another sip.

She was wearing her favorite work clothes, which I'd seen her wear several times years ago out in the yard. They consisted of an old now entirely ratty pair of my sweat pants, the pants she had cut off and made into shorts, almost to short as I'd often stare at the lower part of her firm ass cheeks when she'd bent over to garden. But even the sweat top she was wearing was sexily provocative. She had cut it off baring her midriff, the top just barely concealing those large breasts. The fact she was my own mother still didn't fail to get an appreciative look from me when I'd seen her in it the first time, but it was now even more so after what I'd seen the night before.

"Well? Shall we?" she asked standing up.

We'd already discussed that she'd hand paint the corners with the brush, and I would then follow behind with the roller, doing the bulk of the actual painting. I hadn't been too enthusiastic about doing this before, but suddenly now I was. Especially when she stood on the upper rungs of the ancient step ladder in order to reach the seams and corners were the wall and ceiling met as she painted. The ladder wobbled dangerously however on its unsteady legs.

"Would you mind holding the ladder for me while I do this?" she asked. I couldn't do much at the moment anyway, so agreed to and stood there holding onto it as she reached up to paint. As she did, I realized I could see the soft rounded fullness of her large bare breasts beneath the lose top. She hadn't worn a bra! I stood there wondering if she realized I could nearly see every bit of her tits, save for her still cleverly concealed nipples as they pressed against the straining front material. But the fact of the matter was, as she continued to lean forward painting, I could see more and more of the underside of her ivory pillows.

"More paint?" She then handed me the large empty blackberry yogurt container she'd been using to draw the paint from, good to know she was still eating healthy. Kneeling down on the floor I poured a bit more from the paint can into it and then looked up towards her. She was touching up one of the corners with what she had left on the brush. As she did, I realized I could clearly see the bright red lace panties she was wearing beneath the too short pair of baggy cut off sweat shorts she had on. Mom's twin cheeks were clearly revealed beneath the hem of the shorts, not to mention the clearly defined outline of her small pussy lips as her thin panties stretched over them.

"What do you think?" she then asked looking down at me as I knelt there looking up.

"Too much of a contrast?"

Actually I rather liked the bright red panties against the dull gray of the sweat shorts, but then that wasn't what she was asking about either. Tearing my eyes away from her ass, though I was reasonably sure she hadn't caught me looking there, I answered.

"Actually, I like it, you should go pro as a decorating consultant" I said honestly. She had chosen to paint the bathroom in a very bright baby blue, though the counter tops were likewise a marbled gray, though there were bits of sparkling blue flakes in the counter tops surrounding the wash basin and tub the color scheme just matched. She beamed and smiled with a look of relief in her face.

"Oh that's nice to hear!" she told me, "Your father never liked my decorating selections, but I told him he never uses the downstairs bathroom anyway, so why the fuck did he care anyway?"

Her tone of voice had clearly changed as she spoke, I could hear the slight irritation and anger in it as she did so. Obviously another point of contention added somewhere on that long list of divorce reasons.

Post divorce. "Things still aren't going very well between the two of you at the moment are they?" I suddenly said, surprised that I did. She stopped painting, I saw her lower her head for a moment contemplating an answer without looking at me for a moment. Though again, her pose on the ladder as she did so gave me yet another full look at her nearly revealed breasts.

"No, sweetie they haven't been for a long, long , really long time," she finally sighed.

"But it's not something for you to worry about, its done. He's simply gone for good now..." I handed her the fresh filled container of paint and continued to hold onto the ladder as she returned to painting and reached for the far corner. Though it became immediately obvious to me we should move the ladder closer as she did. She was leaning over way too far. Had I not been holding onto the ladder, it would have tipped.

But the simple fact of the matter was due to her umm.. excessive upper chest weight, mom lost her own balance. As I saw her begin to fall over towards the wall, I let go of the ladder standing in front of her as I had been. In doing so, I was able to catch her easily, breaking her fall. But as I did so, my hands automatically reaching up to catch her, one slipped right up inside her loose fitting sweat shirt, the other coming about her waist as I caught her. The contact of my hand directly against her massive right breast squeezing it to stop her momentum was unavoidable, though entirely by accident.

The ladder crashed into the wall throwing the spinning container of paint which splattered everywhere, though most of it spilling on me. I hardly realized it though, my hand was still pressed against the fullness of her breast beneath the top, her hard nipple filling the palm of my hand. I know it was only a second or two that we remained there like this, but I soon after slowly slide my hand down withdrawing it. Feeling her ever so soft erect nipple to pop straight up and out between my fingers, though mom made no mention of the inadvertent contact, treating it as a non moment, my cock certainly hadn't.

I felt it lengthen, though thankfully not enough to as yet make a scene.

She laughed then looking at me as I released her letting her stand on her own. Like normal around the house I wasn't wearing a shirt. From my shoulder to my waist I was covered in blue paint. "You look a little like a Smurf!" she giggled once again, her finger reached up and suddenly started tracing random patterns in the blue paint down along my stomach and chest but stopped when she swirled them around my right nipple.

"I guess we could finish the job and actually turn you into one," she said playfully, then apologizing for her obvious mistake in leaning over too far on the ladder. "Guess I should have known better, thanks for catching me." Only then did I see her face redden, the obvious contact of my hand on her breast suddenly entering both of our thoughts as we stood there in momentary silence. As her finger traced a heart shape around my right nipple.

"You're welcome," I told her, and then adding. "It was my pleasure." My subtle innuendo of what I had touched not lost on her either as I said that, seeing her face redden even deeper. "Now the paint clashes," I teased, seeing it redden even more. Though she laughed at that somewhat nervously.

"Here, let me wipe you off," she told me grabbing one of several handy rags, "before you really do become a Smurf," she said once again giggling. I stood, letting her remove the paint, the gentle feel of her hands as she ran the cloth over my chest, though all that did was to lengthen my prick even more than it already was. The bulge in my shorts obviously noticeable now if she were to look down there, and nothing I could do about it if she did. Which she did, though she didn't say anything as she finished wiping up the last bit which had traveled on further down to the waist band of my shorts where it pooled.

"Sorry, hope these weren't a favorite pair of yours," she said then. "Looks like I ruined them for you if they were." But as she said that, I could see her eyes were locked in a downward angle, which remained there for a moment longer before she again looked up. As she did, there was a bead of perspiration on her forehead, which I then gently wiped off with my thumb, though accidentally smearing a blue streak of paint across it when I did.

"Oops!" I said, laughing. "Didn't mean to do that, but it is getting hot in here!" I then added, referring honestly to the raise in temperature, and not what was happening, though she seemed to refer back to that instead of the actual heat.

"You might could say that," she smiled once again looking down, though now she wiped her own forehead off with her arm as another droplet of sweat formed on her brow.

"Damn!" she replied. "I knew it was going to get hotter today, but I didn't think we'd feel it this much inside the house this soon!"

With the windows and vents all taped up, the bathroom was indeed quickly turning into a sauna. "You're lucky," she said then as we re-straightened the ladder, moving it to where we should have put it in the first place. "At least you have your shirt off, I guess my wearing this wasn't such a good idea, it's too damn hot! and now its covered in paint any way."

"So? Take it off then," I suggested seeing the look of surprise on her face when I said it.

She giggled nervously, briefly though she actually stood there considering it.

"Seriously? You wouldn't mind? It wouldn't bother you if I did?"

"Yes, seriously, I wouldn't mind it if you did," I answered though I didn't answer the last part of her question. It probably would bother me...but in a good way. Though I still didn't think she'd seriously take me up on my offer until she handed me the brush she was holding.

"Here, hold this," she said giving it to me, and then I stood there watching her as she reached for and then pulling the cutoff sweatshirt she was wearing up and over her head. I could only gawk as her massive twin breasts suddenly revealed themselves, forcing my eyes away as her head reappeared, though her next action drew them right down to her boobs once again. She had tossed the shirt off to one side, now cupping her breasts lifting them.

"Hand me one of those clean rags," she asked. I did so, watching as she lifted each, wiping the beads of sweat away from above and below them as she held them up.

"Thank you for the idea," she then stated. "That's much better, though I hope it doesn't weird you out to see your own mother's breasts for the second time this week," she then asked looking at me. "It's not my intention to make you feel any more uncomfortable." As she said that, her eyes once again briefly looked down at the front of my own now entirely tented shorts, which I daresay, were becoming border line painful with there constriction.

"I don't feel uncomfortable at all," I told her meaning it, and then adding, "well...sort of anyway," I grinned looking down at myself, causing her to laugh.

"Good thing you're not the one standing on the ladder, With that monster in my face I might be tempted to..." Mom caught herself, her face once again blushing furiously. "OH My GOD!!, I can't believe I actually said that...out loud!" she quickly amended. Her eyes wild as though she might now suddenly run from the room as the implication of what she'd just openly inferred hung there.

I don't know why I then said what I said, I hadn't really thought about it, or meant to, it just sort of came out.

"I saw you last night," I said somewhat sheepishly.

"Saw me? Where? When?" she said obviously flustered and confused, her eyes even wilder looking than before as she suddenly began thinking back on the evening, wondering what I was referring to.

"When I was on the couch with my special movie, were you behind me last night?" I then asked her boldly. "Did you see what I was doing?" I asked.

I could see it in her eyes that she had, and she knew in looking at me that I probably knew she'd been there. And it hadn't been for only a few moments either. Obviously I knew she had been there for a while, watching me there in the security of darkness and my obsessively occupied actions.

"I, ah...I ah...I didn't mean to," she began. "I remembered I had forgotten to take my own clothes out of the washer, I was going to come back down stairs and throw them in the dryer when I saw you...saw that you were ah...ah, well, that the TV was on, and that you were, ah..."

"Jerking off," I finished for her. Though she suddenly went mute on me unable to speak. "I wondered if you had, I heard the floor board creek shortly after that, so I went upstairs to see if you were upset, angry with me at having caught me playing with myself," I went on...seeing the sudden realization begin to form within her mind. "I went to your room, I knocked but you didn't answer..." I added as though that gave justification for my actions as I continued. "And then I entered into your room," I told her. It was obvious she now knew I had seen her, seen her kneeling on her bed fucking herself. "Mother I was only six feet behind you."

"Oh God Lance, I'm sorry...I didn't mean for that to happen, I didn't know," she blurted,

"I was just...ah, just..."

" I was," I interrupted. "Like I am now," I then added seeing the look of additional shock, confusion appear within her face. "Watching you as you did that, it was beautiful was the the most erotic, sensual things I have ever witnessed!"

My admission had really taken her off guard.

"It was?" she said stammering, "You enjoyed doing that?" she then asked.

"Yes, I did. And I stood there, jerking myself off again watching you. When I saw what you were biting down on I even came when you did."

"Oh my god Lance!" Mom blurted turning her head away in shame and embarrassment. "I didn't mean for you to see me do that," she half blubbered. "It's just that...well your father and I, we stopped having sex after you where born." she left off without saying more. "And then seeing you downstairs, it's just been so very long, and then watching you, seeing Me! I mean well not me but her, that women on the movie, dear God I could be her twin s****r. I just...well I just couldn't help myself."

"It's ok mom...I understand, truly I do. And watching you...well, I couldn't help myself either. I've always fantasized over your flawless body mother, no other women compares to you even if you're are my own mother. And last night wasn't the first time either."

"What do you mean? It's not the first time?" she pressed. "You''ve seen me masturbate before?" She said even more embarrassed and in shock that I might have.

"Well no...that was a first, for us both" I admitted. "But it's not the first time I've jerked off when thinking about you, all my life you have always been the perfect women in my dreams. Ever since I've moved back home, I've done that a lot," I freely admitted to her. Once again she wasn't sure what to say about that, nor did she seemingly know what to do when I reached out, cupping both of her breasts within my hands. "Mother the large stack of hankies you washed. That was all because of being around you again....."

"No Lance, we can't...I can't," she said stepping back, her hands coming up to cross over her breasts, as though only then realizing she was standing there with them exposed in front of me. "It's wouldn't be right, no matter how much I might..."

"Want to?" I pressed once again stepping forward, though I merely put my hands around her waist without touching her intimately, though even that contact was intimate enough. I leaned forward, my eyes on hers as I did, until our lips touched, her eyes as well as mine only then closing. Our kiss was unlike any before. Her mouth opened, accepting my tongue as I soon after felt hers entering mine where they proceeded to dance against one another. I felt her hands drop away from her breasts, now pressing against me, the twin hard points of each nipple searing my skin, my chest.

We continued to kiss, our mouths now hard pressed, our tongues fencing deliriously, and then came the touch of her hand. I felt it worm its way down into my shorts. With no other obstacles preventing it, she soon wrapped her entire hand about the girth of my cock, fondling it, exploring it. I likewise dropped my own, my hand soon slithering beneath the waistband of her shorts and panties. I encountered not the heated softness of her flesh, but the very wet moisture, which had already saturated through the thin material of her panties. I allowed my finger to cruise through the indented pressed passage of her split, still somewhat protected, though the hard knot of her precious swollen hard clit was clearly defined.

She moaned, breaking the kiss, though I then kissed her neck, my lips continuing to do so, my fingers gently stroking her under the material of her soaked panties, my free hand now coming up to once again cup her exposed breasts. I immediately found her hard extended nipple, capturing it between my fingers as I rolled it gently, playfully, pulling on it. Likewise her hand remained busy as well. I felt her squeeze the head of my prick, a thick fat droplet of my oozing pre-cum appearing which she swiped off with her fingers, now using my lubrication to further tease and explore the head of my dick with her gentle thumb.

Somehow I managed to step back breaking the intimate contact. For a moment she looked at me as though I had perhaps come back to my senses, making her think that perhaps she needed to regain hers as well. But as she did, I simply pulled down on my shorts, stepping out of them. My hard straining cock now bouncing up at her as she looked down at it, angrily swollen, purple tip still leaking droplets of cum drool that now hung off the tip of it actually causing a stringer of it to form as gravity f***ed it to descend to drip on the tile floor. Mesmerized by that, mom stepped forward towards me, suddenly going down onto her knees as she did. In the next instant her hand once again surrounded my prick, her mouth forming an small oval as she leaned forward in order to capture it.

I moaned deeply, audibly as her mouth surrounded my cock, sucking it inside her. Her tongue playfully dancing along the underside of my shaft. My hands, fingers, now digging themselves into her scalp as I stood there, my head thrown back, another deep moaning sigh. Mine or hers I'm not even sure as she began working my prick up and down with her mouth. The delight of her tongue as it speared the tiny slit of my prick, coaxing out even more of my pre-cum juices. I felt my balls tightening, the tickling sensation of release all too soon beginning to threaten its way up from my balls. The fingers of her left hand twirling and squeezing my engorged ball sack. I knew that to continue to allow her to pleasure me the way that she was would soon have me filling her mouth with my cream.

I looked down at her slow bobbing head "I'm getting too close," I somehow managed to warn her, figuring that would f***e her to back off from what she was doing. All that did however was cause her to increase her sucking efforts, her jacking of my prick as she worked it, now urgently, wantonly, obviously expecting me now to shoot off inside her mouth as she looked up towards me, me looking down at her are eyes locking as my own mother knelt before me, my cock in her mouth as she sucked it.

hands and dug in her nails. Stuffing the entire length of my cock deep down her throat. And then I began to feel the first delicious rush of my semen as it exploded from the head of my prick, filling her throat and mouth.

She continued to suck me, draining me dry, swallowing my cream though I had initially gagged her, choking her with the pure volume of my sudden unexpected release. When she could coax no more from me finally drained, she stood up as I helped her to stand realizing how shaky my legs where. Her tongue even then licking the corners of her mouth where I saw a small remnant of my spending still clinging to her lips before she swiped it away with her finger then looking at it sucked her finger into her mouth.

Without a spoken word, I then reached up pulling both her shorts and her panties off together. She stepped out of them, revealing to me as she did her completely hairless split once more, her lower lips puffy, swollen. I backed her over to the toilet seat, forcing her to sit down on it, I dropped to the floor before her as she placed one leg over my shoulder, the other balanced on the edge of a close basket. Mom's cunt so obscenely revealed to me now as I reveled in it, taking a moment to devour her with my eyes, and then my fingers as I spread her even further. I took delight in the appearance of that hard little knot, her clit again glistening in milky wetness, the shiny tiny little head of it looking so inviting. So much so that I now allowed my tongue to snake out, stabbing it, flicking it as I likewise wormed my index finger inside her warm, wet slippery passage.

"Oh fuck Lance! Lance!" mom cried out, her hands now digging themselves into my scalp as I knelt there between her legs, finger-fucking her tiny cunt, my lips now wrapping themselves about her clit, sucking it deliriously. "Oh my god Lance! Yes! Yes! Yes!" I probably should have taken my time and teased her but I don't think either of us could have with stood the over riding lust we were both feeling.

And just as I had, the intensity of pleasure, the all to soon release upon her. I felt the sudden increase of additional fluids suddenly flowing out of my mother's cunt. I lapped at them furiously, lapping at her clit, sucking, kissing, and pulling upon it with fingers. I held it between, pinching it, blowing on it, continuing to tickle it with my tongue. "Cum Mother, cum for me!" I urged her, wrapping my lips back around her clit again, holding them there, and sucking it with every ounce of my strength.

"Holy fucking shit!" she screamed, and then the tremors started to roll through out her convulsing, twitching body. What surprised me was that she literally sprayed my face. Her orgasm's where beyond anything I had seen last night or ever seen or heard about before in the porn movies I have watched, her climax suddenly coating my face, chest and shoulder's in a clear pearly like fluid that was both deliciously wet, and sweet tasting as hell.

I consumed her, once again driving my tongue deep within the folds of her cunt as she continued to squirt out her female honey, filling my mouth, yet half blinding me even then as she sprayed me liberally, copiously with her own spunk. "Oh Lance...I'm sorry, I'm sorry!" she suddenly stated forcing me to sit back on my haunches. "I didn't mean to...didn't know... I'm so embarrassed....."

I didn't let her continue, standing her up, spinning her about though as I did so, she looked down saw my hard swollen cock had come back to life already. The surprise in her face clearly evident as I then f***efully bent her over, stepping behind her as she reached out, placing her hands to firm grip on the edge of the sink counter.

There was no need for any further preliminaries. Her cunt was still glistening with her spending. I stood behind her now, aiming the thick hard swollen head of my prick at her opening, spreading it with my fingers. The clingy strings of her sticky climax forming a dripping web across the opening of her cunt as I placed the head of my dick against it, I didn't even fit in that ridiculously tiny pussy of hers but I heaved f***efully anyway making her growl like an a****l. And then shoved even harder, burying myself fully and completely into her as I did so.

She screamed out once again, certainly not in pain, but in pleasure. Humping back against me, though I remained fully inside her for a moment unmoving, just reveling in the fullness of her tight warm pussy as it surrounded, hugged, and clasped about my cock like a vice.

"Fuck me!" She looked back over her shoulder towards me, one hand now kneading her own breast. Her eyes were wild with lust, pleasure, and excitement. "Fuck me!" she said again, her eyes smoldering with desire. I shoved, in...and then out. Shoving in again, holding it there, already surprised to find myself needing to regain control.

She couldn't wait. "Fuck me! Fuck your nasty mother!" she screamed at me. I did so, no longer wanting to hold back, driving into her with enough f***e her butt cheeks rippled with each impact, almost forcing her to collapse face down into the the sink. Her hand releasing her heavy tit's they flailed wildly, grabbing the tops of her hands on the sink counter I meshed my fingers with hers bracing myself once again as I began to piston in and out of her pussy with a ferocious speed and rapidity that took nearly super-human effort to achieve. My tip knocking on her cervix over and over again cause her to whimper, gasp and pant for breath.

Looking up from the water fall of wild sweaty glistening black hair into the mirror she was starring right back into my eyes in its reflection, Her massive mature full breasts gyrating wildly beneath her. The flesh of her ass rippling like crashing waves as I continued to slam into her from behind, the added sensation of hearing it, hearing the slippery mushy squishy wetness of our fucking, the drool of her cunt running down between her legs as I continued to thrust in and out of her.

"Slap it! Slap my ass!" she now screamed. "Slap it and make me fucking cum again!"

I let go of her hands and with my left hand grabbing her obsidian black hair yanking her head back harshly, With my right hand I began doing so, seeing red marks begin to form on her milky white ass cheeks as I tattooed her with my hand prints, the continuation of the fucking of my cock so deeply inside her simultaneously, my balls smacking her thigh's, gyrating just as wildly as her tits continued doing.

The room filled with her lustful screams and the random pattern of loud slaps.

"Yes! Yes! That's it! That's it!!" And then she was, and then I was, once again. Pouring myself into her, feeling her as she poured herself out onto my cock and balls, my legs and splashing the floor with her sweet wetness.... I felt the second spray of her pussy as it bathed my balls, even the inner thighs of my legs again. So intense was it, her flowing juices f***ed me out of her, I staggering backwards slamming into the wall and sinking to the floor panting gasping for breath from my strenuous exertions, she remained as she was.

I watched as her hand came up from between her legs, the appearance of my spunk being f***ed out as she continued to squirt, her hand now viciously slapping her cunt, hard, over and over again as she came again, this time doing herself, climaxing, squirting. More semen pouring out of her cunt along with her cream, She slumped over and slid down from the counter now dropping onto the floor landing in are mixed thick gooey wet puddle as she shivered, shuddered and moaned through yet another orgasmic release. I lost track of how many she had, but finally spent, she turned now sitting there across from me on the damp tile floor, not three feet away simply looking at me.

My throat was dry and useless, voiceless.. and I was of course grinning from ear to ear. Never before in my entire life had I felt that, let alone seen anything like that before.

"Have you always been able to do that?" I asked boldly, not at all embarrassed in the asking, though it was evident she was.

Not since my teen year's "It's another one of the reasons why..." she began, though pausing wondering perhaps if she should continue.

"Reasons why what?" I asked.

She blushed. "The reason why your father took on a new lover right after you where born. He's gross. He thought there's something wrong with me after it happened on are honeymoon I suddenly started doing that." and he freaked out.

"You just started doing that again?" I asked incredulously. "How? When?" Now she really was blushing.

"You really want to know?" she asked still obviously out of breath.

"Hell yes! Tell me!"

She laughed then, relaxing. "Oddly enough, it was your fathers fault to begin with." she saw the curiously confused look on my face, though she continued. "He was the one who bought me my first toy when we where first dating, the one you didn't see me use. A fairly large power cord vibrating wand. Anyway...the first time I used it for him while he watched me, watched me masturbate, which is something I hadn't ever done for him before. Not that I hadn't or didn't...but he'd never seen me do it for him. Anyway, after he bought it for me, and then asked me to...I did. And when I did...I squirted, just like I did now, though even then, not nearly as much as I do now. But it was enough that it freaked him out for whatever reason. I assumed it was the toy itself, so we didn't use it again after that, though I certainly did whenever I was alone.

But whatever had happened to cause me to squirt, gush like that. now happened dam near every single time. And because it did, he quit approaching me. For whatever reason, it simply turned your father off, grossed him out. After the marriage and I was pregnant well eventually. He quit having sex with me all together. The bastard just wouldn't touch me. It's been eighteen years now since I've had actual sex Lance," she said lowering her voice. "And I knew after that, when he eventually took on a lover. The unnecessary hours after work, the sudden trips out of town on business, all that b.s cheating bastards do. and say. I just came to accept it, looking the other way."

"But what about you?" I asked. "Why didn't you..."

"What? Take a lover?" She laughed. "The magic wand baby! Because I had one, who pleasured me far greater than your father ever could or did," she openly confessed.

"And then after that, several. I had several other lovers including the one you saw me using last night."

"So you've never hooked up with a guy? all this time..."

"No...not until now," she said even more softly. "Didn't even consider the likelihood of being with a man again or ever doing this either, until now anyway," she said once again looking at me worriedly. "And just because we did, doesn't make it right Lance. You are my own son after all."

"So you're telling me you'd rather take on more plastic lovers, or continue just pleasuring yourself...after what we just experienced together?" I sat there asking her.

Mom looked at me.

"So you'd be OK with this," she more stated rather than asking. "You could accept you and I fucking...knowing that I was your mother. That I was fucking my son. You could honestly live with that?"

"Yes! I need and love you mother your all I've ever needed, I said honestly, truthfully."

Mom shook her head, she was obviously struggling with that, even though her cunt, and my cock continued to throb with the glorious release we'd both just shared with one another.

"I don't honestly know Lance, I'm going to have to think about it. And not saying we will...but...if we did, if we allowed this to continue, no one could ever know about it.

Especially your father even though he's gone and busy banging some other woman these days, he'd use this against us...both of us. And I think you know that he would!"

"There's no reason that he...or anyone else for that matter, needs to ever know!" I told her.

"Yes, but...that would mean we would have to act normally around one another whenever anyone else was here," she told me concerned and serious face. "Could you do that Lance? Could you promise me that you would? Because if you can't...then we can't. I just can't take the chance, the risk of it ever being discovered. I could care less about myself, but I wouldn't want you to be hurt by any of this, and if we were discovered Lance...I'm afraid you would be taken from me, And I couldn't stand to lose you again..."

"Like I said mom...I can handle it...if you can. But right now, I think it's too fucking hot in here to continue painting until later on this evening perhaps. And in addition to that, we both probably need to shower. We both now look like we're trying to turn into Porn-O-Smurfs!" The paint had been smeared everywhere. Her flawless glistening sweat soaked breasts bounced and swayed as she couldn't stop laughing at that sudden reality check....

Though mom had managed to get most of the paint off me, the combination of our sweat, our fucking, along with everything else, had us both standing there with a faint color of blue in our skin. She looked down at herself, laughing at that some more. One of her magnificent looking breasts appearing as though it had been purposely painted, a blue hand print covering it, fingers extended just as mine had been when I had actually been holding it.

"Yeah, that might be a little difficult to explain if I were to leave it like that wouldn't it? Luckily for me...for us," she added we don't have any close neighbors.

I smiled, standing up, taking moms hand. "Come on then Miss. Smurf. What's say you and I go spend some time in the shower and get cleaned up. Besides the blue one doesn't even compare to the multiple red one's I left on that yummy, tasty ass of yours." On the way up the stairs her hand caressed her tender bright red hand printed right ass cheek with loving pride for her son.

She thought to herself privately, 'oh sweetie I haven't even begun to teach my baby boy all the naughty things I love to do.'

We went upstairs to the shower, she reached in and turned on the hot water sprayers full f***e "Is that all you want to do?" Mom asked. "Is get clean?" I grinned, pushing her inside her back up against the wall grabbing and lifting those massive beauties up, I then leaned over kissing her hard, and said. "Fuck no!" bending down I sucked one of her rock hard nipples into my mouth. The one that wasn't covered in paint. Twirling my tongue around it suckling like a starving c***d on it. And she groaned!. Her eyes glazing over with both lust and pride before going closed completely.

I was only semi-erect at this point but with her left hand and a little effort she slid the tip and first inch of my cock up into her scorching deepness and She pressed her right hand to the back of my head in a soft natural motherly nursing fashion.

She smiled, in her blissful haze. "Good...I was sort of hoping you'd say something like that." she whispered.

I let the nipple slide from my lips, and looked up into her face.

I made sure to look up into her face as I said "My Virginity has always been for you. Mother I Love you so much. Happy Birthday and Mother's day...."

Her head shot back upright eyes opened wide, her mouth open in total shock. Completely surprised look of sudden shock and comprehension on her face ...... as I once again f***efully buried my face between her tit's and pressed my entire cock deep up into her womb till she couldn't do anything but whimper softly in my arms.

Then I spent the rest of the evening giving her endless soaking orgasm's with cock, tongue, fingers and her rather extensive collection of toys.

Later that week while I was beginning to fix the steps on the back landing, I heard it and ran into the house. Mother was once again playing my beloved cello music and singing my favorite song.

Charlotte Church's - Requiem.

She wasn't naked but I'll talk her into it sooner or later.


A little over a half year later on the morning of my 19th birthday I awoke to find Mother and a sexy short haired red headed roughly twenty five year old female friend sitting side by side on Mothers and my new king size bed. Both near naked except for the long flowing bra-less sheer baby blue matching peignoir's they where wearing.

And between them was a long black double ended dildo.

My face must have been a Kodak moment of sl**py shock and confusion.

Mother finally spoke up. "Lance, I would like to introduce you to my naughty new friend. Her names Brittany and she moved back into her parents house about two months back."

Brittany, just smiled and winked at me. Then she reached out with her left hand to grab my crotch through the blanket and started massaging me. I tried to speak just to say hello but couldn't manage anything more then a groan at her sensual efforts. And with her right reached over and pulled my mother into a long wet erotic and obviously well practiced kiss.

When Brittany finally broke the kiss leaving mother gasping for breath. Grinning Brittany looked over at me and said.

"I've been watching you work on the house and your mother and I have been having all kinds of fun together all week long. Plus she just volunteered you as my new boyfriend..." "Happy Birthday sexy!" Brittany yanked the bed covers off and crawled on top of me. Leaned down pressing her perky freckle covered little tits into my chest and kissed me hard.

I didn't say anything I just wrapped my arms around her and kissed her back.

Quietly wondering if she was on birth control and hoping she wasn't.

I looked over into Mom's face and asked. "Umm.. Mother what happened to keeping are relationship a secret?"

Mom leaned forward and softly kissed the tip of my nose while Brittany had started sucking on my right nipple. And with a knowing grin replied. "My Love that was an irrational fear at first but I've had plenty of time to realize. Were bonded by Love and Lust, we share the same bl**d and heart beat the same DNA. There's no f***e on earth strong enough to keep us apart."

While my right hand was squeezing Brittany's firm little ass cheeks. I reached over with my left and gently caressed the six month along swelling curve of mothers stomach and just grinned with fatherly pride....

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