My little s****r Nina sounded so excited to hear that I was finally about to come home, and even though it was late she said she would wait up for me. I was using the phone in the Pastor's office to let her know that we had driven into the night, and the bus had just pulled into the church parking lot.

And just before I hung up, I whispered her that "IT" had finally happened, and she literally squealed with excitement.

She gasped, "Annie, are you serious? You mean you really 'IT' really happened?"

I replied, "Yes, it was amazing. I'll tell you all about it when I get home."

Nina said, "Oh my God, please hurry, I wanna hear EVERYTHING!"

I promised I would be home in just a few minutes, I told her I loved her and hung up.

It was late, and I had been away from home for the last few weeks. I had been away on a church outing where a team of youth volunteers traveled on a bus doing community work. I was the only girl on crew of young volunteers with out church.

The bus got back to the church much later than we expected, and all the other boys were waiting for their parents to come and pick them up. But for me, it's just a short walk from the church to my house. And I enjoyed the walk, and this time of night our neighborhood was quiet.

I walked quickly through the dark streets. I was so anxious to see Nina again. I had only been away for a few weeks, but it just seemed like an eternity.

I was so eager to tell her exactly what had happened.

Mom and Dad were gone for a few days, so it was just Nina at the house, and I was really glad they were gone. All I wanted was to do was talk with Nina, and with the parents away, we would have the place to ourselves.

I had become so close to my little s****r, and I was really surprised how desperately I had missed her while I was away. She is just a year younger than me, and she's really vulnerable and sensitive, and I feel like I need to look out for her. She just had her 18th birthday, it happened while I was away, and I felt terrible about not being there for her, but she said she understood. But, I still feel bad because I know she's really nervous about growing up.

Nina and I are just so connected, a lot more than most s****rs. I worry about her, and at the same time I feel like she's my closest friend. I love her dearly.

I hadn't been in contact with Nina for part of that time on the road, but when I called tonight from the church, to tell her I was finally back in town, I was so excited to tell her that "IT" had finally happened.

Nina knew exactly what "IT" was, and I could tell she was thrilled to hear me tell her the news. "IT" was my first orgasm, and it had really and truly happened. "IT" was something we had talked about - a lot.

I could tell my little s****r was absolutely thrilled because both of us have been completely obsessed about the whole orgasm thing. It's been making us sort of anxious because neither of us had ever been able to make it happen. I know it's a funny thing to admit, but being s****rs we tell each other everything, and we both confided that we've tried endlessly, but to no avail. Well, had an orgasm just the other night, and I was so excited to tell her exactly how it happened.

It's funny, as s****rs we are SO close, and we talk about everything. And lately we've both been totally consumed about our inability to have a real live orgasm. I think part of that is our strict religious upbringing, our parents as SO devout that Nina and I need to keep this to ourselves. Part of me just feels so nervous about it, I mean, I know that our Mom would be so upset if she even suspected what we've been talking about.

I walked in the house, and ran up to my s****r's room.

Nina was sitting on her bed waiting for me. She was sitting up and she was wearing her favorite baby-blue nightgown

The first thing I said was, "Oh my God- It finally happened!"

She jumped up and squealed with excitement. We hugged. I could tell I was a little sweaty from the walk back from the church. It was summertime and even this late at night it was still warm. I was wearing a simple summer shirt that buttoned down the front and a pair of nylon running shorts.

Nina was exhilarated to finally see me, she seemed impatient and happy.

She said, "Annie, I am so happy right now. When you said 'IT' on the phone I almost fainted. I can't believe you did it, it really happened!"

"Oh my God, it was so wonderful."

She sort of whispered, "I can't believe you finally got to cum!"

When my little s****r said that word, I sort of flinched, it was funny to hear her say 'cum' but at the same time, it was SO cute to see her all excited.

I told her, "Nina, it's all I can think about since it happened, I've been so eager to tell you."

My little s****r gasped, "Annie - Oh god, tell me everything!"

I climbed on Nina's bed and she got right next to me, and gave her another big hug.

I looked her right in the eyes and said, "You know who made it happen? It was Teddy!"

She said, "Teddy? From the pool? That Teddy?"

"YES! He was on the church trip with me, on the bus and..."

Nina interrupted, "Oh my god, really? I've always loved Teddy!"

"I know, I feel the same way, he's SO adorable..."

"Yes - He helped me learn to swim! I remember he taught me how to float on my back. I was so scared, but he held me in the water, and he was SO gentle. I mean really - he was totally supportive and sweet."

I answer, "He's wonderful, there is something about him that is so sensitive and kind - I really love him."

Nina then eagerly added, "I can't believe it was with Teddy. You are so lucky!"

I kicked off my shoes and lay down on my back. The room was warm and lit with just the bedside lamp, it gave off a wonderful soft orange glow.

Just being home was magical, and I was totally thrilled that I could FINALLY tell Nina.

I took a deep breath and said, "It was magical."

"I'm so jealous - you know how bad I want this too."

"Oh yeah, I know - but if it can happen for me, I know it'll happen for you too."

"Please, tell me everything!"

I started at the beginning, and I explained that just the other day, I was sitting alone on the bus, and a group of guys in the row in front of me told a joke. It was kind of a mean joke, and they told it loud with me right there. It was sexist and just so awful - especially within our church group. I didn't want to repeat the joke, but the punch line was about how loud the girl was when she had her first orgasm. I hated it, and it made me upset. I was the only girl on our trip, and I think they did it on purpose, just to be mean to me.

And Teddy was right there, and he could tell how it made me feel, and he was upset too - upset for me. I explained to my little s****r how I walked away to some empty seats way in the back of the bus, it seemed so stupid but I was really upset.

And Teddy followed me, and sat down next to me. He asked what was wrong, and I told him the joke, the whole thing - that it bothered me. I could tell he felt bad for me, but I didn't know what to do.

My little s****r said, "Oh God, that's the just kind of thing Teddy would do. He's so nice and that's what makes me love him so much."

I told Nina that I feel exactly the same way.

She begged me, "Keep going, I wanna hear everything that happened."

I tried to explain how I was feeling. I was really upset, or nervous, or something that I had to walk away, and Teddy stayed with me. He even held my hand. I wanted to talk, but it was really awkward to try and share my feelings in a bus full of immature boys. He was very attentive, but I was just too upset to talk, I told him that maybe we could try and talk later.

Teddy understood and said he would talk to me later, he said he would find me after dinner, at the hotel.

I really wanted - I NEEDED - to talk. I've known Teddy for a long time, and I know how he is - I mean, he's a really good listener.

Well, after dinner I waited in the lobby of the hotel we stayed at, and I even checked the bus in the parking lot. But I couldn't find him.

I was anxious and disappointed. Where was Teddy? I finally felt like I had waited too long, and then I went up to my hotel room. Because I was the only girl on the church trip - I was required to stay in a room all by myself.

Why was I so upset? I tried to explain this to Nina, and I don't know if I really made it clear to her - it was so confusing to me.

Something was just so frustrating - I don't know - I felt so desperate. I paced the room, and I even cried a little. I finally decided to take a shower, and remember looking at myself in the mirror when I was drying off. I was just so full of fragile emotions, and seeing myself naked just made it all seem more confusing, I tried to explain that to my s****r.

Nina interrupted, "I know, when I look at myself naked I feel the same way too."

It's funny, Nina and I look a lot alike, so it felt a little awkward to talk about looking at myself in the mirror all naked.

I've never seen Nina without her clothes on, even though we live in the same house. My parents are just so strict, and it feels a little scary because so much of our lives are all wrapped up in being devout Christians.

The funny thing is that I know Nina has peeked at me and seen me naked, I mean, we share a bathroom, and we are s****rs. And we look so much alike.

My s****r whispered, "When I look in the mirror, after a shower, I just feel funny that my breasts are so small."

I tried to reassure her, "Oh Nina, don't feel bad. You are so pretty - all of you!"

As I thought about my image in the mirror in that hotel, I thought about how Nina could get all fixated on her tiny breasts. They are just a little bit smaller than mine small, and I know she is insecure about them. She has told me how she feels, and I always try to be as reassuring as I can be.

I tell her that her breasts are cute, and I tell her how pretty the look whenever we swim together and she wears yellow bikini top.

She always looks at her own breasts and says, "They stopped growing when I was about twelve years old. It's embarrassing, I mean - I'm eighteen years old now, but my breasts are still in the sixth grade!"

But we do have another thing in common, both of us have really prominent nipples. My boobs may be a little bit bigger, but we both have these really pointy nipples, I don't understand it.

To make things even more awkward, both of us have the same problem, for some reason, our nipples can get really hard and they can look ridiculously prominent. It's funny, I mean, sometimes our nipples are just SO obvious - and even thick sweater, they stand out in a way that's sort of embarrassing.

I was a little lost in thought and my s****r brought me back.

She said, "We are so much the same, sometimes I feel the same way when I look in a mirror."

I got back to the story of what happened with Teddy and me.

After the shower, I put on my long yellow nightgown, and just sat on the edge of the bed in desperation and I started to cry again. I felt so awful as I was sitting on the edge of the big hotel bed. So, I started to rub my lotion all over my legs - just to do something other than cry.

Nina asked, "You mean the oily vanilla lotion that Mom buys us?"

"Yeah, I had a big bottle with me."

I was rubbing it all over my legs and tummy, I had the bottle on the bed next to me. And right then, I heard a quiet tapping on the door, and it was Teddy, I quickly let him into my room.

Nina interrupted, "Oh my GOD! Annie - this is so exciting, I mean, a boy in your hotel room - please go on - and don't leave out ANY little detail!"

Nina knows about our church group, how rigid it is, and how it has a lot of rules. And - most of all - It was strictly forbidden to have a boy or girl alone in the rooms together, I knew it was wrong but I just HAD to talk to Teddy.

Nina interrupted and said, "I'm getting all excited, just the thought of Teddy, sneaking into your room. It's so - I don't know - so naughty."

I said I was going to tell her EVERYTHING, and I kept talking.

I tried to explain that Teddy was nervous about being in the room with me, I mean - the adults from the church were so strict. But he told me that he was really sorry about the situation on the bus that afternoon - and at the same time I could tell that he was genuinely worried about me.

I sat on one bed, and he sat on the other bed facing me, and I tried to tell him why I was upset. But it came out all confusing and I just babbled.

I was unclear and I could tell he didn't understand.

Then he interrupted me, and said, "Annie, is there anything I can do to help?"

And - I don't know why, but I just broke down and cried.

At first I could tell Teddy was caught off guard when I stared crying, but he immediately sat next to me, on the same bed, and hugged me, and I cried on into his shirt. Oh God, I was so embarrassed and upset, but it felt so good to have him there.

I explained to Nina how Teddy whispered to me, "Please Annie, it's okay, you can tell me what's wrong, please."

I whimpered into his shirt, "I'm scared, it's too - personal."

And he said, "Please, I'll do anything to help. I want to help."

I said, "I want to tell you, I really do, but it feels so scary."

He whispered, "Please Annie, I'll do anything to help you."

Right then I knew that I had to be honest - I absolutely had to tell him what I was feeling.

I took a deep breath and spoke slowly, "It was that joke the boys told on the bus, there was something so mean about it, the whole thing ended with the girl moaning and having - her first - orgasm."

Teddy said, "I'm so sorry..."

I nervously spoke, "Oh no - Please Teddy, it wasn't you. But - the thing was - It just seemed shameful - and I was - upset that they would laugh about - a girl having her - her first orgasm..."

"It's okay Annie..."

I was getting emotional, "Oh Teddy - You don't know what it's like - I've tried so hard - SO HARD - and - I can't - I just can't..."

And I trailed off, unable to finish.

Teddy calmly said, "You can say it - it's okay..."

"Oh god, the girl in that joke had an orgasm - but I - but I - I'm so scared that - I can't have one..."

Teddy held me tight and whispered, "Oh Annie, please don't be upset - please..."

"You don't understand - I can't!"

Teddy replied in that beautiful and tender way of his, "Please don't worry, I'm sure you can."

"But - but, you don't understand..."

"Shhhh..." Teddy interrupted me. "Annie, I know you can - you're still so young..."

"But Teddy..." I interrupted.

He went on, "I don't think you should worry - really, it'll happen, I'm sure it will..."

"But maybe - Something is wrong with me..."

"Don't even think that Annie, I'm certain nothing is wrong."

"Teddy - I'm so sorry, this is so scary for me to talk like this..."

"I understand, but if I can do anything to help, please just tell me."

"But I - I mean - Teddy, are you sure? It's so personal."

"Annie, if I can help you in ANY way, please just tell me."

I was so happy to hear him say that, it kind of made me gasp.

"Please," he repeated.

I stammered, "But - But, it's just too..."

He gently kissed me on the forehead, and quietly whispered, "Oh Annie - Please - Please..."

His gesture was so gently and so honest that I was suddenly peaceful and calm.

I collected my thoughts, and tried to tell him, I said, "Teddy, this is so scary - I mean, the reason I'm so upset is just so - I don't know - it's so secret."

"But Annie, I feel bad that you are upset, and I want to help."

"It's just so personal, I can't just explain what it is..."

He paused and gently said, "You can explain it to me."

Then, for the next few minutes, I really tried to tell him what I do when I'm alone, but I was just too scared to REALLY tell him. I awkwardly used words like "sensations" and "feelings" instead of just saying masturbate.

I talked in circles and didn't really say anything. I could tell he was trying to follow - but it just wasn't working.

Finally I said, "Teddy - I don't know if I can explain this..."

Teddy thought, and then said, "Annie - this may seem like too much, but I am going to ask you something - I really feel like I should ask - don't be angry with me, Okay?"

There was something so soothing about his voice and his gentle manner, I felt like I was melting.

I said, "Don't worry - please, ask me..."

And then, very slowly he said, "Annie - maybe it would help if you showed me what you are trying to say."

"I guess - maybe - I could show you what I do, when I'm alone, and what feels good."

He kissed me on the forehead again and whispered, "Oh Annie, please, it might help."

Instantly, everything changed within me. Maybe I should have been shocked, and some logical part of me thought I should be offended - but, honestly I wasn't. His words just calmed me down.

When Nina heard me say this she literally gasped with excitement.

I told Teddy, "Are you sure, I mean, showing you what I do might be - I don't know - too much."

He repeated himself. "Please, I want to help."

I tried to explain this to Nina, and she was listening so intently. Some part of me wanted to tell him NO, but for some reason - having him watch me - it just sounded so perfect.

Nina interrupted and asked, "Oh my God, what did you do?"

I sat for a long time and thought to myself, but I knew - in my heart - what I truly wanted. All I could do was sit quietly for a minute.

Then in a very matter-of-fact way I told him, "Teddy, I just cried on your shoulder - and it's because I'm scared about something that's REALLY personal, you understand what I am saying, right?"

"I understand."

"And now you say you want to help?

Teddy gently took my hand in his, and looked me right in the eye and said, "Please Annie, I truly want to help."

Then I took a deep breath, and as calmly as I could - I said to him, "Oh Teddy, I trust you, I really do. I'm feel like I need to show you what I do, when I am alone, do you understand what I am saying?"

And he squeezed my hand, and answered, "Yes, I understand, please - don't be scared, I want to help."

Nina interrupted and said, "Teddy really said that? Just like that?"

I told her yes, and I continued telling her what happened.

At that moment in the hotel room, a perfectly magical peace descended on me. I felt tranquil in a way that is beyond words. I realized that all I had on was my nightgown, I hadn't put on anything else when I got out of the shower. I was naked underneath.

I was sitting there - right next to a wonderful boy - on that big hotel bed. It was like some part of me, deep inside just threw a switch that said YES.

I told Teddy, "Please, just watch me, okay."

He nodded and then I wiggled myself into the middle of the bed, I took my yellow nightgown off and just dropped it and let it fall to the floor.

Nina immediately responded, "Oh my God- Annie - are you serious?"

And I said yes, it felt so wonderful - I was naked and I wasn't ashamed or embarrassed or nervous.

Nina gasped, "Go on - PLEASE!"

Then - I calmly lie down on the bed next to Teddy, and spread my legs and explained how I tried to arouse myself. I mean I carefully told him exactly what felt good and what I did.

Nina interrupted and said, "Oh my god, Annie! You did that?"

"Yes, I know it sounds crazy, but I needed to do it."

Nina went on, "I can't believe it. You were totally naked, with Teddy right there on the bed watching you?" She sounded so exhilarated.

I said, "Yes, I couldn't help it."

Nina sounded like such a little girl when she asked, "And Teddy could see you - like ALL of you?"


"He got to see your nipples!"

I giggled and replied, "He saw EVERYTHING, I told Teddy to sit in front of me - right between my knees..."

"Really?" Nina gasped.

"Yes - I know perverted it sounds - But I asked him to sit there, so he could watch me as I touched - well, my - my vagina. I told him that I needed him to see this, that it was important to me..."

Nina interrupted and said, "Annie, what were you - I mean, what was this like? What were you thinking?"

"Oh my God- Nina, I was on fire, I was so turned-on that it's hard to even try to explain."

Nina asked, "What did you do?"

"I wanted Teddy to see, I wanted him to see what it looked like when I started to get wet."

Nina begged, "Go on - Keep talking...."

I tried to let her know how really gracious Teddy was, how he was really attentive to everything I asked of him. He was wonderful."

Nina asked, "Oh god, what did Teddy do?"

"He did whatever I asked him to do - Really..."

Nina asked, "But - I mean, wasn't he - I don't know, like turned-on or something?"

I replied, "Oh my God YES! He was totally excited, I loved seeing him like that. But, it was like he was SO concerned and eager to help me - It was like he was hypnotized or something."

"What do you mean hypnotized?"

"It was so incredible, he would do EXACTLY what I asked him to do, it was really - I don't know, empowering for me."

Nina asked, "Like what? I mean, what did you ask him to do?"

"Well, I told him to hold my knees apart, and he did."

Then, I tried explained to what happened next.

I guess it was kind of a blur, I mean - Teddy was so intent on helping, It was really clear to him - to both of us - that the goal of all of this, the only purpose was for me to climax - to finally have a real orgasm.

Nina interrupted and said, "You are so lucky! I want that so bad, I wanna have someone like Teddy!"

I smiled and told Nina how obedient Teddy was, and how it was really helpful for me. He was just so encouraging with everything. I explained as much as I could, and Nina would ask questions before I could finish an answer, she would ask another.

Nina got more emotional, "I want that! Oh god, Annie, I want the same thing so bad!"

At the same time she said this, she was squirming on the bed, like it was impossible for her to get comfortable.

"Nina, it was just, like some powerful conversion - it was like I was I had changed, I felt so free."

Nina asked, "I don't understand."

I tried to explain. Everything holding me back, the church, parents, nervousness - it was all gone. It was like some smothering layer of repression had been lifted, like I could say or do anything I need to - and Teddy was being SO wonderful, it felt like he truly understood.

I told him to look at me, right at me - directly at my fingers as they rubbed my vagina. I told him how wonderful it felt as I get wetter and wetter.

Nina said, "I can't believe this really happened, I'm so jealous!"

I tried to explain to Nina what I was feeling. I mean, I really thought having Teddy watching me would help. Like it would be a bigger turn-on and maybe I could finally cross that line.

Nina exclaimed, "Really! That sounds SO perverted!"

"I don't know, maybe it was. I even played with my own nipples, and I could tell that REALLY turned him on."

"Teddy watched you touch your nipples? Oh my God, he must have LOVED that!"

"I loved it too, and this might seem weird, but right then I thought about you."

"You did?"

"Right then, I was thinking about how I was going to tell you about what was happening. It was a really exciting feeling, knowing I was gunna would share this with you!"

Nina cut-in, "That's so funny, because - well - when I try to - well - get myself excited, it really helps me if I touch my own nipples."

I thought to myself how similar we both are, and how much we look alike - and how we both have nipples that are so prominent.

She asked, "What did Teddy do?"

I answered, "Just listen - I won't leave anything out."

I carefully explained to Nina how I made Teddy get really close and watch. I explained, as best I could what felt good, what was sensitive, how fast I moved my fingers and what it felt like to get wet. At this point, Nina was so restless and squirmy that I had to ask if she was okay.

She answered, "Yes - Oh God- Yes, I feel good. But hearing all of this is just - I don't know - it's making me so crazy."

I asked, "Should I stop?"

Nina interrupted, "Annie NO! Please, this is so incredible - please go on - and don't leave out ANY little detail!"

I said okay, I promised that I was going to tell her EVERYTHING, and I kept talking.

Well, Teddy was holding my knees - focused entirely on my wet open vagina. And I was carefully explaining my most intimate sensations. At the same time, I was stuck, right at the same point I always get to - where I just CAN'T get beyond.

Nina said, "I know, that's what happens to me too, it just won't happen."

I said, "Nina, it felt so frustrating, I felt SO desperate to climax - and I tried to explain it to Teddy."

"What did you say to him?"

I told him, "This all feels good, and really powerful - but I just feel stuck. Like I am at some sort of plateau - and I can't get beyond it - and it can be SO frustrating. I don't know what to do?"

Teddy told me, "Oh god, Annie. This is so beautiful, what you're showing me is so beautiful, that..."

"Go on," I said.

"It's so beautiful that it just has to be TRUE, I mean - it's just too powerful - and too wonderful - that it just HAS TO end with what you want..."

It was a perfect thing for me to hear.

Then I said, "Oh Teddy, I need to get through this."

"I know I can help - Please, tell me what you need."

At that point I could see he was squirming. At first I thought he was nervous. But it eventually dawned on me that he must have an erection - and his pants must have been uncomfortable.

It was such a simple realization. I knew right then that it WAS going to happen.

"Teddy - I truly need your help."

"I understand, really - I do."

I told him, that I had never ever seen a grown boy naked, and maybe that would help me - heighten my mood, to really SEE something I had never seen before, and would he show me.

He was literally right between my legs on the bed. And he obediently took of all of his clothes.

Nina interrupted, "Oh God Really?"

"Yes, he did just exactly what I asked."

"I can't believe this, Teddy is SO cute - I've seen him in his bathing suit at the pool, and he has such a nice body."

"He's beautiful!"

"What - what did his - his - penis look like? What was, I mean - could you see it?"

"Nina, yes, Oh my god, he was RIGHT there! And he was hard and his penis was just amazing - I mean, I had never seen anything like it before."

Nina got right up next to me, and begged, "Tell me! What did it look like?"

"It was beautiful. I've never EVER seen a boy naked and it looked so absolutely HUGE and really hard."

My little s****r was fascinated. She wanted to know exactly how big it was. I held my hands apart trying to describe how long it was, and here eyes lit up when I did.

She gasped, "Oh my God, it was THAT big?"

And then she asked how big around it was, and I tried to make a circle with my finger and thumb that would show her just how wide it was. I've never seen my s****r so attentive, she was amazed at what I was telling her.

Nina moved even closer to me and said, "Tell me what happened..."

I instructed him, I literally TOLD him exactly what I thought would help. There was no hesitation on his part. He complied, with everything I asked.

It was so effortless - I asked him, and he did it.

"What?" asked Nina.

"I told Teddy to kiss my vagina."

Nina gasped, "Annie! Really? I've always loved Teddy so much, you're so lucky!"

He kissed my vagina, then I asked him to lick it, and finally he kind of sucked it. I told her as much as I could, and then she reached out and grabbed my hands. I think she was shaking a little. I held them tightly. I realized then just how powerful this was for her to hear - and it made me feel so happy that I could share it with her.

She held my hands intently and said, "Go on. Don't stop."

I told Nina every pose and we tried. And we tried a bunch of different things, and I was getting really impatient, all I wanted was to finally have an orgasm, and Teddy knew it.

And then Nina kind of blurted out, "Weren't you worried about peeing?"

And I paused, and at first I wanted to laugh - but there was something so serious in her voice. I didn't want to hurt her feelings.

I asked, "What do you mean?"

And she realized how odd it sounded, and she nervously asked, "I mean - What if you had to pee - with Teddy right there, I mean wouldn't that be, I don't know, something to worry about?"

It was so sweet and innocent the way she said that, and I didn't want to make her feel bad.

So I told her, "Actually, I did think about that - about peeing - but there was so much going on, and being naked and everything - I did think about it, but it was fine."

Nina said, "I don't know why I asked that..."

"It's okay."

I went on with the story.

The way Teddy and I were positioned, when I finally realized that that we were in a pose that would truly felt like I might be able to cum. It took a little while to explain to Nina. I was on top of Teddy, and he was on his back. We were doing a sort of 69 thing. And he was kissing, well - sucking my vagina, and my face was right against his penis.

Nina asked, "Really? Did you touch it?"

"Oh god YES, I kissed it, licked it and even put it in my mouth."

"What was it like?"

"Oh my god, I was so turned-on, I loved it, but Teddy..."


"Teddy begged me to stop, he said he was too excited and this was all for me, not him. He warned me that he would cum too soon if I touched it like I was doing."

"Really, do you think he would have cum?"

"Oh my God - YES - I mean, his dick was REALLY hard, and sort of throbbing."

"Are you k**ding?"

"Oh no, he was REALLY turned-on, I could feel his dick with my tongue, it was sort of shivering."

"Oh God, really?"

"He was moaning, I thought he would explode, it was - oh my God - it was just astounding."

The way we were on the bed, he was on his back, with my face near his erect penis, and I tried to explain to my little s****r how Teddy was begging me not to kiss it or touch it. I was on all fours above him, and his mouth was pressed snug against my vagina.

He begged me no to kiss his erection anymore - So, I - I guess I ended up arching my back. So here's what happened - In this pose, my breasts touched his hard dick.

Nina interrupted, "I don't understand?"

I carefully explained, "Try and picture it - my breasts were hanging straight down, and his penis was sticking straight up. And they were rubbing together."

"I'm SO jealous!"

"It felt amazing - the way I was on all fours, and the way my boobs were hanging down. I would let them wiggle and gently rub against Teddy's big erection. And - well, my nipples felt SO sensitive..."

Nina cut in, "Annie, my nipples feel that way sometimes too, it sounds so beautiful."

I responded to Nina, "The way were positioned, Teddy would arch his hips up to me, he was trying to touch my breasts with his erection."

My s****r sort of squealed with excitement, "Oh my God, did his penis touch your nipples?"


"How did that feel?" Nina asked.

"Oh my God - it felt SO wonderful, and I thought Teddy was going to explode. At one point, he reached under me and he held my breasts with his hands..."

Nina interrupted, "Annie, I want someone do that to me!"

I tried to tell Nina just what it was like, it was taking a long time, but everything was building and getting more intense. I told him exactly how I need him to suck my clitoris, and oh God- it felt so good!

Nina said, "It sounds wonderful."

"It was! And, Teddy was being so obedient."

Nina was moving around on the bed next to me, like she was desperately trying to get comfortable.

Nina sort of panted with excitement, "Oh God, I love hearing all of this - I love this!"

I went on to carefully explain EVERY sensation and little detail.

And then Nina kind of cried out, in a really sad voice, "I wanna cum so bad, this is so unfair - I want it too!"

I was worried it was too much for Nina to hear. Like I was being cruel.

I said, "Nina, it's okay - Please, it's all okay..."

And she said, "Oh, I know - I'm just so insanely jealous! Go on, please..."

"Are you sure?"


It was reassuring to hear her say that, and I put my arm around her and pulled her in close to me with a firm hug.

I said, "You may get even more jealous, here's what happened..."

Nina squirmed in, right snug against me and whispered, "Please - tell me - tell me - tell me!"

It took a lot of explaining. At one point, with my directions, Teddy kissed my clitoris in this magical way, and I KNEW this was exactly what I needed - that I was going to cum. I told him to keep kissing, and that turned to a kind of sucking. And I could feel the tip of his tongue moving on my hard little clit. I told him to lick faster - and then he did this thing, with his tongue - Oh God - it was amazing..."

Nina asked, "What was it, what was he doing?"

"I don't know if I can explain it, it was like he was sucking my - my clitoris, like a baby would suck a nipple, and I could feel his tongue at the same time..."

Nina gasped, "Oh my god, that sounds unbelievable!"

"And when he did that, I just knew - I KNEW that I was going to come building."

I just begged him: 'Teddy, that's it - don't stop!'

Nina squeezed me really tight and said, "Oh god..."

I was talking fast now, "It was intense, I mean - Teddy was sucking so hard right then - and I was sort of crying out loud, and he was holding my breasts, rubbing my nipples, and his beautiful erection was right up next to my face."

Nina asked, "What did it feel like?"

I didn't know how to answer that. I told her to imagine the sexiest most thrilling thing she had ever felt, and then to multiply it by a million.

And then I tried to explain the actual orgasm. Nina listened intently, and she asked a lot of questions, and I was so careful to tell her EVERYTHING that I could.

"Oh Nina, you wouldn't believe how I was panting and moaning. I had lost all control - It was so intense and was kind of crying out loud."

And Nina was responding in this urgent way, she was squirming and writhing and against me. Her long nightgown was getting all wrapped up against her legs, and mine too.

Nina said, "Keep going."

All the while she couldn't stay still - hugging me and pressing herself tightly against my hips.

She was getting all swept away - and I didn't want to stop - it was so wonderful.

"I started to shiver, it was like my whole body was responding."

And Nina said, "Oh God- Annie..."

My little s****r's voice was shaky and so intense. I was really amazed at the effect all of this was having on her.

Nina begged, "Keep going - PLEASE!"

And I said, "And as it was all building, got louder and shivered like this, just like this..."

And I tried to mimic the way my body shook, and Nina just held me tight.

"And then I warned Teddy - I'm gunna cum!"

Nina was squirming so much that she kind of moved on top of me at this point. And she was breathing hard too.

Nina begged, "Annie - Keep going - PLEASE!"

At this point, Nina was sitting right on top of me. We just sort of stared at each other. But the energy was still sort of frenetic.

She was positioned sitting on my belly, with each knee along my side. She's so petite that it was comfortable and easy for her to sit there. Her baby blue nightgown was d****d over me, and it felt so loving and warm.

And then I giggled and said, "Wow, explaining that was almost better than when Teddy did it to me!"

Nina said, "This is SO intense."

And then I added, "Oh God, this is making me all sweaty!"

"Me too..."

And then we both giggled.

I said, "Nina? How did you end up like this? Sitting on my tummy?

She smiled and said, "This is how we used to sit, when you stayed up late reading to me - remember?"

"Yes, I remember. I loved doing that!"

Nina said, "I loved it too!"

"You were a little girl and I would tell you stories..."

She said, "You're telling me a story right now."

I giggled and said she was right.

Then Nina kind of whined, "Oh God Annie, It sounds so awesome - I want to cum just like that, I want it so bad."

I told her it would happen someday, not to worry.

Then Nina asked excitedly, "What happened with Teddy?"

I went on, trying to explain everything between Teddy and me. I told her that after it happened, when I actually had my orgasm there was this release - this liberation. I mean, I was on all fours, with this beautiful boy under me, and I experienced something so life altering.

Nina said, "Annie, I'm so jealous!"

"Nina, there's more..."

And then told her how I sat up and turned around, to face Teddy - I wanted to kiss him, but he seemed so shocked by everything. I sat there staring at him, and his face was ALL WET.

Nina interrupted: "Why was his face wet?"

"Nina, It was from me."

"I don't understand?"

"I had gotten so wet, and when I came - my vagina was just gushing, I mean, I had an orgasm right on his open mouth - and it just dripped all over his face."

Nina actually sort of squealed with excitement when I said that.

She begged to know, "How wet? How wet?"

It was obvious from Nina's voice that she was extremely excited by all of this. And I was so eager to tell her every little detail, because I knew she loved it. And I was all excited too - I guess I kind of gasped out: "When it happened, when I came, Oh God - I could feel it between my legs, it felt like I squirted when it happened and it made his face all drippy."

And Nina excitedly asked, "Was it like peeing?"


"Did it feel like peeing?"

My God - my little s****r did it again, she sounded so excited about peeing. I thought for a second and replied, "Well, maybe a little bit..."

"It was? REALLY!" she gasped out.

"Not as much as when I pee, but I do know his face was all wet."

"Oh my God- that sounds so beautiful!"

It was obvious she was thrilled. And then I added, "Nina, you sound so excited about it."

"I would love it! Oh god, making a cute boy's face all wet, by cumming on him - I would LOVE it!"

I giggled, "I know I loved it. It felt so good!"

Nina said, "All the times, when I'm alone, and I try to make myself cum, I just get SO wet. I'm not sure if that's okay or not."

I tried to reassure her, "Don't worry, it's okay."

She asked, "You said you squirted on Teddy's face, do you think I might get wet like that too? I mean, maybe, because we are s****rs, it might be the same for us."

I said, "We so much a like, so probably."

She cautiously confided, "I think it might be, because, I mean - I can get REALLY wet."

I giggled as I tried to reassure her, "If you get wet like I do, then somebody is going to be VERY excited when you cum on their face, like I did on Teddy."

Nina looked down at me from her seat on my tummy and told me to keep talking.

I went on - I knew Teddy was really excited, and close to having his own orgasm too, it was so obvious, and I wanted him to have just as powerful an experience as I had. It felt important to me.

Nina said, "Oh Annie - that's so nice, the way you said that."

I explained that Teddy had been so nice to me, so enormously supportive, and I wanted to give that back to him. I asked him what he wanted - I mean, I really didn't know what I should do.

Nina asked, "What did he say?"

Well, at first he didn't say anything, but it was SO obvious he was staring at my breasts, and I knew - from before - that he was so excited when I let them rub against his penis.

Nina asked, "Were your nipples hard?"

"Oh God, they were as hard as I've ever seen them."

"That sounds so exciting, tell me what he did."

"Well, after I BEGGED him to tell me - He finally whispered that he thought my breasts were beautiful."

Nina smiled and said, "He's right, they are beautiful."

I thanked my little s****r and then I explained it to her the way Teddy was still on his back, and I was on all fours, and I let my breasts glide across his hard erection. The way my boobs were hanging down, and his dick was pointing up, I could sort of caress his erection.

"Really - What did he do?"

"Oh god, it was immediately obvious that he LOVED it, I mean - he was just gunna erupt from the feeling."

Nina excitedly squeezed me with her knees and asked, "What happened?"

I told Teddy - I BEGGED him to tell me exactly what he wanted, I told him it was okay - I wanted him to cum, just like I did.

Nina asked, "What did he say?"

He didn't say much, but I let him know that it was okay - and I tried to be as supportive and - well, submissive as I could be. I needed him know that I was really eager to help.

Nina whimpered, "Oh God Annie, that's precisely what I need from someone - I need that so bad..."

It was emotional to hear Nina being so desperate, but she was so wrapped up my story that I simply had to tell her everything. After a little while Teddy timidly asked me to lie down on my back.

"Did you?"

"Oh my God - YES! And I immediately let him do EXACTLY what he wanted. I let him gently turned me over, and he positioned me on my back, and then he climbed right on top of me, he got right over me, on his knees - and - well, sort of caressed his hard dick all over both my breasts."

Nina nervously asked, "What was that like?"

"Oh my God - It was magical!"

"Really? I don't know, it sounds - well, it sounds REALY perverted." Nina said.

"You don't understand, it was wonderful. He was literally panting and moaning..."

Nina asked, "How did all of this feel?"

"It felt SO good, I mean, his erection was just so incredible, and, I wanted the best way for him, the most exciting way for HIM."

With Nina sitting on top of me like she was, we were looking right at each other, and the intensity in her face was glorious.

She said, "Go on..."

"And - I mean - my breasts seemed so soft, and his penis seemed so hard."

"Go on..."

"Oh god, Teddy was SO turned-on, it was like he was possessed. And I made sure he was doing exactly what felt the most wonderful. He spent a long time rubbing the tip of his hard penis against my nipples."

My little s****r excitedly gasped, "Oh my God, really? Teddy did THAT?"

"My nipples were SO sensitive - It felt SO good!"

Nina whimpered, "My nipples feel that way sometimes too. I'm so jealous, I wish Teddy would do that to me!"

"I never knew this, but a boy will, like drip out a little bit of cum, before they actually climax."

"Really? Like, how much?"

"I could see it was just a little bit, but it was enough that Teddy made my nipples all wet."


"His huge dick was so close to my face, so I could watch. And it was sort of thick enough, that it made like a drippy little string of - well - of cum - when he moved, between the very tip of his erection, and my wet nipple."

Nina said, "This is making me crazy, I mean, Teddy is so cute and so nice, this is all just so exciting."

"Well - Eventually - We ended up in this really wonderful pose. Oh my God - It was so exciting for Teddy, I could tell. Teddy was on his knees, straddling my ribs."

And Nina sat up a little, and moved a little closer to me. The fabric of her oversized blue nightgown still covered most of my shirt.

"Was he like this?"

I replied honestly, "No, his hips were a little closer to my breasts, and his knees were sort of pushed in my armpits."

And with that, Nina moved up a little and looked down at me, and she pushed her knees against my armpits, just like I described. Now her nightgown was d****d over me, and it almost covered my chest.

Then she asked, "Like this?"

"Yeah - this is how he was."

"Go on..."

"Teddy said he wanted me to watch. I was sitting a little bit upright with my back on two pillows - sort of against the headboard of the bed."

Nina giggled and said, "I have two pillows."

"Should I..."


I was surprised at how thrilled Nina was acting. And she helped me position the big pillows under my head, and we both scooted up to the headboard of the bed.

Nina smiled and said, "You were just like this... Right?"

"Yes - he wanted me to watch him..."

"That seems so close."

"Well, I mean, it was SO obvious that he LOVED rubbing my nipples, and he even let me hold his erection, and I he let me caress it against my own nipples."

Nina was looking at me with wide eyes, and I tried as best as I could - to tell her just how wonderful it felt. And then I explained how Teddy started to glide his long dick in between my breasts. And I described how squeezed my boobs together in a way that I was sort of gripping his erection.

"Really? How?"

I wanted so badly to explain, but I actually realized I needed to show Nina.

I was looking up at my adorable little s****r, she was straddling me just like Teddy had done, with my head propped up on the two pillows.

I said, "Okay, this was how we were positioned, just like we are now. Teddy was on top of me, just like this."

Nina asked, "But - I still don't get it, how were you holding his penis?"

Oh my god, I suddenly knew what I was going to do next. And just the thought of it was wonderfully thrilling.

I quietly said, "Nina, I could show you..."


"I could show you, it's okay - I could take my shirt off, and I have a bra on - but if it would help, I could show you."

Nina nervously replied, "If you want to..."

And I tried to act calm, and said, "Okay - I want you to understand what he did - and how beautiful it was."

And then, very slowly, I started to unbutton my shirt and Nina watched my every move, she was wide-eyed with an intense focus. I started at the top, and worked down toward my shorts, one button at a time. But, with Nina's nightgown d****d all over me, I had to move it to undo all the buttons.

Nina flinched when I touched her nightgown.

I was a little surprised at her response, and asked, "What is it?"

And in a shaky voice, she replied, "It's - It's nothing..."

But I could tell there was something.

I asked, "What's wrong?"

Nina quietly said, "Annie, I'm sorry, I need to tell you something."

And I said, "Tell me..."

And she sat there, she nervously began to gather up the fabric of her nightgown in her little hands.

"Nina, tell me, what is it?"

In a shaky voice she told me, "Please be careful with my nighty, okay - because I'm not wearing any panties."

When she said that, a shiver went through me. But, she seemed so vulnerable and nervous as she told me, and I didn't want to upset her - or disrupt anything between us.

Trying not to act surprised, I calmly said, "Nina, that's okay - don't worry."

"Thank you..." she replied meekly.

I smiled and she smiled back. We sat for a while in silence, but it wasn't awkward - it was really nice. The feeling right then was warm and comforting.

Then with the excitement back in her voice, she said, "You were going to show me how - and I really wanna know - just how you held Teddy's hard dick - with your breasts."

"Okay - but maybe you should finish unbuttoning my shirt."

And my little s****r agreed and carefully reached down and undid the final the last three buttons, and cautiously moved so her nightgown wasn't disrupted.

She smiled and said, "There, all done."

Then, I opened my shirt and she could see that I was wearing a simple white bra. Right then, my little s****r's face sort of lit up.

"Oh my god," gasped Nina.

I looked down at my own chest - I didn't realize until then, but my nipples were really hard and prominent under the thin white fabric of my bra.

I think I was a startled as Nina was.

I mean, Nina had seen me plenty of times with just my bra. But, for some reason, knowing my little s****r was looking at my nipples, and seeing them so hard and erect felt incredibly thrilling.

Nina was silent for a moment, and then meekly whispered, "Is it - maybe - alright if you take your shirt all the way off?"

I cautiously replied, "Okay, help me get it off."

And with Nina's gentle assistance, and a little bit of squirming, we took my shirt all the way off my shoulders and dropped it on the floor.

Nina looked down at me, at my bra, with a bewildered expression.

She asked, "Annie - I still don't get it, you said were you holding Teddy's penis between your breasts - How?"

I spoke slowly, "I held it in between, like this."

And I took both my hands and I squeezed my breasts together.

Nina could see perfectly as I held my own breasts for her, with both hands pressing my bra. Nina watched me intently - and I was very explicit as I told her how Teddy's erection was cradled in between.

At this point I was actually kind of breathing hard, and it surprised me.

"You mean, you could hold his hard penis, right there, between your breasts?"

"Yes, I could sort of squeeze it."

Nina stared at my chest, and I could tell she didn't get it, but she was acting unbelievably excited by everything I tried to explain. But she still looked confused.

Then I finally said, "Here Nina, put you hand here."

Without any hesitation, she set her little hand on my chest right between my breasts, the edge of her little finger pressed against the fabric of my bra at my sternum. Her fingertips pointed towards my chin.

"And I held his hard penis, like this."

And then I used both my hands squeeze my soft breasts held Nina's hand firmly in between.

Right then, I felt this crazy emotion, I mean - what was happening was so, I don't know - so forbidden. Nina must have felt it too.

Nina whispered like a baby, "Annie, your boobs are SO beautiful, I'm so jealous of Teddy..."

"Oh my God - he LOVED it, and he started to pump it back and fourth - right between my breasts - I have never seen anyone that excited!"

There was a little bit of an awkward pause, and then Nina very cautiously moved her hand between my breasts - back and forth.

Nina carefully asked, "Did he move it like this?"

"At first - yes."

She whispered, "Wow, this is, I mean - it must have been really beautiful."

"Oh my God - it was SO awesome! At first Teddy was acting a little bit nervous, but I insisted that it was okay. I begged him to just do whatever he thought felt good."

Nina was still moving her hand, gently back and forth, "This is beautiful..."

"I tried to squeeze Teddy's hard penis as firmly as I could..."

And I did it for Nina right then - I used my hands and pressed my breasts together, and squeezed Nina's hand even more tightly.

"And his dick was long enough that it would slide up my neck, bump into my chin."

Nina slid her hand up until it touched my chin.

She asked, "Like this?"

"Yes, it was so warm feeling."

Nina moved her hand even faster, and she gasped, "This is so perverted! I can't believe you really let him do this."

I replied, "You don't understand - I loved it!"

Nina shifted the way she was sitting, just a little.

And I instantly realized that the way she was sitting on me - right on the bare skin of my tummy, and just a few minutes before she had told me that she wasn't wearing anything under her nightgown. I could feel that she was wet, I really mean it, there was a warm moist sensation on my belly.

It was shockingly obvious that my little s****r was getting excited, the feeling between her legs was warm and slippery. And I think we both knew it.

Nina awkwardly pulled her hand away.

She looked down at me and shyly said, "Oh god, I feel funny doing this."

I knew she was nervous, and I tried to sound as sympathetic as I told her, "Don't worry, everything is okay."

"I don't know, I just feel so - I don't know, this is all so intense."

Right then, she seemed a little bit frightened.

I tried to reassure her, "You're right, it's crazy how intense it is, I feel it too."

Nina thought for a second and asked me, "Annie - Please - I love hearing you talk about Teddy. Tell me more, okay?"

I spoke softly and calmly, "Well, Teddy was getting all lost in the excitement, and I was trying to make it feel as nice as I could for him..."

Nina was instantly transfixed by my words.

I tried to explain every detail, "The way I was lying on the hotel bed, I could look down between my breasts and watch, and the big head of his - his - hard erection, it was sort of purple, and it was so close, and pointed right at me..."

And suddenly, I realized how many times I had told her stories, just like this. When we were both a lot younger she would sneak into my room and sit on my belly, exactly like she was sitting now. I felt so filled with love - and I just felt so close. As a little girl she loved when I told her stories, and I could tell she loved it now.

My little s****r begged, "Please, keep talking..."

"Okay Nina - I want to explain exactly how Teddy acted, and exactly how he came on me..."

"Tell me," begged Nina.

"Teddy was looking down at me and in this serious voice, he asked me if he could do something. I didn't even know what he was thinking about but I told him, 'Anything - anything!' and he reached over and grabbed the bottle of lotion I had on the bed and squirted it all over my breasts."

Nina asked, "You mean the oily vanilla lotion?"

"Yes, and he really squirted a LOT on me, like half the bottle! I couldn't believe it, he just made this huge puddle between my breasts."


"Yeah, he was so excited. And without hesitating he immediately pushed his erection into the big puddle, and - sort of smeared the lotion all over my boobs - using his dick."

Nina gasped, "Oh my God!"

"I couldn't believe it, that oily lotion made what he was doing feel - I don't know - like a million times better! Everything felt SO slippery and smooth!"

"That sounds SO perverted!"

"It was beautiful, it felt SO amazing, and it was obvious the lotion made it feel even better for him too - it was so obvious he was ecstatic. He put his oily erection between my breasts again."

"Keep talking..."

"And - the way I was holding my boobs, squeezing his penis between my slippery breasts, it felt so smooth! And - I was watching, and his hard dick was just inches from my face, pumping back and forth. I knew he was gunna climax really soon."

"Tell me..."

"I squeezed my boobs even tighter, it was like I was gripping his oily dick, and just before he came, he started pumping in sort of a spasm, like he couldn't control what he was doing."

My beautiful little s****r was looking down at me, her big eyes focused on my hard nipples under the thin fabric of my white bra.

And she stammered, "Please - Tell me..."

"Nina, he pushed his slippery penis up near my neck - I was looking right at the little hole, in the big oily head - and it was sort of pulsating, I could feel it tremble against the slippery skin of my breasts."

"Go on..." Nina begged.

"And it was just building to this amazing point, and then - oh my God - I watched it happen..."

"Tell me..."

"And - and - he squirted this thick cum, it pumped out all over my neck - and all over my breasts. I could feel it pumping out of him, and it felt so warm."

"Oh god, Annie - was it like he was peeing?" Gasped Nina.

I knew, from everything she had been saying, that the thought of peeing was somehow so very exciting for her. I could just see her light up when she said it.

She asked it again, "Was it like he was peeing on you?"

I loved my s****r so much, I was so happy know she was excited right then - I knew what she wanted to hear, so I said, "Yes Nina, it was - it was just exactly like he was peeing."

She sound so thrilled, "Oh my God - it was?"

"Yes - Nina, it was amazing."

"Like he squirted cum - and peed all over your breasts - at the same time?"


Nina stammered, "Jesus, that sounds SO beautiful!"

I could tell my s****r was getting all swept away, and I was eagerly encouraging her heightened emotions, I went on, "It was beautiful - It felt so good to feel Teddy squirting cum all over me..."

There was a long pause, and Nina was breathing hard.

Finally, Nina said, "Oh God- Annie, I want cum like that - SO BAD!"

I said, "I know - I know..."

She whimpered, "I want to - I - I really - need to..."

And she sounded so sad, and I thought she might start to cry. This moment was so emotional for me, and at the same time, it was so beautiful. I love my little s****r so much, and all I wanted was for her to be happy.

Nina stammered, "Oh - oh god - it sounds so beautiful."

I could tell my s****r was getting all swept away, and I was eagerly encouraging her heightened emotions.

"When he came, it got all over my chin, and a little bit in my mouth too."

"Tell me - Tell me..." She was intensely focused on my bra and my hard nipples, and I was watching her - and she had a haunted look in her eyes.

I went on, deliberately sharing every sensual detail, "Nina, his cum was so warm, and it made my breasts even MORE slippery - and I watched as it pumped out, all over my chest..."

Nina asked, " Oh god, Annie - was it like he was peeing? I'm trying to imagine what it looked like."

I thought for a second, and answered, "Yes, it was just like peeing, I've never seen anything so wonderful..."

"When he came, was is a lot?"

"It sure seemed like a lot, and it was thick when it squirted out, Nina, it was amazing."

My little s****r was breathing hard, "I can't believe Teddy got to squirt cum all over your breasts. Oh my god, your nipples must have been SO hard!"

"They were, it felt SO good."

Nina stammered, "Jesus, that sounds beautiful!"

"It was beautiful - It felt so good to feel Teddy squirting cum all over me..."

There was a long pause, and Nina was breathing hard.

Finally, Nina said, "Oh God- Annie, I want cum like that - SO BAD!"

I said, "I know - I know..."

Nina whimpered, "I'm SO jealous."

She sounded sad, and I thought she might start to cry. This moment was so emotional for me, and at the same time, it was somehow agonizing for her. I love my little s****r SO much, and all I wanted was for her to feel some relief.

I whispered, "Oh Nina, please don't feel sad."

My little s****r stammered, "But, I - I don't know if you - understand..."

"It's okay" I tried to reassure her.


I took Nina's hands and held them. She looked at me from her seated position on my belly, she looked worried and confused.

I wanted so badly for her to be happy. I kissed her little hands.

I told her, "Nina please - I do understand - I love you SO MUCH - and I would do anything for you. I understand - I know - what you're feeling."


"Oh Nina, PLEASE. I'm here for you - really. I'll help you."


I abruptly interrupted, "Oh Nina, when I told you about Teddy, the thing that made it so beautiful was that he was very supportive - and he was so helpful, and now I want to be helpful - for you."


"Nina, I really and truly want to help..."

"Are you sure?"

"Nina, you can do ANYTHING you want."

"Anything?" Nina whispered.

"Yes," I replied. "ANYTHING."

Then she looked me right in the eyes and took a deep breath, and she whispered, "Annie, when you were away on the church trip, whenever I was alone in the bathroom, and I was peeing - I would pretend that I was - that I was cumming."

She sounded so innocent and sweet, I replied, "Oh Nina, that sounds so beautiful."

I kissed her hands again, and then I lay my arms out on the bed. At that point all I was wearing only my bra, and my summer shorts. And Nina's nightgown was setting over me.

Nina was sitting on my belly looking down at my bra, and she looked so beautiful. It felt so obvious that she wasn't wearing her panties. I could feel the wetness from between her legs, it felt warm and slippery against my tummy.

I tried to set myself out, as submissive as I could. I wanted Nina to know it was okay.

And I whispered, "Please Nina, I want you to know - I love you so much..."

And she said, "Oh Annie - I love you too..."

There was a long pause. Right then I felt so deeply connected to my little s****r.

I wasn't sure what was happening. Nina was so sensitive and vulnerable. She had been so eager to hear tell about Teddy and I, and more than once she seemed to mix up peeing and the climax, and - for some reason it got her all excited.

I was so emotional right then, and my beautiful little s****r seemed so needy.

I thought for a moment before I spoke. I wanted to make sure what I said would be, as best as I could, the most perfect thing for Nina to hear.

"When it happened, for both me and Teddy, cumming was a lot like - we were peeing..."

Hearing that, she shuddered with a sort of haunted delight.

There was a long pause. Right then I felt so deeply connected to my little s****r.

Nina was sitting on my belly looking down at my bra, and she looked so beautiful. It felt so obvious that she wasn't wearing her panties. I could feel the wetness from between her legs, it felt hot and slippery against my tummy.

I tried to set myself out, as submissive as I could. I wanted to make this easy as I could for Nina.

She looked at me for a long moment. She looked so relived that I had said everything that I said.

Finally, Nina took a deep breath and whispered, "Oh God - I wanna cum, just like Teddy did - I want it SO BAD!"

I encouraged her,"Oh god, Yes..."

She whispered in a haunted voice, "I wanna cum -Annie, I wanna cum so bad..."

"You do?"

"I do - I do - so bad..."

"When Teddy came, I watched him when he finally squirted all over me, and I was so close, and it looked just like he was peeing..."

With that, she smiled at me. And then, just a little, she lifted her baby blue nightgown from the bottom.

I was electrified, and she looked right at me - and I think she could tell how excited I was.

And I said, "I loved it when Teddy came all over me, and I loved that I could help him like I did."

My beautiful little s****r carefully moved up onto her knees, so she was no longer sitting on my belly. She seemed tall, as she loomed above me.

She whispered, "I think I'm gunna cum."

I replied, "I want you too - I want you too..."

With that, she smiled at me. And then, just a little, she lifted her baby blue nightgown from the bottom.

I was electrified, and she looked right at me - and I think she could tell how excited I was.

And I said, "I loved it when Teddy came all over me, and I loved that I could help him like I did. I love helping him cum."

My beautiful little s****r carefully moved up onto her knees, so she was no longer sitting on my belly. She seemed tall, as she loomed above me.

She whispered, "Will you really help me? I mean - help me cum?"

I replied, "I'll do anything to help you..."

And then Nina slowly lifted up her blue nightgown. She pulled the fabric up, and then I could see her smooth thighs.

I encouraged her, "Please Nina..."

And she lifted it up further, and my heart started pounding. I couldn't believe what was happening. She held it high enough for me to see between her legs.

I was astonished, and stared wide-eyed. The sight of Nina's delicate vagina was breathtaking, her pubic hair was pale and thin. She was obviously REALLY wet, and I could tell she wanted me to look at her.

Seeing her was so unbelievably lovely.

In a haunted voice, Nina whispered, "When Teddy came all over you, was it REALLY just like he was peeing?"

I said, "Yes, it was beautiful..."

Then - In one smooth motion my little s****r lifted the blue nightgown over her head and let it fall onto the bed.

Oh my God - She was completely naked, and she looked heavenly.

Her little breasts were so beautiful and her nipples were incredibly hard. I was astounded, seeing my s****r naked was positively joyous - everything about Nina seemed so lovely and delicate.

"I wanna cum just like Teddy did."

"Yes, Nina - please..."

I lay as still as I could and I looked up at my s****r. All I wanted was for her to be as happy as she could possibly be.

"It's okay Nina - please..."

This moment was absolutely magical, it just felt so powerful, so tender, and so beautiful. Nina was lost in some haunted trance.

And she was focused entirely on my breasts.

My head was propped up on two pillows, so I could see everything. My nipples were hard, they were erect and beautiful under the thin fabric of my white bra.

I stared intently up at her pink little vagina, waiting.

Then, in a kind of panic, Nina stammered, "Oh god, Annie."

Suddenly, Nina put both her hands on my bra. With shaky fingertips, she caressed the thin white fabric.

She whimpered, "Oh god, Annie, I love you."

The clasp on the bra was in the back, and I needed to lean forward as Nina awkwardly undid it, and it was lose enough that now my breasts were exposed for my s****r to see. I lay there, breathing hard, my nipples looked unbelievably hard and pointy.

My little s****r gasped, "Oh god, oh god."

Nina franticly pulled my bra off my arms and let is fall next to me on the bed.

My beautiful little s****r then lifted herself high onto her knees above my chest. This was the first really good view I really had of Nina's vagina, and it was pink, wet and dripping. And her clitoris was SO prominent and easy to see, it looked firm and plump.

Nina moved on her knees until her crotch hovering directly above my breasts.

My nipples were unbelievably hard, and they poking straight up as I lay on my back. I arched my back and touched my nipple to her wet vaginal lips. I could feel the thin delicate texture of Nina's wet pubic hair against my nipples.

Nina settled down onto my breasts, and pumped her hips to rub herself against my erect nipple. It slid smoothly along her slippery wet vaginal lips, back and forth. Back and forth. Nina pushed herself firmly against my nipple.

This went on, back and forth, and Nina started breathing hard. Oh my God, the sensation was electric.

I lay prone, with my hard nipple pressing up into Nina's vagina. The rubbing slowed, and I was looking almost straight up into Nina's dripping pink wet lips.

I whispered, "Nina, hold onto the headboard of the bed." Nina had to lean over me to grab the wood frame at the head of the bed, and in doing so she was hovering above me. Her perfect little breasts hung down near my face. She carefully moved forward on her knees until she was squatting more directly above my chest.

Looking up at her, I was amazed at how her little breasts seemed so perfect, the nipples, small and erect. I was astounded, seeing my s****r naked was so joyous - everything about Nina seemed so lovely and delicate.

"I wanna cum just like Teddy did."

"Yes, Nina - please..."

I lay as still as I could and I looked up at my beautiful little s****r. All I wanted was for her to be as happy as she could possibly be.

"It's okay Nina - please..."

This moment was absolutely magical, it just felt so powerful, so tender, and so beautiful. Nina was lost in some haunted trance.

Nina was focused entirely on my breasts.

My head was propped up on two pillows, so I could see everything. My little s****r stood up on her knees, looming tall above me.

I stared intently up at her pink little vagina, waiting.

Then, in a kind of panic, Nina stammered, "Oh god, Annie - I... I..."

I begged, "Pleeeeease!"

She moved her head so she was looking down between her own legs. "I - I'm gunna..."

At that moment she started to pee, squirting onto my belly. It was hot and powerful.

Nina squealed with joy, "I'm cumming!"

A thick stream splashed against me.

Nina arched herself taller and thrust her groin over my chest, carefully aiming, soaking my breasts.

I gasped out, "Nina - Yes!"

Nina arched her back and it splashed all over me, between my breasts, my stomach, onto my neck and face.

"Oh God- I'm cumming!" cried Nina, as she peed.

The flow was strong and hot - it was splashing everywhere.

I was trying to sit up, to see it all. The stream was so beautiful, a hot puddle formed between my breasts, spilling off and onto the sheets. The flow felt powerful, and I was on fire with devotion for my little s****r.

Then, little by little, it slowed down, eventually to a trickle, but Nina pushed and there was a final warm burst, directly between my breasts.

When it finally stopped, Nina was on her knees looking down at me, and I was absolutely glistening.

"Oh my god..." I whispered.

Nina was ecstatic, and panting. I was wet, my breasts were wet, the sheets were wet! My body seemed to sparkle in the orange light of the bedside lamp.

I smiled and stammered, "It's - it's warm - I feel so warm..."

Nina put both her hands on my breasts, they felt hot and wet, my hard nipples glistened. With shaky hands, she squeezed my breasts.

"Oh Annie, I - I came on you..." Nina stuttered.

I whimpered, "Oh god, Nina, I love you."

My little s****r said, "Th-there's a little more."

"What?" I asked.

"I - I'm going to pee again."

I lay prone, and I was looking almost straight up into Nina's dripping pink wet lips.

Nina began to tense, her knees squeezing, gripping tighter against my ribs.

I have never in my life felt so amazingly turned-on. It was beyond anything I had ever known.

"Yes - yes, oh god, YES..." whispered Nina, as she arched her back.

Then, Nina relaxed, and a final powerful squirt of pee came down, hot on my breast.

"Oh my God!" exclaimed Nina.

My beautiful little s****r stayed there, amazed at what she had just done. She was radiant and smiling, and she took a long deep inhale. I was thunderstruck, I felt like I was about to explode with love.

"Oh fuck!" exclaimed Nina.

She was radiant and smiling. Nina slowly sat back onto my slippery belly and took a long deep inhale.

I spoke quickly, in a kind of panic, "Nina, oh my God- I am so fucking turned-on right now - and I want you to cum - right now - like I did on Teddy..."

And I made Nina sit up, and I grabbed her legs, I was very firm, and positioned her so she was on her knees, facing me.

I lay down on the wet sheets, and moved my mouth under Nina, right between her legs. The inside of her thighs were all wet, and right up next to my face.

I immediately kissed her dripping vagina.

Nina cried out, "Oh - Oh my god!"

Her legs and bottom were so wet from everything before, and now, with her above me - the liquid just ran down onto my face soaking it with wetness.

And my kissing turned to licking - and my licking turned to sucking. Nina leaned forward, and got on all fours, in a 69 position, squatting above my face.

Nina asked, "Was this how you were with Teddy - when you came on his face?"

It was almost the same, I pulled my wet face away and stammered, "Nina - It was - we were..."

And I moved a little, and it was almost involuntary, but my groin was pumping up - and I was trying to grind it into Nina open mouth. She pushed herself against my groin, pressing her tongue between my legs.

"Oh god..." Nina gasped.

We were both soaking wet, and everything was wonderfully warm. And then I could feel Nina's mouth covering my vagina. She was licking me, just like Teddy had. And I suddenly knew I was going to cum, really soon.

I cried out, "Nina - I love you..."

Almost instantly, we were pressing together, our two slippery bodies. We were humping and squirming with passion, and my wet mouth was sucking Nina's hard little clitoris.

And I could feel Nina doing the same thing to me. The wetness between us made everything seem so smooth and slippery. I reached under, and just as Teddy had done, I held Nina's firm little breasts. I held Nina's plump round clit in my mouth and sucked, and at the same time I licked with my tongue - as fast as I could.

And Nina did the same thing - and the sensation - for both of us - was just staggering. The way I was positioned, my face was pushed hard into Nina's vagina. And I was looking right at her tiny anus. I was insane with excitement, and Nina was licking so hard and so fast I was moments away from exploding. I could tell that Nina was building toward her own climax. And Nina's beautiful little butt hole was pulsating from the emotional intensity, it was throbbing just inches from my eyes - it was so unimaginably lovely.

And then Nina stammered, "Annie - I am - gunna - cum..."

Hearing her say that, saying my name - I was suddenly lost in ecstasy. My licking and sucking became involuntary, and Nina's hips began to pump and shiver into my open mouth. With out realizing it, I was licking her wet anus. It felt tiny and firm against my tongue.

And - with that - Nina burst out with a shriek of passion, and cried out, "I love you!"

At that moment, as I licked hard against her little wet butt hole - all I could focus on was Nina's shuddering pelvis, and her building Orgasm.

Nina was panting and crying and shaking, and it just built to a point where I couldn't lick her anus, she was shaking so violently. I was trying to my fingers into her open vagina, but she was humping my face with too much intensity.

I was tasting the intense wetness across my mouth, and she was so wet that it was gushing hot and sloppy all over my face. And then she started to shake, and shiver, and it happened, she cried out my name, and suddenly my mouth was filling with something hot and wet. My face was so close, and she was shivering, and the sensation was so amazingly thrilling.

I screamed out, "Yes!"

Nina pressed herself hard against me, and her vagina spasmed as she pushed it tight against my mouth.

It lasted for just a few seconds, and Nina was panting, and quivering, and thrusting her hips. I couldn't believe what was happening, I could smell it, I could taste it - and I was sent to some higher realm.

Nina seemed to heave and thrust with the powerful waves of the orgasm. And then I came too.

It was so involuntary and uncontrollable - I felt like a puppet, pumping insanely against Nina's wet body. My hips and my vagina were thrusting upward into Nina mouth, and I felt her body respond as she moved enough to press her firm little tongue in against my shivering wet lips.

It felt like I exploded.

We both held onto each other for a long wave of convulsions.

It took a long time for all of this to subside, and we lay there - wet and panting - in a glow of emotional ecstasy.

Nina whispered, "Annie, thank you - oh God- thank you..."

Then Nina got up and onto her knees, and faced me. She was wide eyed and still breathing hard.

I was lying there - naked and wet - and I was on fire with love for my little s****r.

Nina said, "Annie, oh God- you're face is all wet..."

I smiled and said, "You came all over me - all over my face."

And Nina sat there, in front of me, naked and wet, for a long moment and let her breathing calm down. But she wasn't still, she was slowly moving toward me, and she was all wide-eyed, staring at my face. I was just overflowing with devotion for my glorious little s****r.

She whispered, "Annie - I love you so much."

And I said, "Oh God Nina, I love you too..."

And she kissed my sopping wet face.

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