Part 1

The Reverend strode through the passageways of the church. Turning off the lights to the drama room he continued through the church doing his final check. Moving up the stairs he came up to the back of the church and looked down the pews to the pulpit.

"What a good life I have," he said to himself.

Putting on his jacket he left the church grounds and began walking to his house not two blocks away. Walking through the ravine as he always did he whistled the latest tune that he had heard while in the shower this morning. Pushing aside the gate he entered and saw his son Jonathan.

Jon looked over at the gate as he flipped his football in the air.

"Hey dad, all done at the church?" he asked.

"You bet son, want to throw the pigskin around after I change?" he asked.

"Sure dad, I could always use some more work on my spiral."

Peter Carlton chuckled as he entered the kitchen. His son needed work on his spiral like Madonna did meeting men. Peter mentally slapped himself as thought of a she-devil like Madonna, no self-respecting woman spends her time so freely with so many men.

"Hello darling," Ruth Carlton said as she looked up from baking her pie. "Everything fine and accounted for?"

"You bet Ruth, not a rock goes unturned before I return home," he said (as always).

Moving through the kitchen Peter walked up the stairs to his bedroom. Pausing only to listen to the girlish giggles coming from the room his daughters Mary and Beth shared. Closing the door behind him, Peter took out his collar as he changed to throw the ball with his son.

Part 2

"You're getting better dad," Jon called as Peter entered the house.

Peter wiped his brow. "So are you son," he said to no one in particular.

Sitting down on a chair beside the island in the middle of the kitchen, Peter sighed.

Ruth couldn't help but laugh.

"What?" he asked defensively.

"N-Nothing sweetheart, it's just you always look so tired after running around with Jon."

"Well he is getting to be a big boy," Peter said quietly.

And big Jon was. At 19 he would soon be going to college with a football scholarship in tow. Jon was the tallest in his f****y and had quarterback written all over him. Standing 6'4 he had the height and arm strength to be a top-notch quarterback. He had wavy brown hair and piercing blue eyes. He was a big boy all right. From his broad shoulders to his big hands to his powerful legs.

"He takes after me," he chuckled.

"O-OK honey, more like your father but if you say so, the girls however, they take after me," Ruth said proudly.

Which they did. Each girl was like a part of her mother.

Mary at 18 with her soft brown hair. Kind face and as of late blossoming chest. Beth at 17 with her infectious giggle, athletic body (she was a gymnast) and bubbly attitude. They were Ruth broken in two.

Jon sighed as he stretched his sore muscles. First practice and then dad now that's a workout. As he walked by the bathroom he heard the shower on. Groaning he walked to his s****rs' room. Walking in Mary swung around.

"Will you stop walking in on us! I'm beginning to think you want to see us naked, one of these days you aren't going to walk in on Beth or myself and it won't be pretty!"

"Oh it will be pretty," Jon said to himself. "Damn Mary, I just wanted to see who was in the shower. Could you tell me when Beth is out?"

Mary blushed slightly at her outburst and smiled. "Okay."

Exiting the room Jon walked to his. Closing the door and locking it he began to strip down. Mary wasn't all wrong. He wasn't trying to see his s****rs naked but he wasn't against it either. And they would be hot to see. Jon looked down at his erection as he thought of his s****rs' naked.

"Sick... What kind of a sick fucker am I? He said to the wall.

"A horny one," his cock answered in his head. Sitting down at his desk Jon awoke his computer and went on the net for some pleasure before his shower. Going to his bookmarks he selected White Shadow and went directly to the i****t Room.

His eyes skimmed the possible stories as he clicked one and began to read it. His hand went down to his cock. Stroking his cock slowly as he read the hot story. Not by coincidence it was a story about a b*****r fucking his two sexy s****rs. Jon felt his throbbing cock in his hand as he began to stroke it harder.

Moaning softly as he read the story Jon was taken back to reality as he heard a knock.

"JON" Mary said loudly. "Heeeelloooooo!"

"Yeah Mary?"

"Beth's out!"

Getting up Jon turned off the monitor and grabbed a towel. Opening the door he saw his s****r, hands on her hips.

"What took you so long?" she asked.

"I was um, changing."

He said quickly as he headed to the bathroom. Not believing that for a minute Mary moved into her b*****r's room and closed the door behind her.

Seeing computer on Mary sat down on the hot seat and turned on the monitor. She was shocked to see what was unveiled.

"Jon's into b*****rs fucking s****rs?"

Even as she said this Mary felt a twinge in her groin. Her hand went to the mouse as she decided to read what got her b*****r so excited.

As the story continued Mary's hand absentmindedly went down beneath her shorts as she began to rub her excited pussy.

"Oh my!" she exclaimed as she rubbed her wet cunt. Pushing her shorts and panties down she began to finger herself furiously as she read the story in front of her. Finally after 10 minutes her cunt shuddered in a little orgasm just as she heard her b*****r returning.

Pulling up her shorts and panties hastily she shut the monitor off quickly and walked to the door.

"What are you doing here?" asked Jon.

"I was just um... getting a book." Mary said as she looked at the floor and exited the room.

"That's weird, she didn't even have a book," Jon said as he closed the door.

Then looking over at his chair he saw a little puddle of cum and a smile grew to his face.

"Mmm you naughty little girl."

Part 3

That night at dinner Mary was unable to look her b*****r full in the face while Jon was unable to stop looking at his s****r. He had never lusted after any member of his f****y. He liked reading the stories but somehow, knowing his s****r liked to read them too changed things.

Beth wondered what was wrong as Mary picked at her food and Jon had an even bigger smile than usual.

"Maybe he's thinking about my gymnastic meet Thursday!" she thought to herself.

After dinner was cleared and the dishes put away Jon went back up to his room to think about his s****r so more. "Do I dare come onto her? Maybe I should test her first."

Moving to his computer once again Jon went to the White Shadow site. Picking some of his favourite stories he printed them out for further use. Mary always used his portable phone over her stationary one. Putting the first story beside his phone he smiled and went down to watch some TV.

Beth walked up to her mom.

"Mommy? Is it ok over to Alice's house to watch a movie on HBO later? We have an off-day from school tomorrow."

Ruth smiled, "Of course you can honey, but I don't want you home too late, school or not."

"Thanks mommy!" Beth said excitedly as she rushed upstairs to use her b*****r's phone.

Stepping into his room Beth grabbed for the phone but was intrigued by the paper that lay beneath it.

"What's this?" she asked as she set down the phone.

Pulling up a chair she began to read the erotic filled story as a b*****r made love to his little s****r. Excitedly Beth's hand travelled down to her cunt as she pushed aside her spandex pants and began to play with her pussy.

Moaning softly as she read Beth loved the story. Her little hands pulling on her young clit as she turned the page and started another. Jon walked up the stairs as he walked up to his room to get his laundry.

Stopping before his room he heard the moans escaping from it. His groin immediately jumped as he thought of Mary sitting on a chair playing with herself. Moving silently into the room he was shocked when he saw not Mary but Beth!

Beth heard the floor creak and turned around to see her b*****r standing in the doorway. "Jon!" she said nervously.

Closing the door behind him Jon looked down at his youngest s****r.

"What are you doing here Beth?"

"I-I was just going to call Alice when I say the story under the phone. Honest."

Jon smiled, "Don't worry s*s. I'm not mad, in fact I'm far from mad," he said as he looked down at his crotch.

Beth's gaze went with him as she noticed the sizeable lump in his pants. She started to giggle, as she looked him straight in the eye.

"So you like this stuff?" she asked in her best little girl voice.

Jon blushed slightly, "Yeah I guess I do. Helps me out a lot." He responded.

"And you like the idea of a b*****r fucking his hot little s****r?" Beth asked again.

All this talk was turning Jon even more as he smiled down at his hot little s****r.

"Yeah I guess I do."

"Do you think I am hot?"

Jon was too shocked to speak at first. This was his s****r! Beth never swore she was always the Reverend's good little girl.

Smiling he pushed all that aside as he looked down at the horny little girl in front of him.

"I think you are very hot Beth."

Beth was not expecting such a direct answer and her eyes fell to the floor.

"Would you like to... you know...I'm not one of those girls but...if you know... like to...I would...really..." she stammered.

"I think you are that kind of girl Beth, you've just hidden it all these years."

A smile came to Beth's lips as she heard his words. Her pussy was getting even wetter. The itch all consuming.

Her hand went down to her exposed cunt once more as she began to rub it excitedly. Jon's cock was dying to be let free. Stepping back he locked the door. The 'click' filled the room as the two horny siblings looked at each other.

His hands went to his belt buckle as he undid it and unzipped his jeans. Jon's cock was making a tent in his boxers as his little s****r started to play with her cunt even more. Moving his hands under his boxers he pushed them down as he big hard cock sprung free.

"Oh my God!" said Beth, not expecting something so big to be set free.

Jon walked toward her; his hands went to her little T-shirt. Raising her hands for him he slipped off her shirt as he gazed at her small breasts.

Her face red as Beth hoped her b*****r would like her chest. She saw the way he looked at Mary and mom. To her surprise he got even harder. Biting her lip now she began to push down her panties and shorts.

Finally she stood naked in front of her b*****r as he took of his shirt.

"Get on the bed, Beth."

Beth rapidly moved to her b*****r's bed. Getting on the bed with her his hands went to her thighs. Spreading them softly as he moved up her body and began to kiss her passionately.

b*****r moaned into s****r as Beth returned his kiss. Her pert little nipples standing on end as she felt his hands still on her now parted thighs. Slowly Jon began to move down her body. Kissing her soft skin as he made his way down.

Finally he reached her now sopping little pussy as he began to kiss her wet lips. Beth moaned in utter pleasure as she felt her b*****r's lips on her cunt. Running his tongue along her entire cunt Jon found his little s****r's clit.

Beth grabbed some pillows and began to slam them into the bed as he b*****r began to nibble her clit. His tongue swirling all over her juicy cunt as she moaned at the pleasure of having her clit played with by someone other than her.

"Ohh God Jonny... that feels so good. Please don't stop," she moaned.

Moaning down into his little s****r's cunt as she moaned her words over and over. Finally Beth could hold on no more as she began to moan and buck up into his mouth as she orgasmed all over the bed.

Jon was surprised it happened so quickly but that didn't stop him from lapping up her juices. Moving up her body he straddled her little cunt. Beth looked down as her b*****r mounted her. Thinking of the s****r in the story and she dearly wanted to fuck Jon.

"Please fuck me Jon. It won't hurt. I lost my cherry from all my gymnastics but I promise you I'm a virgin. Please fuck me. I want it so bad."

Jon groaned as he little s****r damn near begged him to fuck her. She didn't even need to. Smiling he began to tease her juicy cunt by running his shaft along her wet lips before plunging down into her virgin cunt.

Beth moaned in satisfaction as she felt her b*****rs big cock slide into her. It felt so good, so big. She lay back on the bed to let Jon have his way with her. He seemed to be doing pretty good as he fucked down into her. Deeper and harder with every stroke.

Beth's cunt was alive. It gripped him as he thrust down into her. Her legs were so wide it was so hot as he fucked her deeper and deeper. Her eyes fluttered as he fucked her harder and harder. Riding her young tight juicy cunt for all it was worth.

Her moans and groans unknown to all but her as Jon fucked his little s****r harder and harder. The bed began to shake softly as Beth wrapped her legs around his waist. Moaning she tried to pull him deeper into her. It could only feel even better.

"Mmm fuck me Jon. Fuck me harder. Fuck your little s****r. Fuck me harder. Give it to me!"

Jon lost it as his s****r egged him on. Picking up the pace he began to really fuck her. Thrusting down into her like a machine now as he cunt responded and held him tight.

Her hair began to get messed up as she shook and moaned beneath him. Her little tits jiggling and her cunt gripping him as he fucked her deeper and harder. Always deeper and harder. His balls slapped against her as he thrust. Her cunt gripping him even harder as he neared orgasm.

Finally without warning Beth bucked and exploded all over her b*****r's big fat cock. Gripping him madly as her cunt begged to be drenched in cum. Using all the restraint he could muster he pulled out of her tight cunt and slide it in her mouth just as he erupted.

Beth's eyes bugged out as cock entered her mouth but she quickly excepted it as his cum coated her throat. Grabbing his ass cheeks she began to milk his cock as she bucked and orgasmed herself.

Finally after he was done cumming Beth was still sucking on his cock. Jon pulled out of her mouth, much to her displeasure.

"Why'd you do that?" she asked, upset.

Jon smiled, "There will be plenty of time for that. Believe me s*s." he responded.

"Beth!" Ruth called from downstairs. "Are you still going to Alice's? If so lets get a move on! I'll drive you!"

"Oops, sorry big b*****r. Do you want me to stay?" she asked hopefully.

Jon smiled, "As much as I'd like to be in your pussy again, Beth it'd probably be weird if you didn't go. I'll see you when you get home though." He said.

"OK," Beth said happily as she kissed him lovingly on the lips as she dressed once more. Walking gingerly as her pussy ached pain and pleasure from her maiden fuck.

Part 4

A week passed since Jon had first fucked Beth. And not a day had gone by where he didn't fuck her. She was hooked on it. He fucked her again that night and again the next morning. He fucked her at lunch from school and after school when Mary had cheerleading practice. He fucked her before dinner, after dinner. She wanted it almost too much.

Jon couldn't believe his good luck. He had set that story down to get Mary's reaction and instead he was balling Beth. But being with Beth only made him want Mary more. He set out another story under his phone for Mary to read and when he returned it was gone.

Everyday for a week he put a story out and when he returned it was gone only to be returned the next day. He had even stolen a pair of Mary's panties and jacked off in them, leaving them under his desk in view from his chair for Mary to find.

He was now sure Mary was into i****t. He just hoped she was into it as much as Beth was. If he was every going to make his move, now was the time. His mom and dad were at church for the afternoon service. Beth bless her heart he had just fucked and was now with Alice at the movies.

As far as he knew Mary was in her room. Smiling he smelt the tape beneath him. It had been hard work to find this porno and he was banking a lot on it. Walking to his s****r's room he knocked first and then entered.

Mary rolled her eyes as her b*****r entered. "Knocking and then entering is not what I meant Jon, what's the purpose of knocking and not waiting?" she asked.

Jon smiled, "I dunno, you said knock so I knocked."

Mary sighed, "So what do you want anyway." Jon smiled... showtime.

"Well, I thought since you liked all the stories I left for you all week that you would like this tape."

Mary felt like the wind had been knocked from her. "You know?"

Jon smiled, "Ever since last week when I found a puddle of cum on my chair."

Mary blushed, "Please don't tell mom and dad. They would kill me. Dad always says masturbation is wrong. Please don't tell on me."

Jon pretended to be shocked. "I'm not going to tell Mary, after all, they were my stories that you read but that's not why I came in here...."

Mary blinked, now obviously very confused.

"Ever since a week ago I have been leaving those stories out on purpose for you. If you like something you might as well enjoy it right? And I figured since you liked all those stories so much you would like to watch this video with me."

Mary really blushed now. "You want us to watch a porno together?"

Jon grinned, "Why not? We both like it, you have the TV in you're room so eventually I'd be sneaking in to watch it so why not?"

"But we are b*****r and s**** would be wrong," Mary said only half-believing what she said.

"It's not like we are going to do anything Mary but if we do, no one has to know. It looks like you wouldn't mind," Jon said as he pointed to her crotch.

Mary blushed for what she figured was the hundredth time. Here was her b*****r wanting to watch an i****t porno with her. Ever since she read those stories she had been thinking what it would be like to actually fuck him. Yet here she was blabbering away.

Looking down at the floor she bit her lip, "Ok let's do it but close the door. I don't want to be caught frigging myself watching a morally wrong movie with my b*****r jacking his fat cock."

Jon's lump got even bigger in his pants as he listened to his s****r explain the situation. Closing the door behind him he walked to the TV as Mary got comfortable on the bed.

Turning on the TV he inserted the tape and sat back as it immediately started to play. Jon was already incredibly hard and took out his cock as the movie started. Mary looked over at her b*****r as he took out his cock. It looked soooo good. Not wanting to be left out she undid her shorts and pushed aside her now soaking panties.

"Oh my god Jon, your cock looks so fat!" she said her voice very high.

Jon's cock throbbed as his s****r complimented his meat. He looked down at her pussy for the first time.

"You're pussy isn't too bad either, Mary, I bet it's real tight and hot. Just the way I like it," he said, as he looked her right in the eyes.

Mary almost melted as she looked back at Jon. Closing her eyes she dreamt about him rolling over right now and stuffing her cunt full of cock. She burned for it bad. Almost reluctantly the two siblings turned back to the porno at hand as the 'b*****r' and 's****r' were going at it hot and heavy.

Jon started to stroke now as he thought about him and Beth and then him and Mary. God he wanted to fuck Mary and she was inches away. Moving his hand over he took hold of Mary's and brought it to his rod.

She cooed softly as he wrapped her hand around his meat and began to jack off. Slowly Mary took over as he went down to her juicy cunt and began to rub her clit. "Ooh" she said softly as he fingers ran over her pussy.

Mary started to stroke her b*****r's cock faster and faster as the movie progressed. She couldn't believe how big and thick it was. Almost like the man in the movie. She watched as the 's****r' started to move over and such the 'b*****r'.

Torn with lust she moved over and moved between her b*****r's legs. Disappointed his hand was no longer fingering her she made up for it as she swallowed his cock eagerly just as the porn star had.

"MMMmmm fuck Mary. That feels so good," Jon moaned as his little s****r keenly started to suck him off.

Her little head bobbed up and down his meaty shaft as she concentrated only on sucking her b*****r to orgasm.

Mary could hear the porno in the background but could not care anymore. All she wanted in life now was in her mouth. She felt Jon's hands move to her head as he started to fuck her face.

It was so hard and yet so good. His cock thrust down her throat as she savagely ate his cock up. Her tongue ran up and down his shaft. His balls swung into her chin as he thrusted into her mouth. Her pouty lips felt so silky smooth as she slid up and down his shaft. His cock began to throb and get even hotter in her mouth as she coated it with her saliva.

Finally after 10 minutes of his s****r's attention to his cock Jon gave it and pelted her throat with his cum. Mary was surprised but began to milk his cock of all his cum as if she had been sucking cock for years.

She began to bob faster now, drinking his cum down to her belly as he thrust into her, spurting everytime as he did so. As his orgasm subsided Mary felt an incredible itch in her cunt. She had tasted his cum and now she wanted it in her cunt. She would positively die without it.

Moving up she smiled at her big b*****r. "Mmmm that was so good Jon. I love your cock. It tastes so good."

Jon smiled. His naked s****r's body rubbing against his was driving him nuts.

He moved his head down to her full young breasts. So big and juicy. Sucking them slowly his s****r moaned.

"Ooh god Jon that feels so good. Suck my tits. Suck 'em good," she encouraged.

Sucking on her tits like a new-born baby Jon's hands went once more to his s****r's crotch. It was drenched in her cum. Mary felt his hands on her and began to grind her cunt into his hands.

His sucking her tits was so addictive. So pleasurable. She was climbing a mountain of lust and NEEDED to be fucked.

"Oh Jon please fuck me. God I want it so bad. I need it so bad. I will do anything. You can fuck me anyway, just slam your cock in my cunt. If you don't I'll go find some stranger who will," she begged.

Jon simply smiled and turned his s****r over. "No need for that Mary. I'm going to fuck you good and hard. By the time I'm done with you, you will feel full of cock until next time," he said.

"I find that hard to believe with the itch I have in my cunt," Mary said in a near whisper.

Moving over Jon mounted his extremely horny busty s****r. Her tits glinted and shook slowly as he positioned he cock at her virgin entrance and slid it home.

"YES YES YES!" Mary yelled as her b*****r slid his big fat cock in her horny pussy. So big. So hard. So good. She did not even feel the pain until after he broke her maidenhood.

Jon slowed down as he looked at the pain on Mary's face. He hadn't had this problem with Beth. But pain quickly turned to pleasure as Mary looked up at her older b*****r.

"It's gone. Now FUCK ME," she said.

Jon smiled and started to ball his s****r. Her cunt was so damn tight. It gripped his cock mightily as he thrust down into her. Her bed began to shake, as the two siblings rutted like rabbits in spring.

Jon fucked Mary deep and hard. Bringing his cock to the brink of leaving her juicy hotness and then slamming it right back down. Mary for her part was in heaven. Her cunt felt so good as her b*****r fucked her hard.

Almost out of a****listic instinct Mary began to thrust back into Jon. Meeting his thrusts and giving them back as hard as he gave. Jon moaned as he watched his cock disappear into his s****r. Over and over again. Her cunt was alive as he fucked her.

He went deeper with each thrust and her cunt accepted him fully. Almost as if she was made to fuck him. Mary's cunt was so hot and wet as he fucked her. So much like Beth. Jon watched as Mary's tits bounced wildly as he powerfully fucked her. Slamming her cunt over and over and over and over and over.

Finally after her entire body was drenched with sex sweat. Her hair damp after she figured she could feel nothing better Mary exploded as she orgasmed all over her b*****rs big cock.

Jon moaned as his s****r lubed his cock with her juices. He had been holding off for a while now and was nearing his own point of no return. Mary bucked and moaned beneath him. Slamming up into his meat as she experienced powerful multi-orgasms just as she felt her b*****r's cum coat her cunt.

"AAAAAHHHHHHH," Jon growled as he exploded in his s****r's very hot pussy.

Her muscles gripped him massively as he thrust into her, coating her pussy walls with his hot sticky sperm.

Finally Jon stopped cumming and he slowed down his pace and finally came to a stop as he left his cock buried in his s****r.

Mary moaned. "Oh god Jon! I never knew sex could by like that! We have got to make this a daily event! I don't care what anyone says... i****t is Best. Regular sex is for losers! I'm never going without f****y cock. Especially b*****r cock!" she said still high from sex.

Jon moaned as he slowly pulled out of his s****r's juicy hole. He kissed her passionately on the lips. A kiss that was returned.

"It was wonderful for me too Mary. You are so good. So lovely," he crooned.

"But now we have to clean up. Can't have the f****y finding bl**dy, cum stained sheets."

Grabbing a towel he cleaned his cock.

Holding out his hand he smiled. "Let's go have a shower together and then we'll wash those sheets," he said.

Part 5

Jon and Mary did have a shower but little time was spent washing. Before they knew it the horny siblings were at it again. This time with Jon fucking his s****r's virgin ass. Jon smiled. Two s****rs, two cunts, two asses and two mouth's. Life was good.

Mary never did wash the sheets. She said she wanted them for memories.

"The day my big b*****r made me his whore," were her exact words.

For the next week Jon fucked both Mary and Beth. Separately because he didn't know how to tell one his was fucking the other. Usually he wouldn't go to sl**p until 1 or 2 as he was up until then fucking one of his horny pussies or the other. Damn they were horny.

The next Sunday the entire f****y was in church. As always Ruth, Jon, Mary and Beth arrived after Peter as he was the Reverend and arrived early. Ruth had gone to talk to the Reverend and wish him a good sermon.

This left Jon with his two s****rs on each arm as they walked along the pews. As they were in public he couldn't openly fondle either girl but keep them close for comfort. Sitting down he looked as both of his s****rs. They looked so virginal and innocent in their Sunday clothes. Could these be the same girls who turned into cock crazed whores whenever he was alone with them?

Ruth came back and smiled at her c***dren. They were getting along so well. Extremely well these past two weeks. Jon was such a good boy. Always taking care of his s****rs, what a lucky mom she was to have a son who treated his f****y with respect. He was never in any trouble. And he's cute.

"I hope he meets a good girl," she thought.

Ruth looked up as her husband began his sermon.

"Now he did meet a good girl," she chuckled softly.

But she couldn't help comparing her son to his father.

They were both athletic although Peter had been slowing down lately. Both leaders and very kind men. She just wished Peter would stop smoking. Jon never did, said he couldn't if he wanted to make the pros.

There was the one major difference. Her husband was happy with life. He had been letting himself go where he son always wanted more and was becoming a hunk because of it.

"I wonder what he's like in bed?" she thought.

"Ugh? Did I just ask myself that? What kind of a mother lusts for her son?" she thought.

Turning her attention back to the sermon Ruth tried to put her thoughts out of her mind but somehow they always came back to her son and bed.

Meanwhile Jon wrapped his arm around Mary. Beth had left halfway through to get changed to sing a hymn for the congregation. Mary sighed and rested her head against her lover. It felt so good to be near him. She felt her pussy itch again as she felt those sensations rising again. The sensations telling her she needed to be fucked. NOW.

Jon felt his s****r tense slightly as she slipped closer to him. He knew the signals all to well. Mary was a true cunt. She needed sex almost 24/7. Giving her a squeeze he smiled at her as he started to slide down the other end of the pew and out.

Mary excitedly followed her b*****r out. She wasn't wearing any panties or a bra. She had abolished them when she started to fuck Jon. She knew she was going to be fucked and that made her walk faster.

Ruth saw her k**s leave and smiled. They routinely switched pews during church. Usually during the second half they would go to the balcony so her husband wouldn't find them dozing.

Jon pulled his s****r's hand as she giggled after him. Taking her up the stairs they went to the highest point of the church. The bell tower. Surely it would cover Mary's moans as he fucked her.

"Umm thank you Jon. You know I need it so bad. I can't help it!" she said hornily.

"That's ok s*s. If I have a choice of fucking you or listen to dad talk, I pick you any day."

Giggling Mary began to pull up her dress past her hips but beneath her tits. Lying back on the wooden floor she spread her legs wide for her big b*****r.

Jon started to undo the belt to his trousers and then dropped his pants as he unleashed his monster cock. It was raging in his pants as he looked down at his s****r. Moving down like an eagle on prey Jon started to kiss his s****r lustily on the lips as he slid down into her wanting cunt.

Mary moaned as she felt Jon sink down into her. It felt so good. She needed it so bad. Mary started to lose her breath as she felt Jon start to mightily fuck her. They had never done it outside of the house before.

Jon had once. With Beth. It had been after her gymnastics meet the first week. He fucked her right there in the changing room. She passed off her soreness to not stretching when it was actually due to the brutal but extremely hot fucking she received.

Jon snapped back to the present as Mary thrust up into his groin. She had become an accomplished lover in their week of lovemaking. He continued to thrust down into her. Harder and harder like always. Her tight cunt gripping his cock as her tits shook mightily under her dress.

Down below the service ended. Beth had changed back into her Sunday clothes and went in search of her siblings. She always hung out with them. She hated all the loser boys who came up to her when she was alone but not when she was with Jon.

"Mommy? Do you know where Jon and Mary went?" she asked hopefully.

"They left in the middle like you k**s always do sweetie. Maybe they are still up in the balcony by the windows now. You like to go their right?" Ruth answered.

"I'll go check mommy. Thanks," she said politely as she skipped off. Pausing only to be polite to the congregation and accept thanks for her singing Beth ran up the steps. She was hoping Jon would be alone so she could fuck him. She needed his cock dearly.

Upon reaching the balcony she couldn't find Jon or Mary sitting or by the windows.

"I wonder where they are?" she asked into thin air.

Then just as she was about to leave she heard a slight moaning. It seemed to be coming from up above. In the bell tower?

Opening the wood door with a creak Beth started up the steps. People were definitely up there and it sounded like they were having sex. Continuing up Beth came to the last door before the bell tower and opened it. Only to find her big s****r Mary riding the fuck out of Jon's thick rod.

Jon and Mary didn't even hear the door open or the steps. They were too lost in lust as they were on their second fuck. Mary loved to ride Jon's cock. As Mary rode Jon she looked up and was shocked to see Beth.

"BETH!" she said nervously. "We are... was..."

Jon looked back as he was lying on his back. He could see the shock on Beth's face change as the horny girl in her came out.

"Hey baby, why don't you bring that hot little pussy down here and join us," Jon said as he looked up at his youngest s****r.

Mary was shocked. "What? Wha. Whats going on?" she asked.

"I'm going to join you that's what's going on," said a very turned on Beth as she looked at her b*****r's cock still embedded in her s****r's cunt.

"Then you're ok with this?" asked Mary hopefully.

"OK with it? I've been fucking Jon for two weeks!" said Beth proudly.

"TWO weeks?" restated Mary in disbelief. "I've been fucking him for one!"

Jon chuckled as his dirty little secret unfolded.

"You asshole!" said Mary playfully as she lightly slapped his hairy chest. "You've been fucking us on the side!"

Jon grinned. "Kept you happy didn't I?"

"You could have told us. Its not like we are against it," said a very horny and now naked Beth.

"You guys share a room. I figured that sooner or later you'd find out. What with you both reeking of sex and wobbling around like old women after I fuck you."

Both Mary and Beth giggled.

"Remember Friday? We were practically crawling! I should have known!" said Beth.

By now Jon was extremely hard and Mary felt it as she was still entirely on his cock.

"Well are we going to fuck or are we going to chat?" he said not meaning it as a question at all.

Pushing Mary off of him he took of her dress revealing her body to her s****r.

"Holy Fuck Mary!" exclaimed Beth.

Jon smiled, "Hey Beth, why don't you show Mary how flexible you can be when I fuck you," Jon said, lust dripping from his lips.

Beth quickly moved over where Mary once was and spread her legs wide as she did the splits for her b*****r and s****r. Her young cunt drooled as she looked at her b*****r's big cock and s****r's heaving chest.

Jon moved towards Beth and slid his cock in her wet opening. Beth sighed sexual relief as her cunt was filled with gorgeous cock. Mary noted the satisfaction on Beth's face and immediately knew what she was thinking.

Jon started to thrust into his s****r as she spread as wide as humanly possible. Her cunt ached for the fucking it was receiving as she let out ohs and ahs as Jon pelted her cunt with his cock.

Moving her legs up Jon helped her wrap her legs around her neck as she bent slightly forward. Her cunt totally open allowing Jon to slide deeper into her juicy cunt. Her cunt still tight as he fucked her. Her body moving into his as he leaned her against the wall and fucked her hot pussy deeper and deeper.

Mary watched her b*****r and s****r mate with some jealousy but glad Jon's cock was still in the f****y and soon in her cunt. Moving to join the fun she got down on all fours and started to suck Jon's ball sack as he fucked Beth more and more.

Beth's eyes fluttered as she received the fucking she had been pining for all morning. She felt her s****r's tongue flick across her pussy as she sucked her b*****r's balls. For Jon the pleasure was immense and began to cum just as Beth orgasmed all over his rod.

Smiling Beth brought her legs down and looked at her well-fucked pussy.

"Mm I love it when he fucks me don't you s*s?" she asked. "I've been dying to tell someone about his monster of a cock."

Mary grinned. "I know what you mean Beth. I can't get enough of his cock. I NEED it so bad. I can't imagine how I went so long without it."

Jon regained his strength as he listened to his s****r's talk. Thinking back to all the porno's he had seen and how he was going to fuck his two little sluts together. Moving up he smiled as his naked nymphs.

"OK you too. Here's how it's going to work. Mary you lie on your back and spread your legs wide. Beth you lie on her stomach, face up and I will fuck you both good and deep," he commanded.

"Umm I love it when you order me around," groaned Mary.

"Me too! Added Beth. Fuck us deep Jonny!"

Lying back Mary spread her juicy legs apart as Beth lay atop her. Her light frame not causing any problem at all. Beth loved the feel of another naked woman and her s****r no less.

Mary reached around and started to rub Beth's small chest. Jon looked at his two s****rs' in position. Their drooling cunts open for service. Moving down he positioned his cock in front of Beth's opening and rammed his rod home.

Beth groaned in satisfaction. She could never get enough sex. She loved the feel of Jon's cock in her pussy and lay back to let him fuck her, as he desired. Jon began to thrust into his younger s****r as she spread her legs wide. Giving him full access.

Mary moaned herself as she felt Beth squirm above her and into her. Her pert little ass was driving her crazy. Lazily her hands started to pinch Beth's breasts as Jon fucked Beth deeper and deeper.

Jon moaned and pulled of Beth. A look of disappointment crossed her face initially but Jon wasn't paying attention. He lined up to Mary and thrust down into her equally hot hole.

Mary like Beth moaned her satisfaction.

"God yes Jon. Fuck me. Fill me with your cock and sperm."

Jon held himself up on either side of his s****rs as he fucked down into Mary.

She groaned as she tried to spread her legs as wide as possible. Letting Jon have his way with her. He seemed especially hard this time as he fucked the hell out of her cunt. Jon fucked her hot little box over and over. Giving her cunt all he had.

Jon pulled once more out of his s****r and slid down into Beth once more. Beth moaned as she felt her cunt so filled with his thick cock. Beth tried to speak but couldn't. Closing her eyes she rested as Jon fucked her harder and harder.

Jon continued to fuck his s****r. His balls slapping into Mary as he fucked Beth. Beth's pussy was buzzing with want as she began to experience an orgasm. This only made Jon fuck her harder as she ground her body into Mary's.

Jon pulled once more out of his youngest s****r and slammed it home into Mary's pussy. She was just alive as Beth as she was near an orgasm of her own. A glazed look was over Beth's as Jon fucked her older s****r.

Mary tried to buck up to meet him, as it felt so good. Her cunt so tight around his thick shaft as he pelted her cunt down and down. Deeper he went until he hit her womb. Finally she could take no more and yelled out in pleasure as she experienced one of her multi-orgasms.

Jon groaned his satisfaction as Mary cummed all over his cock. Squeezing his nuts he began to blow his load deep inside of Mary. Wanting to share his cum with both s****rs' he quickly pulled out and stuffed his cock one last time inside Beth.

Finally after the three siblings rested together for 10 minutes Jon pulled out and looked at his watch. They had been up here 2 hours!

Lazily he lay back knowing he was done for a while. Beth slid off her cum filled s****r and looked at her with love.

"Want to eat each other out and suck his cum from each other's cunts?" she asked hopefully.

Mary smiled. "I'd love to s*s. I always wondered what it would be like to get it on with a woman". Moving on the floor she positioned herself at Beth's well-fucked hole.

"Damn Beth! Jon gave it to you good."

Beth looking at Mary's well-fucked hole said the same. "He fucks us good s*s."

And with that shoved her face greedily into her s****r's hot twat.

Mary groaned as Beth stared to eat out her cunt. Sliding between Beth's thighs she began to return the favour as she remembered how Jon had eaten her out over the past weekMeanwhile Jon watched in pleasure. His two s****rs' were in a 69 and eating each other. How much better can life get?

"Mom" he said to himself as he went back to watching his s****rs go at it.

Mary and Beth were lost in each other's thighs as they ran their tongue over each other. Both near orgasm from the fucking could last long with such hot tongues pleasuring each other.

Naked s****r gripped naked s****r as each slid a tongue in the other's cunt hitting the wall for both as she cummed in each other's faces.

Part 6

Jon was in paradise. It had been a month now since he had first fucked Mary and Beth together. 6 weeks since he fucked Beth and 5 since he fucked Mary. He no longer needed to sneak around with either as he would come to their room and fuck both of the eager and wet girls.

The siblings fucked every change they got. Mary and Beth loved to have lesbian sex whenever Jon wasn't around or they had worn him out. They loved to watch one fuck Jon and then the other.

Neither of them ever wore panties or bra again. Beth loved the feel of her tights when she did gymnastics. Her little cuntlips outlined in her spandex. The girls would fuck Jon anywhere and anytime.

It was almost a given that when mom and dad were away they would play. Jon fucked his s****r's all over the house. In the kitchen, in the living room, in the basement, in their parents room and even out back.

He even fucked them at school and at church. The siblings especially loved to sneak out at night and go to the church and fuck themselves silly at all places of the church.

But Jon wanted more. He wanted his mother. He needed to get in her pants. He saw the way his parents acted. They kissed on the cheek and were cordial and loving. But at nightsilent. He didn't know when was the last time his mother was fucked but he guessed it had been a while.

Ruth was the total woman. She had Mary's tits and could do the splits with Beth. Jon was always close with his mother. Whenever he came home from school he would always help her out. Now he was doing it to get looks of her body.

Ruth noticed something was different. Jon had been spending a lot of time with her lately. Even more than usual. In fact he was spending even more time with the girls. There hadn't been a fight in the house in over a month. Among the k**s at least.

What Jon didn't know was that Ruth hadn't been fucked in a very long time. 7 years 26 days to be exact. Ruth loved sex and her husband was great at it. But ever since he had got his promotion he had been a devoted Christian.

Never indulging in sex or masturbation. Alcohol only in small doses. Ruth didn't know how he could do it. How could he not get off in 7 years? She still loved her husband. But she needed him to fuck her. Every night she asked him and every night he rolled over. This doesn't do wonders for a woman's self-esteem and it made her even more curious about Jon's glances.

That night at dinner Peter stood up before desert.

"f****y, I have an announcement. On Tuesday I will be leaving for a weeklong seminar by special invitation only. This could be a big step for me. Jon, I will trust you to look after the house when I'm gone," he said.

"You bet dad." Jon said. "You don't know how well I will dad. With any luck I will add mom to my harem," he thought to himself.

"That's great daddy!" Beth exclaimed.

"Yeah super daddy!" added Mary.

"I'm sure you will make a great impression honey," Ruth said. "And give me a time to get myself a dildo," she thought to herself.

Tuesday came and went and Peter was gone. It was a little quieter than usual at the dinner table as both Mary and Beth rubbed Jon's crotch under the table with their feet. Ruth sighed. She loved her c***dren dearly but was this her life? To be a babysitter of c***dren? She wanted to be more. Something valuable.

Jon volunteered to do the dishes. He needed to think of a way to fuck his mom. He had been watching her. She was very anxious when dad left. Anxious for what?

The next day Ruth practically pushed her k**s out the door. She needed sex and she needed it badly. She had tried a dildo and it was good but she needed a real live cock. She called the Phone Company about a supposed phone problem hoping she could seduce the phone man. She hated herself for it but her husband pushed her to it.

Jon was a little perturbed about being rushed out so quickly. He had heard his mother last night and was hoping he could catch her this morning. After all he was an adult now. Would be going to college very soon.

He walked his s****r's to school and gave them a good luck kiss on the cheek before pretending to go to class. Doubling back he started home to see what was up with mom. As he turned down the street he noticed the van in his driveway. The man went up to the door and rung the doorbell. Out came mom dressed half-naked!

This floored Jon. Was mom having an affair? Was that dirty bitch fucking behind dad's back? Jon thought for a second. That was what he was going to do with her but he was different. He was Jon. He fucked his f****y.

Jon did love his father but at the same time hated him for telling his s****rs' sex and masturbation was wrong. Now he had apparently driven his mom to some sorry ass phone guy. Rage filled Jon as he strode to the house.

Inside Ruth let the man in. 'Don' was his name. He had trouble looking up at her face. Her tits were practically falling out.

"So ah, what seems to be the problem Mrs. Carlton?" he asked.

Ruth took a deep breath. "Nothing really, I just needed a good fuck and I saw you across the street and heard how you fucked Mayble Harrison and was hoping you'd do the same for me.

Don grinned. What was with this street? He started to undo his toolbelt.

"I suppose I could spare a couple minutes. What's the matter? Hubby not giving it good enough?" he asked hornily.

"Hubby not giving it at all," answered Ruth.

"Stupid fucker."

Don pushed down his pants as Ruth shucked off her thin tiny housecoat. Her big tits sprung free as her pussy drooled in anticipation.

"Mm fuck bitch, you damn hot. Maybe your husband is gay," he said as he pushed her back against the couch.

"I think your phone will be having a lot of problems in the future," he said as he slid his cock down into her cunt.

Ruth sighed as she finally had relief.

"YOU STUPID WHORE!" roared Jon as he strode into the room. "WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING?" he yelled.

Don's cock wilted immediately. He looked up at the giant lad before him. He had to be at least 6'4 and he had fists the size of hams. Pulling out of Ruth immediately he stumbled to his clothes. Covering his crotch he tried to mumble something as he ran out the open door.

Ruth was in tears as she looked up at her son. She was still naked and very horny.

"HOW DARE YOU JON! What I do with my LIFE is my business!" she screamed.

"You were going to FUCK him mom. What about dad?" Jon said accusingly.

"HE doesn't fuck me. Don seems like the only man in the world who does want to!" Ruth screamed.

Ruth lowered her gaze from her son's face, as she couldn't look at him anymore only to notice his rather large bulge.

Jon followed her gaze and realized his hardon sticking out in his pants. When his mom didn't cover herself he continued. Her eyes still on his cock.

"I want to fuck you mom. God I want you now more than ever."

Ruth smiled, "really? You want this old pussy?"

"Damn straight you cheating little bitch, and I'm going to take it right now," said Jon.

Ruth cooed. She loved being called a bitch. Undoing his pants Jon quickly undressed as he displayed his big cock for his mom to see.

"See anything that catches you're fancy mom?" he said mockingly.

"Mmm yessir. I see a big fat cock just right for my pussy. Now get down here and give it to be hard like I was going to get before you barged in."

Moving down to his mother Jon gazed at her big pussy. So hot. His cock was raging as he was on the verge of fucking the only pussy in the house he hadn't had yet. Sliding down into her wet mature cunt both mother and son sighed in pleasure of finally getting what they wanted.

"Ooohhh yes Jon. Fill me with your cock. I don't care if you are my son. Just fuck me. God I've missed having a cock in me," Ruth moaned.

Jon moaned too. His mother's cunt was so deep, so hot. He thrust down into her. Fucking her like he'd always wanted.

Now that he had her pussy Jon was not going to let it go. Ruth was very tight after 7 years on non-activity. He pounded her motherly cunt with his thick rod as he entered what he had come out of.

Ruth moaned over and over as Jon fucked her. He was so much bigger than any man she'd had. Better than Peter. He rode her hot cunt as she experienced her first orgasm the first of many she figured.

His cock continued his journey down her sizzling cunt. He pulverized her juicy cunt with all his might as he fucked into her harder and harder. Ruth moaned and squealed in pleasure as her son continued on his crash course through her cunt. She felt another orgasm as she shook beneath him.

Bucking up into him like a wild boar Ruth moaned in pleasure.

"How did I keep my pants up around him for so long?" she asked herself as Jon thrust down into her once more.

The entire couch was rocking now as the two i****tuous lovers made love like long lost lovers. Jon's rod pulsating down into her as she continued to coat his cock with her cum. Finally the couch gave and it tipped over just as Jon let go and filled her cunt with his cream.

"OOOOOhhhhhh that was amazing Jonny. Such a good piece of meat you have. Mommy's going to sample that a lot."

Jon smiled, "Damn mom. You are so hot. You look like June Cleaver and act like her but when you peel all that away you are just like Mary and Betha total slut for my cock."

"M-Mary and Beth?"

Jon grinned now, "Yes, I've been fucking them for over a month now."

Ruth smiled, "Those little sluts. Is that why they are so sore? I can't believe them! Mommy will have to have a chat with those little cunts, how we are all going to share your cock."

Jon smiled, "In fact, they should be coming home from school for lunch soon. Maybe you'd like to show them the new you." Jon said.

"Mmm do you think they would like the new me?" Ruth asked.

"They are just like you mom. They love to fuck me just as much as you do."

Jon and Ruth got up. Ruth wanted to greet her girls outside on all fours as Jon fucked her from behind. Jon watched his mother's hips sway as she strode outside, proud as a peacock.

Looking behind her Ruth saw her son's pecker standing on edge. Giggling like a schoolgirl she went out the gate to the ravine. Getting on all fours she slid her cunt up for full view.

"Fuck me Jonny. Fuck me hard."

Moving behind his mother Jon gripped his mother and in one fluid motion slid his cock in her hot wet hole. Ruth sighed in relief once more as his cock entered her hole. So big and fat.

She started to roll her hips into his as Jon fucked his mother harder and harder. Pounding her juicy cunt for all it was worth. Spurred on by being in nature and waiting for his s****rs to catch him fucking the hell out of their mother.

Mary and Beth giggled as they walked through the ravine. It was a gorgeous sunny day. They had waited for Jon but he was busy or something. Walking up the dirt road they heard a familiar sound coming from near their house.. As they walked up the small hill they came into view of Jon rutting into their mother.

The girls grinned and ran up to them. "Mommy? Jon?" they asked excitedly.

Ruth turned and smiled at her girls as Jon continued to fuck her juicy cunt.

"Hi girls! Mommy decided to join the fun! I hope you don't mind," she said through the moans.

"Not at all mommy! That's just more pussy for us to play with!" they said hornily.

Quickly they peeled out of their clothes and got down on in the dirt with their mother.

"Mmm mommy! You look so sexy!" said Mary. "Your tits are so big!"

Ruth moaned her approval as Jon fucked her harder and harder. Mary moved her mouth to her mother's tits and began to suck them just like Jon did to her melons. Beth got on all fours beside her mother and looked back at Jon.

"Fuck me too Jon! Fuck me and give me my lunch!" she said.

Pulling out of his mother's sloppy cunt Jon rammed his cock home in the tightest pussy in the f****y. Beth moaned as she started to fuck back on his thick rod.

Ruth moved toward her youngest daughter and started to kiss her passionately. Loving the taste of another woman's mouth. Beth moaned into her mother's mouth as Jon fucked her horny cunt. It gripped his cock harder and harder as she neared her orgasm. Her knees dirty from the ground as Jon fucked her like a dog.

Mary moved up and got under her mother and s****r. Spreading her legs invitingly she looked at her b*****r.

"Fuck me too Jon! Blow your nuts in my cunt!" she said happily.

Sliding down into his third pussy of the day Jon slammed down into his s****r.

Beth and Ruth watched the bliss on Mary's face as Jon slammed down into her cunt. They continued to kiss each other as Mary absentmindedly played with her mother and s****rs cunts.

Jon continued to fuck his s****r harder and harder until having 3 cunts finally took his toll on him. Pulling out of Mary's cunt he coated his f****y with his cum.

Part 7

So that was it. Jon now had access to 3 hot and horny pussies all under one roof. For the rest of the week Ruth called her c***dren in sick and the 4 f****y members went at it. The only thing taboo were clothes and talk of the Reverend.

Jon filled each of his whore's (which they now wanted to be called) with his potent sperm. Ruth opened up the liquor cabinet and the four Carlton's would get d***k late into the night fucking each other into u*********sness.

When Peter returned a week later he had no idea his one and only son, his pride and joy was balling every pussy in the house. That they were all hooked on his cock. That they fucked behind his back and smirked whenever he was around.

The Reverend's trip did nothing to dissuade his thinking about sex and masturbation. While many of the men there felt it ok to pleasure their wives, but there were a few (Peter included) that believed if you gave you're wife a f****y, a good home and god she needed nothing more.

He was especially glad when he returned and his wife no longer hounded him for sex. Maybe she had finally given up and accepted it.

One day he was doing the laundry as he returned home early from the church. He took the girls' clothes out of the dryer and folded them neatly before putting them in the basket and trudging upstairs.

Opening the door he set the basket down and opened their closet. Putting some of their new useless winter things on the top shelf a little package fell to the ground.

"What's this?" he asked himself.

To his surprise it was birth control pills. That wasn't the surprising part as he and Ruth had put the girls on birth control to help against ****. What was surprising was that this month's pills were all accounted for? Why weren't the girls taking their pills anymore?

Were they having sex? That had to be it! And directly against his wishes! He would have their heads for this.

That night at dinner everything seemed fine until desert. Peter looked across his f****y. Resting on the two girls sitting side by side.

Looking them square in the eye he said, "Do you girls have anything to tell the rest of us?"

Mary and Beth looked at each other. "No, why daddy?" they said in unison.

"Then how would you explain these birth control pills not taken? Are you girls stupid? Are you trying to get pregnant and ruin the f****y name? The press lives for this kind of stuff. Do you know what it could do to you're b*****r's career?"

Mary and Beth gasped in surprise and looked down at their plates. Goosebumps covered their bodies as they quivered in fear.

"You're silence speaks volumes. Go to your rooms you she-devils! You are officially grounded! You will not come out for any reason until I say so."

Quickly the girls ran from the table and sprinted to their room. Sobbing the entire way. Jon was in shock. He didn't know his s****rs' weren't on the pill but he liked it. Knowing he could have knocked up his s****rs. Or maybe he did.

"Can you believe them?" Peter said to his remaining f****y.

"Don't you think you were a tab harsh Peter?" asked Ruth.

Peter looked over disgusted with his wife. Raising his hand he slapped her across the mouth.

"No I wasn't! They probably got it from you anyway. Always wanting me to fuck you! I'm surrounded by whores!"

Pushing his chair back Peter stormed from the room and out the back door. Ruth embarrassed and stung by her husband began to cry and ran to her room, slamming the door after her.

Jon sat alone at the table. He slammed his fist down on the table and cursed his father. Getting up he went to his s****rs' room and knocked and slowly entered. Mary and Beth looked up, their eyes red from crying.

Upon seeing Jon they ran up and hugged him tightly. "Oh Jon we're so sorry!" they said together.

Jon laughed. "Sorry? Why are you sorry? I'm the one who fucked you both. You shouldn't be sorry. I'm going to tell dad about me as soon as he gets back," Jon said.

"JON you can't!" they said scared for their b*****r.

"I can and I will. Get some rest," said Jon strongly. The look in his eyes spoke volumes and the two s****rs nodded their heads and went to bed.

Part 8

Jon sat at the dinner table with his entire f****y. Peter had yet so speak to his daughters for their treason and was barely speaking to his wife. His son was the only pure part left of his life.

"Dad you can't talk to Mary and Beth that way. You have no right. You also have no right to hit mom." Jon said f***efully.

Peter looked surprised at his one and only son.

"Excuse me? This is me house and alwa-" he started before Jon cut him off.

"Shut up dad. I'm the one that has been fucking Mary and Beth and I've also fucked mom. This isn't you're f****y anymore. All you do is provide, you don't love you don't fuck, you don't get to be the man of the house anymore."

Jon's words hit Peter like a sledgehammer. His own son? Fucking his wife and his daughters? The thought revolted him, tearing from his seat he ran from the house and didn't return until 4 months later.

Part 9

The f****y had adjusted smoothly to the change of no Peter. The church had called to say he was dismissed but due to the circumstances the f****y was allowed to stay in the house. They were also awarded Peter's pay for a total of 2 years at which time they would have to support themselves.

Sex became the norm with finishing school not close behind. Jon would fuck each member of his f****y silly. One night Ruth, Mary and Beth planned a surprise for Jon. All through dinner they giggled and watched him as he drank. Finally after everything was cleared Jon looked at his mother and s****rs.

"Ok what's so funny?" he asked.

"Before you came down we crumbled some viagra into your drink," responded Mary.

"What? You did what? I don't need help getting an erection! You should know that!" he said.

"It's a present silly. You can lie on you're back and we will ride that monster of yours for hours until we are literally too sore to fuck you anymore!" said Beth happily.

Even as she spoke Jon noticed his hardon in his pants. He didn't know if it was his own or man-made but was looking forward to be ridden like a prize bronco.

The entire f****y moved to the living room where everyone quickly stripped. Jon's cock was extremely hard as he looked at each of his horny pussies.. Lying back the women decided they would fuck him in the order he took them.

Happily Beth moved down to his cock and slid down it satisfaction. Looking down at her big b*****r she smiled.

"You just lie back Jon, let us do all the work. To show you how happy we are with your cock and your love," she said as she started to ride down on his massive prick.

Her eyes fluttered as she picked up the pace. Her cunt aching around his incredibly hard cock as her little tits bounced softly. She fucked him harder and harder as her moans became incoherent.

Mary and Ruth watched in anticipation and jealousy as they each craved for some of that massive hardon. Finally Beth bucked and screamed out in pleasure as she creamed all over his rod. Moving (reluctantly) off his cock she moved up to his face as he started to eat out her hot cunt.

Mary moved down now, her hot tight cunt drooling with want. She needed his cock in her cunt bad she was sore. Sighing as she slid down his shaft she started to hum as she rocked on his cock. Beth yelled out in another orgasm as Jon continued to eat her hot little cunt.

Mary bounced with reckless abandon going harder and harder on her b*****r's shaft. Her tits bounced wildly as she slammed her young cunt down on him over and over again. She could never get enough. She needed his cock daily. She would die without it. She was glad daddy was gone because she hated to fuck behind peoples back.

Bringing herself back to the situation at hand she moaned as she realized she was cumming as her pussy lubed her b*****r's big shaft. Beth rolled off of her b*****r's face and lay back trying to regain her strength. Mary happily slid up to her b*****r's face as Ruth slid down her son's hot rod.

Her cunt was on the verge of cumming as she watched her daughters fuck the hell out of her son's cock. It was so good with or without the viagra. Her jugs bounced as mightily as her daughters had as she immediately began to fuck the hot cock beneath her. Needing all the cock she could get. She was still not caught up after 7 years of being dormant.

Sighing Mary grinded her cunt down into her b*****r's tongue. He was so good with his tongue. He gripped her massive tits and squeezed them as her hard nipples pointed into his hands.

Ruth felt her own orgasm building and quickly slid off so she could taste his hot cum as he came with her. She could feel it and as much as she wanted it in her cunt her son would be cumming a lot tonight.

Around midnight the 4 were still going at it. Taking slower now, party for pleasure, and partly because they were in their fifth hour of it. All the women had been fucked to damn near exhaustion as he cock continued its hardness.

Peter thinking the f****y would be asl**p came home. He was going to stop his f****y from committing i****t and if not he would go to the police. Walking in the front door he walked into the living room only to find his wife and youngest daughter Beth on the floor heaving, Jon's cum was leaking out of every hole they had.

Looking down he saw Mary as she rode her big b*****r's cock. Her tits swung mightily as he realized the size of his son's cock. He felt his own groin twitch as he looked at Mary fuck her b*****r and decided he wanted some of that.

Mary saw her father and smiled sweetly.

"Hi daddy! Like the show? Jon's cock is sooo good in my pussy!"

Peter smiled his own erection hurting now. Mary looked down to her crotch and her smiled faded.

She knew immediately what her father wanted.

"I don't think so daddy. Jon's cock is so big I probably wouldn't feel you. Besides why would I want hamburger when I can have steak?" she said sweetly but with venom dripping from her lips.

Ruth and Beth started to laugh as Peter ran from the living room and went to bed.

Part 10

Peter was given a second chance by the church and was hired back. He had fasted after his night of returning home. Disgusted with himself for lusting for his daughter. That little whore.

He no longer thought about the i****t that was committed in his house. He blocked it from his mind. To him his daughters were virginal his son was loyal and his wife was faithful.

It got to the point where Jon would openly fuck his mother and s****rs as he watched TV or paid the bills. He would fuck Ruth as Peter tried to sl**p at night (even though Ruth no longer slept with her husband). Jon even took Mary to church and fucked her in his office as he leafed through some papers.

One day it all boiled over. They had just finished dinner in which he was the only clothed human being. Mary and Beth had stood up and announced to the f****y that they were pregnant. Ruth jumped up happily and congratulated her daughters saying she had just missed her period and suspected she was as well.

The Reverend could not accept this. They had to be stopped. The lot of them. Standing up from the table he strode out and got in the car. He had been drinking heavily and began to speed towards the police department. He would inform the police and his entire f****y would be caught.

Unfortunately, rage, alcohol and a car do not mix. Peter's vision blurred and he did arrive at the police station albeit he did so by crashing through the wall.

The police officer that had the unfortunate job of informing the f****y arrived at the worst possible time. Jon was in the middle of plowing his s****rs as he mother lay in a cum covered heap. They were celebrating the babies.

As the doorbell rang the entire f****y stopped. Jon pulled out of Beth's soaking hole and grabbed for some clothes. The women s**ttered to the house as Jon answered the door. The f****y was shocked by the Reverend's death. While they did not like him they never wished for him to die.

Part 11

3 months later. The insurance policy had kicked in on Reverend Peter Carlton. His f****y would be financially set for many years to come. They had sold the house and were now living together with Jon.

Jon had attained a full scholarship and he lived with his f****y in an off-campus house. The plan was for Jon to reach the pros, sign one significant contract that would leave the f****y well off for generations to come and then retire. Suddenly football wasn't as important to Jon. The three warm cunts were.

Mary and Beth would finish school and then travel with Jon until he retired. They would be home schooled until they gave birth to their c***dren. Jon was thinking of buying an island in the pacific. There he could fuck his women day and night and never be bothered. How he loved having a place to put his cock whenever and wherever he pleased.

The End

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Darn,that had my cumming loads. Why can't more families be this way.Mac xxx
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Very well done!
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damn i will have to come back for more.. i didnt even make it through part 3
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Wow great story well done