Amy was frightened as she entered the school’s front
office. She hadn’t done anything wrong and yet had been
called to the office during school announcements to
pick up a detention. What, she wondered, had she done
to get a detention. She often smart-mouthed teachers
but had always stopped when warned her behavior was out
of line. Had some teacher decided at last to give her a
detention without warning her?

It didn’t help that her home-life sucked. Her mother
and father had divorced 5 years earlier and she hadn’t
seen her father since. Amy’s mother had since taken to
dating any man who might take some interest in her.

She frequently came home d***k or not at all, no doubt
spending the night in some paramour’s bed. This did not
help Amy’s attitude. She totally couldn’t wait to
graduate high school and ditch her home life. Here it
was Monday and her mom hadn’t even returned from a
weekend trip to Las Vegas. What a slut!

The principal’s secretary, Ms. Roswell, smiled as Amy
entered and motioned for her to sit on the front office

"Ms. Roswell, I thought I was supposed to pick….to pick
up a…. a detention."

"Principal Rigmatten will see you in a moment dear,"
replied the smiling middle-aged secretary.

Amy sat down on the couch indicated. Her mind was going
a thousand miles a minute, a visit with the principal?
Oh god, it must be worse than she thought. The
principal was a total toad, a short, fat, middle-aged,
balding man.

All the students disliked him, except some of the
senior girls; they seemed to dote on him as if he were
their favorite relative. It was probably some cruel
joke they played on him, but he seemed to enjoy the
attention. Amy, however, was totally repulsed by the
lecherous old man. She resolved to give him major
attitude if she had to see him for a detention she
didn’t even deserve.

After several minutes of wondering what she had done,
and who might have written her a detention, Ms.
Roswell’s intercom buzzed.

"Yes Mr. Rigmatten?"

"Is Amy there?"

"Yes Mr. Rigmatten."

"I’ll see her now."

Ms. Roswell stood and said to Amy, "The principal will
see you now Amy."

Amy stood and walked to the principal’s door, she
didn’t know if she should knock or just enter, but
decided to play the rebel. She threw the thick door
open and stomped in.

Inside she saw Mr. Rigmatten seated at his imposing oak
desk. But she slowed uncertainly as she also saw Mr.
Belusi, her home room teacher, sitting in a chair
adjacent to the desk, facing the door. Her mind raced
remembering all the things she might have said to anger
Mr. Belusi enough to merit a detention.

She had certainly made her share of smart ass remarks
to him, but never anything too bad. Mr. Belusi was a
big man, who obviously worked out. Many girls,
including Amy, had a crush on him. Both men were
looking at her expectantly.

"Please close the door behind you Amy, and sit down,"
said Mr. Rigmatten, indicated the chair in front of his
desk with one hand. Amy, a little startled, complied.

Once she was seated Mr. Rigmatten said, "Amy, I am very
disappointed in you."

Sitting on edge Amy waited to hear what she had done

"Your mother tells me you need a male authority figure
in your life, to give you discipline. I agree. As the
two of us have just married this weekend, I am your new
father and will see to it that you are brought up
properly, young lady."

Amy’s mind went blank in shock.

"You can pick your jaw off the floor now daughter,"
said the principal. "I am a very physical man and want
to show you my genuine affection. So why don’t you come
sit in daddy’s lap?"

Amy recoiled in disgust, but Mr. Belusi pulled her to
her feet and guided her around the table. He pushed her
into Mr. Rigmatten’s lap where she squirmed to get
free. She could feel Mr. Rigmatten’s erect penis
bulging against her ass as he held her down with both
hands on her hip. Mr. Belusi grabbed her by the
shoulders and shook her. Once he had her attention he
glared menacingly at her until she ceased to resist,
allowing Mr. Rigmatten to hold her still in his lap.

"That’s better," said the perverted principal, "Daddy
is just excited at having his young daughter’s
beautiful firm ass squirming in his lap. You’ll get
used to it."

"You’re sick!" Amy hissed.

Mr. Rigmatten pushed her off his lap and stood up,
pushing Amy into Mr. Belusi’s arms.

"See? That’s what I mean." You need discipline, and I
will give it to you young lady."

Mr. Belusi pushed Amy chest down onto the principal’s
desk and pulled her skirt up around her hips. Amy
gasped as she felt her panty clad ass exposed to the
two men. She felt a rough hand yank her panties down
around her knees. Now her ass was completely naked to
the two men.

"No, please!" Amy yelled.

Mr. Belusi grabbed her by the back of the neck and held
her down. Amy tried to escape, her pretty little ass
bouncing on Principal Rigmatten’s desk.

"Oh god, please let me go!" cried the captive girl.
"I’ll be good."

"I’m sure you will," gloated Mr. Rigmatten, "I’m sure
that you’ll be my best little girl."

Mr. Rigmatten then brought the palm of his down hard on
Amy’s exposed ass.


"Ow!" screamed Amy


"Ow! Please!"


"Fuck you!"


"Ow, ow, ow…" Amy cried. The last slap on her upturned
ass had hurt like hell and she gasped for breath now.

"Are you going to be good now?" demanded Mr. Rigmatten.

"Ow! What?"


"Yes, yes, I’m going to be good now!" Amy cried. She
would agree to anything to stop the spanking of her
sore ass.

"Good girl," whispered Mr. Rigmatten approvingly. He
took some ointment out of his desk and rubbed some onto
Amy’s red ass. The cool cream soothed her and she
couldn’t help but moan in relief as she felt the same
hand that inflicted her pain rub it away.

"Are you going to obey Daddy now?" Mr. Rigmatten asked.

"Yes," Amy whispered petulantly.


"Ow! What?" she demanded indignantly her ass all the
more sensitive for the recent comforting of the lotion.

"When you answer me you will say ‘yes daddy’ or ‘no
daddy,’ do you understand daughter?"

"Yes…daddy," Amy said obediently, anything to stop the

"That’s better, now get on your knees and suck my


"I said suck Daddy’s dick, and remember how you are
supposed to answer me or I’ll spank your ass so hard
that you won’t be able to sit for a week!"

"Yes Daddy," whispered Amy cowed by the threat. She
sank reluctantly to her knees between Mr. Rigmatten’s
legs. Confused she didn’t know if she could do this,
but her sore ass goaded her to comply.

Mr. Belusi walked around beside Mr. Rigmatten. In his
hand he held a video camera pointed down at Amy.

"Suck Daddy’s dick Amy," Mr. Rigmatten repeated,
pressing the prominent bulge in his pants up to Amy’s

Amy froze, staring at the camera lens as Mr. Rigmatten
rubbed his bulging pants against her face.

"That’s it Amy, watch the camera," whispered Mr. Belusi
filming the little girl’s humiliation.

"Take Daddy’s cock out of his pants Amy," said Mr.

Amy didn’t respond at first. Mr. Rigmatten glared down
at her ominously and asked, "Do you want another
spanking slut?"

Amy whimpered.

"Well then you better take Daddy’s cock out and suck it
then whore. And remember to answer Daddy when he talks
to you."

"Yes Daddy," whispered Amy as she inexpertly unbuckled
Mr. Rigmatten’s pants and fumbled at the button.

Mr. Rigmatten impatiently pushed her hands away and
unbuttoned his pants, unzipped them and pulled his
trousers down. His cock strained at his boxers. "Take
my dick out and put it in your mouth little girl."

Subdued, Amy did as she was told. Mr. Belusi captured
her submission on tape, recording her every move as she
took her new Daddy’s dick into her mouth.

"Oh, that’s good slut," whispered Mr. Rigmatten in
pleasure, "now suck on Daddy’s hard cock. Show him what
a good girl you are."

Her cheeks bulging with Mr. Rigmatten’s cock, Amy
looked up miserably at the camera and did as she was
told, sucking on the intruding dick that filled her
mouth. Mr. Rigmatten grabbed her head impatiently and
pushed his cock in and out of Amy’s mouth, abusing her
to his satisfaction.

"Oh that’s a good little girl," the principal said as
he fucked her mouth, "take all of Daddy’s cock." Amy’s
throat distended with each thrust of Mr. Rigmatten’s
cock into her mouth, her nose buried with each thrust
into his pubic hairs.

Amy whimpered and sucked as Mr. Rigmatten pushed his
cock in and out of her mouth.

"Look at the camera Amy," Mr. Belusi whispered when she
lowered her eyes in shame. She looked again at the
camera as it recorded every cock thrust and her eyes
teared up.

Mr. Rigmatten stopped then. "Okay Amy, you can stop."
Mr. Belusi stopped the camera as Amy was led to the
principal’s leather couch in front of his desk.

"In the next scene you are going to ride Daddy’s dick
in your pussy. You are going to tell us how much you
love Daddy’s cock and how you want to feel me cum in

Amy wailed aloud at what Mr. Rigmatten proposed. He
slapped her once in the face…hard. Stunned, Amy
quieted. "That’s not the response Daddy taught you. You
are to answer ‘yes daddy’ when I tell you what to do.
Anything else and I’ll spank your ass till you can’t
sit on it again. Understand?"

"Yes Daddy," Amy replied meekly.

"Good girl," if you behave Daddy won’t have to spank
your ass again."

Mr. Rigmatten sat down looking up at Amy with a smile
as she stood in front of him. Mr. Belusi turned on the
camera again as Amy stood uncertainly in front of the

"Take off your panties and come sit in Daddy’s lap
daughter," Mr. Rigmatten ordered.

Amy looked down to see her panties still wrapped around
her lower thighs. She started to pull them down as
she’d been told.

"No, silly girl, do it sexy," Mr. Rigmatten ordered.

Miserably Amy asked, "How?"

Exasperated, Mr. Rigmatten said "dance like when you
want a boy to notice you only slowly, roll your hips
suggestively and pull your panties down slowly, sexy,
like a stripper."

Amy bit her lower lip in obvious distress as she tried
her best to comply. Mr. Belusi followed her movements
with the video camera.

After a passable dance Amy stood straddled over Mr.
Rigmatten’s hard cock, her panties lying on the floor
beneath her. Her plaid school skirt still hid her
privates and her white cotton shirt and push up bra hid
her small firm tits. The principal pulled Amy’s skirt
up so the camera could catch all the action.

"That’s a good girl," Mr, Rigmatten said, "now put my
hard dick in your pussy."

Amy hesitated, uncertain until Mr. Rigmatten bellowed
at her, "Get on my dick now you little slut!"

Frightened at his outburst and afraid of another
spanking Amy held his cock up with one hand and
obediently impaled herself on it.

Mr. Rigmatten moaned appreciatively as her teen pussy
descended down his shaft.

"That’s better," he whispered in Amy’s left ear as Mr.
Belusi zoomed in on the penetration of her cunt. Mr.
Rigmatten allowed her a moment to accommodate him.
After a few minutes he became impatient however, "now
ride my dick in your pussy."

Crying, Amy raised herself up his shaft and sank back
down it, then raised herself up and sank again feeling
Mr. Rigmatten’s hard little cock slide inside her. He
moaned in pleasure.

"That’s it. Now roll your hips forward so your pussy
pulls on my dick as you go up it and then back as you
go down. Massage my dick with your pussy." he ordered.

Amy did as she was told, riding Mr. Rigmatten’s cock
like a proper whore now. Mr. Belusi zoomed out from
Amy’s thrusting crotch to capture her wanton ride. He
filmed Amy from behind, catching her small bubble butt
pulling her pussy up the cock before impaling herself
on it again, over, and over. Mr. Rigmatten held her
skirt up in the back so the camera could catch it all.

"Good girl," he said appreciatively, "do you like
riding Daddy’s dick?"

Amy didn’t want to answer, but knew better than to risk
Mr. Rigmatten’s wrath, "yes Daddy," she said

Luxuriating in the wonderful sensation of teen pussy
riding his cock Mr. Rigmatten did not relent from
tormenting his new daughter for the camera.

"Do you want Daddy to cum in you?" he asked

Amy froze atop his cock, frightened at the implications
of the question.

"I didn’t tell you to stop slut!"


Mr. Rigmatten spanked her ass hard so that she fell
down his shaft with a yelp, "Ow!"

"Ride my cock whore or I’ll fucking spank your ass with
a paddle as I fuck your cunt!"

Amy wept but resumed riding his cock.

Mr. Belusi had walked behind the couch and now filmed
Amy’s anguished face as she unwillingly took dick in
her vulnerable pussy. She couldn’t help but look
miserably at the camera as Mr. Belusi filmed her

"Tits," Mr. Belusi whispered.

Mr. Rigmatten pulled Amy to a stop, impaled on his
dick. "Unbutton your shirt for the camera slut."

With tears rolling down her face Amy unbuttoned her
white cotton blouse from the bottom up. Once unbuttoned
it fell open revealing her bra. Mr. Rigmatten pulled
the shirt off her and threw it aside before reaching up
and unclasping Amy’s bra. The bra fell down onto their
conjoined crotches and Mr. Belusi filmed Amy’s now
exposed tits and erect nipples.

"You can ride me again slut," Mr. Rigmatten said in
what sounded more like an order. Mr. Belusi filmed
Amy’s face as she squeezed her eyes shut to the image
of what she was doing with her body. He zoomed out
again to catch her long blonde hair flouncing around
her head like a halo as she obediently rode dick.

The lithe, little girl’s small 34b tits barely bounced
as she went up and down the cock inside her. Mr. Belusi
then zoomed in on Amy’s crotch where her skirt bounced
wantonly as she humped her fat, balding principal. Mr.
Rigmatten tossed her bra aside before pulling her skirt
up so the camera could catch the blur of her pussy
riding his cock, engulfed in her tender, moist pussy

"Tell me how much you want Daddy’s sperm in your cunt,"
Mr. Rigmatten teased.

"Please don’t cum in me Daddy," Amy whispered miserably
as her tight pussy massaged Mr. Rigmatten’s dick.

"But don’t you want to feel how much I love you
daughter? Don’t you want to feel Daddy cum?"

Amy didn’t want to be cummed in but knew that wasn’t
what Mr. Rigmatten wanted to hear, so she opted to
remain silent.

But the principal wanted her answer, "Daddy asked you a
question sweetie, don’t you want to feel Daddy’s cum?"

Miserably Amy answered, "Yes Daddy."

"Yes what Honey? Tell Daddy what you want."

"I want Daddy’s cum."

"You want Daddy to cum in your pussy Honey?" he
needled, tormenting her for the camera.

"Yes Daddy," Amy repeated, easier now as Mr.
Rigmatten’s cock filled her pussy pleasantly.

"Okay Honey," Mr. Rigmatten whispered as his cock
swelled up, his scrotum tightening so that his
testicles could empty their seed into her fertile teen
pussy, "here I cum!"

"Nooooo!" Amy moaned as Mr. Rigmatten pulled her hips
down firmly onto his lap. His cock pulsed rhythmically,
spurt after spurt of cum filling her cunt and pushing
up past her cervix. "Oh noooo!" Amy moaned.

"Daddy’s giving you a baby Honey. Do you feel my sperm
impregnating you?"

Amy could feel Mr. Rigmatten’s cock spasming and
dreaded that what he said was true, she wept quietly as
he pulled her down on top of him, nuzzling his face
between her breasts. Amy’s cunt squeezed without her
willing after each pulse of Mr. Rigmatten’s cock,
instinctively milking him of his cum. "That’s it, take
all of Daddy’s baby-makers," Mr. Rigmatten whispered
between grunts of pleasure, "you little whore."

Amy felt sperm flooding her womb and her body betraying
her as it clasped cock for more jism.

"Tell Daddy you are a slut," whispered Mr. Rigmatten.

"I…" she couldn’t say it.

"Your body knows you are a slut. Feel how your sloppy
wet pussy eagerly squeezes my cock for more cum? Admit
it, you are a slut."

I am a slut, Amy thought to herself. "I am a slut,’ she
repeated aloud. Mr. Belusi zoomed in on Amy’s face as
it reflected her newfound knowledge, her will

"Say it again for the viewer Amy," Mr. Rigmatten

"I’m a slut," Amy whispered obediently, looking up
vacant eyed at the camera lens.

Mr. Rigmatten smiled in satisfaction as his cock jetted
more cum into his new conquest. Mr. Belusi walked
around in front of the couch and knelt down to film
Amy’s pussy filled with cock and leaking excess sperm
around it and down the principal’s tight scrotum onto
the floor.


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2 years ago
I love stories like this one where daddy fucks his little teen daughter. The younger the better.
I would love to ravish a 14 year old girl's body!
Every time I'm around my grand daughters who are just turning 18 my cock gets hard. I would love to fuck my little Raeanna in her sweet little ass and cunt!
2 years ago
so hot