My name is Miranda Meade. I have always thought that it was a mother's responsibility to provide for her c***d's physical and emotional needs, protect them from harm, and impart in them social skills necessary to succeed in today's world. I never dreamed what I would happily do to fulfill those responsibilities.

I had met my husband, Mike, for lunch at a diner not far from his office. We met two or three times a week for lunch. It was our way I was already seated and waiting on him. I smiled and waved at Mike as he came through the door.

He was good looking and in great shape for a 45 year old man. Flecks of gray were distributed hodge-podge in his black hair salting his appearance with the confidence that comes from experience. Dressed in khaki slacks, a white oxford shirt covered by a blue blazer Mike exuded success.

After 21 years of marriage I could still get a thrill at the sight of my husband. I felt an electrical charge surge from my core to my cunt. It began to dampen. Smiling, I slammed my knees together. Under my breathe I whispered, "Control yourself ole girl."

He kissed me lightly on the lips sending another sensuous charge to my center. He scooted into the booth seat across from me. He apologized, "Sorry I'm late, Honey. I was walking out the door when I got a call from my Brentwood store. I had to take it."

"That's okay, dear. Still having problems at Brentwood?"

"Yeah, I'm going to have to spend more time with the new manager there."

The heavy-set middle aged waitress good naturedly took our order. We both ordered soup and salad. The waitress placed our order with the cook and brought our drinks. Mike used his charm to coax useful marketing data from her. Before she left she had told Mike how long she had been married, how many k**s she had and how much money her f****y spent on various types of merchandize.

Mike had built a chain of five retail outlets s**ttered around the suburbs of the city called, Meade's Merchandize. He competed with the big-box retailers by purchasing close-out and cast-off merchandize then offering it at a much reduced discount.

Our food arrived and we made small talk while we ate. The waitress stopped by our table. We asked for coffee. She filled our cups and cleaned up our dirty dishes before she waddled away on sore feet.

Mike's smiling eyes locked with mine, "thank you."

"For what?"

"For not letting yourself go. Our waitress is the same age as you. She's fifty pounds heavier and twice as sour."

Blushing I cooed, " shouldn't be so harsh on her. I do own a dance studio. So I get a pretty good workout every day."

"Speaking of which, are you enjoying your sabbatical?"

"Yes, I've been working on my tan getting ready for San Diego. I can't wait, just a week away."

I always closed my studio between the 4th of July and Labor Day since most of my students took vacations at that time. We were going to vacation ourselves on the beaches of the California coast.

"Yeah, it'll be nice to get away. I just wish I trusted my Brentwood manager more."

The furrowed lines in my husband's face signaled I ought to change the subject. "How's Alex doing at his job for you?"

Mike's face lit up like someone had flipped a switch. "He's doing great. I'm so proud of our son, Miranda. He's made some innovative suggestions for our on-line operation that have not only improved efficiency but have been very profitable. I almost hate for him to leave college."

I reached across the table and gave Mike a playful punch on the shoulder. "Glad to hear he's chip off the ole block."

The smile on Mike's face faded to a frown. His forehead crinkled, "Yeah, in some ways he is like me and in a lot of ways he's better than me and in other ways he's lacking."

"Lacking what?"

Mike sipped his coffee thoughtfully, "Confidence for one thing."

Sitting up I smirked, "Confidence how?"

"Huh... confidence in general. He's brilliant yet he was mediocre student. He's a good-looking guy but I count on one hand the number of dates he's had. He has a charming personality but masks it with shyness. I hate for him to be leaving for college with so little confidence."

I sat my coffee cup down, "Well he's had some rough patches Mike. We held him back a year in school because he got so ill. That's always been awkward for him. He was 19 when he graduated High School for goodness sake. Then he had to get those awful braces in Junior High..."

Mike shook his head, "I know his first Junior High dance was a disaster. He tried kissing his date she had braces too and they got locked together."

"I know I felt so bad for Alex. I didn't think he'd ever date again but he did have a date for prom this year."

"That was a disaster too."

Surprised I cocked both my eyebrows, "Oh?"

He chuckled, "Well, well...Mama doesn't know everything."

"Mike what do you know?" I demanded.

"It's not the kind of thing a son would share with his mother. I was kind of surprised that Alex shared it with me. Anyway, I asked him how come he wasn't still dating... what's her name... the girl he took to prom."

"Tiffany Rogers, she was on the dance team. She graduated with Alex. She's eighteen."

My husband nodded, "Yeah, how come he wasn't dating Tiffany anymore. He said they went all the way at the after-prom party. Anyway he got too excited and came as soon as he entered her. She freaked out."

Frowning I said, "I see."

"I don't think you do, Miranda. A man's self-confidence is very much tied to his sexuality. I'm afraid since our son is leaving home with such terrible sexual experiences he is leaving with very little self-confidence. I wish he had an Aunt Rosy."

"Who is Aunt Rosy?"

Mike silently smiled for a moment basking in a distant memory. "She was my Aunt who...let's just say...provided me with confidence building experiences of the sexual kind."

Shocked I leaned across the table and hissed, "Do you mean i****t?"

Chuckling he said, "Not really. She was my father's b*****r's wife, so we were related by marriage not bl**d. Anyway we were both consenting adults."

"Did your Uncle know?"

"I think he did. I think it turned him on. Doesn't matter, Alex doesn't have an Aunt Rosy. Maybe I should find him an e****t, maybe, one about thirty, who will show him the ropes."

Coffee jumped from the cup as I slammed it on the table. "You better not Michael Meade."

Mike put up his hand in self defense, "Sorry bad idea, just thinking out loud. We ought to do something. You got any single friends?"

"Do you really think jumping in bed with an older woman is the answer? Is it just the sex that gives a man confidence or is it the intimacy?"

"I don't follow?"

"Did Aunt Rosy boost your self-esteem by simply fucking you or by making love to you? I bet if you think about it, it was the latter."

Now it was Mike's turn to be surprised. He wasn't used to me using the f-word outside of the bedroom. I was on a roll so I continued, "What I'm saying is you had a relationship with your Aunt before the sex. You knew she cared about you and I assume you cared about her so that added an intimate intensity to the experience."

Mike nodded, "When you're right Miranda you're right. What older female do we know who cares enough about Alex to be intimate with him?"

"This is ridiculous."

Mike had a glint in his eye and mischievous grin on his face. "I can think of only one woman who loves Alex enough to provide him with the sexual experience he needs."



Stunned my mouth fell open in disbelief. I clinched my teeth in order not scream. "Michael Meade, you're out of your mind. That's so wrong on so many different levels. Its i****t."

Mike shook his head, "On one hand you're right Miranda but on the other I don't know. How wrong is it to send your son into the world unprepared?"

"Alex is prepared. He's gotten good grades; he's got the proper work ethic."

"He lacks confidence. In the world timidness is often interrupted as weakness. Look when Alex was sick you doctored him. You helped him with his homework. Whatever he needed you provided. I'm just telling you that your son needs to have a positive sexual experience. Whether you provide for him or not is up to you."

Teary eyed I looked at Mike, "You'd be alright with your son taking your wife to bed? You wouldn't be jealous? Don't you love me?"

Mike lovingly took my hand in his, "Of course I love you. I love our son too. You all ready have a bond with Alex that is beyond me so how can I be jealous?"

"What makes you think he wants to have sex with me? Maybe he doesn't see me that way."

"I overheard him talking with a couple of his buddies at the pool party we had in June. You were wearing that green bikini, the one that lets your butt cheeks hang out."

"Oh Mike, stop it." I could feel my face flushing red.

I remembered the party. I had felt the eyes of the boys on me as I walked by them. I glanced over my shoulder and caught them ogling me. I had been excited by their attention. Later that night when Mike and I had made love I experienced one of the most intense orgasms of my life.

Mike noticed my blush and grinned, "Miranda, you do remember. Anyway one of the boys says, 'Alex your mom's so hot.' Alex says back, 'Yeah, Sometimes I wish she weren't my mom so I could fuck her silly.' They didn't know I heard them."

I cupped my hand over my astonished. "I don't know what to say. I have to think about all this."

We left the restaurant. Mike went back to work. I went home. I changed into my now infamous green bikini. I checked my look in the mirror. I had a 32-23-34 figure on a 5'8" frame. I had a dancer's body toned and fit at 118 pounds. Only ten more pounds than the day Mike married me. I nodded to my reflection and said, "Not bad for a 42 year old. Not bad at all."

I noticed that my butt did peek out from the swimsuit. I decided that was because the swimsuit was a tad small not because my ass was too big. I turned around and inspected the front of my suit. The cleft of cunt was clearly defined in a teasing camel toe. I ran a finger between the folds of my labia and wondered aloud, "Is this where Alex wants to put this cock?"

After skimming a couple of leaves out of the pool I jumped in and swam a few laps. Satisfied that I had burned off lunch I left the pool. My black hair was long and I scooped it out of my face and towards my back. It hung down past the strap of my bikini top. I retired to a chaise lounge and lay on my belly allowing myself to drip dry in the sun. I undid my top to avoid a tan line.

When I thought of Alex and his unfortunate experiences with girls my heart ached. He deserved so much better. My mind reeled from Mike's admission of his own i****tuous past and his revelation that Alex had entertained similar notions about me. I thought of my son. He had been a late bloomer but bloom he did. He was slightly taller than Mike yet not quite as solid. He was quite attractive. Mike was built like a linebacker. Alex more like a swimmer.

I dozed in the warm sunshine and tried to decide whether I was responsible to give my adult son a positive sexual experience or not. I couldn't believe my husband had suggested it. I couldn't believe I was contemplating it.

Alex burst through the sliding glass door of the house and onto the patio next to the pool. "Mom are you home?"

Absentmindedly I rolled over and sat up. Alex gasped as my bare breasts presented themselves to him. I guess I should have thrown my arm across my chest to hide my naked nipples but I didn't. I gave Alex a wicked grin, "Why don't you change into your suit and join me?"

He peered lustfully at my breasts for a long moment and then screeched, "Okay, Mom."

Giggling I lay on back as he scurried back into the house. A warm breeze blew hot breathes on my nude nipples. They hardened to stone. The warmth I felt in my breasts began to seep thorough by body and radiate wetness in my cunt. I could feel the excitement surging and puffing my pussy lips. My body was naturally preparing itself to receive my lover.

A sudden glimpse of movement from an upstairs window caught my attention. It was the window at Alex's bedroom. He had brought some kind of black material up to his face.

"Oh my," I blushed with the realization that Alex had snagged my worn panties from the hamper and was inhaling my woman scent from them.

Further motion caught my eye. Alex was fisting his cock in his hand. I watched fascinated and confused. I was flattered that the sight of my body could excite my son to such an extent. It dawned on me that Alex knew I was watching him masturbate.

He made no effort to hide it. He wanted me to know what he was doing. He had meant what he had said to his friend. He would fuck me silly if he got the chance.

The question was did I want to give him that chance. I mulled over the possibilities. I tweaked my nipples between my forefingers and thumbs. I emitted a low groan as pleasure pulsated from my breasts tumbled down my tummy to my pussy.

Panting I shoved my hand down my bikini bottoms. My middle finger split my slobbering slit. I began working my finger in and out of my pussy while pushing my palm down on my clit. I felt the pleasure pressure begin to build in my core. I cooed, "Oooh, that feels so naughty."

Glassy eyed I glanced up to make sure Alex was watching me. I wanted him to watch. I felt so wicked, so wanton. It was too much. My cunt clutched my fingers in a wet clinch. I arched my back and howled as spasms of ecstasy shot through my essence. White and red lights burst through my buffeted brain.

After my orgasm spent itself I pulled my drenched hand from my bikini perturbed. I was too embarrassed to look up at Alex. A cavalcade of emotions rushed at me. I felt guilty, wicked and aroused all at the same time. I did up my top and dived into the cool soothing water of the pool.

I surfaced and wiped my hair and water from my eyes. With a splash Alex dove into the water. I made my way to ladder and climbed out of the pool. I peered over my shoulder and caught Alex eyeing me as I snuck a finger along each of my buttocks to f***e my soggy swimsuit from the crack of my ass.

Alex called as I retreated to the house, "You leaving? I just got in."

"I need to fix supper," was all I could reply. My mind raced with shame, what he must think of his mother.

Upstairs, in the safety of my bathroom, I stripped off my wet bikini and hug it on the shower curtain rod to dry. I caught my reflection in the bathroom mirror. My nipples hardened painfully in the refrigerated air. They begged to be suckled. I gave them a comforting tug. My belly was taut and trembled with desire. My pussy still glistened with excitement and longed to be pleasurably pounded by my lover's pecker.

Fighting the urge to masturbate again I dressed in white short-shorts and a pink t-shirt. Before leaving the bathroom I opened the dirty clothes hamper out of curiosity. Just as I suspected, Alex had returned my black panties coated with his white cum. I let them lay and switched off the bathroom light. I whispered, "Oh Alex, what am I going to do?"

Mike arrived home. He joined Alex in the pool. They dunked each other and rough-housed until I went out to cook pork chops on the grill. Almost as soon as I was outside Alex climbed out of the pool.

Water streamed down his chiseled chest draining onto the concrete as he padded pass me. His wet swim trunks clung to his body hugging his huge cock. He mumbled something about getting his shower.

Later we ate on the patio enjoying the cool of the evening. Mike sat on one side of me and Alex the other. I hadn't put on a bra so my nipples were again hard and tented the flimsy material of my t-shirt. Mike and Alex give my chest sideways glances whenever the other wasn't looking. I rose to clear the table. I watched them in the reflection of the sliding glass door. They ogled the outline of my ass in the short-shorts. I smiled at the reflection they both smiled back at me.

After putting the plates in the kitchen sink I hollered out the door, "I cooked, you two get to clean-up. I'm going to bathe."

To help me relax I lit several aroma-therapy candles as the tub filled with warm water. I piled my long hair on top of my head with a large claw hair clip. I slid beneath the bubbles, "Oh that feels so good."

Mike entered the bathroom after he knocked, "You okay?"

"Sure, Lover. Dishes all done?"

"Mostly, Alex is finishing up. What's going with him? He's been acting strange all evening. He's avoiding you and hardly speaking to me."

"Open the hamper."

Mike lifted the lid to the hamper. The panties that Alex had masturbated into were on top of the other dirty clothes. Mike cocked an eye brow and pulled them from the hamper by the waist band. Alex's cum had semi-dried into white stains on the black material. Mike looked at me. "Is this what I think it is?"

I felt my face and torso flesh red with excitement and embarrassment. I simply nodded.

"You fucked Alex this afternoon before I got home didn't you?"

Mike was grinning ear-to-ear. I shook my head negatively, "My goodness, no."

Puzzled he waved the soiled panties at me, "I don't understand."

"I did do something wicked....something I should be more ashamed of than I am, but I didn't take Alex to bed. I was sunning by the pool when he got home. I raise up he saw my boobs...."

Red faced I studied my painted toe-nails bobbing in the sudsy water. "I didn't try to cover up. In fact I rolled over and put boobs on display for him. I told him to change into his swim trunks and join me. The next thing I know I look up at Alex's bedroom window and he's flogging himself into my panties."

"I see. You shouldn't be embarrassed I sure many sons have taken their mother's panties and beat off into them."

Sighing I continue my confession. "I'm not finished. I don't know what came over me, but I stuck my hand down my bikini bottoms and masturbated too. I masturbated while my son watched. I'm so wicked. I'm a terrible mother, a terrible human being."

Before Mike could say anything I ducked under the water and tried to hide myself beneath the bubbles. I stayed under until I ran out of air. Breeching the water like an orca I splashed water all over the floor and drenched Mike too.

Mike was laughing at my embarrassment. He peeled off his wet t-shirt and stripped his swimming trunks. Stepping into the tub he said, "I'd rather join you in here than get showered out there."

I waited for his reaction to my confession. "You think I'm awful don't you?"

Shaking his head Mike said, "No. I think you're a beautiful sexy woman, a loving loyal wife and a caring concerned mother. I think maybe you were testing the waters."

"Testing the waters?"

"Yeah, a little... you show me yours I'll show you mine action."

"It doesn't bother you that I masturbated in front of our son. I'm his mother."

"No, Miranda it doesn't bother me. I think I'd be bothered more if you hadn't done something, in light of our lunch time conversation. I told you Alex needs to have sexual confidence. Your act of mutual masturbation at least acknowledges that you recognize that need, even its at the subconscious level."

Laughing I splashed Mike with sudsy water. "When did you become such a deep-thinker."

He chuckled then kneaded my breasts gently. He gave my nipples a playful pinch. With other hand he began a submerged attack on my pussy. He slid a finger into me clear to the second knuckle while he pressed his palm against my agitated clit. "You are as wet on the inside as you are on the outside. You do want to fuck Alex, don't you?"

I giggled as Mike's hard cock emerged from beneath the water like a periscope. I began stroking it after I sat up and kissed him. My tongue sought out his and wrestled with it. I broke our kiss and rested my forehead against his. I momentarily watched the big vein in his cock throb with surging bl**d. I squeezed his cock in my hand.

"I have so many conflicting emotions right now. I felt so naughty masturbating in front of Alex. And Alex... he was so wanton when he masturbated in front of me. He wanted me to watch what he was doing. He wanted me to know that it was me exciting him so. I felt so desired, so wanted in those moments. Then after I came then he did. I think we were both worse off. I felt ashamed and he must have felt more frustrated."

Mike chuckled, "Now who's the deep-thinker?" He wiggled his finger deep in my pussy.

A surge of pleasure shot to my core and I had to catch my breath. I tugged on his cock a couple of times returning the teasing. "I love Alex and you know I want what's best for him. I agree he needs to have more sexual self-confidence. I also agree that me having sex with him is probably the best way. But..."

Mike pushed down hard on my clit sending pleasure waves pulsating through my inner core. ""

He twisted his knuckle inside my pussy while increasing his palm's pressure on my clit. "Wait for what, Miranda? You don't want to wait to cum, do you?" He pinched my nipple hard.

My groan morphed into a growl with the pleasurable pain the pinch produced. My body shook with spasms of ecstasy as red and white streaks of light streaked across my mind. My whole pelvic contracted and my cunt clutched Mike's finger like it was a lifeline. Water splashed again on the floor from frenzied tide surge created by my contorting body.

I blinked myself back to awareness. Mike was smiling at me as he sat between my legs in the half-empty tub. I puckered my lips and blew air in and out trying to get my breathing back under control.

"You are so beautiful when you cum."

I smiled weakly at Mike as I finally recovered from my orgasm. "What I was going to say, before I was so delightfully interrupted, was that I can't make love to my son in our house. I don't think my mind could handle all the conflicting emotions. The only way I can see it happening is if you stay home and not go to San Diego with Alex and me."

Mike sat back with a blank look on his face. He was thinking and while he thought I continued my line of reasoning.

"I love Alex. I'm his mother and I want to make sure he has all the confidence he needs to make it in the world. The only way I see that happening is if we have the time and the space for a physical relationship to occur naturally. If we aren't careful we might create more problems than we solve."

"What problems?"

"Mike when you had sex with your Aunt, you emotionally held back because you knew that it was simply a physical relationship that had a foreseeable end. So you knew it was a summer time fling. I'm Alex's mother. We already have a love relationship. While he is leaving for college this is still his home, technically he still lives here."

"Okay, I see your point."

"The only way to create that same foreseeable end without emotionally damaging Alex is to make our San Diego vacation his summer time fling. If we don't set boundaries who knows where this might end. He may not try to get a girlfriend in college. So I have to make it clear that sex with me is a onetime thing that will only happen in San Diego. Hopefully he will see the trip to San Diego as special time between mother and son. I think I will."

Mike nodded, "I love you Miranda. I think you have the perfect solution. A summer time fling."

"One more thing, you can't ask me about what happens in San Diego. Nor can you ever speak to Alex about it."

Mike frowned and cocked an eyebrow trying to understand. "I can't go to San Diego and now I'm not allowed to hear about San Diego."

"For your emotional and psychological sake and mine, you can't know about the sex in San Diego. I know you love Alex and I don't want that to change because of some unforeseen jealousy..."

"I won't be jealous."

"Maybe, but I will feel remorseful about cheating on my husband even if it is with my son. I would rather remember San Diego as a guilty pleasure I enjoyed rather than a guilt-ridden experience that drives us apart. Hopefully, Alex will see the trip to San Diego as special one-time event between mother and son. That's how I want to see it."

Mike held up his hand in surrender. "Okay, okay, you win. I'll just spend the week cleaning up the mess at my Brentwood store and...." Mike began stroking his hard cock, "...jerking off."

"Maybe I can give you something to remember while you do."

I rose from the sitting position and rolled over on my knees. Water and soapy bubbles cascaded off my body and splashed back into the tub. I grabbed the sides of the tub and presented my still excited sex to Mike in a modified doggy position. I gave Mike my come-hither look over my shoulder.

His face was flushed with lust as he studied my pouting pussy. His finger traced the folds of my labia. His nostrils flared primordially as he caught the scent of my amorous aroma mingled with perfumed soap. He sank a finger into me and kissed a butt cheek then bit it. He rose to his knees his cock jutted from him between his legs thick and hard.

I squealed when Mike bit my butt. I squealed again when he penetrated my pussy with his proud pecker and began pounding it with abandon. My breasts swayed back and forth to his ravenous thrusting. I pinched a wobbling nipple.

Mike held my hips firmly as he gunned his cock in and out of me. He cocked throbbed and pulsated against the wet walls of my pussy. Wet flesh on flesh smacks reverberated off the bathroom wall as the water in the tub was stirred in a tempest. He grabbed my wet hair and jerked my head back forcing me to arch my back. Mike f***ed another inch of cock into my pulverized pussy.

I hissed in pain as my hair was pulled it was over-ridden by the thrill in my cunt as another inch of Mike's cock caressed its velvety wet walls. I could tell by the way Mike was pounding my pussy he was close to climax. I reached between my thighs and began to diddle my clit with voracious delight.

Without warning Mike slapped my ass harshly. The unexpected sting sent me over the top. My pussy contracted around Mike's cock with a fierce grip of gratification. My cunt began to contort with climatic compressions milking his cock.

"Cum...pussy...cum...good," I stuttered as my body shuttered with satisfaction.

With a final thrust Mike buried his cock deep within my depths. He shot spurt after spurt of his seed deep inside me. He bellowed, "Cumming.....Cumming."

After he was spent his soft dick slid out of me. He plopped back down in the tub. Once again water cascaded over the side. He panted and blew until his breathing returned to normal. "I love you Miranda."

I let him kiss the rising welt on my butt before turning and sitting down in the remaining water of the tub. "I love you too, Mike."

The days leading up to our vacation flew by in a whirlwind. Mike took off work the day before our trip. We spent it making love all over the house in every conceivable position. He even woke me up at three AM the day we were leaving to once again pound my pussy to a pleasurable pulp.

Mike drove Alex and I to the airport. He had convinced Alex that he had to stay and work with the manager of the Brentwood store or dire consequences would ensue. Alex seemed genuinely disappointed that his father wasn't going. He was a good k**.

While Alex fetched our luggage from the back of our SUV, I gave Mike a good-bye kiss. "Just say the word and I won't go through with it."

He hugged me and whispered in my ear, "I love you Miranda. Our son needs some confidence." Mike pushed me out to arms length and looked deep into my eyes, "Enjoy yourself. I'll be here when you get back."

Mike gave Alex a bear hug and left. "Have a good time. Alex I love you, Son."

We entered the terminal Mike drove away. As we made our way through the airport I made sure to walk in front of Alex. I was traveling in black stretchy work-out pants that hugged by ass. With a mischievous smile I glanced over my shoulder and caught Alex ogling the undulating globes of my butt.

"Come on Alex we need to get to our gate."

Turning I gave Alex a full frontal view of my frame and the camel-toe my stretchy pants had created. I giggled out loud as his lust-filled eyes drank in the contours of my outlined cunt. He realized he had been busted. He swallowed audibly as I put a little extra swing into my sway after turning to lead the way again.

The flight was uneventful and I napped for most of it. Mike's amorous intercourse with me the night before had left me exhausted. Once we arrived I rented a car and drove to condo located in Mission Beach section of San Diego.

The two bedroom town house condo was right on the beach. I ordered a pizza for delivery. I was too tired to go grocery shopping and it would give us chance to unpack and settle in. The condo had two bedrooms. I took the master bedroom with the king-size bed that overlooked the beach. Alex took the smaller bedroom that overlooked the street.

The pizza arrived and we ate on the patio just outside the living room. We watched the last of surfers call it a day as the sun set into the ocean.

"Isn't beautiful?" I observed.

"Yeah, it's too bad Dad couldn't see it. I know he was looking forward to this trip."

I smiled at my sensitive son. "Yes, your father loves us very much and sacrifices so much for us. We need to honor his gift to us by enjoying it."

A full moon had risen over the city and was reflecting off the ocean. I suggested that we go for a walk along the beach. Other couples were already on the beach walking hand in hand. We walked along the water's edge. The waves rushed in and out in a relaxing rhythm. We walked in silence just enjoying the comforting closeness of each other.

Looking up to the six-foot frame of my son I asked, "How come you quit dating?"

"I don't know I'm not very good around girls. I say the wrong thing or do the wrong thing. Every time I've tried to get close to a girl it's ended in catastrophe." His grin illuminated the darkness, "Besides none of the girls I know can compare to you, Mom."

I stopped and faced him. I reached up and pushed an errant hair from his face. Then I stroked his cheek and said, "Oh, Alex how I do love you."

We started back down the beach to the condo. A cool breeze came off the ocean. My nipples harden from the night air and the nearness of my son. Goose bumps rose on my arms and I vigorously rubbed them with my hands trying to chase them away. "I'm cold."

Alex put his arm around me. He brushed my breast as he pulled me closer feeling the hardness of my nipple. His warmth was like an aphrodisiac fueling my sexual desire. He slid his hand down to my hip and I slipped my arm around his waist in turn.

We had almost reached the condo. He snuck his hand from my hip to the cheek of my ass. Because I didn't protest the location of his hand, Alex palmed my tight ass like he would a basketball. We reached the light of the patio Alex quickly took his hand off of me. We went inside. Alex tried to hide it but I caught sight of his huge bulge straining against his zipper.

Before going up to my room to take a shower and go to bed I stood on my tip-toes and gave Alex a quick peck on the lips. I smiled at the surprised look on his face and said, "Good night Baby-boy."

Alex awoke before I did the next morning and went down to the local coffee shop for bangles and espresso. We ate on the patio watching the early morning surfers hanging ten before they had to get to work. Alex watched them scurry on the beach and in the waves for a bit. He said, "They look like penguins in their wetsuits."

Giggling in agreement I suggested we go grocery shopping before we hit the beach. The condo had no food and now seemed like a good time. I ran upstairs and hurriedly changed.

I had butterflies in my stomach like a school girl trying to impress the popular guy at school. I slid my white short-shorts up over my hips. I was just wearing a thong so the seam of the shorts immediately invaded my slit and the crease of my ass.

My boobs didn't require a bra so I slipped on a white blouse with material thin enough to reveal my dark areolas yet thick enough not to be pornographic. I put on roman wedge sandals whose leather straps wound around my calf to my knee. I pulled my long hair into a practical pony tail. I grinned wickedly at my reflection in the mirror pleased with my cock-teasing appearance. The wedge heels really caused my butt and boobs to stick out.

Alex lagged behind me pushing the shopping cart the whole time we were in the grocery store. I pretended to read the labels on cans while stealing sideways glances at my son. I grinned to myself as he lustily studied my sexy silhouette like he was memorizing it for an exam. I'd shake my head put the can back on the shelf then shake my ass down the aisle. I could hear Alex's sharp intake of breath over the squeak of the cart wheels each time I repeated the maneuver.

No longer able to hide his hard-on with the shopping cart in the check-out lane Alex's face flushed red. I reached up and patted his cheek letting my breast brush against his arm I said, "Alex, are you okay?"

"Yeah," he croaked.

He carried the plastic bags of groceries to conceal his excitement. I wiggled my ass in front of him across the parking lot. Once the groceries were inside the car I asked him to help me put the top of the convertible up. He fumbled with the latches while stealing glances down my top.

I had Alex drive to the condo. I scooted next to him on the seat and absently ran my fingers through the back of his hair. Goose bumps sprang up on his neck and down his arms making me smile.

After he pulled into the parking lot at the condo I leaned over to Alex. My breast rested on his arm. My nipple was so hard I could have tattooed my name into his bicep with it. I stuck my tongue into his ear then huffed with a breathy whisper, "I love you, Alex."

With ragged breath Alex gripped the steering wheel so hard his knuckles turned white. He closed his eyes just as tight and bit his lip to keep from moaning. His erection danced like a fire hose as he spurted cum into his trousers. Spent he groaned and dropped his head to the steering wheel.

"Bring the groceries in you, won't you Baby-boy?" I sauntered into the condo.

I heard Alex putting away the groceries downstairs in the kitchen while I slipped into my green bikini in my bedroom. I resisted the temptation to finger myself to my own orgasm. I stood bare-breasted before the mirror. I took a nipple between my forefinger and thumb and dialed it like a padlock. I hissed from the pleasurable pain.

"Well, Miranda. You sure are a naughty girl." I said to my reflection.

Reluctantly I tied up my top. I slipped a green half sarong around my hips and tied it. My pussy was damp with anticipation and the material of my swimsuit clung to it. The folds of my labia were clearly outlined. Instinctively I traced a finger up and down my slit.

I whispered, "That's where I want my Baby-boy to put his Big-man cock. When are you going to make your move Alex?"

He had changed into to board-shorts and was waiting for me with a beach blanket and towels when I came down the stairs. He whistled and then said, "You're one hot mama."

Laughingly I kissed his cheek and lead him out of the house down to the beach. We claimed our spot with our beach blanket. Alex rented a boogie board and we took turns playing in the surf with it. I soon tired and went back to our beach blanket. I lay on my belly and watched Alex skim the surf.

He had grown into a handsome young man. He looked solid and muscular without his shirt on. Alex joined me just as a pretty girl in a skimpy pink bikini meandered by and gave him a flirty hello. Alex mumbled a greeting.

"Pretty girl," I observed, "why don't you go talk to her?"

Alex shrugged, "I don't know what to say to her." He watched miserably as the girl continued her promenade down the beach.

I lay my head down on my arms and sighed. My husband was right my son needed confidence if he was going to make it in the world. I also knew he would have to make the first sexual advance to gain that confidence. I just didn't know how much more teasing I could do to Alex before I gave-in to my own lustful desires and made the move on him. That of course would be pleasurable but counterproductive.

We spent most of the day at the beach until our hunger drove us home. Alex grilled steaks on the patio while I fixed the rest of our supper in the kitchen. We were hungry so we ate with little fanfare like ravenous sailors. We decided to go miniature golfing after supper.

I was wearing a baby blue button down blouse I left the tail out and tied it just beneath my braless boobs. Of course my nipples hardened in the cool night air. My pleated white mini-skirt was extremely short and when I bent over my putter to tap the golf ball my panties were visible.

Alex was uncomfortable for most of the game. He each time his cock deflated enough for him to adjust it discreetly in his pants I would fawn over him or show him my cleavage.

"Goody!" I exclaimed and bent all the way over to retrieve my golf ball from the 18th hole.

I felt my skirt riding up. I looked up between my legs to make sure Alex was watching me. I was pleased that he was. I caught his eye with mine and smile impishly at him.

With the game finally over we got back in the car to leave. Alex opened the passenger side door for me. I touched his hand and said, "I had good time, Son."

"Me to Mom," He touched my cheek then his hand moved to behind my neck. Slowly he pulled my face to his, my lips to his. He had made his move.

"Take me home, Alex." I huffed breathless.

We arrived at the condo and hurried inside. Alex hadn't said a word and I tried to read his thoughts by the look on his face but couldn't. In the living room I stopped. I reached up and stroked Alex's face. "You okay, Baby-boy?"

"Yeah, are you mad at me, Mom?"

"Mad, no, for what? Kissing me?"

Silently he shook his head.

"Alex, in case you hadn't caught on I wanted you to kiss me. I've been slinging my ass at you all day. I love you and I want to make love to you Alex."

He kissed my again. His tongue penetrated my parted lips and probed for mine. His hand was squeezing my breast like it was ripe melon ready to be picked.

I broke our kiss and pushed Alex back to arm's length. I untied the tail of my shirt and unbuttoned it. I dropped it on the floor Alex's eyes were wide with excitement. I moved back into his arms and kissed him with passionate affection.

He kissed my lips, my cheek, my neck and my breasts. He took a nipple in his mouth and sucked on it until I threw my head back cried out in ecstasy.

Taking his hand I led Alex upstairs to the master bedroom. I kicked off my shoes and unzipped my mini-skirt it fell to the floor next to my shoes. I stood before my son in just my white panties which were soaked with my lust.

I began undressing him. I undid a button on his shirt and gave him kiss. I repeated the process, undo a button, kiss, he squeezed my butt in between kisses. I dropped to my knees and unsnapped his shorts. I looked up to his lust filled eyes at the look of disbelief on his face. Smiling wickedly at Alex, I unzipped his shorts and they fell to his feet. He stepped out of them.

His cock was huge and hard. He groaned as I kissed the head of it. Before I could take it my mouth Alex began to cum. He hissed as I pointed his spurting cock at my tits. Rope after rope of cum spewed all over them.

Alex staggered back spent and ashamed, "I'm sorry Mom. I'm sorry."

Popping up off the floor I kissed his cheek, "Don't be sorry, Baby-boy. I'm surprised you lasted as long as you did the way I've been teasing you. It's okay because when you get in my pussy you'll last a good long time."

I pushed him on to the bed pleased to see that his cock was still hard. I picked up Alex's shirt and wiped his cum from my breasts. I peeled my panties off and dropped them on Alex's face. I laughed as Alex picked them up, studied them and then inhaled my fragrance.

"I love you, Mom. You are so sexy."

Crawling on the bed I took his huge, hard cock in my mouth it was like sucking on the bottom end of a soda bottle. Alex jumped and moaned as I darted my tongue into his piss hole. I was rewarded with the salty remains of spent semen. I licked the entire shaft. It throbbed and twitched in response.

I straddle Alex's torso and fed his monster cock into my wet hungry hole. I gasped as his girth stretched the walls of my pussy. I impaled myself upon it. Soon I was fully seated on his cock. It was a tight fit. I was sure I could feel bl**d coursing through the big vein that ran the length of his shaft from inside my cunt.

" your cock...Baby-boy."

Alex reached up and caressed my breasts. Squeezing them and pinching my nipples. I cried out protesting the pleasurable pain. He grew more confident and slapped my ass demanding satisfaction.

I slowly slide up his shaft until his massive member almost fell out of me. I groaned. Then I slid down his cock until it was again fully engulfed in by my saturated snatch. I repeated the process picking up speed with each completed cycle. Soon I was bouncing up and down on my son's cock like a cowboy at a rodeo.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck," I hissed.

Diddling my clit I felt the pressure in my pussy begin to build. The faster I bounced the faster I diddled. Pinching my exposed clit while Alex pinched my nipples pushed the release valve of orgasm. I sat up right as my entire pelvic contracted. My pussy convulsed around Alex's cock.

I threw back my head and howled, "Al-lex." Red and white light shot across the over-pleasured sensors of my brain. My whole body trembled with tonic release.

My contacting clutching cunt was more than Alex could take. He gripped my hips and pushed me down on his cock while he pushed his pelvic upward. He shot his load of cum deep into my depths.


When he was fully spent he released his grasp on me. I fell across his chest. We both panted like we had just run a marathon. As my breath became more controlled I kissed his ear, small little love kisses.

"Mama, loves her Baby-boy," I whispered.

Alex finally softened and I slid off of him. Cuddling next to him I basked in our postcoital warmth. He immediately reached for my breast and squeezed it before gently dialing my nipple.

"I love you, Mom. I love you so much."

I lifted my head off of Alex's chest and rested it in my upturned hand. My elbow was crooked against the mattress. My son continued to caress my breast. I enjoyed the excitement he stoked inside me.

"Alex, you need to understand something. I love you but this is a one shot deal. I will make love to you the whole time we are in San Diego. Anywhere and any position you want to try. But after we leave it is not going to happen again."

He stopped playing with my breast. He looked hurt and confused. "Why?"

I leaned down and kissed him. "Alex, I love you. You are a great lover. You have given me great gratification. I look forward to enjoying the passionate pleasure we can give each other."

"I love you too, Mom. I want to make love again. I never felt such happiness, such pleasure."

Once again I kissed him. "You're going to college when we get back home. I love your father and I'm afraid if we try to continue this affair after we go back home it will destroy our marriage."

His eyes reflected mature understanding. "So this is just a summer fling for us?"

Smiling I kissed him again, "I hope its more than that. I know I'll look at our time in San Diego as special time. It will be something that will only be between you and me that I will always treasure."

Alex rolled over and mounted me. His cock was as hard and thick as tree branch. "I understand Mom. I love you."

Taking his cock in my hand I guided into my pussy. I kissed Alex. My tongue explored his mouth as he slowly glided his cock into my quaking quim. "Fuck me, Baby-boy. Fuck me hard."

Without further encouragement Alex began to pound my pussy to a pleasure pulp. Each stroke of his magnificent manhood marvelously nailed my ass to the mattress. His rapid fire thrusts made me huff with exhilarated ecstasy.

I slapped his ass and commanded, "harder, faster, Alex."

Again and again Alex rocketed his cock into me. I felt the wellspring of orgasm begin to build. I slid my hand down my trembling tummy to my super sensitive clit. I dwaddled it while Alex machine gunned my cunt.

He buried himself into clear to the hilt. I could feel his cum coating my cunt. Spurt after glorious spurt shot from his cock. His pubic bone pressed against my fingers pushing them hard against my clit.

"Fill Mommy's pussy with cum Baby."

I rolled my eyes threw back my head and screamed like an a****l. The most extreme orgasm ripped through my body. Red and white rockets burst like fireworks before fading to black as my over-sexed consciousness surrendered to the ultimate satisfaction.

Alex stirred me back to awareness with little kisses to my ear. He whispered, "Mom, are you alright? Did I hurt you?"

I smiled up weakly at him and patted his taut butt. "I'm fine. Never better. That was so intense. I love you, Alex."

"I love you too Mom."

We spent the rest of week laying on the beach and making love. My son left for college with the confidence of a sexual titan. It was a summer fling I would always warmly remember.

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