Chris was growing quickly for his age. His life was
full of the typical teenage adventures and problems, a
body that was flooded with hormones causing most of

The alarm had rung some time ago and his mom had yelled
for him to get moving twice. He stretched and rolled
out of bed, the virtually permanent erection of a
teenager bouncing and leading the way as he headed for
the bathroom to take his shower. He threw his clothes
on for school still half-asl**p. It had been a long
week last week with exams and playing ball. The next
couple weeks should be a breeze, he thought, school's
almost out for the summer. He planned to work on some
local farms and part time at a garden center.

He ran down the stairs and walked to the kitchen, still
rubbing the sl**p from his eyes. His mother stood at
the sink rinsing off a few dishes. Cereal sounded fine
this morning and Chris leaned forward around his mom
trying to reach for the cereal box in the cabinet above
her. With one hand opening the door and the other
reaching for the box he stumbled, unable to maintain
his already poor balance.

Jill Morgan was a Realtor with a large commercial
property oriented company. At 37 Jill was still very
young looking and considered a successful woman at
work. She had to go in early today and was already
dressed in her usual business suit, skirt and white
blouse. Her jacket was hung on a nearby chair. Jill's
week had not been a great one as there were seemingly
always problems to be dealt with. Her mind was already
working on some ideas that she had to correct a few of

As Chris reached one legged and one armed for the
cereal he fell against her. He grabbed for the counter
top and his youthful erection pressed firmly against
her rounded cheeks. Accident or not, each was acutely
conscious of the sexual nature of the contact. Jill
felt her face redden as she tried to move away.

"Dammit Chris!" Jill yelled.

Chris struggled to regain his balance and straighten
up. Throwing his shoulders back to move away he pressed
even harder against her.

"Jeez, sorry, mom, I was just trying to reach in and
grab the cereal." He braced himself for her angry

"Watch where you're putting that thing," Jill snapped.

She immediately blushed realizing what she had said and
was further embarrassed by the sharpness of her retort.
She saw the startled look on his face.

"I'm sorry baby, I just have a lot of things on my
mind. Next time just be sure you're a little more under
control when you reach for something Chris. Don't be in
such a hurry. You could have waited a minute or asked

She turned away but Chris saw her cheeks were flushed
with anger or embarrassment, which he wasn't sure.

"Ok mom, next time I'll watch it... and go slower" he

He was a little surprised at her sharp response but
even more so at his reply.

"Now why in the hell had he opened his big mouth and
said something so stupid," he thought. "He was only
going to make it worse."

His mom didn't respond, she only looked up at him out
of the corner of her eyes. He ate his breakfast quickly
and hurried out the door to school.

Jill finished rinsing the dishes. She could still feel
the impression of him against her derrière. She paused
and laughed at herself. It had been quite awhile since
she had experienced something like that, remembering
when her husband used to slip up behind her at the sink
and hug her, with a similar accompanying impression.

It seemed like all she had time to do was work.
Commercial property was male dominated and she was
struggling to find acceptance and succeed. Her ex-
husband, Thomas, was a lawyer and spent too much time
on his practice. Jill wondered if she had used that as
an excuse to spend so much time with her work. They
just seemed to pass in the night and that hadn't been
often enough to save their marriage. It wasn't always
like that. There were times she ached for those
intimate moments that they had. Like those little
moments at the sink.

Sighing to herself she considered, oh well, she always
had her big pillow. But it still didn't take the place
of, and her face flushed warm again as she remembered
Chris falling against her. She was shocked and chided
herself for the thought. Jill scolded herself for her
sharp words to Chris and remembered his brusque reply.
Oh well, he'll get over it.

Finishing the dishes and cleaning the table, she set
off for work.

Chris had never considered his mom in a sexual manner.
Well, he thought it was pretty cool checking out her
panties and bra in the clothes hamper once. Although he
had never really thought sexually about her before,
Pandora's box had been opened and now his interest was
piqued. At the end of the day, while walking home, he
was unable to remember a single thing that had
occurred; the whole day at school was a total blank.

He walked in the house and he didn't expect his mom for
a couple hours. They rarely ate before six and then
often ate carryout as her work left little time for

He threw his books on the bed and thought about what he
wanted to do. He slipped into his Mom's room and looked
around. Moving to her dresser he slid open the top
right drawer. He slipped his fingers over the smooth
nylon and cotton material of her panties. He held a
pair up and tried to picture his mom wearing them.
"Damn," he mumbled as his imagination pictured her, his
eyes closed, his mind slipped to the next logical and
provocative picture. Chris carefully laid the panties
back in the drawer and closed it.

He started to turn away, then opened several others. In
the top left one he found her vibrator in back behind
her hose and socks. He stared agape at the smooth life
like latex. Holding it in his hand, suddenly realizing
where it had been, the image of his mom with it burned
into his mind. He carefully laid it back in the drawer
and picked up a little bottle of lubricant. It had been
opened so he knew she had used it.

He closed the drawer. Pausing, he reopened the drawer
to remember exactly how everything lay.

His heart pounding, he went back to his room, quickly
undressed and went to the shower to relieve the
tremendous erection he now had.

Jill came home with some supper and they sat quietly
eating. She asked about school and his plans for the
summer. Chris watched her, his glances no longer the
same ones of the days before. He had never noticed the
smooth curve of her hips or the softness of her thighs
as her skirt rode higher when she sat at the table. He
had never noticed the bounce or shake of her ass before
as she walked across the room or stood at the sink
washing dishes. He gaped as she stretched and her
breasts pressed tightly against her blouse.

Later after their evening baths he could barely keep
his eyes from the impressions her nipples were making
through her robe and blatantly gazed as her robe fell
open for a moment and he could see them clearly
outlined through her old nightshirt.

That night he did something he would have never dreamed
of. With his eyes closed and his hand moving smoothly
over his hard aching cock, he thought of his Mom. The
thought of the feel of his cock against her that
morning. As he came in almost painful spurts, her image
raced through his mind..."

The following morning, even though Chris tortured
himself with thoughts of the previous night, he didn't
have the nerve to press against her again. Chris sat at
the table and watched his mom. Jill washed the plates
and cups, her skirt lightly swaying over her hips. Soon
he was wishing he had tried the cereal box routine
again this morning. He silently vowed that the next day
he would live up to what he had said, yet knowing he
would probably be too afraid to.

Jill had noticed that Chris hadn't eaten his usual bowl
of cereal this morning and only had toast and jelly.
The reason suddenly came to her.

She sat down across from him and looking over her
coffee asked with a tiny smirk, "No cereal this morning

He blushed, mumbling, "uh... no Mom not today," but
then seeing the look on her face he realized she was
chivying him. He looked her deliberately in the eye and
clenching his jaw added, "Tomorrow, maybe I'll have
some tomorrow."

It was Jill's turn to blush as she looked away. "Good
God, Jill" she said to herself, "what kind of a thought
is that. You're feeling neglected because your own son
didn't press his dick against the cheeks of your ass

She shook off such an image and shouted her good-byes
as she quickly rushed out of the house, glad that the
drive to work would keep her mind occupied.

Chris sat for awhile at the table. He finally grabbed
his books thinking he was going to be late and dashed
out the door.

It had been a frantic day at work for Jill and she was
tired. Her head was pounding and she carelessly bathed
and threw on her nightshirt and panties. It was still
early as she walked into the living room where Chris
was watching TV.

"Chris, my head is killing me and I'm going on to bed.
Don't stay up too late, you have school tomorrow."

She leaned down to kiss him on the forehead telling him
good night. She went to the bathroom and took a couple
cold PM capsules and went on to bed.

Chris was still holding his breath. His cock was
throbbing. His Mom had just carelessly walked in with
her old thin nightshirt and panties and no robe. As she
bent down to kiss him goodnight he even got a quick
glimpse of her pink nipples.

He would never have looked or even given second thought
before, but now he slipped up to the bathroom for his
shower. Once more he repeated the act of the previous
night, but this time there was no confusion as his hand
pounded back and forth over his hard cock and he
groaned a whisper as huge spurts of cum mixed with the
deluge of water... "Mom, mom, oh God mom..."

Wednesday morning dawned bright and sunny. Chris was
out of bed at the first sound of his alarm. He took a
quick shower, and started to dress. He struggled to
keep his morning erection in his boxers. He slipped his
sweat pants on and held his erection against his
abdomen with the elastic of his sweats. He pulled a
tee-shirt and sweat shirt over to hide it. With the
sweat pants holding him up the tip of his cock was
almost touching his navel.

He took a deep breath gathering his nerve for what he
was determined to do. He didn't want to change his
schedule too much or his mom would get suspicious,
besides if he were too early she wouldn't be at the
sink. He arrived in the kitchen at the precise moment
his mother rinsed the first cup.

He watched her carefully as he walked toward the sink,
waiting for her to turn around, but her thoughts were
at work.

This time Chris lined up directly behind Jill before
leaning forward. His aim was flawless. His hard cock
pressed between the smooth globes of his mother's
finely curved flesh. As he leaned forward allowing his
weight to press himself harder against her, he raised
to his toes reaching in the cabinet. The movement
mocked an age-old rhythm against her cheeks.

Jill gasped at the blatant contact. Her voice failed
her and she could only stand unmoving as he retrieved
his cereal and very slowly disengaged from his
obviously sexual thrust. The hard impression between
her cheeks burned into her even as he moved away.

Before she could recover her composure, he had moved to
the table and poured the cereal into his bowl. She
swung around to face him. Her lips opened for the
strong rebuke she was about to deliver then recalled
what she had previously said and his flippant reply.
Her own fault she thought, maybe I provoked it.

Jill was able only to bitingly reply, "Were you able to
reach everything today Chris?"

"Yeah, thanks, mom, I got everything."

"Yes, well, I hope you got what you wanted."

Jill was stunned by her comment, even with her sarcasm.
She had no idea why she had said anything that gave
accepting acknowledgment to his actions. Why hadn't she
just slapped him?

Chris couldn't believe she wasn't beating him or
screaming for what he had done and had even implied
that she was aware it wasn't an accident.

There was a cold silence, neither spoke and Chris
quickly left for school.

School was a worse drag than the day before had been.
He wondered how his mother would treat him during the
evening. He figured he was due to really be in some
trouble for this morning. He smiled to himself, knowing
he got even for her teasing and now whatever she did
about it, it had been worth it.

After Chris left for school, Jill had about thirty
minutes until she too had to leave for work. She moved
as though in a fog. She was having a difficult time
accepting the fact that her own son had made a sexual
advance to her. Even more trouble understanding why she
hadn't slapped him or grounded him. She had little
doubt that the first time on Monday had been an
accident, but there was no mistaking the episode today
for anything but what it was. Chris had deliberately
pressed his erection against her, even going so far as
pushing upward after the initial contact to increase
the sexual connotation of his movements.

Her first reaction was shock, astonishment at what
Chris was doing to her. For the next few seconds she
had been too involved in the feeling of it against her
to think of anything else. Finally she had to admit to
herself that the hardness pressing against her cheeks
was her sixteen-year-old son's cock, and it was no
accident. But her real concern was her immediate

She had been angry the first time, shocked, but then
taunted him to cover up her anger. Not expecting him to
really come back, this morning left her completely
unnerved. She sat with her coffee trying to calm
herself. Her face flushed with embarrassment and shame.
She had a warm ache in her hips, and her own son had
sparked the response. She could still feel the
impression, burning against her skin.

Afterwards, her knees had been weak, and rather than
finish the dishes, she had grabbed her coffee and sat
down at the table. It was her fault. She should have
ignored him, not tried to cover her own embarrassment
and anger with a c***dish taunt. What should she have
expected? But why, why would he do this to her?

"I'm fine," Jill thought. "I've had a hard couple of
days this week and it's just catching up to me." And
immediately the unbidden thought, "My God it was so
hard." She buried her face in her hands wondering why
in the hell she thought of that. Jill planned on
getting to bed early this weekend and getting lots of
sl**p. Sounded like a perfect weekend to put all this
to rest.

The phone rang; it was her best friend, Jane, begging
Jill to meet her after work and help pick out a new
dress for a party she was planning on attending. Jill
accepted immediately. It would mean she would be out
when Chris got home and he would be in his room for the
night by the time she got back from Jane’s. She wasn't
sure she could face him; she really didn't know how to
handle this morning's incident.

Chris too was relieved to find his mother gone for the
evening. He wasn't sure how to respond if she
challenged him on the incident during breakfast. But as
luck would have it, he saw a movie was going to be on
TV that he had been waiting to see. It started at 9:00
and went until 11:00. Without giving it another
thought, he stayed up to watch it. As the movie was
ending, his mother arrived home. Chris couldn't face
her and kept his eyes glued to the screen.

"Chris, you going to bed?" Jill asked.

"Yeah, about eleven thirty," Chris responded. He still
didn't face her.

Jill walked around the chair he was sitting in and
stood between him and the TV.

"I don't understand this little game you're playing in
the mornings young man." It wasn't exactly the words
she meant to say. Somehow they didn't come out right.
She had gone over it in her mind exactly how she was
going to scold him.

"I was just playin around mom, I'm sorry."

She studied him for a moment. Her voice dropped to
hushed tones. "You'd better watch what you are doing.
It's not a game and I'm sorry if I let you think for a
moment that it was."

For the first time he looked at her. "What?"

"You heard me. You had better think about what you are
doing carefully." Jill turned and went to her bedroom.

Chris tossed and turned until the wee hours thinking
over his mother's comments. But there was little doubt
in his mind he would do it again. It had become a game,
no; it had become more than a game. A test of wills and
he wanted to win, but wasn't even sure what it was that
he was going to win. He wasn't even sure he understood
her remarks. But she would have to stop him. It would
be her will against his.

Thursday, he again rose early and dressed. He was
anxious to get to the kitchen. He was hoping her little
talk would make her think he wouldn't try anything this
morning. Finally he went down the hall and entered the
kitchen. His mother was just leaving the table. She
stopped in the middle of the room.

"Good morning, honey, you're up early this morning,"
she said, with a slightly f***ed smile.

"I couldn't sl**p. I guess I was looking forward to
getting started today."

"Would you like me to get your cereal?" Jill asked.

"No, that's okay, mom. I can get it myself."

But Chris didn't move toward the cereal shelf. He stood
leaning against the doorway into the kitchen.

"Well, alright Chris; get the box you want."

Chris hesitated then stood rooted to the floor.

Jill continued to stand in the middle of the kitchen
waiting for Chris to get his cereal. Starting to feel
silly and foolish standing there and surprising
herself, she quietly carried her dish and cup from the
table to the counter. Leaning against the sink front,
she began running water into the sink. Her words last
night had ended this foolishness.

Chris walked to the table and stood by his chair. He
waited a couple minutes hoping she would think he
wasn't going to do anything. As she became distracted
with the dishes and the news on the radio he moved
toward the cabinets. As he walked by Chris found
himself directly behind his mom, her form bent over the
sink rinsing the cups. It took him another second to
make up his mind, to gather his nerve. Then throwing
caution to the wind he turned and stepped forward. The
very thought of what he was about to do and the fact
that his mother had gone to the sink when she could
have continued to wait him out in the middle of the
room, caused him to become even harder.

Chris leaned against his mother's fleshy rear-end. He
heard her gasp, a quick intake of breath, her hands
slapped against the sink as his rigid hardness pushed
between her cheeks. This time he knew she was aware he
was doing it on purpose rather than by accident and
could stop it if she wished.

As his hand reached the cereal box, he rode up and down
his mother's cheeks. Chris risked everything by moving
in a sensual motion between them. But he had gone too
far to be denied. Jill had stopped rinsing the dishes
and stood with her head tilted down almost in a stance
of submission. In fact for a moment, he thought he felt
her pressing back against him. He continued his sexual
advances against his mother for much longer than
previous incidents until he felt her tremble.

Finally sanity returning he grabbed the cereal box and
pulled away from the softness of her curved cheeks. He
heard her sigh and straighten up and after pausing,
Jill began to again rinse the dishes as she had in the
past. She didn't turn to look at him or speak to him.

He ate quickly in the ensuing silence. Finally he
finished. He put a finishing touch to the morning by
doing something he seldom had done since he became a
teenager. He walked to the sink and kissed his mother
on the cheek.

"Bye, mom, see you tonight."

He heard her gasp at his kiss and she turned her head
and looked him in the eye.

"Good-bye, Chris, We'll talk when you get home."

He couldn't read the look in her eyes, but it certainly
didn’t look encouraging. He knew he was in for it when
she got home that evening. He hoped that was all it was
going to be.

Jill was stunned by the morning's events. She was well
aware she could have waited until Chris got his cereal
before she moved to the sink. The seconds ticked by and
she felt incredibly silly standing there like that in
the middle of the kitchen. She didn't think. Surely he
wouldn't try that again. But by not waiting she had
opened herself up to the contact.

She tried to excuse her actions that she didn't have
time to wait, that she had to get the dishes rinsed and
get ready for work. But that didn't explain the sudden
nervousness, the weakness in her knees when she saw
Chris waiting by the door for her to go to the sink. It
didn't explain why she was moist at this very moment or
the warm ache in her hips. It also didn't explain the
well of tears filling her eyes.

The question she was afraid to ask herself was, what
she was going to do about her fifteen-year-old son
humping her every morning at breakfast. An unbidden
thought flashed through her mind chilling her...
mothers didn't do that with their sons.

All day she was in a confused state, making errors she
would never have made. Every time she sat down in her
office chair she thought she felt him pressing against
her. Tears filled the corners of her eyes, unsure if it
was her son's actions or her lack of response that
frustrated her so. By the time she drove into the
driveway at home she was able to think of nothing else.
She wasn't prepared for Chris arriving at the same
time, as a friend dropped him off at the end of the

Chris walked up to his mother and took hold of her door
just as she tried to step out of her car. His eyes fell
to her thighs as her skirt slid up. Her pantyhose were
sheer and her creamy thighs demanded his gaze. Jill was
unable to recover from her actions by lifting her other
leg quick enough to close herself, so for what seemed
to them both like minutes, but were in reality seconds,
she was open to his searching eyes. In the past he
would have turned away, but now he couldn't tear his
gaze from her displayed charms.

"If you like looking at my panties that much, when I
take them off I'll give them to you. Or were you
expecting a view of something else?" Jill said with
more than a touch of irritation in her voice.

"I'm sorry mom, I'm sorry, really I am, but I couldn't
help it, it's just... I don't know... you're not like a
mom, or other moms, I think you're beautiful. I just
can’t stop looking at you."

Jill was stunned. Of all the things Chris could have
said he had blurted out the one thing that could cool
her anger. He hadn't tried to lie out of it or come up
with a smart remark, but had told her exactly how he
felt. She had always taught him to tell the truth and
take your punishment.

Jill looked away as she whispered, "But, honey, are you
forgetting I'm your mother? What's been happening
lately isn't proper behavior between a mother and her

"Mom, you told me to be careful about what I'm doing.
That it's not a game. Well I'm sure of what I'm doing."

"Chris, I didn't really mean that. What you're thinking
just can't happen, honey, it just can't."

Jill suddenly realized that all during their talk she
had never closed her legs. God, it was no wonder he was
acting like he was. She stood up, pushed the car door
shut and fled toward the house. The situation had
gotten out of hand and her feelings were getting in the
way of her morals.

Friday morning Jill had an early meeting. She dressed
quickly and left before Chris was up. She was thankful
she had postponed another incident or confrontation
with her son. Tomorrow was Saturday; maybe she would
get a chance to cool down his raging hormones before
things got totally out of hand.

Chris ate his breakfast in silence and the whole day at
school he was edgy and hard to get along with. His best
friend called him a jerk. Chris of course didn't try to
explain. What could he say; "I'm mad because I didn't
get to push my dick against my mother's ass?"

Neither spoke during dinner that night. When he was
finished he went straight to his room. His mother had
put on a robe that reached from her ankles to her chin.
He wasn't likely to get any views of her anyway. He
went to bed looking forward to morning.

As Chris walked into the kitchen the next morning Jill
was sitting at the kitchen table drinking her coffee.
She shook with tension when Chris came through the

"You're up early for a Saturday," she said, really not
expecting him up for a couple more hours.

Her gaze flicked to his pajama bottoms looking for his
erection. Her mouth went dry, but her knees shifted.
"God," she thought, "I'm like a teenager, thinking
about sex when a male walks by." But she wasn't ready
for sex, well at least she shouldn't be, this was

Trying to break the mood Chris lamely spoke, "Hey mom,
schools out in a couple weeks. It's great. We'll be
done and "That... that... that's all folks." I'll be
getting up extra early in the morning to go to work at
the garden store and other days a little later to go
bale hay and straw. I won't be getting up at the same
time as you go to work."

Chris had stopped just inside the door. He glanced once
at the cereal cabinet but didn't bother to move in that

Jill was acutely aware of his actions and kept telling
herself she would not give him any opportunity to f***e
himself against her. If he thought she was going to get
his cereal for him, he had another thing coming. As he
leaned against the door frame she asked what his plans
were for the day and then gave some thought to her own

The phone jarred Jill out of her thoughts, and without
thinking she rose and went to answer it. The phone was
mounted on the cabinet end next to the window by the
sink. She stopped in front of the cabinet and pulled
the white receiver to her ear. It was Jane, anxious to
tell her about the party she was going to. Jill leaned
on the cabinet looking out the window as Jane cajoled
her trying to get her to join in.

Chris was surprised by the thin, filmy, gown his mother
was wearing. He knew she hadn't expected him up this
early. It was pale orange and her French style briefs
were plainly visible underneath, the gown fell just
below her hips. He couldn't see a bra strap. He was
instantly hard, incredibly hard. He stood, admiring her
beautiful back, her rounded hips and shapely legs.

Finally he slipped quietly forward to a position behind
her listening to her as she chatted away to Jane. The
soft curve between her cheeks was a shadow under the
gown and panties. He was still in his pajama bottoms.
His cock had grown to achingly large proportions and he
was fairly gasping for breath thinking about what he
was going to do. His heart pounding in his ears... his
throat catching, terrified, yet unable to stop.

He slipped up and positioned himself directly behind
his mom and only inches away. Forgetting all
consequences, he reached down and pulled his cock free
of his pajamas. Chris pushed himself downward and
thrust forward. His maddeningly hard cock easily
slipped between her legs pushing her filmy gown upward
and he suddenly found himself pressed tightly between
her thighs and resting against the thin material of her

"Ohhh, God Chris," Jill shrieked, "Ohhh, no... NO."

Chris had leaned against Jill and his head was close
enough to hear Jane on the phone.

"What's wrong, Jill? What's going on?" Jane asked.

"Ahh...ahh ohhh... Chris just spilled some hot stuff
all over the place. I have to go. I'll call you later
Jane, Bye," Jill cried out as she dropped the phone.

Chris pushed his hands around her waist until they met
under her breasts. He could feel the weight of them
resting on his wrists. His cock got harder. He leaned
forward a little more, trapping her against the
counter... burying himself even deeper between her

Jill squirmed, trying to get free of her son's grasp,
but only succeeded in creating a sensual motion between
them. She could feel his hardness pressing against her,
feel it throbbing, pressing upwards....

"Chris, no, no, honey, don't do this. You shouldn't
have your, your.... against me like that. I'm your
mother. Stop it... GODDAMMIT STOP IT CHRIS!"

Chris lowered himself slightly and then pushed inward
and upward against her, lifting her higher against the
counter, her toes just grazing the floor now.

"But mom, you said I had better be careful and watch
what I'm doing. And so I am. Remember?"

"Uhhhh," Jill grunted as Chris drove harder between her
thighs, rubbing across the slippery material of her

She felt her herself clench tightly... shivers of
warmth... her knees weakening...

"Chris honey, please... you shouldn't want your own
mother like this. Come on, please Chris, let me go, let
me down." She continued to struggle, but at even at
fifteen he was a lot bigger and stronger than she.

The struggling only increased the friction between
their bodies. As he again thrust between her thighs she
tried pulling up, leaning over the counter to scramble
away but only succeeded in allowing her thighs to open
further as she tried to move.

She had forgotten the position of his hands. As she
leaned forward his hands slid higher and suddenly he
had both hands on her breasts. They were equally
surprised. Her nipples pressed into his palms and the
thin material offering no protection for her, she may
as well have been naked. Chris quickly took advantage
of the accidental gift. He began kneading her breasts,
his thumbs tormenting her nipples. Jill squirmed harder
than before.

"Chris, quit. Let go of my... oh God stop it Chris,
quit feeling me like that."

Jill was gasping, her heart pounding... she could feel
his hardness burning between her thighs. As she
struggled trying to push up and away from the counter
the movements of his cock and her struggles had pushed
her panties to the side over the soft swells. She could
feel his bare hardness against her; feel him sliding
back and forth across her bare moist swells as he held
her... pressing upwards. Her nipples stiffened from the
touch of his fingertips. His hardness slipped between
the tender swells now slippery with the onset of her
body's betrayal.

Jill shrieked with desperation as she realized he was
actually going to slip inside her any second. She
shrieked again as she realized she was becoming wet for
him. She started to spin one way then reversed her
direction. The ploy worked and she was able to spin
around. But Jill realized her mistake when she found
herself face to face with her son and his rigid
hardness pressed again against her pussy. Chris too was
caught unaware.

It took him a moment to realize his good fortune. He
dipped slightly and thrust hard against her. Quickly
pushing and looking down Jill gasped as she actually
seen for the first time her son's cock.

As she looked up she stared... her face inches from
his... they both paused... Jill had stopped struggling
as the shock of the closeness registered. The feel of
the large warm hardness nestled against her pussy.
Before she could fully understand the forbidden action,
instincts betrayed her... responding as a woman. Her
eyes closed and she felt her hips lift and her pelvis
press downward against the hardness. For longer than
either of them would have believed, they paused, each
feeling their sexuality pressed tightly against the

While her body was saying yes, yes, Jill's mind was
screaming no, no. Finally she f***ed Chris back. The
shock of pausing face to face had caused him to relax
his hold around her. Jill slipped away and moved to the
middle of the room.

"Chris, Chris, my God, what are you doing, what are we
doing?" she wailed. "You have to stop this right now.
You act like you're trying to screw me. God dammit you
can't do this baby."

Chris had never heard his mother swear or cry before in

"But I do want to uhh... do it... with you... I love
you, you're the only one I have ever been able to talk
to or be myself around. I'm sorry."

He hung his head dejectedly. She stepped forward to hug
him in his misery but quickly stepped back as she felt
his still hard cock press against her thigh.

"Listen Chris, I love you too. I'm your mother, we're
supposed to love each other but not like a girlfriend-
boyfriend or a husband-wife love. As far as me
responding, women's bodies sometimes react to sexual
contacts that they don't really want. I'll admit it, I
felt flattered, felt good when you were against me.
After all you are very manly, strong and sexually well
endowed, any girl would have wanted to respond the
same. But the reality is I didn't want you to continue.
It was... started out... a game, just playing. I'm so
sorry it got out of control or you thought the wrong
thing. As for you wanting to...screw me, well, honey,
at your age boys want to screw anything with a pussy."

Jill laughed to try to take the sting out of the rebuke
and to lessen the tension between them.

"That's not true, mom, most of the girls in school
don't even interest me. And they don't act interested
in me either."

"Chris, that's not true. They are just being coy; they
don't want you to know. My baby is big and strong and

Jill felt a flush slip over her cheeks as the unbidden
thought of "really big" capered in her thoughts and she
severely chastened herself for the use of "well

"Chris, this thing has to stop. You can't go around
trying to have sex with your mother. Now why don't you
go to your room and cool off a little then come down
and I'll fix you a nice breakfast."

Chris went to his room and stretched out on the bed,
replaying in his mind the scene in the kitchen. True,
when he thought about it she claimed she didn't want to
do it, but he was sure that was her head talking not
her body. He had to get her thinking with her body. He
knew she had felt him, wanted it... remembered her
remark about well endowed. He smiled as he began to
think of what he could do. He would not give up.

As Chris left the kitchen, Jill sank into a chair at
the table. Her nipples were hard; pushing her thin gown
into little tents over her rounded breasts. Her thighs
were clenching, the swells of her pussy swollen with
desire. It had been so close she shuddered... if he had
gotten inside her... "Oh My God", Jill thought, "I
would never have been able to stop him. Had he f***ed
me just a little longer, he would have been inside me,
taken me. He would have ****d me, Chris would have
fucked me."

Her will was still stronger than his. What should she
do? She knew she couldn't just stop everything like
nothing had ever happened. Did she dare allow a little
sexual play to occur between herself and her son? She
wouldn't let him do anything to her of course, but
would a little playing really hurt anyone? Could she
control him if she set the rules ahead of time? She
loved him dearly and would love to give him pleasure.
She knew she was rationalizing, making it seem less a
violation, yet wanting desperately to keep him under
control even if it meant playing his game with him. She
would play her own little game. She would set the rules
and pick the time to keep him from getting so

Chris left the house early in the evening to go to a
show with some friends but in his usual fashion told
his mother he would be home by midnight. Jill sighed in
relief that he would be out of the house and she could
relax and be in bed before he returned.

At ten Jill took a steaming bath. She poured in a cap
of bath oil beads, some bubbles and slipped under the
hot water. She sighed, pushing away all the crazy
things that had been happening. Her hands caressed her
thighs, toying with the soft sensitive skin as her
fingers slipped higher. Humming softly as searching
fingers slipped between the warm swells, moving higher
to gently circle her clit. A glow of inner warmth
spread through her as her fingertips teased and toyed.
Her lips parted slightly as her fingers slipped lower,
sliding inside her then back up to gently circle her
clit. Her legs closed tightening her thighs against her
hand as Jill slipped her fingers back inside her. Her
hips slowly twisted as she dreamed a sensual encounter.

Jill's eyes opened. She shook her head pulling herself
from the tub wondering what was getting into her. She
toweled off, pulled on panties, a t-shirt and took a
couple PM headache capsules. She went to her bedroom
knowing tonight she would sl**p. Jill lay there, her
mind drifting back to the warm pleasure in the bath.
Her fingers once again drifted to touch her sensitive
lips, across her hips, her hand pushing inside her
panties searching. Her fingertips slipped deeply inside
her still moist pussy, aching to sate the growing fire
inside. Her eyes filling with lust, need, she glanced
at her dresser thinking to get her vibe, then rolling
to her side she slipped out of her panties and pulled
her pillow between her knees.

Jill's arms hugged it to her breast as her hips twisted
and rocked against her pillow. Her clit rubbed against
the soft warm material as she fantasized of being
taken, seized and ravished, willingly submitting
herself to the pleasure f***ed upon her. She squeezed
harder, a whimper escaping as her hips searched for
that moment of release. Jill pressed her clit harder
against the material, so close... closer... there...
there... as she came warmth flowed over her hips. Knees
clasped tightly to her pillow, sighing, slipping off to
sl**p... yet, the subtle ache of something... missing,
she hugged her pillow.

Chris slipped in and took a shower. He pulled his
pajama bottoms on and padded quietly into his room.
Surprisingly he didn't hear any noise in the house. He
thought his mom would still be up. He had thought a lot
at the movie and realized he had been a jerk and felt
really bad about it, it was just that when she was
there and he was achingly hard, he couldn't help
himself. He didn't want her to be mad at him and
thought maybe that was the reason for the silence.

Chris slipped off his bed, thinking she might be in her
room reading. He walked down the hall and pushed her
door open. He stood there agape. The soft dim light
from the hall caressed her skin, casting her bed in a
faint glow. She lay there on her side, her back to him,
her t-shirt on, knees pulled up. His eyes fixated on
the gentle curve of her bare hip tapering down
seemingly forever. The shadowed crevice between her
cheeks disappeared in darkness between her thighs. He
didn't know how long he had stood there holding his
breath. His heart was pounding in his chest.

Chris stepped into the room slightly closing the door
behind him, waiting for his eyes to adjust to the
dimness. He silently stepped over to his mom's sl**ping
figure hugging her pillow. He watched quietly, never
realizing just how beautiful she looked to him. His
hand reached out trembling. His eyes watched her for
the slightest movement, his ears listening for the
slightest change in her breathing. Fingertips touching
the curve of her hip he paused, then gently caressed.

The softness of her skin, Chris caressed her cheeks his
bl**d pounding in his ears. Fingertips inexorably
searched, closer as he closed his eyes trying to calm
his nerves. He slipped his hand over the curve of her
rounded cheeks, his fingertips touching soft curls.
Chris couldn't believe he was actually touching her.
Pausing, moving ever so slowly he pressed them deeper
moving them forward over the soft swells. Her thighs
were warm against the sides of his hand. Pausing again
to watch for her stirring he slipped his fingers
between the warm folds. Ever so slowly moving them back
and forth, holding his breath he watched her.

Chris slowly softly continued to caress the warm swells
of her pussy and so slowly, he felt a moistness dampen
his fingertips, the folds of her pussy clinging to his
fingers… and now, the moistness easing his way,
becoming slippery.

He slowly, carefully slipped them deeper inside her.
Chris froze. He watched his mom hug her pillow tighter,
then press her face deeper into the warm soft material.
Then ever so slowly he resumed his quest.

Gripping his nerves he pressed his fingers deeper and
felt them slide inside her. Her warmth, wetness, the
feeling was incredible. Pausing Chris slowly pulled
back. He was trembling wondering what he would do if
she awoke, yet, he slipped his fingers back inside her
deeper as the soft curls pressed against his palm. So
very slowly, smoothly, slowly repeating the rhythm his
fingers could feel her becoming wetter; he felt her
squeeze on them. Her hips pressed slightly backwards.

Chris felt dizzy with excitement.

He knew what he wanted to do, had to do. He stepped
back catching his breath, slowing his wildly pounding
heart. Returning to her side, hesitating to see if she
still slept, he reached down and caressed her skin.
Sliding his hand down over the rounded curve, he spread
his fingers holding the soft warm skin of her thighs
apart. Pushing deeper he watched as the pouting lips
opened wider, clinging to his fingers, enclosing them.
As he pressed deeper opening her much further, testing
her he stopped as he heard him Mom lightly gasp.
Watching her, Chris almost groaned in relief as he
realized she was still asl**p. She was dreaming. Her
hips pressed back and feeling her move he pushed

Chris watched as his mom hugged her pillow tighter,
clinging to it. Her hips slowly moving to a distant
pleasure, a distant love as she dreamed. He heard her
breathing quicken, holding quietly still as she turned
to her back, her legs splayed. He knew she would awaken
soon if not already. She was hugging her pillow tightly
to her breasts, soft moans breathing over her lips.
Chris pushed the elastic over his erect cock and let
his pajama bottoms slip to the floor.

Reaching up he gently took his Mom's hand and pulled it
to the side of the bed, pressing his dick into her
palm. He paused, waited for what seemed an eternity as
her fingers closed around his hardness. Her hand slowly
moved as his hand slowly caressed the swells of her
pussy to the lift of her hips. He watched in
pleasurable agony as Jill moved her hand over his cock,
slipping to the tip, then downward pulling the skin
tight... suddenly stopping... so still. His heart
stopping as his mom pulled the pillow away.

Jill moaned, "Oh GOD, Chris, NOOOOO.... oh God
nooooooo what are you doing," she wailed.

She tried to sit up and turn over but Chris held her
down, his fingers searching and circling her clit,
teasing, torturing. Jill tried to sit up just to
collapse back on the sheets. Her breath came in ragged
gasps, sobbing, then moaning.

Chris could feel her hips lifting and her thighs
tightening. he knew she wanted it. Knew that she
wouldn't stop if he held her, that she couldn't stop.
He glanced back to see her arms hugging her pillow
tightly. Chris bent down and ran the tip of his tongue
over her clit, smiling as he heard her gasp of
pleasure. Chris felt her hand on his thigh moving.
Looking down as her fingers closed over his cock, the
tip glistening from wetness. Then, her hand, moving...
faster. He bent back down to pull her clit between his
lips as her hips thrust against the fingers now pushing
quickly inside her.

He knew he couldn't hold off much longer. He tried to
move, wanting inside her, to get over her but Jill held
on to him tightly. Chris looked back at her. Jill was
watching him. Her lips were parted with passion and

Her hoarse whisper, "No baby, this way... only this
way..." as her hand slid faster pulling on him tighter.

Chris turned and leaning down pulled her clit between
his lips again. His tongue traced little circles around
the stiffening warmth as Jill's hips lifted, her moans
louder. He could feel her stomach muscles tighten,
heard her whisper becoming a moan.

"Oh God... oh God... there... oh there... it's
cumming... now... oh now... Ohhhhhhhhhh Goooddddddd
nowwwwwwwwww... Cccummmmmmiinnnnnggggg..."

He felt her shudder as her thighs clenched tightly. Her
knees pulled up pushing him away. Jill laid there, her
breasts heaving, out of breath. She turned back over
looking at Chris still standing there.

"Come here baby, you still need to cum don't you?"

Jill began a slow movement of her hand up and down.
Pausing at the top to tickle and caress the sensitive
ridge around the head. Chris groaned; his eyes locked
on to the exotic sight. Then she squeezed him tightly
and slid down the shaft. Back and forth cupping him
with her free hand and her hand now slippery she began
rapid strokes up and down. She stared, disbelieving,
thinking to herself, "My God... I didn't realize... how
big, my Chris."

Chris thrust his hips forward as the speed of Jill's
hands increased. She stared at the purple head
disappearing and emerging from the top of her hand. She
heard Chris's moan, felt it grow in her hand and knew.
Jill quickly leaned forward touching the tip with her
warm lips as his warm cum spurt against them, slipping
down her cheek to her arm and against her breast. Then,
it was over.

Jill sat there at the edge of the bed. They had crossed
the line, she blamed herself, and she should have seen
it coming, stopped it. "But my God I needed that so
bad", she thought.

She looked up at Chris, smiled, and patted him on the
thigh, "Go to bed honey, this was once in a lifetime,
not again... OK? No more."

As he left and she walked to the bathroom tasting him
on her lips, wondering, how she would stop him. She had
held him off, kept him from getting inside her. Yet,
would she be able to the next time he tried? Did she
want to...

Later she smiled to herself as she heard her son being
sick in the bathroom. He had just found out that the
real thing was a lot more shattering than the fantasy.
It was one thing to dream of having a sexual liaison
with your mother; it was a lot different when it really
happened. She wondered how he would feel if she let him
have her. Jill closed her eyes. Tomorrow, another day.
She knew he would try again when he recovered, and she
would fight it, wondering who she was fighting, and if
she would win.


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