b*****r AND s****r


Allan Meyers had just arrived home from the local community college that afternoon. When he entered his home he heard voices coming from the kitchen. He assumed that his 18 year old s****r had brought a friend home with her. His s****r Bonnie attended a private high school and sometimes she would have a girlfriend over after school. There was also the smell of popcorn coming from the kitchen. Allan heard the voices again but this time they sounded like male voices. Bonnie was not supposed to have boys in the house when she was home alone. Their parents were very strict about that.

He decided to check on Bonnie and see who was with her. Nothing could have ever prepared him for what he was about to see. Allan walked toward the kitchen and he distinctly heard a male voice say, "Oh man, this is some ass." Another voice then said, "Didn't I tell you."

Allan wondered to himself, "What the hell is going on?"

He peeked into the kitchen and saw the most incredible sight in his life. Bonnie was leaning over the kitchen table resting on her arms. She was still dressed in her school uniform; blue jacket with the school monogram, white blouse, red string tie, plaid skirt, white knee high socks and saddle shoes. Her uniform skirt was thrown up over her back and her white cotton panties were down around her knees. Allan stared at his s****r's beautiful round ass and luscious thighs. He had never seen her naked before but he knew that she had a shapely ass.

Standing on either side of Bonnie were two boys also in their school uniforms. Allan recognized them from the school and he knew that both boys were also 18 years old. Tim and Steve were classmates of Bonnie's and Bonnie had been dating Tim lately. Allan watched as both boys caressed Bonnie's curvy ass and complimented her about it. Tim reached for something on the kitchen table and Allan saw the butter dish next the bowl of freshly popped popcorn. Tim scooped up some butter on his finger and then placed it on Bonnie's anus.

Allan watched in disbelief as Tim fingered Bonnie's asshole and probed it gently with his finger. Tim then invited Steve to do the same thing. Steve scooped some butter and he too fingered Bonnie's asshole. The two boys continued adding more butter to Bonnie's anus and alternated fingering her bung hole. This went on for several minutes before Tim said, "Bonnie, I have to fuck your ass. I can't wait any longer."

"Oh gooood," Bonnie cooed.

Tim took off his uniform jacket and placed it on a kitchen chair. Next he unzipped his pants and pushed them along with his underwear down to his knees. His cock was hard and ready as he stepped up behind Bonnie and positioned his cock at the entrance to her hot looking ass. He pressed forward and her anus opened up to receive the stiff shaft. Bonnie moaned as Tim slowly entered her and then began to move in and out of her bottom. Allan though it was the most erotic thing that he had ever seen. Alan had seen plenty of porn but nothing compared to seeing it in person.

Tim was very excited and he didn't last long. "Here it comes Bonnie. Get ready, I'm going to cum in your ass," Tim announced.

A few more thrusts and then Tim pressed forward and held still as he ejaculated into Bonnie's rectum. "Oh yes, I feel it," Bonnie cried out.

Allan then noticed that Steve had his pants and underwear down around his knees with his sizeable cock in his hand. Allan thought that he and Steve were about the same size, a little over 7" but Allan's cock was thicker. Allan then realized that he too was rock hard in his pants. Steve took Tim's place behind Bonnie and fucked her in the ass until he came.

Allan watched as Bonnie pulled up her panties trapping the semen in her bottom. "Let's go up to my room. I need you guys to take care of my pussy," Bonnie told the boys with a giggle.

Allan ducked out of sight and waited until the three students went upstairs to Bonnie's bedroom. He was still in disbelief about what he had witnessed. He couldn't get over that he had just watched his sluty s****r get fucked in the ass by two boys. Normally Allan wouldn't be home at that time but one of his professors had taken ill at the last minute and he was home three hours earlier than normal. He knew that Bonnie thought that she had another two hours before her b*****r would be home. Allan tip toed up the stirs and made his way to his s****r's bedroom. They had left the door open and when Allan peeked in he saw all the clothes piled in a chair. Bonnie and the two boys were naked in her bed.

Tim was between Bonnie's legs with his cock buried in her pussy. Steve knelt by Bonnie's head which was turned so she could suck his cock. Allan watched the display of sex before him and rubbed his own stiff cock in his pants. Tim fucked Bonnie until he ejaculated in her pussy and she sucked Steve until he came in her mouth. Bonnie then told them she wanted a cock in her pussy and a cock in her ass. A mortified Allan watched as his s****r mounted Steve's cock taking it in her pussy and then Tim filled her ass from behind.

It was an incredible sight for Allan to see his s****r take on two cocks in her pussy and her ass at the same time. Allan knew that if there was a third cock present, his s****r would gladly take it in her mouth. For a brief moment Allan even thought about walking into the bedroom and sticking his dick in his s****r's mouth but then he quickly dismissed the thought. However now that he knew his s****r liked to suck cock and take it in the ass, he felt there was no reason that he shouldn't take advantage of the situation. He would never think of fucking her pussy but her mouth and ass was another matter.

Allan walked away from his vantage point and went back downstairs. He decided to leave the house and come back at the time he was expected. The image of his s****r naked in bed was etched in his mind. She was beautiful with medium size firm breasts, a flat belly, lovely legs and a marvelous round ass. At 5'6" and 120 pounds, Bonnie's 34-22-35 figure suited her very well. As Allan waited until it was time to go home, he thought about how he would approach his s****r. He definitely was going to get some of that super fine piece of ass. He would definitely tell her what he witnessed in hopes that she would willingly give up her ass to him.


It was Friday afternoon and Bonnie was in her last class of the day. She had to use the bathroom so she got permission from her teacher Mr. Ingles to go to the girl's restroom. Bonnie left the classroom and headed for the bathroom down the hall. On her way she ran into Tim who was serving as a hall monitor that period and his friend Steve. Bonnie greeted then quickly and then went into the girl's bathroom. She secretly hoped that they would join her in the girl's room.

Remembering the last time the three of them had sex together, Steve said, "Let's fuck her again now, both of us," and added as he stroked his cock through his pants, "I go a hard-on thinking about the last time."

"We can't do that not in school," Tim replied although the idea of it was a turn on.

"Sure we can. We can fuck Bonnie in the girl's room no one else will be in there," Steve pressed.

"Okay let's check her out but if she says no, its no," Tim agreed.

While the two boys were discussing her fate Bonnie was sitting on the toilet with her plaid uniform skirt up around her waist and her panties down around her ankles. She was fingering her pussy and she had her eyes closed thinking about Tim's dick in her ass and Steve's mouth fastened to her pussy. Bonnie never heard Tim and Steve enter the bathroom. The two boys looked for under each stall and spotted her with her panties down around her ankles. Steve tested the stall door but it was locked from the inside. Tim entered the adjacent stall, stood on the toilet and peeked over the top.

He saw Bonnie finger fucking her pussy. She still had her eyes closed and she never saw Tim watching her. Tim decided at that moment to go for it. He climbed over the stall divider and dropped into Bonnie's stall. She spotted him just as he climbed over the top.

"Tim, what the hell are you doing? Get out of here immediately!" Bonnie said to him in a hushed voice but then she giggled.

"Bonnie let me do that for you," Tim said as he reached for her pussy.

Bonnie was actually excited by Tim's boldness and she let him touch her pussy. Tim pulled her panties off her ankles so that he could spread her legs wider and then he licked her pussy with one swipe of his tongue. Bonnie was hooked now.

"Oh yes eat me. You do that so well," Bonnie sighed.

Tim stood up and opened the stall door and Bonnie spotted Steve standing outside.

"Bonnie we both want to fuck you," Tim said as he unbuckled his belt, unfastened his pants and pushed then with his underwear to his ankles.

Bonnie looked at Tim' hard cock and she remembered how good it felt in her pussy and ass. Then Bonnie looked at Steve who had lowered his pants and stood there with his erection pointing out. Steve was a little bigger than Tim which Bonnie liked the last time they fucked. Bonnie seeing the two hard cocks then decided to go along with the boys and she took charge of the situation.

Bonnie had Tim sit on the toilet and prepare her ass for his cock. She handed him the hand lotion from her purse and told him to lube her ass and his cock. When she was ready she sat back on Tim's cock and let him slowly enter her ass. Bonnie moved up and down a few times and got comfortable with Tim's cock in her ass. Bonnie then told Steve to fuck her pussy. She leaned back into Tim making it easier for Steve to get his cock into her pussy. Then the three of them established a rhythm as they raced toward their own orgasms.

She felt so wicked and so erotic as if she were high on a sexual d**g. She was in heaven, just pure heaven. Slowly and surely, Tim held Bonnie's waist and pushed in and out, each time going in a little further until his penis was deep inside Bonnie's bottom. His pubic hairs brushed against her shapely bottom as it filled her asshole. No sounds were audible from Bonnie as she held her breath with the two big cocks implanted deeply within her. Steve and Tim moved steadfastly and surely up and down, in and out, back and forth. They held to her hips and waist to keep her in place and to allow their cocks grind away. She was pushing hard up onto Steve as he pounded her cunt and she tried to hold herself firmly so that she could get the full benefit of Tim's ass fucking.

"Bonnie, do you want it deeper up your ass?" Tim asked her.

"Yes, yes, deeper, fuck me up my ass deeper," she screamed.

The young men were controlling their movements very well but Bonnie was out of control as she raced toward a shattering orgasm. Tim and Steve were determined to go on and on, enjoying their classmate who was now at their mercy.

"Harder, harder, please just fuck me harder," she was screaming now as two boys just smiled and carried on their rhythmic fucking of her hot young body.

"This is it, Bonnie just what you wanted. Two cocks inside you at once, two hard cocks fucking you at once. What's it like, Bonnie, is it good? Go on Bonnie, fuck us, fuck two cocks at once, Bonnie, feel our hot spunk spurt into your body," Steve chided.

Bonnie knew that they wouldn't stop until they had shot two loads of cum inside her. It didn't matter though, it wasn't about them now; it was about her. She got those squirmy feelings in her belly again and she knew she was on course for another wonderful orgasm. The two boys were humping her body up and down onto their cocks that were hitting her holes with such f***e. Bonnie had never been so erotically charged with two mighty cocks deep in her body as they fucked in the school bathroom.

"Get ready Bonnie, we're going to cum inside you," Steve said.

Bonnie had lost all control over her actions. The boy's actions were such that Bonnie knew that this time they would truly not stop until they had ejaculated and she received their powerful loads gushing into her. Tim suddenly stopped thrusting into Bonnie's bottom and held onto her tightly. She could feel a warm sensation inside her ass and she realized that the first ejaculation was being fired into her. Steve grunted and almost stopped completely as he held Bonnie's body firmly. A few more short strokes and he pushed up into her body groaning as his spunk gushed into her cunt. She could feel the liquids spurt up into her pussy and her ass and then the two cocks rested within her.

Bonnie had cum multiple times while she was double fucked and it had been a lot better than masturbating. The three teenagers uncoupled and the two boys dressed quickly pulling up their pants and tucking in their shirts. Bonnie used toilet paper to wipe the semen from her pussy and ass the best she could. Tim and Steve left quickly so as not to be caught in the girl's room. Steve pocketed Bonnie's panties before he left the bathroom.

Bonnie tidied herself up and then looked around for her panties. She couldn't find them and she was sure that either Tim or Steve had taken them. She had no choice but to return to class with out her panties. Bonnie checked her watch and gasped. She had been gone for almost 30 minutes. She quickly returned to class with 15 minutes remaining and apologized to Mr. Ingles. For the remainder of the class Bonnie held her skirt down tightly as to not reveal that she was panty less. However her condition did not go unnoticed by Ingles and he made a mental note to discuss it with the headmaster.


Allan was sitting on the f****y room sofa with his feet up on the coffee table and reading a book when Bonnie arrived home. She quickly greeted her b*****r and then she darted up the stairs to her bedroom. She wanted to change as quickly as she could and not be detected without panties. Allan had stood up when she seemed in a hurry and he caught a glimpse of her lovely legs and cheeky buttocks as she ran up the stairs.

"Jesus, no panties, what the hell was she up to today?" Allan wondered and then he decided to find out.

Allan walked up the stairs toward his s****r's bedroom. Bonnie had laid out her school uniform on the bed and she had gone into the bathroom to shower. Allan thought that there was no time like the present. Their parents wouldn't be home from work for hours. He stripped off his clothes and joined his s****r in the shower.

"Allan, what are you doing?" a startled Bonnie cried out covering her tits with her hands.

"Relax s*s, I saw you with Tim and Steve the other day. I have been thinking about your hot ass ever since," Allan told her.

Bonnie knew she was busted but still it was her b*****r. She looked at Allan's cock and saw that he was erect. She liked what she saw as he looked to be about the same size as Steve, maybe a smidge bigger. She smiled, dropped her hands revealing her cute tits and took her b*****r's cock in her hand

Allan then washed Bonnie's body and paid particular attention to his s****r's ass. Allan stood behind Bonnie and washed her tits and abs. Then Allan's hands made their way down to Bonnie's ass. Allan cupped the luscious buttocks in his hands as he soaped up Bonnie's ass. Then he fingered Bonnie's asshole and soaped up his own cock. Bonnie leaned forward slightly placing her hands on the shower wall and arched her back so that her ass pushed back toward Allan. Allan eased his cock into Bonnie's soapy asshole as he held onto Bonnie's hips.

Bonnie groaned seductively as the big dick entered her asshole. Allan fucked her slowly and watched his cock slide in and out of Bonnie's shapely ass. Allan was so turned on that he felt his orgasm building quicker then he planned. There was no stopping him and his balls tightened as he unloaded in Bonnie's ass. Allan held onto to Bonnie's hips and drove his cock deep into Bonnie's asshole. Bonnie felt the molten sperm fill her rectum to overflowing and instinctively used her sphincter muscle to milk Allan's cock.

"Oh Allan I feel it! I feel you cumming in me. It feels so good keep fucking me," Bonnie blurted.

Allan stayed hard and kept fucking Bonnie. Allan could feel his own semen surround his cock as he continued to fuck Bonnie's ass. Allan sensed that he would stay hard and he was pleased that he could continue to fuck Bonnie's ass. Bonnie realized that Allan would fuck her until he ejaculated again and Bonnie began to stroke her pussy. Bonnie wanted Allan to finger her pussy while he fucked her ass.

"Allan, play with me. Play with my pussy. Stroke it for me, stroke my clit," Bonnie begged.

Allan honored Bonnie's request. He fingered his s****r's pussy as he fucked her ass. Allan lasted much longer this time but he still felt a huge orgasm building in his balls. Just as Allan came in Bonnie's ass a second time, Bonnie screamed that she was cumming. Allan stroked Bonnie quicker and he felt her juices coat the fingers buried in her pussy. Allan actually liked seeing Bonnie cum and watching her body spasm.

Allan and Bonnie let the shower water cascade over their bodies and cleanse them of all semen. Then they dried off and walked naked back into Bonnie's bedroom. Bonnie picked up her school clothes off the bed and placed them on the chair. Bonnie then lay face down on the bed as Allan stood there and looked at Bonnie's bubble butt sticking up naturally from the rest of her body.

Allan retrieved the lotion and then straddled Bonnie's body. Allan sat on Bonnie's legs just below Bonnie's buttocks and rested his soft cock in the crack of Bonnie's ass. Allan massaged each of Bonnie's buttocks relishing in the feel of the round firm globes. Allan felt his cock begin to harden again and within a few minutes of rubbing Bonnie's ass Allan was erect again. Allan's huge hard cock was nestled in the crack of Bonnie's ass and Allan slid his cock within the fold of Bonnie's buttocks.

Bonnie felt Allan's cock harden again and he said, "You like my ass don't you Allan?"

"I love your ass. I love fucking you in your perfectly shaped ass," Allan replied and remarked, "I can see why Steve and Tim love your ass."

"Are you going to fuck me again today?" Bonnie asked in a sultry voice.

"I will. You got me hard again so I might as well fuck your hot ass one more time," Allan answered.

Allan smoothed the body lotion all over his cock and then he poured some of it in the crack of Bonnie's ass. Allan then fingered Bonnie's asshole making sure that it was well lubed for another round of butt fucking. Satisfied that Bonnie was sufficiently lubricated, Allan eased his cock into his s****r's hot ass again. Bonnie pushed her buns up to meet Allan's penetration and the cock slid in easily. Bonnie groaned as the thick shaft filled her anal passage again. Allan fucked Bonnie until he came again in Bonnie's ass and then Allan collapsed on top of Bonnie. The two of them remained in the same position for several minutes before they separated. Allan rolled off of Bonnie and lay on his back beside his pretty s****r.

"Now tell me, what's the deal with you not wearing panties?"

Bonnie giggled and then she told Allan about the encounter with Steve and Tim in the girl's bathroom at school. He was astonished with his s****r's account of the episode and he admired her risk taking. They chatted for several minutes and they made a pact that they would continue to have sex with each other whenever they were in the mood. Bonnie made Allan promise to fuck her pussy too even though he had his mind set on anal and oral sex. Allan and Bonnie then got dressed and went downstairs before their parents got home from work.


Over dinner that evening the parents announced their plans to play in a couples golf outing on Saturday and they would be gone most of the day since dinner followed the outing. Allan and Bonnie could hardly conceal their excitement. That Friday night they both cancelled their evening plans in the interest of saving themselves for Saturday. They both had a difficult time falling asl**p that night due to their anticipation.

As soon as his parents pulled out of the driveway Saturday morning, Allan made a bee line for his s****r's bedroom. Bonnie was naked when he looked in on her so Allan stripped off his clothes and crawled in bed with his s****r. He moved between her legs and put his mouth right on her pussy. Bonnie gasped when she felt her b*****r's mouth cover her vulva and almost screamed out when his tongue penetrated her pussy. Bonnie was overcome by the sensation.

Bonnie shivered and trembled under her b*****r's hands and kisses. Then she cried out when Allan first swiped her pussy with his tongue. Allan lifted her legs up to his shoulders as he covered her pussy with his mouth. Allan could the feel the firmness in Bonnie's thighs and firm quads. She clamped her legs tightly around her b*****r's neck as he delved in to her inner depths. Allan located her erect clit and sucked it into his mouth emitting an audible gasp from her. Allan then reached under her and grabbed a hold of her curvy buttocks. Allan loved the firmness of his s****r's muscular ass cheeks as she tightened them. Bonnie was really hot and she humped her b*****r's face as he sucked on her clit. She started to cum and Allan held her thrashing body tight against his mouth. His hands dug into her firm ass flesh as she went wild with her first orgasm of the day.

"Oh, oh, oh God, her it cums," she screamed as her orgasm rocked her body.

Allan held his s****r tight and sucked every drop of female love juice from her pussy. Bonnie writhed and gasped all throughout her intense orgasm until finally her climax subsided and her body calmed. Allan licked her tenderly until she couldn't take any more and she gently pushed her b*****r's head away from her pussy. There was no doubt now as they had become lovers.

"Wow that was incredible Allan. No one has ever eaten my pussy like that before!" she sighed.

Bonnie leaned over and took her b*****r's cock in her mouth gently nibbling on the cock head. Allan was pleased by his s****r's action as she had obviously done this before. Allan fondled her tits as she sucked him deeper in her mouth. Bonnie took her mouth off of his cock long enough to tell her b*****r that he had a beautiful cock and then she sucked it back into her mouth. Bonnie sucked her b*****r for awhile longer until she was hot again.

"I am really hot. I need your cock in me Allan," she gasped.

Bonnie lay back in bed and spread her legs as she beckoned her b*****r to come to her with her arms open. Allan knelt between her thighs and slipped his cock into her pussy. Bonnie closed her eyes and sighed as her b*****r's rock hard cock entered her. Allan began to fuck her slowly as his cock settled into her snug pussy.

"You feel good in me. I like your big cock in my pussy," she told him.

Allan's cock was all the way in now and Bonnie wrapped her muscular legs around his lower torso. They picked up the pace as they fucked and Allan soon found himself pounding Bonnie's pussy. She pulled her b*****r into her with her strong legs as he fucked her and they both raced toward their climax. Allan could feel his orgasm building in his balls and he knew it would be a big one. One more thrust and Allan's body tightened as he emptied his balls into his s****r's pussy. Bonnie felt the surge of his semen flood her pussy and she fucked even faster in search of her own climax. Bonnie made sure that her clit stayed in contact with her b*****r's shaft as she raced toward her orgasm.

Bonnie stiffened and cried out that she was cumming as her legs clamped tightly around her b*****r's body. Her pussy involuntarily squeezed his cock. Allan could feel the vaginal muscles clench and release his cock over and over again until his s****r finally went limp under him. They were both sweating from the intense fuck session when Allan rolled to his side allowing his softening cock to slip from his s****r's cunt. Bonnie just lay on her back looking up at the ceiling and breathing shallowly.

"Allan you are a good lover. That was a great fuck," Bonnie sighed.

"I would say that you are very good yourself," Allan replied softly.

Bonnie snuggled into her b*****r and he put his arm around her. He stroked her firm tits and teased her rock hard nipples as they lay together. They didn't say much as they lay together but Bonnie began to stroke her b*****r's cock and held it lovingly in her hand. Allan started to harden again and she smiled at his response to her fondling. Bonnie slid down her b*****r's body and took his cock into her mouth again. Allan moved his s****r's hips over his face so that he could lick her pussy and they settled into a comfortable 69 position, a favorite of Bonnie's. He caressed Bonnie's incredible ass and teased her nether hole as they ate each other. Allan moistened his s****r's asshole with her own pussy juice and his saliva before pushing his finger into her ass. Bonnie accepted the finger in her ass and they ate each other until they both came again and then returned to a side by side position.

Allan got Bonnie out of bed to shower with him wanting to repeat Friday's action. He loved washing her sexy body, soaping her tits, fingering her pussy and her asshole. Allan slipped a soapy finger up his s****r's ass and fondled her curvy firm buttocks. His cock was back at attention so he moved behind her and slipped his cock into her soapy asshole. Bonnie grunted as her b*****r's cock penetrated her lovely ass and she leaned forward to place her hands on the shower wall. Bonnie arched her back accentuating her shapely ass as she leaned forward. The sight was incredible as Allan slid his cock in and out of his s****r's beautiful ass. The scene was even more erotic given that they were in the shower and his s****r's skin glistened with water. Allan tired to prolong the ass fuck as long as he could but he was so turned on that he came quickly. Allan flooded Bonnie's ass with his seed and she groaned as it filled her anal cavity.

Allan was able to stay hard and he kept fucking his s****r's ass even though he had emptied his balls. He fucked Bonnie's ass until his cock softened and slipped from Bonnie's ass and they stepped out of the shower just as the water was starting to turn cold. They didn't dress but instead put on their bathrobes and went down to the kitchen to eat something.

After breakfast Bonnie headed for her bedroom with her b*****r right behind her. Bonnie stripped off her robe quickly and hopped in her bed. Bonnie was lying on the bed naked as she watched her b*****r lose his robe and get in bed with her. She watched him as he crawled between her parted legs. He parted them even wider, taking his time to look at her wet snatch in detail. Then he slowly lowered his head, breathing in deeply and smelling her sex. Bonnie could feel his breath on her snatch when he suddenly opened his mouth and licked the length of her slit. Bonnie writhed with pleasure and played with her tits. Allan teased her with his tongue for a while and then he used it to part her pussy lips encountering more wetness. He lapped up her juices and started flicking his tongue across her clit. Bonnie moaned louder and louder as Allan knew exactly how to please her hungry cunt. He sucked on her clit for a while and then he slid his tongue inside her tight hole. He tongue fucked her, faster and deeper, applying pressure to her clit with his nose. Bonnie pulled at the headboard with her hands as she wrapped her legs around her b*****r's shoulders and thrust her hips up to feel more of him. When she couldn't hold back anymore she cried out loud and her pussy juices showered his face as she orgasmed.

He crawled up next to her and kissed her deeply, sharing the juices with her. Bonnie could feel his cock getting hard against her hips again as he lowered his head and started sucking her nipples. It felt so good. He sucked and bit her tits, pulling them and kneading them. Bonnie was soon on fire again and she wanted his cock so badly.

"Fuck me, Allan," she begged breathlessly.

"That's better," he smiled. "Pull your legs up and open yourself wide for me."

Bonnie did as she was told. She grabbed hold of her legs and pulled them wide apart, showing off her dripping pussy. Allan kneeled by her cunt and jerked his cock, getting it really hard. He ran his cock head the length of her wet slit and then he entered her cunt with the thick cock head and stopped there.

"Oh yeah, baby," he gasped. "You're so hot. I love fucking your cunt."

"Oh yes," she moaned. "Fill me with your thick meat."

With those words he slowly started burying himself deeper inside her cunt. Bonnie felt herself opening up to accommodate his full size and he felt great inside her. This was what a cock was supposed to feel like. This slow, torturous pleasure was what fucking was supposed to be like. When he was buried all the way inside her cunt he stopped, smiled at her and started sucking her tits again. They lay like that for minutes. Her b*****r's cock was firmly lodged in Bonnie's hungry cunt and he was sucking her nipples. She was impatient to feel more but he refused to move. He was in control of her pleasure.

When he was ready he placed his hands on either side of her to give himself support and then he slowly slid his fuck meat almost completely out of her cunt. Only the tip was still inside her hole and Bonnie moved her hips upwards to get him back. She wanted him to fuck her. She wanted him to fill her again.

"Fuck me, please!" she begged him.

Then he quickly pounded back inside her again. His balls slammed into her ass as he filled her cunt. He pulled out again and slammed back inside. With an ever increasing pace he was burying his cock deeper and harder inside her tight hole. He slammed inside his s****r harder and harder and every thrust went straight to her clit, sending an electric shock through her body.

Bonnie was breathing faster and faster. She couldn't believe the pleasure he was giving her. She loved every moment of the fucking. She moved her hips to meet his thrusts, to get as much of his fuck meat inside her. She could hear the sounds of their fucking get louder and her pussy got wetter as her hungry cunt worked overtime to produce more juices. She knew that she wouldn't last much longer.

"I've got to cum," she panted.

"Oh yeah, baby," he whispered against my skin, "Cum for your b*****r!"

With those words she felt her pussy contracting tight around his shaft. He kept fucking her at the same pace as before while her pussy shivered and convulsed around his thick meat. When she was done cumming he pulled out and put her on her hands and knees. He wasn't done yet. His cock was still big and hard and he was going to get satisfaction from her pussy.

He easily slid his cock into her waiting hole. Bonnie was ready to take his cock again. He managed to get even deeper from behind. He slammed harder and faster now. Each thrust sent his balls crashing into her sensitized clit. Then he pulled her up by her tits and with her full breasts in his hands he nibbled at her neck.

"Your cunt is so sweet and tight, baby," he whispered as he kept pumping into her, hitting her womb with every thrust, "You make me feel so good."

Bonnie's breathing grew heavier and she knew that she was about to surrender to his fucking once more. Her pussy squeezed tight around his cock and her body shook. She moaned out loud and Allan stopped his fucking. With her pussy gripping his cock hard and milking him he thrust deep inside her and roared as he released his spunk into her hungry cunt.

When we'd both stopped cumming he pulled out of her and collapsed next to her on the bed. They were both sweaty from the sexual exercise and he pulled her tight into his arms.

"You are a great fuck, baby," he said and smiled.

She kissed him as she heard those wonderful words. Bonnie straddled him and he guided her b*****r's cock back into her cunt. She rode him fast and furiously as he played with her bouncing tits.

"God, you're insatiable, Allan. That lovely cock is ready for more." Bonnie gasped.

"Do you mind?" Allan quipped.

"Of course not, do what you like. I'm yours for your pleasure. Anyway you want it." Bonnie offered.

"You're too good to be true. Anything I want?" Allan teasingly challenged his s****r.

Bonnie rolled off her b*****r and got on all fours waving her ass at him. Bonnie raised her butt into a half kneeling posture. She stared at her Allan while she sucked the middle finger of her left hand into her mouth. When it was wet enough she drew a shiny line down her body to her back door. Gently spreading her ass cheeks she wet the puckered hole of her ass and probed her fingertip in ever so slightly.

"I think you I know what you want Allan," Bonnie teased.

"Oh yes I want to be in your ass?" Allan said excitedly.

"Oh yes, Allan. Do it here. Fuck my ass with your lovely cock. You know you want to. And I want you to," Bonnie pleaded

Smiling; Allan knelt behind her on the bed. Bonnie cooed and encouraged him while she smeared her juices from her pussy to her ass to lubricate it in readiness. The large purple head of his dick prodded his sexy s****r's asshole and slid across the puckered entrance. Allan first slid his thick cock deep into her cunt to get it moist with her natural juices. Bonnie groaned aloud as her pussy was still very sensitive from the recent fucking. Allan made a few slow strokes and watched as Bonnie poked her finger ever deeper into her bum hole. Soon she was knuckle deep and Allan's prick was slick with her pussy cream. Extracting her digit she looked back and smiled at her b*****r.

"I'm ready now," Bonnie cooed.

Allan eased his big cock from her pussy and trailed it up to her bum. Bonnie positioned the cock head against her hole and pressed back with her body. Allan matched her movement with a gentle forward push. The very tip of his cock started to enter her tight hole. Bonnie's face was a picture of sexy concentration, her brows pinched and her mouth drawn tightly shut. The big cock eased slowly into her back passage. She relaxed her muscles and slowly welcomed her b*****r's tool into her most private place. Eventually it is in all the way to the hilt and Bonnie looked back at her b*****r and smiled

"Are you okay baby?" Allan asked concerned.

"Yes but put some more lube on it and fuck me but do it really slow," She requested.

Allan grabbed the lube off the nightstand and squirted on his exposed shaft. She clearly loved the solid feeling in her ass as he re-entered her. Bonnie rubbed her clit, which served to drive her to another orgasm. There was sweat on both their bodies as Allan held his s****r's waist and slid his dick in and out of her now gaping asshole. He was admiring her ass and he couldn't believe that he was fucking his s****r's ass once again.

Bonnie's attentions on her pussy were having the desired effect and she was nearing another orgasm. She hoped that they could climax together so she told her b*****r she was going to cum.

"I am too baby, very soon," Allan strained to talk.

His pace quickened again and he changed to shorter faster strokes. He was pumping her hole telling his s****r that he would soon cum. She was gasping, grunting and straining toward her own orgasm. Faster and faster her fingers flew over her clit. Her body started to convulse with a powerful orgasm. At the same time Allan came, he jammed his cock into her ass to the hilt and felt it as it jerked and spewed his spunk deep into her anal passage. He fell forward on top of his s****r with his cock still buried in her and still twitching and spitting its cum coating her anus.

Bonnie's orgasm matched her Allan's in length and fury. Surge after surge of pleasure shot through her body and each new wave was triggered by each new twitch from her b*****r's exploding cock. The two of them lay together and cuddled on the bed with her b*****r's cock still twitching in her ass. Eventually Allan went soft and his cock slipped from his s****r's curvy ass. The two of them stayed in bed for another hour caressing and playing with each other. They would have to figure something with their schedules so that they could somehow continue their i****tuous affair but for now they enjoyed their time together.

Bonnie and Allan were sitting in the f****y room eating pizza and watching TV when their parents got home. It was as if everything was normal at the house and the parents went about their routine. The f****y wrapped up the night talking and watching TV all the while Allan was thinking about when he might hook up with Bonnie again. The best time was after school but he had some late classes he had to deal with. Once summer break arrived in two months Bonnie and Allan would have a lot of time together but until then they would have to be careful at home.

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2 years ago
I enjoyed the story very much, I wish I had a hot sister like that
2 years ago
loved it, it made me so hard reading it
2 years ago
Now that is a great brother/sister relationship....great story
2 years ago
loved it I wish I had a brother
2 years ago
loved it I wish I had a brother
2 years ago
Loved it I only wish my sister was as hot and sexy!
2 years ago
Got me rock hard...