Dan practically threw himself down on the barstool. For the last two weeks he had spent all his time in the conference room of this hotel, presenting lecture after lecture training the staff on a new computer program. His voice was scratchy and almost gone, but it was Friday and he was done. As he prepared to leave, he noticed the lounge and decided that a few beers may be just what his throat needed.

At 56, Dan was tiring out. His 6’2” frame felt smaller to him, and his once blonde hair was now laced with grey. He took a long drink from his glass and turned his attention to the ballgame on the television set.

Two seats away, another gentleman sat down and ordered a beer as well. He turned to Dan and asked if he knew the score in the game.

“Toronto three, New York two, bottom of the fifth,” Dan informed him.

The men continued their small talk through a few more beers. “By the way, I’m Roger”, said the man as he extended it Dan.

Dan shook his new acquaintance’s hand. “My pleasure.” He couldn’t help but notice that Roger was constantly checking his watch. “Expecting someone to meet you?”

Roger smiled. “I’m meeting my subslut this evening. I’m married, but this bitch likes to give up control and I need to take it, so I meet her in a room here twice a week.”

A little startled by the man’s confession and the ease with which he said it, Dan had to ask. “Subslut? You mean she does whatever you tell her to?”

“Within reason,” Roger confirmed. “She does have limits, but not many of them. That makes her the perfect fucktoy.”

Both men laughed. Dan mentioned that he had always been interested in exploring that lifestyle, but had never found a willing participant.

An almost evil grin crossed Roger’s face. “Come up to the room when it’s time and use my whore.”

Dan smiled. He had nothing else to do this evening. Why not fuck someone else’s bitch when she’s being offered up like a juicy steak. “I might just take you up on that, my friend,”

By the top of the ninth inning, the game was now tied. Roger looked into the lobby. “There’s my slut now,” he pointed as he waited for Dan to turn and look.

Dan turned to see a woman standing at the front desk making arrangements for the room. She was wearing black leather pants and Dan squirmed just looking at that perfect ass. Her hair was tucked up under a stylish hat and the tube top she wore seemed two sizes to small.

“You’re right, Roger. Prime slut material from what I can see,” he told his friend without removing his eyes from her.

Rogers beamed with what could only be construed as pride. “She likes it rough, hard and nasty. Don’t think I have ever met a bigger whore and by the end of the night, you will be able to make the same claim.” Again, both men laughed as they ogled their entertainment for the evening.

The woman finally finished and reached for the key. As she turned to head to the room, Dan got his first glimpse of her face and almost spit out the drink he was attempting to swallow. It was his daughter……his married daughter! He quickly spun around and faced the bar again. A million thoughts screamed through his head. His 33 year old daughter……her husband……her c***dren…..she’s a slut……a whore…..he was going to fuck her…..

Dan chugged the rest of his beer, certain that everyone in the place could hear his heart pounding.

Roger continued to watch her until she reached the elevator then spun his stool around as well. “ She is to be naked on her hands and knees, her ass facing the door and her fingers in her pussy when I enter the room.”

Dan’s stomach turned. He was so looking forward to a good fucking tonight, but obviously he can’t fuck his own daughter.

Failing to notice how uncomfortable his friend was, Roger continued babbling. “I’m going to spank that perfect ass until it is burning red tonight. Oh, and get this. She has to wear a blindfold so when I come in she is not sure whether it is me, a bellboy or room service.”

Dan froze. Did he say a blindfold, he asked? He debated the issue with himself. She wouldn’t be able to see him. He could fuck her and she would never know. But could he do that? Why couldn’t he? He needed a hot cunt and she was obviously a whore, even if she was his daughter. He had to admit, the thought of using her was making his cock harden. Dan ordered Roger and himself one more beer and chugged it down. Roger looked at his watch one final time. “It’s 6:00. She is to be ready by now. You ready to go?”

Taking a deep breath, Dan stood up. “Let’s do it,” he said.

Roger led him to the elevator and up to the room. “Her name is Chrissy, but I don’t really call her that much, if you know what I mean,” he told Dan.

Dan hadn’t heard anyone call her Chrissy since she was little. She was quite adamant about being called Christine now, especially for professional purposes. What a bad, bad girl his daughter is, he surmised.

Chrissy had wedged something in the door to prevent it from locking as per Roger’s instructions. It was apparent to Dan that they always got the same room and had used this manoeuvre many times before.

“Hey slut, you’re Master is here,” Roger said to greet her. Dan followed him into the room to see Chrissy kneeling on the floor exactly as he was told she would be. He stopped and stared. What a perfect ass and pussy!

Roger knelt in front of her and confirmed Chrissy’s blindfold was properly secured. After whipping his cock out, he grabbed the back of her head and pulled it up by her hair. “Suck my cock, whore,” he demanded of her.

Dan watched in awe as his girl opened her mouth and took the other man’s cock. She looked so cum hungry the way she was inhaling the entire shaft. Dan couldn’t help but to smile.

Roger pulled his cock from the girl’s mouth. “I have brought someone else to use you, cunt. You’ll do that for me, won’t you?” he asked her.

“Yes, Daddy. I’ll do whatever you want,” she answered so sweetly.

Daddy?? Dan’s heart stopped. Did she know he was here?

“That’s my good little girl,” Roger said as he shoved his cock back into her throat. He looked up, noticing the questioning look on Dan’s face. “Don’t worry, she’s not my real daughter. The slut just has a Father/daughter fantasy and I don’t mind helping her play it out,” he explained.

Dan’s mind was reeling. His daughter had fantasized about him? The mere notion had his cock growing in his pants. Or was it watching his little girl suck cock? It was hard to tell. One thing he knew for sure was that he was going to fuck this whore like she wanted it.

Roger continued assaulting Chrissy’s mouth with his short fat cock, watching as his new friend began removing his clothes. He so enjoyed seeing his fucktoy banged by a stranger. Only a true slut would allow herself to be passed around like this. Roger had been fucking Chrissy for over a year now and never once had she denied him anything.

“Get up and lay on the bed, slut.” Roger was very stern when talking to her, and Chrissy quickly jumped up and complied. This caused Dan to shake his head. Anyone ordering his daughter to do anything in “real life” would quickly be told to fuck off.

Roger continued, “On your back, cunt. I want your head hanging over the edge so I can fuck that throat.” Again, Chrissy adjusted her positioning to meet the requirements.

“Yes, Daddy. Is this alright?” she asked.

Without thinking, Dan answered her. “Yes, honey. Perfect”. He froze. Shit! Would she know it was him now? Apparently not, as she simply smiled and waited. Thank goodness for his sore throat.

Roger nudged her lips with his cock, and the obedient woman quickly opened and let it in her mouth. There was no more holding back for Dan. Crawling in the bed in between her legs, Dan ran his hand over her freshly shaven pussy.

“Slap it,” Roger told him. “She’s a naughty girl and needs to be punished.”

The most evil of grins crossed Dan’s lips. Without hesitation, he lifted his hand and smacked her cunt. She wiggled and moaned. He slapped it again, harder. The moans became whimpers. More slapping. She deserved this, Dan convinced himself. She is a married woman and in a hotel room being fucked. He needed to punish her just as he had to when she was a c***d for indiscretions.

Chrissy was squirming about the bed; her body jumping with every smack. Roger couldn’t help but enjoy the vibrations on his cock from her screaming and encouraged Dan to continue his abuse. With one hand on each side of Chrissy’s head, Roger pumped her mouth harder and commented on what an incredible cocksucker she was.

Dan could wait no longer. He had to fuck her. With one fast lunge, he buried his cock into her soaking wet cunt. At the same time he heard her gag, having just had her mouth driven even further onto Roger’s cock. Looking down, he watched his own cock pummel in and out of her now red and swollen pussy. Chrissy’s cunt muscles were squeezing his cock nice and hard. He knew he wouldn’t be able to hold off cumming for long.

Chrissy was taking the use of her pussy and mouth like a true slut. Roger continued spewing words to egg her on. “That’s it, you fucking whore. Make Daddy’s cock cum.”

Dan sneered. “Yes, make me cum, cunt,” he thought to himself. He reached down and grabbed a nipple on one of her bouncing tits and stretched it toward him. Her mumbled groans and cries indicated she enjoyed the pain, so he pinched, pulled and twisted harder.

Roger reached for the other nipple. The effect her verbal attempts had on his cock where going to put him over the edge. He quickly pulled his cock from her and began jerking over her face.

“Cum Daddy. I need your cum so bad!” Chrissy cried out.

Dan closed his eyes and pounded her nasty cunt hard. He pretended she was talking to him. Her cunt was so sloppy wet around his dick and he was bottoming out every time he banged into her. “Cum, Daddy, cum,” kept ringing in his ears until he had to unload himself.

He quickly pulled out of her and starting spewing cum on her tits just as Roger began shooting on her face. Dan laughed aloud at Chrissy’s lame attempt to catch cum on her tongue. What a fucking whore she was.

Roger slipped his cock back in her mouth and she gently licked him clean. “Let her clean you too. She’s not allowed to leave anyone a mess,” he told Dan.

He didn’t need to be asked twice. Dan shimmied up body and straddled her cum-covered tits and slid his cock in her mouth. Her mouth was divine as it glided up and down his shaft. Roger excused himself to go to the washroom, reminding Chrissy to do a good job for their guest as he left the room.

Dan slipped his cock from Chrissy’s mouth and simply sat there for a moment. He had to have her again. There was no question about that. He stood and quickly dressed himself before Roger could return.

He knelt beside her head and slowly lifted the blindfold. Chrissy eyes adjusted a second to the light, then focused on the face peering down at her. Dan quickly covered her mouth so her reaction would not attract Roger in the other room. He began whispering in his daughter’s ear.

“I had no idea you were such a whore, baby. You want to please Daddy? You got it, cunt. I will see you at the house at 10:00 tonight. End this charade with Roger now. Your real Daddy owns you now”.

With that said, Roger re-entered the room. Chrissy lay there, startled, confused, frightened and excited.

“Thanks for joining us, my friend,” Roger said to Dan as he shook his hand. “We’re here every Tuesday and Friday if you’d like to use the whore again.”

Dan simply thanked him and moved toward the door. With a quick look back and a wink to Chrissy, he left and headed for the elevator. Oh, he would use her again all right, her and her sloppy cunt.

Dan got in the car to head home. His mind was so flooded with thoughts of what just occurred that he was driving on autopilot. Jolting himself back to reality, he realized he did not even remember actually going this far.

The bright orange sign from the Home Depot on his left caught his attention. Turning into the parking lot, Dan decided a few supplies might be in order. He hurried up the aisles grabbing clothespins, nylon rope, and electrical tape. He thought for a moment about all the things he had seen used on the BDSM websites and then headed for the shelves with the spring clamps. Satisfied with his basket of new toys, he paid for the items and hurried home.

Christine was an only c***d and Dan had admittedly spoiled her as a c***d. When she misbehaved, it was normally his wife who had doled out the punishment because he didn't ever want her mad at him. In hindsight, that may have been a mistake. Obviously if he had been stricter with her, she would not be the whore she is today. Well it was not too late, he surmised. He may not have disciplined her as a c***d, but he was not going to make that mistake twice.

He moved quickly to prepare things once he got home. It was 9:15 and she would be arriving soon. Dan rummaged through the junk drawer until he found a couple of hooks his wife once used for hanging plants from the ceiling. He screwed them into the beams of the ceiling in the den then stepped back to smile at all the possibilities he had just created with those. Glancing at his desk, a picture caught his eye. It was of Christine, her husband Brad and the granddaughters. Did Brad have any idea at all about her? Did she act like a slut with him as well? He put the picture face down on the desk.

At precisely 10:00 the front door opened.

"Daddy? It's me."

"Come into the den, Christine," Dan replied in his most authoritative tone. His cock was already beginning to twitch in his pants.

Christine walked in slowly, head hanging in what appeared to be shame. She was wearing the same tight pants and tube to that made her look like a prostitute. Her make-up had obviously been freshened up, but her hair has a little messy. She visibly shook and Dan liked knowing she was a little scared.

"Come stand in front of me Chrissy," he stressed. She quickly moved to his feet, causing Dan to feel a surge rip through his body. The control was an amazing aphrodisiac! He needed more.

"We need to discuss your behaviour, young lady. Take off your top. I want to see your tits," he instructed.

Chrissy quickly obliged, afraid of the tone in his voice.

They were beautiful tits. At probably a 36C, they had fat little nipples protruding thank to either the cold or the excitement, and they hung slightly. Dan adjusted his cock in his pants. "Now the pants, slut. But leave those heels on."

Again she did not hesitate to do as asked. A little shier about this part of the display, Chrissy covered herself with her hands.

"Why hide it, Chrissy? I've already fucked it! Now move your hands behind your back!"

Dan stood up and reached for the rope. He smiled as he heard his daughter inhale deeply, relishing in his absolute power. Taking one wrist, he wrapped the rope around it, then moved to the other. All the while, he talked to her. "You've been a very bad girl, Chrissy."

She barely whispered, "I know, Daddy."

"It is apparent you need to be properly punished. I may have failed in that area when you were young," he explained as he stretched her arms up to the ceiling to attach the rope to the hooks, "but I will not fail now. You wanted to be a slut for Daddy and from now on you will be."

Chrissy had to stand on her toes to keep her balance, her back naturally arching in an attempt to stop the swinging motion. Her pussy juices started seeping down her inner thighs and she blushed at her body's reaction.

Dan stood back to admire his handy work. His daughter looked absolutely ravishing like that. Any thoughts of guilt about abusing and using his daughter were long gone. This was what she had been fantasizing about after all.

His hands roamed over her body. He couldn't wait to hurt her and smacked her ass without warning. It jiggled slightly, much to his amusement, so he smacked it again. Her whimpers were like music. Walking around the front of her, he reached for her nipples. Dan gripped them tight and pulled, causing her entire body to swing forward and a cry to escape from her lips.

"Now listen you little cunt. You have been very bad! Imagine fucking another man when you are married! You need to pay for that. What kind of father would I be if I did not discipline you for your nasty slutiness?" he asked her. "If you needed to have a Daddy use your whore ass, you should have come to me, not some stranger. Do you understand?"

His hands were still assaulting her nipples. It was such an exquisite pain. "You're right, Daddy. I was wrong. I deserve to be punished."

Dan started slapping her tits. First the left, then the right. One after the other. Over and over again. As the redness grew and her crying got louder, his cock got harder. The power. He must always have the power.

He stopped as suddenly as he had started, only to continue the assault on her pussy. The fact that she was so wet only made her naked cunt sting more. Dan looked into her eyes and knew. She was his. Always would be.

Unfastening the ropes, Dan caught her as she slumped into him arms. "Do you understand why Daddy had to do that, Chrissy? It's because I love you and if you need to be someone's owned cunt, it will be as mine. Am I being clear?"

Chrissy closed her eyes. She had dreamed of being her Daddy's fucktoy since she was a teenager. Her body ached the most delightful ache. She smiled up at her father as he sat her in a chair. "Thank you, Daddy."

Dan knew if his cock did not receive some relief soon he would go mad. Slipping the loose end of the rope around the arms of the chair, he bound her wrists tightly. The electrical tape was wound around each ankle and to the chair legs, leaving her gaping pussy hanging open. He carefully attached three clothespins to each cunt lip then ran his fingers over them just to watch her squirm. Finally he picked up the spring clamps and swung one from each nipple. They pulled her tits down and made her whimper. Dan realized that there could be no sexier sound than that made by his daughter when he abused her slut body.

Chrissy wanted to beg him to stop. She wanted to tell him that the pins and clamps hurt too much, but she didn't. She knew that she deserved this and even wanted it. She knew she was a subslut and wanted to be his piece of fuckmeat. It was all she had ever wanted.

"It's time for me to feel that mouth again, cunt," Dan said as he grabbed a fist full of hair and yanked her head back. As soon as her mouth opened, he shoved his cock in and began fucking her mouth. Damn, it was like velvet in there and when she finally caught her breath and started sucking him, he had to make a mental note to refrain from filling his little girl's mouth with cum too soon.

He continued to bellow at her as his hips thrust his dick into Chrissy. "Show Daddy what a good cocksucker you are. You live for sucking cock, don't you? You're nothing but a cumdump for me right now, you fucking whore."

His words were ringing in her ears. Chrissy wanted him to be proud of her. She wanted him to see what a good girl she could be. She looked up at him and sucked harder as his cock banged into her throat.

Dan knew this would be happening on a regular basis. He had every intention of owning this whore in every way imaginable. Reaching down, he smacked the sides of her tits. The swinging clamps stretched and pulled her nipples and Chrissy screamed on his cock.

That was all it took. The vibrations from her throat on the head of his cock gave Dan no choice but to cum. He shot a taste in her mouth, then pulled out and sprayed her face with his thick white cream.

He stood back and admired his handiwork. What a sight she was. Some of the cum had dripped off her face and onto her tits. Dan realized that this set-up needed to be permanent. He did not want Chrissy to be somewhere else when he wanted access to her fuckholes. He wanted to be able to hurt her when he felt like it, tie her up and make her perform the nastiest of acts.

Looking over at her panting and licking cum from her lips, Dan surmised there was only one thing her could do. As he walked to the desk and picked up the phone, he saw absolute fear in Chrissy's eyes. He didn't care. This was how it had to be.

"Hello Brad. It's Don here. I'm very well, thank you. Listen, there is something I need to discuss with you in regards to Christine. Do you think you could come over here right away? Yes, it is very important. Great. I'll see you in 15 minutes then. Bye for now."

Don looked over to see Christine crying. "Don't worry, cunt. Daddy is going to make sure that we are always together and you are always free to be the slut you are. Wait here. I'll be back when Brad arrives." Obviously, she had no choice but to wait due to her current state of bondage.

Chrissy sat silently. She knew there was nothing she could do now.

Don left the room but glanced back at her. Chrissy sat there bound, pinned, clamped, taped and covered in cum. She was beautiful. He only hoped Brad would be just as pleased when he saw her.

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that was great wonder what part two is like
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Delicously nasty!
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great story
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so hot