Sakura peeked around her Daddy's bedroom door. She was
worried about him. So much had been happening in the
world, events no one could have predicted. She woke up
in the middle of the night, and coming back from the
bathroom she heard Daddy moan.

She didn't want to wake everyone else asl**p in the
house; she was only wearing her little babydoll nightie
that hung loosely over her and that only came down to
just below her bottom, and she wasn't wearing panties.

The nightie was so lightweight and thin, it sort of
tented out around her, airily swaying with her movements
as if on a breeze which made her feel especially naked,
so, as quietly as she could she tiptoed barefoot down
the dimly lit hall to Daddy's open door.

Peeking in, the room was completely dark, and even
squinting she couldn't see a thing. Her eyes played
tricks on her, a hazy optical bright spot as she tried
to peer into the darkness.

She heard what sounded like Daddy's legs sliding around
under the covers, him moaning softly; she thought her
Daddy must be feverish. She could hear him breathing
loudly from the direction of the bed, and that's when
she heard him say her name. He was speaking very
quietly, whispering really, murmuring softly "Mmmmm, lil
baby." Daddy called her his lil baby all the time. She
wasn't sure what he was dreaming. She thought he must
have a fever.

Sakura couldn't see anything in the dark, but she wanted
to check on her Daddy to be sure he was all right.
Afraid she might trip over something, or run into the
bedside table, she very quietly took that first step
into the dark of the bedroom, and tiptoed toward his
bed, the pile carpet so soft under her feet, her taking
little pensive steps, her hands out in front of her
feeling her way into Daddy's room.

Daddy was really breathing hard just as Sakura heard him
whisper her name again under his breath. She heard him
say, "Lil baby, yessss, Daddy's ... " and then
inaudible, turning into deep ragged breaths, she
couldn't make out what he said.

She imagined he must be sweaty hot with fever to be
talking in his sl**p, and dreaming of her, he must need
her, she thought.

She softly bumped into the bed with a little "oh" and
heard her Daddy startle. The room was suddenly so quiet.

"Daddy?" Sakura asked as softly as she could, "are you
awake? Are, are you, okay, Daddy?"

There was a long pause before Daddy answered, his voice
sounding as if he'd been asl**p, and as if he was out of
breath. "Sakura? Um, yes, baby. What are you doing up,

Sakura could hear her own voice as if outside herself in
the total darkness. "I heard you moaning, Daddy. I came
to check on you, you were saying my name. Do you have a
fever, Daddy?"

There was another long pause.

"Uhm, yes, baby. Daddy, has a little fever, but it's
okay, baby" loving the sound of her voice, so sexy
coming out of the dark.

"Can I help, Daddy?" Sakura whispered into the darkness,
her Daddy a few feet away, she put one knee on the bed,
and reached out feeling for her Daddy, to feel his
forehead. He did feel a little warm, and he was sweaty.
"Daddy, I think you have a fever. Can I help you feel
better, Daddy?" Worried, she crawled all the way onto
the bed, feeling so naked under her nightie; she was
glad it was so dark in the room.

She felt her way to Daddy, and kneeled next to him, her
knee touching his side, and turned toward his voice in
the dark. "Can I bring you some water, or something,
Daddy?" she said really softly, trying to be so quiet
and gentle, since he wasn't feeling good.

"Oh, no, that's okay, lil baby, thank you for thinking
of Daddy, though, baby."

His voice was so different being right there but not
being able to see him. There was something so secretive,
so gentle, just the two of them whispering in the pitch
dark of the room, and being in the middle of the night,
just the two of them awake made it even more so.

Sakura felt a little naughty sitting there with Daddy,
naked under her babydoll nightie. Just then Daddy lifted
his arm to put his hand on her leg, and by accident his
hand grazed the underside of her breast, making both of
her breasts sway together under her thin little nightie.
Daddy's sudden touch on her intimate place made her hold
her breath for a second. The surprise and feeling
reverberating through her, Daddy's hand touching her
there, so unexpected, on her breasts, the feeling of his
touch, steamy, warm, tingling through her.

"Are you sure, Daddy? Should we take your temperature,
like we do when I don't feel good?"

Daddy rubbed her bare thigh, his hand so warm on her
skin, thanking her for being so concerned about him.
"I love you, Daddy, I want to be sure you're okay, if
there's anything I can do" she paused, "to help."

Just as her Daddy said, "Mm, I love you, too, lil baby"
from the dark, his hand accidentally brushed across her
breasts again, a few times, before he rested his hand on
her arm, as if he couldn't see her in the dark.

Surprised both times, Sakura reasoned in the dark he
didn't know he touched her breasts, even if she felt her
nipples tingle there in the dark of the room, naked
under her nightie right next to him he didn't realize
what he was doing, Daddy wouldn't touch her like that,
there, not on purpose.

Sakura felt a little excited; being in the total
darkness of the room made her feel uninhibited, naughty,
thinking how Daddy had touched her breasts, how Daddy
couldn't see she was naked under her nightie. He didn't
need to know it was making her feel good inside, that it
was making her breasts tingle and ache.

Sakura breathed out in a whisper, "You were talking in
your dream, and breathing really hard, Daddy" laying her
hand on her Daddy's chest to see if he was sweaty there,
too. She was expecting to feel his pajamas, and instead
her hand touched her his bare chest. Sakura felt the
touch run through her, her warm little hand on Daddy's
broad chest, skin on skin. She thought he must have been
so hot with fever he took his shirt off.

His chest was rising and falling like he was out of
breath. His heart was still beating fast. His chest hair
between her fingers were so soft, his heat under her
light touch in the total darkness felt so tender. It was
so dark they couldn't see each other, so Sakura left her
hand resting lightly on Daddy's chest; it was like a
lifeline in the dark, her hand on Daddy's bare skin.

Feeling his heart beat reassured her. It made his voice
closer, made her feel more connected to his presence
there in the dark. Without being able to see him but
hearing his whispering voice made Sakura feel special
kneeling there with him on his bed in the dark. She felt
a tingling warmth between her legs, in her belly. She
wanted Daddy to accidentally touch her breasts again,
and she felt so naughty for thinking such a thing. She
couldn't help it though.

Daddy told her he must have been dreaming in his sl**p,
that he must have gotten feverish after he'd gone to
bed. He laid his arm on her lap, and Sakura loved the
feeling of his bare skin on her bare thigh. Daddy moved
his arm as he talked, and the back of his wrist and hand
again softly bumped and touched her breasts.

This time it seemed like his hand was purposefully
touching just her nipples, the way the backs of his
fingers so delicately touched her there. It had to be by
accident, she thought. She knew Daddy wasn't touching
her breasts on purpose. She knew Daddy couldn't see her
in the dark, either.

His hand rubbed across her breasts, by accident, again,
and again as he talked. The constant touching of her
made Sakura breathe a little harder. She closed her eyes
it felt so good. She knew it was wrong to let it feel so
good, but it did.

"Are you okay, baby?" Daddy asked so sweetly. Sakura
couldn't tell him where he was touching her. She didn't
want him to feel embarrassed.

"I'm, I'm okay, Daddy." Her voice was so soft, and
quiet, so sweet, the back of Daddy's hand touching the
undersides of her breasts, grazing over them bumping, so
softly making Sakura feel funny like she was going to
yawn, and made her lean toward Daddy, making his hand
push against her breasts even more.

When she leaned, Daddy's hand and wrist moved between
her breasts, subtly pressing into her nightie, her
swaying sliding his wrist between them, her breasts
together, around his wrist, and as she leaned back she
thought she felt Daddy try to keep his hand there.

Sakura realized she was reacting to the sensations
clenching the covers in her one hand, and her finger's
ever so lightly sliding on Daddy's chest, feeling
Daddy's chest.

"Can, can I help you, get back to sl**p, Daddy?"

Daddy paused, his arm on her lap. "Maybe, you could
just, lay here with Daddy, for a little while, until we
both go back to sl**p, baby. Would you do that for
Daddy? Lay in Daddy's bed? Here, get up for a second,
and climb under the covers with Daddy, baby."

Her breasts tingling, Sakura felt her way back to the
edge of the bed and Daddy lifted the covers for her. She
realized she was very slippery between her legs.

"Do you want me to tickle your back, or something Daddy,
like you do for me?" she asked as she climbed into the
bed. It was so warm where she had been sitting, where
Daddy had scooted over, where Daddy had been laying. He
didn't answer for a long moment as he pulled the covers
over her, and she laid down in the crook of Daddy's arm,
again his warm skin delighting Sakura.

"You know what might help, baby, is if you'd climb on
Daddy's tummy and lay on Daddy until we fall asl**p.
That way Daddy will feel so much better, and you can
keep Daddy extra warm with you on top of me."

A ripple of excitement hummed through Sakura, she loved
laying on her Daddy. He'd told her so many times before
how she felt weightless laying on him, and she loved how
she felt like she was floating on Daddy's breaths, her
arms around his broad shoulders. She felt safe and at
one with her Daddy in moments like this.

"Okay, Daddy" she smiled as she turned and put her hand
on Daddy's bare chest again and then carefully in the
dark swung her leg over Daddy and straddled Daddy's

She was a little self-conscious that she wasn't wearing
panties when she first laid on Daddy, but a little
naughty, too, and he was so warm, it felt so nice, and
because it was so dark, Daddy wouldn't know she was
naked under her thin little nightie just like he didn't
know he'd been accidentally touching her breasts, making
her excited.

Straddling Daddy, her knees tucked up under her, she
felt Daddy's warmth between her legs. Her bare bottom
touched his bare thighs, and he was warm under her even
through his pajama shorts.

She liked how hot her bare legs were on Daddy's, and the
smooth hot feeling of her bare inner thighs touching his
bare skin along his sides. She laid her head on his
shoulder and he wrapped his arms around her, rubbing her
back. He was so warm. He felt good. She sank on top of
him and she felt so light. "Nnn, Daddy, I like laying on
you, Papa" she murmured into Daddy's chest, his skin so
warm on hers.

Sakura loved her Daddy's smell, and settled in on top of
him as his fingers made really, really light circles
over her back, his hands sliding up under her nightie
top, virtually leaving Sakura naked on top of her Daddy.
It felt so lovely, Daddy's fingers tickling her back,
Daddy's chest so hot on her breasts too, and she moved
back and forth to get comfortable which felt like
Daddy's hands when he accidentally touched her breasts.

When his hand tickled down her lower back, he suddenly
stopped for a second. He moved a little lower, until his
fingers tickled down to her bare bottom, and stopped
again. Daddy drew in a breath. Sakura knew Daddy just
realized she wasn't wearing panties, and that's why he'd
stopped. She felt a little embarrassed. Flushing hot in
the dark, she whispered really softly right next to his
ear, "I don't have panties on Daddy. That's okay, isn't

She felt Daddy draw in a breath, and then breath out.
"Oh yes, baby, that's okay, Daddy was just surprised,
baby, but in a good way." He then tickled over her
thighs, her kneeling, laying on him, then onto her
calves, and then over her bare bottom again where his
fingers moved all around. When Daddy moved both hands at
the same time under her little bottom, at the tops of
her thighs, his fingers tickling, Sakura felt a new
flushing sensation. She felt Daddy's touches inside her
tummy. Her pussy began throbbing.

Her skin tickled when Daddy traced his fingers over her
soft hips, sending little electric bursts through Sakura
that felt so good. He traced along her sides, almost to
her shoulders which pushed her nightie up further and
made her feel it right through her breasts again,
without Daddy even touching them.

"Nnnnnn, that feels so good, Daddy. I love it when you
tickle my back."

"Mmmm, Daddy loves you, lil baby. You're so soft and
warm, you feel good to Daddy, too."

Sakura smiled inside and shifted a little feeling
something under her, between her legs, on her bare skin.
Kneeling over Daddy,sitting right on his waist, it was
in his pajamas. It was getting bigger. She felt it lift
up. She felt it push up on its own touching between her
bare legs and on her bare little pussy through Daddy's
pajamas. Sakura knew what it was, and sat up slowly in
the dark on her Daddy's legs, her bare bottom and her
pussy warm and so naked on him under the blankets.

"Daddy, does tickling my back make you, feel good?" she
whispered secretively into the dark.

Daddy seemed a little surprised, too. "I'm sorry, baby.
That happens when Daddy has a fever. It's Daddy's" he
paused, "Daddy's ... thermometer, baby. It helps Daddy
know when Daddy has a fever."

"It's really hard, Daddy, and it moved by itself, Daddy"
she whispered, colluding with her Daddy's lie.

"It's okay, baby. It got hard because you're so warm,

Sakura slid back a little onto his bare legs, and
reached down between her legs to feel it. She knew it
wasn't Daddy's thermometer. It was his cock. It was
really hard now, and was pushing up under his shorts.
She touched it and it jumped, bumping her fingers.
"Daddy, it moved again" she whispered breathily.

She touched it again, with all five of her fingertips
around the top of it, and moved her fingers to feel the
rounded head, drawing her fingers up over the rib and
where it tapered off. It was so hot, even through his
thin cotton pajama shorts.

She moved her fingertips down until the head touched
into her palm, and then up, feeling the tip of it again,
over and over, and heard him breathe in, and he raised
his hips, pushing it into her hand.Sakura knew it was
making Daddy feel better, so she kept doing it.

"It's so hard Daddy, but it's so soft, too, and it's
really hot, Daddy" she told her Daddy laying under her
in the pitch darkness.

Sakura wrapped her fingers loosely around it through his
pajamas, in her fist, to stop it from moving on its own,
and it slid through her fist as Daddy raised his hips,
pushed up over her palm, sliding up over her wrist.

Daddy moaned softly and Sakura thought she was hurting
him, and loosened her grip. "Did I hurt you, Daddy?"

Daddy whispered back in the dark, "No, baby. Daddy is,
just ... a little sore, baby, because of my fever. It's
okay. It feels good. Keep touching Daddy like that,

"Does it make you feel better, Daddy?" Sakura whispered
back putting her fingertips over the top of it again. "I
want to make you feel better. Daddy." Sakura tried to
picture Daddy's cock there in her hand in the dark. It
was so thick and heavy, and hot and long. She felt it
throb and pulse in her little hand, and she liked that.

Sakura liked that she could make it do that, and that
her touch made Daddy raise his hips, pushing it into her
hand. "You like that, don't you, Daddy? It makes you
feel good doesn't it?"

"Yesss, baby" he whispered from the dark, pausing, "it
makes Daddy, feel, so much, better, lil baby, you have
such warm soft hands."

Sakura slid her hand up and down. "Does it help you feel
better when I touch it like this, Daddy?"

"Yess, baby, it helps, baby" he whispered, breathing
harder, "keep doing that, baby."

Sakura felt warm and buttery inside pulling on her Daddy
this way. "I like, helping you feel better, Daddy."

"I know you do, baby. You're so good at it, too, baby,
taking care of Daddy."

Sakura beamed into the dark, pleasing her Daddy, smiling
at him invisible underneath her.

She felt him tickle his finger up her arm, and
accidentally touch her breast again, but this time his
fingers rubbed so lightly right on her nipple it made
her quiver in the dark.

Daddy's fingers tickled up over and around her shoulder,
and then he ran his fingers over her neck, and into her
hair, pulling on it in his hand. Sakura decided she
liked the way that felt.

It was so dark, Daddy decided to tickle his other hand
up her other arm, and he accidentally brushed her other
breast, this time though Daddy's thumb lightly rubbed
over her nipple, back and forth, making Sakura shake
each time, and then his fingers slid over to her other
breast, too, his fingers squeezing gently, touching her
through her nightie.

Sakura's breasts pushed together as she pulled on Daddy
with both hands. It was so dark Daddy couldn't see, and
as he touched her like that, she thought it must be that
her breasts were pushed out, so Daddy didn't see them
and kept touching them by accident. When she thought
that maybe he was doing it on purpose, she thought, like
her, Daddy liked being in the total darkness, too. That
maybe it excited him, too, that maybe she didn't know he
was doing it on purpose, like she had rubbed against his
hand on purpose. Sakura felt herself tingle all over
with naughty excitement.

He moved his hands down her arms again, sending little
goosebumps all over her. He tickled her upper thighs,
his fingers just lifting her nightie, and then tickled
over her ankles, his fingertips touching the bottoms of
her feet which felt really good, too.

Daddy left his hands there, pressed into the souls of
her feet. Sakura liked that, it felt like she was in a
saddle, and could push against Daddy's big hands. His
touches were so soft and warm sliding on her bare skin.
Sakura felt magical on Daddy's lap in the dark.

"Do you like, helping Daddy, baby?" Daddy's voice was
just a whisper, and he was pushing up with his hips
again, and again, sliding through her fist, his
fingertips pushing into the soft souls of her feet.

Sakura sat back on her heels, straddling his upper
thighs, and kept lightly moving her fist up, and down,
turning her hand, and pulling on his cock with her other
hand, too, her fingertips sliding up and down over the
swollen head.

"I do, Daddy" she purred softly from the dark. She felt
her Daddy's pajamas getting wet. Her palm and fingertips
felt damp, too. She must be making the fever go away,
she thought. It jumped in her hand again, and this time
Sakura wrapped her fingers tighter around it, cupping
the head in her palm. "It really likes me touching it,
Daddy. I must be making you feel better. It's, sweating,
a lot, Daddy."

She heard Daddy breathe out in the dark, like he was
really, really excited by that, and when she moved her
fingertips together over the top of it he moaned, "Oh
lil baby, that feels so good" so she kept doing that,
wanting to help him feel better, wanting to help his
fever go away.

"Baby?" You know what would really help, Daddy, is, if
you would unbutton Daddy's pajamas. Daddy's getting very
warm, and it would make Daddy feel so much better."

Sakura really liked Daddy's idea. "Okay, Daddy" she
whispered, "I want to help, Daddy."

"I know you do, lil baby. Daddy's fever is already
getting better, baby."

Sakura let go of Daddy's cock, and with both hands,
touched Daddy's tummy with her fingertips until she
touched the top of his pajamas. Daddy jumped a little
when her fingertips slid over his tummy.

She unbuttoned the top button in the dark, and when she
opened Daddy's pajamas, Daddy's, thermometer, bounced
out and touched the underside of her wrist. It was so
hot and smooth.

"Good girl" Daddy breathed out from the dark again "that
feels so much better, baby, and your hands feel so soft
and warm, too. You're making Daddy feel so much better,
baby. You're such a good girl, helping, Daddy."

He couldn't see her, but Sakura smiled in the darkness.
She liked it when he called her his good girl. "Oh good,
Daddy" she whispered, "I want to make you feel better. I
want to help you get better, Daddy."

"Ohh, you are, baby. You're making Daddy feel so much
better. You're such a good girl."

"I like being your good girl, Daddy. Does this feel
good, Daddy?" she asked softly as she pulled on her
Daddy's naked cock, pulling on the top of it with her
fingertips again, while with her other hand, she wrapped
her fingers around it at the bottom, squeezing, pulling,
right where it came up from Daddy's lap, Daddy's fur so
soft on her hand. Each time she squeezed she felt him
get harder, and Daddy moved his hips. As Daddy lifted
his hips his hot hard bare cock slid through her loose
fist, and the more she used her fingertips to pull up on
the top of it, the more slippery wet it became.

"Am I, making it feel better, Daddy? It's so hot. It's
really sweating a lot, Daddy. It's making my hands wet."
Sakura realized it was making her Daddy slippery in her
hands, juts like she felt between her legs.

"Ohhh, yesss, baby" Daddy breathed out in a gush, his
hips raising up into her hands, again, and again,
"you're helping, Daddy, so, much, lil baby" he gushed
out in a shaking whisper, "making Daddy feel so much
better. You're such a good girl, helping, Daddy, feel

"What else can I do, to help, Daddy?"

"Oh, baby, you really are Daddy's good girl, helping

Daddy was breathing hard, and Sakura smiled in the dark

"Baby? You know what would help Daddy feel even better,

"What, Daddy?" Sakura so warm inside asked, feeling a
tingling sensation between her legs wash hot and
pulsating through her.

"If you would scoot up on Daddy just a little, and use
your tummy to rub some of the fever from Daddy."

Sakura wanted to help her Daddy, so she scooted up on
his lap until Daddy's cock in her hands touched her
belly through her nightie. She lifted her nightie so she
could really help him feel better, without her panties
on, rubbing against her bare belly.

Daddy felt so hot on her it made her feel all warm in
her belly, and she scooted a little further forward, so
she was touching all of him right down to her pussy.
Sakura was glad she didn't have panties on.

"Like this, Daddy?" she asked, rubbing Daddy up and
down, his juices on her belly so hot and slippery,
Daddy's hands sliding back and forth on her thighs so
delicious, she realized she was rocking with Daddy,
pushing as he pushed.

"Yes, baby. That feels so good. Maybe move it around on
your tummy, lil baby. Oh baby, yesss, that makes Daddy
feel so much better. Your tummy and your hands are
keeping Daddy so warm. Daddy can tell how warm you are,
too, baby."

"I know, Daddy, I think I may be getting a fever, too. I
feel so warm inside, Daddy. You're so hot on my tummy,
and I can feel it throbbing in me, too, Daddy. I think
it got even bigger, it's even bigger and harder than
before, and it's really sweating now. Is that good,
Daddy?" Sakura felt like she was a little out of breath.
She was rubbing Daddy's thick hard cock all around on
her belly, and realized she was scooting forward more,
and more, rocking her hips into the base of Daddy's
cock, trying to rub herself on it. She wanted to help
Daddy feel better so badly, she realized she was making
herself feel good, too.

"It is, baby. It's going to make Daddy's fever go away.
You're doing so good, sweetie. Here, baby, let Daddy
feel if you're getting better, too. Mmm, yes, sweetie,
you're getting better like Daddy."

"Nnnn, Daddy, I'm so slippery down there, aren't I,
Daddy? Is that what it feels like when I touch you like
that, Daddy? I think I might be getting what you have,
Daddy. I feel so hot inside" she breathed out. "Can you
feel how hot I am?" she whispered hotly into the dark,
Daddy just below her.

"Mm, yes, lil baby, you are hot, baby. You feel really
slippery. That means you're getting better. Do Daddy's
fingers make you feel better?"

She nodded in the dark. "Nnnn-hhnnn, yes, Daddy." Sakura
closed her eyes, so she wasn't looking into the dark and
could feel how good Daddy's fingers felt on her bottom,
touching along her little pussy. Daddy's fingers kept
making her little pussy feel so warm and slippery. When
she felt Daddy's big finger slide inside her she almost
fell forward. She lifted her bottom a little without
even meaning to, so Daddy's finger could go inside her
even further.

Sakura squeezed Daddy's cock, and pulled on it really
slowly as his finger pushed in and out of her quivering
pink slit. She was so wet, Daddy's finger moved in and
out of her really softly.

"I think I know what would help us even more, baby. If
you would scoot up even more, and sort of sit on top of
Daddy, with Daddy right between your legs, and scoot
back and forth with Daddy under you, baby, I think it
would help us both bring down our fevers."

Sakura liked that idea. "You mean like this, Daddy?"
Sakura kept pulling on her Daddy's cock, rubbing it on
her belly, scooting forward, rocking her hips, her bare
bottom so hot on her Daddy's aching balls, sliding on
top of him, his cock between her legs, her slippery wet
little pussy now gliding back and forth on top of her
Daddy's swollen rigid throbbing hard cock.

"Ohh, Daddy, that, does feel good" she cooed as she slid
her slippery wet little pussy up and back on the length
of her Daddy's aching hard erection.

It felt so good Sakura leaned forward, resting one hand
on her Daddy's chest, bucking her hips forward and back,
pulling Daddy's cock against her wet little slit.

"Yes, baby. It'll bring down your fever too, baby. Just
keep sliding on Daddy like that, baby. Nnn, good girl.
Does that feel good, baby?"

Daddy's hands were on her hips now helping her slide
along his cock. She pulled up on the head of his cock in
her hand, rocking her hips, sliding even harder against
him as he lifted his hips to her, too, their rhythm
exciting her so much, Daddy's cock sliding through her
so slippery creamy wetness so effortlessly, her soft
little pussy wrapping around the thickness and heat of
her Daddy.

She was breathing really hard and Sakura could only nod
in the dark, "Nnnn-hnn, it does, Daddy" her voice
quivering. She'd closed her eyes again, sliding back and
forth on her Daddy, breathing really hard, cradling the
top of Daddy's swollen hot cock, pulling it against her
sensitive slit, right at the top of her pussy. "I'm
sliding on you, Daddy. Feels, so good, Daddy. Ohhh,
Daddy. Making us feel better, Daddy. Am I helping,

Daddy was so softly touching her, moving his fingers
around her little bottom, touching her between her legs,
too, his fingers so slippery, she quivered and felt all
buttery warm inside, so slippery she knew he must be
helping her get better.

"We must, have the fever really bad, Daddy" she breathed
out. "We're, so sweaty, down there, Daddy" she mewled,
panting now, rocking her hips faster and faster in a
steady rhythm.

'What else, can I do, to make you, feel better, Daddy,
to make us, feel better?"

"Baby, I think I know what else will really help make us
feel better. Would you like to try, sweetie?"

Sakura felt Daddy's fingers lightly slide up over her
hips, to her ribs, his hands going under her nighty
hanging forward, tented out over her breasts.

She had already felt hot tingling sensations shoot right
to her nipples, and her breasts swelling, and them begin
to ache as she rocked back and forth on Daddy, her
breasts swaying and bumping under her thin little
nighty. She felt Daddy's fingers make her skin tingle.
She suddenly wanted him to put his hands on her breasts,
not just accidentally.

She leaned into Daddy's big hands, them first hold her
just under her ribs, his hands so hot on her bare skin
under her nightie. Then Daddy slid his hands out in
front of her breasts, under her nighty, so her breasts,
her nipples especially, softly, lightly sc****d and
bumped into the soft heat of his palms. It took her
breath away.

She felt him so lightly and slowly cup the bottom of her
breasts hanging into his hands, and as they bumped and
pushed and swayed into his hands, as she slid up and
down on him between her legs, she found that, if she
concentrated on rubbing him right at the top of her
pussy, Daddy's cock so slippery wet rubbing against her
clit, made her so hot all over; and, that when Daddy
slowly took her breasts into his big hands, began
kneading them, she thought she must be close to breaking
her fever. She gushed out a breath, her pussy gushing
her creamy wetness all over her hand, all over her
Daddy's cock as he played with her nipples, too.

Daddy just kept squeezing, rubbing her breasts. Daddy
was making her nipples so hard and hot they ached. She
pressed into his hands, her Daddy taking each nipple
between his fingers, and kneading them, pulling on them,
and she felt it deep between her legs. "Ohhh, Daddy,
that's making me, feel, so better, Daddy. Don't stop,
doing that, Daddy, don't stop, Papa. Making, your little
girl, feel so good, Papa."

Sakura heard herself moaning in the dark, all the
sensations of her and her Daddy's bodies rubbing so warm
and wet in the dark, not able to see each other, her
soft little chirping sounds, mewling, purring like a
kitten in heat as Daddy did such magical things to her
breasts, as she rocked her pelvis on the hard, hot
throbbing thing between her legs.

She rolled her fist around the head of Daddy's cock,
twisting and turning, sliding back and forth, Daddy's
hands making her breast hot, too. She was so feverish,
she thought to herself. She fell forward into Daddy's
hands kneading her breasts, so hot, so good, her bottom
rocking, pressing into Daddy's cock sliding through her
slit as she rocked her hips, grinding against her
Daddy's swollen throbbing cock. Daddy's hands were so
sensitive to her breasts. She loved him.

Daddy whispered, "Baby, let's take your little nightie
off, you're getting so warm" as she raised her arms, as
Daddy slid her nightie over her head, her hair falling
down around her, tickling her everywhere.

Daddy took her breasts in his hands again, and Sakura
melted into them, leaned forward into Daddy's hands on
her breasts holding her up.

Daddy was breathing so hard, he practically spilled out
his words, "Baby? Daddy needs to put my mouth on your
breasts, baby, to make you, feel better."

Sakura just sighed, "Nnn-kay, Daddy'" she whispered,
Daddy's cock so wet in her hands as Daddy relaxed his
arms and he leaned her down to his mouth.

When she felt her Daddy's hot wet mouth suck her nipple,
and then the other, Sakura thought she was going to
faint as she moaned out, "Nnnn, Papa. Ohhh, Daddy,
feels, so good, Papa. Don't stop, Daddy. Ohhh, Daddy,
nnn, suck on me, Daddy" her nipples on fire in her
Daddy's mouth.

Sakura felt a desperate heat in her belly that, as she
rubbed the head of Daddy's cock through the folds of her
hot little cunt, as she lifted up leaning forward so
Daddy could lick and suck her nipples, she leaned
forward enough that the head of Daddy's cock, the tip of
the head slid against her hot little cunny, wanted to go
inside her, sank part way into her, into that place that
felt so needy, so on fire.

When it started to go into her further, spreading her
open, it felt so right, she pushed down, sinking the big
fat head of her Daddy's swollen, bloated cock into her
aching dripping wet, hot little cunny.

She moaned and gushed into Daddy's ear, "Nnnnn, Daddy"
Daddy's hot breath on the side of her face, she pushed
again, and slid a little more inside her. "Oh Daddy, oh
Daddy" she kept saying the more she slid it inside her,
the more it fed the hunger she felt inside her, Daddy's
hands and mouth all over her breasts.

"Mmmm, that's my good girl, yess, a little at a time,
good girl, take Daddy inside you, lil baby, Daddy has to
be all the way inside you, to, take your temperature,
lil baby" feeling each other smile in the dark.

"Ohhh Daddy, pushing, so deep, inside me. Ohhh, ohhh
god, Daddy" she gushed, "I'm, cumming, Daddy, on you,
Daddy, on your, cock, Daddy" Daddy's hot mouth again
sucking her swollen hot nipples, pushing his swollen
hard cock up into her, deeper and deeper, fucking, up
into, her, taking her breath away, cumming, him holding
her bottom in his big hands, sucking her nipples,
fucking her in the dark as she fucked her Daddy's cock
into her soft warm little pussy, her Daddy's cock
stretching her open, pulling on Daddy's cock with her
throbbing hot pussy, sliding up, and then down, working
Daddy's cock deeper and deeper inside her, fucking
herself on Daddy's cock, his cock pushing until it
stopped in her, until it bumped into her, squeezing him,
her cream all over Daddy's legs.

She heard Daddy groan in the dark, "ohhh lil baby" as
she felt Daddy's cock throb and pulse, as it swelled
even bigger, as it got so, so hard, making Sakura gasp,
her entire body vibrated, and she let out a bellowing
moan, too, as she felt Daddy explode inside her, deep in
her belly, "Nnnggghh, lil baby" Daddy groaned out into
the dark room, Daddy pulling her so hard against him, so
deep in her hungry little belly in the total darkness of
their bedroom.

**Alternate Ending**

... Kneeling over Daddy in the dark, pulling his cock
against her belly, Sakura whispered "I want to help you
get better, Daddy. What else, Daddy, what else do you
want me to do, Papa, to make, you feel better?" she
breathed in.

Daddy was making her nipples feel really, really good.
"What, can I do, to help, Daddy?" she gushed out,
rubbing her belly into Daddy's cock, pulling on him,
against her slippery wet little cunny.

"Baby? I think I know what would really help, baby. If
you take Daddy's temperature with your mouth, if you,
put your mouth on Daddy's cock, lil baby."

Sakura pictured Daddy's hot hard cock in her mouth and
she gushed into the dark of the room.

"Sometimes you can tell how feverish Daddy is" Daddy
whispered, his throat dry, his breathing out between his
words, "and when I'll feel better if you put your mouth
on Daddy, and take Daddy's, temperature, that way, lil

"Nnn, Daddy, I can tell you, how, hot you feel with my
mouth, and how bad your fever is, Daddy" Sakura purred,
feeling like she was in heat.

"That's my good girl."

Daddy's praise made Sakura feel so good, her nipples
throbbed to Daddy's voice in the dark. She liked being
able to help her Daddy. She suddenly realized her bottom
was getting sweaty hot where she was sitting on Daddy's
bare legs. She felt so slippery. Her pussy ached, and
was wet, feverish. She worried she might be getting what
Daddy had.

Her nipples ached, too, and her breasts hurt, were
swelling. Sakura scooted back on Daddy's warm legs, and
leaned down toward Daddy's cock in her hands.

She brought her Daddy's cock to her lips, her long black
hair tickling his tummy as she turned her head so her
hair would fall away from her face, so her hair wouldn't
get in the way while she took Daddy's temperature with
her mouth.

She felt Daddy brush her hair to the side, and him slide
his thigh, his knee, up between her legs, softly push
his knee against her bare little pussy, and Sakura
moaned. His knee felt like his cock, sliding through
her, slippery wet, hot, her pussy throbbing, wanting.

Daddy must have thought that touching her breasts was
helping her a lot, too, because he reached down with
both hands, and strummed her breasts with his
fingertips, kneaded them in his big hands, rubbed her
breasts and nipples right through her nightie.

Sakura felt like she was going to explode. What was
Daddy doing to her, touching, igniting? She rubbed his
raging hard cock on her cheek, her mouth open, she heard
herself breathing hard.

His skin was so hot on hers, and when he left his knee
and thigh for her to rub against, she blushed again, her
little cunny humming, vibrating, soaking hot wet. She
made Daddy's knee all slippery, too, and she couldn't
help but rock on her knees, pushing on Daddy's knee,
rocking on Daddy's knee pushing into her bare little
pussy. She gushed, "Nnnn, Daddy, Papa, my, my little
pussy, Papa."

It felt so good, she leaned and sucked Daddy into
her mouth.

Daddy moaned, "Ohhh, lil baby, yes, put your mouth on
Daddy" his fingers touching through her hair.

It felt so hot and soft and hard all at the same time in
her mouth, and when Daddy put his hand on her head, it
made her feel so assured and safe, his hand in her hair,
his fingers coursing through her hair, taking her hair
in his fist, she wanted more, she needed it, in her
mouth, needed to suck on it.

She slid Daddy an inch or two deeper into her mouth,
pushing her tongue against it, mouthing him, loving her
Daddy's cock in her hot little mouth, taking him into
her throat as Daddy raised his hips up and down; he was
so wet, so hard, Sakura moaned on him, and sucked on
Daddy even more as he fucked into her hot wet little
mouth, rocking on his knee, fucking Daddy's hugely hard
throbbing cock with her mouth, Daddy's other hand
sliding, groping, touching at her breasts, rubbing,
touching her, his knee, her rubbing on Daddy's knee, his
fingers in her hair, was all making her feel so hot
inside, so good, she moaned on Daddy's cock in one
continuous chorus of humming, loving, sucking breaths.

She heard Daddy moan, too, and knowing Daddy's moans
meant she was helping, she moved her mouth even more,
loving Daddy in her mouth, and began moving her hands,
too, like she was before, jacking the base of Daddy's
cock into her mouth and he moaned even more, telling her
what a good girl she was. "Nnnngg, lil baby, yesss, you
suck Daddy so good, lil baby. Daddy's good lil girl" and
Sakura sucked even harder, sucking her Daddy's cock in
the dark.

It must have felt really good, because Daddy moaned "Oh,
lil baby, suck Daddy with your hot little mouth, baby"
his hand wrapped in her hair, pushing her head down as
he pushed up with his hips. She pushed her tongue
against Daddy siding through her mouth and he almost
growled, "Mmmm, lil baby, yesss, suck Daddy, fuck Daddy
with your hot little mouth, baby" Daddy moving his hips
up and down, sliding his daddy-cock deeper and deeper
into her mouth Sakura humming on Daddy's cock, "nnnggg,
lil baby, yes, so good, lil baby, such a good girl"
twisting and sliding her hands around his cock, sucking
his cock with a passion she'd never known.

Something about Daddy in her mouth made her feel so hot,
so sexy, so on fire. She sucked and moaned harder and
louder to Daddy's words of encouragement, Daddy's
fingers wrapped in her hair, guiding her sucking mouth,
her bobbing up and down, twisting her mouth on Daddy,
sucking and jacking Daddy's cock. The more she sucked on
her Daddy, the wetter she became, the harder she pushed
against Daddy's knee.

She hardly recognized Daddy's voice through the sheer
darkness. "Baby, come here, turn around, Daddy needs to
take your temperature, too, lil baby."

In a near frenzy Sakura slid Daddy's cock from her
mouth, "Nnnn, Daddy, love, sucking you, Papa" as she
held onto her Daddy, and Daddy turned her around over
him in the dark, his head between her legs.

As she put her mouth back on Daddy, to keep taking his
temperature, Daddy began kissing her all around her
dripping little pussy, his mouth, his tongue so hot on
her little pussy, so good on her little pussy, Sakura
breathed out, "Ohhh, Papa" as Daddy licked his tongue
right through her pink creamy slit, slid his tongue
insider her, licked and sucked her juices. She must
really have a fever, Sakura thought, because she felt so
hot down there, so wet, her pussy vibrating and
throbbing and aching from Daddy's mouth, getting relief
only from Daddy's mouth, licking, sucking her even more.

She was liking taking her Daddy's temperature so much,
when she felt him lick her there, his tongue licking all
over between her legs, and then push inside her, she
moaned and sucked even harder on her Daddy, wanting
taking his temperature to feel as good as it felt for

It felt so good Sakura had to lay on her Daddy's belly.
Her tummy felt so warm on his. Daddy mouthed her entire
little pussy. Licking, sucking, groaning into her wet
little cunny. She felt weightless on her Daddy, their
bellies touching so soft and warm, her Daddy moaning
into her swollen hot little cunny, Sakura sucked on
Daddy even harder.

She kept wanting to tell Daddy how good his mouth felt
as she realized she was rubbing her cunny on Daddy's
mouth, her legs spread, her rocking her tummy just like
Daddy was, pushing into her mouth, and that Daddy knew
her moans meant she liked it, too.

Daddy would moan and his moan would reverberate through
her, his long hot tongue fucking inside her, flicking
over her, and feeling a surge pour through her, her
pussy quivered and throbbing, humming and moaning on her
Daddy's cock, Sakura felt herself cumming on her Daddy's

Daddy told her what a good girl she was, moaning into
her humming little cunt "Mmm, yes lil baby, cum on
Daddy's mouth" and she humped her little pussy into
Daddy's mouth, and from all the sounds Daddy was making,
Sakura knew he was liking taking her temperature, a lot.
He kept saying he loved her cream, and she sucked him
hard wanting more of his cream, too.

Daddy's hands were everywhere. He slid his hands over
her back, in her hair, pulling her hair into a pony tail
and pulling, fucking his cock into her mouth. His hands
holding her bottom, mouthing, sucking, licking her
entire swollen little cunt. He wrapped his arms around
her waist, and sucked her and licked her, deeper and
deeper, growling "god, I love your little pussy, baby.
Daddy loves licking your creamy wet little pussy"
sucking her voraciously, slowing and licking her so
softy it made her body melt into his.

He put both his hands on the insides of her thighs, and
spread her open, licking, licking, his tongue all over
between her legs, until she felt another surging deep in
her belly, her clit humming and vibrating under Daddy's

The more she sucked, the more Daddy licked her. When she
cupped his balls in her warm hand, Daddy pushed a finger
into her cottony soft little bottom, and began sliding
another, his thumb, into her sopping wet pussy, licking
her clit, flicking it over and over and over, flicking
back and forth, and then for as long, as steadily, up
and down, It felt so amazing Sakura had to take her
mouth off of her Daddy's cock.

She kept jacking him, moaning, "Ohhh, Daddy" over and
over, cumming, cumming on her Daddy's mouth, "ohhh
Daddy, lick me, Papa, nnnnnn" still jacking his
throbbing hot cock.

Her Daddy biting and licking the insides of her thighs,
Sakura sucked him back into her mouth, jacking her
Daddy's cock, sucking him, so hard, him bucking his
hips, pushing his cock deeper and deeper into her mouth,
reaching up and pushing her head down, holding her by
her hair with both hands on her head, fucking up into
her mouth, fucking her entire hot little cunt with his
mouth. Sakura had never felt so alive.

She felt his cock get bigger and bigger, heard him from
the dark behind her begin to groan as she felt her
Daddy's cock throb and pulse in her fist, in her mouth,
as his whole body tensed, as he groaned, as he held her,
as she sucked, and sucked, as he came down her throat,
fucking her mouth, as she swallowed and swallowed,
sucking her Daddy, helping her Daddy get better, too,
loving that she made Daddy cum, his cock throbbing in
her mouth in the dark of the room.

Panting, Sakura's Daddy barely able to speak, whispered,
"Come here, baby, come lay in Daddy's arms."

His arm around her in the dark, Daddy whispered, "Mmm,
lil baby, I love you so much, baby. Daddy loves you, so

Sakura leaned up and whispered to her Daddy, "I sure
hope the next time we have fevers, we can help bring
each other's fevers down this way, Daddy" she giggled,
kissing him on the cheek, squeezing his cock in her
hand. "God you are so hot, Daddy. Thank you, baby. Thank
you for giving me my fantasies. That was so hot, Daddy.
God, I'm still shaking, I can barely move."

"Mmm, you are such a sexy little baby. I love how you
taste, how much you cream on Daddy, god I love licking
your little pussy. Baby? My little Mamasan. The next
time you get up to go to the bathroom, and you come back
to find me jerking off because I'm so hard for you, you
can so be my little nurse again" he chuckled. "You are
just so amazing. I love you, so much, baby, so much love
for you, baby. I love going there with you. It's so hot.
Thank you."

Sakura loved her Daddy, too. She beamed and flushed in
the dark of the bedroom, her arm over him she slid her
fingers through his soft fur on his chest. Daddy sliding
his legs over hers she hugged herself to him, her
Daddy's skin so soft and warm, kissed him, whispered, "I
love you, Daddy. I love you so much, baby, and you fuck
me so good" she giggled again. "Oh my god, baby, I came
four times on your mouth, my naughty, sexy Daddy. I love
sucking you off, baby. You have such a beautiful cock.
When you were sucking my nipples, oh my god." Sakura
felt Daddy's cock twitch in her little hand, and
squeezed, feeling Daddy's cock swelling again. "More,
Daddy?" she whispered into the dark, "do you want your
little girl again, Papasan?"

Daddy lifted her mouth to his, kissed her, sliding his
tongue into her mouth, tasting each other on each other,
as Sakura pulled on her Daddy, as Daddy pushed his
fingers back inside her, and began fucking her again.


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2 years ago
No ages nor descriptions of the participants, means no reference points, in which to either heighten or debase the images, feelings expressed or not, and any urges of the readers.

The sexual descriptions were very well done, the writing and grammar very good and visual. All in all a very alluring, sexy and lusty session of daddy and daughter!
2 years ago
loving the story
2 years ago taking too long for me to finish this story ;)
sakura's daddy really please me
2 years ago
Very sexy! I rather enjoyed that ^_~
2 years ago
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