"When were you planning to tell me about these?" Lauren asked her son when he came home from school.

On the dining room table were different forms and brochures for college students looking to study abroad.

"I can't believe you've been looking through my stuff again," Tom replied angrily.

She sighed, "Tom, you know how much effort I've put in keeping our f****y together since your father passed away. Your grandparents and aunts and uncles all say that they want to see your more often. They obviously love you very much. And I don't think you moving out before you've finished your college education is what's best for you or our f****y."

"Mom, please, I don't want to fight about this again. Studying abroad is part of a college education. And it's not like I've made up my mind about it either. I'm just keeping my options open because it's something I've always wanted to do. But I don't expect you to understand that..."

"You're right, I don't want to fight either," she replied, feeling defeated. "We'll continue this conversation another time..."

Mom's Special Offer

Lauren stood lifeless in the shower wondering where things went wrong. Just a few years ago, she thought she had the perfect life. She had a romantic husband in a wonderful marriage. Her son was exceeding in both sports and academics. And both she and her husband had successful careers. She couldn't ask for anything more.

But after her husband passed away, things started to fall apart, particularly with her son. He no longer seemed interested in being around the house or with f****y. After he graduated from high school and began attending college, all he cared about was being his own person and spent most of his free time with his new friends. Lauren didn't exactly object to the changes in her son since it was regarded as normal, but she did have a problem with her son wanting to move out so soon when their f****y was still fragile.

The only thing she needed now was a plan.


The idea had suddenly dawned on her as she wiped the steam from the mirror. She carefully examined her 43 year old body in a way that she hadn't in a very long time. Her hair was dark blond and shoulder length. She had piercing blue eyes and her facial features were like that of a super model. Her toned body was a result of hard work in the gym, with slender arms, a tight stomach, and athletic legs. Her breasts were medium sized b-cups and sagged a little, which she didn't mind. But what stood out the most as she gazed at her nude form was seeing her large pink which had been routinely complemented by every man she's ever been with.

'Could I really do this?' she asked herself. 'Could I really seduce my own son?'

And at that moment, she realized that her answer was a clear 'yes'. She loved her son very much and she would do anything to keep him in her life. She remembered how her son used to try and spy on her whenever she would come out of the shower, or try to look down her top whenever he had the chance. He also used to play with her panties and garments whenever she wasn't around. But that was before he changed. And now, she had to figure out of way to use that to her advantage.


"So are you just going to sit there all night and give me the silent treatment?" Lauren asked her son during an awkward dinner.

He finally looked at her for the first time this evening. "No, it's just that I'm tired of you going through my things and trying to manage my life. I'm not a k** anymore mom."

"I understand," she sighed. "You're a young man and you've got your whole life in front of you. Maybe I'm getting old and becoming that nagging mother I've always dreaded becoming."

"Stop with that, I don't think of you as a 'nagging mother'. I just wish you'd respect my boundaries a little more, that's all."

"Have you thought about how moving so far away would effect your relationship with your f****y and friends?" Lauren asked, slightly switching topics.

He shrugged off her assertion. "Mom, it's not like I would be gone forever or that we don't have emails or phones in this day and age."

"Fine, but what about your spot on the football team. You know, when you were growing up, no matter how busy I was, I always made time to take you to practices and to go see games."

"I appreciate what you've done mom, but my life doesn't revolve around sports. Besides, even though I enjoy it, it would be nice to not feel so beat up all the time."

"And me?" she asked, raising an eyebrow.

He smiled and got up to kiss her forehead. "Relax mom, you know I'll always love you."

"Thanks, that's sweet of you to say. Now all I have to do is find a way to convince you a little more..." she replied with a smile of her own.


Her plan was in motion. Lauren took the following day off from work and went to the mall. She knew exactly what she wanted, heading directly towards the lingerie store.

Once there, she picked out a few items from a section which she never dreamed of visiting. After grabbing a few of the more sexy items on display, she headed towards the fitting room. She was sure to try on each of the under garments she picked out and modeled herself in the mirror to ensure that she would be irresistible when the time came.

Then finally, she tried on the last set of under garment which she was knew would drive her son completely wild. It was a matching set of a black colored bra and panties, that were see through around the breast and crotch area. The pinkness of her large nipples were perfectly visible through the top, and so were her pubic hairs, which she realized she would have to shave when she got home.

She modeled herself in the mirror and suddenly smiled as she realized that she never wore anything so sexy for her own husband. In fact, she never dressed in such an explicit outfit for any man that's ever been in her life. But for her son, she was willing to do something extra special for him.


"So how was practice today sweetie?" Lauren asked her son when he came back home.

"The same as always," he replied, giving her the typical generic answer she's become accustomed to hearing. "So how come you're home early today?"

"I had a meeting which ended sooner than expected, so I was able to get the rest of the day off."

"Oh, I could tell. Your hair and make-up looks extra nice today. Well, I better go shower now," he replied before walking off.

"Wait..." Lauren quickly said. "It seems like we've been fighting a lot lately, and since I'm home and I'm not tired, why don't you let me give you a massage after you shower? I'm sure it would help you relax."

He stood there looking puzzled for a moment. "Has someone k**napped my mother and replaced her with a clone? You've never offered to do that before."

"Can we please have a day without fighting? I'm trying to make a real effort here to patch things up between us. So are you interested?"

"Fine, I guess it would be nice," he replied.

A big smile appeared on her face, "Great. I'll be in my room, come get me when you're ready."


Lauren's heart was pounding as she listened to her son using the hair dryer down the hall after his shower. At any moment her son would come to her door, and when he did, he would be treated to the sight of his mother 'accidentally' being caught in a vulnerable moment. The radio was even turned on so that her set up wouldn't be too suspicious.

She kept her eyes on the full length mirror. Her hair was neatly parted on top and was tied in the back. Her make-up was done to perfection. And most importantly, she wore her see-through bra and panties for her son to have a sneak peak at her body, but at the same time, not reveal too much too soon. She wanted to tease him, and tease him badly.

"Mom are you ther..." Tom tried to ask, before coming to a complete pause as he pushed opened the door.

Lauren saw the shocked look on her son's face through the mirror's reflection. His eyes widened and his lips opened slightly as he was able to see the color and size of his mother's nipples, her cleanly shaven vagina, and her shapely rear end as she posed for him. Slowly, Lauren turned and grabbed a silk robe and pretended she was trying to cover herself.

"Oh...I was listening to music and didn't hear you coming," she told him.

"Sorry..I...I thought you were dressed since the door was partially open," he stammered.

"No worries. I'll meet you in the living room in a minute after I finish up."

She felt so nervous that her hands were nearly shaking. Her son had just seen her intimately in a way that he hadn't in years. But at the same time, a large part of her was becoming extremely aroused at the fact that her body could get her son going the way that it did. So after she slipped on her robe, she headed downstairs to finish what she started.


Her son was waiting for her in the living room and the erotic tension between them couldn't be ignored. She rolled out a small rug for him to lay on after he took off his shirt, and she kneeled down to massage him.

"That feels so good mom," Tom groaned as his mother began rubbing his back.

She then started to massage around his neck and shoulders. "Thanks. I've been told I'm great at giving massages. Maybe we should have done this sooner, it may have made going school and playing sports a lot easier."

He moaned. "Probably...ughhh...you're hands are so amazing."

"I'm so glad you like it," she replied, with her hands pressing hard on her son's body. "I'm sure I have other things you might enjoy as well."

Lauren then moved her legs across her son's lower back and straddled him. Her robe was open at the bottom so that Tom could feel his mother's thin and see-through panties against his skin. She began to slowly gyrate her hips so that her son could feel the shape her vagina pressed against him.

"Mom...what are you..."

"I want to make you an offer. Your relatives and I all love your very much, and if you're willing to forget about transferring to a place where we won't be able to see you, then I would gladly do more than just give you a simple massage. I know that you've been fantasizing about for a very long time, and I assure you that it would be worth your while."

Tom suddenly turned his body around, forcing his mother off of him. "I can't believe I'm hearing this. I don't even know what to say right now."

"I...I think I've made a mistake in thinking you would be interested in me in this way."

Lauren stood up and closed her robe in a state of utter embarrassment. The tone in her son's voice and the look on his face was all she needed to know. And with that, she hurtfully went back to her room.


"Can I come in?" he asked, knocking on his mother's bedroom door half an hour later.

When he didn't hear a response, he opened the door and let himself him. His mother was lying on the bed facing the opposite direction wearing just her bra and panties. And he came closer to her, he saw the crumpled up pieces of tissue on the floor, which showed that she had been crying.

"I'm sorry for how I reacted earlier," Tom said as he sat down on the bed.

She slowly sat up on the bed next to her son. "I feel like such a fool for thinking that you would go for that, or that it was even a good idea in the first place. God, I've never felt so humiliated in my life."

"Don't..." he replied. "The truth is that I have been fantasizing about you for years, and I still do on some occasions. I guess...I just got scared..."

"So what are you trying to tell me?"

He paused for a moment. "I'm saying that if the offer is still there, I'd like to continue where we left off..."

"Of course the offer is still there," she warmly smiled. "Here, come lie on my bed and I'll continue with the massage. We'll see where things go from there."

"That sounds good," he replied before taking his shirt off and following his mother's instructions.

Things continued where they left off as Lauren's hands went back to work with it's sensual massage. She slowly rubbed and squeezed every part of her son's back to the best of her ability.

She then leaned forward and whispered, "Turn around. I want to make you feel good."

Tom obliged, and although he didn't know what to expect, he was in anticipation for what his mom was going to do for him. Suddenly, he felt his mother pulling his shorts down and felt his cock being exposed. He saw that his mother had her eyes fixated on his growing erection before taking it in her hands to caress.

"You've certainly grown," she said in a reminiscent tone of voice. "You've become a young man now."

"Your hands feel so good mom..."

Lauren took her son's words to heart and continued stroking him even faster. Her soft fingers ran up and down his hard cock, and the tighter she squeezed, the more he would squirm. It had gotten to the point where she wondered if she was doing this for his pleasure or for hers. But it didn't matter, she was jerking off her son and they were both loving it.

Then after several minutes of watching his mother's hands on him, he suddenly moaned, "Mom, I'm about to cum."

Those words moistened her vagina even further and sent a shiver down her spine. Her hands went to work even harder, squeezing and rubbing his cock, and tightening her grip. She even started using her thumb to rub against the sensitive part of his head, and that was all she needed to do to send him over the edge with a massive orgasm. Burst after burst of his cum flung in the air and onto his body and coated her fingers.

And just when Tom thought his climax couldn't get any better, he watches as his mother bent her head down to take the tip of his cock inside her mouth. Her soft lips and wet mouth formed a tight suction which caught and swallowed the rest of his massive load. Then when it was over, he watches as his mother licked her lips clean and ate the rest off his cum off of her fingers.

She grinned, "You taste just like your father."

"That was one of the best sexual experiences of my life," Tom proclaimed while still in a state of ecstasy.

"Good. But I'm curious about something, I'm sure you've had plenty of hand jobs in your life, so why the big deal about mine?"

"It's hard to explain, but there's something so erotic about having my own mother get me off," he replied.

"I know exactly what you mean. Planning this was all I could think about for the past 24 hours. And actually stroking you and putting you in my mouth, well, let's just say that I now understand the love so many people have for i****t."

"It's always been one of my favorite fantasies as well. I don't think I'll be enjoying regular sex as much as I used to after this," he joked.

"So does this mean you're accepting my offer?" she asked. "All I'm asking is that you make more of an effort to connect with your f****y, and in exchange, I wouldn't mind giving you a hand job here and there. I'll even use my mouth on certain occasions if I see that you're making a sincere effort."

"Mom, what you just did for me was something I've been dreaming about for years. But I'll accept your deal on one condition; I want to see your vagina."

After a brief pause, Lauren smiled pulled off her panties and tossed them to the floor revealing her freshly shaven crotch. She then laid on her back with her legs held up and spread her labia wide open.

"Here, have a look," she said, exposing the canal which led deep inside her body. "That's where you were born. That's where you were conceived by your father and I."

Tom kneeled down on the bed to get an extremely intimate and explicit look at his mother's vagina. His eyes were just inches away as he admired everything from her clitoris, her brown labia, and the pinkness of her insides. He could see how much she enjoyed giving him that hand job by how wet she was. And he saw how much she was enjoying exposing herself to him as he watched her become even wetter. But above all, he was able to see what his mother wanted him to see, which was the pathway to her womb.

"You look unbelievably sexy. Can I touch it?" he asked.

"Why not? After what I've just done to you, you can touch whatever you want," she replied.

He curiously put the tip of his finger on his mother's clitoris and rubbed it to find out what his own mother felt like. And when she showed signs of receiving sexual pleasure from his own hand, he knew that this was his chance to fulfill his other sexual fantasy- getting his mother off.

Two of his fingers began furious rubbing her now throbbing clit. Her eyes closed and she tilted her head back so she could enjoy herself. Tom's fingers then found its way inside of her wet vagina. He could feel her warmth and wetness as he started fingering her, and the more he did it, the wetter she became and the harder she started heaving.

"I want your mouth on me...please...make me cum," she panted, with her eyes still closed.

Once the curiosity of his mother's vagina was gone, and now that he had the encouragement, he wasted no time plunging his tongue inside of his mother's body. A loud moan immediately escaped Lauren's mouth as her son was now performing oral sex on her. And for the next several minutes, Tom's tongue and mouth found it's way across every part of his mother's womanhood. Her moaning then became louder as he started using his fingers inside of her while licking up and down her labia and clitoris, eventually leading her to reach a climax.

Her toes curled up tight and legs stiffened as her body prepared to orgasm. She let out a soft yell and a sudden rush of fluids entered Tom's mouth from inside his mother's vagina. It came as a steady stream, and he didn't stop using his tongue and fingers until the fluids stopped pouring out. And when her leg muscles relaxed and the screaming stopped, he knew that she had just finished having a powerful orgasm.

"Oh my god...I haven't cum like that in a very long time...thank you so much," she moaned, while still coming down from her sexual high.

"Well you can expect to have that happen a lot more often now," he replied.

"So does this mean you'll be accepting my offer?"

He smiled, "Of course I am."


It was late in the afternoon when Tom came home after spending the day with his friends. He was greeted with the loving sight of his mother in the kitchen, preparing dinner while wearing a thin sun dress.

"Dinner will be ready in about an hour," Lauren said from the other room.

Tom walked towards his mother greeted her with a big hug from behind. He reached forward to cup both of her braless breasts with his hands.

"You know I don't like it when you touch me in the kitchen or in the backyard, our neighbors might see," she said to him.

"Let them..." he replied. "I have no problem letting them know how much I love my mother."

She turned her head to give her son a brief kiss on the lips. "You're so sweet. But I'm in the middle of cooking a fancy dinner for us and I have a lot more work to do. We could have fun afterwards."

"Mom...what we've been doing isn't enough anymore. I want to make love to you. Right here, right now on the kitchen table."

Lauren put down the knife and vegetables she had in her hands and stood face-to-face with her son. "Tom, I know we've done a lot of inappropriate things lately, but please don't forget that I'm your mother first and foremost. So is this something that you really want?"

"Believe me, I haven't forgotten the fact that you're my mother. If anything, it's made me want you even more. I can't explain it but, but it feels so natural."

"...Okay...if this is something that you want, I'll consider it. But not today because I'm not on the..."

"...I don't care about that," he said, interrupting her. "I want us to be as close as possible, even if that means getting you pregnant."

She was immediately taken aback by her son's bold words. But at the same time, she was struck by how far her son was willing to go for her in their love for each other. And after a long pause, she made her decision and reached over to turn off the stove.

"Okay, but we'll do this on my conditions or not at all. Come to my room in 15 minutes. I want us to do things right, in my bed."


When the time came, Tom slowly opened his mother's bedroom door. She stood there waiting for him. Her simple sun dress and her sloppily tied pony tail was no longer there. This time, her hair was let down, neatly combed, and was pulled behind her ears. She applied make-up around her eyes as well putting on her most elegant pair of earrings. To top it all off, she wore a white see-through negligee, with a matching set of a white bra and panties underneath.

"Like what you see?" she casually asked, modeling herself for him.

"Mom, you're the most beautiful woman I've ever seen in my life."

"Thank you," she smiled. "You know, it's funny, I just realized that this is how we first got started. It started with you coming in here and 'accidentally' catching me scantily dressed. And now we'll be making an even bigger leap."

He walked towards her and held her in his arms. "I can't wait any longer."

At that moment, Tom pressed his lips against his mother's and they embraced each other in a passionate kiss. It was a kiss which showed how much they loved and lusted after each other, as their wet tongues sloppily joined together. Her hands made it's way down to his crotch to free his growing erection.

She suddenly broke the kiss and dropped to her knees so that her mouth could perform an even more important duty. And with her jaw wide open, she leaned forward and took her son's penis inside of her mouth. Her lips closed tightly around him and she started bobbing her head back and forth. The suction produced by her mouth, and the wetness from her saliva was something unlike anything he had ever felt before from any of the college girls his own age. This was better. This was nastier- and it was from his mother of all people.

"That feels wonderful," he said, while watching his own mom enthusiastically suck his cock. "I want to fuck you now. If you keep this up I'll cum at any minute."

A loud 'plop' noise was made from Lauren's air tight mouth as she pulled away from her son's cock. A string of saliva hung from her lips and stayed connected to the head of his penis.

She looked him in the eyes while still on her knees and said, "No, I don't want to 'fuck'. I want to make love to you. I want you to cum inside me."

"That sounds perfect. Now let's get started."

Tom gentlemanly held out his hand for his mother to help her up, which she accepted and got back on her feet. He helped her to pull the see-through negligee over her head and tossed it to the floor. He bent down and pulled her panties around her ankles, which she kicked to the side with one foot. And finally, he reached behind her and unclasped her bra, letting her breasts and large pink nipples free, which he had never seen before so up close.

"Those are so beautiful mom," he said, referring to her breasts. "You're absolutely perfect."

Her eyes lit up from his comments and she held him by the hand and led him to her bed. She laid on her back and spread her legs open for him. When he got between her legs, he started things off by planting kisses all over her stomach. His kisses then moved upwards towards her ribs, chest, breasts, before taking her big nipples inside of his mouth and then rolling them around with his tongue. His fingers headed down the place where he was about to enter and then he touched her there.

"You're soaking wet," he told her.

"I know. This is so crazy, and I can't believe this is actually happening with my son, but I want it so bad," she desperately said.

He positioned himself above her and they were face-to-face. His hand guided his throbbing cock towards his mother's vagina and briefly rubbed his head against her labia. Then, as his mother spread her legs further, he felt his cock touch the flesh of her vaginal walls and he pushed. He pushed until her little hole had to stretch to accommodate his size, to which her eyes and mouth widened from the intense feeling. He then pushed until his cock went as far down his mother's canal as it possibly could. Every inch he entered led to new gasps from her and new sources of pleasure for the both of them.

"Ohhh...that's it...that's it...please..please don't stop..." she pleaded.

Tom held onto his mother's shoulders and began thrusting in and out of her- faster and faster. Their eyes were still locked on each other's and they could feel each other breathing. As great as this felt for him, he wanted to please her even more. His mother's pleasure was all he cared about as they made love to each other for the very first time.

Then after a long period of having i****tuous sex with each other, Lauren's body hinted at it's tell tale signs of having an orgasm, as the muscles in her legs and feet began to stiffen. She clenched onto her son's body even tighter and moaned even louder. Her vaginal muscles began pulsating, expanding and contracting, as her back heavily arched upwards.

Tom suddenly felt a flood of his mother's wet orgasm flow onto his cock. And between his mother reaching a powerful climax and feeling her vaginal muscles tighten, that was more than enough for him to have a strong orgasm of his own and cum inside his mother. Load after load of his cum soon found its way towards his mother's womb, the place where he was born.

He collapsed on top of her after it was all over. Both of them were sweaty and breathing heavily after the unholy mother/son coupling.

"I've never felt anything like that before in my life," Lauren whispered in her son's ear.

"Neither have I," he replied, before lifting his body up a little bit to rub his mother's stomach. "Do you think you'll get pregnant from this?"

"Yes, I think so. I'm fertile."

"What are you going to tell your f****y and friends when they ask who the father is?"

She smiled, "I'll tell them the truth."

The End

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2 years ago
It's not often that situations can be deemed as perfection, with results that are even more spectacular! However, this story has reached that pinnacle awesomely and triumphantly for this mother and son relationship into a now-heavenly union of a man and woman as lovers, marital companions and preparing to be parents!

Nothing can be so universally meshed as a mother's and son's coupling of mind, body and spirit as soul-mates, committed partners in life and unity as this couple, having discovered and dedicated their lives to each other. Their desires, soul-caring needs and incestually found love has evolved and they have reached their live's trophy of eternal unity!
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Wonderful story, about a mother and her son.
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Thanks, that was quite a pleasure to read too!
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A simply beautiful sexy story.
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