The first time Jamie saw his mother naked had been a life altering moment for him. And it left a permanent scar in his barely pubescent brain. He remembered it like it was yesterday. He had been ten years old and just entering into puberty. He was discovering that there was a big difference between boys and girls . . . and women, too, for that matter. And on that fateful day, he had discovered that his mother was definitely very much a woman and a very pretty one, too.

He had been lollygagging around with some of the neighborhood guys who had decided to take in a movie. Going back home to check with his mother, he had caught her just coming out of her shower. The door to her bedroom had been open and she had been standing in front of her floor length mirror drying her hair with a big, fluffy towel. She had her eyes closed and was oblivious to the young, leering eyes that were poring over the naked body.

She had her arms above her head as she vigorously rubbed her hair with the towel. Her big, bare breasts were floundering around wildly as Jamie watched on in a feverish daze. Jamie's eyes were darting everywhere, taking it all in as he hungrily drank in herexquisite beauty. Running his eyes down from her floundering breasts, he centered in on the nest of wispy, brown curls that covered the V of her flat tummy. Then as he stared on in worshipful adoration, his mother turned and Jamie found himself staring at the white globes of her perfect, round ass. Watching it wriggle and jiggle as she continued to dry her hair, Jamie realized that he had a raging hard on.

He knew that he shouldn't be looking at his mother the way he was, but he couldn't help it. She was so beautiful and it was the first time he had seen a real naked woman. Oh, he'd seen plenty of pictures of naked women, but not the real thing. He just couldn't take his eyes off her as he studied every breathtaking detail.

Finally he was able to tear his eyes away from her jiggling ass and ran them down her long, shapely legs to her little, round, pink heels.

Everything about her was mind-blowing, he deliriously thought as he ran his eyes back up to her wriggling ass.

Then, to his amazement he watched her spread her legs apart. As she did, Jamie got a brief glimpse of the fat, puffy, pink lips of her pussy just before the towel appeared between her legs and covered them. He watched on in stunned silence as his mother rubbed the towel over her pussy for several long moments. Then, at last, she moved her legs back together and tossed the towel on her bed.

Fearful that he might get caught, Jamie hurriedly tiptoed down to his room and quickly stepped inside. Slamming the door behind him, he hoped that his mother would think he had just come in the house.

Jamie waited a couple of minutes before he stuck his head out to see if his mother's door was closed. When he saw that it was, he went clopping down to her room and knocked on the door. His mother had come to the door wearing her robe and he had told her he was going to the movie. And so ended the life altering episode . . .

From that day forward, Jamie was doomed and he spent every waking moment trying to think up ways of catching his mother naked.

Time passed and his father and mother had gotten a divorce. His mother had gotten custody of him, the house, and just about everything else. Since his mother and Jamie now lived alone, Jamie had much more time to pursue his new pastime with little or no interference.

More time passed. Jamie was now eighteen and a senior in high school. His mother had gotten a job as a bank teller down at the First National Bank. And some thought, Jamie came up with a new plan to take advantage of a new viewing opportunity.

Part of the dress code for women at the bank was nylons and high heels. When she got home at night, his mother always complained about her feet hurting. The first thing she would do when she came home was take off her heels, plop down on the couch and kick her feet up. So Jamie, being the inventive young man he was, decided that a good foot rub might be just the thing his mom needed. Not to mention the fact that it would give him a chance to sneak a look or two up under his mother's skirt every once in a while. And he also knew, from earlier explorations into and the unmentionables drawer in his mother's bedroom, that most of her panties were transparently sheer. Sheer enough to see her pussy through them if he got the chance. So to Jamie's demented mind, it would be almost like looking at the real thing.

On the day he decided to implement his plan, Jamie stopped off at the d**g store and bought a couple of jars of sweet smelling foot cream, a small foot basin, and a bottle of pink nail polish . . .

Sitting at the kitchen table, Jamie worked on his homework as he anxiously waited for his mother to come home.

At last, he heard the front door open and close. This was immediately followed the clop of his mother's high heels on the hardwood floor of the foyer as she kicked them off.

"Jamie, I'm home," Jamie heard his mother holler.

"I'm in the kitchen, Mom. Doing my homework," he shouted back at her.

"Oh, you are a prize. Could you be a dear and bring your old mom a glass of wine?" she called out.

"Sure, Mom," he hollered back, getting up and pouring her a glass of wine from the bottle that she kept on the kitchen counter.

Stepping out into the living room, Jamie saw that just as he knew she would be, she was sitting on the couch with her legs stretched out in front of her and her feet kicked up on the coffee table as she watched TV.

"You're such a Darling," she cooed, reaching out to take the wine as he handed it to her.

"Mom, I've got a surprise for you," Jamie grinned, watching her take a sip on her wine.

"Oh, what kind of surprise?" she asked, smiling expectantly.

"Just a minute and you'll see," he laughed, turning and hurrying back into the kitchen.

Picking up the basin, he quickly filled it with warm water and then hurried back over to the table. Picking up one of the jars of cream, the nail polish, a wash cloth and a towel he had placed there earlier, he turned and hurried back out into the living room, balancing everything in his hands, trying not to spill the water in the basin.

"What is all that?" she asked as he leaned down and put everything on the table.

"I just want to show you how much I appreciate how hard you work for us," he lied, grinning as he stepped over to the couch where she sat.

Then, as she sat looking up at him with a quirky, little smile on her pretty, pink lips, Jamie bent down over her. Taking a deep breath, Jamie reached down and quickly shoved his hands up under short skirt.

"Jamie Simmons—what in the hell are you doing—" she shrieked, trying to push his hands out from under her skirt as Jamie dug his fingertips down under the stretchy tops of her nylons.

"I'm just taking your nylons off," Jamie said, slowly peeling the clingy nylon down her shapely leg while she continued to push at his arms. "So I can give you a good foot rub . . ."

"Uh, uh, why, why didn't you say something? I can take them off myself . . ." she sputtered, her face turning a bright red.

"No, no. I want you to just sit back and relax. I'll take care of everything," he told her, peeling the hose off over her foot and dropping it on the coffee table.

Before his mother had a chance to react again, Jamie shoved his hands back up under her short skirt and dug his fingers down under springy band at the top of her other hose. His mother didn't resist this time as he slowly pulled the hose down. As he did, he marveled at the smoothness of her skin while the back of his fingers rubbed along her leg.

When it was off, he let the nylon dangle down from his hand over the other nylon and let it drop down on top of it. Then, he couldn't resist the temptation to slowly, adoringly ran his fingers down over the soft, smooth skin of her leg.

"Jamie . . ." his mother huffed, dropping her foot down onto the floor. "What's gotten into you?"

"You're just so pretty," he mumbled, reaching over and picking up the little basin of water.

"Well, thank you, but don't get so carried away," she fussed as he sat the basin down on the floor beside her foot.

Kneeling down in front of her, he lifted her foot and gently set it down in the warm, soapy water. Then he reached over and picked up the wash cloth and set about giving her foot a light wash. A few seconds later, he reached over and picked up the big, fluffy towel. Laying it on the floor beside the basin, he lifted his mother's foot out of the water and set it down on the towel. After repeating the process with her other foot, he dabbed both feet dry.

"Turn to the side and lean back," he told her, picking up the basin and setting it on the coffee table.

"Why?" she asked, looking up at him with a quizzical look on her face.

"So I can sit on the couch, too," he said, smiling and picking up the jar of cream.

"Oh," she mumbled, turning, leaning back with her head resting against the arm of the couch as she lifted her shapely legs up on the couch.

Now she was lying on her back, her long legs stretched out and taking up almost the length of the couch.

Smiling down at her, Jamie eased onto the couch, sitting with his thigh brushing up against the soles of her little feet.

Setting the jar of ointment down on the couch beside him, he wrapped his hands around her ankles and gently lifted her legs into the air. As he did, he quickly scooted under them and eased the crook of her ankles down on his thigh. Then he reached over and picked up the towel. Lifting her legs one at a time, he slide the towel under them so that he wouldn't get his pants greasy. With the backs of her ankles hooked over his thigh, Jamie reached down and picked up the jar of balm. Twisting the cap off, he dug his fingers down into the goo and pulled out a big gob of the slippery cream.

Looking up at his mother, he saw that she had her eyes closed. Dropping his eyes back down between her legs, he could just barely make out a hint of red. Smearing the gob of cream on her foot, he gave her other foot a gentle push and spread her legs apart wider.

Glancing up at her face again, he saw that she still had her eyes closed as he gave her foot another gentle nudge.

Looking down again, he saw it. He could see her pussy through her sheer, red panties she wore. He could easily make out the fleshy ridge of her pussy lips as they ran down between the puffy mounds of skin outside them. He could even make out the forest of curls above it as he continued to smear the slippery goop over her foot.

Grasping his mother's foot in his hands, Jamie began to massage and knead it, rubbing the cream down into her soft skin.

"Ummmm . . . that feels good," his mother murmured. As she did, Jamie saw her legs inch even wider apart. He didn't know if it was an involuntary movement on her part, or maybe she was actually doing it to give him a better view of her pussy, but he doubted that.

Glancing up between her legs again, it was all Jaime could do to keep from reaching up and touching her pussy. It was so close, so vulnerable. And her panties were so sheer, he could make out every tiny detail.

Jaime was now so hard, he was afraid his cock was going to rip out through his pants.

Finally, finished with that foot, he dug out more ointment and moved to the other foot. Kneading and massaging it, Jaime continued to sneak quick glances up at his mother's exposed pussy as he worked.

A couple of minutes later, he stopped rubbing and wrapped the towel around her feet to wipe away any residual cream. Then, he bent down to retrieve the bottle of nail polish. Wiping the towel across her dainty toenails one last timeto wipe away any vestiges of cream, he twisted the cap off the nail polish and pulled out the little brush.

Looking up, he saw that his mother had raised her head and was watching him as he brought the brush over to her little toe and slowly painted its tiny nail pink. Looking back up, Jaime saw that his mother had her eyes closed as her head rested back down on the couch once again. Sneaking occasional glances up at his mother's pussy, Jaime continued painting her nails until they all had a glistening coat of pink polish.

"Thank you," he heard his mother murmur as he leaned down and gently blew on them.

After a few more seconds, his mother lifted her legs and slowly dropped them down onto the floor as she sat up.

"That feels much better . . ." she sighed, pushing up onto her bare feet and plodding down to her room.

The foot rub became a nightly ritual until his mother's birthday when Jaime decided to put phase two of his demented plan into action . . .

It was a Saturday and his mother would be home early as the bank closed at three o'clock instead of its normal closing time of six.

and filled her tub with warm water. Then he splashed in a couple of dollops of bubble bath and stirred the water until it had a bubbly, frothy surface. With that done, he went to the bar and quickly made his mother's favorite drink, a gin and tonic with a splash of lemon. As he dropped a few ice cubes into the drink, he heard his mother's car drive into the driveway. Perfect, he sickly thought to himself. She's home right on time.

Padding over to the door in his socks, he met his mother at the door and welcomed her in.

"Happy birthday, Mom," he grinned, handing her the drink.

"Well, you certainly knew what the birthday girl needed," she laughed, tossing her purse on the foyer table. "I didn't think three o'clock would ever get here."

"Come on," he told her, taking hold of her free hand and tugging her down toward her room.

"What have you got cooked up this time?" she asked him clopping along behind him in her high heels.

"You'll see," he laughed, pushing open the door to her room and leading her over to her bathroom.

Pushing the door open, he made a flourish with his arm in the direction of her tub.

"Your bath awaits you, Madam," he told her. "And if there's anything else the birthday girl needs, don't hesitate to call on your servant for the day."

"You are so sweet . . ." she murmured, leaning over and giving him a quick, but firm kiss right on the lips.

The touch of her lips on his sent and immediate message down to his cock informing it to harden.

"Well, I'll leave Madam to her bath," Jaime said, blushing slightly.

Stepping backwards, Jaime made his way to the door and stepped back out into her bedroom. Closing the door behind him, Jamie smiled to himself and headed for the living room.

Hoping that his mother would bathe and put on her robe as she usually did, Jaime went to the bar and made himself a drink. Then, about ten minutes later, he made another gin and tonic for his mother.

Taking the drink, he headed back to his mother's room. Standing outside the door to her bathroom, he took in a deep, cleansing breath and raised his fisted hand up to the door. Giving the door a couple of quick raps, he pushed it open and stepped inside.

"Jamie! What are you doing?" his mother shrieked, throwing her arm over her breasts and sinking down under the frothy layer of bubbles.

She had acted quickly, but not fast enough to keep Jamie from getting an eyeful of her big, milky white breasts.

"Uh, sorry, Madam," Jamie mumbled, quickly stepping over to the tub and setting her drink on its edge as he picked up the other empty glass. "I just thought the birthday girl would like another drink after her hard day at work."

Then, without even giving her a chance to protest, he spun on his heel and quickly departed.

God, what tits, he giddily thought, replaying the image of her breasts through his mind as he made his way down to the kitchen.

There on the table was the package he had wrapped earlier along with the tools for their nightly ritual. Inside the package was the little, pink, knit robe he had ordered from Victoria's Secret earlier. The robe had a shawl collar and a wrap tie. It also had turnback cuffs and was knee length, unlike his mother's current robe which covered her down to her ankles. It was his hope that his mother would change out her frumpy old robe for his new, shorter version which would give him more opportunities to observe the object of his adoration. And it would make today's goal that much easier to achieve.

Gathering everything up, he hurried back out to the couch and set everything on the coffee table to await his mother's return.

Going back over to the bar, he made himself another CC and Coke, and his mother another gin and tonic. Enough alcohol, he sickly thought, and his mother's inhibitions might be loosened enough to make her go along with his demented scheme.

Sitting on the couch with his legs crossed, Jamie sipped on his drink as he waited for his mother. Then he saw her as she came padding into the living room in her robe with her empty glass in her hand.

Stopping by the coffee table, she smiled and looked down at the package.

"For me?" she asked, setting her drink glass down and reaching for the package.

"Happy Birthday," Jamie grinned, watching the way her big tits freely moved under her robe. "Hope you like it."

"I'm sure I will," she laughed. "You always seem to know just what to get me . . ."

Expectantly unwrapping the package, she opened the box and pulled the little, pink robe out.

"Oh, just what I needed," she said, holding it out in front of her. "My old one is getting a little tattered around the edges."

"I know," he laughed. "I'm glad you like it. Why don't you go try it on and see if it fits."

"I'll do that," she giggled, twirling on her toes and heading back to her bedroom.

Jamie admired the way her ass swayed from side to side under the long, red robe as she quickly strolled across the living room. And from previous sightings, he knew that it was just about the cutest, little ass in the whole wide world.

She was only gone a couple of minutes before she came striding back into the living room with the little, pink robe wrapped around her.

"Perfect," she giggled again, pirouetting around in a little circle to show it off to him. "What do you think?"

"You're the prettiest birthday girl I've ever seen," he praised, running his eyes down her long, bare legs.

"That's nice of you to say," she smiled, sitting down on the couch and picking up her new drink. "Say, you're not trying to get your old mom d***k, are you?"

"May be. You need to relax every once in a while," he told her.

"Well, if I get much more relaxed, I'm going to be asl**p . . ." she purred, then took a long swig on her drink.

"Time for your foot rub," he said, reaching down, picking up the towel and spreading it over his legs, then picking up the jar of cream.

"Okey-dokey," she giggled tipsily.

Jamie watched on with expectant anticipation as she lifted her long legs and d****d her ankles across his thigh. As she did, her robe gaped open to reveal the hairy, pantiless rift between her shapely legs.

"Oops," she laughed, reaching down and flipping the robe back over it. "I didn't mean to show you my little, pet beaver . . ."

"Just about the cutest little beaver I've ever seen," Jamie boldly told her as he twisted the cap off the foot cream.

"I think maybe the birthday girl has had quite enough to drink," she hiccoughed, setting her half empty glass back down on the coffee table.

"Aw, come on, Mom," Jamie complained. "What's wrong with letting your hair down every once in a while?"

"Nothing, I guess . . . if things don't get out of hand . . ." she told him as he began to smear the fragrant cream around on her foot.

"What could happen? There's just the two of us here," he said, beginning to knead and massage the slippery goo into her foot.

"Who knows . . ." she mumbled, closing her eyes.

Glancing down between his mother's legs, Jamie could see that her hairy pussy was partially exposed once again. Continuing to rub the cream into her foot, Jamie gently moved it around so that her legs parted to reveal more of her pussy.

It was even more eye-catching without her sheer panties covering it, Jamie giddily thought. The ruddy pink lips dissecting the puffy, curl-covered mounds beside them seemed swollen and gorged as he continued to massage her foot and sneak quick glances at her pussy. Moving to her other foot, he pushed on it to spread her legs a tiny bit more to expose her pussy even more.

Finished with rubbing her feet, Jamie wiped his hands off on the towel and gently lifted her legs and set her feet back down on the floor. As he did, his mother pushed up to a sitting position and reached for her drink.

"Thank you, Sweetie . . ." she purred, then took another sip on her drink.

"You're welcome," Jamie grinned, reaching over and sweeping up his drink glass and her empty one. Stepping over to the bar, Jamie fixed two more drinks and brought them back over to the couch. Setting them on the coffee table, he sat back down beside his mother.

"You are trying to get me d***k," she tipsily laughed.

"I just want you to relax on your birthday, Mom," Jamie told her, tickling a fingertip over the exposed skin of her knee.

"Jamie Simmons," she said, setting her empty glass down and picking up the full one. "If I didn't know better, I'd think . . ."

"Think what, Mom?" he grinned, giving her leg a soft, intimate squeeze just above the knee.

"Think, think that you were, were trying to seduce me . . ." she mumbled, taking another quick sip on her drink.

"No, Mom, not that," Jamie said, looking into her widely dilated eyes. "But I do have something else I want to do for you on your birthday . . ."

"What is that, Sweetie?" she asked, reaching over and intimately resting her hand on his thigh.

"You'll see, in a little bit, Mom," Jamie smiled.

"Okay . . . but I don't know what could be so mysterious . . ." she sighed and gave his leg a soft squeeze.

"How come you don't date, Mom?" Jamie asked, taking a drink.

"Oh, I don't know. I just never got around to it after your father left. He kind of soured me on men," she said with a touch of sadness in her voice. "Why do you want to know . . ."

"I just wondered why a beautiful woman like you, who could have any man she wanted, never went out with men," he softly laughed.

"Thanks for the compliment," she smiled at him. "But I get the feeling that there's more to the question. Are you suggesting that maybe I don't find men attractive anymore? Or that maybe there's something wrong with me that I can't . . . or won't you know?"

"No. No, not at all," he mumbled, wondering if he should have gone down this track.

"Well, there's nothing wrong with me. I'm fine," she smiled, taking another swig on her drink. "Maybe a little tipsy, but otherwise, I'm fine."

"Good," Jamie grinned, deciding to go ahead and take the plunge.

Pushing up to his feet, Jamie leaned down and pushed the coffee table back out of the way.

"What are you doing?" his mother asked with a puzzled look on her pretty face.

"Going to give you your other present," he told her as he turned to face her and slowly knelt down onto his knees.

Her eyes followed him as he reached out and placed his hands on her legs just above her knees.

"Jamie . . ." she murmured as he gently, but f***efully began to push her legs apart.

There was little resistance as her legs slowly parted as she continued to stare down at him in disbelief.

Once her legs were parted enough for Jamie to crawl up between them, he shuffled forward. Lifting his hands off her trembling legs, Jamie reached out to the knot in wrap tie of her robe.

"Jamie . . . no . . . please, Jamie," his mother whispered as Jamie plucked at the knot.

Both of them watched his fingers as the knot unraveled and the wrap tie dropped down to her sides.

"Jamie, please . . ." she whimpered as Jamie slowly spread her little, pink robe open.

"So, so beautiful," Jamie murmured, slowly running his eyes down over her quivering breasts to her flat tummy and finally to the little nest of soft, brown curls that covered the pit of her tummy.

Easing his butt down onto his heels, Jamie gently f***ed her legs wider apart as he stared down at the wet, open wound between her legs. He could already taste its sweet pungency on his tongue as he gently ran his trembling fingertips over the soft, pink folds of flesh.

"No, Jamie, no, don't touch me there . . ." his mother pleaded.

Ignoring her pleas, Jamie gently probed the soft wetness with the tip of his finger. As he did, the thick, meaty folds of flesh slowly parted to reveal the wet slit running down between them and ending at its bottom where a tiny trickle of clear fluid seeped out of it.

Still holding her drink in one hand, his mother lifted her other hand up to his shoulder to stop him as he slowly leaned down toward the prize that he had waited so long to claim.

"Please, Jamie, don't, don't do anything we'll regret, Baby . . ." his mother whined.

Reaching up, Jamie brushed her hand away and continued to lean down over her. The sweet fragrance of her sex welling up from the liquid treasure was so strong, it almost took his breath away as he drew closer and closer to it.

Being as gentle and loving as he could, Jamie eased his tongue out and slowly licked it up the lush valley between the two meaty folds of flesh bordering the gash. She tasted of pussy, sex, and arousal, Jamie giddily told himself as he retraced his first journey up the vale of her sex. Savoring the sweet taste of her sex, moving his tongue to the side, he ran it over the smooth softness of her pussy lips.

Looking up over his mother's milky white breasts, Jamie saw that she had her eyes closed as her head rested against the back of the couch. The hand she had tried to stop him with was now lifelessly lying by her hip and her other hand was still grasping the glass as it sat on the couch by her other hip. There was a small frown creasing her forehead, but there was no other indication of discontentment on her pretty face.

Bringing his attention back down to her splayed pussy, he saw that the nub of her swollen clit was sticking up out of its little, fleshy sheath. She must be feeling some sense of arousal, he told himself. Why else would her clit be hard and swollen?

Avoiding touching it, Jamie slowly circled the tip of his tongue round and round it as his mother sprawled on the couch, half sitting and half lying. Then he slowly kissed his way up over the smooth softness of her firm, flat belly. Kissing higher and higher, Jamie found the indentation of her navel with his lips and tongue. Pausing for a few moments in his trip up her body, Jamie slowly dipped the tip of his tongue down in the dimple of her belly button. After teasing her navel for several moments, he kissed higher over her quivering belly. At last his lips found the trembling softness of her breast. Kissing up the rounded underside of the soft, pliant flesh, he sought out the rubbery nipple sticking out of the darkened tip of her breast. It was already hard and swollen, but as he tickled his tongue back and forth across it, he felt it growing even harder.

The alcohol seemed to have done its job, Jamie sickly thought as he slowly moved away from the swollen nipple, down into the valley between her big tits and up onto her other breast. There was no outward indication of resistance on his mother's part as he kissed up her breast to the other big, puffy nipple. Taking the bloated nub of flesh between his teeth, he delicately nibbled at it and felt it hardening into a rigid distention of rubbery flesh.

Releasing the nipple, he gave it one last kiss before kissing his way down off her breast onto her taut, flat belly. Pausing once again at her navel, he teased it a few seconds before continuing his downward plunge toward her waiting clit.

Stopping at the hard, swollen nubble of flesh sticking up out of its little sheath, he slowly licked around it in tiny circles without touching it.

"Touch it—touch me—touch me there—" Jamie heard his mother whisper as she moved her hips and chased his circling tongue with her clit.

He'd done it! She was wanting it now. Wanting him to lick her clit. It hadn't been as hard as he had thought it would be. It had only taken a few moments for him to bring her from unwillingly resistance to freely participating in his sick, little game. Now she was going to let him lick her clit. No, no, he giddily thought, she wanted him to lick her clit! Wanted it!

Deciding that he had teased her long enough, Jamie raked his rough tongue across the little knob of swollen flesh.

As he did he felt his mother shudder as an agonized groan escaped from her lips. Flicking his tongue back and forth across her squiggly clit, Jamie reached up and took her drink from her clenched fist. Setting her drink on the floor beside his knees, he ran his hand up over her belly to one of her jiggling breasts. Pinching the big, rubbery nipple between his finger and thumb, Jamie roughly twisted and tweaked it as he lapped away at his mother's clit.

Jamie could still smell the lingering fragrance of her bubble bath as her soft, downy curls tickled his nose, but the scent of her musky sex overshadowed all other smells. Sitting with her hands clenched into fists, his mother was making little whimpering sounds as she gently ground herself against his hungry mouth. As he continued to twist and pluck at her swollen nipple, it was as hard as the big, rubber erasers on the pencils kindergarteners used.

Easing his other hand up under his chin, he extended his middle finger and probed the soft wetness between her puffy pussy lips. Then he felt the tip of his finger slip down inside the clutching tightness of his mother's wet, slippery vagina.

"Nnnnnhhhhh . . ." she murmured out as Jamie continued to push his finger down into the moist warmth of her pussy. Pushing it into her, Jamie slid it inside her all the way up to the last knuckle. Wriggling it around inside her vagina, he slowly withdrew it and added a second finger as he licked and lapped at her clit. Then he quickly added a third finger and began working them in and out of the oozing, juice-slathered opening of her cunt.

It was just as good as he thought it would be, he giddily thought. She was really getting into it now as he roughly fucked her hot pussy with his fingers and tormented her clit with his busy tongue. Her big nipple was so hard, Jamie thought it might burst at any second as he kept on pinching and plucking at it.

Then his mother's fists uncurled and her hands lifted up to the back of his head. As they did, she curled her fingers down into his hair and he felt her long fingernails digging down into his scalp as she pushed his mouth down against her pussy.

Lapping away at her clit, Jamie could feel the muscles in her belly tensing and tightening as she struggled toward her climax. She was going to come, Jamie feverishly thought. He was going to make her have an orgasm with his fingers and mouth. How fucking hot was that! He could feel the muscles in her legs beginning to quiver and tighten as she strained toward her finish. And the ring of muscles encircling the opening of her vagina was tightening down around his fingers as he worked them in and out of her faster and faster.

Then, all of a sudden, her legs stiffened and the insides of her knees slammed up against his hips as she began to moan out soft, little mewing sounds. Jamie could barely breathe as she roughly shoved his face into her pussy and thrust herself back against his pistoning fingers. Jamie could feel his mother's convulsing vagina clutching at his wet, goo-covered fingers as he roughly fucked them in and out of her.

Long, stringy strands of the gooey syrup dripped down from his fingers to form a little puddle on the couch between her legs as he finger fucked her. On and on it went. It was like she seemed to be trying to make up for all the time she had been without the companionship of a man.

Finally, with a tired, little whimper, she melted back against the couch. Her fingers slowly uncurled from his hair and dropped to the couch beside her slack thighs. Releasing his pinch-hold on her bloated nipple, Jamie slowly raised his face out from between her legs. His lips and chin were glistening wetly with a coating of her warm, sticky juice as he looked up into her big, blue eyes. He could see that the pupils of her eyes were widely dilated and had a distant, unfocused look to them.

"Why, Jamie . . ." she asked, her voice barely audible.

"I just wanted to make you feel good, Mother. I wanted to show you how much you mean to me . . ." he smiled at her, wiping the back of his mouth across his goo-covered lips. "I wanted to show you how much I appreciate all that you do for us."

"But . . . but like this?" she softly complained. "And, and now what?"

"Whatever, Mother . . . whatever you want. Whatever you want, I'll do," he whispered. "If you want it to end here, then so be it. If you want us to become more than just mother and son, then so be it! At least you will know how I feel toward you . . ."

"That is the difficult part," she murmured. "I'm your mother and knowing how you feel toward me is so, so confusing . . . so upsetting. A part of me feels so guilty and at fault for letting you do this to me. And yet another part of me feels, feels, I don't know . . . relieved. I've known all along how much attention you've paid to me, but I thought it was just a passing quirk that you would outgrow. But now I know. It is obvious that it's not a passing thing and you apparently going to outgrow it. But now what do we do about it?"

"Whatever you say, Mother," Jamie murmured, running his fingertips down the soft smoothness of her inner thighs. "Whatever you say, Mother. If you say no, then this will be the last time . . . and if you say yes, then . . ."

"I need to think," she told him, reaching out and pushing him back out from between her legs. "I'm going to my room and think on it . . ."

"Okay, Mother, whatever you say," Jamie told her leaning down and taking hold of her hands.

Pulling her to her feet, Jamie gave her a soft, loving kiss on the lips as he let go of her hands.

"I will wait . . ." he whispered.

He watched as she pulled her robe back around her and jerked a knot in the wrap tie.

Then, she bent down and retrieved her half-empty glass, turned, slowly padded across the room and disappeared out the doorway leading down to her bedroom as Jamie watched her.

Wondering what the outcome would be, Jamie stepped over to the bar and made himself another drink. Sipping on it, Jamie made his way back over to the couch and turned the TV on . . .

Time passed slowly as Jamie sat watching TV, sipping on multiple drinks as he pondered the dilemma he had put himself in . Finally, around seven-thirty his mother came padding back into the living room in her bare feet. A feeling of hopeful expectation washed over him as he saw that she was still wearing her little, pink robe, but unlike it was when she left, it was now gaping open with the ends of the wrap tie dangling down to her sides. Jamie's eyes sought out her big, bobbling breasts as she slowly undulated her way across the room to where he sat.

"Mother . . ." Jamie murmured, leaning forward and setting his drink on the coffee table.

His mother didn't speak as she walked up in front of him. Leaning down over him, she reached down and quickly unthreaded his belt through its buckle. Watching her big breasts jiggle as they dangled down from her chest as she unbuttoned his pants, Jamie wondered what his mother had in mind for them. Then he felt the pressure of her fingers on his cock as she pulled the zipper down his the fly of his pants. Surprised at his mother's audacity, Jamie looked on in stunned silence as she dug her finger down under the waist band of his shorts. Then, as she began to tug on his pants and shorts, Jamie pushed his ass up off the couch to help her remove his pants and shorts. As she pulled them down his thighs, his big, half-hard penis flopped out into the open.

His mother paused for a moment as she stared down at his cock to watch it struggle to lift its big, purple head up into the air. It had already stiffened enough to lift itself up out from between his legs as it continued to harden and swell.

Returning to removing his clothing, she bent down and grasped hold of the bottom of his pants and pulled them down over his feet. Tossing them on the couch beside him, she hooked her fingers under the waist band of his shorts and quickly tugged them off over his feet, too.

Then she stopped and stood looking down at his big cock as it slowly stiffened and lifted itself higher into the air. Jamie was proud of his eight-inch penis and it seemed to be making an impression on his mother, too.

In a euphoric daze, Jamie watched his mother reach down and push his legs apart. Then with the grace of a cat, she lowered herself down onto her knees between his legs. Watching on with feverish expectation, he saw her reach out and gently run her fingertips down the ridged bulge running along the underside of his almost fully erect penis. As she did, his penis twitched under her fingers. This brought a smile to her lips as she slowly curled her fingers around the thick shaft of hot, throbbing meat.

Jamie couldn't move as he sat staring down at her lovingly twisting her fist up and down the shaft of his rock-hard cock. Unable to believe his eyes, he watched her bend his stiff, unyielding penis toward her. Looking up at him with her big, blue eyes, she opened her mouth and lowered her full, red lips down over the head of his cock. He felt her lips close down around the shaft of his cock as his mother began to gently suck on it. Jamie marveled at the feel of her soft lips caressing his cock as her tongue twirled round and round the sensitive head of his penis. He had, had blow jobs before, but none could ever compare to the one he was receiving at the moment. This was his mother! His mother! The sheer magnitude of it all was almost too inconceivable to comprehend.

Staring down at his mother as her full, red lips slid up and down on his cock, Jamie could see that as her lips lifted up the shaft of his penis, they left a glistening sheen of spit behind them. Then he felt her lips clamp down harder and she began to suck harder as her lips worked up and down faster. As she hungrily sucked on his cock, he felt her soft, warm fingers curl down under his big, dangling balls.

As she squeezed and fondled his big balls, it seemed like she was trying to coax out his load of semen. Did she want him to come in her mouth, he frantically wondered. Only one girl had ever let him come in her mouth before and that had been a mind blowing experience. She had sucked out his load and then just kept on sucking as his cock had spurted and spurted and spurted.

The rush of emotions filling his head was quickly priming his peter, readying it to give up the load of semen that was simmering down inside his aching balls. His mother still had her big, blue eyes locked on his as her pinkish-red lips worked up and down on his cock. Then he watched as she lifted her head and eased her lips up off his cock
"Come . . . come in my mouth . . . I want to taste your sweet syrup . . ." she murmured, then quickly lowered her lips back down around his cock.

Her words sent a sizzle of excitement sparking through Jamie's fevered brain making his big cock twitch and jerk. Fighting to hold back the urge to fill her mouth with his load of cum, Jamie tried to prolong the passion and excitement that was filling his brain. But as more and more endorphins poured into his reeling brain, Jamie lost it.

As he did, his cock gave a lurch and a giant gusher of thick, hot cum spurted out into his mother's sucking mouth.

"Unnhhhhh . . ." Jamie grunted as another spasm of electric pleasure tore through his cock making it eject another hot gush of syrupy semen into his mother's mouth.

As his twitching penis continued to jerk and spurt, Jamie felt the suction of his mother's mouth on his cock grow stronger. She was literally sucking out his load of thick, rich semen as his cock filled her mouth with gush after gush. It felt like she was trying to suck the head off his cock as she coaxed out more and more thick, creamy out of it.

Lucky he was sitting down, Jamie dizzily thought as the waves of pleasure washing over his over-stimulated brain were making him feel faint and lightheaded.

It seemed to last forever, but at last it was over, leaving Jamie feeling drained and exhausted, both physically and mentally. He couldn't move as he stared down at his mother in stunned amazement. Then he watched her slowly raise back up and let his softening penis slither out from between her soft, full lips. As his limp cock flopped back down between his thighs, his mother slowly, suggestively ran the tip of her little, pink tongue around her lips.

"I hope that it was the way you like it . . . it's been so long since I've done it, I'd almost forgotten how . . ." she softly murmured, pushing up to her feet.

"It . . . it was fantastic . . . awesome . . ." Jamie choked out, still paralyzed by numbing effect of his brain's over-stimulation.

"So, how long has this been going on?" she asked him, stepping over and easing down onto the couch beside him.

"Uh, what, what do you mean?" Jamie mumbled looking over at her as she curled her shapely legs up onto the couch.

Jamie couldn't resist glancing down at her jiggling breasts as she sat looking at him.

"I mean how long have you felt this way about me?" she asked, casually flipping the edge of her robe over to partially obscure her breast from his leering eyes.

"Since I was ten," he mumbled, his face reddening.

"That long? Why didn't you ever do anything before?" she asked him, staring deep into his eyes and she tickled her fingers over the skin of her calf.

Jamie couldn't believe that they were casually sitting on the couch discussing when he had first had his first sick, twisted cravings for her.

"When I was ten years old," he told her. "I remember it like it was yesterday. I came home to tell you that I was going to the movies with some of the guys and you had just gotten out of the shower. You were naked and drying your hair. What I saw made me want you so bad. I just never had the courage to tell you how I felt."

"Why now?" she asked, reaching over to his drink and lifting it up to her lips.

"You are so beautiful and I wanted you so much, I just couldn't take not having you any longer . . ."

"The fact that I'm your mother doesn't concern you?" she asked, taking a sip on his drink.

"Yes, yes, I know how wrong it is, but we're not hurting anyone . . . and no one will ever know but you and me," he said, trying to justify his actions. "We're not doing anything that any other man and woman wouldn't do. It just happens that you're my mother. What if I weren't your son? Would you do it with me then?"

"I don't know . . . I suppose so. You are a handsome, little devil . . ." she smiled at him, looking at him over the rim of the glass. "But that doesn't change the fact that I am indeed your mother."

"Do you want to stop it right now?" he fearfully asked her. "We haven't gone all the way yet."

"We might as well have," she said, tilting her head back and swigging the rest of his drink down. "We've done everything but . . ."

"Well, do you?" he asked again, hoping that she wouldn't say yes.

"Let me think about it . . ." she told him, leaning over and scissoring his big, limp cock between two fingers and lifting it up out from between his legs. "How long do I have to think about it . . . before he will be ready again . . ."

"An hour . . . maybe two . . . unless you want to help him along," Jamie hinted.

"I'm hungry . . . but not for cock," she laughed, setting his empty glass on the coffee table and getting to her feet. "Do you want a sandwich?"

"Uh, yeah, uh, sure," he grinned up at her as his eyes darted to the opening in her robe.

"Oh, what the hell. The time for modesty has long since passed," she fussed, shrugging her shoulders and letting her robe drop to the floor.

Then Jamie's eyes dropped to her cute, little ass as she seductively swished it from side to side while she strutted across the room.

The moment she left the room, Jamie grabbed hold of his cock and began trying to beat some life back into it. It responded slowly as Jamie felt energy finally begin to flow back into it.

About five minutes later, his mother came strolling back into the room with a plate in each hand. Jamie watched her big tits flounce and flounder as she shamelessly promenaded across the room.

"Looks like he's trying to wake up," she laughed softly as she bent down and slid the two plates onto the coffee table. Then she quickly strode over to the bar and retrieved an open bottle of wine and another glass.

Looking down at his cock, Jamie saw that it was half-hard, sticking out about two inches above his thighs as it bobbed up and down in cadence with the beat of his heart.

Dropping down onto the couch beside him, his mother filled the two glasses and set the bottle down.

Picking up her glass, she gently tapped his glass.

"Cheers. And to our future . . . whatever it holds in store for us," she smiled, then took a long gulp on the wine.

As they sat eating their sandwiches, Jamie continued to ogle her big, bare breasts as his penis struggled to lift its big purple head up into the air.

Neither of them spoke as they devoured their sandwiches. As Jamie ate, he kept his eyes on his mother's big, perfect breasts as they heavily bobbled and jiggled. Their effect on him was obviously noticeable as his peter continued to stiffen and lift itself up into the air.

"You have such beautiful breasts," he finally said, reaching out and running his fingertips over one of the soft, quivering treasures.

"You don't think they're too saggy?" she asked him, cupping her breasts in the palms of her hands and lifting them.

"God, no! They're perfect . . ." Jamie muttered, gently tweaking the big, swollen berry sticking out of the darkened tip of one of the uplifted mountains. "I wouldn't change them for anything."

Plucking and pulling on the big, puffy nipple, Jamie watched as his mother slowly turned to face him. Then she lifted one long, shapely leg, bent it at the knee and pressed it against the back of the couch. Pointing her toe, she slowly straightened her leg out and eased it down behind him.

Staring down between her legs at the wet gash, he saw that it was gaping open and totally exposed.

Then he leaned down over his mother and gently sucked one of the swollen paps sticking out of the center of one of her mountainous breasts in between his lips. As he did, he mother eased the breast back down onto her chest and curled her hand around the back of his head. Sucking on her nipple and tickling the swollen nub with the tip of his tongue, Jamie felt his mother's hand pressing against the back of his head, pushing him against the pliant softness of her breast.

As Jamie teased her big nipple to hardness, he felt her soft, warm hand curl around the shaft of his jutting penis. Easing his lips off her swollen nipple, Jamie lazily kissed down off the slope of her breast into the valley between her breasts. Kissing his way up the swell of her other breast, Jamie gently probed the soft wetness between her legs with his finger. Then, just as his lips found her other big nipple, he eased his finger down into the moist warmth of her vagina.

"Mmmmm . . ." she softly murmured, pressing him against the giving softness of her breast as her hand slowly twisted up and down the shaft of his rock-hard cock.

Adding a second and third finger, Jamie slowly worked his fingers in and out of the gooey hole between her legs as he nibbled and plucked at her big, rubbery nipple. He could feel the swollen pap hardening as he roughly nipped and plucked at it. Finally, he lifted his lips of the fully aroused nipple. Looking down at it, he saw that it had turned from a dark pink to a gorged, ruddy purple as it jutted out the tip of her breast, swollen and puffy.

Looking up into his mother's eyes, he saw that they had a distant, unfocused look and the pupils were dilating larger and larger. Easing his fingers out of the clutching tightness of her vagina, he scooted back and curled his hands around her narrow waist. Then he began to tug on her, pulling her down toward him. As her cute little butt sc****d along the couch cushion, Jamie kept pulling until his mother's head dropped down on the couch. The top of her head was brushing against the side of couch arm as Jamie reached down to the leg she had pressed against the back of the couch. Grasping her leg, he gently lifted it up and hooked the back of her ankle over the top of the back of the couch. Her other leg was splayed out and her foot was resting on the floor.

With her legs spread apart as they were, her pussy was totally exposed and vulnerable as she lay looking up at him with a timid, almost frightened look on her pretty face.

"Do you want to go on, Mother?" Jamie whispered as her turned and brought his knees up on the couch.

Time stood still as she lay looking up at him. Fearfully waiting for her answer, Jamie could feel his heart pounding as the roar inside his head grew louder and louder.

"Yes . . ." she finally whispered back so softly Jamie could barely hear her.

"Say it, Mother . . . tell me what you want me to do . . ." Jamie told her, wanting her complicit in the death of the innocence they had once shared.

"I—I want you to—want you to—to make love to me . . ." she murmured in a soft, quavering voice.

"You're sure . . . absolutely sure?" Jamie asked, looking deep into her big, blue eyes as he leaned down over her. "Once it's done we can never go back . . ."

"Yes—yes—I'm sure—" she whispered, reaching for his cock as it jutted out below his belly.

His cock was so hard it ached as she grabbed hold of its arched shaft and bent its swollen, tapered head down to the oozing gash between her widely spread legs.

This was it, Jamie feverishly thought. This was what he had been dreaming of since he was ten years old. His heart was pounding wildly. His palms were sweaty. His head was spinning as he lowered his hips and let his mother guide the head of his penis down to her waiting womanhood.

The he felt the head of his cock nudge up against the giving softness and slowly slide inside the juice-slickened opening of her vagina.

His mother let go of his cock, curled her hands around his hips and slowly but firmly pulled him forward until he was buried as deep inside her as he could go. Jamie was ecstatic as they fit together like two pieces of a puzzle. Jamie could feel the muscles in his mother's cunt grasping, clutching on to his cock, trying to suck his dick even deeper inside her. She was so wet and hot and tight inside, he sickly thought. The slippery wetness of her juices had made penetration easy, but now that he was inside her, he was having difficulty holding back the orgasm that was building down inside his aching balls.

Jamie let out a low groan as he strained against her and held himself thrust down in the wonderful warmth of her clutching vagina.

The lay meshed together without moving, unable to speak as they basked in the wickedness of their i****tuous union. Jamie had never felt anything like it and he was afraid he would wake up any second and find out that it was all just a dream.

Leaning down, Jamie dropped his head and began kissing his way up the side of her neck until his lips reached his mother's ear. Even though there was no one else to hear him, Jamie could only speak in whispers.

"I love you so much, Mother . . ."

"I love you, too, Baby. But now Mommy wants Baby to show her how much he loves her . . ." he heard his mother whisper back.

""Yes, Mommy," Jamie groaned out.

Jamie slowly pulled back until his cock was almost out, then slowly pushed forward to ease his cock back inside of her again. The sheath of slippery, wet flesh felt like velvet glove as it wrapped itself around his invading penis. Her hands were still on his hips and she began pulling on them, helping him set the rhythm of their fucking. The f***e of his strokes evoked a tiny grunt at the end of each stroke and a soft sigh as he pulled back. Using the leg hooked over the back of the couch and the other with her foot planted on the floor, she thrust her hips up to meet each downward plunge of Jamie's big penis.

Rocking back and forth in sick harmony, they soon began to pick up speed as their bodies moved as one.

Jamie didn't know how long he had been pumping his penis in and out of his mother's hot pussy. Five minutes, an hour, he could tell, but time seemed immaterial at the moment. All that mattered now was the sick, perverted meshing of their bodies as they thrashed around on the couch, moving faster and faster.

Suddenly he felt his mother thrust herself up against him as her eyes rolled back in her head. Her body stiffened and started to tremble, then she threw her arms and legs around him.

"Yesss . . ." she hissed into his ear as she held on to him as tight as she could.

It seemed as if she were afraid that he would leave her if she didn't hold onto him as tight as she could.

"Come, Baby, come, come in Mommy! Give Mommy your sweet cream . . ." she sobbed, holding him clutched against her heaving breasts.

It was all too much for Jamie and at that moment, he felt his own orgasm explode down inside his balls as they began to pump out spurt after spurt of creamy, hot cum into her. As he did, she was flexing her cunt muscles around his buried, spurting cock as she tried to suck out every last drop of his liquid treasure.

Jamie had never felt such a total sense of triumph as he continued to pump out his load of semen into his mother's hungry pussy.

"Mother . . ." Jamie groaned out, thrusting into her and trying to f***e his cock even deeper inside the clutching heat of her vagina until at last, there was no more left to give her.

They were both gasping for breath as his mother held him clasped against her. She still seemed afraid to let him go.

At last, several minutes later, Jamie felt his mother's arms and legs release their death grip on him as they limply fell down to the couch.

"Happy Birthday, Mom . . ." Jamie whispered as his now limp penis finally slipped out of her cum-filled pussy . . .

Chapter Two -- Mom's Decision

Monday afternoon after school, Jamie sat at the kitchen table fidgeting and waiting for his mother to get off work. He had intended to do his homework, but he couldn't keep his mind on it. He couldn't get his mother out of his thoughts.

After her birthday, she had told him that she needed more time to think about what was happening between them. She had left early Sunday morning and hadn't returned until late Sunday night. When he had tried to find out what she had decided, she had told him that she was tired and was going to bed. Not wanting to rush things and screw it up, Jamie had respected her privacy and had gone to his own room.

This morning, there had been no sight of his mother when he got up so he had made his own breakfast and headed off to school.

Now he sat waiting, wondering just what was going to happen when she finally did get home.

At last he heard her car in the driveway. She was home, he fearfully thought. Now he would find out what she had decided. Or would she continue to shun him as she had done yesterday?

Then he heard the front door open and close. It was closely followed by the clop of her high heels as she dropped them to the floor. Anxiously waiting, he heard her call out to him.

"Jamie, I'm home."

"In the kitchen, Mom," he was somehow able to choke out.

"Could you bring me a glass of wine, Sweetheart?" he heard her answer him back.

"Sure," he hollered back. Well, he thought, by the tone of her voice and the endearment, it sounded promising.

Pouring her glass of wine, he took a deep breath and picked up the glass. Turning, he nervously walked across the kitchen and out into the living room. As he did, he saw that his mother was lying on the couch with the back of her head resting against the arm of the couch. She had her long, shapely legs stretched out on the couch just as she usually did when it was time for her ritual foot rub. But wait, he dizzily thought. What was that laying in the middle of the coffee table? Was it? Was it her . . . Yes, it was, he deliriously told himself. It was her panties! She had pulled off her panties while she was waiting for him. Things were looking more promising by the second, he told himself as he stepped up to the couch. As he did, his mother reached up and took the glass out of his hand and brought it up to her full, pouty lips.

"Thank you, my Sweets . . ." she whispered, then took a sip of the wine.

Smiling down at her, Jamie leaned over and picked up her wispy, white panties. Standing back up, he lifted her panties up to his nose and sniffed their damp crotch.

"I love the way you smell," he murmured, savoring the scent of her sex on the panties. "You smell so hot . . . like sex . . . sex and fucking."

Looking up into his eyes, she casually reached over and set her glass on the coffee table. Then, still keeping her eyes locked on his, she reached down and slowly pulled her short, black skirt up her hips until her hairy, little pussy was exposed to his leering eyes. As Jamie watched on with feverish anticipation, she spread her legs and fingered the wet, pink folds of flesh apart to reveal the weeping slit between them.

"Wouldn't you rather smell the real thing," she purred, tickling her fingertip over her clit as it stuck up out of its fleshy sheath.

"Yeah," Jamie muttered, watching his mother lift up to a sitting position, swing her long legs around and drop her feet to the floor. Then, with a teasing smile, she slowly spread her legs apart and reached down to her pussy. Fingering the wet folds of flesh as they stubbornly stuck together, she fingered them open again to reveal the gooey slit between them.

Dropping to his knees between her legs, Jamie looked up into her eyes.

"I take it you've had enough time to think it over?" he asked, reaching out and spreading her leg wider apart to bare the wet, oozing wound between them.

"Yes," she whispered. "But you must promise me that no one else will ever know. It has to be our secret. Promise?"

"I promise," Jamie whispered back, leaning down and slowly licking his tongue up the slit between the fat, gorged lips of her pussy.

The pungent fragrance of her musk was so strong, it was almost overpowering as Jamie savored the piquant taste of her juices on his lapping tongue. She was even wetter than the first time, he deliriously thought. She must have been thinking about it all day long to become so aroused.

"I've been thinking of you . . . of us . . . all day long," she softly murmured, running her fingers through his short, brown hair as he busily licked and lapped at her vulnerable pussy.

"Me, too," he said, pausing for a moment to look up at her face. "But I was afraid that you had changed your mind when you didn't come back yesterday."

"I had to be sure," she whispered. "I had to be sure that I could go through with it . . . with us living together like husband . . . husband and wife."

"I would love to be your husband," Jamie whispered. "Til death do us part . . ."

"Yes, my Love . . . til death do us part," she whispered, as tears began to trickle down her cheeks.

"Don't cry, Mother . . ." Jamie mumbled, reaching out to wipe away the tears with the back of his fingers. As he did, she grasped his hand and brought it to her lips. Then as he watched, she gave each of his fingertips a soft, gentle kiss before she let go of his hand.

Jamie was overwhelmed by the passion of the moment as he slowly leaned back down to his mother's unfurled pussy. Pursing his lips, he gently kissed her, moving his lips all over her bared pussy. Kissing up one, soft, fleshy lip, he briefly kissed across her exposed clit and then kissed down the other meaty lip as it wetly clung to the hair-covered mound beneath it. Then, Ovaling his tongue, he slowly dipped it down into the seeping opening of her moist, warm vagina. Gently, he fucked her with his tongue for several long seconds before he lazily licked his way back up to her clit.

Pursing his lips around the little nub of flesh, he gently sucked it out of its little, pink sheath. With it sucked out of its hiding place, Jamie immediately began to tickle and tease it with the tip of his tongue.

Tonguing her squiggly clit, Jamie looked up over his mother's wadded skirt. As he did, he saw that his mother had her head resting back against the couch. Her big, blue eyes were closed and her fingers were busy pushing buttons through the buttonholes of her crisp, white blouse. Then when it was unbuttoned, she spread it open to reveal her perfect, pinkish-white breasts as they rested down in the tiniest lace brassiere Jamie had ever seen. The tiny bra didn't cup the big, heavy melons; it only gave them support to keep them from sagging down onto her chest. It was so damned sexy, he giddily thought as he watched her tits softly jiggling inside their lacy, white cups. The big, hard nipples jutting out of the ruddy cups covering the tips of her breasts were so hard and swollen, they looked like two, plump, ripe strawberries.

Licking and lapping faster and faster, Jamie watched his mother pinch the big berries between her thumbs and fingers. She began to tweak and pinch the two purple knobs as her cute, little ass pattered up and down on the couch. Jamie's mouth and chin were soon covered with the hot, sticky goo that was now pouring out of her cunt as it wetly smacked up against his chin.

Back and forth, back and forth, Jamie's tongue slashed as he mercilessly attacked her hard, swollen clit. Her legs were quivering as the muscles in them grew harder and harder. She was almost there, Jamie gleefully thought. Just a little bit more and he could bring her over the edge and send her skittering down into her orgasm.

"Unh, unh, unh, unh," she grunted out as she humped herself back against him.

Then, all of a sudden, she let out a choking, gurgling groan as her back bowed, thrusting her hips up and pressing her pussy and clit against his mouth and chin. Jamie continued to attack her clit with his tongue as she held herself against him, moving only slightly in a circular motion as she continued to groan out her climax. Jamie could feel her pussy spasming as well as feel the sudden increase in the amount of pussy juice gushing out of it. So much, it ran down to soak his chin before pouring down onto the couch below it.

It seemed to go on and on and on as she strained against him, trying to extract every last iota of pleasure from her orgasm.

At last, Jamie felt the muscles in her legs softening as she gently pushed him away from her clit.

"Too sensitive . . ." she murmured, looking down at his juice-smeared lips and chin with a distant, unfocused look in her widely dilated eyes. They were so dilated, there was only a tiny, thin ring of blue encircling her black pupils.

"Better every time," she whispered.

"Maybe because you had all day to think about it," he grinned, licking his lips as he pushed up to his feet.

Standing between her legs looking down at her, he watched her reach out and quickly unthread his belt back through its silver buckle. Then, with a naughty twinkle in her eyes, she unbuttoned his pants and ran the zipper on his fly down its track. Spreading his pants open, she quickly pushed them down his muscular legs.

Looking up at him with her big, blue eyes, she teasingly eased her fingers down under the waist band of his white jockey shorts. Slowly she teased his shorts down over the round swell of his hips. As she did, his big, hard cock flopped out, sticking straight out, pointing directly at her face. Then as she kept pushing his shorts down his thighs, she leaned forward and licked her tongue around the big, swollen head of his penis. As she did, his cock gave an expectant twitch and jumped up into the air pointing up at the ceiling.

"Oh, he looks excited," she giggled, licking her tongue up the rounded underside of his cock.

"He is . . ." Jamie grunted, reaching down and grasping her head between his hands. Holding her head trapped between his hands, Jamie guided her lips up to the head of his cock. With the round, tapered head of his penis on her lips, he leaned forward and began to f***e it in between her lips.

"Does Baby want mommy to suck on his big cock . . ." she murmured, flicking her tongue out and slowly twirling it round and round the head of his twitching penis. "Yesssss . . ." Jamie hissed, rocking his hips forward and trying to f***e the head of his penis between her lips.

Then, all of a sudden, she opened her mouth wider and his cock went sliding into her mouth.

Clasping her head between his hands, he began to work her lips up and down the thick, swollen shaft of his cock. Every time he thrust forward, he could feel the head of his dick bump up against the back of her mouth as she hungrily sucked and pulled on his cock. Jamie was torn between which felt better. His mother's hot, sucking pussy or her hot, sucking mouth. But for the moment, there was no question which felt the best as she gobbled away at his penis.

Did she want him to come in her mouth again, he deliriously wondered as the burn down inside his dangling balls grew hotter and hotter. He could feel his mother's tongue twirling, flicking and lapping at his cock as he slid it in and out of her mouth.

Suddenly his mother jerked her head back making his spit-drenched peter flop out of her mouth.

"Does Baby want to come in mommy's mouth again?" she baby-talked, asking him as she lewdly licked her tongue around his bloated cockhead.

"Yes—yes—yes—baby wants to come in Mommy's mouth—again," he panted, humping his cock at her lips and trying to get it back inside her mouth.

All of a sudden, her mouth opened and closed down around his cock. He could feel her sharp, little teeth scr****g along the shaft of his penis as he worked it in and out of her mouth. Then he felt her hands curl around his hips as her sharp fingernails dug down into his skin.

What was she doing, he frantically wondered as she clutched at him and brought his rocking hips to a halt. Then, as he looked down at her in a delirious daze, he watched her lean forward and felt the head of his penis pressing against the opening of her throat. Oh, God, was she, he feverishly wondered? Was she going to deep throat him? There seemed to be little doubt that, that was her intent as she dug her nails into his hips and pulled him toward her at the same time she kept leaning forward forcing the head of his penis up against her tonsils.

All of a sudden, Jamie heard his mother give out a soft, gurgling gag as he felt the head of his penis overcome the resistance and slip into her throat. She was doing it, he deliriously told himself as he watched his cock disappearing into his mother's mouth. She just kept on pulling on him and forcing her mouth down on his penis until at last, his mother's full, red lips were encircling the thick, hairy base of his penis and his big, dangling balls were pressed against her chin.

Then, she swallowed and he felt the muscles of her throat clutch at his embedded cock. It was just too much for a boy to hold back as he felt a spasm of pure, electric pleasure rip through his cock, making it lurch and spew out a massive gush of hot cum directly into his mother's throat. As it did, his mother gave out a soft gurgle and pushed back at him dragging the head of his jerking, spurting penis back into her hot, sucking mouth.

Jamie saw his mother's cheeks hollow as she roughly sucked and pulled on his spurting cock with her lips. His hot, clinging cum continued to pour out into her mouth, coating the inside of her mouth, her teeth, her tongue and even her tonsils with its sticky heat. Then the gooey cream began to seep out around the shaft of his penis and trickle down her chin where a long, stringy strand of the goo dripped down to the floor between his feet.

Jamie was trembling and shaking from the f***e of his orgasm as it rushed through his body. It was one of the most powerful, overwhelming orgasms he had ever experienced. Suddenly his knees gave way and he dropped to the floor jerking his twitching, spurting penis out of his mother's mouth.

Staring down at his twitching cock, he watched it continue to spurt out its creamy load, coating his mother's hairy pussy with the goo. The creamy cum covered the lips of her pussy and slowly ran down them to disappear into the crack of her ass as his cock finally stopped firing off.

"Wow," his mother softly exclaimed as they both watched his cock slowly shrink and wilt. "That was certainly a lot . . . I've never seen that much come out at one time . . ."

"You bring out the best in me, Mom," Jamie joked, leaning over and planting a long, wet kiss on her cum-covered lips.

"Well, now mommy has to take a shower and clean up Baby's mess," she laughed.

Jamie slowly pushed up to his feet and staggered back out from between her legs.

"Need someone to wash your back," he asked her as she got up to her feet.

"I can manage," she grinned, stepping toward her room.

Dropping down onto the couch, he watched his mother's cute, little ass twitch from side to side as she seductively swished it for his viewing edification.

"You sure have a sweet ass, Mom," Jamie hollered out at her as she disappeared into the hallway leading down to her bedroom.

Leaning down, Jamie pulled his pants and short off and kicked his loafers to the side. Grabbing up his clothes, he hurried down to his room . . .

Sitting on the couch in his boxer shorts, Jamie watched TV as he waited for his mother's return. He had his foot-rubbing paraphernalia spread out on the coffee table and was sipping on a CC and Coke.

Then his mother appeared at the living room door and came sweeping into the room wearing a long, filmy gown. And nothing else Jamie giddily observed as he feasted his eyes on her body through the sheer, white transparency of her night gown. He could easily make out the circles of darkened flesh tipping her big breasts as they jiggled and shook with each mincing step she took. And down below them, at the pit of her belly, the dark triangle of curls pointing down to her sex could easily be made out. The long, flowing gown continued on down, caressing her long, shapely legs ending at her ankles where the lacy hem brushed across the top of her tiny feet.

"Oh, do I get a foot rub, too?" she murmured, reaching down and running her fingers through his short, brown hair.

"But of course. Nothing is too good for my new wife," he grinned up and her, patting the couch beside him.

"You're such a Sweetheart," she whispered. "What woman could wish for a more handsome, sweet, caring husband?"

"Are you trying to make me blush?" he asked her as she melted down onto the couch bedside him.

"No. and maybe when you get through," she smiled, digging her hand down into the opening of his shorts and pulling his big cock out through it, "maybe we can find a place to put him."

"He would like that," he grinned as she let go of his cock and leaned back down onto the couch.

Watching her, Jamie started to stuff his penis back in his shorts as his mother d****d the crook of her ankles over his thighs.

"No, leave it out . . . I like to look at it," she told him, lying on the couch and resting her head on the arm of the couch.

"Uh, okay," he said, reaching down to the lacy hem of her gown and slowly lifting it up her long legs until her little, hairy pussy was exposed to his leering eyes. "But I get to look at you, too."

"Be my guest," she whispered, lifting one leg off his leg and dropping her foot to the floor as she spread herself open for him.

"So tiny," he softly said, running his fingertips over the smooth softness then slowly easing his long, middle finger down into its hot clutch. "I can't believe that I came out of it . . ."

"Believe me, Sweetheart, you did come out of it—I know!" she laughed as Jamie slowly worked his finger in and out of the juicy slit. "And you must not have wanted to come out, because you held on for a whole hour . . ."

"Well, if I knew what I know today, I would have been out in a heartbeat," he grinned.

Then Jamie eased his finger out of her pussy and lifted it up to his nose. Taking a quick sniff, he slipped it into his mouth. Then as she watched with a lusty smile on her pretty, pink lips, Jamie stuck quickly sucked it clean with a loud, lewd slurp.

"Mighty tasty," he smirked, reaching over and picking up the jar of foot cream. Twisting off the cap, he dug his fingers down into the cream and brought out a big gob. Setting the jar back down, he quickly reached down to her dainty foot and began to rub the goo into her soft skin.

"That feels so good . . ." she murmured, running her hand down to her pussy as she watched him massage her foot.

Then continuing to massage and rub her foot, Jamie watched her extend a finger out and begin to flick its tip back and forth across her clit. As she did, she ran her other hand down and peeled the fleshy, little sheath back off her clit to expose more of it to her other finger. As her finger flashed back and forth across her exposed clit, her eyes fluttered shut and she began to make soft, mewing sounds.

Jamie could feel his cock slowly hardening as it stuck up through the opening of his shorts.

After a couple of minutes of rubbing, Jamie stopped and wrapped his hand around his mother's ankle. Lifting, he raised her leg up and d****d the crook of her ankle on the top edge of the back of the couch. Now his mother's legs were spread wide open. Her juice-smeared pussy was also spread wide open, revealing the seeping, oozing slit at its bottom. Reaching down, he eased his finger back down inside the moist warmth.

He slowly stroked his finger in and out of the clinging tightness of her cunt as she continued to finger and fiddle with her swollen, jutting clit.

This was all so incredible, he deliriously thought. Four days ago, none of this could have happened. But, look at them now! This familiar intimacy they now shared was astounding. The fact that they could share such an intimacy in such a short time bespoke of their love and affection for each other.

Slowly pulling his finger out of her, he reached over and pulled her other leg toward him. Lifting her foot up off the floor, he laid her leg across his leg and began rubbing cream into her dainty, little foot.

"Mmmmmm . . ." she softly murmured, still rubbing her finger back and forth across her clit.

Staring down at the slash of flesh between her legs as he massaged her foot, Jamie could see his mother's obvious arousal as the pink folds glistened wetly in the light of the lamp.

Finally finished, Jamie twisted the cap back on the jar and wiped his hand on the towel. Looking back down at his penis, he saw that it was hard and erect as it stuck out through the opening in his shorts, its big, purple head waving in the air. Looking over at his mother, he watched her lift her leg off his thigh, spread it out and set her foot back down on the floor.

Then, watching on in a euphoric daze, Jamie watched his mother gently finger open the two meaty folds of flesh and ease a long finger down into the oozing opening of her vagina.

"Baby, why don't you come to mommy and put that big, hard cock of yours right down here in mommy's little pussy . . ." she murmured, slowly sliding her finger in and out of her pussy.

"Yes, Ma'am . . ." Jamie grunted, pushing his stiff, jutting penis back through the opening of his shorts and jumping up to his feet. Shoving his shorts down his legs, Jamie stepped out of them and crawled back onto the couch.

His mother still lay with her long legs spread, one leg resting on the back of the couch and the other one bent at the knee, its foot resting on the floor. Jamie's big, stiff penis was bobbing up and down wildly as he crawled up between her outstretched legs and leaned down over her. He felt her fingers on his penis as he dipped his hips and let her guide his cock down to the waiting wetness between her legs.

"You're so wet . . ." he whispered as he felt the soft moistness close down around the head of his penis.

"You're so big," she whispered back, clutching her pussy down around his cock as he eased it deeper inside the warm channel of her vagina.

Finally their groins ground together, the kinky hairs surrounding their sex intertwining as their bodies became one again.

"Yes, Baby, yes, fuck mommy and make mommy come . . ." she whispered as she nibbled on his ear and ground herself back against him.

"Little Jamie loves to fuck his Mommy . . ." Jamie mumbled, nipping at her neck as he thrust against her trying to bury his cock even deeper inside the clutching tightness of her pussy.

Slowly backing his penis down the channel of her warm, moist pussy, Jamie felt his mother lift her leg off the back of the couch and d**** it across his back. Then as he pushed back into her, she lifted her other leg and wrapped it around his waist. Crossing her legs on his back, she hooked her ankles together and dropped her soft, round heels down on his ass as it began to slowly bounce up and down. At the end of every down stroke, Jamie felt his mother's little, round heels dig into his ass trying to f***e him to thrust into her deeper on every lunge.

"Ummmmm . . . mommy loves how deep inside her Baby's big cock goes . . ." she murmured into his ear as she nibbled at it. "It touches mommy in places she's never been touched before."

"Is Jamie's cock bigger than Daddy's was?" he mumbled, adding more f***e to his thrusts, trying to drive his cock even deeper into her hot, clutching hole.

"Yes—oh, yes—" she hissed, hunching her pussy back at him harder. "Much longer . . . and fatter, too."

The impact of her words on his ego, made Jamie fuck her even harder as he slammed his penis into her with the f***e of a pile driver.

"Yes—yes--yes—" she hissed into his ear as she dug her heels into his bounding ass as hard as she could. "Fuck mommy hard—hard and deep—"

Jamie was a wild man, pounding his cock into her at a furious pace. But she took all he could give and demanded more. Her clawed hands were digging into his ass, driving her long, sharp fingernails into it, urging him to fuck her ever harder.

The air was filled with the scent of her sex and the sounds of their fucking as their bodies crashed together over and over again. Jamie gave his mother no quarter as he ruthlessly fucked her . . . and she asked for none as she fucked herself back at him with wild abandon.

Then all at once, his mother gave out a long gasp as her eyes rolled back in her head and her body stiffened. She began to shake and tremble so badly, Jamie wondered if she was having a seizure. Her spasming puss was sucking on his cock so hard, he felt like she was going to pull him down inside the spasming hole as her claws dug down into his ass and her heels f***ed him down into her.

Her back was arched so tightly, Jamie was afraid that it might snap as she ground her big, heaving tits against his chest. He could even feel her hot juices squirting out around his embedded penis and gushing down onto his balls that were pressed up against his mother soft, round ass.

"Baby—oh, Baby—so good," she gasped out as her body strained up against his.

Watching his mother's orgasmic seizure triggered a massive explosion down inside his juice-coated balls as they sent out a huge gusher of thick, creamy cum up through his twitching cock into her clutching pussy.

"Oh, God, Motherrrrrrr," Jamie groaned out as his spewing, spurting penis quickly filled the hot, tight channel of her cunt to the point of overflowing.

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Thanks for sharing the well written, and very entertaining story! Really enjoyed reading it.