We started out as a typical f****y; mom, dad, Bambi, and me. Where we lived was big enough to be called a city instead of a town, but still small enough to feel cozy. We were well off financially, but not rich.

Bambi and I got along well when we were growing up. We each had our own friends so we didn't play together very often, but when we did there were usually no issues. We were able to find things to do that were neither too boyish nor girlish.

There was this one time when I got my s****r very mad at me. I was only five at the time. Our parents were going through a Disney phase where we watched just about every animated movie they had ever made. This week it was time for "Bambi". We all enjoyed the movie, laughing at the funny parts and crying then Bambi's mom dies.

After the movie ended, I looked over at my s****r for a couple of moments, then turned to mom and asked, "Why did you name Bambi after a boy deer?"

I didn't mean anything bad; at five years old I just didn't understand. My s****r thought I was making fun of her and got mad. Even though mom calmed her down and explained everything to both of us, Bambi was cold towards me for about a week. She still k**s me about it sometimes.

Our lives changed drastically when Bambi was 15 and I was 13. That's when we found out that dad had been having an affair with Mrs. Jackson next door. Evidently Mr. Jackson had gotten suspicious and hired a detective. He had undeniable proof. The argument between our parents was awful. Bambi and I heard the yelling and screaming from her bedroom, although we could not make out all the words. Dad left that night.

A few days later, while we were at school and mom was at work, dad came home and packed all his clothes and a few other things that were his. He left a letter saying that he and Mrs. Jackson were going away together and that mom could keep the house and everything else that he left. He would not ask for anything in the divorce. I found out a couple of years later that on the way out of town, he had tried to make a large withdraw from the joint banking account, but Mr. Jackson's lawyer had put a freeze on it so he couldn't.

This incident resulted in the three of us becoming much closer. Bambi and I did our best to support and console mom, as well as each other. Neither of us wanted to spend much time with our friends right then, answering all their questions, so we ended up spending a lot of time together.

It was at this point that I began to realize just how sweet a person my s****r is. As is typical in these situations, many people would tell me that I was the "man of the f****y" now. My s****r realized how much pressure this is on a thirteen year old and was always there to help me out. She would come and talk with me each night before bed, encouraging me to remember who I was and not try and do too much. Nobody really expected me to grow up right away. Looking back I'm impressed at how well she handled everything at fifteen.

Slowly things got back to normal over the next year; life went on. It was an average high school experience for both of us. We both participated in activities. I went on several dates and managed to lose my virginity to Becky James in the back seat of mom's car when I was sixteen. I was truly embarrassed when my s****r found Becky's panties the next day. Bambi teased me about it for quite a while. While she acted amused, there was something else in her voice I could not quite figure out.

I was in good physical shape, but not athletic so I didn't play sports. I did go to quite a few games, even though I wasn't all that into sports. As a typical teen boy, I went to watch the cheerleaders.

Bambi was a cheerleader and in my opinion, she filled out her uniform quite nicely. All my friends agreed she was the prettiest on the squad. She kept her long blonde hair in a pony tail and it twirled nicely as she cheered. Her chest had developed early and the tight sweater emphasized her tits well. The legs sticking out of her skirt were long, smooth, toned, and well muscled. Even I had to admit she was hot in her uniform.

After high school, Bambi decided not to go to college. She did ok in school, but only averaged a B- and really didn't want to go on. She had been working as a hostess at a restaurant on weekends and was able to get a full time position after graduation. Later that summer after she turned 18, she switched over to a cocktail waitress. I've always thought it was interesting that you had to be 21 to drink, but only 18 to serve alcohol. With her good looks, sweet disposition, and hard work, she did well with her tips.

During my senior year of high school, my s****r seemed to get even friendlier towards me. She began to get more touchy-feely. She would put her hands on me when we talked, and gave me more hugs than usual. It wasn't a big change, but enough to notice. Mom had always been somewhat that way so it wasn't that big a deal. Several times when we were watching TV at night, Bambi would lean against me and put my arm around her. On the nights that she wasn't working, she would always give me a hug before bed. Every once in a while she would add a kiss on the cheek, several of which were quite close to my mouth. I have to be honest and say I really enjoyed all the touching. I wasn't thinking of her in a sexual way, but I looked forward the contact with a female body, even if it was my s****r.

Things escalated again in May on my 18th Birthday. As she works evening shifts, Bambi was not up when I left for school. When I got home, she was waiting to give me a birthday hug. As she hugged me, she pressed her tits hard against my chest and kissed me on the neck just below my ear. For the first time ever, I felt a little aroused by my s****r. When it was done, I excused myself to go change my clothes and wait for mom to get home.

Bambi had arranged her schedule so she had the night off. She had fixed a wonderful dinner for me. As it was my birthday, mom allowed both my s****r and I to have some wine with dinner. After dinner we had a cake Bambi had baked. I got the surprise of my life when I opened my presents. Along with the usual gifts of CD's and games from Bambi, and clothes and cologne from mom, my s****r gave me a book titled How to Please A Woman In Bed. Both she and mom were very amused by the gift. There was a note taped to the front that said, "I know you don't need this, stud, but just in case you want a refresher course". I was very embarrassed.

When I read the book later, I was really surprised at how graphic it was. There were extensive chapters on seduction, foreplay, oral sex, and regular sex, all with plenty of accompanying pictures. I didn't just read it, I studied it. Unfortunately, I only had a couple of dates after that and neither of them gave me a chance to practice what I learned. I never told my s****r, but that was the best gift anyone had ever given me.

After the last gift was opened, mom said with a grin, "Time for the traditional 18th birthday kiss."

We stood up; she stepped over to me, and gave me a quick kiss on the lips.

"Mom," Bambi said standing up exasperated, "that's a kiss for a boy. He's a man now and you need to kiss him like a man."

My s****r stepped over to me, took my head in her hands, and planted a big one on me. I had never been kissed like that before. Even the few times I'd had sex I didn't kiss this passionately. She was putting a lot into this kiss. After a moment of shock, I recovered and started kissing back just as hard, and wrapped my arms around her. Soon I felt her tongue probing my lips. I opened them and let it in. Our tongues wrestled with each other, first in my mouth, then in hers.

Even though it was my s****r, I definitely reacted to the kiss. My dick began to harden and was soon straining against my pants. I'm not sure how long it lasted, it felt like several minutes, but when it ended both of us needed a huge breath. I learned two things right then: The first was Bambi is a great kisser. The second was I really liked kissing my s****r.

"That's how you kiss a man," Bambi stated while smiling at me. "If you're good, I'll give you another one later."

"I'll be good, I'll be real good," I responded eagerly.

My s****r laughed and hugged me again. I looked over to see mom's reaction. If watching her two c***dren locked in a passionate kiss bothered her in any way, she hid it well. She was grinning from ear to ear, amused by what she saw.

After cleaning up from dinner, we sat down and watched a movie on TV, my s****r leaning on me again, resting her head on my shoulder. This time when I put my arm around her, she entwined her fingers in mine and held my hand. I only somewhat paid attention to the movie, my mind was mostly on the kiss and how good it felt to have her leaning on me. While I wasn't straining my pants any longer, I never got truly soft.

After the movie ended, mom said goodnight and went to bed while Bambi and I finished cleaning up. When we were done we headed down to our bedrooms. As we got to Bambi's room she stopped me.

"I promised you another kiss," she said grinning.

This one was even better than the first, perhaps because I had been anticipating it. Also, while she was kissing me, Bambi pressed her thigh against my crotch and rubbed it up and down a little. By the time the kiss finished, I was hard as a rock.

"Happy Birthday little b*****r," she said with a big giggle, "although it feels like you're not so little. If you want to, I don't mind a bit if you think of me later on when you..." She left her sentence hanging, but pressed her thigh against me again for emphasis. One more quick peck on the lips and she disappeared into her bedroom with another giggle.

I stopped by the bathroom to grab a towel on the way to my room. I quickly stripped off and lay down. I closed my eyes and did think about my s****r. I thought about those two kisses. I thought about all her hugs, I thought about all the times she leaned against me on the couch. I thought about how she looked in her cheerleader uniform and her cocktail uniform. All these put together had me shooting into the towel quite quickly. It was the most satisfying jerk off I had ever had. I slept well that night.

That night broke the ice. After then, I started fantasizing about my s****r every time I jerked off. Whenever we were near each other, we were touching or hugging in some way. It wasn't just her idea; I initiated a lot of it which she seemed to like a lot. The happiest times were when I was with my s****r. Again, whenever this happened around mom, she didn't seem to mind any of it, which had me wondering at times.

After I graduated, I got a part time job. I only worked a couple days a week as mom thought I should enjoy the summer between high school and college as much as I could. I began waiting up until Bambi got home from work when I could. We would sit together on the couch and chat while she would wind down for the day. I would usually massage her calves and feet for her. We always ended the day with a hug, and often a quick kiss.

In July, my s****r had her 20th birthday; a day I will never forget. It was a Saturday so we all slept in. At breakfast I gave Bambi her presents: a bottle of her favorite perfume and a heart pendant with a ruby in the center, her birthstone. She put the pendant on and stated she loved it and would never take it off. To this day it is very rare that she is not wearing it.

She came over to me, sat in my lap, and put her arms around me. She gave me a big hug and a sweet kiss and said, "I love the gifts. You are the very best b*****r ever. I'll need to think of a good way to thank you for them."

A few of her friends were taking her shopping so Bambi left to meet them at the mall. Mom busied herself cleaning the house and I sat down to watch some TV. The morning went by quickly.

The day was beautiful so after lunch, mom and I decided to get some sun on the back deck. We changed into our bathing suits and went outside. I must say, mom still looked great in a bikini. She's kept in shape and her body could give many younger women a run for their money. I told her as much which she appreciated. We applied sun block, helping each other with our backs, lay down and started reading books. We'd been there for about an hour when Bambi came home carrying a number of shopping bags. She said she'd put them in her room, change and join us.

A few minutes later she came back wearing her bikini. It was bright red and quite revealing. The top covered the outside of her tits but left a little over a third of them uncovered on the inside creating a wonderful cleavage. The bottoms were just two triangles connected by strings on her hips. Over half of her cheeks were exposed. She saw me watching and took her time walking over to the cushion to lie down on her stomach.

"Can someone please put some sun block on me?" she asked.

Mom motioned me over and whispered to me.

"Since it's her birthday, why don't we make her feel good at the same time? As we apply the sun block, let's give her a massage as well. You start at her feet and I'll start at her shoulders."

I didn't need to be asked twice. Any excuse to run my hands over my s****r's body was good, even if it was only her legs. Mom took the block and put four squirts on her back and handed the bottle to me. I put a short line of block on the back of each calf. I noticed that before she started rubbing in the block, mom not only untied the string across Bambi's back, but also the one across her neck.

I started on her left leg, spreading the block around before rubbing it in. I rubbed for a couple of minutes before switching legs. The right was treated the same. As I scooted forward to work on her thighs, my s****r spread her legs to give me room. I saw that mom had finished with the first two dots of block and was reaching down to the third.

In all the massages I had given her after work, I had only worked on her feet and calves, so this was the first time I had touched her thighs. They were wonderful. Bambi must have loved what we were doing because I heard her moan a few times. I was so into rubbing her thighs, I forgot to put on the block. I don't think she noticed.

When mom was finished with her back, she put a small drop of sun block on her hands and rubbed my s****r's butt. I sat staring as mom pulled her suit together, wedging it into her ass crack, so she could get to all of her cheeks. All the while, Bambi was moaning, giggling, and pushing her butt back at mom's hand. When she was done, Mom pulled the suit out of Bambi's crack to lay it flat on her butt, giving me a quick flash of my s****r's asshole and lips.

Mom motioned me to scoot back down to Bambi's feet and she moved back up to her head. As I moved down, I adjusted my dick which had gotten somewhat hard when I was massaging my s****r. I expected mom to retie the top, but she didn't. She just tapped Bambi on the shoulder. When my s****r raised up to turn over, mom picked up the top and tossed it aside.

When she lay back down on her back, I got my first look at my s****r's bare tits. They were awesome. They stood up firmly off her chest, only moving sideways slightly, creating a small channel in the middle. The first thing I thought of when I saw it was that would be a great place to lay my dick. I stared transfixed as mom put a dollop of sun block on one tit and then began to massage it in. Bambi let out a very contented sigh and reached up with her had to gently rub mom's forearm, encouraging her to continue. After a few moments mom softly cleared her throat. When I looked up at her she was smiling from ear to ear, but she indicated with a glance that I should be working on my s****rs legs.

With an embarrassed grin, and an even harder dick, I started rubbing block into each leg. While I was doing this, I kept glancing up at mom massaging my s****r's tits. I would have given anything to have been able to do that myself and wished mom had chosen me to start at her head instead of her. I was to change my mind soon.

Again, as we worked our way up and down her respectively, we met in the middle of Bambi's body. I watched eagerly as mom moved her hand off my s****r's stomach and rubbed sun block down onto Bambi's crotch. I noticed that a wet spot had appeared in her suit which indicated my s****r was enjoying her massage very much. After trying a few times to get her fingers under the edge of the suit, my mom stopped.

"These are just getting in the way," mom said, reached for the ties of the suit and pulled. I sat there stunned as Bambi lifted her hips off the ground to allow mom to remove her suit bottom. For the first time in my life, I was looking down upon my s****r totally nude. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. Her pussy was shaved completely bare, not even a little strip at the top.

My eyes moved up her body and noticed that Bambi had lifted her head and was looking at me. I could tell she enjoyed showing herself to me, but was also a little apprehensive about how I would react.

"So beautiful," I said, barely above a whisper.

I could see the pleasure flood her face as I spoke. She smiled widely and lay her head back down. I moved my eyes back down her body, pausing briefly on her wonderful tits, past her very smooth stomach, and onto her wonderful pussy. As I sat there admiring it, I felt mom move over to my side. I jumped a little as she spoke softly on my ear.

"Why don't you give it a lick? I'm sure both of you would love it."

I turned to her amazed. I was still having a hard time coming to grips with the fact that mom had basically stripped my s****r for me to look at. Now she was actually suggesting that I go down on her. It was too much to process. She just smiled at me and nodded back at Bambi. I turned back to my s****r, but still hesitated. I felt mom gently, but firmly press the tops of my shoulder, bending me down towards the treasure between my s****r's legs. As I got closer, Bambi spread her legs further.

Mom had stopped pushing, but I kept moving on my own. When I got close, I could see some moisture forming on my s****r's pussy lips and I could also smell her arousal. Her fragrance was intoxicating. I paused for a brief moment to enjoy the scent, then leaned in the final few inches and gave one long lick the full length of her pussy.

"YESSSSSSSSSS!" she hissed as she reached out to put her hands on my head.

I gave her several more long slow licks, going both over and around her lips. Then, starting at the bottom, I put light kisses on her outer lips. I moved back and forth between the two lips, slowly moving upward. When I got to the top, I planted a kiss right on her clit. I stayed on her clit for several minutes, alternating between kissing, licking, and gently sucking on it.

I reached up with my hands and eased her open. I then ran my tongue up and down inside between her inner lips. I went up and down several times, gently flicking her clit at the top, and softly probing her opening at the bottom each time. By this time she was getting quite wet, and I could feel her heating up as more bl**d flowed down in her arousal.

My s****r began to move her hips more at this point, so I just stuck my tongue out and let her guide herself around to the area she wanted licked. I held up her butt so she wouldn't get too tired as she moved herself around to have me lick different areas. I noticed that wherever she moved to, she usually gravitated back to her clit. I used her moving, along with her moans and sighs to guide me along. When I noticed she was concentrating my tongue on just her clit, I eased her back down on the ground so she wouldn't strain her muscles and began to increase the pressure of my licking.

At this point I also reached up with both hands and began to caress her tits. Starting on the outside, I rubbed in circles, slowly making them smaller and moving inward. When I got to the middle, I took each nipple between my thumb and forefinger and twirled them. I then stopped twirling and gently squeezed. As I was squeezing, I started sucking harder on her clit, using my tongue to lightly flick it back and forth. This must have been the trigger because her moaning increased greatly. She also grabbed my head and pulled it hard against her.

"Yes...yes...yes...yes...yes...AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" she husked as she pressed herself hard up against my face. I could feel her whole pelvic area spasm and she gushed, soaking my chin. Her whole body tensed as she was being held up by only her shoulders and feet.

"Ah...ah...ah...ah...ah...ah..." she panted, barely above a whisper. After several moments, she eased herself back down to the ground. I stopped sucking and licking, and just gave her tender kisses. I continued the light kisses as she slowly got her breathing under control. I then lay my head on her thigh.

While I had been licking my s****r, mom had managed to get my swimsuit off of me. At first she had trouble getting the waistband over the head of my rock hard dick, but she eventually managed. Not only was Bambi naked, now I was too.

After a few moments, mom came up and whispered to me. "You should work your way up her body and give her a nice kiss. Women love that after a good cum."

I thought that was a good idea so I started to lick and kiss my way up. I paused briefly to give each nipple a quick suck, and then kissed my way up her neck. I then leaned down to kiss Bambi. When our lips met, my s****r reached up and wrapped her arms around me. She hugged me tight as our tongues dueled.

Even though I had figured it probably was coming. I was still startled when mom reached in and took a hold of my dick. As I leaned down to kiss my s****r, she angled me in such a way that as our lips touched, my dick eased into her opening. It was very tight and at first I thought it wouldn't go, but Bambi relaxed and my head popped in. My s****r hissed when it happened, but she didn't break the kiss. All during the kiss, I could feel mom caressing my butt.

All of a sudden, without warning, mom shoved on my butt with all her weight, plunging my whole dick inside my s****r in one thrust. Part way in, there was some serious resistance, but then it gave way and I only stopped again then my pubes were pressed on hers. When I broke through the resistance, Bambi's whole body tensed up and her arms tightened in a death grip. Her lips stay pressed to mine, but she stopped actively kissing me. We stayed like that for a couple of minutes until she relaxed. When she had loosened her grip on me, I leaned up to look down on her. Her eyes were shut tight and a tear was leaking from one.

"Bam?" I asked quietly, "Were you a ...? I mean did I just...?"

I couldn't quite finish the questions, but she knew what I was asking. She still hadn't opened her eyes, but they were not as tense as before. She nodded her head and said, "Uh huh."

"Oh Bam," I whispered, "Why? You should have given that to someone special."

She opened her eyes and smiled up at me.

"Oh you silly man," she said smiling, "I did. Haven't you figured out by now that to me, nobody is more special then my sweet, adorable, handsome, little b*****r?"

She leaned up and kissed me again. While all her other kisses had been filled with passion, this one was filled with love. Her love flowed out her body, through the kiss, and into me. The longer we kissed, the more I came to realize just how much I loved my s****r. I returned that love in the kiss, and when we broke it, I leaned down and said to her, "I love you too my sweet, sweet s****r."

"Show me," she said. "Make love to me"

So I did just that. I rose up on both arms and slowly pulled myself out until just the head was inside her. Just as slowly I eased it back in. I did this several more times, making sure to go very slowly as I knew she would still be sore. Eventually my s****r started pushing up at me when I pushed in. This told me that her pain had eased some so I sped up just a little. I also leaned down and kissed her neck and throat. I moved back and forth, nuzzling her neck and gently nibbling her earlobes.

"Oh my God," I said in her ear. "You feel so wonderful wrapped around me. You're so hot and tight it just feels awesome."

"If I had known it would be this good, aside from the initial pain, I would have done this a lot sooner," she answered.

We kissed hard as I continued to increase the speed. I also occasionally stopped when fully inside her to press my pubes against hers, trying to rub her clit. I leaned down to suck on her nipples, but arching my back like that made it harder to control my thrusts, so I stopped. Instead, I held myself up with one arm and used the other to rub her tits.

All too soon I felt that familiar tingle in my balls. With everything that had gone on today, I knew I wouldn't last much longer. I was actually surprised I had lasted this long. I sped up even faster and leaned down to her.

"I'm ready to cum," I said to her. "I'm really close."

Wrapping her legs around me she said, "I am too. Cum with me b*****r. Cum with me Sweetie."

A few strokes later, I plunged in fully and held myself there as I shot rope after rope of cum, deep inside my s****r. This set her off and her legs tightened and I felt her pussy throb.

"Yes...yes...yes...yes...yes...AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" she hissed again, just like she had earlier. I guess Bambi is not a screamer like Becky was.

As we finished cumming, I eased down and then rolled us to the side so I wouldn't be too heavy on her. We kissed gently a few times and then just lay there in each other's arms. While lying there, I realized in my mind for the first time that everything we had just done, was outside in our back yard. It's a good thing we have a very high privacy fence and that no neighbors are close. It also occurred to me that mom was no longer there.

I had been so engrossed with my s****r that I didn't notice her leaving. I also began to really wonder about her participation in this afternoon's activities. Bambi looked too contented right now to ask her, so I just planned on asking mom later. I was having a hard time processing the fact that I had just had the most wonderful sex of my life, and it was with my s****r. Additionally, it was not only supported, but encouraged by our mom.

We lay there together for about twenty minutes before a cloud passed by and briefly hid the sun. This broke us from our contentment and made us think it might be time to get up.

"I think we need a shower," I said. "I'll wash your back if you wash mine."

My s****r laughed and said, "You just can't keep your hands off me, can you?"

"Can you blame me?" I countered. "You've got such a beautiful and sexy body I can't resist."

"Flattery will get you nowhere, mister, but don't you dare stop."

She kissed me again and we got up. We picked up our suits and then hand in hand, walked into the house. I'm not sure what we would have said if we had met mom while we were both naked, but it didn't happen. We got into the shower together and leisurely washed each other. I did get a little hard while Bambi was washing my dick, but not enough to fool around. I think we were both still contented with what had already happened. We got out, dried each other, and then we each went to our own rooms to get dressed.

I sat on my bed trying to come to terms with what had happened. I know I should have felt shame for what we did. Almost every society says i****t is wrong. In most of the world, it's not only wrong, but it's also i*****l. However, try as I might, I couldn't feel bad about it at all. I knew now that I truly loved my s****r and that she loved me as well. Right now, that's all that mattered. I got dressed and headed down to the living room.

Both mom and Bambi were already there. Mom was in her chair and my s****r on the couch. When I sat on the couch next to her, my s****r scooted over and snuggled up to me.

"Dinner will be ready in about 45 minutes," said mom.

"Oh goody," said Bambi, "my favorite, right?"

"Would I fix anything else?" asked mom.

"Not today, you wouldn't dare."

We all laughed at that and then settled down. A few minutes later, mom got up to go finish dinner. Bambi and I just stayed there and cuddled, not talking at all. When mom called us we went and had a wonderful dinner with a birthday cake. We all laughed and joked, just like any other day, and nobody said anything about earlier. When we were finished, mom said she would clean up and for us to just go relax. We went and watched TV with me holding my s****r.

A little while later mom came in and said she was going to go to bed and read her book. Bambi got up and gave her a huge hug.

"Thank you for the best birthday of my entire life mom. I love you very much," she said.

"Goodnight sweetheart, I love you too," mom responded.

Mom came over to me and said, "Goodnight sweetie." It looked for a moment like she wanted to say something else, but she just leaned in and kissed me on the cheek. "I love you too honey"

"I love you too mom, lots and lots," I said, kissing her on the cheek as well.

Mom went off to her bedroom and Bambi came over and put her arm around me. She didn't say anything but just walked us towards our bedrooms. When we got there she stopped at hers but pushed me towards mine.

"Go in and get ready for bed," she said. "I'll be there in a few minutes to show you what I got shopping today.

I went to my bedroom and stripped down to my boxers, what I usually slept in. I also took a moment to straighten up and try to make my room look less like a pig sty. I had just finished tossing the extra junk and clothes in the closet when there was a tap at the door and my s****r said, "Close your eyes."

I sat on the bed, closed my eyes and said, "I'm ready."

I heard the door open, and then close. There was a little rustling and then, "Open your eyes."

My s****r stood in front of me in a very sexy black babydoll nightgown. It was lacy across her tits, giving you hints as to what lay beneath, with a bow in the middle of them. There was a row of fluff around the bottom edge. The rest of it was sheer and I could see matching panties underneath. She had brushed out her hair and it lay softly around her shoulders. She stood there for a moment and then did a slow turn to let me see it all. When she had finished her turn, she looked at me and raised her eyebrow as if to say, "well?"

"s*s," I said as I stood up, "I didn't think you could get any sexier, but I was wrong. We'd better be careful because you look hot enough to set the house on fire."

She grinned widely and stepped up to me for a kiss.

"You say the nicest things," She cooed. "I'm glad you like it because I got quite a few different outfits. I plan on slowly showing them all to you, as well as seeing how good you are at taking them off of me."

"Take them off? You look so great in them, why in the world would I want to take them off?"

She looked at me funny so I laughed to let her know I was k**ding. I reached up and caressed her cheek.

"I'm going to really enjoy taking them off of you, but not tonight."

"Why not tonight?"

"Because even though I'm sure you won't admit it, I know you are still sore from this afternoon. I don't want to do anything to aggravate that. We have plenty of time so I'd just love to sl**p with you in my arms and enjoy waking up next to you."

My s****r kissed me deep. When she finished she said, "That's why I love you so much. You're always thinking of others. That doesn't mean I can't give you pleasure in other ways though. I plan on returning the favor you did to me earlier."

Bambi pushed me back until my legs hit the bed and I sat down. She knelt between my legs and reached for my boxers. Using my arms for leverage, I lifted my hips to let her remove them, tossing them aside. I spread my legs as my s****r ran her hands up my legs. I had been getting hard ever since I opened my eyes, but when she ran her tongue up my length, the pace quickened. In no time her licks had me like stone.

She took me in her hands and placed a soft kiss right on the tip. Parting her lips, she slowly let the head enter her mouth. After licking the head for a moment, she started taking more of me in, again very slowly. When I bumped into her throat, she reversed and started to pull off. Once I was out, my s****r ran her tongue around the head, especially right below the rim. Licking her way down to the bottom, she sucked on each of my balls gently before licking her way back up.

Bambi did this same routine 5 or 6 times; in and out slowly followed by licking down and back up, sucking my balls as well. On the last time, she only withdrew about half way before taking me back in. She bobbed her head several times, just moving in and out a few inches, letting the tip bump her throat each time. She then removed me and took a big breath.

"Like that so far little b*****r?" she asked, looking up in my face.

"Oh hell yes," was my eager reply.

My s****r took me into her mouth again, this time looking me in the eyes. She let me bump her throat before backing away only slightly. When I bumped again, she didn't pull away. Instead she swallowed a couple of times. This took me right into her throat, allowing her to take the last of me in her mouth. She only held me there briefly before taking me out completely so she could get a breath.

When she had me in her throat, I'd let out a huge sigh along with a "DAAAAAAAAAMN." I let myself fall back on the bed and closed my eyes. I felt my s****r run little kisses up and down the sides of my dick as well as the top. She took me in her mouth a couple of times and then went back to the kisses and licking.

Eventually she just concentrated on sucking me in and out of her mouth while running her tongue around me, occasionally taking me in her throat. I encouraged her with plenty of moaning and sighing. My s****r had my arousal rising and soon I was getting close to letting loose. When Bambi sensed I was close, she backed off completely to let me calm down.

"Nooooooooo," I groaned harshly when she stopped.

"Little b*****r doesn't want to wait I see," she giggled. "I don't blame him, but it'll only be better later."

She took me back into her mouth and started the whole process all over again. After about five more minutes she had me worked up again. I almost expected her to stop again, but this time she didn't. She just held the first little bit of me in her mouth and rapidly flicked her tongue across the head. I was soon on the edge.

"Oh God, I'm going to cum," I said.

My s****r just continued and let me blast off in her mouth. I thrust up off the bed as several big squirts shot into her. She swallowed each one of them. When I had collapsed back onto the bed, she lightly licked me as I caught my breath. She then lay down next to me and smiled.

"Did I do good?" She asked.

"Awesome." I responded.

I pulled her to me and gave her a big thank you kiss. I could briefly taste myself in her mouth, but our saliva soon washed that away. After breaking the kiss, we lay there for a few minutes before I got up and pulled her up with me. I reached down and pulled back the covers. As I walked over to shut off the light, my s****r got into the bed. When I walked back she held the covers up to me and I slid into her warm embrace. With one last kiss we settled down.

"Goodnight s*s," I said.

"Goodnight sweetie," she responded.

I'm not sure about her, but it only took me about ten minutes before I was asl**p.

I woke up early to find myself lying on my back. My s****r's head was resting on my shoulder and one arm was across my chest. Her easy breathing told me she was still asl**p. I opened my eyes and confirmed this. Bambi lay there with the most peaceful and contented smile on her face. I gently stroked her face and then closed my eyes and went to sl**p again.

When I woke again later, we were still in the same position. My s****r was still asl**p, but this time I needed to get up and use the bathroom. As quietly and softly as I could, I slid from underneath her and got out of bed. I pulled on my bathrobe and headed down the hall. As I reached the bathroom, mom was just leaving it.

"Morning sweetheart," she said smiling.

"Morning Mom," I answered. I was a little embarrassed to see her after all that had happened in the last day. "Umm, mom? I just..."

She didn't let me finish. She just put a finger on my lips and said, "Later." She kissed me on the cheek and walked away. I entered the bathroom, took care of my morning necessities, and hopped in the shower. The water felt good and I stayed there for a little while. When I finally finished, I dried off and went to my room to dress. Bambi had woken up and was in her room.

When I had dressed, I went to the kitchen. Mom was there having a cup of coffee and reading the paper. I got myself some OJ and sat down to the sports section. In about twenty minutes my s****r came in with a big smile and a cheery "Morning."

She went up and gave mom a big hug and then came to me for a hug and a kiss. We just looked at each other but didn't say anything.

"Let's go out for breakfast," mom said. "I don't feel like cooking."

"Great idea," said Bambi.

"I'll drive," I said, after chugging the rest of my juice.

We drove over to our favorite place. It was a small mom and pop operation but had the best breakfast food, always with large portions. There was about a fifteen minute wait, which was usual as it is very popular. When we finally got our table, both of them sat opposite of me. We had a breakfast exactly the same as we'd had for years. We talked, ate, joked, and laughed, just like normal. When we got home, that was normal too. We read books, watched TV, and played games. Sometimes alone, sometimes together, exactly like any other Sunday. I guess my s****r did kiss me a number of times, and that was different, but that was the only thing.

When it was time for bed, I went with Bambi and this time we slept in her room. This night I did make love to my s****r. It was sweet, tender, loving, and wonderful. I managed to give her several orgasms before I came deep inside her. We once again fell asl**p in each others' arms.

After this, my s****r and I slept together every night; sometimes in her room, but mostly in mine. We made love two or three times a week. Each Saturday night she would show me another piece of her new lingerie. There were more babydolls as well as some teddies and chemises. My favorite was a pushup bra and a thong panty over a garter belt with fishnet stockings.

Everything went really well until the second week in August. At that point I started thinking about me leaving for college. I was really torn. I knew I needed to go to college to prepare myself for a good career, but I didn't want to give up what I had with my s****r. The situation resolved itself one evening.

We had been watching TV as we usually did, but my mind was preoccupied. I think I missed a question from Bambi because she suddenly sat up and turned to look at me.

"Are you going to tell me what has been bothering you lately?" she asked.

I heaved a heavy sigh and said, "Its college. I'm going away soon and I'm going to miss you a lot...both of you."

Mom chuckled and Bambi just smiled. "You're not going to miss me at all," she said.

When I looked puzzled she said, "You don't honestly think I'm going to let you go off to college alone and leave you under the influence of all those horny co-eds do you? Not on your life buster. I've been doing some research and I just put a down payment on an apartment. There is a complex on the edge of campus that caters to married students. It's right next to a strip mall that has just about anything you would need."

"Married students?" I asked.

"We've got the same last name so nobody will question us," she said with a grin.

"I can help with that." Mom stated and got up and left. She came back a few moments later and handed us a set of rings.

"These belonged to your grandparents. If they don't fit we can get them sized."

My s****r and I each took a ring and at the same time, slipped them on each other. My ring fit well but hers was a little loose. We sat there looking at each other as well as looking at our hands. After a few moments, mom spoke up again.

"Why are just sitting there? You've just gotten married, aren't you going to consummate this?"

I stood up and gave mom a huge hug. "Thanks a lot mom. You're the best."

I then reached down and picked Bambi up off the couch. She shrieked with surprise and grabbed me around the neck. I carried her down to her bedroom, kicking the door shut after us with my foot. I set her on the bed and gave her a deep kiss. I started to slowly unbutton her blouse but she didn't want to go slow. Pushing my hands away, she grabbed her blouse and yanked it open, sending buttons flying. She whipped it off and reached back for her bra.

I laughed and pulled my shirt over my head. By the time she had her shorts and panties off, I had my pants and boxers off as well. My s****r pulled me down on top of her and we kissed frantically as we rubbed our naked bodies together. She pushed me onto my back and kissed her way down to my dick where she licked it rapidly. It only took a few minutes of her talented mouth to get me very hard. When she had me where she wanted me, she straddled me and plunged herself all the way on my dick in one thrust.

She leaned over with a huge smile on her face and spoke to me softly.

"You have no idea how much it turns me on to think of you this way; my b*****r, my husband. It is the ultimate fulfillment of my love and desires. I don't know if I'll ever be happier than I am right now."

"That sounds like a challenge to me. I guess it's up to me to try and find ways to make you even s****r, my wife."

I started to play with her tits as she sat back up and rode me. Her steady up and down movement felt really good. She would relax in the down stroke and squeeze me on the up stroke. She had me moaning constantly.

After a while I had her get off me and onto her hands and knees. I held her hips and entered her from behind. My s****r put her head down on the bed, allowing me to penetrate deeper. She reached back and rubbed her clit. Our excitement rose quickly and we were getting close to cumming soon.

I pulled out and had her lay down on her back. I entered her again as we looked in each others' eyes. It only took a few more moments before my s****r came hard, her pussy squeezing me rhythmically. This triggered me and I went off deep inside her. I felt myself pulse several times as I filled her with my cum. We lay there side by side as we came down from our exertions. We kissed several times and held each other close as we drifted off to sl**p.

Ten days later we were packed up and ready to move to our new apartment at college. I could tell that mom was very sad that we were both leaving, but she insisted she would be fine. She took some time off work to come and help us get settled. She and Bambi got everything set up while I registered for classes and got familiar with the campus. A few days later she flew back home.

When classes started, Bambi went out and got a job, again serving cocktails. She had an advantage over the students as she could work full time during the days. We soon settled into a good routine. Our neighbors were really nice. Most of the couples were both students, but a few were like us with only one of them in school. We made many friends.

That was four years ago. I'm sitting here recollecting all this as I wait my turn for my diploma. I got my degree in electrical engineering and already have a job lined up. The new company is going to pay for moving me and my f****y. Mom said she's ready to retire so she can move to be near us. I know Bambi is very happy to have her near to help her.

I glance out at the visitors section. Even though I cannot see them, I know both mom and Bambi are there watching. I told my s****r she shouldn't come but she insisted. I know it's hard for her to get around as she is eight months pregnant. The sonogram says we are having a girl. That will be good as we already have a 16 month old boy. I know mom is holding him right now. She loves being a grandmother. As I think about my little boy, I cannot help but wonder; when he grows up, how is he going to feel towards his s****r?

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1 year ago
In the whole of the universe there is very, very little that one could considered perfect--The Almighty that Superior Being, maybe the Moon Landing of the NASA space agency, my daughter and many years later she still is!!

But, in the realm of incest in particular and true love in humankind this story is as near perfect in writing, theme, execution, the life and true dear love of this mother and her son and daughter, and finally her grandson and granddaughter, that it is beyond my human nature to imagine anything that could make it any more perfect than as presented.

The ultimate of accolades go to the writer/author of this totally endearing, soul and heart-warming epic!! In one word, it is Perfect! PERFECT!!
2 years ago
another good one. keep churning them out.
2 years ago
always good
2 years ago
2 years ago
great story!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2 years ago
bloody great
2 years ago