My wife and I separated two years ago, but it was still my habit to go by the house and check on the young girl every Saturday morning, just to satisfy myself that she was handling things all right. She was only 18 months old when I started seeing her mother regularly, so the separation meant losing daily contact with the only father she had ever known. This particular Saturday I decided to ride my bike over. I noticed that her mother's car was not in the driveway as I rolled my bike down the walkway behind the front hedge. Leaning the bike against the wall of the house, I gave a quick "shave-and-a-haircut" knock on the front door. The door opened almost immediately, and I entered to a huge hug from my stepdaughter. I was acutely aware that she wasn't wearing a bra, both because off the soft pressure of her breasts against me and the feel of her firm back under my hands. I stepped back to look at her and saw that she was wearing one of my old khaki, long-sleeved army shirts and a pair of white cotton panties. Only the top two buttons of the shirt were fastened, so I had an unobstructed view of her smooth, white tummy and long legs. Considering that she was now 15-years old, this could hardly be an accident. I must pause to explain that my stepdaughter is still very beautiful, but at 15 was just exquisite. 5' 7", slender, with beautiful, proud, breasts, gorgeous auburn hair, and alabaster skin. I had a dim suspicion that I was seeing something that I hadn't seen before.

I stripped off my damp t-shirt (the weather was quite warm) and tossed it over the back of a chair to dry, and suddenly shivered in the coolness of the air-conditioned living room. We sat on the couch, with me partially reclining against the left arm with a cushion behind my shoulders when she suddenly lunged forward and starting tickling me. She laughed and screamed as I retaliated, moving up my body until her hands were around my neck. Because her shirt was mostly unbuttoned, I had a clear view of her beautiful white breasts and erect nipples. I felt guilty about even looking until I noticed that she, too, had looked down, as if to insure that I could really see her breasts. She gave a wild giggle, but didn't change position. I moved my hands under her shirt and started to tickle her bare body, sliding my hands up her sides until I was tickling the soft skin over her ribs right at her bust line. She giggled and laughed so hard that I thought that she was going to wet her pants, so I suddenly stopped any motion of my hands, trying to calm her down. She relaxed on my bare chest; I could feel her tummy against mine. I already had a raging erection, which she had to feel, considering her position.

Suddenly she raised herself up, and changed her position so that she was leaning back against my bent knees with her feet on either side of my chest, knees spread wide. Now I could feel her weight against me and see her crotch without obstruction. I moved my hands slowly over her thighs, caressing her stomach, then her sides, as my hands went under her unbuttoned shirt. She closed her eyes and smiled as my hands gently stroked her skin, carefully avoiding her breasts but moving over her chest right at her armpits. She made no move to stop me, lying quietly on top of me in a half-sitting, half-reclining position. Taking my hands from under her shirt, I cupped her cheeks in my hands and began to caress her face. Stroking her checks, then her lips, I reached her jaw line and then her neck. I gently moved my hands down her neck to her shoulders, and then out to her upper arms, aided by the generous cut of the shirt. Running my hands from her upper arms back to her neck and face, I repeated the pattern up and down, upper arms, shoulders, neck, lips, cheeks, and back down She was breathing faster now, obviously enjoying the feel of my fingers and hands on her bare skin. When I looked at her crotch, I could see the clear outline of her labia, and realized that she was already highly aroused.

I took my hands off her shoulders and unfastened one of the two remaining buttons, giving me much easier access to her shoulders and chest. Now the swell of her breasts was very apparent, and I let my fingers drift gently over the very top of her breasts, defining her cleavage, but not moving any further down her body. As my hands stroked her warm skin, I saw the telltale sign of a pink flush on her chest and knew that, if I wanted her, she was mine. I gently unbuttoned the last remaining button and pulled her shirt partially open, exposing the sides of her breasts. Letting my fingers gently explore the contours of her breasts, I was careful to keep her nipples and areoles covered, albeit barely. She was breathing very heavily, now, and I could see that her panties were wet at the crotch. I had had this experience with another inexperienced young girl, and knew that I could bring her to orgasm without ever touching her below the waist. I continued to caress the exposed parts of her breasts, her smooth stomach, her shoulders, her upper arms, her neck, her cheeks and lips, in a continuous motion, watching the rash-like flush on her chest deepen in color from light pink to almost red. Moving her shirt away from her left breast, I used my index finger to stroke her left areole in a circular motion. She started to tremble and, as my finger massaged and stroked her nipple, she gasped and suddenly had a strong orgasm. Her breasts swelled and hardened as both nipples popped out straight and strong. I cupped each breast in my hands, gently squeezing the firm flesh and rolling her nipples between my fingers. Her orgasm continued as she trembled and moaned, her hips moving back and forth involuntarily, her panties very wet, her mons very prominent. Slipping my hands around her back, under her open shirt, I drew her forward until she was close against me, her bare breasts against my chest. I cuddled her, slowly rubbing her bare back and kissing her cheek as she nestled in my arms with her face hidden in the crook of my arm.

As she recovered from her experience, I wondered what to do. She was only 15, and clearly inexperienced, but the rock hard erection that generally managed to run my life was telling me that I had a treasure in my arms that I might not experience again. She raised her head and I kissed her on the lips, barely letting my tongue touch her. Surprisingly, she responded, and I could feel her warm tongue against mine. I pushed further into her mouth and her tongue attacked me. I didn't know that I could get aroused any more than I already was, but my feelings were so strong that I knew I couldn't restrain myself. She, too, was still caught in the grip of her passion. Her hips moved against me as she ground her labia on my erection. Inexperienced? Certainly. Good learner? Oh, yeah....

I held her tightly for another moment, and then raised her up and assisted her back to her original position reclining against my bent knees. I moved my hands to her hips, and suggested that she slide forward until her head was resting on my knees, so she could relax completely. She did so without hesitation. Now her buttocks were on my chest, and her mons was only inches from my mouth. I started caressing her stomach and breasts again, and within minutes she was breathing deeply, clearly on the way to another orgasm. Turning my head, I was easily able to kiss the inside of her left thigh. Her right leg collapsed until her foot was almost on the floor, opening her widely to my explorations. As I kissed the inside of her thigh, I let me left hand rest gently on her mons. As I moved farther down, I felt her swollen labia under her wet panties and stroked her firmly while I moved my lips closer to her crotch, finally kissing her where her panties met her thigh. She bucked against my fingers and lips, moaning and panting as I started to massage her clitoris. When I pulled aside her panties and inserted the tip of my tongue in her vagina, I could barely control her. Gasping, she tried to move closer to my probing tongue, which was seriously disadvantaged by the cotton sl**p panties. When I asked if I could take her panties off, she frantically agreed and then reached down to remove them herself. As she straightened her legs, holding them together, high in the air, I could see the swollen lips of her vagina, the beautiful smooth globes of her buttocks, and her pink little anus. Before letting put her legs back down, I kissed her firmly on her vagina, pushing my tongue into her as deeply as I could. Moving to her anus, I rimmed her strongly, listening to her laugh and scream.

When I allowed her to put her legs down, her left was, again, against my right side, while the right leg dangled off the edge of the couch. With her panties gone, I could see that her labia were very swollen, totally engorged, while her beautiful auburn pubic hair glistened with her precoital fluids. The inner lips of her vagina were very evident, and I sucked each of them into my mouth in turn, pulling on them strongly. I put my right index finger into her vagina, penetrating her slowly, listening to her talk and moan as she encouraged me on. With my lips over her clitoris, I stroked it with my tongue, moving from her hood to the very entrance, where my tongue gently probed the actual organ itself while she shuddered and moved beneath my mouth. Using the index finger of my left hand, I began to stroke the hood of her clitoris rapidly and firmly, increasing the speed until my finger was practically a blur. The effect was almost instantaneous; she screamed and went rigid as she had her second orgasm, this one much stronger than the first, and her fluids dripped onto my chest. As the liquid ran from her vagina, over the little strip of tender flesh between her vagina and her anus and then over the anus itself, I removed my index finger from her vagina and began to slowly insert it into her anus. She stiffened up and I stopped all movement into her, assuring her that I would not hurt her. Again I pushed into her anus, encouraging her to relax, my finger, aided by her fluids, slid slowly into her anus until I had completely penetrated her. After holding it inside of her for a moment, I slowly started withdrawing my finger and then reinserted it, moving it in and out much as I did with her vagina. She started to move in concert with my probing finger and, again, began to get very excited. I started to massage her clitoris again, so she would always connect the visceral feeling of the clitoral massage with the sensation she was feeling in her anus. She shuddered in the throes of a petite climax, and I took my hands off her sexual parts and, again, clasped her to my chest.

As she lay on top of me, I moved my hands to her hips and encouraged her to raise them slightly so that I could reach under her to my shorts, which I removed along with my briefs. Now we were both naked, and in very intimate contact from head to toe. I knew that she could feel my erect penis against her stomach and I held her tightly to me. After a few minutes of calm, I again raised her up, this time into a sitting position with her legs tucked up on either side of my chest. She was sitting on my penis, and I could feel her swollen labia on either side of the shaft. Putting my hands on her hips, I began to move her back and forth, so that her labia were sliding up and down my penis. When she felt the new sensation she took over her own movements, bending forward so that the head of my penis impacted her clitoris. She moaned and thrust, strongly stimulating my penis. Not wanting to climax prematurely, I put my hands on her hips again, stopping her back and forth movement and encouraging her up off my body. When her weight came off my penis, it immediately sprang to attention. I moved her slightly forward as the head of my penis glided down between her labia and stopped at her dilated vagina. I could feel her tension as she realized that something much larger than my finger was now about to penetrate her, but she did not pull away. I suggested that she control the penetration rather than me and took my hands off her hips. I could see her expression of deep concentration as she slowly lowered herself onto my erect, hard penis. She was tight, but totally lubricated and aroused. My penis began to enter her, but then stopped abruptly when it encountered her hymen. I explained to her that she would have to use my penis to rupture her hymen, but that the pain would only be momentary. She continued to let herself down, her hymen rupturing suddenly, dropping her suddenly onto my penis. She screamed as she was completely penetrated and I could see tears in her eyes. After a moment, however, she began to rise again as she caused my penis to almost completely withdraw from her vagina. As she felt the head of my penis at the lips of her vagina, she pushed down again, taking the entire length into her. She repeated this movement over and over, breathing hard and moving more and more rapidly. Whispering: "Please, please..." she moved faster and faster. I could feel myself about to explode from the delicious sensation of her tight vagina running up and down the shaft of my penis and reached for her breasts and nipples. Moving to her clitoris, I began to stimulate her as she impaled herself on my penis over and over. Suddenly she threw her head back and wailed and she began to shudder and buck. That was all I needed, and I immediately had a huge orgasm of my own, shooting jet after jet of semen into her. With every ejaculation she moaned, and I knew that she felt every one separately. She fell onto my chest, still impaled on my penis, and I held her close while I slowly moved in and out of her, my penis still rock hard. We stayed like that for a long time and eventually my penis softened and voluntarily withdrew from her vagina. She grew very still. I realized that she had fallen asl**p, exhausted by her Saturday morning.

I shook her gently awake and told her that I needed to go before her mother came home from whatever date she had been on Friday night. She shook her head and held on to me tightly, explaining that her mother was gone for the weekend and that we had all day Saturday to do whatever we wanted. At the news that her mother was making a weekend of it, which meant that my stepdaughter was on her own until she went to church with her grandparents Sunday morning, I held her tightly against me and thought about what to do next. Stroking her firm, smooth back and buttocks, I could feel my penis slowly hardening, rising between her splayed thighs. She could feel it, too, and gently closed her thighs to hold my dick imprisoned between her legs, right at the entrance to her pussy. What to do?

I really wanted to stay right where we were, naked, welded together. I continued to stroke her body, and then asked if she wanted to take a shower with me? She shivered, and went silent. But then I felt her head nod in agreement, and she began to get up. As she got on her feet, I rose, too, and we stood facing each other, naked, almost the same height. Standing up, her figure was totally revealed. Her firm breasts stood straight out, and her nipples were very erect. Her stomach was flat, with just a hint of the fullness that marked a mature woman. At the juncture of her beautiful thighs was a surprisingly dense thatch of auburn curls. She was so gorgeous that it truly took my breath away. I drew her to me and held her tightly while I gave her a deep kiss, thrusting my tongue into her mouth and pressing my erect penis against her labia. She responded with her own tongue, and began rubbing herself against my penis.

As we stood there, pressed together, I knew that I had to have her again. Reaching down below her left knee, I raised her left leg and placed her foot on the couch immediately next to us. This position opened her thighs and led her to hold me tightly to keep her balance. Because we were so similar in height, my penis immediately found her vagina, and I entered her with no problem. She moaned softly and began moving against me while I slowly moved my penis in and out of her tight pussy. She moved more strongly, almost knocking me off balance. Because of my recent ejaculation, this was just a wonderful, gentle, experience, without the urgency that preceded another ejaculation. Standing, pressed full length together, was much more intimate than the common missionary position.

Finally, I reluctantly broke the embrace, turned, and led her to the bathroom for our first shower together. While the water warmed up, I stood close behind her, my penis pressed between her buttocks, brushing against her labia from the rear, and firmly massaged her breasts and erect nipples. Moving down her curved stomach, I could feel the head of my penis where it emerged from her thighs. I took her hand and guided it to my penis head, and she immediately began to stroke and caress me, making my dick even harder. Anxious to feel her soapy body against me, and already planning on some really intense sex games, I pulled back the shower curtain and carefully handed her in to the shower.

We stood face to face under the warm shower. I kissed her softly, and then slowly moved down her body, kissing her beautiful breasts, and dwelling on her nipples. I pulled her left nipple with my lips, sucking firmly to draw it into my mouth. Circling her areola with my tongue, I drew more of her breast into my mouth, sucking more strongly while she moaned and pressed herself against me. I moved to her right breast and followed the same pattern. When I finally drew back, I could see that her nipples and areoles were much more prominent than before. She was truly swollen with desire. Again moving lower, I pressed my lips against her labia, slipping my tongue between her lips and penetrating her vagina. I felt her hands grasp my shoulders as I moved my tongue in and out of her and her hips started moving involuntarily to match my thrusts. She thrust faster as I slipped a hand between my face and her lower stomach and began to stroke her clitoris. My other hand held her buttocks firmly. With the warm water running down between her buttocks, I had no trouble sliding that hand to a position where I could insert my index finger into her vagina, while pressing my thumb against her teenage anus. Penetrating her in both places, while tongue fucking her and stroking her clitoris, all at once, brought her to another strong orgasm. She held my head tightly while she bucked and ground against my tongue and hands.

She leaned against the shower wall in her own reverie while I got to my feet and reached for the soap. My erection was raging as I turned her around and soaped her back and buttocks. Soaping my penis also, I pulled her against me and inserted my penis between her cheeks. Rubbing it between her buttocks from the top of her crack to her labia, I gently bent her at the waist so that she had her hands on the shower wall. My dick was so hard it was easy to gradually explore her until the tip of my penis found her anal opening. I pressed forward slowly, grasping her around the waist and pulling her back against my dick. She gasped as the head of my dick slipped past her tight little sphincter but didn't protest as I entered her more and more deeply until I was buried in her rectum. I slowly withdrew and then entered her again, slightly more f***efully. As I repeated my strokes, I felt her begin to respond by moving back and forth against my probing penis. I placed one arm around her, and moved my hand down so that I could stroke her clit while I fucked her from behind. Her rhythm increased in intensity as I massaged her clit and did full strokes up her rectum. I felt her shudder, and increased my movements until, when she screamed and climaxed, my orgasm peaked, and I shot a strong jet of semen into her anal canal. She sagged as I held her firmly against me, my hands on her breasts and my penis still inserted from behind. When I began to soften, I withdrew and turned her to face me, gently kissing her and telling her how much I loved her.

When she could stand without my support, I again picked up the soap and soaped her entire body, from head to toe. Feet, legs, thighs, pussy, stomach, buttocks, asshole, breasts, nipples. I treated every inch of her beautiful body, gently washing her face as a finale. When I finished, she took the soap from me and began to soap me. She worked much more quickly, but lingered when she reached my penis. Soaping it thoroughly, she worked it with her hand until it began to swell. Turning me so that the warm water rinsed the soap from my dick, she fell to her knees and began to kiss my penis until I was fully erect. Then, to my amazement, she moved closer and took my penis into her mouth. I could feel her tongue moving all over my penis as she moved her head back and forth, letting me fuck her lovely mouth. She drew back until her lips surrounded just the head of my dick and sucked strongly. My prostate was practically dancing a jig, but she wouldn't let up. Then I felt her tongue at the juncture of the nerves right behind my penis head. She stroked that sensitive area almost frantically until I couldn't hold back. I climaxed into her mouth while she continued to suck and tongue. I could see her swallow, while her lips made a little smile. When I was done, she got to her feet and cuddled up against me. Since we were both definitely clean, I turned off the shower and we got out. After we dried each other off, which certainly took a while, I took her hand and led her to her bedroom.

We got into bed, still nude, when I realized that we had said almost nothing to each other during our entire time together. I've always realized that I don't talk much (read "at all") during sex because it breaks my concentration. Apprehensive that she wouldn't understand, I pulled to me and asked if she all right with everything that had happened. She just smiled, looking much more mature than just hours before. Rolling against me, she nestled into my shoulder and put her arm over my chest. In almost no time, I realized that she had drifted off to sl**p again. Not long afterwards I must have drifted off myself, because it was very late in the afternoon when I awakened as I felt her shift in the bed.

Opening my eyes, I saw that she was sitting up in the bed, looking down at my penis. She reached out and took it into her palm, closing her hand around it and slowly jacking me off. As I began to swell, she bent and drew the head into her mouth. I quickly became fully, rigidly, erect. Rising up, she moved to straddle my hips, rising up until she had positioned my dick against her vagina. Pressing down, she smiled as I entered her. I moved to hold her hips and she gently pressed my arms back down, telling me to be still, to let her do everything. Her eyes were closed as she slowly, at first, and then more rapidly, began rising and falling on my erection. I stayed still, watching her beautiful breasts quivering and bouncing as her nipples hardened and her areoles swelled up. She looked so beautiful, obviously enjoying herself, but concentrating on bringing me to a climax. u*********sly, one hand moved down her belly and she found her clit. Riding and thrusting on my dick, she stroked herself rapidly and then began to pinch her nipples with her free hand. She was in her own world, eyes closed, lips smiling in pleasure. She began to stroke her clit even more rapidly, while her hips rose and fell quickly, stimulating my dick to the maximum. I could feel my orgasm coming. When she cried out in pleasure, I came strongly. We'd had another simultaneous orgasm.

She collapsed on my chest after that. I knew that she was exhausted by our lovemaking, but I still wanted her. When her breathing slowed, I rolled her off of me and onto her back. Rising up alongside her, I slowly stroked her face. I moved fairly quickly to her breasts, then her stomach, then to her pussy. I raised and spread her legs and got into position so that my shoulders separated her legs and my head was well up between her thighs. I spread her swollen labia gently, and touched my tongue to her clit. She squirmed and giggled, moving her thighs farther apart. She reached down and spread her labia herself, leaving my hands free to stroke her breasts and to play with her vagina. I sucked on her clit very firmly and heard her quick intake of breath. Moving from her breasts and nipples down to her vagina, I inserted my index finger into her and began exploring her warm canal. Advancing to two, and then three, fingers, I pumped in and out of her tightness, well lubricated by her moisture. Her hips started to move against my hand and mouth and she was moaning almost continuously. I increased my pressure and speed until she was literally screaming with pleasure. I ran my hand over her breasts; they were hard as rocks, with the nipples almost an inch long. I knew that she was right there. I replaced my tongue against her clit with an index finger and almost brutally stroked her clit. When she cried out in orgasm, I shifted position and drove my rigid penis into her anus, penetrating her completely as she bucked and screamed in the throes of her orgasm. I kept thrusting until she stopped trembling and shuddering, then withdrew from her anus and lay down beside her. I reached out to her and she moved to lie on my chest. I told her that I was going to let her go to sl**p again and then leave. She'd wake up naturally in the morning, ready for a day with her grandparents and mother, none of them aware of her transformation from c***d to woman. When I told her that I would see her next Saturday, she smiled and told me that she might have another surprise for me.
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12 days ago
A good hot sexy time, sooooo HOT
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Awesome - well told
3 months ago
damn I like that love to have you read one of mine and we're neighbors
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very well written. Good fapping read.
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I have a steppie as fuck. Have had a little dabble with her but nothing like as hot as your story
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Young girls are hot as hell..I know that all to well
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Please write a follow up about the special surprise.
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Well told...there's just something about 15 girls.
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young girlos are so special must enjoy more often
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loved it cum twice
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wow this story made me soo wet xx
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Great story. I remember occasionally orgasming from a touch or a kiss a that age. It reminded me of that intense feeling.
10 months ago
Good story. Kept me wiping precum the entire time. I also have a step-daughter so this was REALLY CLOSE to home! In fact, after reading this I was inspired to go into her room and give her a goodnight kiss. She's quickly approaching fifteen but still likes for me to tuck her in. Of course, the fact that my hand usually finds it way under her covers and into her panties might have something to do with that!
1 year ago
wow good story wish my three stepdaughters had been like this one I'd be well fucked by now
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You have made this daddy very happy - and I did cum real good :)))
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Beautiful girl, lucky stepdad- hopefully this liaison made her pregnant.
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Hot stuff thanks very much
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sure made her day....hott...
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awesome story...loved it
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Good story mate. Can't beat a teen girls pussy.
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Fantastc. Favorite storyteller!