I'm 20 years old, I live with mom and dad and go to the State University, the place I live in is not irrelevant, all that I need to tell you is that Aunt Louis moved in last year, in July as I remember. Aunt "Lou" is mom's k** s****r, mom's 45 and Louis is 34, she looks nothing like my mother, mom's in great shape, I think she has an active sex life with dad and I'm glad for both of them, on the other hand, aunt Lou hasn't got mom's body, except for the enormous melons, but in addition, Lou has about 80 pounds more of weight, and I love each one of them.

Lou moved in because my grandmother passed away last year, and since Lou never got married, they still lived together, that, until July. Mom handled grandma's death well, she says that she's now reunited with grandpa, but aunt Louis took it really awful, I understand her, she was her only company, Lou worked at a travel agency, but now lives of her mother's life insurance, she helps mom with the house's shores, rents her former house and saves the money in an account.

It all started because one day I noticed how lonely she felt, she said she was tired but I knew that something was bothering her. Next morning she received a dozen-roses bouquet, with a card that read: "Life would be nothing like this if it wasn't for you, you're the best aunt in the world. Your loving nephew. Sam" Little I knew that "loving" would take such a great meaning in the following days. That same afternoon when I got home she received me with a kiss in the cheek and a big hug.

-"You're such a dear Sam, thanks for the flowers, and believe me, my life wouldn't be what it is if it wasn't for you"

-"You don't need to thank me auntie, believe me, it was a pleasure, and don't worry, I'll always be here for you"

She hugged me even harder, and for the first time I felt her colossal breasts as they pressed against my chest. After we broke up our embrace, I asked her to go to the movies with me, but she said we should rent one at Blockbuster instead, that she was tired and we could go any other day. So we rented a romantic-comedy film, mom and dad came in about 9:30 and went straight up to their bedroom. Lou and I were sitting on the floor, leaning against the couch, we both rested against each other, but then I placed my head over her lap and lay down. I stopped caring about the stupid movie and began noticing my raging hard on, I found out she noticed it too when she said:

-"I thought "Pallbearer was a romantic comedy but you seem to disagree with me" I could only answer with the few words I could muster. -"Well, you know I'm not made any different than any other man"

She placed my head closer to her belly and continued watching the movie as if nothing was happening. Then, there's a scene on the film in which David Shrimmer has sex with an older woman, I guess it was meant for us too, I looked up and saw her staring down at me, I sat up and we engaged in a really wet, passionate kiss, our tongues played with each other's, dancing in our mouths with great rhythm, our hands holding the other's head and pulling closer. We both lay back on the floor, me on top of her, I went down and kissed her on the neck but she pulled me back up and nailed my mouth with her tongue, I used my hands to explore her lower body, I grabbed her huge tit and found out it was so oversized it was about the size of my head, then I went under he shirt and felt it's smooth surface, squeezed it and played with it, when I grabbed her nipple he let out a low erotic moan, she bucked up in pleasure and rolled up her shirt, exposing the biggest and roundest set of tits I'll ever see, her aureoles were about three inches in diameter, tan in color, contrasting her creamy white skin and matching my also tanned tone.

-"Please Sam, make me feel desired for the first time in years, show your poor auntie that she really turns you on" I moved down on her and went straight for her melons, I had to use both hands to squeeze a single tit and opened my mouth really wide to suck her entire aureole into my lips. My tongue flicked it's enormous nipple while I used most of my mouth muscles to create a sucking sensation on her globe. She must have seen my face of joy because she pulled her remaining breast into her mouth and sucked on it too.

I pulled away after a while and rested on my knees, Lou noticed the bulge in my boxers, I took of my shirt and was about diving again in her breasts but she stopped me by placing her hand on my chest, her eyes were fixed on my hidden cock with a look so full of lust and i****tuous passion that I could feel the pre-cum ooze out of my member and through the clothes to coat them.

-"Oh dear I can't believe that a woman such as me can make your cock grow so big and hard" "And I can't believe how a man such as me hadn't noticed how beautiful you are" -"Follow me to my bedroom baby, 'cause I feel like making some loud noises tonight and I don't want to wake up your parents."

I got on my feet and extended my arm to her to help her do the same, I picked up both our clothes and turned off the T.V. and V.C.R:, I noticed the movie had finished God knows how long ago. Then we held our hands and walked all the way to her room. Aunt Lou's chambers were on the first floor, while mom's and dad's, as well as mine, was on the second floor, on the opposite side of the house.

As soon as we walked in she locked the door behind us and covered my face with kisses, each one was a sign of her inner flames, burning deep inside waiting for a moment to explode. She nailed her hands on my ass and pulled me closer, I could feel her oversized melons pressed against me, all the way from my chest to my stomach, tons of tit flesh smashed between us and my cock poking at her round belly.

"It's been over three years since I had sex, and I can't wait another minute, please Sam, fuck your poor auntie" I lay her on her back over the bed, then took of her shorts and panties, that's when I saw the biggest amount of pubic hair in my life, growing wild and furry, dark and even, she pulled down my boxers and grabbed my cock, then I crawled over her and between her leg. She guided my organ to her entrance, my cock head barely pressed against her hard nub, I started to rub it all over, her pussy was now soaking wet, that's when I put the head inside with a couple of inches; she made a soft "ooohh" sound. Lou then pushed against me and two more inches sank into her, finally, she relaxed a little bit, bite her lower lip, nailed her hands on my ass and pulled the rest of me inside, it was a long, slow thrust, her fat pussy felt awfully tight, she held me there for a while, then she opened her legs even more and pulled me even closer.

"Please honey, let me feel you really deep inside of me".

After a few seconds she began bucking up, giving me the green light I was waiting for, I answered by pumping real slow at first, until our heat made us move faster. Being above her felt so great, her body adjusted to my anatomy and felt very comfortable, her legs wrapping me in a 60-pound mass of strong, squeezing flesh, her colossal tits falling at both her sides. I couldn't help it but to dive and take her lips within mine, grabbing her knockers and squeezing them against each other, soon she was moving in a frenzy, and overwhelmed by lust she started to moan.

"Ahhh, Oh yes Sam, fuck me, yeah, it feels so good, keep fucking me, I love it, yeah, oh yes, don't stop lover, don't stop until you've made me cum."

That was like a boost for me, I doubled the speed, wild lust stimulating our bodies, soon she was yelling louder, I think mom and dad were at it too 'cause they didn't hear her screaming. Lou placed her arms around me and climaxed right beneath me.

"Ahh, ahhh, aahhh, yes, yes, I'm coming, I'm coming Sam, I love it, give it to me, aahh, Oh my God!, I can't stop coming, I love it, look what you've done you gorgeous prick, I'm coming like crazy, ahhh, ahhh, yes, ooohh"

Lou was so out of control that we were almost bouncing off the bed, I was amazed of how much she was coming, wave after wave of cunt juices flowing out of her and soaking the sheets, both her legs were covered with her cum, and I could feel it all over my crotch , on my dick, all over my balls and even on my legs. After a few minutes she was done, it was the most intense and long orgasm I'd seen a woman experience. But Lou wasn't wasted, neither was I, I still had a full load inside my balls, when I got off I was amazed by the juice puddle between her thick legs.

-"Holy shit Lou, where the fuck did all that cum came from?" And Lou made the naughtiest smiles I'd seen in my entire life. -"Want to know where it came from? Why don't you find out yourself?" and she pushed me over my back, then she positioned herself above me, her dripping cunt a few inches over my head, juice drops falling from it, she then lowered herself until my nose barely touched her pussy. I knew what she wanted, I knew what I had to do, I pulled her closer and started licking, so sweet and fresh, I ran my tongue all over her crack, she was making involuntary movements, her cunt lips were so sensitive she couldn't remain still, then I when straight for her clit, it was really huge, I took it between my lips and that's when Lou couldn't hold herself anymore. She dropped her entire body weight on my face, I could barely open my eyes and all I could see was her furry pubic zone, my sight was blocked by her snatch and the rest of myself covered and surrounded by pussy, glory itself couldn't be any better. But only one thing was on my mind and it was sucking that fat pussy of hers, I sucked it so hard I was practically milking it, Lou began to buck up and down, smashing my face and burying my head on the bed. She was yelling and swearing but I couldn't make out what she was saying, given my ears were surrounded by her legs. After a few minutes of this, she began shaking wildly, she was about to cum again, that's when I realized I was about to be drowned by "River Lou", I was right, soon it happened, the dam's gate's were opened and her juices started to burst out of her, it was like her body produced cum as she released it, I began to swallow but couldn't keep up to her, it filled my mouth and covered my face, it went on for a couple of minutes, and when she was done she dismounted me ad said:

-"There you have it Sam, that's were all that cum came from" When she looked down at me she started laughing, a very kinky, sexy laugh, I knew why, my face was so soaked with her juices that it looked as if someone just poured a bottle of styling gel on it. I got on my knees and licked as much as my tongue could reach, Lou helped me out doing the same, after a while my entire face was clean.

-"Well, I guess it's time for you to cum, your balls must be hurting by now" she laid on her back and pressed her tits together -"Fuck my tits Sam, I want to feel your cock between them. Obediently I sat on her cushioned stomach, then I slipped my organ between her melons, on the other side, Lou was waiting for the head to show up to lick it gently. I enjoyed every inch of her breasts surrounding my cock, such a great bliss.

But no matter how good it was I began ramming her head, fucking her face wildly, inside her mouth she used her tongue to lick the under part of my shaft, she pulled me from my ass and sucked me real good, after a while I was about to pull out to shoot my load over her breasts, but she wouldn't let go of me, she took every drop of my cum in her mouth, drinking all of it and moaning as she did so, she eyes shut and lust on her face. When I retrieved my cock from her mouth a stream of cum remained hanging from it, she licked it and kissed the purple head.

"Please say this was the best sex you've had Lou" "It truly was, I still can't figure out why I came so much, it must have been gallons of it" "This was the most delightful fuck I've had" "Believe me Sam, from this day on it will only get better".

We were both breathing heavily, so drained and exhausted we didn't realize when we fell asl**p, embracing each other, almost floating over Lou's juices. Suddenly I felt a chilling sensation, I began trembling and opened my eyes, I saw Lou going down on me, she woke me up in such a great way I was ready to go in a minute, she twisted the base of my cock and swallowed it with great skill, but when she noticed I was awake she stopped.

-"I was wondering if you'd ever wake up, and I can see that you're ready to go at it again" -"I'm so hot for you I think I'll never sl**p again, all I want to do is fuck you all day and all night from now on."

Lou smiled at me and positioned herself on all four, shaking her ass to me, inviting me to it, her fat pussy looked stunning, but the tight, pink, puckered asshole was truly a sight. - "I want you to lick it, and don't you dare let me down"- I didn't hesitate and crawled toward her, the first thing I did was to lay a wet kiss on her cheeks, I squeezed them and dove for her anus, I planted another kiss, then another, I was kissing her right on the ass and spreading her cheeks at the same time.

"Oh yes!, that's it, kiss my ass, kiss it for me, oh God! It feels so good, kiss my ass, kiss my ass, yeah, that's good, oh yes!, you're doing great Sam, keep kissing my ass." She was bucking back and forth, pressing her shit-hole against my lips as I kissed it, it was very sensitive to my touch, it seemed to tighten up every time I kissed it, then, with any announcement, Lou went crazy.


Lou just kept screaming, she was having a thrill with the simple fact of having me kissing her ass, mom and dad must have ended up really wasted cause they didn't seem to listen any of Lou's swearing; "kiss my ass" that's all she said "kiss my ass", I couldn't believe it but after several minutes of anal kissing she announced she was coming, I couldn't believe it but that didn't make me stop.


It happened like usual, cum sprang out of her like water from a broken pipe, all I did was kiss her ass and I didn't stop until it was over, but she turned her face to me. "Don't stop, you're so great to me, I want you to use your tongue on my ass, lick it for me, I know you'll lick it, because if you do so, then you get to fuck, you'd like that wouldn't you Sam?." I answered by sticking my tongue out and going for it, I inserted the tip in her tight anus and she bucked back at me, I used my fingers to spread it and Lou seemed to enjoy everything I did.

-"That's it baby, use your tongue, rim my ass, keep doing it or you won't fuck it, lube my ass for your big, fat cock." Now my tongue was going deep into her ass, I felt a fetid taste in it but I liked it, my tongue was licking the insides of her rectum, licking every remain it could find, it tasted so good I couldn't stop it.

-"Now fuck me Sam, put your tasty piece of cock deep up my ass" I wouldn't turn down such an invitation, I kneeled behind her and rubbed my cock at her back entrance. "Don't tease me you little bastard, fuck me now" I pushed the head in, then two more inches, I rested there to avoid hurting her, but she bucked back at me and finished the job, all at once, the rest of my cock went up of her.

"Now I want you to fuck me and don't stop until you fill me up, I want you to pump so much cum into me that it bursts right out of my eyes." I got to admit that sounded scary, but at the same time it was so stimulating I began, at a regular speed at first. I loved the way her shit-canal felt, so tight at the entrance yet so soft on the inside. Lou reached under her and grabbed my balls, squeezing them gently, I kept fucking her ass and she kept rolling my balls. "I can feel you've built up another load of your tasty white spunk, your balls seemed to by filled with it honey" I reached forward and grabbed her left creamy breast and pinched her nipple, it was big and hard, her cheeks were shaking like jell-o as I fuck her real fast, her hand grabbed my balls ever harder, like urging me to cum, then she turned her face to me and I reached forward to kiss her, a wet passionate kiss, my left hand grabbing her tit, her right hand rolling my balls, our tongues dancing together, my chest resting on her back, and both our free arms supporting our weight. She broke the kiss and said "Mmmhm, you're such a love, and I can see your balls are about to blow your load, what are you going to do with it?" "I'm gonna put it up your ass" "Louder Sam, I can't hear you" "I'M GONNA PUT IT UP YOUR LOVELY ASS."

I went crazy and grabbed Lou's head and pressed it against the pillow, she used both her hands to spread her asscheeks to me, our wild movements made the bed grate. "Oh yes, fuck my ass, it's wonderful, I love this feeling it hurts but I love it, just keep fucking me back there, fill me up with cum. just keep. fucking me like. this. Sam."

Another 15 minutes of anal action passed before I shot every drop of cum I had up her tunnel, she used her anus to milk my cock for any remains, but I didn't stopped when I was over, I kept pumping her trying to stop my dick from going soft, but there was nothing I could do, after a couple of minutes all I was doing was stretching my cock as she squeezed her cheeks together. Finally, it slipped out of her with the traditional sticky sound. Lou reached behind her with her fingers and coated them with the cum right outside her hole, them she took them into her mouth and licked them clean. "Don't worry Sam, you'll get to fuck me as soon as you wake up" I laid beside her over my back and kissed her again, just a pop kiss this time, then with some tongue. "God are you great Aunt Lou, I'm such a lucky guy." After a few minutes I fell asl**p, her left arm over my chest and my right arm embracing her.

In the darkness of my dreams I felt a wet sensation on the lower part of my body, as my senses began functioning I felt a great weight over me, now the wet feeling was concentrated on my cock, when I opened my eyes I saw Lou riding me, while I was sl**ping, she had her eyes shut and her lusty face was proof of her joy; but somehow she found out I was awake.

"Good morning sl**ping fucker, you had such I nice hard-on when I woke up I couldn't help it but to mount it, so here I am sliding up and down on your cock, hope you don't mind" "You're such a beautiful sight Aunt Lou, promise me we'll fuck like last night every day from now on" "Of course we'll do honey, and I'll always wake you up like this after every sex-filled night, every morning, from now forward" "I love you Lou, I want to be with you always" she just smiled at me. "I love you too Sam" and she leaned forward and placed her left tit over my face, her nipple barely touching my lips "Go ahead, nurse on me Sam, suck my nipple" I sucked her tit with great i****tuous lust, she kept going up and down, letting herself fall down and taking my cock very deep up her pussy, we just fucked and fucked in that same position the whole morning, caressing and kissing each other. As we both neared orgasm, tenderness stepped aside and wildness took it's place, Lou broke up our current kiss and sat up straight, she took one of her tits into her mouth, then she retrieved it and dropped a drop of saliva on it, she took it into my mouth and I sucked it. I reached behind her and grabbed her cheeks, fondled them, caressing each pound of ass-flesh she had to offer. Lou rode my cock in such I way I couldn't hold it any longer.

"I'm almost there Lou, I'm gonna cum soon." "Wait for me lover, I'm almost there too, wait for me." I did everything I could to hold my load, my efforts were regarded, soon Lou told me to let go of myself.

"There it is love, take all of my seed." Lou exploded at the same time, just as my cum went up her pussy, her traditional amount of juices flooded both of us, pouring by gallons out of her, soaking the sheets and filling the entire room with her aroma.

"Oh yes, do it Sam, fill me up, fuck me, fuck me real good." Her orgasm was as intense as the last ones, mine was too, soon she couldn't control herself and began yelling. " OHHH! YES, FUCK ME, FUCK ME, FUCK ME, GO AHEAD SAM, FILL ME UP, FUCK ME REAL GOOD, THAT'S IT SAM, GIVE ME YOUR CUM, FUCK ME REAL GOOD, KEEP FUCKING ME SAM, AAAAHHHH, AAAAHHHH, OH MY GOD!, THIS IS SO GOOD, FFUUCCKKK MMEEEE, FUCKKK MMEEEE."

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very very good ;)
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very nice
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very nice i can relate i have a very very sexy aunt and we fuck as much as we can whenever possible its one of the hottest thing fucking a sexy aunt
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Great Story very hot and exciting ....
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crazy hot stoires ya keep making mate def favorite :)