Alan liked to come home early on Wednesdays when his wife came home late; it gave him a chance to spend time with his f******n year old daughter, Kayla. In turn Kayla liked her father to herself on Wednesdays. She didn’t like or trusted her mum, but liked and trusted her father. Alan used the time without Kayla’s mother to hear his daughter’s ups and downs of the week; for Kayla, her father as a good listener, he didn’t judge or condemn, but he did advise. This day Alan sat in his armchair reading his paper when movement by Kayla out of the corner of his eye caught his attention, she seemed to be hiding something.

“Hey Kayla, come here a minute, he called out to his daughter and she responded immediately.

Kayla was wearing a very short and low sitting denim skirt and top that just reached to her skit. As she walked toward her father, Alan could see every now and then, colour between her top and skirt.

“Yeah dad?" she asked as came to stand before him.

Alan pointed to her tummy and asked,

“What’s that? Kayla looked all innocent.

“What’s what’? she asked in tern.

“Lift your top a little, her father instructed and his daughter did as she was told, exposing part of a tattoo.

Alan put his paper down and looked at his daughter’s tummy.

“A tattoo? he asked her and she nodded sadly.

“What does your mother think of this? he asked a little angrily.

“She doesn’t know, you won’t tell her will you dad, please don’t tell her, Kayla pleaded with her father and her face reflected her plea as did he body language.

“I don’t know, he told his daughter with his serious face, come here, he told her to step closer to him.

Now Kayla was only inches from her father, while still holding her top up a little. Alan took hold of his daughter’s hips and pulled her a little closer, and he could see her tattoo disappeared under her skirt.

“It goes lower? Alan asked his daughter as he looked up at her and she could only nod.

“Who did this tattoo? he asked now concerned if a tattooist had in some way taken advantage of his daughter.

“This lady at the mall has a tattoo and piercing place.”

“Let’s have a look at it, he told his daughter.

Kayla liked her dad and trusted him, and when she did something that annoyed him he wouldn’t talk to her for a while. She hated this because her mother didn’t speak to her, and she liked talking to her father, so she allowed him to have a more complete look at her tattoo.

Alan expected his daughter to object strongly, but when she didn’t Alan’s heart beat faster as he took her silence as permission. Her father’s hands undid the big top button of her denim skirt and opening the top of her skirt a little. He could see her tattoo went below the top of her zipper, and he could hear his daughter’s breathing quicken. Alan took hold of the zipper tag, and when his daughter still didn’t object he unzipped her skirt an inch or so and he could see the top of his daughter’s panties bright red cotton. Kayla’s tattoo disappeared into her panties. Alan looked up at his daughter and she stared at her father with her mouth slightly open, entranced by what her father was doing.

“How far does this thing go? he asked her sounding concerned.

“Not much further, honest dad, she pleaded.

Alan’s thumb and forefinger gently took hold of the top of his daughter’s panties, and he opened them to look inside. He could see the top of his daughter’s pubic mound and the Tattoo continued, but there was no pubic hair. Alan looked up at his daughter again and her expression hadn’t changed, she was still entranced by her father’s actions and her breathing was more of a pant. Again Alan took hold of the zipper tag and pulled it down about two inches this time, which left only another two inches to go. He looked into his daughter’s eyes again, and he saw no protest from her at all, so he pulled her red cotton panties down a little to expose her pubic mound.

“What happened to your pubic hair? he asked his daughter.

As if in daze she answered slowly,

“I don’t have much and the tattoo lady waxed it to do the tattoo.”

“Did it hurt darling? he asked concerned and he reached a finger out and with the side of it he softly rubbed her pubic mound. Kayla shuddered a little and answered slowly in a husky voice,

“Yeah, it really hurt, she told him.

“My poor darling, he said to her and he leaned forward and kissed her pubic mound.

“Ooh, Kayla said softly.

“Is that nice darling?

Alan looked up and asked his daughter as she stared into his eyes.

“Oh yeah, it’s really nice.”

“Would you like me to kiss you again?

Kayla could only nod as she panted her arousal. Alan kissed his daughter’s pubic mound again, only this time he lingered and his tongue caressed her soft, smooth flesh.

“Ah, ah, ah, he heard from his daughter and he was so turned on.

However, he knew they would have to stop as his wife would be home any minute. Alan replaced his daughter’s panties and zipped up her skirt and redid the button. Kayla looked confused, so her father told her,

“I’ll have to check this out further later, ok?

Kayla nodded her permission.

“Mum will be home any second, he told his daughter by way of explanation, and Kayla said,

“Oh right, yeah. I’ll go do my home work.

She left the lounge room as Alan thought about what just happened, but before he could relive it fully in his mind the front door opened and his wife walked into the house. Alan also knew his daughter would need to process what had just happened, and so as not to frighten her off he gave her the time now.

Dinner went as normal for Alan and his f****y, but as he was clearing away the dishes he notice his wife was getting ready to go out.

“Where are you off to? Alan asked her.

“How many times do I have to tell you things? I’m going to Sandra’s remember? she told him angrily and rather then argue with her Alan left the kitchen.

A few minutes later as he sat in the lounge trying to avoid his wife before she left he heard her yell at their daughter,

“Why haven’t you finished your homework?

Alan sprang out of his armchair to his daughter’s defence, just in time to see his wife raise her hand to Kayla.

“Hang on, hang on, what are you doing? he asked his wife as he grabbed her hand.

“That’s it, take her side, she screamed and turned her anger on him now.

“Just go to Sandra’s, Alan said to her as he fended off her slaps.

With that she turned on her heels and left the house.

“Thanks dad, Kayla said feeling great relief her mother was gone, they always seemed to fight like cat and dog.

“Now have you finished your homework?

Alan asked and his daughter shook her head and said,

“I’ve only got a bit to do and then I’ll have my shower, she informed her father.

“Ok, you do that, and when your finished let me know, Alan said fatherly.

Kayla left her father to watch the news on TV and he became engrossed in the items. Some forty minutes later Kayla walked back into the lounge room.

“All finished?

Alan asked his daughter, who was standing with her hands behind her back and she nodded. Alan noticed Kayla was still wearing the same top and skirt as earlier, and he wondered if she had had a shower.

“Had your shower? he asked like a father.

“Yeah, Kayla replied and walked toward her father like the f******n year old she was.

“Well let’s have a closer look at that tattoo, Alan instructed his daughter and she walked up very close to him.

Alan could see there was no hesitation in her, let alone fear. Without prompting, Kayla lifted her top up far more then earlier. Alan looked at the geometric lines on his daughter’s tummy, and he decided to take his time and allow Kayla the time she would need. He reached his hand to her tummy and using his finger tips he gently rubbed her tattoo.

“I’ve always wanted to feel one of these, he said as he heard his daughter sign softly at his gentle touch.

Now he placed the flat of his hand on Kayla’s tummy now and ran his hand gently across the width of her tummy. Because Kayla’s skirt was one of those that sit very low on her hips, it was his daughter’s lower and very sensitive tummy he rubbed. His other hand was behind her, across her butt, cupping both of her cheeks. He held his daughter just were he wanted her. He rubbed her lower tummy for a few seconds when Kayla suggested in a husky voice,

“It goes further.

Alan smiled to himself as his daughter set the pace, because he knew she was now comfortable with this. He decided there and then that this thing he was starting with his daughter was something very special, so he thought he would draw it out, tease her and bring her to a point where she begged him to continue.

“Yes, I know baby, but you’re my daughter, and as much as I find you the most beautiful young woman I know, I can’t.

Although her told Kayla this he bent forward and gently kissed her lower tummy at her tattoo, while lightly squeezing her butt cheeks and then his tongue lightly flicked her soft skin. He heard his daughter moan and he body buckle just a little.

“Oh dad, it’s ok, I want you to look at more of my tattoo, his daughter instructed him and her hands reached for the button at the top of her skirt.

“Oh baby we can’t, her father told her in a breathy voice and he gently took hold of her hands to prevent her undoing her big button.

He looked up at her and saw the hunger in his daughter’s eyes, as he brought his lips to her soft sensitive skin again while he held her eyes and kissed her lower tummy. Alan watched as his daughter responded to his kiss as her mouth began to open and her eyes widened; then he lightly flicked his tongue against her skin. Alan was thrilled by the response in his daughter at his licking of her lower tummy; Kayla’s eyes closed and she tilted her head back and let a loud groan. Alan decided to finish it here, and allow his daughter to mull over this encounter in her mind for the rest of the night. He pulled back from her.

“You’d better get ready for bed baby. I love you and you’re the most beautiful young woman there is.”

Kayla’s face reflected the opposing emotions competing with each other in her mind and body. On one hand she was bitterly disappointed her father had stopped, she felt cheated; and yet she felt elated at her father’s flattery, that he would think of her like that. Alan was pleased at the reaction he had produced in his daughter.

“After you get ready for bed come and say goodnight to me, Alan told his daughter gently and lovingly.

He said this to allow Kayla to see he wasn’t upset or angry with her and he still loved her very much. Kayla smiled warmly at her father and her eyes told him she was ok with him, very ok.

About an hour later Kayla came out to say goodnight to her father, just her mother came home. Kayla had walked into the lounge room in her short summer nighty, and he could see she was wearing skimpy panties underneath. Kayla’s mother walked straight into the lounge room, and took one look at her daughter and flew into a rage at her night attire.

“What do you mean by wearing something like that? she screamed at her daughter.

Alan was a bit confused because this is what Kayla always wore to bed during summer. Why was she so angry at Kayla? he wondered as he moved to intercept his wife.

“Now, now, he told his wife as he stepped between them.

“You always have to take her side, Alan’s wife fumed at him and then slapped him very hard, and stormed out of the room.

Alan looked at Kayla and he could see she felt deeply about what just happened; she felt deeply for her father. There were tears in Kayla’s eyes and Alan smiled at his daughter.

“It’s ok baby. You just go to bed, but if you need me just come and get me.

He kissed her on the forehead and walked to his study, knowing his wife would have locked him out of their bedroom. Alan sat and stewed over his wife. How many times had he told himself to divorce her he wondered, but never having the courage to do it? Now he thought more seriously about it, before she did any harm to Kayla. This made him wonder again why his wife had reacted so strongly toward what Kayla was wearing. Ah, of course’, he thought, she’s jealous of her own daughter. Once he had figured that out, for some reason he felt more comfortable with himself. He turned on his TV and before he knew it he was asl**p. Something woke Alan. The TV was still on and it was the only light in the room, but his eyes could see well. Kayla had woken him and she looked worried.

“Are you ok? he asked his daughter. Kayla stood with her arms wrapped around herself, as if she was cold.

“Come here baby, he invited his daughter to sit in him lap, and without hesitation she sat on her father and snuggled into him.

“Why did mum go me like that? she asked her father tearfully, and her small hands grabbed his shirt.

“I think because she’s jealous of you, he answered her as he stroked her hair with one hand and his other arm was wrapped around her.

“But why? she asked pleadingly.

“Because you are so beautiful and she isn’t, he kissed her on the top of her head.

“So what do I do? Kayla asked her father.

“Nothing! You don’t have to do a thing, just leave everything to me. Now go back to bed.”

The next day after school when Kayla came home, her father was waiting for her. Alan had decided to come home early in case his wife had another go at his daughter. However, his wife was nowhere to be seen. Kayla walked in to find her father once more in his armchair waiting for her.

“No, mum’s not home baby. Why don’t you have a shower, it’s been a hot day and then come and talk to me, Alan suggested and his daughter nodded.

Ten minutes later Kayla walked back into the lounge, still in her school uniform. Alan though she look so cute. She walked up to stand very close in front of him.

“Would you like to see my tattoo again dad? she asked with a smile.

Alan looked at his f******n year old daughter. Tall, slim with small breasts and beautiful, she was every man’s dream. Alan decided to tease her.

“Why, has it changed since yesterday? Kayla pouted a bit.

“No, but you haven’t seen all of it, she informed him.

“Oh, I see. Well in that case come here, he instructed his daughter and her face broke into a huge smile.

Kayla’s school had decided to go with the modern trend and they changed their summer dress to a skirt that sat very low on the hip, with a zipper at the back and big button at the top of the zipper. Alan could see his daughter had put her school skirt on back to front, and he knew it was deliberate. So’, he thought, my little girl enjoyed yesterday did she’. It also told him that Kayla was ok with what father and daughter were doing, and that she wanted to go further. I wonder how far she wants to go, he thought as he looked up at her beautiful face. He could see she was waiting with great anticipation. Time to tease her again, he told himself; he wanted his daughter to plead or even beg him. He slowly moved his hands to the top of the front of her school skirt and Kayla eagerly raised her white school shirt just enough for her father to see her tattoo.

“I’m sorry about the tattoo dad, she said like a chastised little girl.

Her father looked up at her with a concerned look on his face.

“So this is it hey? Why did you get one done? he asked without touching her and as she answered she thrust her hips ever so slightly toward her father.

“Well some of the other girls were getting them done, she protested and wondered why her father was not doing what she wanted him to.

Maybe he didn’t want her any more and this showed on her face as he looked at her.

“Let’s have a closer look then, Alan told her and he reached around her with his left arm and his hand once again cupped her butt, but this time his hand moved down to the were her beautiful legs met her butt. This placement of her father’s hand sent a thrill through Kayla. With his right hand he hooked a finger into the top of her school skirt and pulled it open a little, which pulled her even closer to him and he peeked into her school dress. Alan could see the top of his daughter’s pink panties, and more of her tattoo.

“Oh, your tat goes further, Kayla’s father observed and grinned up at his daughter.

He moved his left hand to under her right butt cheek, and he cupped his hand around the top of her thigh Kayla liked the way her father’s hand felt there. His right hand eased her skirt back to her tummy, but he left his finger hooked into her skirt and he gently rubbed her lower tummy with the back of his finger. Then Kayla gently held her father’s head with her hands, and he was surprised by her tenderness.

“I had better have a closer look, Alan told his daughter as he looked into her eyes, and she looked back at him with love and desire in her eyes.

He gently eased her school skirt down a little one side at a time, exposing about five centimetres of her pink panties and he heard her intake of breath. Alan moved his face so close to her lower tummy she could feel his warm breath on her exposed skin, as he deliberately inhaled her aroma. Then he flicked his tongue out to lightly touch her skin, just above her panties. Kayla began to slowly run her fingers through her father’s hair, and just knew he would fulfil her desire tonight. The touch of his tongue was far more intoxicating then she would have thought.

Alan’s hands had come to hold her hips, and now they slowly eased her panties down to the level of her school skirt and he could see her tattoo finished just above were her skirt and panties now sat at her pubic mound. Again his tongue flicked her skin just above her skirt and panties, and Kayla felt the sensation rush to her pussy as her father’s tongue had increased the pressure. After about twenty seconds of this, Alan drew her school skirt and panties down as one, so thae sat millimeter perfect, just above the beginning of her pussy slit. Kayla floated as if in a dream as her hands stopped their caressing and she just held his head, with her eyes closed and her head tilted back slightly.

Alan pulled her school skirt and panties down further so all his young daughter’s pussy was exposed, and Kayla felt the cool air embrace her hairless pussy, but her father’s breath soon warmed her as he moved to continue to lick his daughter. His daughter’s pussy was clean shaven and fat, just how he loved them. Alan was no longer flicking his tongue, but was dragging it over and over her clit. Pleasure like she had never felt before pulsated through her body, each time her father dragged his tongue across her clit.

Kayla stood as best she could swaying slightly, enveloped by her father’s attention which gave her so much pleasure. He brought his hands from her hip to her pussy, and his thumbs opened her pussy lips as he brought his tongue from her clit to her slit. After about two minutes of licking her slit, his tongue moved back to her clit, by this time he sucked her clit as well as licked it. The pleasure was tremendous for Kayla and she groaned loud and long.

“Oh dad that’s fantastic, oh yeah suck my clit, she demanded of him holding his head tight to her pussy.

Alan now brought the middle finger of his right hand to her slit and slowly pushed it between her pussy lips, and Kayla instinctively spread her legs as wide as she could for him. Alan couldn’t believe how wet his f******n year old daughter was, and he decided she was ready. He eased her onto the couch and slowly stripped her of her school skirt and little panties. With her eyes still closed she spread her legs wide, knowing what her father was about to do. She just abandoned herself to him.

Alan quickly undid and pulled his jeans down along with his boxers. His rock hard dick throbbed for his daughter’s pussy and he lowered himself between her legs. Holding his dick with one hand and positioning himself above Kayla with the other, he tapped his dick on her clit several times which brought gasps of enjoyment from her. Then he tapped her pussy slit, and as if in response Kayla reached down with both hands and opened her pussy to her father as she spread her pussy lips apart. Alan could see his daughter’s very wet love tunnel and slowly pushed the head of his dick into her. He feed the length of his dick into his daughter slowly, as she opened her mouth and made strange noises of extreme pleasure, watching and feeling her father’s dick slide into her body.

“Oh fuck me dad, fuck me, always fuck me, please, she begged him.

Once Alan had fed his dick all the way into his daughter he began to pump her, and Kayla started her short climb to her climax.

“Oh yeah, oh yeah, she said a number of times; fast in keeping rhythm with her father’s fast and hard thrusts into her.

Kayla raced to her climax as her father raced with her, and as she came Alan was only seconds behind her. He pulled out in time and shot his load onto her tummy, as Kayla screamed her unintelligible words to express her orgasm. Father collapsed onto daughter and they held each other panting.

Some time later, after they had cleaned themselves up, they spoke of their need for each other. Both wanted to fuck as much as possible, but knew Kayla’s mother, Alan’s wife would be a real obstacle. Yet, it wouldn’t be impossible and how they made it work!
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