Katie got home from school to the usual situation, an empty house.

Her parents wouldn't be home until almost 7, due to finishing at 6 and then the traffic. It was only 4.20 so Katie had plenty of time to herself, as per the norm.

With a smile she stood just inside the front door and took off her school tie. Next came the skirt then the blouse. She looked into the full length hall mirror at her 18 year old body.

At 5'9" tall, with shoulder length blond hair, cornflower blue eyes, a size 10 waist and a nice pair of 34C breasts, Katie stood out in a crowd and had plenty of admirers.

Keeping her pale pink cotton bra and briefs on, along with her white cotton ankle socks, she walked through to the kitchen and checked the fridge.

With a smile she silently thanked her mom for going shopping the night before and removed the new cucumber from the veggie tray.

Moving over to the kitchen table, she placed the cucumber down and sat down on the table itself, the cold counter chilling her pert buttocks. She reached down and slid her socks off, dropping them to the floor, before reaching back to unfasten her bra. Letting it drop also, she admired her breasts and gave them a little fondle.

Leaning backwards, she used her left arm to brace herself, then lifted her feet to the table top, perching her heels on the edge, legs spread wide.

Taking the cucumber in hand she started rubbing the end against her panties. A few minutes of slow rhythmic rubbing got her nipples nice and hard, her pussy wet and gave her underwear a nice wet patch. Once she felt ready she gave the cucumber end a quick lick, before placing it back on the table.

She removed her panties and held them to her face, taking a deep breath of her scent. A quick lick of the wet patch and they then joined her bra and socks on the floor.

Taking the cucumber back in hand, she started rubbing the end against her pussy. The chilled vegetable sent shivers through her body, but it wasn't long before it warmed up as her wet pussy was lovingly stimulated by the smooth sliding back and forth.

Katie's breathing deepened considerably as she rubbed, taking her time to stretch out the fun, as she always did.

Before long however she couldn't hold it much long and had to slide the cucumber in deep. Her pussy lips parted easily over the end of the vegetable. Her juices were flowing freely by now and lubricated her nicely for penetration.

Feeling the inches slide in, Katie moaned with pleasure as she closed her eyes. When she reached about 6 inches she stopped and just sat there, enjoying the feeling of her pussy nice and full.

Then she gently, slowly, slid the length out until only an inch remained, before sliding it back.

Back and forth, slowly, she went for sometime before she started to speed up. By now there was a good 8 or 9 inches being used of the cucumber, to fill her pussy and stretch it nicely. The pleasure flowing through her body was amazing and Katie was gasping and moaning with delight as she slid the veggie in and out, her juices leaving a puddle on the table.

The first orgasm was minor, the second a little bigger, but the third exploded out of her, her cries of pleasure echoing through the house, her body convulsing, cucumber held tight between her thighs, vaginal muscles clenching the vegetable hungrily.

When the shudders stopped and the orgasm abated, Katie slid the cucumber from her aching pussy and started licking it clean of her juices. Only now did she open her eyes again.

To her surprise her mom, Kelsey, was standing in front of her, naked, with a smile on her face. Her ample 34D chest sported rock hard nipples, her pussy was so wet that her inner thighs were slick with juices and her breathing was deep.

"Well sweety, aren't you all grown up. Here I thought I was the only one using the cucumbers." she said.

With that she reached over and took the half licked cucumber from her daughter. Walking over to place her left hand on the table beside Katie, leaning in enough her breasts brushed against her daughters, forcing Katie to lean back some more, Kelsey reached behind her and started to rub the cucumber top against her wet pussy.

With a groan of delight she slid the veggie in until 8 inches were buried inside her, then taking no time to build up, she began fucking herself.

"Oh baby, this does feel good!" she exclaimed.

Katie was still a little shocked, but was also still horny. The nightly tabletop masturbation session was only the beginning of her normal fun and games and she was still wanting the usual remaining orgasms.

Due to this arousal, her normal reservations were gone and she thought nothing of leaning all the way back on the table, thus freeing both hands to grab her mother's breasts. She'd always liked the feel of her own and wondered if she would like another woman's. Turned out she loved the feel of another woman's breasts and she happily played away, pinching the nipples, where her mom fucked herself.

Kelsey loved her tits being played with and the combined sensation of her daughter playing and the cucumber in her pussy was enough to send her over the edge all too quickly. The orgasm rippled through her body and it was her pussy's turn to clench at the veggie, as pleasure washed through her from her toes to her fingertips.

Gasping for breath she took the cucumber from between her legs and moved it to Katie's mouth. To her delight Katie didn't hesitate in sucking the vaginal juices from the veggie.

While Katie sucked and licked, Kelsey dropped to her knees, spotted Katie's panties and picked them up. With a quick sniff, she wrapped them round the index and forefingers from her right hand and started rubbing the cloth over her daughter's wet clit.

Katie jumped a little in surprise, but once she realized what was happening, she returned her heels to the table top, legs spread as wide as possible and settled in for some fun. Dropping the cucumber to the table, she took her own breasts in hand and started rubbing them.

Kelsey spent about 5 minutes rubbing her daughter's clit and pussy opening with her pantie clad fingers, occasionally leaning to flick her tongue over her daughter's pussy. Katie was begging for a climax but Kelsey was enjoying herself too much to let her daughter finish quite so quickly.

"Roll over onto your belly, oh daughter of mine. If you want your mommy to make you cum, do as I say and you'll climax like you've never even imagined could be possible." Kelsey said with a wicked grin.

Hungry for orgasms, Katie rolled over so her belly was in the puddle of pussy juices, her tits were squashed against the table and her legs were straight down, feet on the floor.

Kelsey made sure her daughter parted her legs and leaned in to lick the juices from her daughter's buttocks and anus, while the pantie clad fingers slid deep into her daughter's hungry vagina.

Katie moaned loudly as she felt her mother's tongue probe her anus and the fingers bury themselves in deeply. As her mother began finger fucking her, Katie knew she was now her mother's slave. She'd do anything for her mother to keep pleasuring her like this, it blew away anything Katie had ever done to herself.

Kelsey drove her fingers in and out, faster and faster, while she tongue fucked her daughter's behind. All too quickly for her own tastes Katie climaxed hard, pleasure washing through her body. Her toes curled, her back arched and her pussy clamped tightly around her mother's fingers.

Kelsey pulled her fingers clear, leaving the panties hanging from her daughter's climaxing cunt. With a smile she spanked her daughter hard, causing her to squeal in a mixture of pleasure and pain.

"Leave your panties in there while you pleasure me, that's an order."

"Yes mistress." Katie replied, to Kelsey's delight.

Lifting her right leg onto a dining chair, Kelsey exposed her wet horny pussy.

"Kneel and lick me, putting your fingers to use." she commanded.

Katie knelt before her mom, picking up her mom's own discarded panties. Wrapping them around her own fingers she leaned in for her first proper taste of pussy.

Licking juices off a cucumber, or your fingers, or a hairbrush handle was one thing, but licking an actual horny wet pussy was something else altogether.

Katie instantly loved it and eagerly set about devouring her mother's clit, while sliding her fingers, panties included, into her mother.

Katie wasted no time in fucking her mother's pussy, not waiting to fool around with being gentle. As her fingers pumped in and out, she sucked her mother's clit hard. The combination of sensations was a taste of heaven for Kelsey, her hands busy on her own breasts.

Before long she hit orgasm, her pussy drenching her panties, buried inside her, wrapped around her own daughter's fingers. She cried out in ecstasy.

"Oh Katie, yes! Yes baby yes! Your tongue is amazing, keep licking my pussy!"

Once she'd finished climaxing, Katie removed her fingers, leaving the panties inside, only a small part of them still showing. Her own panties were about half in, though by now they were fully soaked. She was aching for another orgasm and was desperate for her mom to show her something new and pleasurable.

"Honey that was amazing, I'm so glad I got home early tonight. Lets go take a shower and I'll introduce you to what I get up to in there."

Katie could hardly wait and practically ran to the bathroom.
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Most excellent story
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Really great story. I love lesbian sex between family members, and this hit all the right spots.
Great post