"Are the k**s asl**p?" I asked my daughter.

"Yeah, finally," she sighed as she flopped down on the sofa. "They were so keyed up!"

"You look tired, Jess," I said quietly as I gently massaged her neck. "Why don't you go get in the hot tub?"

"Mmmm, that feels wonderful, Daddy," she murmured. "And I'll take you up on that hot tub offer in a few minutes."

Jessica and my two grandc***dren, Sarah and Ben, two-year-old twins, had driven the 200 miles to my beach place in North Carolina to spend two weeks with me. My son-in-law, Sam, would be joining us on Friday. The k**s were pretty good, but nearly six hours in a car is tough even for adults.

Jess had put on a few extra pounds when she was pregnant with the twins, and had finally lost those last few stubborn ones. She was looking pretty damned good! At twenty-six, she was more beautiful than ever. One of those women who definitely improved with age. She had been a gangly teenager, all legs and arms, with long straight hair. But having c***dren filled out her body, widened her hips, and she finally got some real tits! And her new hair cut looked great!

"Thanks, Daddy," she murmured as she kissed me on the forehead. "That really helped. I'm gonna go soak for a while, then I think I'll hit the sack, too."

"Okay, baby," I smiled warmly. "See you in the morning."

I watched her walk out onto the deck and close the door behind her. I didn't think she had a bathing suit on under her shorts and shirt, so I assumed she would be naked soon. Somehow, that thought was very arousing. My daughter, a beautiful and sensual woman, a wife and a mother, naked, just a few feet away from me. Oh shit! My cock was actually getting hard!

Quickly, I got a terry robe from the closet and went out onto the deck. But I was just a tad too late. She had already undressed and was in the swirling water up to her shoulders.

"Thanks, Daddy," she smiled as I put the robe on the lounge next to the tub. "It's so beautiful out here," she sighed as she looked down the beach onto the ocean. The single light from the wooden walkway through the dunes lit that area of the beach. And the nearly full moon, bright and almost white, shone on the breakers. "So quiet and peaceful."

"That's why I decided to stay here after Mom died," I answered, getting just a hint of her breasts as the water swirled around her chest. I moved slightly behind her so she wouldn't see the growing bulge in my shorts, but she stayed too far down in the water for me to see any more of her body.

I had this incredible need to touch her. But instead of slipping my hands down the water and enveloping her swaying breasts, which is what I really wanted to do, I just put my hands on her shoulders and rubbed them.

"Mmmmmm," she murmured as she put her right hand on mine. A bit more of her

breast came up out of the water with that movement, and I found myself bending over in the hopes that I could see the entire tit. She slowly leaned her head back, and it rested lightly on my chest. Oh fuck, my cock was getting harder! Just say good night to her and go to bed, you fool, I chastised myself! But I couldn't stop touching her. The fragrant oil from the water made her skin feel like silk and smell like fresh flowers. The total sensual atmosphere of the beach, the hot tub, and her naked body was just too much for me to walk away from.

"Daddy," she said softly as she lifted her left arm and put that hand on mine. Oh shit, her entire left breast was out of the water! Oh fuck, how incredibly sexy she was! "Come in the water with me. It's sooooo wonderful!"

She sat up a bit more, and now both of her beautiful and full breasts were right below my eyes. Her nipples were nice and hard, and just as erect as little penises! She must know that I can see her tits!

"I don't have a suit on, honey," I answered as calmly as I could, not taking my hands off her shoulders or my eyes off her breasts.

"Oh Daddy," she said teasingly. "You can see that I don't have one on, either. You're looking at my breasts, aren't you Daddy?"

"Um, well," I stammered.

"It's okay, Daddy," she said, turning her head slightly to her right. "I like knowing you're looking at my breasts. It's kind of sexy, you know? My father looking at my naked tits. It's actually rather exciting!"

"Oh Jess," I sighed as she took my hands and placed them right on her bare breasts! My hands gently cupped and massaged those beautiful globes, and my fingertips lightly rolled her nipples between them!

"Mmmm, Daddy," she murmured. "That's soooo goooooood."

Holy shit! I was feeling my daughter up! And I watched as my right hand moved very slowly down her belly and under the water, just to the bottom of her tummy!

"Ooohhhh, Daddy," she sighed as my hand gently stroked all around her belly

button, slipping a little farther down each time. "You're getting me all nice and turned on! Come in the water with me, Daddy."

She was turned on, too!

"Are you sure, baby?" I whispered in her ear as my hand moved down and felt a tiny bit of her pubic hair.

"Mmmmm, yes, Daddy," she whispered back as she turned her head toward mine.

Her lips parted slightly, and I kissed her! My left hand moved from one breast to the other, slowly rubbing across each erect nipple, as my right hand slipped down between her puffy pussy lips! "Oh, Daddy, mmmmmmmm," she purred as my finger found her pussy hole, all nice and wet from cunt oils!

I took my thumb and unsheathed her erect clitoris while my middle finger slid easily into her hot pussy!

"Ohh! Ohh! Oh Daddy!" she gasped as she opened her legs wider to accommodate my hand! "Ohhhhhh, that's wonderful, Daddy! Mmmm, yesssss. Oh! Oh! Ohhh!"

Holy fuck! I was finger-fucking Jessica! And she was loving it! I had only had brief fantasies of having sex with her when she was in college and would tell her mother and me about some of her more tame adventures. Then my wife got sick, Jessica and Sam started dating seriously, and I never had another thought about having sex with my daughter.

"Oh, baby," I whispered as I felt her body responding more and more to my fingering! "You feel soooo gooood, baby."

"Oh Daddy!" she gasped. "Oh! Ohhh! I'm cumming, Daddy!"

Her body stiffened, her nipples got even harder, and I felt her orgasm erupt as her pussy squeezed and contracted all around my finger!

"Oh fuck!" I groaned out loud as she grasped my arm and pushed my finger deeper into her pussy! I was leaning almost completely over her, and she latched her lips onto mine, probing my mouth with her hard tongue!

"Oh fuck is right," she sighed as she pulled her lips away from mine and looked me right in the eyes. "Mmmm, Daddy, you are verrrry goooood with your hands! I'll bet you're as good with the rest of your body, too!"

"Jess," I whispered. "If I get into the tub with you, baby, things might get more, um, heated. Are you sure?"

She pulled my hand out from her pussy, turned to face me, and stood up. Just her lower hips were under the water. "I'm positive, Daddy," she smiled at me as she reached over and gently cupped my balls with one hand and wrapped her fingers around my erection with the other. "Mmmmmm, Daddy, you do want me, too, don't you Daddy? Well, I want you, too! Right here, and right now."

She easily pulled my shorts down around my thighs, leaned over, and took my cock into her mouth!

"Aaaahhhhhh, Jess, baby!" I groaned as her lips wrapped around my cockhead and her tongue teased all over it! Her hands slowly stroked my cockshaft, and I watched her stick her tongue out and lick my entire distended cockhead!

"Oooh, Daddy," she purred as she kept her hands around my prick. "You're beautiful! I never realized how sexy you are!"

"Me too, baby," I grinned at her. "I mean, oh you know what I mean."

She kind of giggled, then tugged at my cock. She sat back in the tub and held her arms open for me while the hot water swirled sensually around her breasts! I pulled off my shirt and stepped out of my shorts, then climbed in the tub with my cock obscenely sticking straight out!

I sat on the seat next to her and let our legs touch underwater. I turned to say something and she quickly put her finger on my lips.

"Shhhh, don't say anything negative, Daddy," Jess whispered. "Just let's love each other tonight. Maybe this will be our only time together, like this. I love you so much, Daddy, and I know you love me, too."

"I sure do, baby," I smiled as she slid her hand under the water and grasped my erection. "This is so, um, different."

"Yeah," she grinned at me as my fingers found her slippery slit and slid right into her hot pussy! "Totally different. But mmmm, so sexy, too! That old taboo . i****t! Say it out loud, Daddy. i****t!"

"i****t," I said softly, massaging that erect clitty again. "i****t. Sex between a father and his beautiful and sexy daughter."

"i****t," she responded hoarsely as she moved to climb on my lap. "i****t. A daughter who's about to fuck her handsome and horny father. i****t. Mmmm, how fucking sexy!"

"Mmmm, yeah," I moaned as she wrapped her legs across mine and led my

throbbing cock right into her fuckhole! She moved up and down slowly, taking a little more of my cock with each downward thrust, until she moaned deeply as my entire eight inches penetrated her hot cunt! "How fucking sexy, Jessica. I'm fucking you, baby. Daddy's fucking his daughter! Jessica! I'm fucking you, Jessica! We're fucking, baby!"

"Yeah, Daddy!" she panted as our movements picked up speed and intensity! She was riding me now, faster and with more urgency! My hands grasped her luscious ass cheeks and I pulled her down hard! "Fuck! Fucking! Daddy's fucking me! I'm fucking Daddy! Oh Daddy! Oh yeah, my nasty Daddy is fucking his nasty horny daughter! Oh Daddy!"

"Nasty daughter," I mumbled as my mouth attached itself to each breast and sucked hard on each nipple! "Nasty fucking daughter! Fuck me, nasty daughter! Ride Daddy's hard cock, baby!"

"Ohhhh, Daddy!" she gasped. "I'm cumming Daddy! Fuck my nasty cunt hard, Daddy! I'm cumming! I'M CUMMMEEENNNGGGG!"

"Oh fuck!" I groaned as I felt her intensive orgasmic spasms try to suck the cum right out of my cock! I let her take the lead as she ground her clitoris into my pelvic bone! Oh shit! It was like having a sucking machine attached to my cock! She shoved her tits back in my face, and I hungrily sucked and nibbled on those enormous nipples of hers! She continued to gasp and moan and pant as her whole body shuddered and shook and finally started to relax again!

"Oh Daddy!" she panted as her breasts heaved with each deep breath! "Oh fuck! That was fantastic, Daddy! Wow!" Her hips moved slowly from side to side and around circles, making my cock scream!

"Keep that up, baby," I warned her harshly. "And I'll blow up right inside that hot cunt of yours!"

"Yeah, Daddy!" she hissed back at me as her movements got faster and faster!

"Cum inside my cunt, Daddy! Shoot all your nasty Daddy seed in your daughter's nasty horny pussy! Fill me with your hot cream, Daddy! Cum, Daddy! Cum in my cunt!"

"AAAGGGHHHH!" I groaned loudly as I buried my cock deep in that hot cunt and let my sex organ pump hard streams of cum into her womb! "AAAHHH! AAAHHH!" I continued as uncontrollable spasms erupted! Holy shit! I was still cumming! And cumming!

"Oh Daddy!" Jess purred. "I feel you cumming, Daddy! I can feel your nasty Daddy cream shooting in my nasty daughter cunt!"

"Mmmmmmmm," I kind of growled as the final feeble spasm emptied one last glob

of cum. "Mmmm, oh fuck, Jess! Oh baby! Oh shit! I haven't cum that hard in, shit, I can't remember when!"

Jessica wrapped her entire warm, wet body around mine, and we just sat there and held each other for the longest time!

"That was phenomenal, baby," I finally managed to say. "You are one hot, sexy babe," I teased as I ran my hands all over her back and her luscious round ass cheeks!

"And you are a dirty, nasty, i****tuous, horny father," she grinned as she sat back and looked right at me! "Now, let's get out of here before that lovely cock of yours melts! And let's go upstairs to your bed so we can continue this nasty, i*****l, i****tuous fucking!"

"That's my good girl!" I laughed, using the same phrase I did when she was young, so many years before!

We stepped out of the tub, and I wrapped her gently in my robe. There was another towel hanging on the edge of the deck, so I grabbed that one and wrapped it around me. I sure didn't want one of the k**s to see us naked. Of course, they were too young to know what the fuck was going on!

Jessica ran into the kitchen and grabbed a cold bottle of Chardonnay with two

glasses. Then, as I followed her up the stairs, I felt my cock getting hard again! She lifted her robe playfully and gave me a couple of pussy shots! I suddenly realized I had fucked that pussy, but I hadn't seen it!

Jess handed me the wine and glasses then darted into the twins' room to check on them, and I pulled the covers down on my bed. I also turned on the small lamp on the bureau and opened the slider out onto the deck so we could hear the sounds of the ocean. By the time Jess came into my room, my towel was on the floor, and two glasses of wine were on the night table.

Jessica smiled seductively and dropped the robe.

"Oh!" I gasped as I finally saw my daughter totally nude! She was so fucking sexy! Her breasts were nice and full, and her nipples were enormous! Any woman who doesn't nurse, at least by choice, is nuts! She still had a slight pot belly, which I found incredibly erotic, which protruded just under her small waist! And her hips jutted out nicely, with hands full of cheeks to hang onto!

She delicately picked up a glass of wine and handed me one, too. Then we sat, propped up against the headboard, and let our legs touch each other's as we toasted our new relationship!

"I don't think this should be just a one-night stand," she teased me as she sipped her wine. "I think we have found another, um, thing we have in common, Daddy."

"You won't be able to keep me away from you anymore, Jess," I said seriously.

"All that talk about i****t and how fucking nasty and sexy it is. I don't care if it's wrong. It feels so right. At least to me."

"And to me, too, Daddy," she answered gently as she snuggled up against my chest. "This is how we used to watch TV, remember?"

"What, nude and sexually aroused and drinking wine?" I teased as I obscenely stroked my erect cock!

"You know what I mean!" she poked my stomach playfully!

"I know, baby," I chuckled as I put my arm around her shoulder. "I miss having you around, you know. These next two weeks will be wonderful. Having you and the k**s here, and Sam, too."

"Sam can't know, Daddy," she said seriously.

"Nobody can, baby," I agreed.

Sam is a fantastic father and, so far, a terrific husband. I genuinely love him. This would hurt him too deeply.

"So, we're going to have to keep this a dirty, nasty secret, Daddy," she grinned as she spread her legs wide. I rolled over and put my face into that beautiful and hot pussy of hers, admiring the tiny strip of pubic hair pointing right down to her honey pot! I spread her puffy pussy lips apart and looked into the juicy pussy that I had just recently filled with my cum! Her fuckhole was all shiny, and her huge clit was sticking straight out, just waiting for my tongue!

"Yeah, baby," I growled as my hard tongue darted in and out of her hole and flicked her erect clitty a couple of times! "Our own private, nasty secret! And now, your nasty father is going to eat his nasty daughter's cunt! And then, Daddy's big thick cock is going to fuck his sexy daughter's hot pussy again!"

"Aaahhh!" Jessica moaned deeply as my fingers and tongue and lips and teeth

explored and tasted every millimeter of that very same pussy! "And then, Daddy!" she gasped. "You're going to feed my empty stomach with your hot cream, Daddy! I need you to cum in my mouth, Daddy! My nasty Daddy needs to fuck his horny daughter's mouth and cum all down her throat!"


"Oh Daddy! Oh! Oh! Ohhhhhh Daddy!"
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3 months ago
very hot.
I really need to start adding my own stories.
1 year ago
This is so close to the way an ideal father and daughter incestual relationship should evolve, mature and thrive!! I have one daughter one and half times older than Jessica; we started our love affair a couple years before she started college, she married at age 30 and shortly after had to relocate to the West Coast (more than two thousand miles away) to care for her husband's ailing mother. The last six years we don't see each other often but we do frequently have "kinky and exciting" (as she calls it) phone sex!!

This story is a little different than most father and daughter incestual love, as Daughter Jessica has twin children, is happy sexually and in her marriage, and happily loves her widowed father as her beautiful sexual lover. Jessica and her father have no intentions of her husband ever knowing about their affair, it is to remain always secret and they will continue their affair as often as possible. Their affair is not just for the sex but because they emotionally love each other as man and woman, for the respect and true deep love they have for each other, for their worship of each other as lovers and father and daughter!

The story has a great theme, is awesomely written, the character's and their roles are fabulously acted and played effortless. The story is practically spotless of errors. Again, the mature incestual, true love of these two lovers is heavenly awesome!!!
1 year ago
Wow!!! Simply wow!!
1 year ago
Please tell me this is true
1 year ago
1 year ago
Wow, that was so very sexy.
1 year ago
very well told! I certainly hope this is a true story! It made me cum a huge load!
1 year ago
more please really HOT HOT HOT
1 year ago
That was one HOT story, Cant wait to read more of your Dad n Daughter escopades
1 year ago