my new life...part 7

'niether is he! 'alexandras master yells.alexandra and i turn to see our beloved masters.' master!' we shout.'dont get so full of yourself leon' james laughed'same to you cathrine' said kiki. james walks up to me and puts the gun to my head.'tisk tisk,i still cant belive you threw it all away.' james sighed. james slowly reloaded the gun,wich was already loaded, to give it more power.he put it back to my head.'NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!DONT HURT HER!!!' alexandra scremt thrashing about in his bonds.' HA! isnt this sweet!alexandra has fallin in love with her!HA!'james laughed.kiki laughed her gun pointed at our masters.'well love her or not shes dying one way,or you might as well stop'there was a loud snap and alexandras leg came up and kicked him in the face causing him to drop his gun.he stood up and and got his gun,slowly walking towards alexandra.'i geuss you want to die first then'- BOOM!-james fell to the ground....bullet in his head...dead...kiki laughed saying' dont you dare.'then threw the gun at our masters and jolted out the door. our masters ran to our assistance quiclky getting us untied.'saphire! your allright!' master said as he huged me tightly. i also huged cathrine, and then alexandra.our masters laughed as we coulnt let go of one another.' so i geuss theres only 1 solution...saphire you get a mistress, alexandra, you get a master!' master laughed. so we all got our ending, and lets just say, when pleasure day comes , that means a awesome four-way is cummin the slaves way!
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7 months ago
gotta say, i wasnt real impressed with the writing. story line was outstanding but you hurried so much with the telling of it.
3 years ago
she is a naughty lil'lady & it sounds better
3 years ago
omg. i cant belive ruby wrote that part! alexandra dosnt love me. how ackward!