my new life...part 6

after awhile i fell asl**p....still stuck in my bondage..-----While she slept this is what was happening with her master------i slowley opened the door.i looked around not seeing the slave i loved so much...i went all around the house and...nothing.i went looking for her.i went past the drive way and saw a little drop of water towards the left of the drive was one of her tears...i had the sudden urge to jolt that way,and i did just that. i went about 1/4 of a mile befor i came across drag marks and then tire traks.....oh shit.....she was looking for me..... she didnt run for freedom...she was taken! what the fuck have i done...'waite....there was that one guy who was in love with her that tryed to take her a few years it wouldnt be james....geuss i need to just keep looking...but i swear to god, when i find the bastard who took my girl,im gonna pop a bullet straite through his mother fucking fourhead!its been 3 days and still nothing...i started putting up flayers.i was about to put a flayer on a near by fence when i bumped into a woman whith flayers of her own.' uhhh...sorry....' i muttered helping her up.'its fine....your looking for someone to?! 'she gasped'yes slave....shes....missing..'i wispered.'oh is mine!' she yelled'we had goton in a fight and i left then he went looking for me and...i found tire tracks and drag marks..' she began to weep.'thats the same thing that happened to us....' i say...'he had once had someone want him, to years ago....but it couldnt be her....' she balled.'i know were they are!' i scream. i jump into my car'get in!' i yell. once shes in i floor it....straight to james front door.....-------back with the slaves------'wake up slaves!' mistress kiki and my new master yelled. i woke to see mistress kiki and new master with loaded guns....pointed at me and alexandra...'suprised?' new master snickred. ' we have decided you to are worthless peices of shit who-'she in not worthless!'master screames.
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3 years ago
very good
3 years ago
lol hope you guys like drama cuz its in part 7.