my new life...part 4

i just kept running....looking in every direction to see where he might have gone.......'ohh no....what have i done?' i was dark now and hard to see....i stumbled a little befor i gave up standing and fell to my knees,eyes begining to spill over with tears...just then a cold hand jerked a old kitchen nife to my throught and wispered...'dont struggle or it will just be wourse for you...' the voice when icey at the last word.he pulled me up by my hair,nife still at my throught.his face was a normal type of persons face.brod chin and shoulders , wide but thin,and,blue eyes brown hair.i thought that blue and brown werent supposed to be together,when the memory hit me...this was the man that had once wanted me 2 years ago,but leon wouldnt have it.he pulled the vans door open and shoved me in closing and locking the door behinde him.he got in the drivers seat and turned to me. 'i would never take mercy on a slave like you.tisk tisk. he threw so much away.well like they say , ones trash is anothers treasure......good night slave 'he said as he grabed my tit and twisted it.i howled in pleasure and pain.he rolled up the window separating us. then tubes came out from the seats in front of me spraying a purple gas,making it imposible to move,to think,to stay conchis.i slowly drifted out of reality...twenty three hours later---i yawned , trying to stretch but realiting i was already stretched....i looked around seeing that i was tied by rope to a metal circile. i was in the dredded "dead mans bondage". panick struck through me. i began to struggle but only to make the ropes tighter.i look to the left to see rows and rows of sex toys.some were huge! one had to be at least 11 inches across and 4 inches wide. this scared me but i realized i was really thoughts were interupted by james coming through the door. ' lets just say befor you get to play with my toys im gonna let you stay there a few days'.i gasped. oh so sorry....please help me...
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7 months ago
still hot but too short
3 years ago
very good
3 years ago
Interesting stuff so far, sounds like a good horror story with a clever plot
3 years ago
I will help ya my bitch whore slut slave ..... on yer fuckin knees ..... NOW & ready ur cunt for punishment !!!!!
3 years ago
part 5 is gonna be out really soon!