my new life...part 3

i was finally getting used to my new life as a slave.and i was really enjoying it.i was dreaming lazily in my cage when my master came in and unlocked the deadbolt lock on my cage,releasing me.but he didnt let me get out,for, his hand grabed my colar and yanked'(HARD!!!)causeing me to faceplant the floor infront of him.i got on all fours and looked at him , fear rising in my eyes.'i cant belive i took mercy on you again you worthless whore!' he then kicked me in the stomach with his steeled toed boots.'m-m-m-master....w-w-why ......d-d-did you.....d-do t-t-that?' i wimpered through the hollow stabbing pain in my stomach.'because slut,your nothing without me , and i cant belive after you ran i gave you mercy! that kind of behavior is unexcusable! your absolutley NOTHING WITHOUT ME!NOTHING!'he scremt.his voice was calm as he now talked'alright just to show you how much of a nothing you are i might just leave!''you know what,im not worthless! i would be just fine if you left,and quite frankley i hope you do!'i yelled.'its settled then.' he said as he quickly gave me onother sharp kick but in the chest.i toppled over in pain.he laughed as he walked to the door.'as soon as you realize your nothing without me , slut,i may have you back.'he said as he slamed the vision went fuzzy as i raied one hand'as if to cach him ,to stop him.i whispered his name befor slipping into hours later-i woke suddenly relizing what happened. i got up quickly and ran to the door jolting out of it. i ran and ran and ran.i felt like i was looking for freedom,but in reality,i was looking for my master.i ran through the near neighborhood hearing whistles at me. i ignored then not caring who saw my bruising , naked body.all i cared about was finding my master.and it scared me that i was so close to a breakdown without him....i had to find 4 cummin soon! 4 my master:i love you!
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3 years ago
tease you need punished
3 years ago
Bitch ..... promises promises
3 years ago
lol hope u guys like it.i have a feeling you guys are gonna flip over pt 4.i will get it here by sunday , no worries.