my new life...part 2

'ANSWER ME NOW !!!'he growled.'no master leon,i will never run from you again...'i cried.he glared at me . he quickly undressed himself and tore of my black lace panties and bra.he un-tied me and tied me to the poles at my head makeing me stuck doggie-style on the table.before i could ask him what was happening he quickly jumped on the table and slamed his 10 inch cock straight into my wet cunt.'AHHHHHHHH' i screamt as he pulled his cock in and out of me making it go in as far as his 10 inches of cock would go.he was fucking me so hard and so aggresivly ,and so fast .it felt so good with each of his hard thrusts of his cock,within a minet i came and the orgasm shook me from head to toe with pleasure.but this didnt slow him at all.he just hept pumping my swelling pussy.i was about to cum when he started thrusting much harder and faster signaling he was about to cum.with one last powerful thrust of his cock he pushed it as far as it could go and blew his hot jiz into my cunt.the wonderful feeling of his hot cum spewing into my pussy made me cum so hard that when he pulled out of me i struggled to stay upright.he then got dressed and untied me from my bond and cradled me on his chest and took me to my cage, where i would go to sl**p relizing , this is what i want,this is what i need,a new life,my new life...
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3 years ago
Each tale is getting better
3 years ago
Awesome. I love it baby ( bitch )
3 years ago
a part 3 it is good
3 years ago
hope you guys like it.srry about the spelling...