my new life...

HELP! SOMEBODY HELP ME!! i screamed,as leon tackled me. 'you know better than to run from you master jewl.'he chuckled.'YOUR NOT MY GOD-DAMN MASTER , SO GET THE HELL AWAY FROM ME!!!'i yelled.'well looks like my little slave-slut needs punishment'he laughed , as he picked me up and put a ball gag in my mouth.then he slung me over his shoulder,as i began to wail.he took me all the way back up the long narrow drive.when we got through the door , he didnt put me down like he normally dose. he went straight to the torture room.'tisk-tisk,today i was going to pleasure you , but now i cant because you have to be put in your place!'he yelled as he threw me onto the torture table.he quickly fastned my arms and legs to the metal bars, making my wet pussy on perfect desplay for him.'the funny thing is , you run from your life when you know you wont escape ,A.because i wont let that happen and B. look at you.your pussy is practally leaking a river!' he suddenly un -gaged me.'now why do you run?'i just whimpered.'ANSWER ME SLAVE!'he blazed.'master...'i started in a voice no more than a whisper'im scared of the torture...''slave you please me , but you only are punished when you do wrong.i like to use my slave,but when you run you will never sucseed,and it only brings you pain,so you lied to do it to be tortured , used , and pleased because you know i will take pitty on you.not any more.'he growled. 'master please......please no....'i wisper.he says nothing as he gets the metal wire clamps ang clips my body with them.'you need to act like the worthless bitch-slave you are!'he snarled as he turnedthe geirator dial all the way up to back lept off the table as i wailed at the unberable pain that shot through me body.'P-P-PLEASE MAST-TER .P-P-PLEASE S-STOP.' i gasped.he turned the dial to 0 and my body went limp.'what are you?'he asked'a mindless-slutty-bitch-slave to do all of you bidding my all-powerful master' i say breathlessly.'will you ever run again?''.........'
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3 years ago
Good ......... now for part 2
3 years ago
good start