You didnt belive me...

It all started as a normal day.I was walking home when i spotted a cute outfit in a shop across the road.I get to the other side but i remember i left my wallet back at work.“Damn it” i mutter under my breath. i walk back to work and get my wallet and step out the front door.Then this huge group of people , all men, saw me and started walking toward me.i ignored them and just walked the other way.and i get back to the shop and see its closed.i walk past the store toward my appartment.i see the same group of men that had tried to follow me before , out side my appartment. one of them sees me and tells the others. the start to follow much much faster than before.i planed to run up the streat and turn left.i turned right....into a dead end. i had my back aginst the brick wall, watching my stalkers laugh loudley as they got closer.the biggest one said “yo,yall were ight.dis hoe perfect!” then he took out some duck tape . one of the others tackled me while the big one taped my mouth body qwivered, a act of terrior , and exccitement.the biggest one said nothing as he taped my wrists together.“now we got da claws off da kitteh, les hope she gonna be good for da boss.we bettah get the fuck goin.”he then picked me up and put me in the trunk of the car waiting.then he hit me on the head with what i think was a crowbar...i wasnt sure because it all went blank...

pt 2 commin soon!
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3 years ago
your ideas are brilliant, but you need to be more careful with spelling and grammar to make it easier to read
Thanks for sharing though
A xxx
3 years ago
good start