i was in my cage , sl**ping, when my master came in and said“ get up little one” then he unlocked my cage. i crawled on my hands and knees to his side the sat on my knees ,head down.he bent down and pated my head.“good slave” then he hooked a leash on the colar that was way to tight around my neck.and that colar was all i was wereing.“how may i serve you my great master?” i asked.“bitch you know how to serve me!” he said suddenly angrey.“now for your stupidity you will be punished!”he screamed.i wimpered.he pulled my by my leash to the torture room.“get on the table slut!”nor wanting to anger him more i did as i was told.he left fo a short period but was back in a secound,a box in his hands.“lay down slave.”i did. he walked over to me and locked my arms and legs to the table.this was going to be bad.he only tied me up when he was really pissed.but all i asked was what he wanted me to do.was that so bad?my thoughts were interupted by feeling pinches every were. i looked and they were electric clamps.two on each nipple and 1 on each limb and...i gulped.the rest (witch was 12)were on my pussy.all of the clips were conected to a power generator.he saw my look and laughed.then he turned the dial all the way to nine(it could go up 2 12).i screamed and writhed in pain. then i shut my muoth and it stoped.the absents of pain was all i could comprehend at the moment. then my master took away all the clips and got out a huge pussy vibrator.“now you have learned your leason now for you to have a little enjoyment.but the clips will be back”
hope u liked it. pt 2 will be out!
100% (6/0)
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3 years ago
punctuation checks too
3 years ago
And the use of a spell checker
3 years ago
good start but needs better details & discriptions