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Wife made a confession

My wife told me a story she had failed to mention for the past 27 years. My second duty assignment in the military is where I met my wife. She was 23 and I was 19 at the time. To give you a little background, she was a fixture at the base having lived there as a teenager with her f****y and also a civilian employee. She had several ex-boyfriends that also worked at the base as well as some one night stands she had told me of. Well when I first met her I knew she went to the NCO Club most every weekend and I knew about her being a little wild. What I did not know is what I am about to tell you.

The other night we were talking about me wanting her to be comfortable at all times with being able to tell me she has found a black man she finds attractive. I was going on about her being able to be honest and that nothing would make me happier than for her to say she has found a black guy who she wants to fuck.

Anyway, my wife said she has already been scoping guys out and not to worry and then proceeded to bring up something about an incident at the NCO Club that happened before we met. My wife told me her and a girlfriend went to the Club to get d***k and listen to a band that was playing that night. She said the drummer was this nice looking black guy and they both started checking each other out the entire night. She said she started having these "thoughts" about him and wanted to meet him. (I asked what thoughts and she said she had never flirted with a black guy and was "curious" about him.)

After the band was done playing she said she was able to sneak off from her girlfriend and found the drummer in the bar. She said they talked for a long time but nothing happened. Well I naturally started asking all sorts of questions, the first being why she had never told me about this. She said it was a one time thing and because he was black she felt like she could never talk about it given where we live, what others might say and dare not tell me for obvious reasons. I asked her if there was any chance he could have gotten her in bed and she said she thought for sure he was going to ask her and if he had she would have said yes. After hearing this you can imagine how excited I got and that this changes a few things.

She also told me she imagined they had a bus out back where they could have gone so I now know she was willing to be a black man's toy for a night. He missed out. Back in the day my wife weighed 110 pounds, 36c tits, with long blond hair extending below her ass. She would have fucked his brains out I am sure.
Posted by seth1805 3 years ago
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2 years ago
Sounds like you're going to be a "lucky Hubby" any day now. Make sure and keep us posted, oh, and tell the little lady we said "thanks".
2 years ago
Well she can fuck my brains out as is now! lol