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A Brilliant Idea

My wife does not have my password for this site so I am going to share my idea here with you and get your take. I have been trying to come up with a way to have a trial run with my wife on all of this and at first I thought we were going to do a soft swap. However I now have come up with an idea that will make for a great trial run that will see how committed she is to this lifestyle and will be very exciting.

I am going to tell my wife I have met the perfect guy for her, a tall handsome well hung black guy at my gym and tell her I'd like for her to hook up with him. If she balks I am going to insist she trusts me. I am going to tell her she is to go to the hotel room I have reserved where she will get undressed, get on the bed and put the blindfold on she finds on the pillow and wait for our arrival. I am going let her know that there will be no talking, just sex.

Now of course the only guy that will enter the room is me but she will have no way of knowing that. I am going to put on some "black" music, and wear a different cologne. I am going to do all the touching and not allow her to do things like run her hands through my hair. After I get undressed, and trust me she will hear the clothes come off and I will be looking to see if she is getting aroused, I am going to do a lot of touching and see how she responds. I want to find out how wet she gets and everything else, if she seems ready I will push her down to the bed and if she submits then I know my wife is down for this. It's a given I am going to fuck her and if she has a different kind of orgasm with someone she thinks is not me then I now I have accomplished my mission.

What do you think?

Posted by seth1805 2 years ago
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8 months ago
Keith I think trying to fool you wife may not be a real good idea, in fact she might even resent you doing that. It could back fire on you! Mt suggestion is maybe you and she should visit a swingers clud where single black men are welcome and just experiment a little once you're there. To me that's the better approach and she is then a willing and active participant.
1 year ago
I agree with little wing, you should let her go out with you to a hotel bar or some place with dancing and let her play some.
1 year ago
well said :)
1 year ago
We have been married 20 years and have always been sexual and decided to try something new.I needed to get over the fear of someone touching my wife that I had.So I decided to try one of my friends. We started out with my white friends but felt like something was missing and decided to try one of my black friends. It is amazing at the difference in the desire and respect from the black man. I always felt that my white friends were sneaky and would do things behind my back. We have a good man with a helluva desire for my wife. He appreciates us involving him and does not have an attitude that the whites had that I must not be satisfying my wife and they are going to show her something. None of the white guys even came close to me in any category. We will share our well hung and well mannered BBC when he gets out of jail in a few months. Only 2 hours away. I love it and I get excited for both of them and have found myself loving to watch but I always participate. I think I get more excited than my wife and my friend does! Trust is everything but I also have to understand that they are having sex and are horny and you must be forgiving to a point. It is very addicting for the husband as well as for your wife. I am amazed at the stamina he has. Have fun....
1 year ago
By now you should know that she's ready for some BBC. I think trying to pass yourself off as a "black guy with black music and cologne" is not a good idea. Take her window shopping in a bar or wherever and let her pick what she wants.
2 years ago
At some point she will figure it out but I do not think it will be before I find out just how committed she is to all of this.
2 years ago
OK,but I think she will know it's you.Female intuition.
2 years ago
Nooooooooooooo. This is just a test to see how far she will go for me.
2 years ago