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A strange thing happened

My wife and I went to eat the other night at the casino where she works. While walking to the restaurant through the casino she said hi to two black male employees on the way and they said hi back. I have no idea if my imagination is getting carried away but I'd swear my wife acted a tad more excited than she usually does when we see men she usually works with. It was so strange that I actually looked back at them as we walked past them. I know she would never cross any boundaries but since I let her know I would not mind if she flirted with black men I have to wonder if in fact she is doing just that. By their expressions it seems like they were very happy to see her and she looked like she felt the same.

I have to admit it would be amazing to know my wife is capable of doing this but at the same time it is scary as hell. If they are flirting I can only imagine what they are saying or doing.

Posted by seth1805 2 years ago
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1 year ago
Yeah, no doubt she has you in mind on this journey you guys are on! She's clearly discovering the thrill of your reaction and using it to her advantage to control your excitement because she knows how bad you want this.
2 years ago
I think you are right Jmhndrx. She does seem to get a little thrill out of these social situations. She flirted with a black guy at the liquor store awhile back and I was on the other aisle listening to all of it. After we left she asked if I knew what she was doing and I told her she was very obvious. She's getting real good at this.
2 years ago
I think that was for you to watch and enjoy,she probabily would like to fuck them in front of you,she may be scared also but I think you should have asked about it and encouraged her to flirt more.
2 years ago
I answered your post Ken but I do not see it.
2 years ago
She would not do this without me, that I am sure of. Now the part about them knowing she is being more than just friendly to them I can believe. I really mean it when I say they all gave this indication they had talked before about something other than work. I can only imagine what they would be saying to her the minute she gave any hint she was flirting with them. I've seen black guys in action and they pretty much pull out all the things to say to women to get them into bed. And since my wife has never experienced this I can imagine she is turned on by it all.
2 years ago
That was a very sexy experience. Perhaps she is fucking some of her black coworkers. Perhaps not. I do think they know she wants to fuck them. And if she has been fucked by a black guy, at least you are past that first barrier. Scary absolutely. But so very erotic and sexy also.