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A note from my wife

Recently my amazing wife did two things which lets me know she wants more control over this fantasy. The other day I sent her some articles to her email on the Cuckold lifestyle and topics by white women on why they prefer black men. After reading them she shot me this email back.

Wow Keith, you are so sweet to be thinking of me. I'm glad that I am the one you are thinking about in your fantasy. Yes you can be my cuckold.
We can talk openly any time, about ANYTHING. I'm cool. Don't you know that by now?
One article was right about "no surprises." We keep our plan as we talked about before. Slow, meet someone, maybe at a party or get-together. It could happen instantly or we could have other arrangements in mind. I love to see how excited you get when we talk about this. You can hardly breath when you speak, and you get so wet. That to me is pretty HOT! Are you surprised right now that I responded? Is your heart racing? Want me to go on? Want me to talk dirty to you? Are you getting excited? You really would like to see me with a black man with a very big cock. That is not a question. I can tell. When you watch me meeting him and being in awe of his size, you will not believe it yourself that it is really happening. We might be so scared and our hearts will feel like they are going to explode. He will undress me. I will not move. He will take off his clothes and reveal his big cock, he is not hard yet. I can't wait to take it in my hands. I am going to look at you for approval. I want you to tell me what you want to see. I love it when you talk. Say nice things or filthy things to us. I would want to hear both. Do you want me to get down on my knees and suck his cock until it is super hard? This man will hopefully be dark and very muscular, so he can pick me up and do what he wants to with me. Shall I go on? We can talk more when we can get together. I love you My Darling Husband. Later let's talk about my fantasy too.

This email from her is mind blowing. She knows exactly what she is doing now. I have no idea how much the articles played in her saying these things but she leaves no doubt she is a Hotwife and wants to cuckold me with a hung black man.

The second thing she did happened while we were on a trip home yesterday from out of state and we started talking about all of this. I started talking about the kind of black guy I wanted her to be with, one who is clean, well mannered and gentle to a point meaning a slap on her ass every now and then. My wife interrupted and told me she would not mind him being a little rough and taking charge and that in the future she would like to play a f***e/**** scene with a black guy who is large and muscular where he tears off her clothes throws her around and makes her feel like she has no choice in the fact he is going to fuck her hard. She said she guesses she has this "****" fetish because she likes the thought of a big black men taking charge and feeling his power.

Well, there you have it. The way it appears my wife is at a point where she is is not looking back and has this thing for hung black men having sex with her. Unreal
Posted by seth1805 2 years ago
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8 months ago
mmmmmmmmmmmm, super hot Keith
1 year ago
mmmmm horny as fuck
1 year ago
I'd love to hear more!
1 year ago
Love these stories on how you cuckoldship is evolving.
2 years ago
Thanks for the encouragement.
2 years ago
Congratulations!! Your on your way.
2 years ago
That sounds so hot! Hope you continue!
2 years ago
I just stumbled upon your page and story. I wish you both luck. I can tell you this, being from Mississippi (not by you guys), and being a black male...I was not able to play upon my fetishes until I really explored. As of now, I get to play with quite a few white wives all of which I consider friends along with those who have husbands. However, as with anything, there are a number of different personalities that you will have to sort through... If you like I can connect you to a couple who can walk you through your experience via there experiences....But again have good luck and have fun....
2 years ago
Sound like ya'll are on "the downhill run" now!
2 years ago
It sounds as though your mutual fantasy is on the verge of being fulfilled. Wonderful! I hope you will keep us informed as to the progress you and your wife make toward this goal. She is indeed a sexy woman, and the sight of her voluptuous white body entwined with that of a muscular black man is most exciting. Best of all would be if she allowed him to fuck her bareback, so that their fluids could mix in her pussy, and she could exhibit a cream pie drooling down her ass crack. At some point, I hope the wife will allow herself to be photographed during the interracial festivities, as she has many fans out here in cyberspace who would delight in watching her suck and fuck a black man. Have fun!