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Am I Scared

A question on one of my post from a reader:

That is a great question. Yes, I am scared. Some people ask why but I think it should be obvious. I am faced with this dilemma where I have this fantasy and the reality of my wife and I actually going to some hotel room to meet some well hung black guy who is going to have sex with my wife.

It is hard to put into words without sounding weird or insincere but I really have no idea how I am going to feel once we get there. Much less once they start touching and kissing each other.

Another aspect that scares me: My wife and I have talked and she knows I want the guy to be black, VERY well endowed and admittedly much bigger than me. I get anxious just talking to her about it so I can imagine I am going to be scared as hell when, for the first time, I see my wife naked staring at some hung black stud with me there naked too and wondering what she must be thinking.

I have already convinced my wife that hung black men are great lovers and white women look amazing with them. But I am not k**ding myself, my wife is turned on by the idea of sl**ping with a hung black man. She is already talking about the contrast of skin color, the differences in the way she has seen them fucking white girls such as slapping their asses, and how large a lot of black guys are. I know if I can find the right guy she is going to go all the way with him, I just have to be as ready as I can to watch what happens and see how it changes her.

I hope this is understandable. I can assure you it is as sincere as can be.

Posted by seth1805 2 years ago
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4 months ago
I believe I'm headed in your direction too! Sad!
6 months ago
hello, I'm like you, in the most intimate moments I confess that I would like to see them make love to other men with more
7 months ago
Seth, my friend, I understand your feelings exactly. I'm in the same situation and have been for many years. I confessed to my wfe many years ago about my fantasy of wanting to watch as a very well hung black guy fucked her. She wasn't as shocked as I had expected her to be, and I'm not sure if she believed it was something I was really serious about, but it did break the ice so to speak and over time as we talked about more and more during our sexual times times together, she seemed to warm up to the idea more and more and she even allowed me to buy a very large life like black stramp on dildo that she would let me use as we enjoyed some very hot roleplaying session together and if the way she reacted to our fucking during the role playing, I became convinced that she would love the real thing! Over time we discussed letting me arrange a meeting with someone, but at the last minute she would always back out, telling me she wasn't sure she could actually go thru with it. I never completely gave up on the fantasy and finally after a number of years she told me that she then felt she was too old and unattractive to actually do it and even admitted to me that looking back 15 or 20 years she even regreted always backing out and now even wished she could have experienced it. We are now in our mid 60s and I still tell her now attractive and hot she still is, but she doesn't believe me, but I still haven't given up on my dream fantasy. Good luck to the 2 of you and hpoefully you and Helen will not end up like us, sorry about a missed opprotunity.
1 year ago
she is gonna love you more when ya find her a BBC....she understands all ya doing this is for her. she would have a bog crush on you
1 year ago
I've read every post up to here sequentially. What I like best about your blog posts are that they are so obviously truthful and sincere. This really resonates with me because your desires are so similar to mine. We, my wife and I of 30 yrs., are making progress much like you. Maybe a couple steps behind, she still doesn't like porn yet but has watched some. Thanks, now I'm going to read on!
2 years ago
You and i need to talk
2 years ago
Your wife is a very sexy woman. I can understand you wanting to see her in the arms of a virile black man, and see his large cock thrusting deep into her pussy, rubbing against places yours can't. I have no idea as to what the explanation for this black man/white wife fetish is, but it is a strong compulsion, and I hope that it works out for you and your wife. The best of all possible worlds would be for her to experience the delirious joys of interracial sex, and for you to be able to photograph/film their union. There is a risk of emotional involvement between your wife and her black lover, so you two will have to communicate very openly with each other. Should such an involvement occur, how would it be dealt with? So long as you and your wife are secure in your love, and you communicate, I see no problem. In any event, best of luck to you both. This could be a hell of a lot of fun!
2 years ago
If you both want this, it will be fine.