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My wife and I talked about the black guys she has been checking out at work. Unbelievable to hear how she has met guys who she would be interested in sl**ping with now. She told me she never thought she would be doing this. Pretty amazing.
Posted by seth1805 2 years ago
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2 years ago
That is a great question. Yes, I am scared. Some people ask why but I think it should be obvious. I am faced with this dilemma where I have this fantasy and the reality of my wife and I actually going to some hotel room to meet some well hung black guy who is going to have sex with my wife.

It is hard to put into words without sounding weird or insincere but I really have no idea how I am going to feel once we get there. Much less once they start touching and kissing each other.

Another aspect that scares me: My wife and I have talked and she knows I want the guy to be black, VERY well endowed and admittedly much bigger than me. I get anxious just talking to her about it so I can imagine I am going to be scared as hell when, for the first time, I see my wife naked staring at some hung black stud with me there naked too and wondering what she must be thinking.

I have already convinced my wife that hung black men are great lovers and white women look amazing with them. But I am not kidding myself, my wife is turned on by the idea of sleeping with a hung black man. She is already talking about the contrast of skin color, the differences in the way she has seen them fucking white girls such as slapping their asses, and how large a lot of black guys are. I know if I can find the right guy she is going to go all the way with him, I just have to be as ready as I can to watch what happens and see how it changes her.

I hope this is understandable. I can assure you it is as sincere as can be.
2 years ago
Wow! You are so close now! You've got to be so excited! Are you scared at all?